Nathan Fillion Castle Season 9

Castle's Nathan Fillion Set for Potential Season 9 After Inking New Deal

Castle has retained Castle.

Nathan Fillion has closed a deal to return for the ABC drama’s ninth season — that is if there is a ninth season. According to Deadline, ABC has until the close of business Friday to decide whether or not to renew the series.

TVLine has confirmed that the network will likely bring the procedural back for an abbreviated final season, similar to the strategy Fox recently employed with Bones.

Fillion, of course, would be returning sans leading lady Stana Katic, whose exit was announced last month. Co-star Tamala Jones was similarly let go. Both were reportedly axed for budgetary reasons.

At the time, Katic said in a statement, “Rather then distract from what was an amazing experience, I would just like to say that I’m very grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a much beloved show. Thank you to the fans.”

Several days later, Fillion released a statement of his own in which he thanked Katic “for creating the character of Beckett,” before adding, “I wish her well, and have no doubt she will succeed in everything she pursues. She will be missed.”

In addition to Fillion, original cast members Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever, as well as Season 8 newbie Toks Olagundoye, are all expected back.

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  1. GeoDiva says:

    Why bring it back for a short season without Stana? This is so not about money!

    • Unless SK was asking for equal pay and ABC had other plans.

      • Patrick says:

        Since this has turned into an abbreviated final season, with no relocation, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stana, and maybe Lanie, be brought back after all. By announcing that she wouldn’t be back, I think they tried to neuter her negotiating power. Further, I think she wouldn’t have come back next year, no matter what. But, for a short season, I could see a few return appearances.

    • Mike says:

      Here contract renewal last year came down to the wire. I believe right before the upfronts. And yes due to money.

      • Disappointed says:

        How terrible of her for asking for equal pay with the number one on the call sheet on a show she had become just as important and popular.
        There’s a story that Gillian Anderson was initially only offered half of what Duchovny was going to get for the return of the X-Files, but TPTB for that show came to their senses. I know GA is a bigger star than Stana, but I mentioned it as an example as to what TPTB try to get away with.

        • Night Owl says:

          We don’t know that she was asking for equal pay. We don’t know what she asked for.

          • Susan Smith says:

            This year Stana wasn’t approached.She is just as if not a bigger draw as NF.Bones star David B went to bat for Emily D(who btw has the Title character) so she could have equal pay.In the Deadline article the writer said that in order to secure Nathan Fillion to sign contract for Season 9 ABC fired Stana.If that is trueNF DID have a part in Stana being fired.

          • Night Owl says:

            I’m just saying, there is a lot of room to assume what is meant by that, and of course people ARE assuming what they think it means. We don’t know!!

        • Jerri says:

          Gillian is also a bigger star than Duchovny.

          • Patrick says:

            IDK about “bigger star” but GA was certainly more in demand as an actor than DD. Admittedly, GA does lower profile projects, but she does a lot of them. I think DD could do more, but is at a point where he chooses to work less.

          • Lala.. says:

            in what universe??

          • Karen P says:

            She *may* be a bigger star now… But she wasn’t then. But by season three when she renegotiated, it was clear she was as important to the show as he was.

          • S. says:

            Karen, they offered her half David’s pay *this* time. We’re not even talking early days of XF here. Despite everything she’s done, they tried to pay Gillian half his money *now*. Obviously she wasn’t gonna take that but I’m sure they figured it’d be harder to pay her as much if they started that low and made her fight her way up. Garbage.

      • AJR says:

        They did not start negotiating with her until after the season wrapped. Her words. And it was signed within a month. Money? Hardly. She was waiting.

      • Annie says:

        The budget story is cover for the fact that NF was refusing to work with SK. Plain and simple. They never even talked to Stana about money. They simple told her she wasn’t going to be asked back for season 9.

        It really is too bad. I like Fillion but ruining a great show because you can’t work with your partner is beyond unprofessional. Now he will have two failed shows under his belt.

    • Grey says:

      Per Deadline ‘I hear that star Nathan Fillion has closed a new deal for Season 9. In part to secure that, ABC and ABC Studios opted not to bring back Katic. The move also was driven by budgetary reasons that saw another original cast member…’ it isn’t just about money.

      • bw says:

        Right they had to get rid of Stana before Fillion would sign… nice guy

      • Barb says:

        It’s not about money. If you watch last 2 or 3 three seasons there was less interaction between the 2. Something else was going on. Won’t watch new seasons!

        • bw says:

          Yes and Beckett seemed to be the only one playing “in love”. NF let his real feelings show thru while SK did her part to play the happy wife.

          • Becky says:

            Yes, I agree. Stana was definitely more “into” it than NF. Always seemed that Beckett made the first move when affection was shown. I always wondered why he (Castle) didn’t seem more eager, since he was supposedly head over heels for her.

    • David4 says:

      So stupid to kill off the main character just to do a short final season. Why not just have Beckett do a few episodes and say she is running for Senate?

      • bw says:

        He wanted to have her gone from the show so he could be the only star.

      • Night Owl says:

        Have you found spoilers stating that Beckett will be killed off? If so, please share.

        • Disappointed says:

          Ask Ausiello posted this on Apr 20

          Question: What are you hearing about how Beckett will exit Castle? —Kristen
          Ausiello: Several things. And all of them are… um… less than ideal. Also, you can probably count on Season 9, which has not officially been ordered yet, kicking off with a significant time jump.

          A lot of speculation that the cliff hanger will leave Beckett bleeding out, after possibly jumping in front of a bullet to save Castle, and if you bother to watch 9×01 you will probably find that she succumbed to her wounds during the hiatus never to be mentioned again so that Castle can resume his carefree playboy lifestyle without any baggage. Hawley has rehashed so many old episodes this season that a Knockout type ending wouldn’t surprise me, maybe Castle even repeats his lines, “Kate, shh… Kate. Stay with me, Kate. Don’t leave me, please. Stay with me, okay? Kate, I love you. I love you, Kate.”

          But there are no absolute spoilers saying she will die as far as I know, that would spoil it, wouldn’t it.

          • Night Owl says:

            Key word is speculation.

          • Elhar says:

            If they really do it – I can imagine, S8 was pratically a rehash of old episodes only without their quality – it will backfire mightily. ABC and Nathan as well handled this situation very badly, practically it is a PR and image disaster. (Regardless of what was behind the decision of renewing only his contract.)

            In that light a copy of S3 finale will be received as mocking the fans after denying their promised happy ending. Castle saying Beckett to stay with him when most of the fandom is convinced (again: rightfully or not) that it’s NF behind her being fired would rub salt into the open wounds. However, that part had already been in the can when the news came out, so even if they know it will not be good, that’s what they have.

    • Nan says:

      I so agree and that was the statement I was going to write as well…

    • shirley says:

      You are so right.
      Had nothing to do with money.

  2. Ew. I was hoping ABC would decide to cancel it tomorrow but ugh, that’s unlikely now.

    • jdcunegan says:

      They still might. The studio signs the talent, but the network ultimately decides if the show returns or not. I’m sure there’s language in the contract accounting for the possibility of ABC pulling the plug.

    • I wish we could take a poll to see how many people would actually watch it next season.

      Then ABC could save even more money, since they’re apparently too low on it to keep Stana or Tamala.

      • James R. says:

        I would prefer it get canceled, but I will still watch a season 9.

      • Disappointed says:

        The Hollywood Reporter and Spoiler TV are running such polls, and they both have about 83% saying “No”, but apparently the online community is just a vocal minority that the network will ignore as it is deemed unrepresentative of the majority of the watching public.

        • A fan of TV says:

          The show is still more highly rated than a lot of newer stuff, new shows that debut big bleed viewers in weeks… Castle may be a maddening pile of tripe that insults it’s viewers and it’s own stars, but it’s numbers are probably more ad friendly than anything they might replace it with so only moral sense and quality control would cancel it. I don’t have faith in networks to cancel it for those reasons whatsoever.

          • Patrick says:

            Also, Castle is in heavy syndication. Every new show made between 100 and 200 is presold into syndication. Its a license to print money.

          • Annie says:

            Castle is one of the very few shows from ABC Studios. It is a cash cow. Further evidence that the “budgetary reasons” is bs.

          • Night Owl says:

            Not necessarily true true Annie. It may be a cash cow, but the ratings have dropped significantly beginning in season 6. So, they may well have been given a smaller budget to work with. While they may believe it can still draw enough of an audience, I’m sure they would not give a show that’s pulling in lower ratings the same budget they would the same show when it was pulling in higher ratings.

          • kath says:

            Even with a lower budget, you have to look at value for money. SK’s salary has to be a lot less than Fillion’s and compared to the overall cost of an episode, very small. This isn’t a salary like the cast of Friends we’re talking about.
            ABC is betting that a show based around the character of Castle alone is going to be successful for them. We won’t know until next fall but based on what I’m reading on it won’t do too well. What drew people was the Castle/Beckett fun connection.
            Meanwhile Fillion has shot himself in the foot because based on the Beckett-less episodes this season, he’s not that appealing. He may still have a future in genre shows but there seems to be only one slot for “older man in genre show” and John Noble is filling it. And Fillion’s acting is not up to Noble’s level.

            If it’s only a budget issue, ABC should have booked Katic for a small number of episodes so that the Castle/Beckett force remains. This really feels like behind the scenes manipulation.

      • DL says:

        I’ll watch if the Beckett character is still alive — perhaps off getting her feet wet in politics, as the time traveler predicted! But if they kill her off, I’m done.

      • Joey says:

        ABC has already taken that poll, 88% to 85% said they would not watch it without Katic. But Abc does care what the fans want. I do not know why the even took the poll. They do not care about it.. How much did they spend on the poll, remember they are out of money.

      • Jerri says:

        Poll numbers aren’t equal to actual eyeballs watching the show. When Sasha Alexander left NCIS, a lot of people stood up and said they won’t be watching, 11 years later NCIS is still going strong, so clearly people are watching…

        • Angie says:

          Difference being NCIS wasn’t 8 seasons in and hadn’t built the entire series up until that point on a love story between Tony and Kate’s character.

  3. j says:

    Yes, he is Castle… but the show won’t be Castle without her… I hope they cancel it.

  4. Gul says:

    Ugh, just UGH.

  5. Gaby says:

    Yes. Because people really want to watch that. *sigh*

  6. Alie Hunter says:

    Congrats ABC. You have royally screwed up. I hope you enjoy a tanked S9… AKA- The Nathan Fillion Show.

    • BW says:

      Not only that they may have totally ruined reruns and syndication of the show plus DVD sales.. Brilliant move ABC, I hope NF was worth it.

      • Susan Smith says:

        I can’t even watch reruns.I had bought Seasons1 &2 now I am looking for the recipient to return them.That Stana wasn’t asked back for an abbreviated Season 9 pretty much tells the story after the degradation of Kate Beckett’s character and putting her in the corner. It is very hard to believe NF had nothing to do with it.I can’t even look at him. I get angry.I won’t watch Season 9 and it looks like I will have ALOT of company. Way to ruin a show that millions fell in love with “A writer and his muse solving murders together”. Kate Beckett was one of the most complex,strong,and inspiring female characters I have encountered and loved in my years of watching TV. Thank you all for coming together cause many of us were affected by this.Maybe its the loss of Casket. Badass Beckett or the Love and affection the ” Castle Family” shared.Its a loss.Or the possibility of a betrayal of someone who we believed wouldn’t do wrong like that.I think they may kill her.Have her shot while protecting Castle(how Ironic) or maybe she dies in a motorcycle accident or goes into a coma like in the soap operas.Either way we had a great run….

        • wakey says:

          As I’ve said before they ruined the show people fell in love with on Season 5 not by getting rid of Beckett now. When they made them a couple the focus shifted from Cleber cases to badly written relationship drama. The cases got short shifted and became lazy and the writers couldn’t even write an appealing dynamic under this new relationship status. And we also got a more and more complex LokSat story which initially was atleast a decent enough story but became more and more convaluted simply because that story allowed them to further focus on relationship side as it added some relationship drama.

          And you do realise that SK is almost certainly a big reason for her not being asked back. She dragged her feet last year until the last minute and got herself a big pay increase when at the last minute she did sign on which for the record seemed to be the reason Penny Johnson Jerald was let go (and for all we know her screen time being cut was at her request, it after all seems strange that they gave her a pay rise and then choose to sideline her unless it was a requirement of here. Even if the two refuse to work together there is little reason for having so little screen time, Gates was on screen more. If it was Fillion as people like to claim then they would have pulled her offer last year as they were already planning for a Beckett free season so they would have saved money and not had to scramble to rewrite s8 plans at the last minute). It was a surprise she signed on for s8 as the rumours all through s7 was that she had no intention of returning and the more she dragged her feet the more that looked to have some truth in it. Even aft signing on for s8 those stories didn’t go away. And who knows what indications herself or her team gave to ABC when she signed for s8 or since then. If you had an employee who indicated they weren’t going to sign and that employee wasn’t really performing anyway (She’s never been a great actress but the last two seasons she’s been closer to her season 1 levels seemingly phoning it in and the chemistry that dragged her performance up on season 1 isn’t there) would you really waste time trying to sign her again or would you just say ‘we may have to do something fresh anyway so let’s fully embrace and have time to really try and craft a new structure that gives us a chance of a second wind rather than limping to the finish with either the same show or a rushed together season when she doesn’t sign.

          • Disappointed says:

            There was a story that ABC were prepared to not renew her contract after S7 but baulked at the last minute after the reaction to McDreamy leaving Grey’s and decided to keep her around for another season. The writing’s been on the wall for most of S8 with the attempts to highlight the “wonderful” bonding between Alexis and Hayley and welcoming her into the Castle, sans Beckett, family, the fact that ABC sanctioned the expenditure on Castle’s P.I. office, and apparently dictated it’s new futuristic, gadgetty style instead of the Blue Butterfly noir feel of the original, and the sidelining of Beckett as a boring Captain from most of the COTW, while at the same time making Castle the lead “detective”, as in the last episode. Most of these changes were not received with much enthusiasm by those who watched for Marlowe’s vision of a writer and his muse solving crimes TOGETHER. Pretending that S9 is just a continuance of the original show could be ABC’s biggest mistake, instead of launching a spin off, as killing off Beckett is likely to alienate a sizeable chunk of the current audience so much that they don’t even give the new show a chance.

          • Grey says:

            Keep making up facts.

          • wakey says:

            What facts am I making up? Are you denying the fact she got a pay rise, that she signed her deal at the last minute, that penny Johnson Jerald was let go abruptly after she reupped. It should also be pointed out that actually she clearly did ask for time off as part of that deal because she was already committed to a movie whose filming would overlap Castle filming

          • LR says:

            Wakey your facts are incorrect. She was not approached until after Nathan had signed again and stipulated in HIS contract to work no more than 2 days a week with her. There may have been more things in his contract than that. It would stand to reason that with that stipulation in his she tried to get herself some perks and I would not blame her. The prior commitments were more than likely line up well prior to her being approached. As for your comment on her skill she is a far better actor than your giving her credit for. I do not believe I have heard of any other actors willing to go through some of the physical stunts she has nor putting in(at least on this show)the effort she has to make the character what it was. I would suggest you go back and watch the scenes her and NF shared where its just the 2 of them. His performance has been telling for about a season in a half now in those scenes. Your also making a huge assumption on Penny’s leave in saying that it was her SK’s fault. You are forgetting that the 7th season final was a possible series final. They only had 2 options make Beckett a captain or go to politics. The so called show runners chose captaincy. That’s not on SK. They made that choice and I would seriously doubt if what you are suggesting were true that Penny would be to still be civil with her publicly. The show without Marlow has gone the way th NF has wanted. Centered on his character and more of a comedy than what the original premise was which was a writer and his muse and a love story. Something that NF has been known to disagree with openly.

          • wakey says:

            Except we have no proof of the 2 day thing. Despite what i’m assuming was you under another name (seriously how sad are people to post under 20 different names to make it seem like something they say is a universal truth) no reputable source has published those claims. After all you claimed last week that both deadline and THR had posted about them again in the previous 7 days and neither had. And seriously do you really think contract negotiations are simple things that happen in a couple of weeks, hell no. There are so many facets including for SK last time around elements such as adjusting her filming schedule to do the movies she was committed to, getting a producers credit and getting a big pay bump. SK was mentioning back in November 2014 that she tentative discussions had started but more at the representatives level and when it was time for her to make a decision it would be based on if she felt there was still a worthwhile story to tell with the character.

            As for her prior commitments lining up no they didn’t. She thanked ABC for ‘working’ it out so she could film the films she committed to even though it overlapped.

            Putting in effort doesn’t make you an amazing actor. Look at Tom Cruise, he is a really good actor but he doesn’t put in many performances that ‘blow you away’. He had had just 3 Oscar nominations and zero wins for example. Yet if it was about effort he would be nominated for pretty much every movie he does because no-one can fault him on how he throw himself into roles. She is a serviceable TV actress who atleast was perfect for those secondary lead roles. I say atleast as she is reaching that age bracket where women just don’t get those roles anymore and she hasn’t done enough to show she deserves the limited number of good roles for women in that kind of age group.

            Why would Penny have an issue, I’m not saying SK walked upto the producers and said ‘Fire Penny’. I’m saying here decision to sign on last minute with the pay bump had the impact of making it financially and logistically impossible to keep Penny on. SK was pitched the S8 story they had in mind to get her to actual sign on again so its not like she didn’t know it would mean a cast mate losing their job, she has also been around TV long enough after 7 seasons to know how budgets work and how more money for her would mean savings need made and the two things combined meant Penny was going to have to go. Penny wouldn’t be angry though because she is vastly experiences and knows that just business. But for people to complain about contracts not being reupped this year for budget reasons when they had no issue last year when someone was cut is just hypocrital.

            And again the show had lost its way well before this season. It had become a poorly written ‘relationship’ show with ever ridiculous barriers put in the way to cause tension now the will they wont they aspect had gone. It basically became what Arrow became with Olicity where what the show was actually about was overshadowed by melodrama

            And again where is the proof marlow saw the show as a writer and his muse. Beckett is a friggin MacGuffin and castle being a writer is just a plot device. Its a plot device to give Castle a different reason to think out of the box so he can take that ‘Smartest person in the room’ role and Beckett is a MacGuffin because the muse aspect is there simply to give Castle a reason to keep hanging around. The whole muse aspect or the fact he is an author is rarely used in the show in any real way, infact most of that aspect is largely restricted to ‘extended universe’ things specifically the books which exist only to make more money and arent important to the plot of the show

          • Night Owl says:

            Validate the so called facts, please. Show proof that those were Nathan Fillion’s terms. Without proof, it’s not actually facts, it’s rumors and hearsay.

          • wakey says:

            You won’t get them. The same claims were made last week by this person (even claiming they were published again in the previous 7 days on both e deadline and thr) and they couldn’t show it and I couldn’t find them. I was told to ‘Get my mummy to show you how to use the internet’

          • Night Owl says:

            It’s very possible that Penny Johnson Jerald was let go so Beckett could become captain for a reason nobody is considering. If Stana had movies she was already committed to, and needed time off to complete the projects, then that would lead to just that type of move. Just saying. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one.

          • PatriciaLee says:

            Conspiracy is not easy.

          • LR says:

            Night owl if you were referencing my comment then it was a while ago but it may have been Hollywood reporter or deadline. It may have even been mentioned here on this site either way it was reputable. It is fact whether people want to acknowledge it or not that is up to them. I respect what your saying but to me there are far to many things that don’t line up in his favor from what is out there.

          • Night Owl says:

            There’s just too many questions. I have nothing to base it on but hearsay. Perhaps you can’t post a link, but I’ll gladly look into it. Sometimes stories like that are just for hype. However, I do remember reading an article on here that also suggested that the show could go on without Nathan Fillion or Stana Katic, OR with neither of them. I would think that if Nathan Fillion was involved in Stana and Tamala Jones (which doesn’t fit the scenario) being let go, then there never would have been a discussion of possibly continuing without him also. It just doesn’t add up.

          • LR says:

            Unfortunately at this time I don’t have the ability to find exact article since my device is if I’m lucky even allowing me to post anything. I will look once I am at a computer though and try to get you the link. As for continuing without him considering he is the title character and as he has said himself #1 on the call sheet that discussion would more than likely not occurred due to that fact unless he himself stated he would not return.

          • Night Owl says:

            Yes, but that doesn’t make HIM to blame. That makes the execs that were looking for HIM to sign, the ones responsible and the ones that looked at HIM as first priority. That didn’t come from him, that came from the execs.

          • Jim Kennedy says:

            Remember how Moonlighting went south?

          • wakey says:

            Not just Moonlighting either its most shows do when you change the dynamic especially when it comes to procedural dramas. Flirty banter is fairly easy to do and can be done in a handful of small lines but when you cross over to a full on relationship it has to be deeper and in 40-45min show where the focus is supposed to be on that weeks procedural story you don’t have the minutes to go deeper with it and still tell an engaging primary story that week. You also have the change in dynamic, with the sexual tension gone you need to replace that but what do you replace that with thats engaging, even if the writers manage to find something that might work its much harder to write it while also being harder to act it (especially when both sides hate each other).Since they made Caskett a thing you can probably count on your fingers how many clever and engaging case of the weeks they have actually had as artificial romantic drama has got in the way not to mention the whole Loksat thing that outstayed its welcome but is only still a thing because it again provides a source of artificial conflict in their relationship

          • Night Owl says:

            Wake, you hit the nail square on the head!

        • Kathie says:

          I’ll always watch the reruns! Not this season’s stupid storyline, though. 😁 I have 111 episodes on my recorder. Tues. on TNT at 5 is Always. I still cry from the time Alexis starts her speech. I bought the single of In My Veins to play in my van and I can play it on my phone (You Tube video).
          I’ll never get too much of the reruns of Castle (or Firefly on Netflix).
          I didn’t discover Firefly till season 4 of Castle and by that time, I was hooked on NF, lol.

  7. Joy says:

    Of course they are. Let’s keep the 12th precinct and not the main reason we had the 12th precinct. Genius ideas producers. What a joke.

    • Mary Wolford says:

      Agreed! There are many factors in this sad situation-we don’t know the truth behind it-the bottom line is that the creator’s story that we’ve come to know and love for the last 7 years is a love story about Rick & Kate together-trying to throw a Season 9 at us with Kate and not Rick wouldn’t be a good idea either if the situation was reversed. if they want to do a spinoff, they need to give us a clean and happy ending, then they could present a new show with a new premise. Creating all of these bad feelings is not going to help build the fan base for a new show. Even the TV writers and critics are saying that this is a bad situation!

    • Susan Smith says:

      Funny now its Stana Katic fault that Penny Johnson was fired.Firing Penny wasn’t need to secure Stana Katic signing her contract as it was with NF with Stana getting fired.Stana didn’t get that much time off more than Nathan Fillion. She could have been out of town for meetings. No they basically put Beckett in the corner as NF got front and center in the spotlight just like the diva who called Stana Katic a C..T because she was taking his shine.The proof is in the pudding. Season 8 was ALL about Castle.He even started playing cop and giving perps orders.The boys were going to him.Castle PI/Castle GDS was being born.So no one believes he didn’t have a hand in it.The end result culmination with Stana getting Fired to secure his contract.The budget was an excuse to cover him.The story is in Deadline last night.Easy.Stana was asked last minute to sign for S8.She couldn’t possibly know how they were going to degrade her and make her a minor character because it was an outline nothing was written yet.Considering how the Show Runners Lied and deceived the Fans through the S8 as we realized what they were doing to Beckett I have no doubt those asshats with no integrity Deceived Stana as well

  8. Anne Normandin says:

    Was one of my favorite shows, will be watching reruns from now on. They’ve let go 3 of their females in the last 2 years. It used to be a great ensemble cast. Not any longer.

  9. Kate says:

    I will NEVER understand why ABC would ruin and change the premise of the entire show for just 13 stupid episodes. Good luck to them. I’ll be done on May 16th, and I’ll will miss the show that was.

  10. John Line says:

    That is a bummer. Budgets cuts my ass. This all about Fillion being such a prima donna. God I hope no one watches.

    • Regina says:

      Sorry, I WILLbe watching. Love Fillion & change can be good.

      • paulette says:

        Well Regina I hope you enjoy he show! Personally knowing what a prima donna this guy turns out to be , I could not stomach watching him in anything again. But hey I expected this. The man is obviously unable to compete with an actress who has more acting ability then he has and had to resort to backstabbing his co-star of 8 years. If you can admire that type of individual so be it! I like a person with character, Mr. Fillion obviously has none!

        • MMD says:

          Ditto!!!!!!!!! First time I have given up an entire network because of what TPTB have done to a show.

      • Debbi-C says:

        You won’t watch too will be cancelled.

      • natesuxass says:

        Yeah support someone who’s a total bully!!! And don’t say he’s not, this speaks volumes

        • emily says:

          he’s not! you don’t know him. or anything. there i said it.

          • Natesuxass says:

            Oh are you friends with him? Do you know him? Or have you just met him at one of his functions? His a douchebag, there I said it Emily!!

          • Emily do you know him? If you had your picture taken with him or your saw him at a con.
            then you don’t know. He makes lots of money doing those shows and he is not going to bully anyone there

        • Ellen says:

          Apparently you’ve been sucked in by the unicorn brigade.

          • Susan Smith says:

            Unicorn.That’s what Fillion Comicons call who dont like Stana call her.I wonder where they get it from?

          • Disappointed says:

            Of course fillione is considered a great guy by those at comicons, it pays him to play nice, afterall they are paying him $100 for his signature, and it is not a surprise he can be charming and welcoming to all the guest stars because they are not a threat to his postion as number one on the call sheet, but for someone who is generally perceived “nice” by nearly everyone it is also not inconceivable that he can behave differently towards someone who he realises threatens his undisputed “Star” of the show. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a bully, just more antoganistic. Boreanz was the big star when Bones started but he seems to have embraced the popularity that his co-lead has experienced rather than see it as a threat.

            One of the recent guests on the show took the trouble to post this in the comments for a previous TV Line article

            wings hauser says:
            April 26, 2016 at 12:12 PM

            I did an episode of Castle a few weeks ago. Rarely do u find an Actor as kind and generous as STANA. Willing to rehearse over and over until I felt comfortable, really rare. Simple, she gives a DAM……… A real pleasure.

            This was the guy who played Jack Flanagan in Fidelis Ad Mortem.

        • Regina says:

          Speaks nothing. Just an actor renegotiating his contract. There has been no bullying & there are plenty of stories floating around about a female lead’s on set antics. Nothing is known for sure, & just as I mentioned the stories floating around above, I don’t believe everything I read. I refuse to be played by media click-hounds.

          • Boom says:

            Most of the time tabloids have some truth to them sorry to tell ya! If you don’t think he got her fired your high, be intelligent

          • Susan Smith says:

            You mean Fillion having a Diva fit and calling Stana a C..T because she was getting more attention? Or the people on set who talk about how sweet Stana is and her great work ethic.The cast,crew and guest stars have vouched for her.Him they say not much. He can be an asshat to her because she threatens his ego because she blocked his spot light and still be nice to everyone else.The proof is in the pudding dear

      • Betisa says:

        @regina I agree. I will support the show. We are 3 or 4. Lol

    • BW says:

      I agree.. pompous egomaniac. He got his feelings hurt because Stana didn’t bow down to him and think he was God’s gift. She just thought he was an immature a**.

      • Regina says:

        You know there are two sides to every story. Plenty of stories about a female diva lead on the set who made life difficult for all & her ego grew as time went on. Stories of how she wanted every man to fall over himself for her & when one didn’t, she became very vengeful. Or how about the ones that said when two leads who were briefly involved broke things off, a certain female didn’t want to let it go. Made things especially bad when the guy was in other relationships. Or how about how alone female star only interacts with her fans when she wants something like awards, and then goes away again after her needs are met. (read fan manipulation). Yep there’s more than one side to every story. We don’t know the truth about EITHER party. So it’s always best to consider that before assuming all you read is true.

        • Susan Smith says:

          It is possible that for a brief moment she had to adapt to the spotlight and got a big head BUT that was 6-7 years ago and she got over it everyone loves her dear.Considering she had a steady boyfriend Kris the whole time she has been on the show I don’t believe she wanted every man to fall over her.That’s BS.If she and NF had a fling She went back to Kris maybe He was the one who couldn’t let it go.Stana loves and appreciates her fans.Its nasty to insinuate she uses her fans.She loves and is grateful for her fans and we know it.She doesn’t give out cheap watches as a joke to get love and attention. She doesn’t have to we respect that she is a private person. Yet she reaches out to fans.And gives us lots of love on social media.She even shares some of her private moments.Trying to sell that BS doesn’t fly.

          • Regina says:

            My point was exactly that…there is the same bs on both sides. Co-stars/guest stars love him, rave about how great he is to work with. Cast & crew say what a kind person he is. Yes he’s had several GFs but there has been a lot of talk over the years about how stable her own relationship has been. Basically I’m saying for every story you dish on him, there is an equal one for her. So maybe everyone shouldn’t be so quick to jump to the easy conclusions they want to see. The truth is out there, but none of us really know it. We all have our “sources” but do we know anything for sure? Sure there are nuggets of truth in all articles and tumors, but how exaggerated do thise nuggets get by the time we read them?

          • Night Owl says:

            Well said Regina. If we get our facts from the tabloids and rumor mills, we aren’t necessarily getting the truth. Perhaps there is a nugget of truth, but there’s also usually a lot of room for interpretation that’s purposely left wide open.

          • sometime fan says:

            It’s nasty for people to blame Fillion for her getting fired and calling him a bully and prima donna. I’ve heard visitors to the set talk about her throwing tantrums and I’ve heard rumors about how difficult she is to work with. Are they true? I don’t know because they are rumors like all the stuff being said about Fillion, but if she is difficult to work with I can see them wanting to drop her.

            If you consider how close Fillion remains to almost everyone he has ever worked with, I think it is much more likely that Stana was the problem in their relationship. But you can think whatever you want based on the fact that you just don’t like Nathan.

        • bw says:

          The blind item was not about Castle and Stana, but another show.. You are basing your post on inaccurate information.

        • Annie says:

          Problem being that the stories about Gillion can be confirmed by what we see on screen, bringing Beckett down a peg, reduced Caskett time, etc. it is also VERY telling that even Nathan’s closest friends on the show, have been silent on the bullying accusations. When someone said Stana was a diva crew members immediately came to her defense. So far it’s crickets on anyone willing to say Nathan didn’t bully Stana and push for her ouster.

          • Night Owl says:

            Reduced Caskett time may have been due to Stana’s own choices to do other projects, which she HAS done. Additionally, with Stana doing other projects, they may not have known if she would return for season 9 even before the budget cuts became an issue. Also, if they weren’t sure of her choosing to return, that would make her one of the prime ones to be considered when said budget cuts happened.

          • Night Owl says:

            One thing I can say for sure…You can’t reason with someone who already has their mind made up.

          • Annie says:

            You are right on that Night Owl. You have clearly made up your mind that Fillion can never be blamed for anything, regardless of the facts. I came to Castle not knowing Fillion or Katic, fell in love with the show and them. It is only by looking at everything with an open and critical mind that I, and the majority of folks online, have come to the inclusion that there is truth to the rumors of Fillion not liking Katic and not wanting to work with her.

            You and the few others can keep trying to twist what we do know to fit your need to blame Katic but it is clear that you are having to work hard to make Katic the villain. An example, she filmed no projects during the season after Sister Cities wrapped. And, the idea that ABC would rather deal with this backlash rather than enter talks with Katic and let her CHOOSE to walk away is ridiculous. If there was a chance they wanted her to continue with the show they would have entered talks. The fact that they never began talks but instead told her they wouldn’t ask her back speaks volumes about what Fillion was demanding in his contract.

            Finally, the failure of anyone to come to Fillion’s defense and deny the bullying and contract rumors is the final nail in the coffin. If there was a quick and easy way to shut down these rumors it would have been done. No one would let Fillion’s name be dragged through the mud like it is if there wasn’t some truth to the stories.

            But you keep blindly believing in your “Captain”.

          • Night Owl says:

            1. I have not sided with anyone. 2. Just because I think there are things we don’t know, and I’m not jumping to conclusions, doesn’t mean that I “think Fillion can never be blamed for anything”, nor that I’m working “hard to make Katic the villain”. 3. I’ve merely stated that there ARE other possible reasonable explanations. 4. You’re entitled to your opinion. However, so am I. 5. None of us know what “Fillion demanded in his contract”, THAT is assumption. 6. People coming to your defense does NOT always shut down rumors. It can often spark more controversy. 7. Sometimes it’s best to pick your fights and some of us don’t feel the need to “prove ourselves” just because someone makes a claim. 8. If you already have your mind made up before proof is provided, you can make anything fit in that box.

        • Kiwi3 says:

          Considering the close relationships that Fillion has maintained over the years with so many of his former co-stars, I think that the rumors of Katic being awful to work with may have been the driving force behind this decision.
          The termination of Jones was probably more dictated by the storyline changes but I’m guessing that if the rumors of Katic being a diva and hard to work with were true, then it makes sense as to how we got here.

          Wish they had either married and ridden happily off into the sunset or left it with a permanent cliffhanger of “what happened to Rick”.
          Instead of the horrific “lost season of Rick” and the rest.

    • Jerry says:

      I guess everyone defending Fillion didn’t read the Deadline article..

      “I hear that star Nathan Fillion has closed a new deal for Season 9. In part to secure that, ABC and ABC Studios opted not to bring back Katic. ”

      I don’t know how the rest of you take that, but I take it as he wouldn’t agree until Katic was gone.

      • Night Owl says:

        Actually, it just says that ABC and ABC Studios opted not to bring her back in order to close a new deal for Season 9. It does not say that he wouldn’t agree to anything. It doesn’t give any indication as to how it secured the deal.

        That statement would apply also if the show is being brought back with a lower budget, and could only keep one of the major stars of the show. There was previous talk of them possibly coming back with neither of them, or even without Nathan Fillion. Bottom line, I didn’t read anything into it, I just read what it said. I’m not blowing it up into something bigger (or big conspiracy) without something more to go on.

        • Susan Smith says:

          You keep trying to sell you BS Night Owl but as you noticed no one is buying it.When part of the securing Nathan Fillion to sign on for S9i involves firing Stana Katic no matter how hard you attempt to twist the truth and manipulate we see Nathan Fillion. It will hurt him too.But people like you and others who make excuses and co sign his BS keep telling yourself what a great guy he is and he couldn’t possibly be such an asshat that he got his COSTAR fired.Maybe your even work for his agent and you’re doing some damage control

          • Seriously? says:

            ‘No one is buying it”–I’m sorry are you speaking for everyone now? No? Then zip it. Not everyone comes here, and reads your lengthy (and boring snippets of gossip and other unsubstantiated facts) tomes of “The Truth Per Susan Smith”–frankly, I can’t get past the first sentence. The only BS I see is coming from you–and your malicious fingers. SMFH

  11. TVFan says:

    You can call this business all you want or how the entertainment industry goes if this was based on money, but IT’S NOT. Nathan wanted Stana gone and he saw to it, that it happened. People need to stop turning a blind eye and catering to his ego. Remaining cast can plead all they want about 400 jobs at stake and decrying fans wanting it to be canceled. Take a look at that #1 on the call sheet for who to throw your whines, because he put those fans in this position.

    • Bella says:

      He has been in t.v. shows and movies for more than 20 years, and none of his directors or fellow actors have ever said that he was difficult to work with. Nobody heard of her before this show. Their on-screen chemistry was fantastic. But sometimes people don’t get along, and it almost always takes two. If they really didn’t get along, it shows what excellent actors they both are.

      • I don’t think he ever had a job last this long. His largest tv role prior to this was Joey in 1L2L and Mal in Firefly and nester lasted very long working with the same cast. Also, never has a female actress overtaken him in popularity. That would be the nature of ego if rumors are true.

        • Regina says:

          Not quite sure where you get the idea Stana overtook him in popularity..Louder fans does not mean more fans. Social media numbers alone demonstrate he is more popular. And if you leave the hardcore Cadtle fanbase, people really don’t know who she is..other than “that girl from Castle”. So that argument doesn’t really hold water.

          • Susan Smith says:

            Actually most people don’t know who he is if they didn’t see FF or OLTL.Except for those fans and fans for his bit part in Dr Horrible he is unknown. He has Never worked for more than 2 years.I agree Stana’s Kate Beckett turned out to be the heart of the show.She quickly dimmed his spotlight. Like he said at Comicon on you tube These are MY fans…

          • Audrey says:

            You totally overestimate his popularity. He had to convince Marlowe and Bowman to give the Castle role to him like every other C or B actors out there. If he was THAT popular, he didn’t even have to go thru the audition. And no, before you argue that he helped Stana booked her role, it was not because he put in good words for her; it was based on their chemistry –again, Marlowe and Bowman’s jobs to do the hiring.

          • Viv says:

            I don’t think he was overtaken in popularity but there were rumors he didn’t like that the storylines always revolved around Beckett and not Castle.

      • BW says:

        He’s never worked this closely with anyone for so long. NF is probably fine for a short period, but after many hours of his childishness and fratboy behaviour. I’m sure Stana got tired of him pretty quickly. NF was #1 and expected everyone to bow down and I’m sure she wouldn’t. She became more popular and he couldn’t stand it. He wanted her gone.

      • TVFan says:

        It only takes the one time.

        So she should be the one being fired? If it takes two to tango, then send them both off the dancefloor and turn out the lights.

      • John Monaghan says:

        Because he’s never had a successful show I hate him as an actor he’s not funny at all Stana playing alongside him made him look good and when she was not there the episodes were awful just as the past few have been with him making a complete arse of himself Stanas better out of it because why would you want to be part of a project that everyone brown noses a fat egotistical nobody like Fillion!

    • emily says:

      this has nothing to do with what Nathan wanted. He knows why the show was a huge success. He knows viewers love Castle AND Beckett. If ABC says its budget cuts, then its budget cuts. And don’t forget Tamala was fired too. What’s your excuse there?

      • BW says:

        Tamala was thrown out just to make it look like they weren’t only going after Stana. You saw it many times on Castle.. In fact Flowers for your Grave. 3 murders, but 2 were just to make it look like a serial killer or budget cuts.

        • Night Owl says:

          LOL Really? That’s your answer? WOW! I guess if you’re going to form a conspiracy theory, you should be all in.

      • B says:

        He got her fired they just through her in to not make it look bad and plus she was never a series regular, Tamala even said that. ABC just doesn’t want to be known for sexism and playing favorites and since he is the name of the show he got what he wanted.

        • anon123 says:

          “abc doesn’t want to be known for sexism” that’s hard to do when they fired/replaced four female characters in one year. (Maya, PJJ and now Stana and Tamala)

      • Annie says:

        Are you speaking for Nathan? Because, I’ve never seen an interview where he says that Castle and Beckett are the reason for the shows success.

  12. Hilary says:

    It does’t make sense to bring it back for a “shortened” season without the full cast intact. ABC is saving money by shortening the season, so there’s no reason not to keep all the cast. Bad move ABC. I predict a major ratings drop after the first episode next fall. Castle worked because of Castle and Beckett and in my opinion, it was Becket who kept the series grounded!

    • BW says:

      You’re right, nothing about this makes sense.. Looks like a very poor business decision because of all the ramifications to all the other seasons, reruns, dvds book syndication. Looks more like a personal vendetta against Stana — Ego trip to get rid of costar.

  13. J says:

    Wow, so they have it in the budget for the newbie but can’t keep Stana. Really disappointing. No Beckett No Castle for me! Might as well cancel.

  14. Marilyn Hay says:

    I know it’s just all about having work and ‘nothing personal’ but I’m very disappointed in him. I think he should have said that if they’re killing off Beckett’s character then, he wouldn’t be back either. Would have been the end of the show, I suppose, but they’ve had a good run and maybe if he’d stood his ground we’d have a chance of winding up this show with a happy ending, maybe them both being detectives in his agency. Whatever. Now … they’re killing Kate and don’t even know if there will be another season. Gratuitous killing of the lead female, ‘for dramatic purposes’ just like they killed the lead female in Sleepy Hollow. Used to be, a very long time ago in a land far far away that studios cared about the customer, the viewer. Now it’s only and all about money and what the big guys get to take to the bank and they have no interest or respect for the players, the characters, the stories and certainly not the loyal viewers.

    • Beth says:

      The actress on Sleepy Hollow was trying to get out of her contract since season 1 and the producers finally gave her what she wanted. The actress on Castle was fired.

    • katlynneylon says:

      Can’t imagine Nathan Fillion is so hard up for work that he *needs* Season 9 of Castle. 1-8 paid him a bunch of money, he still does side projects, and the show is in reruns, so he’ll keep getting paid as it airs. This has to be about more than that, and that’s what disappoints me so much.

    • Night Owl says:

      So, if someone at work that you don’t think should get fired is let go, you would quit your job too?

  15. Barb says:

    No Beckett might as well cancel. We won’t watch.

  16. Teri says:

    Nathan wanted Stana gone and he got his wish. Shameful. Screw the budgetary cuts. The truth is the egotistical colead could not deal with the popularity of his onscreen better half. Beckett is more vital to the show, so ABC really messed up her. I will blackball Fillion forever.

    • emily says:

      no, this was the last thing he wanted. He loves the show just the way it is. And he loves Stana and the whole cast.

      • Dunk says:

        Oh get real if he supported Stana he would of went to bat for her but he didn’t! And he doesn’t really support this show that’s obvious the way he talks about it

        • Night Owl says:

          I don’t know. I kinda think that if Stana has any kind of strength (and I believe she does), she would NOT want Nathan Fillion to quit his job because of this. Even if I got let go wrongfully, I would NEVER want anyone else to quit their job because of me. I’d also never ask someone to quit their job because of someone else either, which I see a lot of people asking of Nathan Fillion. I’m sorry, I just don’t think that’s right to do.

      • AJR says:

        If he loved her and the show, he wouldn’t have re-signed his contr4

  17. R says:

    Been watching since day one. A shortened, final season without one of the lead characters? What a kick in the teeth. No thanks.

  18. Anon says:

    Does ABC think we are stupid? Stana is the female lead, you don’t fire your second lead and one of the two most important parts of the show to fix your budget. That literally makes no sense on any level. You move production to a cheaper city. You cut smaller roles out. Get rid of pricey sets. Use less special effects. Stuff like that are budget fixing things, not getting rid of your freaking female lead who is crucial to the show and married to the freaking male lead who the show is about. And the show is almost over anyway, you especially don’t get rid of your lead for budget reasons when you are looking at one more season maybe. Now it’s probably shortened even. I’m not trying to claim I know the real story but literally is buying this budget cuts story. That’s like putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet (not actually comparing Caskett to them literally just can’t think of a better example) and cutting out the role of Juliet to save money. It makes no sense and completely 100% alters the story into something totally unrecognizable. I would much rather they treat the audience like adults who possess actual brain cells instead of forcing the stupidest lie ever on us. Not buying it! What a crap way to run a tv show.

    • Anon says:

      Literally no one is buying it, is what that one line should’ve said. Wish I had an edit button!

      • BW says:

        We all know it had nothing to do with the budget. Just NF’s ego.. he wanted her gone. period. Tamala just got thrown in so it wouldn’t look like a personal attack against Stana

        • Matt says:

          If NF has so much power that he can get her fired then how come the show is maybe coming back for a shortened final season and that is it? TV starts don’t have the power some of you seem to believe and stars of shows that are either cancelled or one wrap up season from being cancelled certainly do not. Budget reasons may not be the full story but claiming NF is the evil genius behind Stana being fired is like believing Trump actually can build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

  19. Jaz says:

    how are they going to bring back a newbie instead of the lead actress

  20. Jason says:

    An abbreviated final season and they can’t afford to bring back Stana? Not even for a few episodes? I am really struggling to understand the point of all this. Just end it already!

  21. kath says:

    “Castle” may have kept Fillion but they tossed the heart of the show, which is the Castle/Beckett relationship.

    So they can afford to pay Fillion, who must be earning Big Bucks by now, plus Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, and Toks Olagundoye but they can’t afford Tamala Jones and Stana Katic for “budget reasons”? How stupid do they think I am? Also, is Alexis going to be the pathologist now? She and Hayley do everything else perfectly and the show must have a pathologist.

    ABC must be desperate. Or, as someone on the Advisory Board commented, why do they ask us for our opinion if they’re just going to ignore it?

  22. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I don’t understand ABC’s motivation here. Are they too lazy to find something else to fill that time slot for next year? Surely they understand the ratings will be quite low.

  23. chuckfanforever says:

    They blew it when they went even deeper with the Loksat conspiracy it should have ended at Bracken behind bars…but hey if it’s back next season I will watch…

    • Carol C says:

      I’ll still watch, too, but I don’t know for how long. It sure won’t be the same without Becket.

  24. Nissie says:

    I won’t watch Castle without Stana… And “him” has lost all my sympathy and my interest. I’m really sorry that ABC could mistreat one of an excellent actress like they are doing towards her. She deserves better and I wish with all my heart that she will get it.

  25. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband was impressed with Fillion’s work, “I’m really looking forward to the show coming back, now that I saw what he can do!” Of course, I have always been a fan of Nathan’s work, loving him in Serenity and watching Castle for two years before the husband became a fan. We, both, are sad it would only be brought back for a shortened season. We thank them for their consideration, though. Stana was fun, but we would watch the show if only Castle was on it. Maybe, they could change their minds?

  26. Ricky Lee Jones says:

    Put this donkey down. It’s done.

  27. lsmith says:

    Nathan may be back but the fans won’t be

  28. moviebuff801 says:

    Well, ABC, I hope you enjoy the abysmal ratings you’ll get for Season 9 if you renew it. Talk about a monumental betrayal to a fanbase. Somebody please get me whatever Rick used in Season 7 to wipe his memory so I can erase Season 8 from my mind.

  29. Kaz says:

    Never thought I would be so disappointed to read this kind of news about a show I (used to enjoy) I wish it nothing but failure! What a joke and complete betrayal to the audience. I did enjoy the non too subtle dig at Fillion in the Deadline argument announcing this disgusting news!!!

    • Nora says:

      + 1

      No more ABC for me. A business that treats employees and costumers like this doesn’t deserve my attention.

  30. Disgusted says:

    This was a great show until it became all about Nathan Fillion. Castle has morphed into some William Shatner-Will Ferrell hybrid. I won’t be watching. I admire you Stana for not bowing your knee to the Nathan Fillion circus. You deserve so much better. This was a power play and I hope it dogs him for the rest of his career. Shame on you ABC.

  31. hubble says:

    I’ll be there to watch S9 drown in flames. Disgusting.

  32. K. A Tracy says:

    I’m just curious why Fillion would agree to go forward without Katic. Bones without Booth. Rizzoli without Isles, Seinfeld without Eiaine. It’s the dynamic that made the show.

    • John NYC says:

      I guess we’ll see if it’s renewed: the pitch must have been convincing that it had a chance at being successful.

      We’ll either get to see what they pitched or we won’t I suppose.

    • R says:


    • PatriciaLee says:

      On Three’s Company, when Suzanne Somers was let go, the other stars didn’t dig in their heels. Somers was brilliant on the show, and the show was never as good, but it went on for another three years.

      • Elhar says:

        It was 30 years ago. The world has changed a little since then – though maybe ABC didn’t realised it yet.

  33. John NYC says:

    I’m curious as to how they’ll meet the challenge. So I’ll be tuning in next season if that’s an option.

  34. Me says:

    Boooooooo 👎👎👎👎👎👎!!!!!!!!

  35. King says:

    Diva got his wish.

  36. John NYC says:

    He signed last season without knowing if Stana would re-up.

    • Susan Smith says:

      Negotiations have been going on for months with Fillion.He went to bat to get Jon and Seamus resigned.He had to know Stana was not being approached and while he went to bat for the guys he Did Not go to bat for his Co Star Stana Katic. You really can’t defend him.One day the whole story will come out.Between the Show Runners & NF this season lost million s of viewers.Next season may not even last 13 shows.A Beckettless Caskettless show is not Castle

      • Night Owl says:

        Jon & Seamus’ roles are much different, and their pay is much different than Stana’s. Sometimes you can’t save them all, so you save the ones you can. You pick your battles, and you don’t fight battles you know you can’t win.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Why would I watch a show that took everything there was to love about it away? No thanks ABC, I want to know why the suits think this is a good idea?

  38. joann says:

    Know this was coming in episode 1 when nf appeared with his new face.He got rid of his aging bags.He still needs to hit the gym to come back to season 1 form.Don’t see that happening anytime soon. You can’t stop time.

  39. Ellen says:

    It’s amazing to me that so many reasonable people won’t even consider the fact that there obviously were issues between ABC and Katic, otherwise they wouldn’t have let her go, no matter what. You can try and point the finger at Fillion all you want, but for whatever reason ABC no longer felt she was worth the money they were paying her. EVERYTHING is a business decision for ABC and its clear she was no longer a good business decision for them. She must have really ticked them off. People aren’t always what they appear in their social media PR campaigns.

    • hubble says:

      Read the Deadline article: “I hear that star Nathan Fillion has closed a new deal for Season 9. In part to secure that, ABC and ABC Studios opted not to bring back Katic.” And Stana was never approached for renewing her contract. If you’re assuming that about Stana’s social media as not what it appears, better assume that for Nathan too.

      • Ellen says:

        Did you comprehend this part? “ABC and ABC Studios opted not to bring back Katic”. ABC and ABC Studios, got it? The final decision was ABC’s, and apparently they were willing to let her go. Fillion’s social media is exactly as it has been for years, whereas Katic’s has become completely different and is now one big PR campaign/photoshoot. Fillion has had a fanbase and a large following for years, dating back to his OLTL days. Katic was an unknown until her Castle fanbase (she’s still relatively unknown outside of Castle). Which one of those people is most likely to suddenly develop an ego with all her new fans falling at her feet?

        • LR says:

          I think you missed an important part of the quote so read the caps portion, “I HEAR THAT STAR NATHAN FILLION HAS CLOSED A NEW DEAL FOR SEASON 9. IN PART TO SECURE THAT, abc and abc studios opted not to bring back Katic.” That caps portion essentially says HE was responsible for her not being asked back. ABC pulled the trigger on his behalf.
          Your actually pretty far off base on Stana’s social media media presence as well she may not throw out all the crap that Fillion does but what she does post has meaning and is in no way PR unless there is a project coming up. It’s also worth noting that his tastes seem less sofiaticated than hers. While Fillion may have “fans” they refuse to watch Castle. Also more “fans” means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

          • Karen says:

            Sorry, but you’re reading that way wrong. The period in between the sentence referring to Fillion’s deal, & what ABC did to make it happen for him, distinguishes between Fillion’s deal, & what ABC “OPTED” to do. THEY chose to not renew Katic’s contract.

            If Fillion was asking for X amount of money, chances are Katic wanted the same….and they weren’t willing to pay her &/or didn’t feel they needed her like they did him, as wrong as that may be.

            It’s evident they’re trying to save money because you don’t whittle an expensive production like Castle down to a spin off if you aren’t trying to cut production costs.

            These conspiracy theories that Fillion is behind everything like some Oil Can Harry, & has epic network power is laughable. Mostly being said by people who have no clue how the entertainment industry works. If the network wanted to keep Katic, no lowly actor is going to tell them otherwise.

          • LR says:

            Hate to tell you this Karen but he has more control over what happened than you think. That he stipulated that he would only work with her 2 days a ep in season 8 says plenty. Also he has said all along that he did not agree with the original premise and direction of the show when Marlow was around. As soon as Marlow was not there the focus shifted to him like he had wanted for quite some time pushing her out. Also another point to consider two me that have said she dragged her feet signing for season 8 she was not even approached until after he signed his deal last year and those stipulations were granted. I also appreciate the insult to my intelligence and everyone else’s by you saying that I don’t know how “the entertainment industry” works. Hope that made you feel better. Just because we don’t work in Hollywood does not mean we don’t know how it works.

          • LR says:

            Autocorrect kills me, not to me “to the many” not two me.

          • Night Owl says:

            Actually, the caps portion doesn’t say what you think it says. Read the entire statement, and that statement actually makes it clear that it WAS indeed a budgetary issue. There was no guarantee that EITHER of them were planning to come back for another season. They were both at the end of their contracts. From what I can see, if Stana had been as eager to re-sign, it could have been him that was out. Or have you not read (on this site even), that the show could have returned with one OR the other, OR neither of them. Again, that sounds budgetary, not malicious because it sounds like ABC knew they could only bring one of them back, and the negotiations would determine which one.

          • PatriciaLee says:

            Isn’t everything a budgetary issue? Dr. Phil was saying, “In television time, we count by the seconds…” when he was trying to get a guest to speed up an explanation. With more input and demands by stockholders in our culture, I can’t see it being anything else, with personalities and artistic expressions not counting for much. I am just so grateful when I get a few episode show that I enjoy, i.e. The Player, Journeyman, and hundreds more. At least, they are letting us experience some artistic expressions. And I don’t care what personalities do, just give me something.

          • LR says:

            I have to respectfully disagree Night Owl and that’s okay. The way it reads is that he would only sign if she was not asked back. To me that says plenty and it leaves nothing open to interpretation from how it reads. Considering that he went to bat for everyone other than her also says far more than people are willing to admit.

          • John NYC says:

            OR the only way the studio could make the money work given reduced fees was with a personnel budget trim. And they couldn’t make up a substantial fee cut by cutting some background extra…

          • Night Owl says:

            Exactly JohnNYC. THAT is exactly what I was trying to say. You said it way better.

          • Night Owl says:

            I respectfully disagree LR. Nowhere does it say those words that Nathan Fillion would only sign if she was not asked back. It does say that “in part to secure that ABC and ABC Studios OPTED not to bring back Katic.” Looking at just the direct statement, without embellishment, it does NOT say that Nathan wanted anything. It does NOT say that he was involved in the decision in any way, shape or form. It DOES say that ABC opted for it.

            People are reading their own interpretation into that one sentence. Besides the fact, that we have to remember that not only did they opt not to bring Stana back, but also Tamala Jones. If it was Nathan Fillion not wanting to work with Stana, then how do you explain Tamala? And please don’t feed me the line about how they let Tamala go so it wouldn’t look as bad or to hide the fact that it was Nathan that wanted it. This is the problem with conspiracy theories. If they are based on actual facts, then all the elements would make sense.

            I just happen to interpret it that in order to secure the deal financially, ABC and ABC Studios opted not to bring back Katic. That does logically explain how both Stana and Tamala were let go. The problem is, my interpretation doesn’t give the ability to blame the person people want to blame, and yes I do say the person they WANT to blame. However, my interpretation is based solely on the things said without embellishment.

          • LR says:

            I won’t tell you that but Tamalas character was tied to Beckett. No Beckett no reason to keep her since that is the only character she still had ties to. Your making an assumption that I have not done my research. I’m not basing my comments on “conspiracy theory”. And full disclosure I was a fan of his before I was a fan of hers. But things I have seen from him over the past few years have my opinion of him tainted.
            At this point I’m ending the discussion since its getting nowhere. But I will leave you with this to consider for the so called budget argument. They brought in new characters that were not needed, they have built a new set that overall was not needed, filmed an episode almost entirely(if I remember right) outside of the studio which was not needed. There are many other things that did not need to be done but were that could have saved some money. Either way you want to look at it the whole situation calls integrity into question on more than one front.
            While I respect your opinion I disagree. And as I have told others that’s okay to disagree I’m just not going to continue to discuss something that is a dead end.

        • Susan Smith says:

          “In part to secure that(NF signing deal)ABC and ABC Studios agreed not to bring back Katic”. Comprehend much? In order to get deal with NF they opted not to bring her back.NF was said to call SK a C..T because she was stepping in his spotlight.Getting most of the attention in the show and storlines.He has Never been in a show where his part lasted more than 2 years.Stana is well liked and respected So if it did go to her head it didn’t last long.The pushing SK aside and her not being resigned to secure his contact says it all.

        • abcd says:

          “In part to secure that” could easily mean, so that they would have the money to secure that. Who knows what the facts are. Until Deadline produces a non-anonymous quote from someone saying that Nathan forced this issue, we don’t know.

          And if he did say that he’d walk without here, then OMG, have you seen that women’s instagram? It is loaded with glam shots of herself. Yick. It screams narcissistic personality disorder. She imagines herself Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor. I can’t even envision how hard it would be to work with someone who is that in love with herself. Miss Supermodel…ewww.

          • abcd says:

            Weird autocorrect. *WALK unless they cut her.

          • Disappointed says:

            It seems to me that Stana’s instagram is no different from everyone else’s that are filled with pics of themselves, including fillione’s, so you consider him to be suffering from a narcissitic personality disorder too?.

          • Elhar says:

            LOL, yeah, you won’t find a single image about NF on his instagram – oh wait…

          • abcd says:

            Hers is full of pro shots. She apparently imagines herself a covergirl.

          • LR says:

            You do realize that is her style and not necessarily how she views herself. If you are baseing your opinion on the fact they are artistic and not candid then you have no grounds for that statement. I believe one of her hobbies she herself mentioned is photography so it stands to reason she would incorporate that into anything posts alone with normally a specific meaning.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            (BTW, are we really doing psychological profiles on what a TV actor posts to Instagram? LOL…)

          • LR says:

            I apologize Matt that was not the intent if your referring to my comment.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            No, not you, LR ;)

        • hubble says:

          Let’s revisit Deadline. “IN PART TO SECURE THAT” (and “that” is Nathan Fillion’s contract), “ABC and ABC Studios opted not to bring back Katic.” Cause and effect.
          And THEN we come to ABC’s budget cuts. The next sentence reads: “The move ALSO was driven by budgetary reasons” so budget cuts aren’t the whole reason. This suggests that the previous sentence is not due to budget cuts.
          Still, at the most basic level, Nathan Fillion decided to renew his contract without Stana Katic, which suggests to many that he thinks she’s not integral to the show. Compare this, for example, to David Boreanaz & Emily Deschanel, and Bones having their farewell season with two leads intact. Of course, ABC is also to blame for this. While Boreanaz & Deschanel negotiated together, ABC did not approach Stana Katic for a possible S9 renewal.
          And please, the fanbase has expanded past Nathan Fillion’s draw. “In the early years, Nathan’s fan base was crucial to us getting the word out,” acknowledges Marlowe. “We’ve grown from there and now have fans of Castle who aren’t Firefly fans.” (Variety, 2013).
          And what is SK’s PR usually for? Castle. That’s right, SK promotes the show; even if she’s not actually in the episode, she promotes it (The GDS). Last year, she posted BTS every day for two weeks on Instagram, in which she acknowledged many people associated with the show. She’s also done that through FBF and TBT posts on Twitter. She has been thankful for the crew, cast, and the fans, and has even said that fans “sustain” the show.
          Doesn’t Nathan Fillion also promote his projects? Firefly? Con Man? I also dare you to find one mention of Beckett in Nathan Fillion’s live tweets S8 thus far. And “Beckette” does not count.

  40. ndixit says:

    I don’t buy the whole Nathan Fillion got Stana fired. There is no reason Tamala would have been let go if he was just trying to get Stana fired. That’s just people trying to shape their own narrative. But I fail to understand the necessity of bringing the show back at all. I mean ABC must be seriously down on money if they are willing to bring back a show with such stinking ratings for another season just for the heck of it. Its not like the show won’t have closure, given they have shot a finale for that is closed up. It just doesn’t make business sense.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Well, I was always surprised it got renewed for another year, since year one. Don’t get me wrong, as a fan I was very happy. But I figured there must be a fan in high places, like with the Paley-Gunsmoke legend of old. The entertainment industry is always about extremes, isn’t it?

      • Elhar says:

        Maybe if you would take some time to look at the numbers what Castle produced in the previous seasons, you could keep yourself away from showing how clueless you are.

        For years Castle was a true hit on ABC, won its timeslot up until S6. Got a syndication deal in S3 which earned a trainload of money to ABC (I know, to ABC Studios, but that’s why homemade shows are preferred to outsiders – in the end the money goes to the same pocket.)

        Even now its rerun on ABC brought 0.7-0.8 ratings. Saying that it’s renewals were because of “fan in high places” is outright stupidity.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          I never bother to look at the numbers, and as an artistic expression it was pleasant, but no masterpiece. After the frequent writers’ card games ended, I felt the show lost its way. The husband became a fan, so I kept watching it. Stupidity or insightful, that’s the arts for you if you speak your mind.

          • Elhar says:

            It’s not a problem you don’t look at the number – most people don’t and most of those who do don’t understand them either. The problem is that your first choice is that just because Your Highness doesn’t comprehend (or like) something, it must be something fraudulent, behind the scene deal – instead of trying to learn and understand what happens. Never ever let the facts affect your prejudices.

          • PatriciaLee says:

            I would never say or indicate in any way that it would be fraudulent to have a fan in high places! I’m always begging for billionaire fans to continue different series as they tank in the ratings, etc. There is nothing wrong with having powerful people back the arts, in fact patronage is the only reason art history exists. Don’t forget about the “angel” concept for theatre backers in history. I am sure everyone connected with plays felt the term in their hearts, and with intense gratitude, every time they saw the “angel” backer walk in the theatre. They sure have a lot of fun in old movies with that term and minor character. That’s where I was introduced to the idea, watching Citizen Kane when I was eight years old. I never thought of him as a bad man, and I felt sorry for him when people laughed at him for trying to help the blond girl succeed. (the second wife concept escaped me at the time). With all the b/w old musicals, the backer was always a fun and honorable character. Our household feels blessed that Paley was a Gunsmoke fan, btw. That series still gives entertainment and happiness to the husband, through tough times. Thanks for reading my posts.

  41. It’s interesting that people think this is only about a shortened final season. It’s a test to see if the show can work without Beckett. If it does they will get a back order of 9 and go from there. Here’s hoping it’s a glorious failure and as ABC is a network that has failed to find a hit drama (outside of Shondaland) for the past 4-5 years it probably will be. What a terrible, terrible idea to destroy a legacy of a show. Nathan Fillion may be popular but not inside the Castle universe. He has spent much of the past 8 seasons mocking the show, his co lead and the fans and the idiots running ABC think this Dr Frankenstein version of a once great show is gonna have an audience. They have severely underestimated the appeal of Beckett and her story. All the fans who were watching to see her get her happily ever after. I’d be shocked if the show can recover even a small portion of the respect it flushed down the toilet today….

    Also take note of the not too subtle dig at Nathan Fillion and the conditions which he re-signed….thankyou Deadline.

    • Audrey says:

      This!!! All of this!!

    • abcd says:

      I think the point is that they don’t mind sacrificing the Castle audience to find a new, younger audience with Nathan.

      • John NYC says:

        I guess we will see what the pitch was that was convincing if the show is rebooted. Since it IS about money, broadcast business after all, were it to continue there had to be a conviction on a decider’s part that the broadcast was bank able.

      • Go St says:

        I have a male twenty something relative who is an avid Halo gamer, superhero and sci fi fan like Firefly but quit Castle after Season 2. NF is multifaceted but the audience base here is probably different from his other projects so not so confident with crossover from the other side.

      • Just one thing says:

        A new and younger audience?
        What, they’re going to magically start watching live TV again, and the first show on their list is going to be Castle?

  42. DarkDefender says:

    I hope it gets renewed and does well.

    • Ellen says:

      Me too. Just to tick all these people off who refuse to see there are many sides to a story, not just the leaked gossip.

      • Disappointed says:

        And yet a site like Deadline was willing to include this in their latest article.

        I hear that star Nathan Fillion has closed a new deal for Season 9. In part to secure that, ABC and ABC Studios opted not to bring back Katic.

        Sure sounds like fillione wanting Stana gone was more than just gossip.

        • DarkDefender says:

          Irrelevant. If the show returns it will be different. The who and why makes no difference. You either keep watching or stop. Rumors and gossip mean nothing.

        • Susan Smith says:


          • Susan Smith says:

            WRONG Dark Defender it is NOT irrelevant to the loyal fans who have been watching and supporting Castle for Eight Years.Loyal fans who buy DVD’s and other Castle stuff.Who talk about the shows on Fan Sites and write Fan Fiction.Who watch the syndicated Castle shows.It is THAT FU attitude that has the Fans up in arms.Stana Katic worked hard and was very concerned about getting Kate Beckett Right.Firing her was disrespectful and disgraceful.For you to call her and US the loyal fans of 8 years fans irrelevant (yes you did it was obviously implied) That is why we won’t watch.

          • DarkDefender says:

            SS. No. I said the gossip and the reasons for the change in the show are irrelevant. Because the show is already changing (if renewed) and that is out of the “fans” control. In fact most network decisions for shows are out of the fans control.
            Being able to anonymously chime in on comment boards with one’s dissatisfaction about the direction of a TV show does give one power to control the direction said TV show will take.
            The show you want is over. Move on or check out the re-boot. You might like it and you might not. You won’t know unless you tune in. Either way it is your choice, just like it is mine.
            ABC decides what to broadcast and they clearly want more stand alone episodes.

        • abcd says:

          Deadline loves click bait which those words were.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Um, if it’s several grafs into the story, it’s not “click bait.” Click bait applies to headlines that a passerby might glimpse.

          • abcd says:

            But people have gotten caught up in those words and now they’re all over Twitter and such and thus more people are on Deadline because of them. That must have been a huge part of the reason for writing them in that way….even though “I hear” isn’t really the mark of great journalism. So they are bait words.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Also, I look forward to the significant reduction of negative comments about the show… Since most of the naysayers will no longer be watching. Now if you could all just no longer read and comment on the recaps, that would be awesome.

      • Bella says:


      • Susan Smith says:

        I still think you are one of NF’s close friends…

        • DarkDefender says:

          You are right. I am the keeper of the gold embossed series/actor contracts.
          I don’t know any of the cast of Castle personally, but I do know that whining and moaning about the direction TPTB are taking is a waste of your time. You hate it, it’s ruined.. You were loyal.. But time to say goodbye. Maybe you should try Bones. It. Might be more your speed.

      • Disappointed says:

        And the reality is that those naysayers are the ones who have kept the show going as long as it did as I don’t think there are enough people who watch for reasons other than the core premise of a writer and his muse solving crimes TOGETHER to make a S9 viable, and by killing off Beckett ABC have made a mockery of what the previous seven seasons were about and destroyed Marlowe’s legacy, no wonder he tweeted he was heartbroken.
        And ABC may end up losing far more revenue from reduced DVD sales etc than they might have saved with Stana’s salary. And maybe some of the advertisers realise better than ABC what the show was about and the ad rates for a S9 have to be reduced further to attract any. The TV ad prices during the upfronts for S7 were $148K for a 30 second slot, for S8 they were down to $118K, so a loss of about $800K per episode. The average live ratings for S8 is currently 0.5/2.4M lower than the average for S7 so a further loss of revenue would seem inevitable.

        • Elhar says:

          I recognize a lot of accounts among the present “naysayers” who were 100% loyal fans of the show two weeks ago. Until the show didn’t betrayed them.

        • abcd says:

          LOL, Marlowe is heartbroken all the way to the bank. When he says, I’m splitting my pay for the future Beckett-less episodes to Stana, then I’ll believe that he’s heartbroken. Do not believe what these TV people say.

          DVD sales are a drop in the bucket compared with broadcast sales and syndication. If they can find a new audience for Castle 2.0, they’re more than happy to sacrifice the pittance in old DVD sales.

          • LR says:

            Again your statement is lacking in actual fact. Marlow built the show around her. That was always evident by the storylines given to her character while he was working the show. You may want to go out and actually do some research before you make statements because he has always been very complimentary of her.

          • abcd says:

            You mean Marlowe isn’t getting executive producer money for every episode of Castle that airs? Yes. I’m not sure what I’ve said that isn’t factual.

          • LR says:

            Yes he may be getting money from that but she is as well now considering she was listed as a producer this year. I would bet she is not hurting for money. But you seem to argue with anyone that does not like your opinion. Plus if you actually did some reading or grasped the concept of what the shows actual premise is you would understand that what is happening is not what he envisioned for the show. This is a total destruction of something he created. But instead you chose to act like your the only person who knows anything.

  43. N says:

    I still like Nathan

  44. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Really, TVL? The next day is “several days later”? REALLY?

  45. Thissucks says:

    This absolutely blows! Not surprising though, I have totally lost all respect for this show and the 3 men, especially nathan! They all knew how this was gonna play out and I hope karma bites all of you in the ass. I just don’t understand where everyone thinks he is this amazing actor?? Stana actually helped. God I wish Stana had a show that was going up against castle

  46. Gloria C says:

    The main reason for Castle is Nathan Fillion… and even if they do cancel the show…. he will be fine, becAuse of his Ruggedly Good Looks… the truth . He is also an accomplished actor, and no matter what happens to the show… he will be fine… Stana also will find something better for her… I just hope that they both have Excellent agents working for them. Cutting her out… financial reasons…. sure!!! Her contract was probably up or she had bad karma with the honchos… whatever the reason, I wish her well.

    • CaskettCrazy (or once was) says:

      And how do you qualify “accomplished”? A brief stint on a low rated soap opera playing a horny teenager? A single season playing a “Space Cowboy”? Some low budget, campy space monstrosity that only airs on-line? Ohhh, I know, that episode he did on Dinner with Tiffani. Yeah, he’ll be getting an Oscar for that one. A perfect example of his work, sitting in the corner and brooding because he wasn’t the center of attention. Mmm, that’s talent alright!

      • PatriciaLee says:

        I saw Serenity in the movie theater, and it was a great experience. It made 30+ mil, so that was a lot of viewers.

        • AJR says:

          Serenity was by definition a box office flop. Fox didn’t want to make it so Universal did. The Browncoats whined for a movie and when they got it, didn’t show up. The movie did better on home video because shock…. that’s where the fandom base was.
          People who keep trying to build Nathan up as some sort of god are missing the nuisances of what was happening on the show.
          If you look back at the crew posts going back to throw early days of the series, they are almost always with SK. People who’ve worked on the show have always credited her for her kindness. They rarely speak of Nathan in the same regard, save for someone who maybe trying to stay on the goodside.
          Nathan’s shoutouts come from guest cast who often only see one side of the production. They don’t see the times when it’s the just the core cast and crew.
          That same theory holds for guests on sets. There’s the perception they want outsiders to see and the perception they want everyone to have.
          The rumors of SK & NF not getting along are true. They don’t. They haven’t for a couple of seasons. They hide it well. Fans can deny it all they want but the fact is, publications like Deadline & THR cannot throw that out there if it wasn’t true.
 is a trusted and respected industry source… it is a go to source for writers, actors, etc.
          And if you people are going to twist words… ABC was able to re-sign NF because in part they opted not to bring back SK… look at the next sentence which includes budgetary reasons.
          That pretty much confirms that he would only come back if she wasn’t involved. You can’t twist that into being anything other than him wanting her out of the show. It’s plain as day.
          I’m not saying SK is a saint and NF is the anti-Christ. But it’s very likely he wanted the show to focus on him and he got his wish. Now he has to deal with the consequences.
          It’s sad that some fans can’t open their eyes and realize that for the last three seasons (6,7 and 8), NF had used his title status to angle for a bigger piece of the pie.
          Even in the rumors, there’s a truth. Sometimes that is more damaging.

          • PatriciaLee says:

            At my age, believe me, no one’s a saint…I had time in a mall, saw the movie Serenity, was impressed by it’s quality, and so checked out Castle. It was a good movie, and Castle is a good show. I can’t be the only one.

      • Andrew Hass says:

        Nathan Fillion was on the soap opera One Life To Live for 3 or so yeats.So i don’t consider that a brief stint.Plus a lot of major TV stars started on soaps have went on to have successful careers in prime time and movies.

    • Night Owl says:

      I still believe that the reason they went with him is because there was more uncertainty with Stana. She has a lot of other projects. If they are looking to continue the show, they most likely went with the one who is more likely to stay on for several more seasons. It’s just my thoughts. No conspiracy theories here. Nathan Fillion has always gone right to the negotiation table.

      • Elhar says:

        Nathan has an own show, ConMan, yet it didn’t bother them. Also he did some side works during Castle (Community, TBBT, etc) which Stana has never, it didn’t bother them. Nathan had stopped the works two years ago because of a dispute, it didn’t bother them. But it’s Stana who they could not count on. Of course.

        The reason why they went for him is simple: they wanted to keep the “Castle” title, so they needed him. And I agree, Nathan will stay until the cheque has enough zeros on it and he need not to do too much effort for it. It was he himself who told that during the intervals between takes he just plays on his phone, while Stana is working on her script, making notes, marking points.

  47. Karen Madsen says:

    ABC has made a terrible decision that they will regret. The network has destroyed a compelling show that has been successful because of the relationship between its two lead characters. The chemistry between Rick Castle and Kate Beckett (“Caskett”) has formed the core of Castle’s appeal since the first episode. The development of the relationship between Castle and Beckett has been the linchpin of the series that has kept loyal fans tuning in. Eliminating Kate Beckett — and then continuing a diminished Castle without one of its essential characters — will totally negate the love story that has always been the heart and soul of the series. (The relationship has been so important that its creators, Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller, have said they are “heartbroken” at the direction Castle appears to be taking.)

    Moreover, Castle has had a thriving life in syndication and other secondary marketing. Has ABC considered that they risk undercutting these revenue sources — and tarnishing 173 episodes — by destroying Caskett at the end of their eight year journey? I wonder if TNT will want to continue airing 20+ hours of reruns every week — or if former fans will want to continue to watching them — knowing that the central relationship of the series is destroyed at the end. Castle’s dedicated fans deserve much better.

  48. Lea says:

    Renewing Castle without Stana Katic for 13 episodes is pointless! I’ve watched the show from day one and used to call it my favorite show, but Nathan Fillion, Alexi Hawley, Terence Paul Winter and ABC have completely lost touch with viewers if they think this will work. Beckett and the Caskett relationship are the heart of the show! Season 8 has been largely disappointing because of the pull away from the Caskett relationship focus and the glaring reduction in Beckett screen time. I don’t buy the “budget cuts” excuse for dropping Stana Katic and Tamala Jones! Castle fans have been strung along during season 8 and lied to repeatedly by the current show runners and I have found it deeply disappointing how they have treated the story, the characters, Andrew Marlowe’s legacy and fans! All deserved better!! If everyone had just had the good sense to let it go with a happy ending to wrap it all up for fans the show could have left a more profound legacy; as it is, it will be remembered more as a lesson in how ego, corporate greed and sexism in Hollywood can destroy what could have been an enduring love story for the ages. Marlowe had beaten the Moonlighting curse, but it only took the current show runners and Nathan Fillion one season to create the Castle curse. Ironically, ABC will go down in history at the center of both show downfalls. Everyone should have taken a lesson right out of the Bones’ playbook and had everyone together for the end out of respect and appreciation for fans who stuck with them through it all. I have no doubt that Stana Katic and Tamala Jones will continue to see their careers rise. As for me, this Castle fan has had enough and will not support a season 9 without Stana and Tamala!! I also won’t be supporting Fillion anymore either! It’s a real shame that ABC didn’t have the integrity or the guts to do what was right for all involved!! I’ve lost respect for ABC too!

  49. Jared says:

    Ripping out the heart of the show to only produce 13 lousy episodes..really ABC?!? Just cancel it and cast Nathan Fillion in something for midseason if you want him on the network that bad.

  50. A TV viewer says:

    what can be expected of the Season 9 of Castle (if the show will be renewed, of course). A drunkard’s wife wants desperately to make her husband quit drinking for good. A friend gives an advice: fill a tub with vodka (or whiskey, as you like) and put a dead cat at the bottom of it. He will get over with the alcohol. He will see the dead cat and will be so disgusted that he will be sick and immediately will quit drinking for the rest of his life. She follows the advice and invites her husband to drink a full tub of vodka with a dead cat inside. A few hours later she opens the door of the bathroom and sees the man sitting next to the empty tub, sqeezing the dead cat as if he is wringing out wet clothes and whispering: ‘Dear sweet pussycat, one more drop PLEASE’.