Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: War Is Hell

In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Callie and Arizona had their day in court. And, as we knew that it would have to be, it was hard. As in emotionally draining, tearing-your-guts-out, excuse-me-while-I-go-cry-in-the-corner hard. And yet there was something even rougher than the proceedings: the verdict. Who wound up with custody of Sofia? Read on and find out.

WORST CASE SCENARIO | Early on in “Mama Tried,” Callie and Arizona — and their lawyers — attempted to arrive at a compromise that would keep Sofia’s fate out of a judge’s hands. But, failing that — epically — the exes were left saying literally, “See you in court.” (Through their attorneys, of course.) Before the hearing got underway, Her Honor offered Calzona the same out that she offered every couple fighting for sole custody of a child: “Are you both sure you want to proceed?” Alas, they both did.

After Owen testified on Callie’s behalf, nailing it, and Andrew described how happy Sofia was with Arizona, Penny took the stand. At first, she did really well for Torres. But then… oy, then. Not only was Blake unable to remember what she’d last seen the little girl wearing, she incorrectly guessed the grade Sofia was in. As a result, it didn’t appear to the court that Penny knew her lover’s daughter very well. (Which, hello! How could she? She only met Sofia half a dozen episodes ago!)

Later, Callie’s lawyer got Bailey to reluctantly admit that Arizona’s schedule was unpredictable. The following day, Robbins’ attorney trickily got Meredith to imply that, were Sofia to go East with Callie, she’d be losing the village that it takes to raise a child. Next, Torres’ lawyer used Arizona’s (many) nights out with Richard against her. All told, it was starting to look pretty grim for Robbins.

When Callie took the stand, she tearfully recalled the traumatic day that Sofia was born. In fact, “being a mother is the reason I’m still alive today,” she said. During Arizona’s turn, as she was passionately arguing that she was every bit as much Sofia’s mother as Callie, her phone kept ringing — it was Alex calling her to Grey Sloan to save the baby of a newly readmitted Jenny, the teenager we’d met in “I Wear the Face.” Knowing what leaving now would cost her, Robbins still excused herself to go to work. Sofia would be okay one way or another. But, without Arizona’s help, Jenny’s baby wouldn’t make it.

The following day, to Calzona’s mutual surprise, the judge awarded Arizona sole physical custody of Sofia. To put it mildly, the outcome wrecked Torres. “How did this happen?” Callie cried, clinging to Meredith rather than Penny.

IN THE PLUS COLUMN | If there was one positive side effect of Calzona’s custody battle, it was that it seemed to inspire Jackson and April to want to work out an arrangement well ahead of their child’s arrival, lest they ever find themselves putting up their dukes in court. (God knows we’re well aware of how ready Catherine always is to lawyer up!) Miraculously, the exes’ discussion started out civilly and remained that way, even as they divvied up his and hers holidays with Baby Avery. (Hell, it went so well, it was practically a love scene!)

LAST CALL | At the bar with Jo and Ben, Stephanie — feeling guilty about the way that she broke up with Kyle and sorry that she did it all — was tipsy enough to want to drunk dial him. It wasn’t such a hot idea, though. When her ex was readmitted to Grey Sloan with possible meningitis, he made it clear that he didn’t want anything more to do with Edwards — personally or professionally.

So, do you think Calzona’s judge got it right? And how impressed were you by Japril, once again adulting so beautifully? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jamie says:

    Callie lost because it would be idiotic to uproot a child for her mother’s girlfriend’s temporary job.

    • queenie says:


    • queenie says:

      It’s a temporary job. Callie could have stayed in Seattle and have a long distance relationship with Penny until Penny returns to Seattle. Callie is being selfish and rash by uprooting her child for someone whom she has known only for a few months. What happens when the relationship fizzles out ? As for Penny, she is selfish by doing this to Sophia. Penny could have put a stop to this all. She could have told Callie not to go with her, to wait for her. Callie and Penny aren’t even engaged.

      • Whatthewhat says:

        I was thinking the same thing about Penny. If I were in her shoes, I would want what was best for Sofia because she is the most important thing in Callie’s life and always will be so if I loved Callie like I say I do I would make that year long sacrifice. Would it be easy? No but like AZ said, you decide to make it work then you do everything you can to make that happen. You should never sacrifice the comfort and happiness of a child because of your own selfishness. I’m talking about Penny AND Callie.

        • Brandi says:

          I agree with you both.
          I really like Callie and Arizona, so this is hard. I’m also a little ashamed of Callie and the way she acted like Arizona didn’t even get to help make the decision because she was the one that gave birth to Sofia. But I do believe this situation is impossible and very sad.

          • Heather says:

            But Callie DID give birth to Sophia! Arizona didn’t even want a kid in the first place! And then wen Callie wanted another, AZ again said she didn’t want a kid. AZ has always been the selfish one and why didn’t the trial talk about her cheating on Callie!! Ugh, I can’t believe this!

          • Doreen says:

            Arizona might not have wanted a kid at first but later on after accepting Sophia, Arizona went on to try and have a baby through a sperm donor but had a miscarriage.

      • Laurie says:

        That’s because I think Sara (Callie) is leaving Greys not coming back season 13 if that is the case. I am not coming back for season 13 either. I want to remember Greys as it is now

      • Jenks says:

        I was sort of hung up on Callie being the birth mother and was shocked at first that custody went to Arizona. But I agree with all the comments about Callie being extremely rash and selfish in this whole move to NY based on a relationship that’s five minutes old. She breezed in and informed Arizona that she’s going to NY without even thinking about Sophia. Yep, Callie deserves the very bad place she now finds herself in: no Sophia and the relationship with Penny likely damaged beyond repair.

        • Emma says:

          Worse than her relationship with Penny being damaged beyond repair, is her relationship with the person who now has sole physical custody of her daughter being damaged beyond repair.

        • specialka says:


        • callie is NOT the SELFISH one !!!! Arizona is a witch. she is selfish and will cheat and do anything to get what she wants…. she has broken Callie more times than i can remember.. Arizona doesnt DESERVE Sophia, and if Mark were alive he would have stood up for Callie and never let Arizona have her

          • Nkells says:

            If Mark were alive he would never have let Callie movie Sophia across the country for a one year program!

          • Mark would have been OK with Callie’s decision as long as he gets to see his daughter. If I had to share my daughter I would buck up and do whatever to be there for her. Home is where the heart is..some people have multiple homes. Where Sophia lives or moves shouldn’t be a concern. Callie has a right to pursue a relationship. People do it all the time..

          • Tanya says:

            Watch every single episode all at once, binge watch. Callie used emotional blackmail time and time again to get Arizona to be a doormat. Even the psychiatrist at their counselling was shocked by what Arizona gave up – all for Callie. Callie went baby crazy – almost ruined Arizona’s fellowship in prenatal surgery with that doctor. She just couldn’t let Arizona do that – and Callie broke it off after ALL that.

            Callie was INSANELY selfish – and baby crazy. I like both the characters o the show, I’m not picking some favorite – but i DO WATCH and pay close attention. You seem to have no idea how much of a doormat Arizona became FOR Callie, how much she actually lost FOR Callie. Arizona was OK with Callie being bisexual, in case you don’t GET that having sex with guys IS cheating too.

          • Bianca says:


          • Sophia says:

            Arizona is a slut!

      • Kia says:

        I so agree with this!! Callie is being very selfish and chasing after a woman that she has only been seeing for a few months. Plus penny killed McDreamy!!! I just think Arizona deserved custody of Sofia anyways because Callie has lost her mind. I’m disappointed that Meredith and Own took Callie’s side though.

        • Phil says:

          Every time I see someone saying Penny killed Derek, I cringe over the cluelessness. Go watch that episode again. Penny was the only who wanted to treat Derek right, his own inner dialogue said that. Derek died because Penny’s superiors ignored her suggestion of having a head CT, making them oblivious to the most dangerous injury he suffered.

      • Kat B. says:

        Penny didn’t ask Callie to go. Callie got upset when Penny got the grant bc she DIDN’T consider Callie. Then Callow gave Penny a second chance to ask her to go with her, practically pulled the question out of her.

        That being said – Appalled, Shonda, APPALLED!

    • bigdede says:

      Especially a girlfriend who looked like Casper the Friendly Ghost! I bet if Sophia ever saw Pasty Penny at night it would scar her for life.

    • Francine JE says:

      Thank God the best needs of Sophia were really considered. Cally is in Honeymoon stage of her and Penny’s relationship. Disappointed her Dad (played by Hector Elizondo) wasn’t brought back to weigh in and or offer support.

      • Heather says:

        Ooohhhh… That would have been awesome

      • I don’t see where her needs were met by that judgement. Joint custody and restrictions on moving could have been a choice. Callie as the birth mother has the right to keep custody unless she was unfit. Sophia being tossed into another home with Arizona having the power to control Callie’s visitation? No decisions made were in Sophia’s best interest. That is reality, most people don’t acknowledge their kids. Callie is doing what most people do. Starting over. Why did the marriage end?? It wasn’t Callie’s fault.

        • Tanya says:

          Oh yes it was Callie’s fault the marriage ended. SHE ENDED IT. If you watch this show, all the episodes at once, you see clearly that Callie was insanely selfish – and the fact that Arizona loved her so much, Arizona gave up EVERYTHING she ever wanted, including her work in Africa. Arizona almost lost the job learning prenatal surgery due to Callie enticing her into bed and sex. Arizona was the door mat in this relationship – and Callie became baby crazy, almost making Arizona give up the fellowship for prenatal surgery. Arizona always had to give up give up, real door mat. Callie always got her way – but apparently not this time. Callie ended the marriage after they agreed to that counselling where the psychiatrist was even shocked at how much Arizona gave up. And yes, Callie was insanely selfish.

          Now, the REAL reason they have done this is that the actress is leaving the show, harumph.

          • Joy Lykes says:

            I actually did watch all episodes. Took me two weeks to watch 11 seasons. I think that you should take your own advice and reacquaint yourself with the relationship between Callie an Arizona. Callie didn’t cheat on Arizona. In the beginning they were casually dating. No agreement of exclusivity had been discussed. Once Callie learned that she liked women she didn’t sleep with Mark. When Arizona left for Africa, she broke up with Callie. Actually, it was mutually decided. That’s how Callie ended up back in Sloans bed. I want to thank you for the laugh, because you clearly misinterpreted a lot of things. Catch up sweetie.

          • Joy Lykes says:

            You seem to have a lot of animosity towards Dr. Torres. Both women at times were selfish, sometimes to get our point across selfishness is needed. Whatever you think Arizona gave up was her choice. The only thing I saw missing was her leg. Arizona’s life has been so blessed and Callie endured so much during Arizona’s hostility. When Callie nearly died…she didn’t take her anger oiut on Arizona. Your perceptions of the characters, in my opinion are off base.

          • Whatthewhat says:

            I find that people’s perceptions of things get skewed often based on one event. AZ cheated sure but that is not who she is on the whole and yet that’s all people need to call her selfish and manipulative. But let’s remove that from the equation… When George joined the army, Callie concluded that AZ was this horrible person for thinking George was brave and made AZ feel bad about it until AZ set her straight. Not once prior to that did Callie ask why, she just assumed. Callie asked AZ to move in with her and wouldn’t give an inch on how to decorate HER place or letting her into her life. It took Mark to convince her otherwise. AZ didn’t want a baby and she made that clear. So Callie assumed again (and manipulated) by bringing up AZ’s dead brother then trying to convince her that there was something wrong with her for not wanting a baby. AZ tried to be friends after their mutual break up and Callie treated AZ like crap. When AZ won the African grant Callie tried to convince AZ not to take the grant and told her how selfish she was being for even considering going. She did finally cave but she didn’t want to go and that is apparent by her behavior and from the talk she had with Mark. Just because Callie showed up doesn’t mean she wanted to go. Have you ever gone somewhere with someone to be nice and the entire time you hated every minute? Now imagine having to endure that experience for 3 years. AZ ended it because she knew Callie would resent her and make everything impossible. When AZ came back Callie made her grovel and treated her like crap which was her right but then the baby thing happened and AZ had to choose with little or no time to process. Even after AZ said she was in Callie wouldn’t let her in. It was AZ who had to force her way back in and then it was back to having to deal with Mark’s intrusion into their lives. Yes he was the father but Callie behaved more like the baby was only hers and Mark’s and not a joint effort between all of them. Throughout their relationship, AZ asked Callie countless times to set boundaries with Mark and Callie only did so after AZ and Mark got close and them spending time together encroached on her time with AZ. If you’ve ever worked with people who have gone through trauma, the vast majority of them are like AZ, angry and depressed and they take it out on the people they love; there aren’t many who behave like Cristina or Meredith. Was she nasty? Of course but given what she went through it is understandable. Have you ever been truly hurting and someone tells you to suck it up? How did that make you feel? Callie was really forceful in wanting AZ to get better without understanding that AZ lost so much and needed time to put herself back together. And even after AZ got better, Callie was always trying to fix AZ as if she were still broken never truly showing AZ she was good enough as she was. The conversation AZ tried to have with Callie about the miscarriage and how much it hurt was half of their relationship in a nutshell. Callie kept shutting her down telling her she’d be fine despite the fact that AZ was not fine, at all, and when AZ tried to truly relay her feelings Callie made it all about her needs, her pain her want. The other half was the monologue AZ gave at the therapist’s office. AZ tried to talk about her frustrations and feelings about what she gave up to be in the relationship and Callie kept deflecting, interrupting and making it about her pain and her loss.

            I love Callie as a character but as a gf and wife to AZ she has never been held accountable for any of the wrongs in the eyes of many primarily because all everyone sees is AZ cheating.

          • Joy says:

            What the what..that was the most accurate observation I have ever read. I totally agree with you, on every account of Callie’s behavior, and I understand and agree regarding Arizona’s hostility after her amputation. I don’t overlook either woman’s error’s in the relationship. No matter what Callie did, Arizona ALWAYS had a choice. If she gave anything up, she choose to. In a relationship its give and take. Unfortunately, Callie has more expectations than Arizona. She loved her, so it must have been worth it to give things up, although..I don’t feel anything was given up. What I do know, is as a mom..I am selfish with my daughter. I always will be because she is mine and I wanted her. I’m devastated by the custody decision. Thank you for the unbiased view on the situation.

          • Whatthewhat says:

            Joy…you are right, AZ made her choices but I disagree on your assessment that she didn’t give up anything. AZ said the Africa job was her dream and she gave that up. Still, agreed, AZ made her choices and I don’t feel bad because one needs to weigh and understand the consequences of one’s choices. Callie made her choices too, many of them restricting or giving AZ no say. With the cheating, AZ had to deal with whatever Callie dealt because that was the consequence of her choice but Callie chose to squirrel that away and use it whenever it suited her. That I can’t abide by. You can’t say you forgive someone for something yet continuously throw it in their faces whenever you get angry.

            The custody hearing/decision was for television but I think it was what was best for Sofia. A lot of people have commented that families move all of the time and this is true but it’s almost always out of necessity and/or mutual agreement between the parents. That wasn’t the case in this situation. Callie wanted to move to take a job where she would no longer be in control of her schedule (no longer Chief of Ortho), with a very new and unproven partner who also wouldn’t be in control of their schedule, away from everyone either of them knew for potentially just a year without knowing where Penny would go next. Callie leaving wasn’t a necessity, it was her choice, one she made without consulting AZ or thinking about how much it would affect Sofia. You seem like a reasonable person and that you love your kid. Would you give up on your career and move your kid literally across the country away from an incredibly supportive family of friends and a doting second parent, for a relationship that is less than a year old? I’d also like to add that I think it was a complete slap in face when Callie said AZ was fine after having been moved around from place to place growing up when AZ told her that moving around negatively impacted how she dealt with relationships.

          • Joy says:

            I wouldn’t rule anything out when it comes to Iyanna’s well being. As far as relationships go, I choose to openly date, no exclusive relationships until she is 16. I never want to make any choices that would hurt her behind emotional feelings. So, even if I dated someone for 5 years I wouldn’t move to be with them. I see your position as far as Callie’s impulsive choice, but its possible she may have had other reason’s that maybe were not included in the cut. Remember that scenes have a certain length to be in order to fit commercials and ect. Its just a big “what if”, but maybe Callie had other things in mind. Penny’s job was only for a year, it doesn’t mean she has no future in the city. We really just don’t know what the future is for any of the characters. I tell you this, Meredith is the most selfish self centered disassociated with any emotions person on the show. She worries me lol. One more thing, I would be heated to lose custody of my daughter to someone who didn’t originally want kids. Yes Arizona changed her mind, and that’s cool. I don’t overlook the adopted parents legal rights..But Sole custody of my child? Heck no!!! You have the legal right to pay support and get visitation and if need be stipulations can always be enforced that the custodial parent has to get approval to move a certain distance. Arizona never should have been awarded Sophia. Callie’s choices were inconsiderate no doubt, but name me one person who isn’t guilty of that

          • Tanya says:

            Whatthewhat June 6 – I’m replying to that. (WHY is there no “reply” button on there? Some have reply button, and some don’t. Clicking on “reply” in email notices of a post, does NOT take me to the post I want to reply to. The web moderator should take note of this.)

            OK, BINGO, you nailed it. This is exactly what I saw throughout the entire relationship. And again, last episode this season, Arizona is AGAIN giving in and notice the look on Callie’s face. Arizona IS a doormat.

  2. sportylady says:

    So unrealistic. How often does a judge NOT side with the biological parent?

    • 777 says:

      Custody trial isn’t about the parents, it’s about what’s best for the child.

      • sportylady says:

        It’s extremely rare for a non-biological parent to get custody. Arizona’s also not exactly steady nor reliable. She didn’t even WANT a child.

        • Jamie says:

          I hope people so hung up over biology don’t have adopted family members.

          • Stephanie says:

            I agree..DNA isn’t everything. Arizona is just as much her mother as Callie is. You can’t just rip a child away from the only home/environment they’ve ever known..and all because Callie wants to chase her girlfriend 6 hours away. I am glad Arizona got custody.

          • Zish says:

            Your statement doesn’t make sense in this situation. Adopted family parents have no biological parents or one’s whose rights were terminated. This situation isn’t the same. Sophia has an active, involved biological parent who loves her. Callie’s only mistake was allowing Arizona to adopt Sophia because Callie and Arizona were married.

          • Heather says:

            Not the same thing here. Sophia’s biological mother wants her and is willing to fight for her and provide for her. Parents move, kids move. That’s nothing new.

        • Nicole says:

          You’re right Arizona didn’t want a kid but she changed her mind which we are all allowed to do. She loves Sofia. Her village is here. Callie thought doing the opposite of what she did before would give her a better outcome. Wrong.

        • 777 says:

          Arizona said in her trial that she knows no matter what will be decided that Sofia will be safe and that’a all that matters. She has Sofia’s best interest in mind. Callie didn’t even think about Sofia when she decided to move to NY because her GF got a job (not even a permanent one) there.
          The Solomon reference in the end was on point, in a trail where 2 parents fight for a child, the one willing to let go for the sake of her well being is the one who needs to raise her.

          • 777 says:

            Trial* ugh. We need an edit button here.

          • niya91 says:

            Exactly! It wasn’t a permanent situation. Im sorry bit if i have a child, yhe fact that I married a silly blonde bitch once upon a time shouldn’t stop me from being able to take my child… MY child on a bloody vacation…however long.

        • Lulu says:

          When I was a young adult, I told anyone who’d listen that I didn’t want kids. Then I had kids. I love my children more than anything. People are allowed to change their minds. It’s actually more common than you think for non-biological parents to win custody. It doesn’t matter if Arizona originally didn’t want children. That’s clearly changed now.

        • Sara J says:

          Arizona and Callie are both women, one of them would not have been related to Sophia anyway

        • TLH says:

          Assuming that Arizona actually adopted Sophia, she is just as much a “parent” as Callie. Her admitting that Sophia will be okay with either sealed the deal; it shows that she values Callie’s relationship with Sophia and will encourage it to continue. This is coming from a divorce and custody attorney. The outcome was completely realistic.

          • niya91 says:

            Oh please! That was just her last ditch attempt to save her case because she was just about to walk out of the courtroom. Emotional manipulation at its finest…and the dumb judge fell for it.

        • Sadie says:

          Your missing the point here, she didn’t want a child at first but when she found out about Sophia she agreed to be a part of her life and she legally adopted her. She loves sophia and the fact she didn’t want a child before is irrelevant.

      • Right. My question is why is Seattle the better choice? Plenty of parents divorce and move. Why does a parent have to refuse new opportunities to better life for the sake of the other parent? You do what’s best for youbso you can raise your child comfortably.

      • I don’t see where her needs were met by that judgement. Joint custody and restrictions on moving could have been a choice. Callie as the birth mother has the right to keep custody unless she was unfit. Sophia being tossed into another home with Arizona having the power to control Callie’s visitation? No decisions made were in Sophia’s best interest. That is reality, most people don’t acknowledge their kids. Callie is doing what most people do. Starting over. Why did the marriage end?? It wasn’t Callie’s fault.

    • Jamie says:

      Biology isn’t everything. Legally, they have equal standing and Callie’s reasons are bull.

      • sportylady says:

        Arizona never wanted a child. That to me says it all. She didn’t carry or give birth, and she walked away from their relationship . Can’t stand her smirking arrogant face.

        • Tony says:

          Lord knows once you declare that you never want children, you aren’t allowed to ever change your mind…. Seriously , what point are you trying to make? Do you think every last person in this world parenting a child at this moment wanted to?

          • Emma says:

            Exactly! I have more than one friend who swore they’d never have kids and now they are awesome mothers and loving every minute of it.

        • Megan says:

          She actually did try to carry a baby with Callie later on in their relationship after Sophia but it didn’t work and Arizona decided the emotional pain was too much to try again. And honestly, how many people don’t want kids at first until it actually happens? From the day Sophia was born, all Arizona has done is give and care for her child.

        • Morgan says:

          So, because Arizona didn’t carry or give birth, her relationship with Sofia is void?
          Well, I better call my aunt and tell her that she is nothing to twins she adopted. You know, since she didn’t carry them or birth them.
          And as for never wanting a child, my sister never wanted children. She got pregnant (unplanned) shortly after getting married. She loves her daughter and never once regretted her birth. Your reasons for Arizona not deserving custody are flawed.

        • bebe says:

          You do realize that based on your argument, fathers also have no rights to their children either because they didn’t “carry or give birth” to their children.

          Agree with everyone, I mean really how many people have freaked out when they found out they were pregnant, how many people didn’t want that child because of one reason or another. A lot of people change when they start feeling a child move, or when they first hold them.

          And frankly, even if you want to claim that she did it to stay with Callie, the argument because void when she adopted Sophia, that was not something she had to do especially if she still didn’t want a child, she chose to do it, she wanted to do it.

        • Sab says:

          so she didn’t want achild 7 years ago , but she spent the last six yeras or so being a mazing mother should we forget about these years & the bond she’s formed with sofia because she didn’t have a child once ?

        • A fan of TV says:

          Lol come on, the end of their relationship dragged on forever and the one who ultimately pulled the plug on a reconciliation was Callie. As far as any notion that pushing out a kid gives someone ultimate custody, rights etc over a child, lol come on, again. You’re entitled to your opinions, but dont let your opinions cloud realities.

          • I don’t see where her needs were met by that judgement. Joint custody and restrictions on moving could have been a choice. Callie as the birth mother has the right to keep custody unless she was unfit. Sophia being tossed into another home with Arizona having the power to control Callie’s visitation? No decisions made were in Sophia’s best interest. That is reality, most people don’t acknowledge their kids. Callie is doing what most people do. Starting over. Why did the marriage end?? It wasn’t Callie’s fault.

        • wonderwoman24 says:

          I agree with you. Having been a fan of the show since the very first season, and cosidering everything that Callie has been through, I honestly do’nt think that she was being selfish & not thinking of Sophia when she made the decision to move to New York. Sometimes a change of scenery & atmosphere can be good. While Arizona did say no matter what the judge decided, what was most important is that Sophia is loved, happy, & well cared for…… How is it possible that she can be the one to do that solely when her carrer demands ( and her charachter proved ) that she irepeatedly chooses other things over Sophia, even while testifying in court? I honestly do’nt think the judge made the right decision here.

        • Karie says:

          You are so annoying. Just because Arizona didn’t want a child doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Sophia. You know NOTHING about what it’s like to have an unplanned pregnancy and not being ready for it. Like I said in a previous comment, I have 2 moms. One biological and one adopted (they were previously married). I was an unplanned child. My biological mother cheated on my Mom and had me. My adoptive mother didn’t have to accept me but she did and she loved me as her own although at first she wasn’t sure because she and my biological mother didn’t want any kids as they are both pilots and don’t have time (legit). After they divorced my Mom adopted me so she could gain some rights to see me on weekends and holidays for 11 years before she went to court to gain full custody of me. Neither of my Mom’s were ready for me OR wanted me. So how dare you imply that mother’s who aren’t ready and or want a child cannot love a child that they have. My Mom neither carried me or gave birth to me but she loves me with all her heart. HOW DARE YOU imply that she doesn’t or cannot love me because she initially didn’t plan or want me. Feelings can change. You need to educate yourself better. My Mom will always be my mom even though we have no blood connection at all. I’m glad I’ve spent these 9 years with her and she will always be my Mom. My love. She was always a better mother and someone who genuinely cares about me.

        • Tanya says:

          Wrong. Callie walked away from the relationship. Arizona sacrificed over and over and Callie proved to be extremely selfish over and over.

          • Yea she walked away. Arizona cheated. Legitimate reason in my eyes.

          • Tanya says:

            where is the reply button for Joy Lykes Coker on June 4?

            NO, Callie broke up because Arizona took the fellowship for prenatal surgery with that other doctor, forgot her name, the tall one. THAT is why Callie walked away, after going hysterical about”the family, a baby” and blahblah, baby crazy. Callie went baby crazy, not happy unless there was a tiny baby in her arms. That came up during Shepard and Merideth test on the brain, Callie was staring at Mer’s baby. She went baby crazy. She could just let Arizona take that fellowship – and if Arizona had not put her foot down about it, it would have been one MORE thing Arizona gave up for Callie.

            Sorry, but Callie was insanely selfish, beyond ANYTHING I’ve ever seen on a show.

      • Heather says:

        Well the only reason they are divorced is because AZ cheated on Callie. Why did no one mention this?? Callie tried to make it work but AZ wasn’t having it!

    • abz says:

      Arizona legally adopted her. She is Sofia’s mother as well. Also there’s the fact that with Arizona, there will be stability in Sofia’s life. She will be around her friends and teachers. She won’t be uprooted and having to adjust to a new environment.

    • liame says:

      I didn’t realize this show was based on reality. I think people need to get a grip on reality and realize these shows are “fictional”. If you want reality watch a documentary. Bones, The Blacklist, Blindspot, POI and a bunch of others shows airing on different networks are all fiction but I rarely see complaints from fans about how unrealistic they are because they (people with common sense) know the difference.

      • vicki says:

        Thank you-

      • ashcat says:

        Tv shows such as this one work, and get peoples attention week after week because they represent real themes, issues and situations that people in “reality” are actually dealing with day after day. Just because the characters are fictional doesnt mean there emotions and circumstances are not drawn from reality.

        They are taken from the real world and thrown back at us to provoke thoughts, feelings and opinions that enrich our lives and make us question things.

        Are you aware that there have been studies highlighting that people that watch shows like Grey’s anatomy have more empathy?

        How unreal ;)

      • Mary says:

        Hate to break it to you but the situation here is reality. It has happened many times so your statement is unrealistic to think that people would not react.

        • liame says:

          That kinda goes for every fictional show on television right now, most people will identify with something no matter what they are watching, that I get, I’m just sick and tired of people constantly saying , “oh that’s not realistic” Well maybe it isn’t suppose to be because it’s a fictional entertaining show! React the crap out of whatever you want, but don’t get mad and act like a juvenile because it doesn’t play out the way you want it or the way it does in “real” life.

    • Pedro says:

      Callie was wrong. Plain and simple. And a biological parent doesn’t have any more rights than an adoptive one. People don’t seem to understand the concept of adoption.

    • pinky says:

      A judge has to follow the law. Since Arizona adopted Sofia, she and Callie has equal legal standings regardless of who physically gave birth. From that point it’s about what’s best for the child.

    • 9876 says:

      Because now you can have a child with two parents of the same-sex it is going to become harder for a judge to give credence to a biological parent.

    • RAH says:

      Arizona is Sophia’s adoptive parent and has the same legal rights as Callie. Under the law Callie doesn’t have superior rights because she is the biological parent if there is an adoption that is the whole purpose of adoption. Plus as the end of the day Callie’s actions were reckless. She was proposing moving her child across the country away from her mother, friends, school and support system for her girlfriends temporary job.

    • Dude says:

      When it’s on a show about a hospital hit with a hurricane/plane crash/tornado/mass murderer/alien invasion/second coming every other week.

    • akelly99 says:

      When the biological parent is making decisions based solely on her selfish wants, and the other parent is actually thinking of the child.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Oh my gosh it’s a fictionalized drama. Can’t tell me it isn’t more dramatic the way it played out on the show, nor is it unfathomable as far as the most realistically stable outcome for Sofia. The judicial reality that bio parents are almost always awarded custody is actually a negative reality of the system, and I give credit to a fictional drama for going a different route that still makes perfect sense within the parameters of their own storyline, since it could initiate a discussion on the judicial reality in America that has proven too many times to not be the best for the child simply because of a biological relationship.

    • Jess says:

      I think that the outcome was perfect. No matter what whether or not you are biologically connected to a child doesn’t matter. Arizona legally adopted her and that makes Sophia her daughter just as much as Callie and Mark. Callie was irrational about the whole situation, playing dirty and not listening or worrying about Sophia and what she may have wanted. Arizona played fair and even in court she told Callie no matter what Sophia had two great mothers while Callie played AZ dirty. This whole hearing was realist, DNA doesn’t make a family, love does and AZ clearly won.

    • Karie says:

      Um no. Lol my Mom is not my biological parent nor do we share any of the same blood. My biological mother is still alive and although I do not consider her my mother I lived with her 11 out of my 20 years. My Mom adopted me when I was 2 after she and my biological mother officially divorced (same position as Sophia with 2 moms). I lived with my biological mom for 11 years before my Mom who saw me every weekend went to court to gain full custody over me. I have always considered her my mother though we have no connection by blood. After a long 2 months of this battle my Mom was able to obtain full custody of me. I love her and will always love her much more than my biological mother. So yeah, not “unrealistic” thanks. I cringed so much when that stupid lawyer implied that Arizona was not really Sophia’s mom because there was no blood connection. To me, I was offended for Arizona and she’s not even real!! Hahaha.

    • Bianca says:

      Yes totally true!! is just so stupid that callie lost, so unreal and also having in mind that Arizona is just a horrible cheating person who did want kids in the first place

  3. 777 says:

    In one hour of TV i was sad, pissed, disgusted and happy. 12 seasons and this show still has me invested like no other show can.

    My faith in TV’s justice system has restored. Callie wasn’t thinking of Sofia, she was only thinking about her own needs. If Sara signs a new contract, Shonda has a lot of work to do in order to redeem the Caliie character.

    • Falcon says:

      ” If Sara signs a new contract, Shonda has a lot of work to do in order to redeem the Caliie character”<<<< AGREED

    • Rob says:

      Shonda has virtually nothing to do with Greys anymore.

      • F.R says:

        that’s probably why’s it’s ratings aren’t tanking like scandal’s and htgawm’s.

        • A fan of TV says:

          Pretty sure she’s not really involved in those shoes that deep either, instead focusing on developing new projects for Shondaland and ABC… Pretty sure the other shows are taking because there’s too few characters to root for as so many characters just suck as people. Grey’s is stacked with hero doctors, while the other shows are stacked with murderers, fixers and dbags. On network TV, I really believe shows survive better with heroes, not villains, the way villains can thrive on upper-channel cablers.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Plus, Grey’s medical-tragedy OTW format means you can generally skip a few weeks and jump right back into the action without feeling like you missed too much character development, whereas the other shows are confusing if you get behind on watching, so people just don’t go back, especially if there’s no one too root for or things get too convoluted.

  4. Aisha says:

    I have to say, I haven’t been that big an Arizona fan (she’s super selfish) and when she originally went to they lawyer I was a bit irritated as a) I wrongly assumed she had no rights as I didn’t recall her adopting Sofia and b) she contributed to the break up largely.

    But I have to say I’m not mad at this decision at all. Callie was going to move their child to the opposite side of the country without even discussing it with Arizona and for Penny who is a resident. Callie was literally going to take a demotion to be with Penny even though IIRC they weren’t together/happy for a long time because of Penny staying on Mer’s service?

    It’s a shame but Callie brought it all on herself and it pains me to say that because I really love the character. Can’t wait for the inevitable disaster that will happen to either Callie/Arizona/Penny as a result of this

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      Yes when did Arizona adopt her , I hate Arizona but side with her here, plus Callie is annoying since getting with Penny

    • Sadie says:

      Callie and Arizona’s break up is irrelevant, it has nothing to do with Sophia. That’s between the two of them, when a couple breaks up it doesn’t and it shouldn’t factor into their children’s lives.

    • Parents divorce and move all the time. Why is this situation any different? Doesn’t Callie have a right to move forward? Ever parent in this country that has moved after divorce is wrong?? Think about it.

  5. Gul says:

    I was always supremely annoyed about this custody storyline. Callie was being rash & Im rather glad that Arizona got the custody, even IF they were building it up all episode like she wouldnt. All the arguments they built against her (umm the sl*t shaming?) made even more annoyed with Callie & her lawyer.
    Only plus point was that my Japril loving heart did a happy dance coz that scene was straight up beautiful & call me delusional but I felt like they were struggling a bit about splitting holidays because they lowkey hoped to spend it together (maybe eventually they will).

  6. kn1231 says:

    Posting my spiel on both articles…..I thought the right person won for sure. I could not agree more with Arizona about what she said to Callie outside of the courthouse. As someone who use to work within adoption, it was disgusting to me to see a parents legitimacy questioned because they are not a blood relative. I am super happy Arizona won.

    • Zish says:

      You should know better. Adoption when children have no or neglectful parents is a competent different situation. The court has to make a determination to terminate the biological parents’ right if no consent was given. Here, Sophia has a biological parent who is amazing. The mistake Callie made was to allow Arizona to adopt Sophia. She did it due to the same loving, romantic impulse which makes her willing to move to the East Coast to be with Penny.

  7. abz says:

    It’s unfortunate that it had to come to this in the first place, but in the end the decision, while not ideal, was the best for Sofia. Arizona was her mother too and she represented stability in Sofia’s life. Sofia will be around her friends and teachers and won’t have to be uprooted to a different city and adjusting to a new environment.
    While it sucks for Callie, she brought this on herself. She really wasn’t thinking of Sofia during all of this, or at least she didn’t put her first. Bailey was right when she made her comment that she was gonna give up chief of ortho and her life just to chase a piece of tail. This so called “love” she feels for Penny is not even believable. I can’t even buy it because Callie herself doesn’t act like she’s buying it. Her declarations of love for Penny don’t come across as genuine at all and there is no chemistry there. In the end, Callie has no one to blame but herself really. She wanted to uproot her daughter’s life and give up her prestigious position for a woman she’s barely been with for that long. I don’t understand why couldn’t Callie just stay and visit Penny whenever she felt like it and vice versa. She’s only going away for that program for a year. A year is not that long and it’s not like money is an issue or anything.

    • Whatthewhat says:

      A year in the life of an adult does not compare to a year in the life of a child. For Callie to think it’s okay to ship her kid back and forth for a year when she as an adult is more capable of handling such an uproot is sheer stupidity and selfishness.

      • abz says:

        Exactly. I know Callie is a very emotional character and she can also be impulsive. But now it backfired against her and rightfully so. You know maybe I could understand her actions more if there was a semblance of believability and chemistry to her relationship with Penny or if they had been together for a long time, but that wasn’t the case here. This was just selfishness and irresponsibility.

    • Heather says:

      Why does everyone assume that “what’s best for Sophia” is to stay in Seattle? Kids move around all the time! They meet different people and they see different parts of the country and the world. Staying in the same place doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best, especially since AZ is so selfish. I’d like to see AZ try being a single mom by herself.

      • Makayla says:

        You’re ignorant. AZ is a single mom. She adopted her. Pay attention. Learn something. Know something.

      • PJ says:

        I so agree. This sort of what I’d been waiting on. I quit this so long ago it’s not even funny. Happened to see bits of this and thought it was a bit ridiculous, for multiple reasons. Add with what I’ve gathered from these comments, my eyes might roll from their sockets. Answer me this, if Callie is ripping a child from its village (as everyone keeps insisting), does that same village exist for Arizona? If Callie was leaving with the kid and no girlfriend, is she still reckless? What’s the quality of life with either of them single one the lines have been drawn (family and friends included)? Just wondering…

      • I know right? I hate Arizona..Its crazy how some comments are saying Callie was selfish. Since when did moving to start over become a selfish act??

        • Tanya says:

          Clearly, you did not see the entire arc of their relationship. Arizona did nothing but GIVE UP on things she loved in her life, her dreams and aspirations, because she loved Arizona who WOULD NOT GIVE AN INCH. She would not go to Africa with AZ, for instance – PURE selfishness. Callie went baby crazy, and I mean crazy – and that came up clearly during the brain test Shepard did, when Callie saw Mer’s new baby. It’s not that a CHILD made her happy. It was the NEWBORN that did it – and she became baby crazy, even going hysterical toward AZ when AZ wanted to take that fellowship in prenatal surgery with that important doctor, the tall one who was dying. Callie was INSANE during all of that, just insane and unreasonable, even hysterical “the baby, the family, the baby, the family blahblah hysterics”, almost sabotaging AZ by using sex – disrupting AZ’s studying something extremely important.

          The ONE TIME AZ put her foot down and did that fellowship – Callie bailed out on her. THAT is what happened.

          Callie used AZ like a freaking doormat from the get go, ALWAYS getting what SHE wanted, not even considering AZ. When AZ went to Africa, Callie had no problem moving on; yes, Callie could not just GO with AZ for a short time, something AZ dreamed of her entire freaking life – Callie WOULD NOT give even one inch – and when AZ had to come back due to love of Callie, yes, Callie trapped her into that baby. And again, AZ gave in – and eventually came to love Sofia. I watched every single episode and saw all of this transpire over the years of their relationship. Callie was insanely selfish. I have never SEEN such selfishness, even the councellor psychiatrist they went to was shocked by what AZ gave up, what Callie put AZ thru. And it was indeed Callie that BAILED after ALL that. Like with Africa, Callie just COULD NOT abide AZ taking that fellowship.

          Callie put AZ thru hell, over and over, treated her like a door mat. AZ’s only problem is that she was hopelessly in love with Callie.

          • Joy says:

            Callie Did want to go. I encourage you to view that episode again. The airport scene is where Arizona tells Callie to stay. Secondly, Arizona didn’t get roped into the baby. Arizona had a choice. She stuck with it. Arizona became the fetal surgeon she trained for, so what is it that she gave up? She chose to do whatever choices she made and Callie never stopped her. Yes Callie sometimes fails to make fair decisions..but noone is perfect or infallible. Arizona is no victim..sorry.

    • Moving is apart of life. People do it all the time. I think that viewers are so bent on Callie’s decision being solely about Penny…but we don’t know that. Callie loves her baby, if she choose to move..she had a good reason for it.

      • abz says:

        Um, yeah we do know that her decision was solely about Penny. Callie is the CHIEF of Orthopedics at a hospital and is a part owner of said hospital. She has her ever-growing research that she started with Derek and continued with Owen. She also has her life established in Seattle. She has her friends there. I don’t remember much about her family if they live there too. Her daughter goes to school there. Arizona lives there as well so Sophia has the benefit of steady access to both parents. It would be one thing if she had wanted move to a new and possibly better position somewhere else. But no, just like Bailey had said, she was giving up a chief position and moving across the country just to chase some tail. It may have been blunt what she said, but it’s the truth. And Callie herself admitted to finding a lesser position in New York.
        Callie has barely been with Penny that long not to mention the fact that they have zero chemistry together (yes, I know that fact is subjective, but that’s how I see it and no I’m not a Calzona fan either). Also Penny’s fellowship was only ONE YEAR!!! That really isn’t that long. Look how fast this year has passed by and we’re already in June. Why would you uproot your child’s life and give up your prestigious position just because your girlfriend who you haven’t been with that long is going away for one year? She’s a top surgeon so it’s not like money is an issue. Callie can fly and see her whenever she has the time. And if their relationship was as strong as the show tried to make it seem, they could have made it through it and Penny could have come back when she was done. Callie has a habit of doing things impulsively. Plain and simple.

      • Tanya says:

        what do you mean we don’t know that? Yes we do, they SAID IT on the freaking show! She hardly even knew Penny – and was going to give up the BIG job she had over this. Pathetic. Callie was the head of Orthopedics part owner of the hospital. She had that imporant stuff she was doing with the veterans she started with Derek and continued with Owen. Since the fellowship in prenatal for AZ, Callie has been acting insane, like an hysteric! That’s clear to ANYONE watching. Everything I said over and over on here is clear if you want to watch every episode and pay attention without bias.

        Sorry, but the writers made sure that anyone paying close attention over all the years of this relationship, saw that Callie was selfish, incredibly selfish, callous toward a person that hopelessly loved her – and reckless. I wonder if she left on bad terms with Shonda. Perhaps. I liked Callie, until she pulled that crap with AZ’s fellowship in prenatal surgery. Callie was IRRATIONAL during all of that, like an hysteric. She could not give an inch, just like she couldn’t give an inch when AZ wanted to do that stint in Africa and asked Callie to go with her.

        • Joy says:

          Going forward, the show died with Derek. I miss the original cast so much. I love how much Alex has evolved, but Jo annoys me. She is selfish. Oh, Jackson and April need to be friends. They both were selfish for the way they called the wedding off. I never supported them but it was sad that they lost their son.

  8. Alichat says:

    “How did this happen?” Callie cried, clinging to Meredith rather than Penny.

    Well….let’s see. You hastily decided that you would uproot your child and move her to the other side of the country without even running it past her other mother, all for someone you’ve only been with for a few months. You didn’t consider at all what your child might want or need. At no point did you think of the what uprooting your daughter from the world she knows would do. (Remember that village, yo!) You never considered your ex’s feelings. You took the fight to court because of an unwillingness to compromise. You allowed your lawyer to paint your ex as a workaholic and alcoholic absent parent.

    I am not the biggest fan of Arizona. Usually, I can take her or leave her. But I’m glad this was the end result of this mess. I can’t believe Callie let her lawyer career-shame Arizona. And frankly, I’m astounded that more of the doctors didn’t do what April and Alex did. (Granted Alex’s refusal to testify was more noble than April’s) And I certainly hope Bailey says something next week….if not to Callie, then to someone….about how disgusted she was that Callie’s lawyer was painting her as a bad parent for being a successful doctor. I was expecting her to lay down the gauntlet in court once she realized what Callie’s lawyer was doing.

    • 777 says:

      Bailey’s look of disdain towards Callie was everything.

      • abz says:

        I haven’t cared much for Bailey in several seasons as the writers have done an excellent job at destroying her character most of the time, but that moment was great. And I love how she’s the only one to call out Callie on the fact that she’s giving up a chief position and her life and friends all to chase some tail.

        • 777 says:

          Agreed. At first she was sitting on Callie’s side and i didn’t understand why, since she obviously didn’t support her decision to leave, but then she gave her testimony and i was relieved.

        • pinky says:


        • Zish says:

          I found Bailey’s comment selfish and disrespectful. Referring to someone’s girlfriend as “tail” would be considered sexist if a guy had said it.

          Also, Bailey and Arizona are both selfish – they think primary about their jobs. Bailey will never sacrifice even a little bit of her job for her husband. Callie is more open and flexible. She had almost been willing to follow Arizona out of the county. Callie is already an attending and a renowned surgeon. Penny is the one who needs to work on her career. Also, people move all the time and the East Coast is not the middle of nowhere. Hell, Meredith was more selfish to leave with her kids right after Derrick died. Her kids lost their father and their homes and support at one time – with only a depressed mother to rely upon. But no one can say anything to Meredith because she was the sole parent and did what she needed to do. The only reason Callie’s decision is up for scrutiny is because she made the mistake of letting Arizona adopt Sophia.

          • shannon says:

            Callie had no intention of following Arizona to Africa. She gave Arizona the blurs, and Arizona UNSELFISHLY told her to stay home with those she wanted to he with. Then she went out and got pregnant in an attempt to make herself feel better. Arizona screwed up at a time when she was broken. Callie is just dumb and uncaring.

          • Sadie says:

            The thing with Meredith is completely different, she’s the only parent and I’m pretty sure none of her kids were in school so it didn’t effect them and that wasn’t a mistake, Callie and Arizona both wanted that and I bet Callie wouldn’t say she regretted that Arizona adopted Sophia.

      • Alichat says:

        I know! I want to turn it into a gif and toss it around to a few of my co-workers! LOL

      • lilangel says:

        Would Baily feel the same way if her and her husband divorced and he’d adopted her son and was then trying to take him away.I don’t think so

        • 777 says:

          Bailey’s problem was with Callie attacking Arizona for being a successful career women, it had nothing to do with Callie wanting to be with her daughter, just the way she did it.

        • Sab says:

          would Mer feel the sme about Zola birth perents sowing up wanting their daughter back? could ask your self that too

          • Zish says:

            That’s ridiculous because Zola’s parents rights were terminated for Meredith to adopt. Quite frankly, if Zola’s birth parents lost their daughter illegally, then, I believe that they should get their daughter back too.

          • A fan of TV says:

            I thought Zola was an orphan, brought over with Alex’s African orphans program…

        • Samera says:

          But that’s the thing. The adoptive mother isn’t trying to take Sofia away-the bio mom is. If Bailey and Ben got divorced, I highly doubt Bailey would do what Callie would do (uproot Tucker’s life just to “chase tail’). Plus, Tuck’s dad is still alive even though it’s implied he is a pretty absentee father so it’s a different situation to consider.

      • Sab says:

        Callie could’t even look at her in the eye …she knew she screwed big time using this argument

    • Jamie says:

      AMEN. Putting a new relationship over your child is complete Bulls**t

      • Why is it such a big deal that Callie wants to move with Penny? It happens all the time..and we never got a clear answer on why she choose to move. If Penny wasn’t would not be an issue about the move.

    • F.R says:

      Parents uproot their kids all the time. And kids adjust. That doesn’t mean the parents are selfish. And just because Arizona’s a successful doctor doesn’t mean she’s a better parent. Callie’s lawyer had a point. Bailey said the lawyer would never question a man’s work schedule- well, men working so much is why an overwhelming majority of custody battles end in favour of mothers.

      • Alichat says:

        True, parents do uproot their children but it’s usually after having considered all the pros and cons before doing the uprooting. I think the key in this storyline was that Callie just made the decision and was going to do it no matter how anyone was affected. I believe she said that Sophia hadn’t been told about anything, so she hasn’t talked about it with her. And I agree that just because Arizona’s a successful doctor doesn’t mean she’s the better parent. But the point Callie’s lawyer was trying to make was that Arizona was a bad parent because she is a successful doctor. Both Callie and Arizona are very successful, and they’ve built a support system around them to account for when their jobs interrupt parenting. That’s why Meredith’s testimony hurt Callie more than helped her. Callie’s lawyer was being a hypocrite. The key to all of this was who had Sophia’s best interests in mind, and that was Arizona. Callie was thinking only of herself. Penny’s fellowship was only for a year. She and Callie haven’t been together for very long. If after a year of Skyping, Facetiming, flying to meet each other for the weekend, etc she and Callie are still together, then this is someone you consider uprooting your life and child for.

        • F.R says:

          Arizona might have Sofia’s best interests in mind, but that doesn’t mean she’s more capable of caring for her. She’d barely be home to take care of her, as suggested by Callie’s lawyer. What kind of a village does a child need if she can’t have her own mother’s time? I’m not trying to blame Arizona, or fault her for being so committed to her work, but a child can obviously do better with a parent that can take care of them.

          • Alichat says:

            I think you’re making an assumption……which Callie’s lawyer was hoping the judge would make……that these numerous emergency surgeries that Arizona was called away to within that 6 month period was a standard. That they were situations where she was called away from Sophia. Perhaps she was called into emergency surgeries while Sophia was in school and they didn’t affect her in any way. Callie also had emergency surgeries she was pulled away to. Are her surgeries longer in length than Arizona’s? Perhaps she was pulled away for just as large a time as Arizona even though the quantity is different. Perhaps she was pulled away from Sophia more times with her emergency surgeries than Arizona was. We just don’t know. It was one aspect of both of their careers that Callie’s lawyer asked to be used as a quantifying measurement but there are too many variables for it to be used in that manner. How much time does Callie’s work with the veteran’s cut into her time with Sophia? With Callie’s new job, which would be a demotion, what would her time away from Sophia be like in that scenario? She would have less control over her schedule. She would be moving Sophia to a place where she has no support system, and possibly a more erratic schedule. Penny will be just as busy as Callie, so she can’t fully step in. I think the judge determined that they are both good parents. I believe she decided that Arizona could provide the best care for Sophia because being with Arizona would keep Sophia in the life and support system that she already has in place and that was best for Sophia. It’s not ideal. It’s not perfect, but weighing the two situations, Sophia staying in Seattle with Arizona was best for her.

          • Tony says:

            I absolutely don’t get where that avenue came from. Considering both are doctors who are committed to their work and can be called into surgery at any time, it made no sense to try and paint Arizona as some kind of lone example. Plain and simple , Callie was extremely arrogant. Grossly arrogant. I like Callie as much as I like Arizona. And.while I won’t go as far to say she needs some redemption, there needs to be a scene or scenes where she acknowledges the emotional damage she has caused to not only her relationship with Arizona. But with her friends/colleagues

      • Alichat says:

        Ugh….my last sentence got dropped……there needs to be an edit function……meant to end with….

        And if you’re going to uproot, you do it in a thoughtful, mature manner.

  9. Nicole says:

    I couldn’t even watch the entire episode. I had to fast forward parts because it was too hard to watch. I am a huge Calzona fan and wanted them to eventually get back together, but after this episode I’m not sure it’s possible. I love Callie, but she didn’t approach this situation well right from the beginning. Penny is going away for one year. There is zero reason to uproot your child to move across the country for one year. If Penny and Callie are meant to be, they would make it work. Penny and Callie were actually growing on me.

    But after Callie’s behavior in court (allowing the judge to call into question Arizona’s character), and how she brushed off Penny at the end (the very person she was doing this for), I think Callie needs a time out to reflect on who she’s become.

    I miss Calzona from season 5 and part of 6! Great acting by Sara and Jessica tonight though!

  10. 777 says:

    Also, i found the part where Callie said she tried to not love Penny funny. All she needed to do is watch the show with the rest of us, she would’ve hated her.

    • abz says:

      Seriously! I had to roll my eyes when she said that. I don’t believe it and Callie herself doesn’t even look like she believes she loves her.

    • Kaya says:

      OMG, exactly. I never blamed Penny for what happened with Derek, but I never liked her either. I can’t figure out what Callie sees in her. She’s SO boring.

      More than anything, I wish Mark was still around. For a large variety of reasons, but mostly because this mess would never have gotten this far and would have been so much more interesting if he’d been involved.

    • bigdede says:


  11. Whatthewhat says:

    Besides doing what was best for Sofia, I think AZ won because the strategy wasn’t to tarnish Callie’s credibility as a parent or as person. It was to show she could be a good parent if she were awarded sole custody. Callie/her lawyer’s strategy, on the other hand, was all about making AZ look bad by digging up every bit of dirt they could find and didn’t focus enough on her as a parent which made her look like a gossip mongering, petty, vindictive ex wife. I love Callie but she was despicable and AZ deserved custody.

    • Ashley says:

      true…..judges don’t like parental alienation….it usually backfires on the parent throwing the mudslinging.

      • Zish says:

        I have worked on parental alienation. You have no clue what you are talking about. Parental alienation is when one parent disparages the other parent in front of the child and tries to make the child hate the other parent. Callie was just fighting a custody battle where her lawyer was saying that Arizona didn’t have as much time for her child because her scheduling was more demanding. It is true. Of course, balancing against this was the negatives of moving Sophia.

        True parental alienation is awful and despicable and destroys the relationship between parent and child.

    • Sab says:

      this ..not to mention the fact that she was wiling to disturb her child life & take her away from her other mother for her own hapiness because she didn’t like to be away from her girl frind made her look really selfish while AZ leaving the court to save that child knowing she could loose her own but leaving anyway so no one else would loose their baby showed how selfless she is

      also I liked the fact that AZ didnot use her tragedy & how she lost a leg in a plan crash so she cant really jumb on 6 hr flight every time she need to see her child …that showed me at least that she know it wasnot about what is the best for her but it was about what is best for Sofia

  12. betweenshots says:

    Her stable support network was at home. A lot of judges would rule in favor of the other legal parent if the move would entirely displace the child solely for the benefit of one parent, unless the other parent had no support and thus was unable to safely care for her child as a single parent, which Meredith inadvertently disputed.

  13. EM says:

    It certainly helped that the testimony didn’t attack the opposition just stated facts which the lawyers could spin. Arizona won because of her own testimony and stated that Sofia would be okay either way while Callie’s lawyer choose to go down a different path. Great recap Charlie.

  14. Dontryl Alexander says:

    No mention of Mark on tonight’s episode?

  15. Constance says:

    The episode was over hyped and I felt disappointed. Why in the world would Sophia tell Arizona she hated her? I understand the writer was trying to stack the deck against AZ and make us fall for the okey done, but it was uncalled for. Could have been way more dramatic without that bit. I also feel like we are left wondering why the judge decides sole custody for AZ.

    • Cris says:

      That scene was meant to show that AZ is her MOTHER! Having your kid get that mad at you is practically a right of passage !

    • Stacy says:

      Kids get mad and dramatic sometimes. The scene just depicted how much harder this moment was considering she was leaving for a custody battle.

      I think the episode was clear why the judge sided with Arizona. Arizona & her lawyer did not attempt to discredit Callie, and Arizona went as far as to admit that Sophia would be loved no matter which mother she ended up with. Then, Arizona opted to end the fight there so she could save a life, rather than opting out of the surgery to continue litigation.

      Arizona’s character throughout the trial combined with the fact that Callie was attempting to move their daughter across the country convinced the judge that Arizona & Seattle was the best fit for Sophia.

    • Sab says:

      in fact that scene sowed how much sofia love AZ & doesn’t want to be seperated from her even for a short time to so we would know it won’t be easy for sofia to stay away from her mom for a year

  16. ingreenmts says:

    Callie was being selfish. A good parent puts their child first. I am disgusted with her behavior and that of her lawyer.

  17. Kate says:

    When they showed the silhouette outside of Mer’s door I immediately thought about the Izzie flatlining/ George waiting in the elevator scene.

  18. Vicki says:

    Has anyone else noticed Arizona no longer has a prosthesis ? It’s a miracle!

    • 777 says:

      You do realise she has a prosthesis that looks like an actually leg, right? They had an entire episode about it, Callie was all horny about it.

      • bigdede says:

        That’s how you can tell who watches and who doesn’t watch. They had a whole season about Arizona’s prosthetic leg.

        • pinky says:

          A prosthetic leg still has to be attached to the body, and if I remember correctly Arizona’s amputation was below the knee. There was a scene at the beginning of the episode where her knees were clearly showing, and nothing seems to be attached.
          And I remember the episode you mentioned…Arizona wore a dress then and here knees weren’t visible.

  19. Sam says:

    I just don’t understand how Callie was so dumb to even risk losing her daughter. Like I’m sorry any rational person choosing between the romantic love and their child should choose the child. Also the chances of making a long distance relationship work are much better than a 50/50 shot with a custody battle.

    Also because of personal reasons I generally have issues with the parent who decides to sue for full custody. It makes sense in a lot of situations, because one parent isn’t equipped to share those duties. So I don’t want to knock every person who sues for full custody. However, in cases like this where Callie and Arizona acknowledged each other as both good mothers its ridiculous. I’m sorry, but no matter what, the one suing causes the child to lose a parent (or at least there dominant role as a parent). I realize Arizona went to a lawyer first, but the fact is Callie is the one trying to change the arrangement and the main force. Callie is the one who decided to take away one of Sophia’s mothers. It was the wrong choice.

    I do hope that we see Arizona emerge as a bigger person and see Callie make the decision that is best for her daughter- i.e. Callie decides to stay in Seattle and Arizona agrees to keep the split arrangement of Sophia. Regardless of what you think of the two women, they are both equipped as mothers and it would be best for Sophia.

  20. bigdede says:

    Callie loves taking her daughter away from people. She tried to do the same thing to Mark when her and Arizona first got together. She wanted it to be just her and Arizona raising Sophia and Mark having no say so. This is nothing new. Callie has always been selfish.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t believe the writers didn’t attack Arizona for her infidelity or bring up with the whole reason Callie got pregnant in the first place was because they were broken up because Callie wanted kids and Arizona didn’t. But then they only once ever suggested that Callie would let her adopt Sofia. then the plane crash happened. I think the whole story stunk. there is no chemistry with Callie and red and I am thoroughly bored with this storyline. But if this is Sara’s departure at least they haven’t killed her off.

    • Whatthewhat says:

      What does AZ’s infidelity or them breaking up over AZ not wanting kids have to do with how good a parent she is? By all accounts (even Callie’s) AZ is a great mom. In using your own means of dredging up unnecessary disparaging things one could talk about how Callie married an intern after knowing him only a few months then cheating on him with Mark. Or they could bring up the fact that Callie slept with Mark off and on while in a relationship with Erica. Or they could talk about how Callie who had been in a relationship with AZ for a few years wouldn’t follow her to Africa because her life, her friends and Mark were in Seattle yet here she is willing to uproot hers and her child’s life for someone she’s only known for a short while. Using someone’s past against them despite that past having no obvious negative affects on the child (Sofia was 3 or 4 when they split so she may not remember much) and you know that person is a great parent is so petty it’s disgusting.

      • Heather says:

        Callie WAS willing to go to Africa. She went to the airport!! She was just sad about leaving everything behind and was scared to go and AZ broke up with her because Callie wasn’t as excited about the move as she was. I get that Callie is an impulsive person. It’s part of the reason I love her. But don’t say she was unwilling to go to Africa. She was scared, but definitely willing

        • Whatthewhat says:

          After college I asked my BFF since kindergarten on a 3 month backpacking trip across South America. She was all gung-ho at first but the closer we got to leaving, she began behaving like Callie which should have been a sign. She came anyway but resented me for everything she didn’t like. We fought nearly every single day and she left after 2 wks. We didn’t speak for 2 yrs afterward. If you have to drag someone kicking and screaming (loudly or subtly) it means they are decidedly unwilling. AZ knew Callie was only going for her and Callie would only resent her for taking her away from her friends/family. If you love someone you don’t let them do something they don’t want to do especially if you need their support and know they can’t give it because they want to mentally/emotionally be somewhere else. AZ breaking it off was an act of mercy for both their sakes.

        • Tanya says:

          OH no she wasn’t. She tried to sabotage it in many ways – JUST AS she tried to sabotage AZ’s prenatal surgery fellowship.

    • Tanya says:

      what makes anyone think Callie will be off the show? she’s NOT going to NY and she broke it off with Penny after all. Where would Callie go? She’s the head of Ortho.

  22. Shasha Hari says:

    Good to see that lots of people think the same way as I did…
    Callie being really really selfish…
    I love how fair the Judge is, it was a make sense decision..
    As much as I feel bad that she lost the custody, I’m happy for Arizona…

  23. I was rather surprised Arizona received full custody, because quite simply, she is not Sofia’s biological mother. It would be one thing if Callie and Arizona agreed to create a child together, but they didn’t. Sofia is the result of a sexual liaison between Callie and Mark, so no, I don’t agree that Arizona’s parental rights trump Callie’s at all. I don’t even have a problem with Callie wanting to move, because that happens in families, and people make it work.

    • Whatthewhat says:

      But this wasn’t about AZ or Callie. It was about what’s best for Sofia. For some strange reason this notion seems to get lost in nearly every custody hearing I read or hear about because parents are so hung up on themselves or sticking it to their exes that they can’t see how it affects their kids. My parents split when I was young and I have a stepdad who I love just as much as my bio dad. If my stepdad and mom divorced and I was told I could only see him a few times a year it would have killed me. Hell as an adult now and it would kill me. Biology does not trump the love a child can have for a parent or vice versa and biology doesn’t automatically make you a parent. The judge saw that for the sake of Sofia’s emotional and mental health it was best that she be in an environment she knows surrounded by people she knows and loves. Callie was being selfish in thinking her love for Penny trumps the well being of her child. Period.

    • pinky says:

      This issue is clearly defined by the law – the rights of adoptive parents are identical to those of biological parents. So your opinion (or anybody else’s) isn’t really relevant since this issue isn’t subjective. It’s like saying that you don’t agree 1+1=2, but whether you agree or not, it’s true.

      You could argue that the show exaggerated the harmful affects that moving across the country will have on Sofia, but that’s a different argument altogether – it focuses on which parent the child is better off with, not which parent has more ‘right’ on her

      • Zish says:

        You are right. Thus, this storyline is a warning to any single parent. Don’t allow your spouse to adopt your child because you could lose custody. Callie’s generousity was her downfall.

  24. N says:

    I was surprised Callie didn’t win

    • Emma says:

      So was she. hah

      • Jane says:

        Your comment shows you to be a hateful person who enjoys the suffering of a mother. Maybe one day, you will become more compassionate when you or someone who care about loses custody of their child despite being a loving parent.

        • Emma says:

          LOL! You’re obviously the one who is full of hate. I’m just someone enjoying a TV SHOW. News Flash – these aren’t real people!

  25. Margo says:

    I’ve been a big fan of Callie but this season she has just been a FOOL! In the world of TV she got what was coming to her! I do hope Sara Ramirez renews her contract, it would be a shame for her character’s storyline to go out like this as I believe this particular season has been a low point for her characters storyline. I do think there is some redeeming for Calzona, it would definitely make for some GREAT TV :P

  26. JEANIE keele says:

    I think Callie should have been warned that moving a child away would prob go to parent remaining in state…

  27. 470project says:

    and attacking the other parent is never what a judge wants to hear. Callie did that, Arizona did not.

  28. kate says:

    Ok. This story line obviously written as it gives an out in case Sara does not renew her contract or to give her extra time off to explore other options in case she does renew. With so many cast members now, callie has been a much smaller part now.. even Grey has much smaller parts now apart from her narrative.

    Two things annoy me about the story line… when has a witness ever been excused to take a phone call. And secondly, Meredith’s day care arrangements are because she is friends with Callie. There is no guarantee that she would have same arrangement with Arizona especially as Arizona has more hectic schedule. So the village argument doesn’t hold up. Besides a new village could be found in NYC.

    There are holes in this plot line but it is merely a way to give Sara the actress options.

    • djenyva says:

      👏👏👏 finally the first comment I have read that makes me happy. Everyone hating on Callie when we should be blaming the silly writers for their holey plot. I mean Callie isn’t always a great person but the Callie I know wouldn’t just be that rash. and silly. This is just an out for Sara.

  29. Ange says:

    A show full of contradictions. No surprise.

  30. Cameron says:

    Virtually no judge would take custody away from a biological mother that has not given up their rights without a very good cause. Basically the judge ruled against natural parentage which would never… absolutely never happen in a scenario like this. No judge is going to take their child away from the birth mother without a substantial cause… a very very substantial cause.

  31. Azu says:

    The writers did a very good job baiting and switching making it look as if japril would be the ones having a nasty custody battle. They ended up being wonderfully mature and understanding of each other’s needs

  32. Phoenix High says:

    I think Arizona is the WORST thing to ever happened to Callie…I stopped liking Calzona when I realized how selfish Arizona could be….cheating killed their relationship….that being said I can see why the judge ruled in Arizona’s favor….It was because of the support network…I understand how Callie feels as well and I sympathize with her more so than Arizona because was not the reason for the demise of the relationship..….I bet she regrets allowing Arizona to adopt Sophia….I say allowing because she WOULD HAVE NEEDED NEED CALLIE AND POSSIBLY MARC”S PERMISSION since they are the biological parents…. Everybody wants to say that Callie started this but I DISAGREE she started this by getting a lawyer WITHOUT even attempting to hear Callie’s plan….It was not what she wanted to hear so she just disregarded it all together…..She started the underhanded tactics with that harsh cross examination of Penny on the stand and now she wants to pretended to be the wounded party when Callie retaliates??? PLEASE…….NO NOT HAVIN IT….

    Callie must feel so betrayed….First you treat her like crap after your accident, then you cheat on her with a colleague and now you’ve taken sole physical custody of her child….WOW….I KNOW BIOLOGY IS NOT EVERYTHING ….I AM ADOPTED….BUT Callie WAS/IS an AMAZING CARING MOTHER….SHE IS NOT ONE OF THOSE MOTHERS THAT SHIRKS HER RESPONSIBILITIES AS A MOM AND STILL THINKS SHE DESERVES TO BE CONSIDERED A MOM….I truly feel like Callie is different from Bailey or Arizona in the sense that she would lay down all of her professional accomplishments to be a mom…..She does not PAY LIP SERVICE to those words because she thinks it’s what a mother SHOULD SAY…..She was willing to take a demotion and a pay cut to be with the woman she loves and her daughter….not all mothers would make that sacrifice…..SOME want to brag about being a mom and DOING IT ALL WHEN THE REALITY IS THAT THE CHILDREN ARE PLACED ON THE BACK BURNER OFTEN….Someone else does the work and the SO-CALLED single mom takes all the credit… IF YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION YOU CAN TELL WHO IS WHO….

    For instance Bailey has ALWAYS put her child on the back burner….WE NEVER EVEN SEE HER WITH HER SON….So of course she was harsh and critical of Callie and accused her of “sacrificing her career to chase tail across the country” SHE DOES NOT GET IT BECAUSE HER CAREER COMES BEFORE EVERYTHING…IT’S WHAT SHE VALUES SHE DOESN’T GET IT….….Callie is NOT that way….She values love, family, and intrinsic happiness not status and clout which is why I love the character……She is not the stereotypical selfish ego maniac ; she has the perfect balance of confidence, practicality, passion and compassion….

    • Phoenix High says:

      She would have NEEDED sorry for the typos

    • Tony says:

      I think Arizona was absolutely right in getting a lawyer. I think she heard all she needed from Callie’s ambush with her intentions that clearly disregarded Arizona as a parent. And in my opinion, this had better be addressed if Callie and Arizona are gonna ever have any semblance of a romantic relationship ever again. Callie made it clear how she saw the importance Arizona has in Sofia’s life. The whole thing was ridiculous in that you would think someone who has experienced levels of discrimination would be more sensitive to issues like this.

    • Taive says:

      Well said! Callie should have won custody period. If she hadn’t allowed Ari to be an adoptive mom of her daughter, she Never would have had her baby. Frankly, I thought this was a completely terrible episode just cause of the custody battle and the winner in the end. When Sofia realizes that she’s never gonna live with Callie again there we would know that no matter the out come the child loses.

    • Whatthewhat says:

      What never ceases to amaze me is how much hatred AZ gets for cheating or for not initially wanting a child as if those acts void everything else she is or what kind of parent she is to Sofia. Callie cheated on George and Erica with Mark. I don’t recall anyone bringing that up at any time when dredging up the past. AZ knew Callie ran to Mark when things got bad and asked Callie to set boundaries but Callie wouldn’t because it didn’t suit her wants/needs. In that same vein, AZ always acquiesced to what Callie wanted: having a baby, not following her dream to work in Africa, the divorce, etc. From where I sit, this is the first time Callie has had to give up anything where AZ is involved and it’s about damn time. What truly bothers me is Callie always bad mouthed AZ when she didn’t get her way (and even lied to Penny making AZ look bad) but not once do I recall AZ doing the same which is why what she said on the bench outside the court rang so true to me. Before you bring back that old nugget of Callie caring for AZ when she lost her leg and AZ being a b**ch…go work with people who have experienced serious trauma and you’ll find a lot more AZs than Merediths/Cristinas. PTSD is no different from any other mental illness and far too many were way too cavalier in their assessment of AZ’s behavior without even attempting to understand where she’s coming from. The writers failed in pointing that out more clearly but people already had their minds made up so it probably would t have matter. Just like this post won’t matter to those who already have their minds made up. I love Callie but she hasn’t been the best gf, wife or ex wife to AZ.

    • Makayla says:

      You need anger management with all your caps on display.

  33. Susan Martin says:

    I was glad for the out come. I think not uprooting Sophia from a life she is familiar with was the right decision. I hate it for Callie’s sake though. I wish Arizona and Callie would repair their relationship. They both have gone through so much. It would be nice for something right to work out for them.

  34. Sophia says:

    I think this whole premise was just shoehorned in to create drama. Wasn’t there anyone other than Bailey to talk sense into Callie? It was just a year. Callie could have given a long distance relationship a try. I mean come on. Meredith didn’t even want to move to Boston or Washington DC with Derek because her life was here and she didn’t want to uproot her kids. And now she speaks in favor of Callie and Penny moving to NY taking Sofia away from AZ? I just couldn’t get over the contradictions in this episode. The stakes may have been high this episode but it rang hollow to me

  35. Edna says:

    I am glad Sophia gets to stay with Arizona because she was thinking about Sophia. Callie is only thinking about herself and that she was her birth mother

  36. Monique says:

    Who played the judge in “Mama tried” episode?

  37. annna says:

    No way would Arizona ever win custody in reality. She’s not even the biological mother. That was completely unrealistic. Callie is a good mother and she’s the biological parent. No way would she lose custody.

    • Jess says:

      I think that the outcome was perfect. No matter what whether or not you are biologically connected to a child doesn’t matter. Arizona legally adopted her and that makes Sophia her daughter just as much as Callie and Mark. Callie was irrational about the whole situation, playing dirty and not listening or worrying about Sophia and what she may have wanted. Arizona played fair and even in court she told Callie no matter what Sophia had two great mothers while Callie played AZ dirty. This whole hearing was realist, DNA doesn’t make a family, love does and AZ clearly won. When a judge sees who’s a better fit and loves their child more, then theres the verdict.

  38. Alicia Gray says:

    I mean it makes complete sense it would go to Arizona, but sole FULL custody? I really don’t get that. I’d assume the judge would do 50/50 after giving it to Arizona. I thought full, sole custody would be given if the other parent endangers the child? To me that seems like a plot problem. Or what am I missing?

    • pinky says:

      A 50/50 arrangement is only possible when the 2 parents live in the same area, not when the child would need to divide her time between the 2 coasts and 2 schools. I don’t think this necessarily means Callie has no say in Sofia’s life, but just that she lives with AZ full time

  39. Jennifer says:

    I’m sorry – This would NEVER happen in real life. Callie is the biological mom and she isn’t abusive or neglectful. There is no way a judge would give custody to the non-biological parent, barring something dramatic.

  40. Lisa Echerd says:

    I think there was a lot more to what they said and didn’t say on the stand. In standing up for Callie, Owen pointed out how she was always ready to jump into situations i.e. leave her home and business (she is custodian of Mark/Sophia’s share of the hospital) and follow her girlfriend across the country. Bailey pointed out that a woman’s work schedule should not be held against her. When you start asking an all female court questions like “would you ask that of a man?” then it is hard to hold Arizona’s more hectic work schedule against her after all her work is saving the lives of babies! Yes, Meredith’s testimony hurt but it would have come out somewhere. The reason Callie lost is that she was going to uproot Sophia to follow her girlfriend across the country. The one thing I would have done as Arizona’s lawyer is shown how impetuous Callie could be like marrying George in Las Vegas.

  41. mrb2563 says:

    Who played the judge in this episode?

    • Jennifer says:

      Ann-Marie Johnson. She’s been in a lot of shows. I know her from JAG and NCIS. She was also in “In the Heat of the Night”

  42. Rochelle Rachelson says:

    It’s not about the’s something irking at me,this,while season ..”What happened to Arizona’s prosthetic leg”??
    She has no limp, no mention made at trial & the piece de resistance in the last’s her walking hand in hand with Sofia…Arizona wearing a dress & two legs ??

    • beautyatabs says:

      lol u should understand the movie is going on and sometimes they forget to put the prostetic leg dont pay so much attention to that

  43. I’m not a huge fan of Callie, she’s very selfish. I was pleasantly surprised that Arizona won – not sure how this will affect things boring forward.

  44. Tina Tyler says:

    No! The judge did not get it right! Arizona didn’t what kids in the first place. And secondly she walked out of court, what did that prove, but I know you got to have a plot twist and twisted it is.

  45. Melissa says:

    Will that never would have happened. Kelly is being a little bit selfish yet then again she is the child’s mother so she can move across the country if she wants to. In real life I don’t see a judge ever awarding custody to someone who’s not only not a biological parent but single and not exactly stable. This is TV though and it’d be a lot more boring if we could all predict what was going to happen

    • abjr says:

      So, you are saying adoptive parents lose, especially if they are single? Also, who is the Kelly of which you speak?

  46. Have to admit that I am surprised the with comments from people surprised that Callie lost. Let’s review the testimony: Callie tried to diminish Arizona’s standing as a good parent. Tried to say that Arizona could not have a life. Tried to say that her job made it impossible to be a good parent. THEN she said that her daughter saved her life. That she needs her daughter. Arizona on the other hand had people speak to how happy Sophia was, how she brought joy. She spoke of her trust in the love and protection Sophia had on both sides of the fence. That Sophia’s community/network/village was in Seattle. On one side we have a lot of selfish behavior and on the other, it was focused on the daughter. Regardless of how the attacks looked, they were selfish attacks and the judge was VERY CLEAR that this was a case about Sophia.

    Callie got the message too late. She could have stopped the proceedings and asked to try mediation (because what they were doing in the beginning was negotiation not mediation)! She could have asked to work things out, but she was just so sure. And at no time did she think of her daughter. So really, paint Arizona’s career as selfish (and no, you can’t blame the lawyer cuz as the client she could have shut that line down).

    Callie has always been a favorite of mine – the new story line is killing me – she is horrible with Penny and their love.

  47. may gar says:

    i understand everyones point of view but your all forgetting arizona isnt the mother shes the step mom mark is the father and he never signed paper saying hey arizona your the mom im out did they so yeah the judge messed up

    • Abjr says:

      She adopted Sofia. The episode said that. Years ago Arizona told Callie she wanted the piece of paper, and Callie agreed.

      Are you suggesting that she isn’t the mother because she didn’t give birth to Sofia.

      • Zish says:

        You are correct. Callie should never have agreed. It was short-sighted on her part. Romantic love is on one side, but maternal bond is on another. Callie has a generous nature and wanted Arizona to feel that she has rights – never realizing that she was putting her own rights as risk.

        • Tony says:

          Are you suggesting that letting your spouse have legal a child they want to raise as their own is somehow some insidious decision that shouldn’t be made? I’m also gonna go out on a limb here and say that if Arizona had decided to never make it legal, she would probably be raked over the coals for that choice as well.

  48. jules says:

    I guessed correctly about the custody, Callie has rushed too quickly into the relationship with Blake. I still think Callie will be in S13. I can’t believe that she’ll leave Sophia.
    But I’m really dreading next weeks hook ups. The promo seems to imply Pierce/ Riggs. But surely not Meredith and Alex.

  49. F.R says:

    someone kill off penny already. she is the blandest character ever with zero depth. she basically exists to be pitied. First because of how sad she was because she killed Derek. Then because of how Meredith treated her. Then because of how Amelia treated her. Then because of how Jo and Stephanie treated her. Then because of how Arizona treated her, last episode, and now, because Callie’s giving her the cold shoulder.

  50. Mara says:

    Absolutely ridiculous the Arizona got sole custody. I thought just maybe I could keep watching after Derek’s death but this is the final nail in the coffin. I’m done.