Quantico Recap Season 1 Episode 20

Quantico Recap: And the Terrorist Is…

Need to catch up on last week’s episode? Read our recap here.

If you soaked an arrowroot cookie in skim milk and then dusted it with chalk, you’d get close to how bland I’d assumed Quantico‘s Drew was, through and through. So color me surprised by this week’s revelation — that the former NFL star is the terrorist who’s been playing Alex and her friends this whole time.

Color me a little disappointed, too — I’d hoped that the person behind The Voice would be someone from Alex’s original group of NATs and not one of the add-ons introduced mid-season. But the fact that we’re not yet at the finale makes me suspect that Drew isn’t acting alone, and that subsequent week’s revelations will bring someone else into the fold. Simon? Brandon? Liam? A not-really-dead Natalie? Your guess is as good as mine.

Back in the Quantico timeline, the recruits take a trip to a field office where they’re worked like Black Swan interns. Read on for the highlights of “Drive.”

BOOTH IS BUSTED?! | Ryan, Nimah and an FBI team in tactical gear storm Alex’s apartment but find nothing, save a wrung-out Caleb chilling on the couch. As they bring him in for questioning, Alex hangs out across the street from the church where Will told them about the bomb. Agent Parrish called in an anonymous tip six hours before, but it looks like the law enforcement officers combing the building aren’t finding anything. I question the wisdom of Alex — once more a target of the FBI — hanging out so close to a crime scene, but then I realize she’s got her hood pulled up again, which ranks just below one of those Mission: Impossible latex masks on the effective disguise meter. All good, folks!

Quantico Recap Season 1 Episode 20In an effort to find Simon, Shelby hacks some hospital databases and finds a John Doe matching his description in a nearby ER. But when she and Alex arrive, they find a radiation-burned Drew in the bed. “Is it over?” he asks. “Did you get him?”

He’s referring to Ryan, and as we get Drew’s catch-up story, it sounds like The Voice threatened him into renting the van that was used to transport Alex to Grand Central for the first bombing. It also made him drive the nuclear fuel core to a Yonkers warehouse two days ago — and Ryan was there, Drew says, holding Will captive. He gives her a flashdrive he promises will help decode Ryan’s computer passwords, then begs her to use it before it’s too late.

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A RUMBLE WITH RYAN | Via her family’s software, Shelby causes computers in the bureau’s New York field office to overheat, causing the smoke detectors to go off and the building to be evacuated. Alex uses the chaos to slide right in and plug the drive into Ryan’s laptop — of course, that’s exactly when Ryan finds her. They have a knock-down fistfight that ends when she mentions Natalie’s death and realizes from his gobsmacked expression that he didn’t know his ex was pushing up daisies. Just then, she notices that the flash drive isn’t decoding passwords… it’s dumping documents onto Ryan’s machine. She finally knocks Ryan out, handcuffs him to the desk and runs.

DREW: WHO KNEW? | A call from Drew in his regular, undisguised voice outs him as the big bad. He gleefully admits that the drive was designed to make it look like Ryan was the bomber. “It was you or him. You already planted the evidence. Now all you have to do is support the narrative,” he says, directing her to Ryan’s truck in the garage underneath the building. The nuclear core is in the passenger seat, and she’s instructed to grab the keys and drive. So with Ryan and Miranda in hot pursuit, Alex speeds through the garage and heads straight for the (blocked) entrance. And when Shelby gets Alex’s text that the terrorist is Drew, she rushes back to his hospital room… which is empty.

‘WELCOME TO THE BOX’ | In the Quantico timeline, the NATs practice fighting in a small space (which we see echoed in the tussle in Ryan’s office), with Ryan doing some impressive Spider-Man-type wall-walking he says saved his life during two tours in Afghanistan. Intrigued and highly flirty, Alex tells him she plans to find out everything she can about him, and the two make a dinner date for two weeks from then, when she’ll no longer be a student.

Caleb is back, and he is a topic of discussion between a suspicious Shelby and Iris in the locker room after the training. (It should be noted that Shelby wears no fewer than three prom-worthy hairstyles in the first five minutes of the Quantico scenes.) Iris also wants to know why Shelby has changed her field assignment preferences to Buffalo, Milwaukee and Cleveland; the blonde answers that all of those places are a quick drive to the Canadian border, which will make it easy to rendezvous with her fugitive folks.

Upon hearing this, Caleb asks Iris to change Shelby’s mind: He’s the one who’s been writing letters to Shelby, posing as her parents, in order to save her from the knowledge that they’re greedy jerks. He maintains that he loves her, and he really doesn’t want her to throw her career away by languishing in a sleepy field office.

FIELD TRIPPIN’ | The lesson of the week involves sending the NATs to FBI field offices to get a sense of the job (read: do gut work that the regular agents don’t want to do). There’s a lot of malarkey that goes on, so I’ll shorthand it: Alex thinks she knows better than a seasoned agent, and Brandon gets hurt because of it (though everything turns out OK); a randy Nimah nearly ruins the twins’ future with the FBI but then she fixes everything — possibly with sex — so that they get assigned to infiltrate a terror cell in Queens; and Ryan’s patriotism is called into question when one of the agents he worked with in Chicago accuses him of helping the terrorist cell they were tasked to bring down.

Meanwhile, Shelby of COURSE finds out about Caleb’s subterfuge. “You think lying to protect me makes you a man I want to be with?” she asks tearfully. Later, she calls Clayton Haas and confesses that her parents are alive “and I need you to help me bring them and their crimes to justice.”

Now it’s your turn. Did you suspect Drew all along? Do you think anyone else is working with him? Did you pick up on the Donald Trump jab in the episode? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kameron says:

    I’m hoping that someone else is helping because it’s random that it’s drew. Not that I’m hating, but…idk how I feel

    • Mike says:

      Drew’s not random at all. I thought they made it pretty clear last week that he had a beef with the Bureau, more specifically Ryan and Liam, for what happened to his girlfriend. Amd then last week, Alex rats him out and gets him kicked out of the program. That makes the bombs, blaming it on Alex, and then blaming the last one on Ryan make perfect sense. Look, it’s not exactly point A to point B but it does make sense.

      • Lisa says:

        Exactly. I called him at LEAST being involved after last week’s episode. I bet there’s still another person in there, though.

      • westwingwolf says:

        Except that someone picked Alex since her first day at Quantico. And yes while Drew was the one who vetted Alex, she hadn’t betrayed him until much later. So it’s not like the betrayal is the reason he picked her if he did pick her. I do think Drew is doing this because he is angry with the FBI, but I don’t think he’s the only one. I’m willing to believe another person behind the entire plot was able to get him to go along because he is so angry with the FBI. I don’t think they had to threaten him like they did Elias. But I still believe a bigger player, someone we’ve at least seen from the beginning is behind everything.

        • Night Owl says:

          I agree.

        • Cate says:

          Ah, but maybe he didn’t actually pick her until after she told OPR about his tremors.

          I’m a little hazy on when he decided to blow stuff up – if the looming dismissal was what finally tipped him over or he was dead set on it before hand.

          But I would think that the plan wasn’t finalized until well after. Yeah, he was moving pieces into places, but still lots of people he could’ve rotated in and out of position.

          If anybody’s working with him, I don’t think it’s Ryan or Liam. They’re at the top of the list of people he wants to hurt.

          If we’re talking motive and the amount of loss / reasons people have to blame the FBI, my money is on Miranda. Her fury at herself and at the world for what happened with her son turned against the organization she dedicated so much of her life to. (Probably time she now wishes she had spent with her son). The kind of BS thrown her way because she’s black and a woman probably also didn’t help if it’s her.
          She also has the patience, intelligence, insight, access and balls to do it. (Out of all of them, she is the one on whose bad side I would not want to be. )

          • westwingwolf says:

            I agree. I would pick Miranda over Liam or Ryan when we are talking about motive. But they’ve set this up as if this had been planned long before any of the bad stuff happened at Quantico. They took Simon’s plans for the bombing presumably before Simon even left Quantico. And my gut instinct is telling me it’s likely to be someone you wouldn’t suspect. Someone whose motives you don’t know because you don’t know enough about them. Someone like Brandon. Something is not sitting right with me about Brandon. Granted he wasn’t one of the characters we saw since the pilot, but neither was Drew. With Brandon at least he appeared within a few episodes of the beginning. They said he is rich, and I imagine it takes a lot of money to pull this plan off. (Which is why it wouldn’t surprise me if it also turned out to be Shelby.) I don’t know why but something with that phone call from his mom triggered me to question it. Why did we need to see him get a phone call and for Alex to specifically notice it? We could assume he has someone who will care about him without having to spell it out with a phone call. When did he have time to tell his mom? And if he already told her, why would she need to call again to check up on him? I know it’s a really random thing to get hung up on, but this is what these kind of shows to do me. Make me question everything even when I probably shouldn’t.

          • Olivia says:

            @westwingwolf “Why did we need to see him get a phone call and for Alex to specifically notice it?”

            I asked myself the exact same question. Something is off about him. He’s that character that is always around, but not seen too much or often focused on, whose background story is unknown (hell, we even know more about Iris). Now while writing this I just remembered the focus on him in ep 1×07 when they had to defuse a bomb and Natalie saying he was not taking his meds or something. Maybe she’s in on it too, who knows.

      • Lulu says:

        It does make sense given the second half of the first season, BUT not the first half.
        So he’s just enough Elias maybe?

      • Lola says:

        I completely agree, after last week’s episode it seemed like he had an axe to grind with the FBI and Alex.

      • The problem with Drew being the terrorist isn’t whether or not he is random, but that he is boring at a minima and a superfluous character in any case. I would bet that most viewers have very little emotional connection to him and find him either unlikable or neutral. Plus, as others have noted, the show has hinted and communicated that Alex had been targeted from the very beginning, not from whenever Drew showed up (over half way through the training?)

    • ? says:

      If they try to pass it off as being Drew and only Drew all along I am done with this show forever. If it’s not one of the original NATs–no, Liam doesn’t count–I’m out for good.

    • Jessica says:

      I was thinking it was Drew after Alex told Liam and Ryan about Drew’s illness. He accessed her of ruining his career so he has a reason to be targeting her, where is so far nobody else has a reason to

  2. Alichat says:

    Ok….I’m confused as hell. They just ‘revealed’ that Drew is the terrorist, but then the teaser for next week is that we will find out who the real terrorist is with a hashtag of #WhoIsTheTerrorist?? What? So I, like you, am wondering if there’s a second terrorist or if bland Drew is another patsy. It sure didn’t sound like it on the call, but then the terrorist is supposedly inside the Bureau and has access to all the NATs voices. I suspected Drew when he left, but then I thought that seems too easy. And I’ve suspected that Natalie isn’t dead for awhile. But if it ends up being them, I’m going to be extremely disappointed.

    • jessicaj says:

      the hashtag for next week is actually #WhoIsTheTraitor

    • Alichat says:

      Also……wasn’t Drew supposed to be in the ICU? Did I hear that right? How did they just truck right into his room if it was ICU? And with him being awake, why was he still a John Doe? Lastly…..” I question the wisdom of Alex — once more a target of the FBI — hanging out so close to a crime scene, but then I realize she’s got her hood pulled up again, which ranks just below one of those Mission: Impossible latex masks on the effective disguise meter. All good, folks!” At least Alex did something which is more than Annie Walker ever did on ‘Covert Affairs.’

      • dan says:

        Agree about the ICU scene. And in the future timeline, what car was the guy from Glee driving when he went to the postman’s house? They were supposed to be shadowing agents in a field office, but somehow he got a car for a stakeout? The fight scenes between Ryan and Alex were ridiculous. Was I supposed to be impressed? Finally, I could care less about Shelby’s parents, but her hairstyles were driving me crazy. Does she have her own personal hairstylist at Quantico?

      • christiane says:

        I think Will was the one who was in the ICU, not Drew.

      • Actually it was Will who was in the ICU, not Drew.

  3. Derek Smith says:

    We all know that we will find out next week that Drew is being manipulated. Seems like a common pattern for the show. lol

  4. Jill says:

    I was lowkey pissed that the writers would have picked Drew. It was obvious, he had lots of motive, and it would have just been a lot of work to go through to land it on Drew? Idk. But then I started thinking about it…what if the terrorist is setting up Drew to set up Ryan? The terrorist used software that was made up of the NATs voices, so obviously it wouldn’t be that hard to isolate the voice to one person. I still think there is a LOT we don’t know and I wouldn’t get too disappointed yet. So far these writers have done every single, little thing for a reason.

    • dan says:

      I don’t think the writers have any idea what they’re doing.

      • Bonnie says:

        Agreed at this point. I had so much hope for this show. The “red herring” list is ridiculous. It’s like, who is going to get shade thrown on them this week? They should have revealed the terrorist sooner and then added to it with motives and face offs with the actual terrorist rather than this spaghetti at the wall approach to testing each person and seeing which one they think will work out best as the terrorist. At this point youll have built it up all season to have a quick reveal and a “I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those kids” moment with no time for fully debriefing the audience and digging into motive? Ugh.

        • Night Owl says:

          I think they’ve known all along, and they’ve been eliminating possibilities. I re-watched the first episode after I watched ep. 13, which pointed out that the person was there on the first day they arrived at Quantico. I don’t believe saying that was a coincidence. I think there have been 9 suspects from the beginning. Even Natalie wasn’t there the first day. Alex, Ryan, Simon, Shelby, Caleb, Nima/Raina, Liam and Miranda were the only ones there on the first day (ep. 1). I believe they are the actual suspects.

          • Bigdede says:

            How could the writers know all along when the so called terrorist was supposedly targeting Alex since her first day at Quantico? Drew and his crew didn’t come into this until weeks later. Also how can Drew set up everything if he was kicked out of the FBI? The traitor had insider information and access to FBI stuff.

          • Night Owl says:

            I don’t think Drew is the terrorist. He is just a pawn. The real terrorist is someone who was there on the first day, and the ones I mentioned above are the only ones that were there then.

        • rita daum says:

          Agree but Quattro was picked up for another season and it has to have a cliff hanger for the last episode. I think the inside person will be revealed but the story line must go on. Perhaps next season is the hunt for “whoever”.

      • Lulu says:

        I FEEL YOU

  5. Roy Leader says:

    each week i am left wondering how stupid Alex is and how she gets the other NATS to go along with it and are always wrong

    • Brandi says:

      OMH me too. She is ridiculous. She ruins everyone she involves because she thinks she knows best and more than everyone else.

  6. Night Owl says:

    Drew is NOT the terrorist! He’s being used by the terrorist. If you go back to episode 13, the one that Natalie dies in, Alex discovered it was someone that was at Quantico on the first day of training. Also, when Drew said that he had to frame Ryan or Alex, it was a choice he was forced to make.

    I still think Shelby is the one pulling the strings. I think she improvised when she was caught by Alex at Quantico, when she did the Morse Code. There’s still a part of me that questions Liam, especially with the reveal tonight. However, it just really seems like we’ve been watching the decline of Shelby from the beginning. I just can’t get over the feeling that all the things that have happened to Shelby are things that she acts like she’s brushing off, but they are all the things that have led up to it.

    • Jamar says:

      Drew along with Iris were there the first day in another class but just in recent weeks their characters were drawn into the storyline. Do I stand correct?

      • Night Owl says:

        Actually, if you go back to the episode when they joined the class, ep. 12, it says that Drew and Iris’ class started a month before them.

  7. Ck says:

    It’s got to be Dime Eyes. Who else has as much to gain by incriminating Ryan. Ellie will be so pleased. Confidence Dance!

  8. said from day one & i’ll say until proven wrong or proven right

    liam is involved somehow

  9. Brandy says:

    The preview said the traitor is revealed next week, so Drew definitely isn’t working alone. My money has been on Booth all season, but now I think it’s Liam.

  10. Jaz says:

    If Drew is the real terrorist I’m going to be so pissed because what was the point of the first half of the season?

    Also I’ll call anyone’s bluff if they said “They knew all along” I’m sorry but there’s no way. Not when you’ve has 11 episodes to guess someone else before they turned up. A part of the scheme? Sure! but not the kingpin. I still think that the main/real terrorist is out there.

    • Night Owl says:

      According to episode 13, the real terrorist is someone that was there on the first day of training. Interestingly, in that same episode, their training and assignment were both about being able to turn someone by exploiting their weaknesses, etc. It’s my belief that the terrorist did exactly that with Drew. Whether it was by exploiting weaknesses or desires, or through threats. He is involved, perhaps not by choice, but he is not the one pulling the strings, IMO.

      • Alyse says:

        Drew technically was there the first day of training, his character just hadn’t been introduced on the show yet. He was a part of the class before Alex’s and vetted Alex’s class when they came to Quantico.

  11. Lulu says:

    Honestly I think Drew was an afterthought. It just doesn’t add up.
    I’m not impressed. At. All.

    • Cami says:

      I don’t know. Honestly it doesn’t make any sense. Okay, Drew had a lot of reasons for doing that but he’s a character who’s been included in the show too many episodes later. It seems like something added a posteriori, not something thought at the very beginning of the show. If he’s really the terrorist, then it doesn’t sound fair to me because the producers should have given us some clues on the first episodes. That’s why I keep on thinking that it can’t be him or, at least, not just him. He must have been dragged into it by someone else who has the same hatred for the FBI. Someone like Miranda perhaps. The fact that she was the only one who knew that Alex was innocent still seem suspicious.

      • Shenna Hair says:

        Maybe Miranda knew that Liam was up to something.

        • Cami says:

          I agree also Liam is acting suspiciously. But in my opinion he has too many weaknesses while Miranda is always so strong. But since Drew told Alex “it was you or ryan” I can’t link Miranda to Ryan. Idk. This is so frustrating. I keep on changing my opinion. The only person who could blame Ryan and Alex for something is Natalie (but I liked her so much). And Drew. But also Liam.

    • Cami says:

      Sorry I didn’t want to reply to your comment ahaha. I didn’t notice that I clicked on your comment, I just wanted to add mine

  12. Chris says:

    It has to be Liam.
    1. He has an actual motive which is revealed when he and Booth are having a conversation about the Chicago cover up and that Booth wanted to tell the FBI now.

    2. In the previous episode when Alex spotted Shelby in the drivers seat picking up Simon and Will. The Voice asked to “Send Simon too.” Note: Drew never knew Simon because he had already left Quantico before Drew entered,

    • Night Owl says:

      Liam or Shelby. I’ve been leaning towards Shelby for a while now. Especially the use of Elias. I think Drew is a pawn. I’m re-watching some of the shows, trying to see if I can pick up more. I keep thinking that the real terrorist is not inside the FBI now, especially after tonight. Mainly because they keep having Alex do things inside the FBI, that I think they could do themselves, perhaps without arousing suspicion, if they were still there. Since that only started in the second half, I think the person was still in the FBI beforehand. Of course, just my opinion.

    • OOOOOOOOOOH snap good spot on the send Simon too. But, Drew’s class did vet Alex, Simon, etc’s class so I can’t exactly remember who vetted Simon, or if they mentioned it at all, but Drew COULD have found out about Simon that way, and his background with all the bomb building knowledge, etc.

      Am I just spacing or where the h*ll is Iris in this future timeline? With her connections all over the globe, I’m surprised she hasn’t been consulted. Esp since in the backlog timeline she is so protective of Will.

      I always kinda thought Drew was shady and quick to jump the gun. V calculated and super angry. So I wasn’t surprised in his involvement. Kinda expected it, esp with the fact that he was being so prominently featured in the NAT story line. He has too many ppl in the storyline to hate / dislike / want revenge for for many reasons: Liam, Booth, Alex, just to start.

      Agree with so many other commenters about the oddness of the absence of Brandon from the future storyline as well.

      I have a soft spot for Simon, but in almost every scene I’ve seen, the actor definitely plays him like he’s holding back, his eyes, his voice, what he says is very carefully constructed and monitored.

      I’m V intrigued to know wtf is going on with Iris and Brandon in this current story line.


    • alexandrrina says:

      Drew’s class vetted Alex’s class. Simon and Drew might have never met, but Drew knew who Simon was.

  13. Dominique says:

    i actually figured it was drew from the moment we found out his fiance died in an FBI cover-up situation. that, combined with the fact that he was thrown out of Quantico last week kind of solidified it for me that he would’ve had the much to “gain” with this.

  14. Mandy says:

    Drew is obviously not working alone so who is helping him? Or who is the real mastermind here?

  15. Eric says:

    I believe that Drew is working with Liam because they both have problems with Ryan now that Ryan wants to tell the truth about Chicago. Also the past of Alex’s father and Liam he might have a bone to pick with them. Also he has not been in the future episodes lately which may be a clue.

  16. Jamar says:

    I had my reservations about him but was not completely sure.

  17. Shaun says:

    Still think Natalie is alive.i’ll go with her or Simon as the partner.

  18. JayT says:

    So, Alex is supposedly some bad-ass FBI agent – who doesn’t trust anyone – and she just takes Drew at his word about what’s on the flash drive. And Shelby, who apparently is some type of computer/hacking whiz, just tells her to trust Drew and waltz that flash drive into the FBI without verifying that it was actually an encryption key. Wasn’t the whole point of the security upgrade so that Shelby could hack the FBI? So, she can turn off the computer’s fans and run all of the programs, but she can’t hack Ryan’s computer?
    Alex is acting naively and Shelby is acting suspiciously. How is Alex held up as some paragon of special agent virtue if she just trusts some guy who delivered a nuke without reaching out to ANYBODY, especially one with several known reasons to hold a grudge against the FBI?

  19. Lea says:

    I think the definition of “bland” has changed. Drew was always kinda annoying with his hotheated attitude and tendency for choosing the wrong place and the wrong time, but ‘bland’ he is not. That’s not a synonym for “character I dislike”.

  20. Stacy says:

    I keep thinking Liam or Miranda is going to be part of it but I remember they said it was one of the people at Quantico that day. Also, remember the first episode where Alex hid something in a plastic bag in her bag and the twins pulled a plastic bag from the bathroom toilet. Did that ever lead to anything?!

  21. It’s Clayton Haas. He faked his death and Caleb is helping him and Shelby bring down her parents AND Systemic somehow.

  22. It’s Clayton Haas. Somehow he is working with Shelby and Caleb to bring down her parents AND systemics. It’s the reason Caleb pretended to be broken up over his dad’s death and using drugs. We already suspect he isn’t using because he got clean too quick. Yes, Shelby improvised but she definitely was sent by Clayton, inside, to plant that program. They used Drew to get that info on Ryan’s computer than exploited Alex to get the last piece done.

    • Also, I can’t help but think Liam is involved. Maybe he joined up with Drew after Drew saved him in the woods that day. And Liam has always been sketchy due to this whole terrorist cell business. He set Liam up when he relieved him of his duty that day. Now that I think of it, the traitor is either Miranda, Liam, or Clayton. It has to be someone who has a lot of experience and power at Quantico. Don’t forget Miranda left,l saying Alex had the power to do what she couldn’t and conditioned Alex not to let things go if she got a hunch.

  23. Georgia says:

    I felt really bad for Nimah, I don’t think she should have slept with that guy.

  24. John Frascella says:

    “Quantico” has been pushing a Democratic agenda from its very outset. In an early episode, a photo of a smiling Barack Obama loomed conspicuously behind Miranda in her office. Another early episode mentioned how great Joe Biden is. Two recent episodes have indirectly bashed both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

    Honestly, if you’re watching closely, it’s not even that subtle.

    • Katherine215 says:

      All TV shows have pictures of the sitting president in the agents’ offices, unless they are incorporating the president into the show. And it’s not like it’s hard to bash Cruz and Trump, either.

  25. Santos says:

    Still trying to figure out if this is a really good show or a terrible one.

  26. ashley says:

    It cant be drew whose the mastermind behind it all because its clearly been mentioned in the series that the terrorist had an eye out for Alex since day 1. And drew didnt step in until mid season.Drew being the terrorist is too cliche.Either he’s working for the real terrorist or maybe even inmocent.The real terrorist is going to be revealed in the finale.And its going to be a shocker.My guesses are its going to be Ryan or Liam.Maybe even Miranda.

    • Night Owl says:

      Shelby is my first thought. We’ve been watching her decline from the beginning. My second thought is Liam. Originally, I thought Liam was the guy, but before the winter break, the person didn’t seem to need someone inside the FBI to do anything that would help them in their plot. Whereas after the break, the person seems to need someone that’s still able to access things in the FBI, to accomplish things. That’s why my first thought is Shelby.

  27. Jan says:

    Anyone think it’s something to do with Brandon? Hes on the outskirts of the storylines in training but there from the start. Seems to have a storyline every once in a while just enough to be involved and dated Natalie (who may be still alive/involved?)

  28. priyankafan says:

    i think its miranda. the person you would least suspect

  29. Sabrina says:

    I’m through with this show. Nothing about it makes sense any longer. I would rather just read the recaps for the rest of the season than sit through another episode.

    • andromeda says:

      i am with you….they dragged this thing out too long, bounced back and forth too erratically, and have way yoo many suspects. they should have done 12 episodes, not 20+.

  30. Matt says:

    Someone no one is talking about is Alex’s mother. What if the night Alex shot her dad, he and her mother were in a tussle because he discovered something about her and was going to reveal her as a terrorist. Then she so conviently turned on her daughter when the FBI brought her in to discuss Alex. Far fetched maybe, but conceivable. Holes?

    • Angela says:

      I agree Matt, everyone has forgotten the primary plot, Alex’s father. I’ve been waiting for the name, Jeff Michaels, Michael Parrish’s FBI name to surface. I suspected Miranda when she talked to Alex before she left Quantico, “I’ve watched you since you arrived……” but remember Miranda broke her out of FBI custody after the bombing saying if they get you in there you will die.

      So we go back to Liam and Ryan. Liam does the same thing twice, getting involved with militia, selling guns and getting someone else to take the fall, first Alex’s father and then Ryan. Miranda ordered Liam to be fired because he had sex with Alex but Caleb’s father backed Liam and not Miranda even with the tape recording. But let’s go back to the first episodes, Ryan is shot by an unknown assailant but he “knew” it wasn’t Alex, how? Then Ryan convinced Alex to say she did shoot him “but just go along with it so I can save you.” The a few weeks later when Alex surrenders what does Liam say, “confess, it’s the only way to save you even though we know you didn’t bomb Grand Central”.

      Then let’s go back to the final but very first piece, Ryan approached Alex on the plane, he won her trust, had sex with her and then showed up at Quantico. The writers have said all the pieces are there, I want to believe them and hope the added NAT’s were just a way to fill space when they were renewed for a whole season and then a second season. If the writers are as smart as they claim, it’s Ryan and Liam, maybe Liam is forcing Ryan (remember the original actor to plan Liam was let go and replaced by this actor). Liam truly appears to be a snake, he has risen to the almost top of the FBI when he should have been fired and he could hate Miranda for both not waiting for him to leave his wife (although what did happen to Miranda’s husband) and that Charlie targeted the school his daughter went to.

      My money is on Liam, and maybe Liam manipulating Ryan which is why he had Miranda removed and Ryan brought back in. Whatever the outcome, it is already filmed and we will know very soon!

  31. So Happy says:

    Drew kind of makes sense but there’s absolutely no way he’s working alone. Loved the episode :0)

  32. Sheila says:

    We’re going to find out that the writers just pull a name out of a hat each week to decide who will be that episode’s bad guy.

  33. bhavya says:

    Well Ryan might be a possibility because of his girlfriend thing but why was he framing Alex??

  34. Olivia says:

    I’m in love with Johanna Braddy. That is all.

  35. Sandy Scott says:

    As far as I can tell ( and I have been sort of keeping track) WE have not seen Iris in the current time line only in the past and I have not seen Brandon either.. So either they are involved or we just do not know where they are in current time line…PLUS do you notice whenever an actor is killed in the future they are no longer in the past… which is kind of weird but I guess they do not want to pay an actor to just stand in the back ground….

    • Cami says:

      I don’t know about Iris, but Brandon is too much insignificant. If the terrorist is one of them, then this show is terrible. It must be someone really important. Anyway Natalie of the past had a leave of absence that’s why she disappeared. It’s very likely that she will appear again now because they didn’t show how her relationship with Ryan began. Also Will disappeared because he was beaten up by Caleb. Of course, producers made them disappear for economic reasons, too.

  36. AJ says:

    Everyone is going to be so shocked when it’s revealed to be Miranda 😂

  37. Tracy288 says:

    I see that this show has been renewed for next year. I hope they do a complete revamp and just deal with things in the present tense – this popping back and forth is completely losing me.

    • parstl says:

      Agree totally. The time line yo-yoing is getting confusing and worse yet distracting. I’m watching on line so can review if necessary. I’d go crazy watching in real time.

  38. Ritwik says:

    It could be Shelbys parents working with Drew even thoug they both really hadnt had any time together. Just a thought.

  39. kamara says:

    its not drew remember this person knew everything before they even got to quantico the fingerprint thing with her scar was way before drew even knew about alex

  40. Ella says:

    Well, that was stupid. How could it possibly be Drew? This is just lazy, since the terrorist said he/she had seen Alex on her first day at Quantico. Drew didn’t join till midway through the season. I kindof wish it had been Ryan, I feel like that would have been a really epic twist. I figured it was Drew when he accused Ryan at the hospital – way too early in the episode for it to be the big reveal and way too detailed a version of something we didn’t see ourselves. But how disappointing.

    On a separate note, I feel like all of Alex’s attempts during her training to think outside the box and make us believe she’s “special” are just irritating and useless and end up getting the people around her into trouble or killed. I like her but I find her really annoying at times – she doesn’t ALWAYS know better than everyone else.

  41. Antoinetta Grillo says:

    I’m not surprise it’s Drew he has a lot of anger because of his girlfriend then ruining his football career that wad to have a legitimate reason of joint the FBI.. But I’m getting tired that Alex is always the know it all & knows better than everybody else..Then her mistakes cost people their lives but yet she keeps going..Then it’s the FBI but they can’t possibly conceive of other scenarios.. there is only one lone wolf.???Aye please

  42. GlamourPrin says:

    I’m sure there is another person or more than one involved .. otherwise i mean drew came later in the series so …. but ryan now thinks alex is involved which is awful i hope he gets to find out everything in this next ep .. and how is she going to get out of that car without it blowing up … argh the ep needs to hurry lol

  43. parstl says:

    I’m trying to like the Alex character but she’s really turning out to be a little two faced. The way she’s starting to come on to Ryan again after tanking Drew.
    also, I hope the writers use some more realistic story arcs next season. Everything does not have to be a grand terrorist conspiracy. Go take down some gang members, consumer con artists or child exploiters. Good show overall.

  44. Jamie says:

    I’m certain that it’s Liam or Miranda – Liam is shady as hell and Miranda helped Alex escape after the first bomb, it seems odd that she was willing to put herself on the line to now turn her back on Alex. I think Drew is a plot device – the writers introduced the new NATs in the early timeline because they were running out of cast members and now have to connect them in the present timeline. There’s the guy who built the bomb (his name evades me, soz), now Drew. They need to show Iris in the future unless she died in the explosion, but they replaced Natalie with another female character, so I’m assuming she’ll pop up somewhere.
    My bet is that Liam recruited or blackmailedDrew after they bonded about being screwed over by the FBI. Drew did saveLiam’s life in the snow too…

  45. Elcie says:

    I originally suspected Miranda, as I thought I caught some contradictions in her script. I do believe Natalie is alive or it’s a major plot goof. In a normal situation, let alone a 3rd bomb going off with heightened security, why was there no report of the bomb she had strapped to her and an investigation of the area. That’s a huge plot point for me