Kelly Ripa Drops 'Contract Negotiations' Zinger on Live; Exiting Michael Strahan Unamused?

Did a screaming, hairy armadillo just amble into the middle of reported tensions between Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan?

Toward the end of Thursday’s Live With Kelly and Michael, Mutual of Omaha’s Peter Gros brought out the mammal as part of an animal segment, noting its size and lack of teeth forces it to scare off predators by shrieking. “He’s about to scare me away!” chimed in Strahan, as the creature continued its noisy protests.

Seconds later, Ripa declared that “something just flew off of [the armadillo] and into my mouth.” When Gros asked if she’d like a napkin, Ripa exclaimed, “I want to take him into contract negotiations with me!” before breaking up with laughter.

“He always gets his way with a predator!” joked Gros, in response.

Strahan, for his part, didn’t even crack a smile, then scrunched up his nose as he and Ripa caught a whiff of the pungent beast. “He’s got a nice smell to him,” Strahan observed sarcastically.

Also smelling peculiar? Over the past two days, neither Strahan nor Ripa has uttered a word on air about Strahan’s significantly moved-up exit date.

Indeed, when ABC first announced on April 19 that Strahan would jump ship from Live to Good Morning America, it was reported that he would continue on with the former program through the end of summer. Shortly after the Tuesday, April 26 Live telecast, however, word surfaced that Strahan’s last appearance on the show would be May 13.

Ripa, blindsided by news of Strahan’s exit, called in sick on April 20, then took some previously scheduled vacation right after, only returning to the show on April 26, when she addressed the controversy head-on. “I needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts. After 26 years with this company, I earned the right,” she said, adding, “What transpired over the course of a few days has been extraordinary, in the sense that it started a much larger conversation about communication and consideration and most importantly respect in the workplace. And since we’re being honest, I don’t consider this just a workplace. This is my second home.”

Ripa at the time added she was “thrilled” for Strahan, and had been assured by ABC brass that “Live is a priority” — an important factor considering that Ripa was reportedly vexed by rumors that ABC was looking to add an extra hour to GMA, which would bump Live from its 9am perch on most ABC stations.

Strahan will continue to appear on GMA throughout the summer, where he has made regular appearances since 2014. He will also serve as host of ABC’s upcoming $100,000 Pyramid reboot (debuting Sunday, June 26 at 9/8c).

Additionally, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Seacrest is being eyed as a possible replacement for Strahan in the wake of the American Idol host re-upping with ABC to host four more years of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Did you catch ArmadilloGate on Live? Are you ready for Strahan to make the leap to GMA and for Ripa to move on with a new co-host? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. sarah t says:

    Huh, this sure is working out well for keeping the focus on “Live!” Methinks this is a part of ABC/Kelly Ripa’s plan to help out with ratings at Live since they’re clearly in the news more because of this. Gives Ripa more leverage when she is, in fact, negotiating her contract too…

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I think Kelly thinks shes funny a lot of the time but I’ve always found her jokes awkward rather than entertaining.

  3. JD says:

    Enough of this bimbo..PLEASE

  4. . (@yikes77) says:

    I would rather have the armadillo as a co host than Andy Cohen who bugs me to no end.

  5. Tony says:

    The show is a trainwreck … Kelly can’t make eye contact, Strahan is uncomfortable, it’s all very awkward to watch. The banter is phony, the laughter is phony, the directed applause from the audience is phony … they obviously cannot stand one another. Torturous. They photoshopped Kelly’s eyes onto a hedgehog and she didn’t look amused at all. What a waste of time this show is. Makes you realize there really isn’t a point to it at all.

    • 763photo says:

      AWKWARD!!!! Indeed…I thought I was imagining it but I thought he looked very uncomfortable, he’s too nice for Kelly….she’s enjoying stumping on his pleasant nature which makes her look like a petty, vicious person

      • Mary says:

        Can’t be that nice, maybe you should check with his ex-wife. He probably should leave before May 13 because I get the impression he doesn’t want to be there. As far as Ryan maybe in the running – don’t think so. I do not see him moving to NY to do a morning especially with everything else he has going on. My solution to all you haters stop watching if it is so painful.

      • MIC says:

        Vicious is correct – there is nothing pretty about Kelly. And she is thoroughly enjoying stumping on Michael. Get him out of there!

  6. readenreply says:

    Kelly’s interview and interaction with Keegan-Michael Key clearly shows how good she is at her job.

  7. Chris says:

    Kelly’s behavior during this whole thing has been nothing short of unprofessional and insufferable. If she is unhappy, everyone else will be. If she doesn’t like you, you will know it. Just ask Clay Aiken. She needs someone more superficial and more vacuous to play with on a daily basis, like Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen or Ryan Seacrest. Strahan is charming and did a great job, but he’s a sports guy and was out of his element. He needs to escape this prissy, hissy-fit playground immediately and work with some adults.

    • JD says:

      Totally correct, the producers and brass at ABC have helped enable this driveling idiot to think what she’s doing for a job is just simply crucial to the world and everyone’s life! She has lost perspective and is too busy looking at herself in the monitors every four seconds and bragging about another trip or buying something her ill-gotten gains has given her to just stop and realize what she’s really contributing. Disney should realize there needs to be no more $ given to her, she’s totally addicted to talking about herself…that should be their leverage, she’d lose it if someone didn’t want to hear what she had to say! Why would Anderson Cooper give up a respectable gig to sit second chair to this vacuous nitwit? She just wants a co-host that won’t challenge her image and will only talk about HER life, not their own. Cancel the show.

      • Laura says:

        Don’t forget that Anderson Cooper had a talk show that got cancelled

      • Doug G says:

        Ditto Cancel this show or PLEASE get 2 new people I will quit watching until something is done. This not LIVE this is BRAT on national TV ABC end it now

        • Mary says:

          Wow the jealousy on this site in beyond belief. You probably don’t watch anyhow and if you do change the channel. I think some of you are really threaten by a Women’s success. Yes she is successful or the show wouldn’t have been on so long. If she distresses you so much move on get a life.

          • fineandfabulousmag says:

            I totally agree!

          • Gender equality says:

            Mary, Kelly is being unprofessional and she is harassing Mr. Strahan. Mentioning personal information in regards to his divorce on national television during a moment in which he is departing from the show. Extremely distasteful. I understand she is upset but, there is a time and a place. Double standard between men and women. Mary, Kelly doesn’t get a pass on this one.

      • Susan says:

        Good advice for Anderson Cooper. Way too smart to sit next to her. I use to like her years ago, but you are correct. It’s all about her, or her kids or her husband. Who needs to watch that everyday. Today when it came on, I went to Today show.

        • Mary says:

          Clearly you haven’t been a faithful viewer of the show, because since the beginning they all talk about their lives. Regis and Kathy Lee did also. Green eye monster is not very becoming.

          • MaCo says:

            I have watched Live from the beginning. Michael is the best thing that ever happened to that show. Now that he is gone so am I. Nothing to say on Kelly – because when you have nothing good to say don’ t day anything!

        • J Hollingsworth says:

          I agree, the Today Show has really stepped it up: fresh and funny, they added in Carson Daly, Carson’s wife with lifestyle /cooking segments, Willie Geist and I just heard today: Billy Bush from Access Hollywood is jumping ship for TODAY – he’s a great addition, very funny, a good interviewer (he Listens!) and, unlike Kelly ‘the Diva,’ Billy doesn’t insert ‘himself’ into the interview.

      • Tvinsider says:

        You realize part of her job is to talk about herself right

    • I concur! You hit the nail on the head.

    • 763photo says:

      This Comment sums up the whole situation….I used to love Kelly even on ALL MY CHILDREN…. but she’s a BRATTY, SPOILED IMMATURE WOMAN

  8. Karen says:

    Not a Strahan fan, especially with the latest drama-he should exit sooner rather than later. ABC execs have handled this whole thing poorly. Ryan Seacrest or Anderson Cooper would work well as co-hosts. Either way, I think the show will be an improvement. I may actually start watching again.

    • Andrea says:

      They will need you to tune in now that he is leaving!

    • Not a Strahan fan either. He’s a football guy and nothing else. When he came on, they began “reading” the current events. I missed the old way where Regis & Kelly, or Kathie Lee, would just talk about what they did the previous night. No reading off papers or cue cards. I stopprd watching when when Michael came on..To me, he was boring, just like when her husband came on. As long as Gelman doesn’t completely run the show, Kelly will be fine.

  9. Susan Mitchell says:

    kelly has an inflated ego. She would be nothing without Regis’s start. Now she has totally shut him out and she thinks she is the queen bee! I am tired of her big ego, her wonderful family stories and trips, etc. Half the time she doesn’t even know how to pronounce some places and things. Good wishes to Michael.

    • tvjunkie says:

      and Michael would be nothing in this particular business without Kelly so what’s your point? The the people who are there help the new people to establish themselves? Well DUH!!!!

      • A person can help you get a job but it is up to the individual to maintain it. Michael is very charismatic and brings life to that show and it comes across genuine. At the end of the day no job is secure. She is paid to do a job and she needs to suit up and show up. Who calls out their bosses? Especially on television? She signed a contract to do her job. As long as the check clears, it should not matter who leaves and who stays. Period.

        • I agree with what pretty much has been said. My main thing i sMichael Strahan is very likeable. Kelly Ripa has lost her shine. She has become a diva and unfortunately not very likeable. I don’t watch because of her, When she and Mark are on together it is very awkward. Even though they are married who cares what thei rkids did and what not. I am happy for Michael and I hope he does well at GMA.

          • Linz Smith says:

            If you’ll remember, Kathy Lee’s kids grew up on Live. We heard when they threw up, messed their diapers, etc. This was always part of the show.

          • sharon meyer says:

            When she first started on the show I really liked her and found her refreshing. I think her success must have gone to her head. I quit watching several years ago. Maybe no one other than Regis can stay refreshing after that many years. I don’t know.

        • Mary says:

          His point was Regis was not the reason she is successful. She has more than put her time and skills into this show, she has maintain it. A person with SELF ESTEEM calls out the bosses when they clearly are in the wrong. It is okay to stand up for yourself and not be a doormat. If you and many others cannot comprehend that then clearly you are the one with issues.

        • AD says:

          When your name is on the show, you call them out. I applaud her. All she did is take one day off to gather her thoughts. She did nothing else.

        • Robin says:

          I have stopped watching the show for awhile now, mainly because Regis left. I’m not sure exactly what kind of preparation it takes to do the job that Kelly does, however in my opinion she is paid far more than her education or experience deserves! She is not an investigative reporter nor a news broadcast anchor! She does not risk her life for others like the police or firemen, and they make a fraction of what Kelly and other celebrities make! I would rather see the police and firemen make her salary and she make theirs! She seems to be very spoiled and jealous!

      • Eloise Minn says:

        I’m happy you qualified your comment by saying “in this particular business”. However, even the selection of Michael was ABC executives decision, not Kelly’s. They did make a dynamic duo though!!!!!

    • does the phrase “dumb blonde” mean anything here.

  10. Marie says:

    What would Trump say
    She’s playing the women card, on the backs of the underrepresented. Who has been disrespecting who. Can I get a let’s make America Great again hat.

  11. Chris says:

    I saw it, I loved it and Kelly is genius (so happy she slipped that comment in!!) ! I’m SO sick of Strahan – he’s just everywhere!! Now he has another show… gag. The show has been awkward yes – but as Kelly said: this is about entertainment!
    BTW: WHY does a new co=-host have to be MALE???

    • BrookeBS says:

      good point! Why don’t they consider another woman? hmmmm….

      • Mac says:

        Cohost doesnt have to be male. Abc paired Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer on GMA for years and NBC has Hoda & KLG. The shows audience is female but no doubt KR will have to give approval if she stays past next year. If ABC really wants to keep the show going, hiring one of her friends not might be a great idea. They want to avoid replacing both hosts at once since that makes it more difficult. Ripa may have shot herself in the foot but I think most women are still Dan’s despite what a few posters here claim

      • lou says:

        i think Kelly would feel threatened by having another woman co-host , she is very spoiled and has turned into a brat. I have been watching this show since Regis was on, he was the funny one. I tried to find the humor of what Kelly said but she always has a dry sense of humor. I really think she needs to practice what she preaches, respect in the work place. She certainly likes to interrupt people while they are talking. I did enjoy watching her on the soap show however i did stop watching “Live” after Mr. Strahan left, good luck and best wishes to him.

    • J Hollingsworth says:

      I agree: Michael has a lot of talent but he’s ‘over-saturated,’ he’s everywhere, FOX Football, GMA, Strahan Clothing Line, product endorsement for protein shakes w/his daughters – he was even in ‘Magic Mike!’ Too much, he’s also making guest appearances on all the talk shows: All Strahan, All the Time!

  12. Geri C says:

    It’s time for Kelly to go.She is too much of a Diva and it showing more and more.She has forgotten about her job is to be there for her fans not to fuss and look at herself in the camera.Kelly blindsided her fans.I have stopped watching Live and moved on to Today.Shame on you Kelly you could have taken care of this off screen But then your ego would not have been satiified

    • Mary says:

      I guess you have the belief that Women should be seen and not be heard. Don’t make waves because heaven forbid you may step on someones toes or injure the fragile Male egos. This is 2016 not the 1800. You all should be commended her not belittle her. Nothing changes if everyone keeps quiet.

    • Tvinsider says:

      You people are too funny. Having worked in daytime talk & with celebrities, they’re all pretty much divas & divos. Most of them are nothing off camera than on camera. None of us know what really went on or was said. Abc is probably happier that Kelly took a day off to cool down vs say something on live TV that they all would have regretted (see Star Jones). Let it go. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch. These jobs aren’t like normal jobs. Yes there r huge egos when people are compensated and treated like celebrities are. They’re the bread butter… But also realize hundred people not making millions make their livelihood working on the show 15

  13. Why does anyone care??

  14. J Hughes says:

    Rippa is that falling star. Egocentric gets you nowhere. The death of her show looms near.

  15. Andrea says:

    Stopped watching when Regis left. Kelly is so annoying she makes millions of dollars talking to actors! She is a yappy cry baby not a Barbra Walters or Diane Sawyer! It is hard t look at someone who looks like they are starving themselves. She is not funny! They need two new hosts! There are workers in this country who are really bullied, are sexually harassed,lose their jobs because of stupid office politics and she is making a big tissy fit over her co worker leaving!!! Wow what an insult to those who really suffer disrespect in the work place!!! She talks the talk now let’s see if she will do anything for those who are true victims.or was her big speech just that a bunch of talk!!!

    • Mary says:

      You clearly missed the point of why she was upset. Michael leaving wasn’t the problem
      but it is obvious it went way over your head.

  16. Regis says:

    That armadillo accomplished what many would like to have done to Ripa.

  17. Jeana says:

    She need to be professional and not a cry baby..get over it life goes on..

  18. Dan King says:

    Jaysus Ripa, what are you 16?

  19. Wow…I’ve read most of the comments here. I missed Kelly and Michael this morning because of a doctor’s appointment. I’ve got to catch this episode on youtube or something. A lot of you don’t like Kelly, and some don’t like Michael. You know who I didn’t like? Regis and Kathy Lee! I was never so glad to see Kelly come on that show when Kathy Lee left! And there was just something about Regis that sent chills up my spine, like fingernails on a chalk board! I thought Michael has always done an excellent job, as has Kelly. They keep me laughing, unlike Kathy Lee as she talked about her son Cody while Regis rolled his eyes. If Strahan’s departure is coming sooner than September, don’t let the door hit ya in the backside, Michael. I think Ryan Secrest would be an excellent choice! How about it, ladies? Your morning coffee with a side of eye candy! WHOO-HOO!

    • Jannet P says:

      I agree – Kelly has become a diva – and I don’t get why. I dont like the idea of Ryan Seacrest – he is too much a Kardashian person. I would like to see Anderson Cooper. Better yet with summer coming, I will turn off the TV and go play with my horses.

    • AD says:

      Exactly, I think they are a perfect pair. But since he’s going. Secrest would make a nice addition.

  20. semprasectum says:


  21. johnny says:

    Hey news outlet way to create more controversy where there is rlly none.You ate like the mean girl in high school , looking for drama and sowed gout negative writing.

  22. Anita Winningticket says:

    Leave already. When Regis spoke about you and couldn’t come up with a single nice thing to say told me you are a bitch. Bye bitch

    • Mary says:

      Regis has trouble remembering his name so that theory is out the window. You might not care for her, quite obvious, but since the ratings have been good since Regis left what does that tell you.

  23. Todd says:

    Just pair Kelly up with a regular rotation of her gay male friends. That’ll stop all the boring sports patter!

  24. Ironically, here in Brevard County, FL we see this show from 9 to 10 am on NBC in the middle of the Today show…… Today runs 7 to 9, then Kelly & Michael, then the last segment of Today…. not sure what that’s all about! I can understand Kelly being upset, but the more professional she acts now, the better the numbers during contract renegotiation and it’s been reported that while she makes a very, very good chunk of change each year, she also spends a very, very, very good chunk of change……….

    • Mary says:

      That is just gossip sites spreading things they have no clue about. Nobody knows her financial situation, but to be honest Kelly and Mark don’t fit the bill of being in over their head.

    • Stev says:

      LIVE is syndicated so it airs on different affiliates in different markets. Your situation is not typical. I know in Miami it aired on Fox. It is owned and produced by Disney/ABC and airs on ABC owned stations & many of its affiliates. Your NBC station probably airs the 9a Today at some other time

  25. KT says:

    This whole thing has done nothing but boost the ratings for the show. I work during the day, but on the occasions I have been home, I can tolerate Kelly Ripa most of the time, and even enjoy her humor and banter on other occasions, I really have enjoyed watching the show with Michael Strahan on it as co-host. Kelly’s reaction to Strahan’s decision to leave the show has been over the top childish – acting like a middle-schooler whose boyfriend has decided to “date” another girl. It has really turned me off to the show and I doubt I will watch it at all once Strahan leaves.

  26. If she’d come out and kissed Strahan on the cheek, some buffoon would have found some way to criticize her. She’s in a no-win situation and ABC put her there. With what ABC did, I’d want the little devil creature on my side for negotiations, too.

  27. Dan Tolbert says:

    SINCE ARMADILLO’S CARRY ‘LIVE LEPROSY’ GERM IN THEIR SKIN & CLAWS…… SHE GOT IT IN HER MOUTH…COOL!!!!!!!!!! Bet New Contract with ‘Half a Face’ Kelly Ripa would be a slam dunk.

  28. ln2929 says:

    This ding bat should be glad she even has a job. The only negotiations I would be in with her is how much she would be paying me to stay. She will never get a job anywhere else except on Fox & Friends or Fox News. They are the only other network that hires ding bat puppets. She would fit right in with them

  29. Marlene Reece says:

    Move on Kelly and get a new Cohost. I have never liked Strahan and wondered why he was chosen in the first place. You can do better.

  30. Please please anybody except Seacrest.
    Media is over blowing this whole drama for ratings mostly.
    Her first day back you could see the mood between thetwo in her face.
    How dare you its all about me I am the star of this show.
    Yea right…..

    • GCH says:

      I agree. Anyone but Seacrest! Kelly has been a class act. All she did was demand the respect that she deserves as someone whose name is on the show. If the tables were turned, the male cohost would have never been treated that way. If she did not demand the respect of the network, they would think what they did to her was fine and proceed to do it again and again. She has made the network a lot of money over they years. She has been loyal. They simply needed to return the favor.

      It is really pretty simple to the haters out there, if you don’t like Kelly, don’t watch. She has proven to be very adept at her job over the past fifteen years and has largely carried the show. If ABC decided to cancel the show, she would have no problem launching a show elsewhere.

  31. stinkpickles says:

    I’d fire her. She was nothing without Regis, who gave her Live, and, she has never thanked him publicly. She also doesn’t talk to Regis and wants nothing to do with anyone anti-diva. This little blond talentless bimbo is a joke. I’d fire her in a ‘New York Minute’. Give the gig to Andrews, she at least was genuinely funny.

    • Mary says:

      It is obvious you don’t know what your talking about because Regis has been gone for quite some time and the show is still going. Your jealousy is showing, time to move on and get a life.

  32. I hope she’s kidding about something from the Armadillo landing in her mouth, those things carry Leprosy.

  33. Charlotte says:

    I like Kelly but sometimes carries conversation to far and will not watch a co host that is gay

    • LT says:

      Guess what sweetie? Gays are everywhere…some you probably even know. Now, go clutch your pearls…

    • Mary says:

      Gay people are humans. Some have personality that would help a TV Show. Many have great jobs and life. Sad really that in this day and age one judges someone because of their sexuality. Why are you on this site when many of the editors are gay?
      Please get educated or refrain from making statements like that.

    • You're a Bigot Sen Cruz says:

      You might as well never turn on a TV, watch a MOVIE, go to a Broadway show, or open a magazine. Hate to tell you that without the LGBT community, none of those things would happen. Luckily bigots like you are dying out & younger people treat everybody as equals

  34. MB says:

    Kelly has been on ABC for 25 years. She deserves more respect. If she were leaving the show instead of Michael, I am sure it would have been handled differently. She is a very good interviewer and is a strong, independent women. Most of your comments are so critical. I bet you could not do her job nearly as well if you had here qualifications.

  35. I heard that, too! But who knows? She might really need it when negotiating her contract. They might mishandle her again, this thing would maybe keep them in their toes. Hahaha…

  36. Donald J Quenneville says:

    Ripa needs to put her big girl face on and stop this childish rant crap. I put 36 years in one company and they respect me no more or no less that any other who worked there. Grow up…it’s just business.

  37. I heard that, too! Who knows? She might really need it when negotiating her contract. That screaming armadillo might keep them in their toes so they do not mishandle her again. Hahaha…

  38. I heard that, too! Who knows? She might really need it when negotiating her contract. The screaming armadillo will keep them in their toes so as not to mishandle her again. Hahaha…

  39. AD says:

    So many Kelly bashers on the boards. If you hate her so much why spend so much time talking about her. I think she is great at her job. I hope she stays. It’s funny people talk about the tension between her and Michael but I’ve watched the last two shows, not today’s yet, and found them to be charming as usual. They seemed to interact just fine. People who have been in the audience say she is someone who comes out to personally greet audience members (yeah that’s really diva like) and talk with them. I think it’s sad she’s under fire. So much negativity these days.

  40. The show is tired, stale and old…time for it to end.

    • Tvinsider says:

      Why would you want a hundred people to lose their job? Why would a network cancel a popular & profitable show in an Era where it’s very difficult to launch a new one. The shows been on for three decades and has been renewed thru 2020. Turn the channel if you don’t like it but don’t understand all the anger & vitriol. Its a stupid talk show.. It shouldn’t affect your life

  41. Paulette says:

    I agree with the majority of people on here. But Michael should have told her about him leaving the show. I would feel betrayed also. I don’t think she handled it very well, and shame on her. She is treating everyone like they are responsible for her problems. I am sure behind scenes she is not being nice to anyone. I hope she gets herself put back together for the sake of the audience and the show.

    • Tvinsider says:

      He did tell her. And he told her months before he was scheduled to leave. She doesn’t write his check. The CEO of Disney and the head of ABC make those decisions. He basically got a promotion /transfer. He couldn’t say anything until a deal was signed. Its not like he’s going to another company to start a competing show like Joan Rivers did to Johnny Carson back in the day. I don’t know what people wanted from him. He was supposed to tell her he’s negotiating before it was a deal? He would have lost his job. Why aren’t we hearing about Gelman being angry. Some wonder if Kelly has a history of not handling these things well as Regis also didn’t tell her in advance.. Plus she was already not happy about Strahan doing GMA. If she really didn’t like working with him she should be happy. One of the main reasons for her freak out was fear this was a clear sign ABC would expand GMA to the 9am hour

  42. Betsy Ferguson says:

    The show has been on alot of years. Let him go to GMA. And find someone else. I enjoy the show every morning. It is very intesting to see all the different stars.

  43. jm says:

    Why does Micheal have three jobs? There are not enough men without jobs to have one of these?

    • Ms Faye says:

      Michael is a hard working young man who works tirelessly and gets along with people very well, and by the way, he’s not the only man who works more that one job!

  44. Maxx says:

    Seacrest NO
    And he wouldn’t come cheap

  45. Kaye Conn says:

    I think Miss Kelly owes Michael an apology. As of May 13th I will no longer watch this show. Kelly acts like she is royalty and will be greatly disappointed when she realizes she is not

  46. Marleen Burch says:

    I think its time everyone moves on. Let’s get some NEW blood on TV. Ryan Seacrest has been around too long too. Let’s have some try outs like on the Voice or American Idol for some new Hosts! There! There is a new show for you. My husband & I have a great food & wine radio show & he would be AWESOME!!

  47. JEF says:

    Kelly wouldn’t approve of a pro like Ryan!

  48. Gertrude Henson says:

    Ok,Michael is moving forward, what is the big deal with Kelly? She want respect…. I would think very hard b/fore l would even be a cohost with her, this is very childish, l don’t watch Live anymore, l been a fan ever since Regis/ Kathy Lee. Can’t believe her action

  49. Pamela Hoelk says:

    It was pretty rotten of Michael Strayhan to handle the situation the way he did. He owes Kelly more loyalty than that considering what she did for him getting him on the show in the first place. In my estimation it has cost Michael Strayhan a great deal as far as my perception of him.

    • Ms Faye says:

      She may have helped to get Michael on the show but she did not pay his salary! Apparently the Execs liked what they saw in him and thought he could handle more to help GMA! They went to him, so what was he going to say, “no”? I think not! He has apologized numerous times to Kelly and was sincerely genuine in his welcoming her back to the show.I watch this show everyday and I have observed Michael talking and trying to laugh with Kelly before this controversy began but her smile sometimes was short and abrupt. Whenever she had a guest on to fill in for Michael, she would grin from ear to ear with the guest. I love them both but I hope she is happy with her new co-host and I wish Michael much success and happiness! Don’t understand why she is angry at Michael for the decisions made by the the Powers-that-be, but they both will be fine! Blessings to both of them!

  50. Karen jones says:

    Michael should walk away with his head held high….he’s a nice guy that everyone likes. ….and kelly is acting very strange towards him on the show….hellooooo…it’s very obvious to the viewers….and guess what? Michael is suppose to look out for himself…..Kelly isn’t coming off as the nice girl she’s been pretending to be all of this time!!! Michael isn’t her man…..he’s her co-host….remember!!!