Chicago Fire Spoilers

Chicago Fire Boss Previews 'Dawsey's' 'Rocky' Journey, New 'Impediment'

Chicago Fire couple Dawson and Casey are about to face a one-two relationship punch.

Political consultant Susan Weller (played by Lauren Stamile) has barely set foot inside Molly’s, but star Jesse Spencer has already confirmed that she and Casey will spark. (That will, no doubt, not go over well with Dawson, who is suspicious of the other woman’s intentions.) Then, in the May 3 episode, the firefighter’s girlfriend throws him for a loop when she makes a big decision that could impact their future together.

Below, executive producer Matt Olmstead previews “Dawsey’s” uncertain outlook, Susan’s agenda and Antonio’s role in all the drama.

TVLINE | It was recently hinted that Casey and Dawson might not be on the same page about their future. What’s coming up for them in the final episodes?
On a call, there’s a young child who is being taken care of by a negligent foster parent. There’s a connection with Dawson and this kid, and she’s just following up a little bit along the way in terms of who’s taking care of the kid, where does the kid go now and all the stuff that you’re not supposed to do as a firefighter [or] paramedic… A light bulb goes off for her in terms of, “Do things happen for a reason? Maybe I take care of this young boy temporarily?” Something, emotionally within her, really responds to not only the child, but the child’s situation, which is fairly dire.

That sets off some ramifications, certainly, with Casey, because they’ve gotten to a pretty good place where they’re both busy with other things. … There’s a great scene where [her brother] Antonio, when he realizes that Dawson is somewhat serious about this, goes to Casey and [says], “Are you involved or not? Do you approve or not? Are you guys a couple or not? And if not, then cut the ties, once and for all, and let her go live her life.” We’ve seen them be really chummy for a long time, but Antonio’s had it with this treading water, as he sees it, in the relationship. And what he couldn’t really say to his sister, he certainly can say to Casey, even though it’s venting and somewhat maybe inappropriate.

TVLINE | There’s been some uncertainty this season about whether Dawson and Casey are engaged or not, whether they’re going to get married eventually or not. Is there some resolution to that by the end of the season?
Yeah, it’s coming up. This decision by Dawson, certainly, affects Casey. Dawson, also, isn’t doing it to try and trap Casey or force a decision with Casey. She makes it clear to him, “Hey, I’m doing this completely on my own. Don’t let this inform your decision or make you want to do something one way or the other.” This is a very simple response in her mind: “I’m doing it. Anybody else in my life – brothers, boyfriends or otherwise, bosses – you can do whatever you want to do. I’m not asking for any help.” By the end of the season, we’ll have a little clarification, certainly, on where they’re at, [but] not before going through some rocky terrain.

TVLINE | It seems like this new political consultant might mean trouble for them?
Yeah. [She and Casey] grew up very close to one another. There’s an immediate connection. He likes her, trusts her. So in a business sense, it makes sense, but as we all know, sometimes when you click in business, that can lead to other things. So she’s certainly a little bit of an impediment going forward. When she’s looking at Casey’s potential going forward, he has a very murky, undefined relationship with Dawson and that doesn’t look good in terms of presenting a candidate. His on-again, off-again girlfriend doesn’t really cut it. So, professionally, she’s looking at his relationship sideways. Does she have a secret agenda also? Is there an opening? We’ll find out.

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  1. sunrise says:

    I’ve wanted the Dawson character to take a back seat since the beginning, I just do not think she is an asset to this show. I hope she breaks off with him, I hope this new girlfriend sticks. I wish they wouldn’t keep writing her big roles in every darn thing. There was more real chemistry between him and the new gal than anything I’ve seen with Dawson (who actually had some sparks with that chef guy they got ride of).

    • lorretta says:

      what you wrote is completed not true, Dawson always in love with Casey from the first episode and I believe they make a beautiful couple. I really hope the writers knows what they are doing and don’t break them up because he (Casey) needs Dawson as well she do too.

      • Darky says:

        You say that Dawson was in love with Casey from the first episode? I’d call it a crush…Anyway, do you think that a woman who really loves her man would refuse to transfer to another fire truck (Engine) to be able to get married? Casey suggested that option to her when he proposed for the third time. It’s not like he asked her to move to a different firehouse or even a different shift… But Gabby wants everything to be her way. She is comfortable working under her BF on truck and she doesn’t care that Matt wants more… She is too selfish and pushy. And here again, she is making an important decision, which will affect both of them. Ugh! I can’t stand her! And this is in no way a healthy relationship…
        Besides, Casey was shattered by losing their baby. I thought they both were, but now I’m not so sure. Gabby says that maybe it was meant to happen, so they could adopt/foster this boy. It sounds horrible to me!

    • Nancy says:

      Who said she was his new girlfriend?

    • Bwhit says:

      Chef guy?!? Are you talking about Mills who was a FF? I wasn’t aware this new gal was already his girlfriend, Casey’s gonna be a busy guy.

    • Lol, Dawson is amazing! Monica Raymund slays that character for days. I actually always skip to watch her. I mean the show has so many storylines they always go so deeply into, but only give Gabby a quick one. Like when they lost their baby, it ended so suddenly. Plus, Gabby is one of the main characters, like she’s the main female character on the show, so hard luck buddy, you gonna have to sit there and watch Mon’s beauty and stunning self, or turn off your TV.

  2. lorretta says:

    She is not is girlfriend but she will to work with his mind a little make him wonder about his relationship with Dawson. But I do hope he realize what she is doing and do not get involved with her because he have a beautiful stable relationship with Dawson.

  3. Bwhit says:

    Sorry but Gabby is the one Antonio should be having that convo with even if she is his sister. Casey made it clear a few episodes ago that he wants to marry her sooner rather than later and she is the one that shut it down. I’m not saying he shouldn’t protect his sis but he doesn’t need to push Casey towards commitment because he’s already there. I also think if Casey A) gives this women an in and B) is totally against having a hand in helping with this little boy than that’s not the Casey I’ve enjoyed as a character for four seasons. I hope they surprise me and go for the positive route rather than breaking them up because I won’t like that at all.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I was just going to comment about that. She completely blew him off when he brought up the subject of their engagement or lack there of. So Casey is not at fault here. Dawson is so selfish and this proves it yet again. She’s taking in this little boy whether he’s on board or not, god this women is unreal. Personally I don’t care if they are together or not just make a decision already, it’s gone on way to long. But clearly, judging by this article it will continue into next season.

      • Bwhit says:

        I hope his discussion with Antonio comes off better than it is in this article because he has no right to call out Casey like that. Casey has not done anything to his sister to warrant that type of discussion in my opinion.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I agree and Casey will likely do whatever Dawson wants because he’s become her little puppy dog. Besides he’s not the kind of guy that will dump someone because they want to adopt a child. He’ll support her. The difference is, at least the way I see it, is that Gabby also supports Casey but only if it benefits her in some way.

          • lorretta says:

            that is not true he does not do everything Dawson tells him, but he has to realize that she is hurting inside for losing their baby and may she feels guilty about that She only want she and Casey to foster care not adopt.So I feel that he need to go at lease half way. As you said Dawson always supports him so time for him to do to same. I hope they do not break up for that. Maybe with Antonio speaking with him he will realize what is going on with her, I think Herman will support her and the rest of the gang, One I know that they love each other.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Sorry Casey has always supported Dawson. He stood up for her during the whole “I wanna be a firefighter” craze and even backed her up with other fire houses that were giving her a hard time. Now that we’ve seen last nights episode he DID offer to help with the child and she, once again, pushed him away and said she wanted to this it by herself. Of course everyone will support her, heck even I support her, what she’s doing is admirable but once again she makes Casey second place in her life. He was second place to her career and now he’s second place to Lou. Dawson only wants Casey in her life on her terms. But like I said, he’ll cave because that’s what he does. To me these two have a great sexual relationship but a very weak emotional one.

  4. Wendy says:

    Please let this end Casey/Gabby. I actually think he was better with the late Hallie in S1 and never saw a lick of chemistry between Casey/Gabby. And the way she is taking him for granted, Gabby deserves to sweat a bit.

  5. pjanep says:

    I can’t understand why everyone likes Dawson; she’s manipulative, slefish and nasty – how many situations has she gotten herself and the firehouse into that she could have spared them if only she stopped to think about things? She is reactive and childish and has no concern whatsover for anyone but herself (you tell me her concern for that lovely little foster boy is for him – no it;s for how she feels, To make her feel better about losing her baby; otherwise she wouldn;t make such a reactionary decision and throw away a relationship she is happy in on a whim).

    If you go back into the last three seasons she has always been involved with any major problems because she can’t keep her nose out of other peoples business. And her new friend – Stella- she’s just as bad. Why would you make business desicions without thinking things through with your partners instead of blindly siding with the only other woman in your firehouse? (i think it’s Gabby;s fault more than anyone that Molly’s caught fire because she blindly agreed with her friend about the ‘arisanal ice’ wihtout even bothering to ask).
    Both their characters are weak and the only good one left is Sylvie who is the strongest of them all.
    I want to see her in more story archs or better yet write Gabby and Stella some stronger stories and get thier heads out of their asses. They feel contrived and stereotypically bumbly females who never learn from their mistakes..