Flash Recap Zoom Steals Speed

The Flash Recap: Hunter Zolomon's Secrets Revealed, From A to Zoom

The CW’s The Flash resumed Season 2 on Tuesday night with the promise to shed light on Zoom’s backstory and agenda, including how and why Hunter Zolomon came to be the dark dasher sinister speedster.

Here is what we learned:

♦ Whereas Barry witnessed Reverse-Flash’s murder of his mother one night long ago, Earth-Two’s young Hunter Zolomon woke in the middle of the night to find his father James, home from “fighting for the country,” assaulting his mom. James then made Hunter watch as he shot her.

♦ Whereas Barry grew up in the loving care of the West family, Hunter was sent to a Dickensian orphanage, unwanted by any relatives.

♦ Hunter grew up to be a serial killer, convicted on 23 different counts. He was sent to a mental asylum where during one of his daily electroshock therapy “treatments,” he was exposed to Earth-Two S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, and turned into “as unstoppable monster.”

♦ Once Hunter saw our “other world,” he devised the plan to dress as The Flash — purely to give people “hope” which he would then “rip away from them” — and seek out Barry’s speed.

♦ How did Zoom kill “himself”? Hunter convinced a “time remnant” version of himself to be murdered for a greater good.

♦ Asked about the identity of the Man in the Iron Masked he has imposed on Earth-Two, Hunter gloated to Team Flash, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

All of the above was detailedFlash Recap Zoom Steals Speed throughout the episode, in which Barry was determined to reopen a breach and stop Zoom’s reign of terror on Earth-Two. Though Wells vehemently opposed the idea, Joe convinced the professor to help Barry with this dangerous mission — and to that end he jerry-rigged Cisco’s “Vibe” goggles to help him manipulate the trans-dimensional energies and create a breach.

Cisco himself has reservations about it all — he sees himself as Anakin Skywalker on the precipice of becoming Vader — but Barry convinces him to partake in the plan, and he opens a breach, through which Zoom promptly leaps through. Barry, now four times faster thanks to the tachyon device, leads Zoom on a chase through the city and into S.T.A.R. Labs, where they waylay the baddie with images of his father and mother. Zoom is caught off guard, and zapped by Barry with the anti-metahuman cuff. It’s not that easy, though, to control the “darkness,” Zoom hisses, before freeing himself and setting out to prey upon Barry’s own family weakness, by taking Wally.

Joe, who was just making inroads with his son, barely brings himself to ask Barry for the ultimate sacrifice, but Barry agrees to surrender his speed to Zoom in trade for Wally. Once that exchange is made at S.T.A.R. Labs, Zoom goes to throttle Barry, but Caitlin appeals to the tiny shred of humanity inside her onetime lover. So Zoom lets Barry go, and takes Caitlin instead.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* In testing out the tachyon device outside the future Keystone City, Barry apparently made his trip to National City and back. Though without comment?

* Iris bailed on a date with Scott, confiding in an all-too-perceptive Caitlin that she can’t help but think that if she is to move on with her love life, it should be with Barry, who is her husband in the future and on Earth-Two.

What did you think of “Versus Zoom”? And what questions do you still have about Jay/Hunter/Zoom?


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  1. steven says:

    Watching Barry give up his speed felt like the last season of Arrow all over again when Oliver gave up being the Arrow. I was kinda hoping that Wally would take the speed and become Kid Flash.

  2. jj says:

    Hmmm so how does a speedless Barry run over to Star City to comfort Oliver after Laurel’s funeral.

  3. Lysh says:

    Hunter looks hot in that black suit. That opening was probably one of the darkest moments of the show. I wonder if the real Jay is the man in the iron mask (I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this). Or maybe it’s Leonardo DiCaprio.
    I wonder if they were contracted to not mention Supergirl in this episode. It’s weird that he just ran so fast he landed in Earth-3 and then came back and wondered how he could get to Earth-2. I like giving Cisco more purpose, but maybe he could find a way to run and choose an Earth.

    • wgsecretary says:

      Well, landing on Supergirl’s Earth was an accident. Now, he did somehow manage to get himself back to his Earth with the combination of running and Supergirl’s strength in throwing him. But, I am sure the writers would say that choosing where he lands is not a guaranteed option.

      • Gail says:

        I am guessing they cut any reference Barry made about meeting Supergirl. Probably because it has been close to a month since that episode aired. Perhaps if they did film something it will turn up in the Season 2 DVD/Blu Ray.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’m wondering if the man in the iron mask is the real Jay also. If Hunter is Jay’s doppelganger (did I spell that right) then wouldn’t that make sense. It’s all a bit confusing :-)

    • ? says:

      The real Jay is definitely the man in the iron mask. He’s not Hunter’s doppelganger, that theory was disproven tonight. The man we knew as Jay is only Hunter Zolomon on every Earth, he just captured the real Jay and took his place on Earth-2, probably shortly after he became the Flash of his world before people knew what he looked like. He pretended to be the Flash to “give people hope and then take it away,” as he said tonight. Anyway, I’m wondering if Zoom has some connection with the Black Racer after he talked about “the darkness” and his eyes did that thing breaking out of the restraints. The Black Racer is sort of like an avatar of death that chases speedsters. I thought the “time wraith” thing might have been the Black Racer at first last week, but I guess they’re saving him for something better. Maybe that was seeds they’re planting for the big threat of next season? Honestly there isn’t much Flash lore they haven’t gotten to yet, so something with the Black Racer is a good bet.

      • Chris says:

        Nope it’s Barry’s dad. It’s not a hunch. I had a very vivid dream about him getting unmasked and it was Henry Allen.

      • But tonight they said that Zoom got the “idea” for becoming “The Flash” after seeing Barry in action, which implies that there was no Flash on Earth-2 until Hunter Zolomon dressed up as him.

      • Gail says:

        The way they described it, it seems that “Jay Garrick” was just a name Hunter Zolomon used so people wouldn’t know he was a serial killer. If there is no Jay on Barry’s world maybe there is no real Jay Garrick.

        • Isabella says:

          I think you’re right. Jay is short for James, his father’s name. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s holding his father hostage a.k.a. the man in the iron mask.

      • There is no “real” Jay Garrick. Jay Garrick is a made up name for the superhero Hunter made up.

        However, there’s speculation that the man in the mask is his father, James. Something along how the story we saw in the flashback was all wrong, his father didn’t kill his mother, Hunter did, and James took the fall, and later, as Zoom, grabbed dad from prison only to lock him up himself, because obviously he knows the truth.

        We learned a few episodes back that his Doppelganger on E-1 is Hunter Zolomon, who was adopted. Well, we saw E-2 Hunter in an Orphanage in this episode, so who’s to say that he wasn’t also adopted to be Zolomon, and his original name was Hunter Garrick. Which would make his father James Garrick. In short: J. Garrick.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Except Hunter didn’t relate that childhood flashback to us; it was the unintroduced cold open, ergo the show’s presentation of a truth.

          • And we can assume that the story about E1 Hunter being adopted to explain why Jay Garrick can’t be located was simply a misdirect to keep Caitlin from catching on that there was a problem.

            They really should have skipped that and made it clear that for whatever reason not everyone has a doppelganger–a parallel Earth is similar, not exact. So, no Jay on E1 and there should have been no Barry on E2.

      • :-) I think having too much knowledge of comic continuity is the path to madness when it comes to these shows. There is totally a comic book precedent of evil twins in the Flash cannon: Barry had a twin who was given away to the Thawne family who became the villain Cobalt Blue and the ancestor of Eobard, our friendly neighborhood Reverse Flash. My theory was the TV writers lifted this plot twist and applied it to Jay and Hunter (and the story of E1 Hunter being adopted worked with it). It was unwieldy, because the TV iteration of E1 and E2 creates a Barry on both Earths, and a Jay/Hunter on both Earths, whereas in the original multiverse, it seemed that there was not E2 Barry and no E1 Jay. Also, for the added mind-screw, Hunter/Zoom was the Prof. Zoom (aka Reverse Flash) to Wally West’s Flash, a role he took over after Barry died in the Crisis event that relaunched DC continuity in a single universe–and this Zoom was previously a cop, not killer, and had powers like the Turtle character on the show that made it seem like superspeed when it was time manipulation. And if we go into New 52 continuity, the headache grows . . .

        And I agree, this Zoom seems more Black Racery than anything else (although Jay’s reverse flash, the Rival, always appeared with is features in shadow).

    • I finally figured out who the man in the mask is and none of you will believe me when i tell you. i noticed that he has all the same characteristics and clothing as Ronnie on the day that he supposedly died. the knocks he is using he used to knock on the glass of star labs when stared at kaitlyn so thinking watching and putting it together that man in the mask is Def Ronnie

      • Dennis says:

        Ronnie would have died w/o the Firestorm Matrix link with the professor. They talk about how Pro. Stein was dying in Legends of Tomorrow w/o a partner.

        • snehankit says:

          The man in the iron mask could be Henry Allen of Earth -1. How does Zoom even get Velocity 6 into his system. He is no doctor but Henry Allen is.

  4. JeffDJ says:

    Everything awful that happened in this episode was all due to Barry’s stupid obsession with Earth-2. Who cares what Zoom might be doing in another universe? Just be happy he’s not terrorizing YOUR world and move on. If he’s feeling guilty, he absolutely should be.

    • Patrick says:

      True. But, and this wasn’t addressed, Zoom would have been looking for a way to get to Earth 1. It might have taken him awhile, and he might never have accomplished actually getting to earth 1. But if he did, he could do a lot of damage. If you know someone is going to try to kill you and yours, should he get the chance, you have to do something to stop him.

    • kitsunesaru says:

      When hasn’t a superhero obsessed over something though?

    • To quote Superman: “My responsibilities don’t stop at the boundaries of my universe.”

    • kee yong says:

      i mean he is stupid to reopen the breach because as we all know zoom was dying. why not just let zoom die by himself rather than fighting him head on and risk getting so many innocent people get hurt.

      • gustin says:

        I hate when they waste time talking and let their opponents get back at them. I mean,what was the reason for pushing zoom down the floor and mocking him. He could have used a tranquilizer gun on zoom and with his speed take him to a prison cell in S. T. A. R. ALL SUPERHEROES DO THAT. IDESPISE IT.anyways it’s just a movie.

  5. Elena says:

    The man in the iron mask mystery is driving me more crazy now than the question of Zoom’s identity at the start of the season. I guess there is still the possibility of a Hunter doppelganger after tonight’s ep, but it is all still massively confusing to me. (confusing in a good way that keeps me on edge for more answers)

  6. Jason says:

    I can’t believe Barry didn’t say anything about his trip to National City. And how could his trip be a split second here and about a day there? Does time move faster there?

    • Luke says:

      I think that he never mentioned his trip to another Earth because they had already filmed this episode before he went on to appear on Supergirl, and while they can easily add a cg scene of a breach it’s not as easy to shoot a whole new scene again;
      They might mention his trip in a future episode though (I hope);

  7. Joe says:

    So wells knew zolomon was zoom all along but did not tell barry sooner…did he know zoom eas flash too on earth 2…

    • Michelle says:

      I think he had the suspicion but was not sure.

    • DCnotMarvel says:

      Wells knew Zoloman as Jay. He didn’t know Zoloman was pretending to be Jay or that he was Zoom. This came to light when Caitlin mentioned Zolomon’s name. Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick who will be played by Barry’s dad, I suspect. I agree that season 1’s reverse flash seeing the helmet should signify that there was a good Jay Garrick flash on SOME earth that made Eobard want to flee.

      • Jalil says:

        It would be weird because the doppelgangers on Earth 2 have the same name as the real people on Earth 1 so Barry’s father would be Henry Allen on Earth 2 also

  8. Karen MT says:

    They missed a few opportunities not mentioning National City. Sure, they didn’t want to introduce plotholes or confusion, but considering the conversation right after was about breaches and world jumping, the ball was completely dropped. Now I’m wondering how long it will be before Barry gets his speed back, and how.

  9. JR says:

    What the heck is that picture? I just skimmed back through and Barry was never unmasked in front of Wally in this episode. In fact, that doesn’t look like his costume at all.

    • Angie says:

      Grant Gustin mentioned on twitter that the picture was taken when they were rehearsing the scene.

    • Data1001 says:

      Yeah, you’re right — that picture must’ve been done specifically as a publicity shot, and maybe Grant forgot to put his cowl back on for it.

  10. Squeezybamu says:

    How did Hunter kill a remnant of himself from the past and not die? Eddie died in S1 and it caused Eobard to cease existing.

    • Colby Boss says:

      Because you can kill a past version of yourself as long as you are still there but you can’t kill someone who gives birth to your parents or etc… Down the family because he makes it to where you never existed.. Well that’s how it works in the comics with time travel.

    • Green Arrow says:

      Have you guys thought that maybe when Barry runs back from national city and it does the time travel portal and he comes through the other side that maybe he was grabbing a flash time remnant? When he shows back up he says “How long was I gone?” not how fast was it, or how long did it take me. There are a lot of little cryptic lines and looks and hintings in this episode.

      • fatalsin says:

        I noticed that line specifically.. and at the time thought well that was an odd way of saying that…when he usually asks how long did it take etc… then it really bothered me a while after i finished the episode.. it has to mean something!

  11. A Silver Age Flash fan says:

    It sort of sucks that Jay Garrick/The Flash apparently never existed on Earth-Two. But if so, where did Hunter/Zoom dream up the name “Jay Garrick”? Or did he get it from somewhere?

    (The Earth-2 we are seeing on the show is a little off, a little too sinister; judging from the few hints we have been getting, I don’t think it is the expected JSA/Earth-2 of the comics at all.)

    Did Zoom look through to a different extra-dimensional Earth (the “real” Earth-2) and see the “real” Jay, just like he did Barry on Earth-1?

    Maybe that Jay was a little gray-at-the-temples…a little older and not so spry with the Speed Force anymore, and Zoom stole it somehow? The man in the iron mask? Remember the knock code “J…A…Y”

  12. Joe says:

    Another question…wally was next to iron mask guy on earth 2…how did zoom get him there…

  13. Linda says:

    (I’ve never read any of the comics or watched any other version of The Flash) Could the man in the iron mask be Wally’s dopple? When Joe mentioned something about Wally’s dopple, Barry got a weird look on his face. What would the need for Zoom/Hunter/Jay to keep someone locked up and have no way of communicating with others locked up?

  14. James D says:

    um…. That was really dumb…. What was That? he let Wally go and then the have a sit down chat with him? why not just kill him then and there. Wow please don’t let this show sink like Arrow has pretty pretty please.

    • Raine says:

      It’s not like Barry and the others could do anything to him. He knows them and he also felt very comfortable with his plan. He is very smart and he could have even had counter measures if they(barry and…. ) tried to double cross him.

    • KatsMom says:

      Seriously dumb. I was literally yelling at my TV, “What the f— are you thinking?!? Yes, let’s make the sociopath essentially invincible. Great idea!” There better be some twist here where Zoom will disintegrate as Trajectory did or this is just pure stupidity. None of this made sense. Why doesn’t it occur to anyone on this show that Jay/Hunter/Zoom is dying and they should just sit back and let him die? He’s likely not terrorizing Earth 2 much because his focus is on getting back to Barry so he can cure himself. Barry should certainly prepare for a confrontation with Zoom again someday, but he shouldn’t be a moron rushing into it. And, when he finally subdued Zoom, he sure as hell shouldn’t stop and chitchat with him while Zoom’s so tenuously contained. Get him the hell in a cell! Just stupidity all around. I hope this was just one bad episode, and not a slow and steady descent into consistently frustrating narratives like Arrow. Since I’ve already given up on Arrow, I think it’ll be pretty easy to walk away from Flash if this doesn’t pan out in a satisfying way.

  15. Ross says:

    Ok but if Jay’s Flash was just a fabrication and never really a hero, how did Eobard know about him? In the season 1 finale, it was Jay’s helmet appearing that caused Eobard to say that was his cue to leave. But based on the story thus far it would seem if Eobard either wouldn’t have known of that Flash’s existence or would have known that he was actually a villain and would have minded being around him all that much. Something is hinky here…

    • BarryFlash says:

      I was thinking about the Season 1 finale tonight and how Reverse Flash knew the helmet. Could the man in the iron mask be Reverse Flash? or did Reverse Flash know the helmet from his history since he was from the future?

      • A Silver Age Flash fan says:

        Exactly. Was the comment by Reverse Flash (“time for me to leave”, or something like that) a plot point? Or another “easter egg” planted for fan service and nothing more? Red herrings have to be part of the internal logic of the story…and this show plays a little too fast and loose with ’em. It’s a cheat by the writers and shouldn’t be acceptable.

    • KatsMom says:

      Why would Eobard want to be around Zoom/Hunter? His sole focus is to steal speed force from people. I would assume that would be consistent were Zoom to encounter Eobard. They wouldn’t be slapping each other on the back and saying “Evil rules!” like you suggest. Time for Eobard to go…unless he wants to lose what little connection to the speed force he still had… Makes sense to me.

  16. ppat says:

    I have directv and FLASH stopped as Zoom grabbed Barry and then the new show Containment started! 🐒🐒😤😤 Any ideas why?

  17. GraceM says:

    Now the question on everyone’s mind is how does Barry defeat Zoom and get his speed back? We all know it will happen since the show has been renewed for a third season.

  18. Unknown says:

    I really don’t like it when shows take away the mains power or the main says they aren’t doing it anymore cause we all know they will get the power back or start fighting again I think that’s pointless just a waste of an episode … I do hope at some point he does mention his travel to the other earth but most likely it will happen off screen

  19. Charlie says:

    This is weird. Harrison & Jay argued with each other in the past. Harry knows Jay’s face and recognizes him as The Flash on Earth-2. Now, in tonight’s episode, he knows of Serial Killer Hunter Zolomon, knows his face and what he has done. So, major plot-hole.

    • Joe says:

      Exactly…makes zero sense…..wells neverput 2 and 2 together…not to mention not telling barry from day one zolomon was zoom, who happens to look exactly like jay/flash…

      • DCnotMarvel says:

        Wells knew Zoloman as Jay. He didn’t know Zoloman was pretending to be Jay or that he was Zoom. This came to light when Caitlin mentioned Zolomon’s name. Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick who will be played by Barry’s dad, I suspect. I agree that season 1’s reverse flash seeing the helmet should signify that there was a good Jay Garrick flash on SOME earth that made Eobard want to flee.

    • Jenny says:

      I’m not sure Harry knew Zolomon’s face, he just recognized the name as that of a infamous serial killer (kind of like how most people today know the name Ted Bundy but not what he looks like).

    • Gail says:

      Why do you think Welles knows Hunter Zolomon face? He knows of him because he is a famous serial killer.

    • Alfonso Feo says:

      Yup. I thought the same thing when Wells said that everyone on Earth 2 knows what Zolomon looks like because serial killers are so rare there. So, unless one of the other characters asks why Wells didn’t know that Jay was really Zolomon, and that becomes a basis for casting suspicion on E2 Wells’ intentions, it’s a MASSIVE plot hole.

  20. BarryFlash says:

    Since the breaches were closed, could Barry have opted to leave them closed on the basis that Zoom was dieing? Could that have eased his conscience?

  21. Carlos Ochoa says:

    I wonder if the Flash was using the accelerator he got from Harrison in the past to make Zoom believe the Flash is powerless. Glad to know that we don’t have to wait months to find out the answers to our questions.

  22. Charles says:

    I think the writers REALLY messed up this episode. I mean Barry just gives up his speed for Wally, no plan, no fight, nada. All sorts of weapons on Zoom, and all he has to say is “we had a deal” and Barry nods and Zoom trusts them and lets Wally go (weapons still pointed at Zoom). Then they all stand around calmly like having coffee and Barry surrenders his speed (why because they had a deal) shoot the sob, trick him and inject him with poison, have a plan (this was really SO BAD an episode it almost makes me want to tune out, just like last season’s finale, Barry goes all the way back and doesn’t save his Mom, how VERY disappointing. I hope the writers fix this quick.

    • Justin says:

      I think Wells corrupted the speed they gave to Zoom to accelerate his cell degeneration. Remember Wells said he had to “calibrate” the speed stealing device.

      We’ll find out next week…

      • cairi says:

        That was my thought… because otherwise, yeah, why on either Earth would they just hand over Barry’s speed once Wally was safe?? I mean, yeah, honor is good, but let’s not be stupid. They really should have figured out a way to get him in one of the containment cells.

        • Jen says:

          Maybe because if Barry hadn’t gone through with it Jay/Zoom would have used his speed to quickly kill as many people in the room as possible before either being taken down by one of their weapons or chasing after Wally and taking him back to Earth-2?

      • Cookie126 says:

        That has to be it, right? I can’t believe this show would do something as stupid as give up Barry’s speed for nothing.

    • KatsMom says:

      I agree with everything you said except the stuff about Season 1’s finale. I found it tragic he couldn’t save his mother, but not disappointing. I was intrigued by what his future self will learn that will ultimately make him say, “Mom had to die.” I’m having doubts that’ll have a payoff after this episode though.

  23. justsomeguy says:

    So much hype and all I have is disappointment. Instead of being shocked or surprised at what happened, it just left me feeling angry and disappointed. For the first time in the history of the series, they finally had an awful episode.

  24. Data1001 says:

    I’m really, really hoping that we discover this was a trick concocted by Barry and the gang… maybe putting some (perhaps destructive) version of Velocity 9 in the syringe, and having Barry fake losing his powers. Otherwise, this would be another example of very smart people doing very dumb things, which is not only the laziest of writing, but is incredibly frustrating (and insulting) for the viewers.

  25. I now have more questions than I did before. Are they implying that Jay Garrick doesn’t even exist on Earth-2? There WAS no real Flash there? That’s a real disappointment. The “time remnant” explanation made no sense at all. Why did Barry surrender his speed to Zoom? Harry couldn’t have sabotaged the injector? Or knocked Zoom out from behind while he was fixated on Barry? The first half of this episode was great, but the second half was an undecipherable mess.

  26. tommie says:

    Well. This episode is the worst of all!! Now the plot makes no sense ,,,how would a single person act as both the hero nd the villian!! Nd yet doctor well knw both jay nd zolomon identity

  27. Jason says:

    I think Ronnie/Firestorm is the man in the Iron Mask.

  28. Some thoughts on Hunter–

    As I understand it, Jay Garrick was a hero on Earth 2, that had been active for quite some time. So if he were Hunter all the time, he couldn’t have only started when Barry opened the breach.

    Not to mention, if Hunter was so famous, people are going to know who he is, even with the haircut.

    My HOPE is that the man in the iron mask is the REAL Jay Garrick.

  29. N says:

    I’m sorry but I still think Iron Mask is Wally

  30. Luna says:

    If Harrison Wells from Earth 2 knew how zoom came into being and knew that he was Hunter Zolomon, why didn’t he tell team flash about it earlier? Also, was there ever a flash in Earth 2? Because in the starting episodes of the season, there are scenes where Wells and the flash (Jay Garrick) interact with each other at Star Labs (Earth 2).

    • Gail says:

      Harrison Wells from Earth 2 didn’t know Zoom was Hunter Zolomon. He thought he was Jay Garrick. It wasn’t until they mentioned Earth 1 Hunter that he told them who Hunter was on Earth 2.

  31. mike says:

    He’s obviously going to get his speed back. How could someone even possibly think otherwise??

    Man in the mask is the real jay. this one is Hunter of course, but he had to take Jay lest anyone find out.

  32. Diego says:

    This season is really boring me, the show it’s not what it used to be. Barry making stupid mistakes over and over again, even decides to give up his speed as if it wasn’t predictable Jay would have done something like he eventually did. can’t wait to see how Barry gains his speed aga- oh wait, i can.

  33. herman1959 says:

    I’m OK with letting Zoom keep Caitlin, but we know that won’t happen.

  34. makes me wonder if the man in the Iron Mask is an alternate Wally West

  35. DD says:

    Hunter Solomon’s “hannibal lecter” style mask when getting electro-therapy sort of reminded me of the the Man in the Iron Mask’s iron mask… Could that be a clue? Maybe its his father and he put him in the mask as payback for basically turning him into a serial killer? Although my vote is still on Barry’s dad…

  36. Zee Rohim says:

    How did Zoom take Wally to earth 2 and back? It’s not like Cisco let him in and out.

  37. Phoenix5634 says:

    Let’s do a “hope’s for season 3” article soon. They just finished shooting this season’s finale episode last night.

  38. pccpful says:

    what about wally’s doppleganger on earth 2?
    i think the man in the mask is wally’s doppleganger!!.

  39. Brandon says:

    So…how did Barry and the Flash Crew get perfect life-size, high-quality cutouts made of Zolomon’s parents?

    • Flashrow says:

      I think they are from there Earth 1 versions, but the outfit of his mother made me confuse, since it looks like from Earth 2.

  40. Gail says:

    Per the picture on the top of this article, I don’t remember a scene where Barry was not wearing his mask in front of Wally. Now Wally may figure out that Barry is the Flash but he didn’t know this by the end of the episode. Unless I missed something. I hope the picture is not a spoiler from a future episode.

    From the preview it seems next week’s episode is just a filler with Barry trying to convince criminals he still has super speed.

    • KatsMom says:

      You should maybe read some of the other comments. A few others asked and received answers noting that Grant said the picture was taken during rehearsal. It’s not a screen grab.

  41. Mike says:

    How is “Zoom” still faster than Barry (Flash) if Jay has no powers and both are the same person? Also when Jay takes the Velocity 6, he gains speed temporarily, while Zoom is still speeding faster than Barry. Ep 18 revealed that Jay and Zoom are the same person so… Thoughts?

    • The Fastest Man Alive says:

      Somehow, on the original timeline of Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon, something so bad happened to him that he had to go back in time to change his history by telling his past self who at this point is masquerading as Jay Garrick who still haven’t got his speed back, that he will have to die in his future self hands to alter his own timeline. Since only the speedster who travelled the time would know the difference, so essentially makes Barry aka the Flash oblivious to the whole situation as he was not involved in the time travel. Makes sense? So, the original timeline is Jay already lost his speed to Flash and gone back in time to regain speed with the help of Kaitlin when she started developing Velocity 6 up to Velocity 9 and maybe Velocity X which made him regain his speed as Zoom. Which he intend to change history by getting Flash speed sooner before he dies and make a pact with Darkseid to give him the powers of darkness and go back in time to kill his own self and rewrite history for himself which essentially erasing the part where he as Jay is just starting to gain his speed back with V9 and the rest of the plot. I know, time travel is a bit convoluting.

      • Mike says:

        Thanks! But you wrote “So, the original timeline is Jay already lost his speed to Flash and gone back in time to regain speed with the help of Kaitlin when she started developing Velocity 6 up to Velocity 9 and maybe Velocity”. Did you mean Jay already lost his speed to Zoom? Zoom Is Jay who goes from earth 2 to earth 1-flash’s world. He even says in ep 18 that it was him all along. I still don’t get how “Jay” can only speed with velocity 6 etc temporarily, but he Is Zoom, and Zoom has his full speed whenever he shows up.

  42. Adam says:

    How did Zoom get Wally to his Earth? Clearly he didn’t need Cisco to open a hole.

    • The Fastest Man Alive says:

      The hole that Cisco had already opened, it stayed open even though it may look like its not there. Think of it as a door that is closed but not locked, so like in the previous episode where someone would have to throw something and know where to throw it to open that bluish color portal but its there. Unlike, the breach in StarLabs, they have the device to keep the portal open at all times hence you see it there but the path aint stable unless you do even more things to it so things don’t bounce back.

      • FlashFun says:

        Yeah you’re probably right…And since jay was the one who actually stabilize d the breach in star labs he had the knowledge to do it again.

  43. Jet says:

    How did Zoom get back to earth-2 with Wally in his cave, if Cisco is the only one who can re-open the breaches?

  44. Brad G says:

    Someone please tell me how zoom can kill his past self but still be alive, and Eddie died but reverse flash is still alive, but on legends of tomorrow Rip Hunter who is a time master thinks that killing past Savage will undo all that Savage does in the future. If the two shows are part of the same universe then shouldn’t time travel work the same on both.

    • Arukas says:

      the reverse flash is not alive, it’s just that if he had never existed at all then eddie wouldn’t have died, so in the past he still exists, all the things he made happened, but his existence was erased from the present. It’s crazy but, well, it makes sense to me XD. Rip Hunter wants to kill savage before he takes over everything, so what he wants is to change the future (and I’m assuming he can, but at this point who knows, maybe he can’t after all. we willl have to see). Now, the zoom and jay’s issue I’m still trying to understand XD before “versus zoom” I was sure they were from different earths or something! It seems like there are two different rules going on here (on The Flash), yeah. Or I’m just missing something

  45. Jack Bennet says:

    I am so disappointed with that episode that I am thinking about not watching that show anymore. The writers are crazy to have written that episode. Barry giving his speed to Zoom was just plain stupid. All of the sudden a good show became a stupid show. Stupid writers. Stupid Flash. Maybe the show should not come back for a third season.

    • Dennis says:

      It was too much ‘Deus Ex Mach.’ going on here. Harrison Wells would have NEVER allowed Barry to give Zoom his speed while his daughter is on Earth-1. He would have killed Barry and/or Zoom first.

      Barry is faster than Zoom – he could have found Wally. Especially because it was the same spot he kept Barry.

      How did Zoom get back to Earth-2 without Vibe?

      Why didn’t they just take down Zoom after he gave up Wally? Honor among Morons?

  46. Mr. Gan says:

    The guy in the iron mask is Ray Palmer final answer
    Reasoning: Hunter Zolomon needed someone who was smart enough to figure out how to make the speed suit, which is suppose to be hard to do. Since Palmer spent time with Cisco working on the A.T.O.M. suit, he might have picked up how to make a speed suit. Although he is on Legends of Tomorrow, Zoom has the power to time travel, so he stole Ray Palmer from the future after he’s done with the Legends of Tomorrow stuff.
    He kept Palmer a prisoner so he could help to figure out how to cure Zolomon of Speedster Syndrome. Palmer refuses, to punish Palmer, he puts the iron mask on him to keep him from talking. As CWverse fans may already know, Ray Palmer is very talkative, so this would be the extreme punishment, almost worse than death for Mr. Palmer. Like I said, he is very smart so he would know that weird code Jesse and Barry used to figure out J-A-Y.
    This is definitely the correct theory!
    I WIN!!!

  47. Raul Felix Calixto III says:

    “In testing out the tachyon device outside the future Keystone City, Barry apparently made his trip to National City and back. Though without comment?”

    Actually, the “no-comment” was the comment.

    Barry tested the device, came back and said, I’m back. How long was I gone for?” He DID NOT ask, “How fast was I going?”. Sisqo then replies to Barry questions answering the “How fast was I going” question.

    Barry withheld the fact that in the milliseconds of real-time Sisqo and Caitlin were going through, he went fast enough to cause the a breach and enter Supergirl’s Earth-Two {Supergirl – 1×18 -World’s Finest), came back, and made Wells create a smaller, lighter version of the device for his suit.

    I had a feeling there were going to be people who watched this episode and miss the fact that Barry made a breach and came back before anyone who what was going on. But yeah, you don’t see that large device much after he tells Wells to trash cuz it’s more or less stupid.

  48. Green Arrow says:

    Have you guys thought that maybe when Barry runs back from national city and it does the time travel portal and he comes through the other side that maybe he was grabbing a flash time remnant? When he shows back up he says “How long was I gone?” not how fast was it, or how long did it take me. There are a lot of little cryptic lines and looks and hintings in this episode.

    • Mostafa Fathalla says:

      see supergirl S1E18 and u will get it ;)..he travels to her earth and her world and not earth2 or even earth 3

  49. Figren says:

    How did Zoom get back to earth two with Wally ??
    Because there are no way he can get back without sisko ?? !!!

  50. steven says:

    So…after zoom let wally go,why did barry give away his speed and didn’t try to fight him instead?I mean,he was faster then him so he would probably win…Giving away his speed would mean that zoom would become even more powerful and no one would be able to stop him from terrorising the two eaths.So there giving away his speed seems like a very bad choice for me.Any ideas why he did it?

    • tennantmarsters2013 says:

      There’s a way Barry can temporarily get his speed back until he can get back to zoom…velocity 9 (can’t believe no one has mentioned this) and the tachion device will
      Enhance it?

      Thinking back on it I do think wells has rigged the speed draining gun (can’t remember what it was called).

      Jay Garrick I’m 99.9% sure doesn’t exist on either earth is just an alias for hunter.

      Man in iron mask… Is not wally as he is Caucasian and has blonde hair. Now could be hunters earth one dopplerganger but I doubt it. It’s more than likely going to be one of the next two people lets start with the obvious choice reverse flash. Zoom wants to steal speed from as many speedsters as he can why wouldn’t it be reverse flash plus Barry saving him would be bitter sweet for Barry because iltimately he is a rival of Barry’s.

      Now the more interesting one and the one who
      I kind of hope it is in the end but first remember what zoom said to Barry when he asked who the man in the mask was… You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. This could be one of three things another older version of Barry (no coz he isn’t blonde),

      The man in the iron mask is another time rem of hunter there to trick and fool Barry into going back thus making it possible for zoom to get his speed OR…

      The man in the mask is Eddie Thawne. His body got sucked up into the singularity at the end of s1 zoom could’ve had tech to save him temporarily to get info on earth one and let’s be honest the only person you wouldn’t believe it to be is someone who is dead

      So I’m sure it’s Eddie just for that reason alone if not its reverse flash

      • s says:

        There’s no way the guy in the iron mask is Caucasian! I have no idea where you see blond hair considering that we don’t get to see anything but his hands and those hands are NOT Caucasian.

        • tennantmarsters2013 says:

          Well that goes to show how much attention you pay when watching an episode!

          One you can tell he is Caucasian coz in escape from Earth 2 there is a scene where the man in the mask bows his head down you can see the blonde hair poking out of the bottom of the mask lie you can see his skin is causcausion