Castle Season 8 Series Finale

Castle Bosses Eye Multiple Endings Amid Uncertain Future: 'We Crafted a Final Scene We Hope Never Airs'

As Castle Season 8 enters its final stretch, the yet-to-be-renewed ABC drama is facing two different finales and three possible futures.

In response to our recent report that the stalwart drama was preparing an alternate ending for the season in the event of cancellation, co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter tells TVLine that for the Season 8 finale airing May 16 — titled “Crossfire,” in which a twist in Rick and Kate’s final pursuit of LokSat “puts their case, and their lives, in jeopardy” — “We have one ending, a cliffhanger that we’re excited about, because we believe in Castle and we believe that ABC will hopefully, hopefully bring us back.”

And if Castle does return for Season 9, it could look one of two ways: like the show that fans currently know, or a variation that accounts for an altered cast.

“Obviously our hope is that we come back ‘all hands on deck’ for Season 9, but everybody needs to make deals,” co-showrunner Alexi Hawley explains. With leads Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic at the end of their one-year contract extensions, “There’s stuff up in the air, so we are trying to leave it in a very dynamic way which leaves open the possibility that maybe the show won’t come back in the same form next season — although, again, we really hope that it does.”

Or, of course, you have the worst-case scenario — that Castle doesn’t come back at all, after a season that occasionally flirted with series-low ratings, yet in recent weeks has stabilized and even upticked.

In the event that ABC doesn’t order Season 9, the showrunners are prepping an alternate version of the season finale that properly ends the series as a whole.  “We have crafted a final scene that would exist only if we weren’t coming back,” Hawley confirms, “one that we don’t really want to get into—”

“—because our hope is that it never airs,” Winter adds.

Hawley traveled a similar road last year at this time, when as co-showrunner of The Following he set up a finale that ended with Kevin Bacon’s character venturing off to be a vigilante of sorts, as the Fox drama rode the renewal bubble. “But we can’t do that on Castle,” he says. “Castle‘s a different show, so it felt like to be fair to the fans, if we thought there was even a small chance we wouldn’t come back, we owed it to them to craft something” that offers closure.

Until ABC hands down its fateful decision, the showrunners have their “fingers crossed” that Castle does come back, and “with the whole team.” But when exactly do they need to know which version of the finale to submit for broadcast on May 16?

“Basically we have to deliver an episode on the Friday before we air,” Winter says, “and it’s up to ABC to tell us which one that is.”

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  1. Marcie says:

    If Stanic leaves the show, they should just cancel it, not kill her off. I’d rather think of them going on to fight crimes together than see one of them die.

    • Alex says:

      Stanic ?

    • Paul Burd says:

      entirely agree, I heard the rumor of killing Beckett off and Rick moving to LA to pursue his PI business to forget, I hope this is just a rumor!!

      • there is ZERO chance they do this so don’t worry.

        • Paul Burd says:

          I hope you are right.

        • Except they’ve already reported that they will not be bringing Katic back for season 9. So, regardless of what they do with her character… they need to just end it, rather than going on without a vital character like Beckett.

          • Paul Burd says:

            Agree, Beckett & Lanie not reportedly in season 9, so no interest in Castle anymore.

          • Dr. Enie says:

            Absolutely. My guess is SK wanted out. Unfortunately she is the MAJOR star of the show. It will be interesting to hear the real story of her departure. I will have to rely on reruns and the shows I have bought VERY VERY SAD AND DISAPPOINTED. COULDN’T THEY HAVE RESOLVED THE CONTRACT FOR ONE YEAR!! DR. ENIE

      • Da Ragman says:

        not true at all.

        • s says:

          This is in responce to Dr.Enle- I agree. Could they not have offered contract for 13 more episode as they were planning to do for Nathan. Why ABC and the producers could not work this out.
          I saw several possiblities to extensions after watching the final. Now if I as a regular viewer could see this why not the big time producer and writers.
          Would have made a lot of people happy to go in another direction.
          Oh well, can fix it now .

    • Mark says:

      Why does everyone assume that it will be Stana that leaves it could be Nathan they Kill off I mean she is married to him so its not to much of a leap that she takes on his surname and carries on.And the promise of more screen time may keep on the show, but I’m with everyone on the forum if they can not keep the cast then they should end it.

      • Craig Riley says:

        Because Katic is the one who’s always dragging her heels about renewing her contract, and who made the showrunners minimise her involvement this year so she could do other things… Fillion is still all hands on deck with the show.

      • FormerCastleFan says:

        I might continue watching if Stana and the boys remain. Unfortunately Nathan is #1 on the call sheet (as he has been known to remind people) so he is probably considered necessary to the show. Personally, I consider both Stana and Nathan necessary to the show. If they can’t get them both back, the show should be cancelled.
        Currently there is no proof that Stana made the.showrunners minimize her time on screen (if there is, I’d like to see it)….we don’t know why her screen time was reduced.

        • s says:

          Have read that there were problems between Nathan and Stana. Don’t know if any truth to it or not. This could have been the reason for her lack of time. We will problably never know unless someone writes a book about the inside on the Castle set.

    • Castlefan says:

      As Laura suggested, I’m tweeting #nostananocastle instead of watching tonight.

    • Rolanda says:

      I agree. Without Beckett here is no Castle. If the show returns and Stanic isn’t apart of it, I won’t b watching.

  2. Alex says:

    Since when do they care about being “fair to the fans” ?

    • Susan Smith says:


    • S. says:

      I think they care more about the fans than the haters here ever have. If you’re (and this is a general “you” to the aforementioned haters) still posting and talking about the show and are this poisonous about it week after week, I’d say you’re doing the damage to the fanbase. Not the writers of the show. It makes it miserable to enjoy it with other fans to have to come here and read the kinds of things said here by people who, if they meant what they said, really should’ve changed the channel and shut it rather than continuing to talk about the show. It’s been classic Castle for weeks now. Anybody who hasn’t appreciated that isn’t paying attention. Clearly what they were trying to do paid off and was for a reason. I think the biggest miss would be writing it and asking us to think the LokSat folks ever thought the separation was real. I just think observation would’ve made it clear to them (and Rita) that it wasn’t. Or even if they were that she wouldn’t be upset it something happened to him. They probably could’ve gotten to this point quicker. I think it’d make more sense if it was just about convincing Vikram and he was actually a bad guy Beckett knew about and was manipulating while he thought he was manipulating *her.*

    • Castlefan says:

      +1 I know people who still won’t watch ABC because they cancelled Lois and Clark in 1997. I’ll be joining them.

    • SO says:

      Better still, + 1000 No ABC anymore for me. Maybe new heads wanted more money, so fire the stars instead. Bottom line is greed in so many fields.

  3. JImN says:

    This seasons show runners have shown a total lack of understanding of why people watch Castle from episode one. The fact that they have not flushed the failed Loksat concept well before the end of the seasons just confirms their ignorance to the fans. The very last thing anyone wants to remember about Castle is Loksat. These idiots should be writing commercials for car dealerships in San Diego.

    • annek says:

      Lol +1000

    • Magdalena says:

      very well said. I agree :)

    • zabicdrozda59 says:

      very well said. I agree :).

    • Birdsthatnest says:

      Hey Jim~hands off Sand Diego….yes… that is not a typo….it’s Sand….. and their car commercials…….remember Cal Worthington and his dog Spot? Simply classic……oh…now I get your point….lol……I seriously doubt Cal Worthington or his dog would hire Hawley at this point….

    • David says:

      Hate to say it, but I agree…LokSat plot should have been wrapped up by episode 10 at the latest…

      • s says:

        Should have been locked up before episode 10 or sooner. Should have put Caskett back together and ratings would have gone up.
        Many things have destroyed this season.Too ate to fix it by ABC’s standards.

    • s says:

      Could not have put it any better.
      When they saw ratings dropping- instead of saying to fan just stick it out and we’ll make it better. Do it before it gets in trouble and cancelled.

  4. Kate says:

    Unless both Nathan and Stana are willing to come back, I’m rooting for seeing that series ender… If both are not in, whatever airs on May 16th will be the end for me. I’ve been a huge fan of the show since the first episode, but I won’t watch without both of them. Together they are the show I love.

    • annek says:

      Agreed. Actually Hannings episode is the end if the road for this day 1 fan. I have no desire to see what Hawley has planned for Castle. He ruined what could be the final season. Complete hack. Even if his hands are tied with contract stipulations, a 12 year old could have come up with better ideas and flushed them out in a way to make fans happy

      • mazel tov says:

        You “flesh” things out, you don’t “flush” them out.

        On the other hand, the entire season of Castle has been one for the toilet.

      • s says:

        Mistake was made by putting show in hands of of writers who did not have the fans interest at heart. When the writers say were having fun with this, I worry. I not watching for you to have fun I should be having fun. I’m not

    • Mary says:

      Totally agree! If the show comes back without its cast – as in both leads – may 16th is the rnd for me!

    • JosiahBartlet4President says:

      I agree. I don’t want to watch the show without both of them. The reason why the show is so great is that they have such a great history and very explosive chemistry.

  5. Brad says:

    I prey for the series end I hate cliffhangers it changing the show entirely different then it is now

  6. Disappointed says:

    Not sure how this will work if the contract negotiations drag on, last year the announcement that Stana was staying for another year was made the day after the finale aired, so unless things are pretty much decided BTS I don’t know how they’ll know which ending to air, and don’t they have to have the final edited version ready for distribution a week before the show airs, which would mean by May 9.
    This does suggest that Stana didn’t tell TPTB that S8 was definitely her last when she signed on last year, as some believed, or they would only have needed to shoot a season and a series ending, not two season endings.

    • pjmuggs says:

      Tvline a couple of days ago stated Castle is off the bubble line and now a sure bet for renewal.You all seem to forget that Stana has said many times that she regrets coming back for season 8.if she regrets coming back what make you think that she will sign for another season.Answer MONEY.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        She has said that? Many times? Where? I would need to write a news story.

        • Teri says:

          Agree, Matt. Stana has said nothing of the sort. But, money does talk no matter what. Hope ABC rolls out a big sum to continue. She deserves it!

        • s says:

          I would like to see that also.
          I have only seen a couple of interview that Stana have given. She has never indicated , to my knowledge , and regrets that we could tell about.

      • lynn says:

        She never said any thing like this! Seriously where do some of you get such nonesense?

  7. Mary says:

    Castle without Beckett?! No thanks

  8. Liz says:

    Wait, I’m confused. Is the implication here that there are three possible endings (one series, one season with all hands on deck, one season without), or that there are two possible endings and, if the ending is a season finale, multiple possibilities for storylines in season 9?

    • Tim says:

      The latter

      • Liz says:

        Ah, thank you. That’s what I’d assumed, but some of the comments here implying that there were two season finales threw me off.

        • Disappointed says:

          I read it initially as TWO season endings, but I think you’re right in that it is ONE season ending with TWO options for S9. The obvious assumption for this is that we get a repeat of Knockout with Beckett left hovering on the brink, so that they can revive her in the S9 premier if Stana re-signs, or she flat lines if she doesn’t.

          • Brad says:

            Maybe that means the cliffhanger is both Kate and castle fate is left in the air for the finale

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          ONE season finale that allows for TWO possible Season 9s. Or they swap in the alternate ending for a SERIES finale. (I have made a small edit to hopefully ensure crystal clarity for future readers.)

          • Disappointed says:

            I see you have increased the number of fatalities in your May sweeps spoilers to 17 now but I guess the season ending might make it difficult to decide whether to include Beckett here or in the “Possible Fatality” list. I think it less likely now that Beckett is the one going into witness protection.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Castle was already accounted for in the initial Scorecard. The upped deaths stemmed from my May Sweeps/Finale Preview Spectacular interviews for two other shows.

          • Whoa Nellie says:

            How could Castle be in the original scorecard if one of the leads returning is up in the air, let alone whether it’s a series ender or season finale?

          • Disappointed says:

            This to Whoa Nellle
            The May Sweeps Scorecard has this proviso to the “Posssible fatalities” list

            * Applies to characters’ whose fate is left up in the air at the end of the season finale

          • shirley says:

            I am so confused by now.I only know I would like Stana back to finish out what the are saying possibly-half a season. Why not just do that . Why rob the fans of an ending that is going to hurt us. Oh yell!! Its ABC. They don’t care who they hurt.Just money.

  9. Tim says:

    As long as they dnt kill off anyone I’m fine with it. Even though I dnt hate s8, I have zero trust in these writers. This show and these characters deserve a great happy ending, sth these writers may not be entirely aware of. Makes me sad and anxious.

    I hope stana and Nathan both come back. To have a show without them both? Abc should know that’s not what this show is. I hope they give if the bones treatment for next season.

    • Brad says:

      Lol the bones treatment fans get what they want I doubt that will happen for castle fans);

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      It sounds like the choices are:
      ……1. Everyone returns
      ……2.Beckett dies
      ……3.Show is cancelled
      I’ll take door #1 please…..if not possible then door #3. Door #2 shouldn’t even be an option.

  10. Tim says:

    I just want to say one thing, a lot of ppl think they will write stana off in the finale so s9 can be without it. Firstly, neither we nor the writers know whether stana wants to continue or not. Rumors of her leaving are just that. Rumors.
    If she wants to leave, that’s her and her decision alone and needs to be respected. She should not be blamed or crucified for it and least of all, the writers.
    ABC will be ruining the show if they continue castle without Beckett for sure, but since all they care abt is money, I dnt think they care what fans think no matter how much we want. I hope though that abc isn’t dumb enough to pull the move. Castle is a veteran show and I wish they would treat it with respect.

    • Liz says:

      x1000. I wouldn’t watch a Beckett-less Castle, but that doesn’t make it suddenly the fault of everyone else under the sun if she leaves. Especially without any (legitimate) proof to uphold this ridiculous notion that Stana’s being pushed out, and she certainly has absolute right to leave the sixteen-hour days for 8+ months to the year to pursue something new.

      • Liz says:

        (Just to tack on to my own reply: not to say that ANYONE’s leaving. A Castle without all the original cast isn’t Castle, to me, and I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that all the contracts work out.)

      • Susan Smith says:

        Trust your eyes.Castle Centric /Castle PI/Castle GDS shows.Far more Castle time and Far less Beckett. That includes all those shooting days she was in LA.Point is the Show Runners Chose to put Kate Beckett in the corner.The show Sufffered for this choice

    • John NYC says:

      How would they be ruining the show by simply dealing with a cast members own choice?

      They wouldn’t. They’d simply be dealing with the circumstances presented by an actor’s choice.

      Lots of successfully entertaining shows haven’t had particular actors on them (to avoid assumptions). A reset of this one would have that same possibility.

    • Mary S says:

      Problem with ignoring what the fans want is that it’s the FANS who comprise the AUDIENCE. If you ignore what the audience wants, there will simply be NO AUDIENCE, NO ADVERTISERS, NO REVENUE, AND NO SHOW.
      Even those with Absent Brain Cells should be able to figure that one out….

  11. Grey says:

    These showrunners have shown a total lack of respect and understanding for their audience. The worst finale that they hope never airs should be the one where one of the leads doesn’t come back next season not the series finale.

    • Tim says:

      Whether one actor comes back or not is NOT the writers decision/ fault. They don’t even know what the actors might want. that decision is up to the actors, not the writers. So let’s not blame the writers. They are also being dictated by what abc wants. Blame abc if you want for wanting to continue castle even without its leads. It’s up to ABC and. the writers, not the writers.

    • Tom says:

      They dnt want the series finale because they dnt want castle to be cancelled.

      The other ending that allows for multiple s9 scenarios is also the one which includes all actors for s9. So they basically want the show to continue. The decision of whether stana and Nathan come back is s&n’s and theirs alone and the decision to continue with or without them is ABC’s. Writers are not in power in this situation at all.

    • Grey says:

      People can’t read anymore

      • Terry says:

        And showrunners can’t run a show without running it into the ground. This breaking up Castle & Beckett and the headless Lokset thread turned away a lot of viewers. Those showrunners are good at doing series finales.

  12. Just one thing says:

    This is some Tom foolery.

  13. shirley says:

    I too hope the final that you don’t want to end- does not.
    I too wants another season of what I consider the best programing on tv or on ABC.
    Monday night is my tv night. I look forward to this program.

    Please ABC don’t disapponit us Castle Fans!!!!!

  14. Denise says:

    Please, ABC, please. Don’t cancel Castle. It’s a lot of people’s favorite show. There isn’t much else to watch! We love Castle!

    • DAB says:

      WE agree please do not cancel this show there is very little on TV these days a lot of good shows are going. Then stuck with terrible sitcoms I refuse to watch. Love Beckett, Castle, and the crew.

  15. Opal says:

    This whole season has been nothing but a mess so why not the ending. I love Castle but would not watch without Caskett, Expo, Ryan, Martha and Alexis.

  16. Craig says:

    What if they did a Father/Daughter PI firm and Beckett decides to run for Senate? That way she could guest star from time to time?

  17. Disappointed says:

    A Knockout type finale that leaves Beckett bleeding out would seem to be setting up a much darker show in S9 if she doesn’t make it. Nathan might have to rethink his opinion when he described the show as primarily a comedy a few months ago if the show returns showing how Castle has recovered over the hiatus from his great loss after a time bump. But if Stana doesn’t re-sign I won’t be tuning in to see how he has coped.

  18. Court says:

    I would want the show to be done after this season if both Nathan and Stana don’t return for season 9. The bread and butter of the show is Castle and Beckett solving crime. I’m out if there is going to be an alternative cast. No Caskett=I’m not watching

  19. James Lincoln says:


  20. Boiler says:

    Based on what ABC has already renewed this show being renewed should be a no brainer. The only way it should not be is if both Fillion and Katic leave. Personally I would watch a spin off without Stana, or as someone else said, have her run for Senate. People on here who say it is done have obviously not seen ABC ratings since February

    • Disappointed says:

      ABC might renew it for a S9 but I think a lot of the current audience will be done if Stana leaves. I think people taking the steady ratings this season after the initial 2M fall as a sign that things are OK are reading too much into them as I believe there are many who are teetering on the brink. This season we have had Castle 2.0, to all intents and purposes, with little sign of a writer and his muse fighting crimeTOGETHER, and if that morphs into Castle P.I. I think many more will call it a day.

      • Tom says:

        Actually we dnt know what will happen to ratings. So it’s useless to speculate.

        • Annie says:

          We can’t know for sure but can make an educated guess based on evidence from this season. The show saw ratings drop until they finally reunited Caskett and gave them more than 4-5 minutes of shared screen time. Ratings have held steady with some increase since that happened. Educated guess based on the evidence- no Caskett, lower ratings.

          • Tom says:

            Actually the show dropped from 7.23 to 8.01, 1-4 to 1.2.

            The ratings have not decreased during the separation. They stayed within 1.2-1.1.

            And ratings have NOT increased since caskett has been reunited. They are still doing 1.1s. The total viewship has increased due to DWTS , lead in which do not matter.

            The only real decline was from s7 to s8. S8 has been doing the same ratings for eps no matter (with exception of Sunday airing and airing vs the grammys) what the status of caskett ‘s r/s.

        • Disappointed says:

          So do you think that the 10M currently still watching live and on DVR will all still happily tune in for a Beckettless S9. I’m convinced that the first promo that ABC put out for S8 featuring just Castle in his new job, and then the poster they put out of “Castle has a new partner” contributed significantly to the 2M drop between S7 and S8. So as things stand I do think it is possible to speculate that if Stana doesn’t come back it will have a further significant impact on the ratings. It’s not something I’d put money on though LOL

          • Tom says:

            I’m not saying ratings won’t change at all. I dnt think I’ll be as huge as some think. But we can’t know for sure.

            Also to think ppl didn’t start watching s8 because of one promo is ridiculous. One promo doesn’t do much. The finale for s7 had 1.4, the s8 premiere a 1.2. Not that big a drop. Castle declined year to year but not within the year indictating that those who have watched s8 form start have stuck with it. if anything castle lost a huge chunk of audience in s7, not s8

      • Boiler says:

        Yea just give up on a show without seeing it. Beckett hasn’t been his muse for years so that argument is ridiculous. Why don’t you just wait and see instead of running your mouth on a total unknown!!

    • Feesim says:

      I have said in other forums that I would watch a Castle without Stana. Not that I want to, nor do I wish it, nor do I think she is anything but a great actor. However, I would not watch a Castje without a Beckett character. I really like the show and it would give another actor a chance to play the Beckett roll

    • Beckstle says:

      Hmmm…If you looked at the content of those shows, you’d realize why the idea of trying to have the show Castle without Beckett is a waste of time. The ratings popped when the seperation ended and viewers started getting more Caskett and a stronger Beckett.

  21. Alie Hunter says:

    The one thing I DO NOT want to see isa Beckett-less “Castle”. I would rather them just end the series on a happy (satisfying) note then one where Castle and Beckett are separated. I’m not interested in a “Castle PI” show. In fact, I’d rather watch a Ryan and Espo buddy cop spin off than a PI show.

  22. jeremy says:

    It would be unfair to the fans to not have a last season to wrap storylines up, they need to wrap storylines of all the cast members, I hope it’s not because the stars aren’t signing their contracts for another year.

  23. majma15 says:

    If ABC was going to cancel the show, I believe it would have already been announced with the others that were released to the press. Since you can’t have a show called “Castle” without the titular actor, my guess is that negotiations are pending with Nathan Fillion. If he signs the dotted line, negotiations will go next to Stana Katic. If she signs, we will assume all the other cast members will jump on board. There are many decisions involved for the two leads. Earlier in S8, people were commenting the show should have been cancelled last year. Nathan replied via Twitter, that hundreds of other behind the scenes people would have been put out of work had that happened. No doubt he and Stana are factoring that into their personal decisions. Fans have been very vocal that 90% of the audience only wants to watch the show if it includes BOTH Castle & Beckett. This time next month we should know the fate of the show. Personally, I hope for a S9 with an intact cast.

    • KLS says:

      I agree with this 100%. The first step was ABC acknowledging that they want Castle back in it’s original form which I think Dungey (not Lee) has done (not publicly). Then Nathan. Then Stana. They are in a good place to negotiate, but just imagine the pressure on both of them now. More so on Stana, I think.

    • TNT says:

      Agree,.I remember last year.
      ABC/dungey not stupid.if Castle back just with one lead,ABC wasting their money

  24. Rida says:

    Ok so apparently the writers are of the philosophy that shows can’t continue into the next season without a cliffhanger. That is absolutely not true. It can be done, in fact they did it with the start of this season. Why not do that again? Have a Hollander’s woods type finale which is both satisfying as season or series finale?

    Who am I kidding though? My saying this won’t change what’s done now. I just hope they and abc can treat this show with the good respect that it deserves.

  25. DarkDefender says:

    At least we will know if it is renewed before the finale.
    I hope for at least has one more year. It is clear SK wanted more time away and a lighter shooting schedule (and got it) from the grueling schedule she has had in the first 7 seasons… But I really wish they learn from Season 8 that they can do good Casketty stuff and work more with the extended cast to give the leads time to breath between episodes. Some of the best chemistry between NF & SK is when they are not exhausted and when either comes back from a bit of a break.

    • Disappointed says:

      Yes Dead Red, Heartbreaker, and Death Wish all seemed to be better received than most of the rest of S8 with comments like “it felt like Classic Castle”, even though the leads didn’t have the same amount of screen time as in “Classic Castle”. Castle fell back into his consultancy role with no need to insinuate him into the episodes as the P.I. and it was also noticeable that Alexis’s appearances in those episodes was more as the daughter of old rather than as this S8 supersleuth, and Hayley was mainly absent altoghether, as was Loksat. So if the writers are creative enough it can be done.

      • KLS says:

        I agree. It took the writers a while to figure out how to make things work given their restraints, but it seems like they are hitting their stride and it can be done. I think that the spin-off idea died with Paul Lee leaving and it has made a significant difference in the writing.

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      I’m not sure how you can say it is clear that Stana wanted more time away and a lighter shooting schedule. Did you see her contract? She may have had both, but it does not mean it was at her request. Unless you have concrete proof, I recommend that you not make any assumptions about what Stana’s filming schedule means.

      • Tom says:

        Actually what you are implying cannot be proven either. Only thing we know is that stana got time off once during the premiere, so it’s not impossible to believe that she requested it for other times as well. But some ppl want to believe in conspiracies against Stana. Which is fine. I guess I just dnt assume bts drama without proof. Guess we’ll NEVER know. So what’s the point of even discussing.

    • Susan Smith says:

      No not clear that Stana wanted anymore time away than Nathan.The turn toward Castle was the Show Runners decision to “Rewrite “Castle to make it in Their Vision

  26. FormerCastleFan says:

    Sounds like ABC has learned nothing this season and they are still willing to go on without Stana. Too bad, I had high hopes for the change in management….instead same ole, Same ole.

    • KLS says:

      Not to defend TPTB, but it seems like Dungey has made a positive impact on S8B and has decided to renew Castle. If she can’t resign Nathan, the series dies. If Nathan signs but not Stana, she would be a fool to not try and squeeze out a S9 with the cast & crew that they have. Now, whether it succeeds or not is another thing all together. Considering the state of things at ABC (declining shows across the board), the risk/cost is quite lower for a revamped Castle then any new shows that they may be trying to launch. (Just my opinions, of course).

      • Beckstle says:

        She’d be a fool to try it without both leads. Fan backlash can be swift and unforgiving. Look at Forever. They tried to pitch it to Castle fans in that timeslot for one week. Fans were so mad they basically boycotted it. I get that she has to get Nathan first, but if she can’t get Stana as well, it’s a waste of money. Caskett is the show’s bread and butter. She’d be better off with a new show with Nathan playing a new character than trying to sell Castle without Beckett.

        • KCC says:

          You’re saying Forever failed because of Castle fan base backlash? I’m surprised the presidential candidates aren’t more active in wrapping up this very influential constituency.

  27. Plecodave says:

    I’m interested in a season 9 if both leads return. However if the current Showrunners return ,then it’s time to put this once great show out of it’s misery.

  28. Andrea says:

    Well, my hope is still that Castle returns for a shortend final season WITH all of the cast, mainly Nathan and Stana. As a fan, I hope for an ending that gives a good amount of closure to my favorite show.

    In my opinion it can only be about Stana/Beckett not returning. (I highly doubt they would bring the show back without Nathan, who is technically the lead.) I’ll be so very sad if the show does return without Beckett, how unsatisying to a fan from the start of the show. But that’s an actors choice. She’s fulfilled her contractual obligations and has every right to move on. I can only imagine the hate and terrible comments Stana would get if this does turn out to be what happens. (Knowing Castle fans, Nathan will probably get blamed some how!)

    I’m still going to hope the show comes back with everyone on board for a great last season!

    • Rida says:

      Stana will get blamed but i think writers and more so Nathan will be blamed more . Because apparently s8 has all been abt Nathan bullying writers to push out stana. Pffft

      Heaven forbid she exercises her autonomy and decides to move on because she wants sth else in life, not because of any bts crap.

  29. Tess says:

    I never thought I’d say this but Fox is more sensible than abc because they know not to continue a show abt a couple crime solving duo without them both (Bones). If ABC doesn’t do that? Like…..why would anyone want to do that? Also lets be clear it’s up to abc and the actors on how this show goes on.

  30. zabicdrozda59 says:

    In the 8 th season of the new showrunner become gravediggers Castle show. Being a good competent writers doesn’t mean being competent showrunner.
    Although in my opinion, both showrunners not only collapsed the issue of “preserving the integrity of the character” but also they failed with the idea of ​​the main arc or arcs (famous LockSat), because this what they came up with puts me in a stupor [it’s exact translation of Polish idiom – I couldn’t find more appropriate expression]
    The most amazes me is what showrunners did to Rick Castle, and how they massacred his character. What made Castle so attractive in the past, more than his money, was his charm, wit, intelligence and vast knowledge. He was always eccentric and a little bit childish, however he kept it under control and he used it to his own advantage, as he was very confident, sharp and aware of others and he could talk himself out of any situation. Now he became just a moron, he is ridiculed by everybody, including his own daughter.

  31. James D says:

    I hope it comes back, I think it should after the strong second half of this season. I don’t think their is any doubt both leads would return if the money is good the question becomes will ABC pull the trigger on the salary increase. I’m biased, but even with the debacle of Season 8A this show still has a strong core fan base I’d wager a stronger one than Bones and it’s at what season 12? I know they’re different shows but it’s a similar enough premise to make the point. as for the different scenarios I might be the only one who’d watch it (or at least try and watch it) without Stana, wouldn’t be my first choice by far as I love Stana but I think it would tickle my curiosity to see how they’d do it. if ABC does renew it with all hands on deck I kind of hope they bring in a fresh writers room with new show-runners someone who will reinvigorate it yet stick to the shows identity.

  32. Tess says:

    Umm I have one question…..why do so many people think stana is ready to leave? Where is that even coming from? Do we have any concrete proof? Did she tell these people or do they know her? I’m guessing not, but given the certainity that they talk with it seems that they know about everything stana thinks and wants.

    • ndixit says:

      Stana has talked about doing other projects. At some red carpet she even said she was working on some cable type show potentially starring her. So it’s not completely without basis.

  33. wjsc says:

    The sad truth is, if this batch of writers/showrunners will be sticking around, it’s pointless to bring Castle back for another season. Let it go, now — while there’s still a smidgen of life left in the show. (The spark is long gone.)
    I shudder to think what they might come up with after this disastrous season!

  34. Sue says:

    Why in God’s name would anyone ever “craft” anything they hoped would never see the light of day? Why put the writers, cast and crew through what was probably somewhat traumatic? No wonder they all looked so sad the last day of filming. Like I’ve said before, Hawley and Winter are like boys pulling the legs and wings off bugs. Something like last season’s finale would’ve made in good, positive series finale, but they think happy endings are boring.

  35. computertech says:

    Not worth is if castle and beckett are not there. After all, it’s them 2 that make the show. If one is leaving, i would rather them end the show on a happy note, like both retiring or something. Would NOT be nice if they kill one off.

  36. Jennifer says:

    If Stana Katic doesn’t renew her contract with ABC, then May 16th will be the end of Castle for me. Showing Castle without Stana playing Kate Beckett is like watching water boil, boring. Bring them all back or just let this be the end.

    • s says:

      To David- So agree. Ratings would have gone up. Put Castle and Beckett back together
      and life would have been good.

  37. Shell says:

    This show has staying power. It’s held it’s own for 8 years in the same timeslot with virtually no promotion by ABC. I don’t know if they realize what a gem they have. Great acting by both leads who have given it their all, no matter how bad the writing has been this season. It deserves more respect for keeping the network alive this year. Special thanks to Stana Katic for her great portrayal of Beckett, which I believe is one of the best acting jobs I’ve ever witnessed on TV. I wish ABC would give her more credit for the success of the show.

    • majma15 says:

      Many mistakes have been made over the years when it comes to Castle. ABC has given it very little publicity over the past few seasons. The past four Academy Awards shows have never once aired a promo for Castle. They tended to push mid-season replacements heavily and 90% of them tanked. Very rarely do we see articles on either Nathan or Stana in newspapers and magazines. If it wasn’t for the Internet and sites like TVLINE.COM , there wouldn’t be any info. Perhaps once or twice a year we may see either Stana or Nathan on a Kimmel or Fallon show.The show is pre-empted quite often, particularly as it is gaining ground and steam with the audience -only to have people forget it is back on. Not a good way to promote a show that brings in extra revenue for ABC studios with its international audience, the NikkiI Heat books , DVDs, merchandise, and money for episodes shown in Syndication. The show deserves/deserved far more respect from the network than what it got. I hope we get at least a 13 episode commitment for Season 9. I recently began to notice that Andrew Marlowe has been given a second credit in several episodes as an “Executive Consultant” . Although I will never get over how he sabotaged the original Caskett wedding, which started this downward spiral, perhaps he needs to have a stronger say in the show if there is indeed a Season 9.

  38. zabicdrozda59 says:

    If ABC intends to continue the series should seriously think about changing showrunners

    • Mary S says:

      “… a change of showrunner can be a cause for commentary among critics and fans. This is especially true when a showrunner takes over from an original creator, as fans are often concerned that the showrunner will not stay true to the creator’s artistic vision.” This explains a lot! Obviously, they changed the SR for this year, and the new guy has all but destroyed one of my favorite shows.
      Several things need to happen: 10 apologize to Stana and Nathan for screwing up their characters 2) bring back the original writers (or at least find some just as skilled and 3) FIRE THE DOLTS WHO DREAMED UP LOKSAT AND BRING IN SOMEONE WHO LOVES THE SHOW IN ITS ORIGINAL ATTITUDE!
      Yes, the characters have grown and have had experiences that have matured them, but they need to be able to return to the banter we all fell in love with. Now that they are back together and delighting in each other’s company again, that should not be difficult to expand upon….WITH THE APPROPRIATE WRITERS AND SHOWRUNNERS!!!

  39. Linda Wessells says:

    I love this series. If there is an alternate cast, I will reassess, and then determine the quality of the newly formatted series. No, forget that. I want to see the current cast to continue. The chemistry between these characters has meshed since the inception of the show. Funny, serious, nostalgic, this series has proven to be comfortable, imaginative, and highly entertaining.
    Just stop switching the time and date!

  40. Faye says:

    I love “Castle” but didn’t know it was airing on prime-time 2015/2016. When, what time and what channel does it come on? I specifically like the family/office dynamics.

    • CMG says:

      Mondays at 9 pm (8 central/mountain) on the ABC network in the USA. Internationally, check your on-screen guide for times and channels in your area.

    • AJR says:

      Seriously? Same bat time, same bat channel. Maybe you’re being cheeky. I don’t know.

  41. Tom-VA49 says:

    Like it or not, the name of the show is “Castle”. Stana was the holdout last time and if she does it again, then if they get renewed, they should plan on running a show without her. Castle is a writer who was looking for a new inspiration when he met Beckett. As devastating as her loss might be, he would continue to write.

    • Beckstle says:

      She wasn’t the hold-out. That implies they did contracts at the same time. They do his first, then everyone else gets to negotiate. What, he’s the only one allowed time to make up his mind?

    • AJR says:

      Holdout? Or they didn’t talk to her until they wrapped filming last season. Bug difference

      • AJR says:

        *Big difference* some folks have got it in their heads that SK is a diva and jerked around. But the problem with that statement is that the network could also have jerked around too… some of these anti-SK fans need new lines

  42. pvank1 says:

    Exactly, Senator Beckett-Castle.

  43. First & foremost, I’m a STANA fan …. End of Castle discussion, whatever happens, so be it !
    But I’ll follow STANA’S career anywhere and be content !!!

  44. Charli Hightower says:

    I’ve watched Castle since the beginning. Other than a few storylines that took forever to solve (Beckett’s mom murder) I have faithfully watched and would hate to see it cancelled. You can’t kill either of them off.

  45. kmw says:

    One would hope ABC will find a way to make an announcement sometime soon. Along with some others if they were really going to cancel Castle they would have done it by now. Obviously the exec change delayed negotiations a bit and yes it was probably this close last year as well. However since last year I firmly believe ABC is willing to go on without Stana Katic and I am increasingly believing in that scenario( however I do not believe that is a good idea) Of course you never know with these type of things and it is also entirely possible that both will be back. Either way if one of them leaves one or both will somehow be vilified for doing so. Keep Castle with both actors or move on

  46. Jason says:

    Of the three possible outcomes, the one that terrifies me is the possibility of not everyone coming back. What would really be the point? Castle and Beckett living happily ever after is all anybody really wants from this show. All this Loksat business was completely unnecessary. People really just want to watch them solve crimes and sexily banter with each other. If I want gut wrenching I’ll go watch Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. If I want to leave with a smile on my face I watch Castle. It’s basically a romantic comedy with murder mysteries. If either one of them doesn’t sign on the dotted line then I say call it a day. I’m starting to wish last year had been it. That was a good ending. If Castle comes back next year as a shell of it’s former self, I’m afraid I’ll be done. And it takes a lot to make me quit on a show I’ve been devoted to. I’ve watched many shows way past the point where any sane person would’ve jumped ship (every season of Heroes for pity’s sake). But I have quit before. When a show does something so egregious that I can’t look past it. This would qualify. And if by some chance, everybody comes back next year. I beg you ABC. Announce that it will be the last. I’m growing weary of this annual period of torture.

  47. Tru says:

    Totally agree with some of the comments below. This season show runners totally ruin the show like they did with The Following. If the show does come back for season 9 they need the old show runners back to close it off it old Castle way otherwise they just need to cancel it

  48. Abby says:

    A scene they hope never airs?

    Sounds like they’re going to kill someone off. :-/

  49. Ed says:

    I’m tired of Beckett’s “complicated” life theme. Let her divorce Castle and head off.Keep the rest of cast and develop the PI angle with Alexis playing a bigger role,Castle dating and still helping out the cops. There was an episode earlier this season that featured everyone but the Beckett character and I thought it was the best of what had become a tired series that seems to be just going through the motions.

  50. CM says:

    Beckett will actually be a Loksat operative and will be hauled off to jail.