Greys Anatomy Calzona Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Grey's, Bones, Flash, Grimm, Arrow and More!

Is Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie pondering a major move? Will a S.H.I.E.L.D. duo find time for love amid war? Will The Flash unmask another mystery man? Is Grimm setting the stage for -Biest Fight Round 2? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I’m guessing that on Grey’s Anatomy, Callie will want to take Sofia and move across the country to be with Penny, and that’s what will cause the Calzona tension. Please tell me all is not lost for Calzona.—Ashley
I can tell you that you are an A-plus guesstimator, because Callie will indeed mull moving to New York with Penny. But what’s interesting is that as she ponders that big decision, I hear she will take into consideration not just its potential impact on Sofia, but on Arizona, too.

I’ll take anything you have on Grimm! —Jen
The preview of this week’s episode teased an Adalind-Eve run-in, but Bitsie Tulloch tells us that the veterinarian-turned-assassin isn’t worried in the slightest. “Oh, Adalind doesn’t have a chance!” she says. “Eve is so powerful at this point that she could just look at somebody and make their head explode” (which, you’ll recall, actually happened in Episode 7 of this season). During the upcoming exchange between Nick’s women, “There’s a little bit of a threat going on,” Tulloch adds. “She’s saying, ‘I know exactly who you are and what you are, so watch your back.’ But she doesn’t touch her, just leaves her alone… Eve’s not going to waste her time with Adalind at this point.”

The FitzSimmons relationship has been on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s backburner so far in Season 3B. Will they start to get more plot soon? I mean, I’m all for the slow burn, but I’m getting antsy for some kisses here, or at the very least some sexual tension. –Lulu
This week’s episode doesn’t allow for much FitzSimmons alone time, centered as it is on Gideon Malick’s increasingly uneasy “association” with Hive and an explosive side mission for Daisy/Lincoln. But come April 19, circumstances may prompt one of the team’s science whizzes to second-guess their decision to “start over.”

Got anything forAGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that doesn’t involve Fitz or Simmons? —Emily
People, you are ConFuSiNg Me! Tonight’s episode features an epic 1-on-1 throwdown between May and Hydra goon Giyera, a dark reveal from Lincoln’s past and much more of purty Bethany Joy Lenz.

I’m looking forward to the return of my fave summer shows, so I would love any scoop you have on Zoo, The Last Ship or The Strain. –Michelle
I choose… Door No. 1, because I have learned that Season 2 of CBS’ animals-gone-wild series is adding the recurring character of Allison, the charismatic senior advisor to the Secretary of Agriculture who shares a surprising history with Billy Burke’s Mitch.

Any teases on the identity of The Flash’s Man In the Iron Mask? –Arlena
When asked about the masked man in Zoom’s crib, Teddy Sears assured me, “We do see him” during this season’s final stretch, “but I didn’t know who he was until [filming] the finale. Some of the actors will tell you, ‘We had ideas about who it is,’ but if they did, they knew a lot more than me! But [his identity] will be revealed, and I think it will be very satisfying to viewers.”

While I cross my fingers Arrowand wait for Arrow’s Charlotte Ross to also become a series regular, do you have anything to share about #SmoaknLance? —Trish
Donna will “definitely play a role” in helping Quentin cope with Laurel’s death while also avoiding the bottle, says showrunner Wendy Mericle. “We’ve seen him go off the wagon in the past, and what we really wanted to explore was: How would he want to honor his daughter’s legacy? That will be the question he has to ask himself and answer in the next few episodes.”

Will Felicity’s father make another appearance on Arrow before the season is over? —Cindy
Yes, Everwood alum Tom Amandes will reprise his role as Noah Kuttler aka The Calculator in a couple episodes as Season 4 winds down.

Is Netflix’s Marseille going to be in French (presumably) or in English? —Will
You presume muy bien, as my failed-French-in-high school self would say. The Gerard Depardieu-led original series will air en Francais but with English subtitles.

Will Parker Booth return again on Bones this season? —Carrie
Yes, Booth’s boy will pop up in Episode 16, which will air sometime in May.

Any chance we will see Bones’ Daisy and the baby anytime soon? —Anna
As a matter of fact, Carla Gallo will reprise her role as Sweets’ widow :*-( in Episode 21, which should land somewhere in July.

Any news on if Charlie is blackish-deon-colecoming back to black-ish? I miss his cray-cray self. — April
Indeed he is. Exec producer Jonathan Groff confirmed to TVLine Sunday at our sister site Deadline’s Emmy Contenders event that Deon Cole would be back for not one, not two, not three but four episodes later this season. It’s unclear if this next scoop is related, but look for Dre’s (Anthony Anderson) employment situation to become considerably less secure.

Do you know when new seasons of Poldark and The Great British Baking Show will air on PBS? —Amy
Poldark should return sometime this fall, I am hearing, while there is no news at this time about TGBS.

Too soon for any Rush Hour scoop? —Lianne
Justin Hires recently shed light for us on what Pretty Little Liars’ Janel Parrish will be doing when she guests on the freshman drama later this spring, saying, “She plays someone who’s in Witness Protection, and we’re trying to keep her alive because some people are out to kill her. That’s a very exciting show.” And we shall believe him.

We know that Michael Weatherly has been filming the pilot for his new series Bull, but it has gone quiet about Cote de Pablo and her potential new show, Prototype. Do you have any further info? –Pete
Syfy pilot’s about three unlikely people who inadvertently stumble upon an invention that challenges the very nature of quantum physics, and which also stars Jack Davenport (Smash), is currently in production in Los Angeles.

I would love to have a list of summer shows by networks! Please include TNT, USA and other cable networks! Thank you so much! –Judy
What, something like this from 2015? I should have that up by… May?

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Kim Roots and Ryan Schwartz)

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  1. CastleFan says:

    Nothing about Castle? :(

  2. Larc says:

    I wouldn’t shed any tears if Callie and Arizona moved away, outside of the scope of Grey’s Anatomy permanently. Both characters have become boring, IMO.

    • abz says:

      Callie boring. – yes. Arizona – no. It’s a shame because Callie is still one of my favourites but the show doesn’t know what to do with her anymore. There is absolutely ZERO chemistry with Penny and I say this as an anti-Calzona fan because they were toxic together as well. Callie was such a great and funny character and it’s a shame what they’ve done to her. That she would even consider leaving with Penny is ridiculous. If they actually want the viewers to believe that Callie and Penny have this amazing love and connection, well then both the writers and actors have majorly failed at it.
      Also, Arizona has become a much more interesting and likeable character for me post-Calzona. I loved her friendship with Hermann. I love her little scenes with Richard and Alex. But even with her she is constantly sidelined and not given much good material anymore. I read a comment saying it’s because Jessica Capshaw is pregnant, but still I’d rather see a good Arizona storyline than more of Owen’s childish behaviour or Jo’s whining.

      • Barbara Murray says:

        I have always loved Callie, and I agree, there is ZERO chemistry between Callie and Penny. And that’s saying a lot, since Sara has chemistry with the bone saws.

  3. MK says:

    Why do I feel like this moving to NY storyline is what will bring Calzona back together…

  4. Andrew Hass says:

    My guess is on Arrow Quentin won’t be be turning to the bottle because he might see it as a disservice to his daughter’s memory.On Grey’s, i’m wondering if the season will end with Callie torn between Arizona and Penny.

  5. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I think Adalind and Eve will face off since Ads powers is slowly coming back.

  6. gaddictone says:

    More Felicity, great….

    • ktc1986 says:

      I thought everyone loved Felicity?! Now we have her parents in the show too, let’s get her grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins too. Then we can also have a secret brother who turns out to be a super hero. The older and more loved they are, the better, because we might as well just set fire to the whole DC universe in order to SACRIFICE OVER 75 YEARS OF HISTORY TO GUARANTEE THE SURVIVAL OF THE ALMIGHTY OLICITY.

      Next up on Felicity & Friends, Felicity turns into the Black Oracle Huntress as she steals RIP Hunters ship in Legends of Tomorrow, in an effort to blow up the planet Oa so that she can live there and fulfil her dream of being the centre of the universe in what will become the biggest middle finger to comic book fans ever seen.

      • Man you brought a smile to my face with this. As much as I liked Felicity at the beginning, her high and mighty act has grown tiresome and irksome.

        • retsim says:

          Agree 100%.It,s to much of the i am the centre of everyone’s universe or i will stamp my foot and walk away in a huff .Now beg me to forgive you.

        • Celina says:

          It’s what i’ve been saying… she was a good character when she was a secondary one and a comic relief. When they’ve decided to make her a lead, everything got ruined.
          Last season was just painful. She was angry because oliver didn’t want to be with her and decided to be a b—-

      • soonerborn says:

        Its just a TV show get over it maybe you should switch to dancing with the starts or what’s ever on the other channels.

      • RichieS says:

        Or they could bring on Keri Russell, the original Felicity.

      • pem says:

        Certainly no disrespect intended, but for myself and the other people “I” know that are Arrow fans, “the DC universe is only 4 years old).

      • Marc says:

        Oh for heaven’s sake

      • rinaex says:

        I don’t care about comics history, the character is just insufferable at this point. Her and her irritating mother.

      • tvjunkie says:

        This season, especially the 2nd half has been doing everything possible to turn people against Felicity and you know what? It’s working.

        • Brigid says:

          So true! I always liked her and now she and Oliver make me want to tune out. I feel like they should have killed off those 2 and the show would have been better.

        • ktc1986 says:

          It’s been going on a lot longer than just this season. Many complaints started in the second half of last season with her incessant crying. Even the actress who plays her jokingly said at Comic-Con that she hoped Felicity would stop crying at least.

      • Jordana says:

        I think they need to do a better job with Felicity’s story, but: “The biggest middle finger to comic book fans ever seen”? LOL. Isn’t that a bit over-dramatic?. Also, these TV adaptations of comic books were never supposed to be an exact recapping of the comic book stories (which aren’t even consistent themselves).

        • ktc1986 says:

          Killing off the chair woman of the Justice League because Guggenheim and company don’t know how to write a good story for her is a massive middle finger to all comic book fans. You wouldn’t have Arrow if it wasn’t for the so-called inconsistent (lmao pure nonsense) comic books, so if stories have worked so well for a number of decades it’s probably worth considering that they work for a good reason.

      • Mo says:

        Geez don’t give them ideas! They just might do it and next thing you know we’ll be smothered with smoaks! The Surgeon General has said smoaking is bad for your health & viewers are already sick with just 2 smoaks. What’s gonna happen when they bring in the rest of pack?!

  7. Ellen says:

    WHY is it interesting that Callie takes into considereation how taking Sofia with her will impact Arizona?! She SHOULD consider that, Arizona is Sofia’s parent too!!

    • tvjunkie says:

      Arizona doesnt share any biological material with Sofia. Did she legally adopt Sofia? I don’t remember, but if not then Arizona has no rights.

      • Ellen says:

        She’s STILL Sofia’s mother, she accepted her as her daughter when she chose to be with Callie. And Callie accepted her as a parent when she asked Arizona to stay. Arizona has been raising Sofia as her own daughter. Legal or not, it would be wrong of Callie to take Sofia away from Arizona, and Arizona away from Sofia. Because Sofia would be hurt by it too. And they did talk about signing papers, but we don’t know if they actually did of course.

  8. heather says:

    Thanks for the Bones scoop!! Yeah Parker & Daisy :-)

    Is that July date for real?? its Fox so I am giving them stink eye, that is ridiculous, Bones started their S11 premier in Oct…OCT

    If they run all the remaining eps without a break the finale should be at the end of June, June, Fox, JUNE!!

    • Stacey says:

      Not a stretch actually. 12 episodes remain of this season (10 aired into December). So if al 12 aired with no interruptions, it goes to the end of June. But usually due to Memorial Day in May, or other interruptions, you should count in a week or two break. In that case it goes into July unless they double up episodes. About how they program next season (the final season). With only 12 ordered, I doubt we will see it until January or February so they don’t have to due with baseball interruptions, and can program the final 12 episodes uninterruption now that they don’t have American Idol to program in January!

    • Sandy Holl says:

      seaason12 will not be a part of season 11 The seaso 12 episodes are scheduled to end in 2017!!!

  9. Lily says:

    Looking forward to seeing Parker again on bones

  10. Sandra says:

    Penny can leave to NY so that calzona can get back together

    • Sandra says:

      and also why would she the leave hospital when she’s a board member and owns a part of the hospital??? I’m so tired of “Perfect Penny” she has been a plot device since episode 5.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Penny can leave, but I hope we never see Calzona again. That was a very toxic relationship and those 2 obviously shouldn’t be together romantically.

  11. Lola says:

    I’m glad Charlie is returning on Black-ish. He’s truly been missed during the work related scenes.

  12. Lorena says:

    July? really? I dont want to think about the season finale, july or august? and season 12 premieres? february 2017? what the heck are you doing to us FOX???

    • Stacey says:

      I am sure we won’t see it until at least January, or even February. With no to insert into the lineup. They have a lot of space. So air the final 12 BONES uninterrupted. And that way they can pray something hits in September with the new lineup. And have BONES has a backup. I hate it. But it likely going to happen with only 12 episodes to program, and a way to say Good-bye the show instead of dealing with reruns or interruptions.

      • Stacey says:

        I meant NO IDOL to insert into the lineup.

      • kmw says:

        First yes to another Parker episode. I am glad they can have him back for another episode. And yes Matt may be joking about July its not out of the realm of possibilities that it would happen. Bones was supposed to end on June 4 last year and got pushed back a week. If that new reality show only goes 10 episodes I can see them doubling up at least for their finale. And also I agree with Stacy Bones shouldn’t come back until Jan so we don’t have interrupted episodes. Would anybody really like Bones last season to have 6 episodes in fall and 6 episodes 4 months later? I know I wouldn’t. I can accept and hope Bones comes back in January for an uninterrupted run. Cannot wait till Thursday!!!!

  13. Dri says:

    Bitsie Tulloch so modest #grimm

  14. Linda says:

    ‘Gideon Malick’s increasingly uneasy “association” with Hive’ – Is that right, Hive? I thought Hive is Arrow and Hydra is SHIELD.

    • Lola says:

      Guessing you aren’t watching AoS. Hive is a both a DC comic book thing and a Marvel Comic Book thing , however the two are different and unaffiliated. Arrow has an organization called Hive, AoS is dealing with a Supervillain called Hive (who works with the organization HYDRA).

    • Shaun says:

      There’s H.I.V.E on Arrow and Hive on SHIELD.

  15. Thank you for that Cote de Pablo scoop! I hope it goes to series.

  16. “Prototype” In Production. Does that mean it’s being filmed? The last I saw was Cote was in final talks. Glad for her it’s coming to fruition.

  17. Death says:

    So happy that Felicity’s dad is back. I can’t wait for Donna to be a regular.

  18. Hollie says:

    I SWEAR if another thing happens to FitzSimmons I will lose it. Also glad that we’ll really delve into Lincolns past finally. I’ve been interested in that ever since they teased it in 2×22.

  19. NC says:

    Can Callie please not leave with Penny? That relationship is the worst.

  20. Jason says:

    I can’t even remotely sympathize with Eve after the things she did last season. It’s the height of hypocrisy for her to come down on Adalind. I know she is technically not Juliette anymore but that doesn’t wash away all sins. I feel bad for Adalind because she’s in a terrible position. And she really hasn’t done anything bad yet. She may not have told Nick everything yet but he is guilty of the same thing. Nick and Adalind have a child together and Eve has lost any right to interfere. What she will do is make things worse.

    • Jorgon says:

      Its funny, people don’t forget what Juliette did in season 4, but already forget what Adalind did in season 1, 2 and 3.

      • Jason says:

        Adalind certainly did bad things (usually at the behest of someone pulling her strings) but she never killed Nick’s mom. Nope, she never did that. Plus, atleast Adalind is contrite. Eve is basically the terminator, completely disassociating herself from past deeds. If she followed through on the threat, she would turn Nick into a single father. It’s not like Eve could step in. Not exactly the warm and fuzzy maternal type that one.

        • Jordana says:

          Exactly . I really don’t see how you can compare the two. Adalind and Nick were enemies at the time and they barely knew anything about the other person. . Juliette was actually Nicks girlfriend when she did all of those terrible things to him, which is what makes that betrayal so much worse.

          • Brigid says:

            Actually Juliette was a hexin biest and out of her mind when she had Nick’s mom come to the house. Adalind almost killed Juliette so I think comparing them together and saying that both can be forgiven is fair. Nick and Adalind may have a child together but ONLY because Adalind put a spell on herself to look like Juliette and to take Nick’s powers away. You can’t pick and choose, if one gets a pass, the other should.

        • Melinda says:

          Do you honestly think that Adalind would not have played a part in Kelly’s murder if it meant getting Diana back? Do you honestly doubt that, if she had had access to Nick’s computer, she herself would not have sent an email from Juliette’s account, setting up Kelly? Really, the only thing keeping Adalind from being the one to setup Kelly’s beheading is a password.

          I wouldn’t say that Juliette’s sins are forgivable, but Adalind’s certainly aren’t either, and they are far more numerous. Yet, we are supposed to just forget them all. If so, that should apply to Juliette as well.

          • Dri says:

            Julieve was jealous of Adalind bc she have answered Nicks´phone. Now she trying to separate Nick and Adalind bc they are a family that she never wanted to with him.

          • Jason says:

            The sins are forgivable if that person is seeking redemption. Adalind was actually still a hexenbeist when she willingly gave up her powers to help cure Juliette. When offered the same choice, Juliette basically spat in their faces. Adalind as a hexenbeist was always self serving and duplicitous but she was never murderously psychotic. Meisner had to wash away all of the Juliette part of Eve to even make her functional. There is no going back for her (atleast in a believable way) and I’m fine with that. As a heartless killing machine I enjoy Eve. I just don’t want her messing up an already tenuous situation. I would like to see Adalind make a hopeful choice for once and trust in Nick and the gang. Not get pushed down a dark road we’ve already seen her travel. I think there is more to her than that.

          • Jordana says:

            So under extreme duress and for the purpose of saving her child, you’re saying that Adalind might have done the same thing to Nick that Juliette did under no duress at all.

      • Callie says:

        Adalind has expressed regret many times for her actions (many of which were committed under duress or when she was being manipulated by people for whom she cared). I’m so over this attempt to erase Juliette’s bad acts via her transformation into Eve. While they were still together or while he was trying to reconcile, she destroyed his family heritage, slept with his enemies, lured his mom to his death, and tried to kill him. Plus she was boring and had no chemistry with anyone in the cast. Ugh, this is annoying me to type…I wish the character was dead again, and for good…

        • Melinda says:

          Again, there is a double standard here. Adalind always had a choice–and she always chose badly–and she always expressed regret when it was to her advantage. Juliette did express regret over Kelly’s death, although she then followed that up with an attempt to kill Nick. Also (and I realize this in reply to another post), Meisner didn’t have to wash away Juliette to make her functional. He had to beat her into submission to do his bidding, which isn’t even in the same ballpark.

          I’m not here to make excuses for Juliette–I just don’t understand the double standard here. If Juliette is responsible for her actions (which I believe she is), then Adalind is also responsible for hers (which has never really happened in this show). And I’m not sure why there is such reluctance on this–Adalind is far, far more interesting when she is scheming and evil than she ever was as the drab housewife she’s been this season. She’s really the only plausible nemesis for Nick (another character who has been completely neutered this season), so let THEM fight it out. Evil Adalind fighting a capable Nick is far more interesting than most anything this show has done.

          • Chase says:

            Adalind as hexenbiest never wanted to kill Nick, but Juliette wanted to kill him just because she was jealous of Adalind have a Nick’s baby. Probably the bad Juliette is back and will try kill him again.

          • Jason says:

            I didn’t mean that Meisner literally washed away Juliette but was alluding to the fact that he had to break her down into something other than a rage filled self destructive force of nature. (Now that force is directed elsewhere). But the Juliette part had to go for that to be possible. As far as Adalind, I suppose I’m much more interested in seeing characters evolve than rehashing stuff we’ve already seen. Evil Adalind. Well, we’ve already been there and done that. I don’t disagree that she has been forced into the background this year and that it’s frustrating. But I would much rather see her as a badass fighting alongside Nick and company than pushed back out into the cold again. Don’t forget that she spent nearly three seasons on what amounted to the Adalind show. She rarely interacted with the rest of the cast. Now that she’s in the mix and has something grounding to fight for, I want her to stay there. It’s not about a double standard because unlike some people, I don’t want Bitsie Tulloch off the show. I was even quite sad over what happened to her. I just believe that once you commit to a path you have to stick with it. They both have their respective journeys and I’m looking forward to both. I’d just rather those journeys not include backtracking.

          • Norm says:

            Adalind as a hexenbeist did not care enough about Nick to kill him, but she certainly played enough with his life in order to make him miserable. Yes, Adalind was contrite over her past actions, because she had a baby to raise with Nick (due to yet another manipulation) and she had finally allowed for herself to become human. But Juliette tried getting rid of the hexenbeist powers when she first became infected with them (remember her going to Renard for help). But by the time the grimm gang came up with a solution, Juliette was being completely suppressed by her powers. Her powers completely corrupted her (which even Adalind has stated about hexenbeist powers earlier this season). If not for those powers, Juliette never would’ve done the things that she did. Normal Juliette was nothing but kind and sympathetic to others…until she became a hexenbeist. BTW the only reason why Adalind was trying to “help” Juliette last season was because she knew that Juliette was trying to kill her for all of the crap that she had pulled.

        • dean says:

          No chemistry? Are you kidding? Did you just skip over the whole love curse with Renard, or what?

      • Darrell B. says:

        EXACTLY! This, right here, bugs me so damn much. Everything that has happened to Juliette is a direct result of Adalind, and everyone keeps coming down on Juliette because of it. My take is Juliette was possessed by Adalind’s hexenbeist side and wasn’t in total control of her actions, while Adalind certainly was. Juliette agreed to take the potion and became what she became to help Monroe and Rosalie, her friends, but those same “friends” keep tearing into her every time they mention her name. It’s crap, and I’m sick of it.

        • Jason says:

          Certainly what happened to Juliette was a tragedy. It’s not her fault this horror was forced onto her. And Adalind definitely bares some resposibility. But if you say that Juliette is not responsible for her actions, than the same could be said of Adalind. They are both afflicted by this hexenbeist curse. The truth is that a lot of their own will is mixed up with that dark magic. For better or worse, who they are at the core remains. Adalind, while still a hexenbeist, willingly chose to give up her powers. If the hexenbeist was truly all encompassing, she never could have done this. She chose to seek out her better self. She never asked anyone to forgive her. She simply asked Nick not to hate her. Juliette on the other hand, chose to turn away from her better angels and dive headlong down the rabbit hole of power and hate. It was a decision colored by her hexenbeist nature, but it was still her choice. If everyone else is a bit wary of Eve, you have to remember that her crimes are the freshest (and most damaging). If your enemy hurts you it’s par for the course, If the love of your life does, it’s devastating.

          • Norm says:

            Juliette’s choices were completely corrupted by her powers. There’s a difference. However, both women have done terrible things. If one has done them and just simply can’t be forgiven, then the other’s actions shouldn’t be whitewashed either. Especially when the only reason why Juliette became a hexenbeist in the first place is because of Adalind’s actions.

          • Jordana says:

            Well said, Jason

  21. Grey says:

    Is Sara Ramirez contracted for another year on Greys or is this it?

  22. Really excited to hear Felicity’s dad is coming back. His brief appearances earlier just whetted my appetite for more of Papa Smoak. Crossing my fingers for meaty scenes with Felicity, Oliver and Donna. Am excited, too, for Donna and Quentin. So glad those two found each other. Like the person who asked the question, I too hope Arrow makes Charlotte Ross a regular on the show.

  23. Tyanna says:

    Rush,hour is slowly becoming a favorite. The two actors are building their chemistry and the show has great action and colorful side characters.

  24. Jordana says:

    The first Hexenbiest fight in Grimm was actually fun to watch, but given everything that has happened, I really don’t want to see those two cross paths and I definitely don’t want Eve to hurt Adalind. But LOL at Bitsie Tulloch thinking that her character is better than Adalind. Juliette did more harm to Nick when they were dating than Adalind did to Nick when they were sworn enemies.

    • Chicago Dan says:

      You know it’s more of BT’s likely feelings about CC acting circles around her. BT should be grateful to Grimm for creating emotionless and robotic Eve that plays better to her acting abilities.

      • Brigid says:

        Um I completely disagree. Bitsie is a better actress. She has played 3 different characters on this show convincingly and CC is an OK actress but I can’t take every scene with her smiling even when it’s a serious situation. She’s so boring this season that I’m hoping she becomes evil again or dies already.

      • Norm says:

        Wow. These women are professionals. They are the best of friends in real life. There is no jealousy between them. The woman was speaking about her character in a joking manner. Both actresses are good at their jobs or they wouldn’t be on the show.

        • Jorgon says:

          Agree, some Nadalind Shipers are so sad, always attack Bitsie Tulloch’s acting, really stupid, I don’t like Adalind, but I never attack Claire Coffee, grow up guys! Is just a TV show!

  25. I love the answer on Arrow’s Charlotte Ross and the Quentin Lance/Donna Smoak story coming. So glad they won’t be shoving Quentin back into a booze bottle. I’m ready for him to put his life together and get new ground to tread. Super excited about Felicity Smoak’s dad returning, too. Looking forward to what that brings her in story.

  26. Callie can go to NY with what’s her name, leave Sofia with her mother Arizona. Then next season bring someone on that is worthy of Arizona and Callie can have her happy ending with bland 1 cent and visit Sofia.

  27. LMK says:

    Poldark returns this fall but in the UK. We won’t see it until 2017.

  28. Stacey says:

    Thanks for the AOS news! Love the show in general and love FitzSimmons!

  29. Stacy says:

    RE: The Fitzsimmons question: What does that even mean? One of them will question the decision to start over. So speed things up in a relationship status or…Dude…I just give up. I’ll catch it on Netflix.

  30. Ella says:

    Ugh, I can’t stand Donna. Like mother, like daughter, they’re both equally annoying. Arrow has really become a shell of its former self.

  31. Jenn says:

    Honestly, do you think Callie and Arizona are still end game?

  32. Marti says:

    In Grey’s, are Arizona and Callie forever done? Has Shonda finally ended them for good?

  33. GA Moor says:

    We like most of the shows mentioned. Is there any way to get the network heads to stop playing that loud, lousy and annoying background music? Most everyone we talk to hate it as well.

  34. jp says:

    Can’t wait for the summer schedule Matt! Have to say I already have some of my shows gathered already (and midseasons end and start dates intermixed).

  35. Bwhit says:

    I think it will be Simmons questioning starting over. Fitz has given her space and I don’t think she wants space now.

  36. Lena says:

    I can’t believe there’s even a hint of Donna becoming a regular after what Arrow just pulled with Laurel.

    • Brigid says:

      Agreed! Donna is fine here and there but if they get rid of a hero to bring in more humor (Felicity, Curtis) then I should stop watching it and stick to The Flash only since they do humor right.

      • Celina says:

        Yeah. What’s the point of watching The Felicity Show anyway? I prefer watching superheroes. People say horrible things about supergirl, and the show has its problems, but at least is about a superhero and it’s better than this shadow of Arrow.

        • Jordana says:

          Supergirl is just in its first season and it’s already pretty substandard, whereas Arrow had 2-3 excellent seasons, so maybe if Supergirl actually makes it to a third or frouth season, and the writers have to struggle to come up with fresh stories, then we can compare the two.

  37. Mary says:

    Adalind may not be as powerful to kill people but at least she has Nick, Diana, Kelly and Meisner for his defense. While Eve in this point has nothing.

  38. issac says:

    Now they call to Adalind “Nick’s woman” when David Gintoli hinted in one of his old interviews for place Birdie Tulloch that Adalind only was “the mother of his child ” and not “his lady”. How hypocrisy! His only woman is Juliette? Ok then Nick should deal with her. He is not worthy of Adalind.

    • Jordana says:

      I think the fact that David and BitsieTulloch are dating probably put David Giuntoli and the writers in an awkward position. I really hope it doesn’t influence the direction of the script but I suspect it already has.

      • Jorgon says:

        Writers and producers are not stupid, it is necessary to separate the personal from the professional life, but what many people do not understand, especially people who hate Juliette/Eve, is that before there was David and Bitsie already existed Nick and Juliette is why Nadalind shippers and Juliette Haters are constantly attacking both professional life and personal life of Bitsie Tulloch, Juliette is a main character from the season 1, Adalind is from the season 2. If the writers put Nick and Juliette together again (which I doubt, unfortunately for me) is because of the story and not because of the personal lives of actors, of course many Nadalind shippers always think of this disgusting way and always involving the personal lives of actors.

  39. Marie says:

    So I am guessing that either Fitz or Simmons is going to switch sides and one of them is going to go with Hive! My guess it’s Simmons!! #HiveSimmons

  40. Yola says:

    I’m guessing that the surprising history that Mictch has with the Secretary of Agriculture, is that they are siblings.

    It makes sense, We have already met Mitch’s x-wife and child. Jamie is his love interest.

    Time to bring the siblings aboard.

  41. David Seitz says:

    i wish Sara Ramirez would do more movies or find another show i can`t watch Grey`s Anatomy