Sleepy Hollow Nicole Beharie Leaving

Nicole Beharie Exits Sleepy Hollow: 'Abbie's Done All She's Meant to Do'

The following story contains spoilers related to Friday’s Sleepy Hollow season finale. Proceed at your own peril. 

Sleepy Hollow is not horsing around this time: Nicole Beharie has departed Sleepy Hollow following Abbie Mills’ very real death in Friday’s Season 3 finale.

In an exclusive statement to TVLine, Beharie says, “Sleepy Hollow has been an incredible experience in every way. I loved playing Abbie. It’s been such a gift to have taken this wild ride… Alas, ‘Abbie Mills has done all she was meant to do.’ I’m excited about what the show has in store for us next. I’m rooting for my co-stars and crew… they have been my inspiration, my teachers, family, my friends, over the last few seasons. I want to thank the fantastic producers, writers, and directors who have worked tirelessly to bring this show to life. I want to thank Fox for their faith and support. But, most of all, [I want to thank the] Sleepyheads for all of your love – what an honor. I will never be the same. Stay tuned.”

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Fox, 20th Century Fox and the producers of Sleepy Hollow issued a statement of their own, calling “the tragic death of Abbie Mills” a “bold move” for the series. “We feel we provided a wonderfully poignant conclusion for Abbie and showed some of the best moments between the Witnesses that we’ve seen on-screen. We thank Nicole Beharie for bringing Abbie and Sleepy Hollow to life. We are currently discussing Season 4, and should the series be picked up for another season, we have some exciting scenarios and new avenues we want to explore.”

Last November, Sleepy Hollow appeared to do away with Abbie in the fall finale, but Beharie’s witness turned up at the end of the midseason premiere alive and well.  In an exclusive post mortem with Kim Roots, showrunner Clifton Campbell confirms that this time around Abbie “is dead,” adding, “We’ve had a terrific run with her. She’s been an absolute delight. She helped build out the mythology of the show, and we’ve had a tremendous run with her.”

That said, while “the character is gone,” Campbell hints that Beharie could make the occasional appearance in a potential Season 4 in some other form. “In Sleepy Hollow it’s always surprising to see how the reflections of one character or another can influence the show moving forward,” he teases.

Lastly, in case you’re wondering, yes, Abbie’s final exit was the subject of last month’s blind item.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Son of a bitch!!

  2. JenJ says:

    I could see this at the beginning of tonight’s episode. I’m still in shock, and don’t know what to say, except, no wonder FOX wouldn’t say anything about whether or not this show was being renewed. I’m so broken hearted after tonight, I don’t even know if I want to see anymore anyway.

    • Derrick Hooper says:

      I agree

    • Monique says:

      Im with you I hate that Abbie and Joe are gone!

      • Sharon says:

        So do I 😢

      • Voula says:

        I didn’t like that fact that two main characters were gone, but are they…….
        I will watch just to see who will be the next witness…. I enjoy watching this show, that you.

        • Winkle43 says:

          She wasn’t just a main character, she was the co-lead. The entire premise of the show was built around two Witnesses: Abbie and Ichabod and their relationship. The show threw out its own canon in the finale in order to add further insult to a character and actress that it had nothing but disdain for from day one.

          • Joe says:

            I don’t know anyone who works on the show personally but I’ve heard most of the cast wants to leave because they hate the show and think it’s torpedoing their careers. I don’t know about Nicole Beharie in particular (though I have heard rumors about another castmember being vocal behind-the-scenes) but I would guess she asked to be released like Orlando Jones did. That just seems to be the most likely scenario to me.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        We liked Joe, too. He gave a great quality to the show. The husband says, “I don’t know what they’re trying to do the show. It used to be up there with Grimm. Now it’s just grim.”

    • PatriciaLee says:

      The husband and I are so upset we deleted the recording, not even wanting to watch it.

    • catrenia lykes says:

      I also agree. I will never watch again. She made the also.

    • Joseph says:

      I shall miss Abbie mills. Don’t think the show will be the same.

  3. Derek says:

    Never watching again.

    • Derrick Hooper says:

      I agreeditto

    • Ulrich says:

      Ditto! Their chemistry was all that held this S3 reboot together. This new villainous couple was horrid, and SH without Headless was already stupid enough. The lead actress was never in our European promos, seriously, not since S2a….if you weren’t a fan, you’d have thought her character didn’t even exist! Everyo e saying it was HER decision is clueless as the day they were born. Surely you all have known an employer to push out an employee, make things so unbearable that they leave, especially in the real world so they won’t have to pay their unemployment or a negotiated severance package (like my parachute is set up to be forfeited if I quit versus being fired). I don’t have much leisure time, as my career is high-powered, but I now feel I wasted my damn time & money committing to S3 paid downloads to view over here in Danmark. Even with her departure, it could have been written better. Now what?? So that George Washington created the American FBI?? Lol! So what, now Crane will be the director of a supernatural division of the bureau?? XFiles?? Garbage!!

      • She was never in the European promos?! That makes no sense. I hope they can get her back somehow.

        • Ulrich says:

          No, can you believe it??? She was only on the posters, but in the background, you know sort of standing at equal positions with the rest if the cast….Ichabod stood in front and Headless hovers in a huge shadow over everyone. But when I work in the States a few months a year, the promos have Ichabbie. Strange you know?? When I first started watching it, I was shocked to see she was the other STAR the way it was advertised over here. As if they thought we Europeans wouldn’t watch it with people of colour…lol, we are more diverse in England and Northern Europe than the States and less intolerant, so it is funny how dumb those producers are and how they are clueless! Anyway, I hate I even started watching…my Nigerian coworker told me it was good. Oh well….I need to watch less shows after work anyway.

      • Joe says:

        Do you know anyone who works on the show? How do you know for a fact it was not her who wanted to leave? Because I know people who work at Fox TV and I’ve heard some things that lead me to believe it was her who asked to be released. Why do you think they got rid of Irving? Orlando Jones wanted to leave. He felt like the show was bad for his career and he was probably right. In fact from what I’ve heard from some people I know is that most of the cast feels that way. Do you know something I don’t?

        • Diane says:

          Why would the show be bad for there careers?

        • bobysgurl says:

          Orlando confirmed that he was asked to leave.

        • She did ask to leave because the show or the people behind it didn’t treat her equally. Tho she’s the main character together with Tom, she was treated just like another regular characters. Orlando & Nicole probably demands equal treatment but didn’t get it. So yeah, they leave. The thing I’m pissed off is the Power That Be probably don’t care because they think Nicole/Abbie is easily replaceable. Idiots.

    • Marsha Holland says:

      I’m in shock too and very angry!! Didn’t expect this!! I feel like I wasted my time and energy watching this show!! I will not watch it again because the relationship between Crane and Abby was what made me watch Sleepy Hollow. Without the two characters together there is no show!!!

    • Kimberly Linville says:

      Just like tvd !!! They have screwed the show!

      • Patrick says:

        Sometimes, the show itself is screwed, and one or more of the leads realize it. They want to jump ship before the whole thing bottoms out. Beharie wanted to leave while she still had some heat that would help her get other jobs. No one ever says that they want out, publicly at least, for fear of alienating fans.
        But, given the mess that SH had devolved into, I can’t imagine Beharie is losing much sleep over this. She established herself as a beautiful, talented, likeable actress. She’ll have another job. Soon.

      • Layla George says:

        TVD got SO dumb. Half the cast was a vampire and the rest of it was a werewolf. Then Caroline and freakin Stephan? No just no. I’m not watching anymore trash.

  4. FH14 says:

    Yeah I’m pretty much done with the show now and I suspect a lot of other people will be too. It doesn’t work without both Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie and this was an incredibly stupid decision.

    • Craig Riley says:

      And you’re basing that assertion on what evidence?

      • trace says:

        Check out previouslytv.com. Almost every post is “if this is picked up for another season I won’t be there.” Every post was angry. The best thing about the show was the chemistry between Crane and Abbie.

        • rowan77 says:

          There are always angry fans claiming to stop watching if an the like actor leaves, or a character they dislike stays, or there’s a change in any way from what they want. Then the show’s ratings don’t dip, or they improve the next season. Fans blow off steam all the time. Nothing wrong with that, but rarely do I see it matter for the show itself.

          • Winkle43 says:

            Maybe to you, her death is unimportant. But Abbie Mills mattered to a lot of fans, especially black female fans. Nicole Beharie mattered as one of a rare few black actresses to lead a sci-fi/supernatural show. Yes, characters die/exit shows all the time; that wasn’t the case here. Her bosses made it so that she had no choice but to leave. Imagine how unhappy she was to have wanted out as early as the S2 finale? She wasn’t just some secondary character or a guest star; she was the female lead and a Witness. Which we were made to believe, up until the S3 finale, were Abbie and Ichabod. Added to this is the way her death was staged and the assertion that her story was solely about guiding her partner to his destiny, and you see why fans are upset and outraged. Plus the partnership, bond, and friendship between the lead characters was dismantled in such a cheap, unhand, and lazy way. Not only was it disrespectful to Abbie and Nicole, but to her fans who were loyal to the show for the past three years.

          • rowan77 says:

            You sure to add a lot of animus when I stated nothing to what you’re ranting about. Calm down. Take a breath. Jeez.

    • Emily says:

      Sleepy Hollow trending #1 last night, for hours, mourning over the loss and asserting the chemistry between the partners as one of their fave things about the show is pretty great evidence.

    • Janice Prince says:

      I’m sad and annoyed at Nicole’s departure, but there are a bunch of questions I want answered if they get renewed for a Season 4. Like what does the government want with Crane? What was the deal Mr. Mills made with Sheriff Corbin and what other information does he have about the whole Witness thing. I’d watch that for awhile if it was interestingly enough presented, though it obviously won’t be the same without Nicole.

  5. I hope Nicole goes on to bigger and better things but I am out if the show’s renewed for another season. That was the final straw. There are no words for how furious I am right now.

  6. Trece says:

    The actress playing Abagail leaving?!!! Writers will have to have one heck of a season opener for me to continue watching the series without Nicole….smh

  7. sam says:

    I have never been more disgusted by as show: it’s writers, showrunners and the network that coveted and fed these vipers, in my entire life.

  8. Over it says:

    You know what. I really am done. I have no desire to watch this show without Abbie Mills. What a terrible idea to kill her

    • Daniel says:

      Nikki Beharie quit… Don’t you get that? It’s not their fault.

      • Musk says:

        It is their fault. It is not a simple “she quit out of nowhere”. Had they treated Nicole better, we wouldn’t be here now. Is it really too much to ask that a Black actress be treated fairly and be given work and attention as the LEAD actress on the show?? I forgot, for some of you it is. I have NEVER seen a show so blatantly keep the two lead actors from being great together. They squashed their chemistry so fast it was ridiculous. Screw Fox, screw this show and I hope that Nicole and Tom move on to bigger and better things then this pile of crap with writers that actually care about telling a GOOD story….like they had in season 1. Done.

        • Nicaela says:

          Sounds like to me your pissed off they didn’t hook up. Nicole is the lead and she wasn’t mistreated. How was she not given work or attention as the lead. If something happened nearly every time it happened to her.

          • oberon giannone says:

            Except that if you look into it, Fox treated Nicole terribly. I mean, hell, just ask the OTHER black actor who left the show. He’s been pretty vocal about it.

        • Dri says:

          Well said!
          My sister and I were JUST talking about that!
          Leave it to FOX to perpetuate the cycle…HATERS!

        • Lucifer says:

          How does race play into this exactly? It seems to just be horrible writing.

          • Larssen says:

            No, they mistreated her behind the scenes. The poor writing was just another problem that stemmed from their trying to replace her as lead with Katrina. The rumour was they thought a white female lead would bring in an even bigger audience than the 8 million they had in S1. It is called GREED my friend. Bad intel had them believing only males and coloured females watched, but later learned MORE white females watched than those of colour. Just Google it, you will find a lot of info out there. She was forced out by mistreatment.

      • Emily says:

        They were saying she was not happy behind the scenes. One can be made uncomfortable and forced out of situations as well… let’s not pretend everything is “left” or “right”.

      • Kat says:

        I would agree with you if that were true. Neither her statement nor Fox’s statement indicated that Abbie was killed off because Nicole decided to leave. Usually, the actor gives some reason for deciding to leave a show, even if the reason may not be the whole truth. Her statement did not. In fact, there was a curious use of the pronoun “us” as in what they have “in store for us” as if she still identifies herself as being part of the show still. So for me, it’s their fault that she’s not anymore.

      • Larssen says:

        Employees are forced out of jobs by the thousands everyday. Semantics son! She wasn’t even used in our int’l promos or advertising since S2! They practically tried to replace her with Crane’s wife in S2, but fan backlash made them try again. She quit, she was pushed out, all the same. The show was already done anyway, it is officially OVER now.

  9. Lisa Green says:

    I won’t be watching sleepy hollow again, it’s seems when our black actresses get lead roles they seem to always leave the show dead.

    • Lizz says:

      Oh please, don’t bring race into it.

      • She is free to post any observation she has. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t change that.

        • Lizz says:

          First off, I respect Ms Green’s observation. I just don’t see it her way.

          I am free to post my opinion. Just because YOU, nutmegfreak, didn’t like my response to someone else’s observation doesn’t change that. Just like it doesn’t change your I’ll advised defense.

          Peace Out!

          • FashionMaven says:

            Perhaps you should keep it to your observation rather than DEMANDING that someone limit theirs to topics you feel comfortable about.

          • Ginger Rogue says:

            You didn’t post an observation/opinion. Nor did you post a disagreement. You posted 7 words, the gist of them being a demand that the the OP not post about a particular topic.

      • Musk says:

        It has always been in it. Since the second season where just about EVERYTHING that made people love the show, changed.

        • Cheyenne says:

          The show went from ten million viewers in the first season to less than three million in the second. Since then it’s been on life support. The chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie is all that was holding it together. Since Abbbie is gone, there is no more show left.

          • Derek says:

            Totally agree. There is nothing of interest or spark without Ichabod and Abbie together. Every time they were separated this season, the show was worse off.

            Nicole wouldn’t have left if she was happy with the direction of the show and the part she played. They could have given us a much better story knowing she was leaving too. Much better.

      • Dri says:

        Okay Lizz…with 2 Z’s…I’m SURE you’re not black.
        Next thing you’ll be saying is “Slavery NEVER happened… where are the pictures/videos to prove it?!”
        If you ARE black…then you’re CLEARLY in denial.

    • Ronnir says:

      Her race had nothing to do with it. She was unhappy working on the show and wanted out. Did anyone say Anything about Katherine Heigl’s race when she wanted out of Grey’s Anatomy? No! Also, Recasting her role was not an option as fans would have never gone for it. I know people who have worked on the show and it’s one of the hardest productions to work. Not to mention that the first show runners were not favorites of the crew either. Even Tom Mison would only agree to do this past season if they changed his working schedule. Fans may be unhappy she’s gone, but it was her decision to be let out of her contract.

      • Jessica Jones says:

        I can accept that Sleepy Hollow was a clever concept executed poorly. However it is frustrating to see that Nicole Beharie was used to create buzz for the show and then sidelined in season 2. If the writers of Sleepy Hollow were really clever and forward thinking they would have let Jenny and Abbie be the witnesses, considering they did most of the fighting, almost like a black Charmed or black Winchesters. The fact that they share the same bloodline and witness the same events has always been a major plot hole considering Crane never encountered Moloch. Crane actually didn’t witness anything other than what he saw as revealed by his past encounters with Washington.Crane could have been a watcher and been sent to the future to aid them. Katrina would have had a purpose beyond being a plot device and a damsel in distress.

        Instead another show turned its black lead into a tool whose sole purpose in existing is to cater and sacrifice themselves without any of her needs met or acknowledged. Even if Nicole wanted to leave the show there is no excuse for how horrible a plot and concept this was.

        • BB Shark says:

          It was indeed a very good concept that could have gone very far. Have you read the SH comic book? It is WAY better than the show, and they should’ve had whoever writes the comic to write the show. I have even read SH fanfiction that was ten times better. That whole katrina going evil, and Abbie going back in time could have been an entire season.

      • Wow. says:

        So, so naive.

    • Jen says:

      From what the final episode told us witness-ness is passed through the blood line and Icabod now has to find the next witness who will be a close relation to Abbey. So by that logic they will be replacing a black actress that wanted to leave with another black actress. Not to mention the other main female character in the show is black. I don’t deny racism in entertainment but think Sleepy Hollow is doing okay here. Is the cry of racism because they didn’t hook up because I always felt their bond was bigger and more important than sex, sexual relationship on TV always lead to stupid fights and they were better than that.

      • BB Shark says:

        No no no, I am sure that they will find some loophole through genealogy to make her either white or biracial. If the show is renewed, I bet you anything that is what they will do…

    • Gary katzenmaier says:

      Its not about race… oh forget it. Disgusting the lot of you.

      • BB Shark says:

        You can type that line all you want and as many times as you want… but it’s not going to change reality. I understand that race makes you uncomfortable, but your discomfort isnt going to stop other people from voicing their concerns and ending the discussion. If it makes you uncomfortable, go watch another show or join a different forum with other likeminded whiners. Step into reality, please!

  10. Sam says:

    Shame on the writers. I don’t believe for a second she left on her own. They have been pushing her out since season 2. F this show. I’m out.

    • Daniel says:

      She totally left the show of her own volition. She’s one of the original witnesses. They test drove her death earlier this season to see how we would take it… Story & ratings wise. Nikki wanted out & asked out of her contract

      • Annie says:

        What’s your source for that assertion? I’ve seen it mentioned several times tonight but I never read anything indicating she wanted out before so I’m curious.

        • Nicaela says:

          Did you not read the article? It says her goodbye verbatim above. Geeze,seriously ask for a source and your on the freaking page.

          • only comment says:

            Calm down. They were just asking a simple question of weather there are other articles stating that Nicole quit you did not need to jump on them when they were not even talking to you

          • Kat says:

            I read the article and it does not say that she chose to leave because she felt that Abbie’s story was done. The article is not a source unless it has identified or anonymous sources stating that she left because she wanted to be let out of her contract. We all knew Katherine Heigl chose to leave GA. In this instance, it is not clear that Nicole did the same.

  11. Lysh says:

    Seems like she wanted out, whether there’s a season 4 or not. I’m not even really in the Sleepy Hollow fandom, but I could tell she wasn’t getting fair treatment. But Abby and Ichabod are this show and I guess I don’t care to see anymore of it. Amazing how a show with such a great pilot could fall so far.

  12. Matt C. says:

    I’m SO glad I stopped watching after that mess of season 2. I hope they just let Nicole Beharie go for good, she deserves so much better than this show. Why even bother renewing it after this? I highly doubt any of the fans that actually stuck around for season 3 are going to have any interest in watching without Abbie…

  13. Lauren says:

    I cannot even believe this. The whole show was the bond between crane and Abbie. I am furious. Why would they kill her?! This show is a joke. Stupid stupid stupid writers.

  14. Michelle says:

    I don’t blame Nicole for leaving, but it’s probably the end of this show for me.

  15. Laura says:

    Sad to see Abbie go! Nicole Beharie has become my favourite actress and I’m truly upset that I won’t get to see her character on Sleepy Hollow anymore!

  16. Elise says:

    I’m upset here. I just don’t understand how Sleepy Hollow goes on without Abbie. I really dont. You need both Crane and Abbie here. Not Crane and a new witness. If that’s the case then why build the show around the partnership of these two specific individuals? I love Sleepy Hollow and I definitely dont want it canceled but this finale did not leave me with warm fuzzies.

  17. TvPeong says:

    Still in tears. I will miss Abbie! I wished he had said he loved her, at least once before the end.

  18. Connie says:

    Sad, really sad no reason to watch any more.

  19. Angela says:

    So very sad to see her go. Thanks to Nicole for bringing Abbie to life so wonderfully. She’ll be deeply missed.

  20. sladewilson says:

    I wish Nicole the best in her next endeavors. I will be watching. As for Sleepy Hollow, I’ll probably check out the premiere (if it isn’t cancelled) to see where they go but I doubt I’ll follow along…. Abbie Mills is gone and probably, so am I….

  21. Eni says:

    No Abbie = no me. I won’t be watching if this show gets renewed.

  22. Cee says:

    Just……….there’s literally no words. I hope Nicole Beharie finds the success she deserves and the respect for her talent that she deserves. Because it wasn’t found on this show. Not one bit.

  23. wild_child says:

    Why are they even entertaining another season. This show does not and will not work without Abby(Nicole) The bond, the friendship that Abby & Crane shared was something special and can’t be replicated. What did Nicole do to these writers to make them hate her so much? It’s obvious that they didn’t care for her since they have been sidelining and trying to push her out since last season.

  24. Sarah says:

    I’m done. Won’t watch the show anymore without her. I personally think they shot themselves in the damn foot doing that at this point I honestly don’t care anymore if they get renewed or not.

    • Amy Greer says:

      EXACTLY!! I totally agree with u Sarah. I didn’t believe she wasn’t coming back. Had just told my daughter, “no way they’d kill off one of the 2 main characters!” Sadly I was very wrong. I’m pissed. The show started getting worse to me, not as interesting as the first season, but the relationship/chemistry of Abbie & Ichabod is what MADE the show & kept me coming back! Without one of them, no show! I could care less if they renew & won’t watch. The show will completely suck now!! If the writers made this decision, they screwed up royally as most people watched it to see BOTH of these characters!! Read these comments stupid writers!!!

      • It always seems obvious to us when the chemistry is what makes a show, but the Powers-that-Be in Hollywood always seem to think THEY are in control and can recreate it. Like, every female star is just so replaceable. It’s happened on so many shows – they are wrong every time – but they will never “get” it!

  25. Is it me? I thought I read in the news 6 months ago that Abbie was dead. I don’t follow the show, but it seemed like the actress wanted OUT.

  26. Brooke says:

    They really ought to end the show here. There is no SH without Abbie. I just hope Nicole has a prosperous future because she lights up the screen. And I hope she knows how loved she is by the fans.

  27. emily says:

    wtf. icabod and abbie are THE SHOW. they are the heart of it. a lot of people watch it bc they love their characters and their relationship. she’s the main female of the show. without abbie, their is no point of sleepy hollow without abbie.

  28. lauryn says:

    I am DONE, Beharie was the reason this show was so different. Point blank period, the level of disrespect they showed her to the end is unreal. I don’t know if it will be renewed but I know I won’t be watching, and save the spin they have been trying to usurp and push her out since season 2. What do they think made this show a hit, yet another white man on television?

  29. Dr. Patricia Woods says:

    I think you’ve made a big mistake. She and Mison character are why I watched the show anyway! Their relationship was the entire show….

  30. Ursula Williams says:

    Noooooo she can’t be dead 😡

    • Ursula Williams says:

      Why would they tease us like that….. Those two made the show, what’s reeeeally going on 😡

  31. herman1959 says:

    I also felt this coming – when Abbie relented and was swept into the box – and then when Clancy Brown showed up, I knew it was over for her (nice touch, though). That said, I was sure it was the series finale, but it is for me anyway. Goodbye, sleepyheads.

  32. Apt says:

    I’m done with the show. Don’t care if it was really Nicole’s decision or not. They’ve been messing with this show in ways they shouldn’t have and those actions have consequences.

  33. Bethany Thomas says:

    I loved this show, but it’s only worth continuing if Nicole Beharie returns as Abby – the chemistry between her and Crane was the foundation of the show; without her, the show won’t be the same…won’t be worth watching. I enjoy the other characters, but Abby was the character around which the rest of Sleepy Hollow revolved. I hope there’s a change of heart and she returns.

    • Mary says:

      I totally agree. All along I thought that at some point they’d realize they loved each other and become a real team. I’m just so distraught that Abbie is gone. The entire premise was that they were the two Witnesses. How can they possibly continue without one of the lead characters? Makes me really sad for Tom. He must know that, if they are renewed, this will be the last season. Very very sad.

  34. Nickey79 says:

    F@#k this if she not there full time cancel this s#@t

  35. Michelle says:

    I am so upset!!! The show doesn’t work if both 0f them are n9t together anymore!!! I loved them together!! Their chemistry was awesome and so loving. I couldn’t decide on a brother/sister bond or a couple bond. I wanted them together as a couple! I am heartbroken!! They were great together!

  36. Lydia says:

    Abbie was an integral part of the Abbie and Crane witnesses. With her gone, I don’t believe that I would enjoy watching it any more. I suppose this finale is the end of my following this shoe.

  37. Loren says:

    I am SOOO peeved. It was hard to stick around for the third season after the nearly unbearable MESS that was seas. 2. But The relationship between Ichabod and Abbie IS THIS SHOW. I am totally in love with Tom Mison, but I don’t think this show can retain any watchability without Nicole, though she deserves much better things (so does Tom). I could never really get into the character of Jenny at all, the actress always looks like she’s in a horrible, itchy mood. The first season of this show was so doggone good, WTF happened?? I’m probably done with it, what a shame. But best of luck to Nicole and Tom both.

  38. Liz says:

    Now this is a death that should never have happened. So sad. What’s the point in continuing. She made this show.

  39. saynay says:

    Fox just rip the cancellation band aid off right now. What’s most disappointing about SH is how its potentially was so horrendously squandered. Best of luck to Nicole.

  40. Robin Credit says:

    I won’t be watching the show again, unless it the first 3 seasons I heard Nicole Beharie has already been picked up the show show Empire already. Good for her but I will not be watching Empire. I’m black and I hate Empire.

  41. A. D. says:


  42. Jena Myers says:

    I will no longer be watching.

  43. RCH says:

    I can’t think of another series that has proven so definitively what can happen (read: go horribly wrong) when writers start with a wonderfully quirky premise but no end game in mind and then a group of network idiots get over-involved and, collectively, their efforts drive the whole thing off a cliff.

    Kids, if you dream of writing for television when you grow up, please use “Sleepy Hollow” as your cautionary tale of what NOT to do. And if you dream of rumning a television network, well, get a new dream. Cure cancer or something far more productive and inspiring.

  44. Jay says:

    Another actress who thinks she can do better…too bad..will miss her..

    • Jules says:

      She CAN do better. Watch “Shame”.

    • Wow. says:

      Wow. If you’re talking like that, you most certainly think she should be content with scraps.
      You won’t miss her. Stop lying. Sleepy Hollow has been in the toilet since the start of season 2, so basically anything would be “better.” Your shady response won’t change that.

  45. Kim says:

    Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison were the heart of Sleepy Hollow. Whoever made the call to end half of this pairing is an idiot!

    • Melody says:

      From what I understnad she did

    • John NYC says:

      That would apparently be the actress portraying the character…..

      Which happens. I expect she has other projects in the horizon.

      • Winkle43 says:

        @John NYC, @Melody, and @Jay: Nope! The decision was made for her when the network/producers began pushing her out and undermining her role in S2. Actors don’t quit jobs that they love, especially if they have nothing lined up/a better opportunity. She was deeply unhappy at the mistreatment of her character and to herself, and finally had enough.

  46. Maxine says:

    I am just done!

  47. Trudy says:

    I am through i will not be watching sleep dead hollow any more. She help make the she believe me I am the only one leaving a comment because people think this is a stunt. But I went looking me because of the way it ended now it’s going to start to get boring really why do every show bring in the FBI with stuff we are sick of that stuff. I guess back to the vampire diary’s they keep it real and good. By yukk this is how everybody stop watching day’s of ower lives when the main character left. The show is dead!!

  48. DL says:

    Sleepy Hollow killed off Abbie Mills and THAT was. MAJOR MISTAKE! I will NOT watch this show again. I was one of the few fans that actually watched the show all the time.

  49. Sothere says:

    If Abbie’s death was because the actress (Beharie) wanted to leave the show, the producers should make that public. If it wasn’t then they messed up. The dynamic between Crane and Mills is the main constant point of engagement.

    • Daniel says:

      They kind of did. Read between the lines. You don’t kill your series co-lead like this (esp when they’re locked into a long term Contract) unless they want out & they’re extremely unhappy. It’s too bad… TV shows don’t last forever. She should’ve just “enjoyed Abbie” for the little time she had left… And moved on when Sleepy Hollow ended. Her statement is full of crap..m but I respect her for making it. ;)

    • Brenda says:

      I liked the duo too…Just like Scandal. .Has changed course for the worst. ..No Fitz and Olivia. Now no Mills and Crane…… Just cant trust anyone 🔇