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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Walking Dead, Castle, HTGAWM, Originals, Outlander, Devious Maids, Empire and More

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Question: Can we expect the LokSat storyline to be wrapped up by the end of Castle‘s Season 8 finale? —Andrea
Ausiello: Considering that Kristofer Polaha will resurface as LokSat stooge Caleb Brown in the May 16 closer, I’d say Castle Season 8 Rick Vanishing Answersthat is a safe-ish bet. Speaking of which, with a renewal decision expected to come down to the wire, I hear producers are shooting multiple endings — one that works as a season finale and another that serves as a series finale.

Question: Any scoop on Devious Maids or Jane the Virgin? —Bev
Ausiello: OK, Bev, I’ll take Door No. 1 — and what a door it is! The Lifetime drama’s fourth season is introducing a new character named Lori who meets an “attractive Beverly Hills woman” at her therapist’s office; after bonding over champagne and past breakups, the two end up going on a date. Any guess who Lori’s new lady friend will turn out to be? Our money’s on Susan Lucci’s Genevieve because A) no one has experienced more breakups than her, and B) no one needs more therapy than her. Besides, straight or not, you know Genevieve can’t resist attention.

Question: Do you have anything on Grey’s Anatomy‘s Arizona? I thought Shonda Rhimes said at the start of the season she would have a love interest? —Ashley
Ausiello: Now that Arizona’s “slutty again,” you’d certainly expect that we’d get to meet a love — or at least a lust — interest of hers, wouldn’t you? But if someone new is coming up for her, it doesn’t sound like their relationship is going to go very well for very long. Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) recently tweeted that Robbins’ portrayer, Jessica Capshaw, “intends to rip your hearts out in” Season 12’s 22nd episode (airing May 5). But maybe she means “rips your hearts out” in a good way? (Is there such a thing?)

Question: Would you happen to have any dirt on Lucifer? Pretty please? —Nic
Ausiello: As the Fox freshman enters its final stretch, Lucifer still won’t talk to Maze, so she goes to take her frustration out on Amenadiel. But instead of fighting, the two actually… get along? Maybe even a little more than that? (Hint: Red wine is involved.)

Question: Will The Walking Dead delve into Negan’s backstory next season? —Josh
The Walking Dead RecapAusiello: Sorta. While Season 7 will feature “stories from [Negan]’s perspective,” per showrunner Scott M. Gimple, don’t look for any huge origin-y bombshells that reveal why he’s such a meanie. “The guy you see is the guy he is. There won’t be this [big] ‘behind the mask’ reveal.” BONUS SCOOP: Despite Corey Hawkins’ starring role in Fox’s 24 reboot, Walking Dead fans “will absolutely see Heath again,” Gimple confirms, adding that, “We’re hoping to have him in a certain episode [next season].”

Question: Were those guys who approached Morgan and Carol in Sunday’s Walking Dead finale from The Kingdom? —Andrew
Ausiello: Outlook hazy. “Those guys may or may not have been from The Kingdom,” Gimple hedges. “And we may or may not see The Kingdom. But if we do see the Kingdom, it’ll be a big reveal and another new world to inhabit and explore.” Since that answer was about as meaty as the inside of my fridge (it’s funny because I’m a vegetarian!), I think I owe you another BONUS SCOOP: During a conference call with reporters Monday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan hinted that Negan could be around for Seasons 7 and 8. Teased the actor: “You’re going to see Negan do some stuff in the next year or two that’s not going to be very nice.”

Question: Is it too early to ask what we can expect on Season 3 of How to Get Away With Murder? –Lonnie
Yes, it’s too early for you to ask. Oddly enough, however, it’s not to early for me to answer. During a recent chat with executive producer Pete Nowalk, we wondered if Viola Davis’ mercurial Prof. Annalise Keating would be bringing in a new set of law students to work in her firm — given that Michaela, Connor, Asher, Wes and Laurel can’t be first-years forever. “That’s a great question,” Nowalk replies. “I’m open to that, but I also don’t see how [any new students] could be as intimately involved in Annalise’s life as these five have. Also, there’s no formula to this show. Does Annalise want to continue being a professor? Does the school still want her there? Do [the Keating Five] want to stay in law school? All valid questions. I just don’t want it to feel like we’re making a show that’s got a formula: ‘Here’s a new crop of students, and they’re going to murder someone else!’ Yes, the show is outrageous and we do over-the-top things, but these [existing] characters are bonded for life.”

shadowhunters-simon-vampireQuestion: I know the first season of Shadowhunters hasn’t ended yet, but do you have any intel on Season 2? –Charlotte
Season 2, eh? I think I can dig something up: “There’s going to be a big struggle for power within the vampire world,” showrunner Ed Decter teases about the second season. “And Simon will, of course, be sucked into that.” (See? I’m not the only one making puns around here.)

Question: Any fresh scoop on the Gilmore Girls revival? —Mary
Ausiello: We just launched a super-swank new landing page to promote all of our past, present and future coverage of the Biggest TV Event of the Decade. Other than that, no.

Question: Anything on The Originals? Dying to know how the season is going to end. —Ash
Well, Ash, let’s just say it’s a good thing the CW drama already has a fourth season, because the vamps are going to have a pretty big mess to clean up in the fall. Per executive producer Michael Narducci, “Everything the Mikaelsons are responsible for is coming home to roost. Not just Tristen, Aurora and Lucien — the first vampires they ever turned — but we’re also seeing what’s happening to the city that they’ve been exploiting over the past three seasons. How is the city going to react when the Mikaelsons become vulnerable? When you’ve dominated someone, then suddenly you have a vulnerability, the people are going to rise up.”

Question: Are we really supposed to believe it wasn’t Anika who gave Rhonda that horrific shove on Empire? –Todd
Ausiello: The victim of the crime — aka co-star Kaitlin Doubleday — already hinted to TVLine that Anika isn’t the only person of interest in Empire‘s Mystery of the Great Staircase Tumble. Now, Anika’s portrayer Grace Gealey is backing up that theory. “I’m telling you, people are going to be very surprised as they watch the storyline” and learn the identity of the assailant, she says, while cautioning against calling her character crazy. “I would call Anika desperate. Unhinged,” the actress offers. “But you’re definitely going to see some serious vulnerabilities [in the back half of the season]. You’re going to truly understand what drives her, her intentions, her motivations.” BONUS SCOOP: Gealey promises that Fox’s smash drama is heading toward a whopper of a finale. “Oh, my God, I just thought about it again,” she says, clutching her gut. “Hold on to your seats, man. Don’t miss it. I know a lot of people say things like, ‘Don’t miss the finale.’ No, for real, for real — if you do not get up, gasp and scream all at the same time, then you’re not watching the right show.”

Question: Long time fan/reader and was wondering if I could have some scoop on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2? —Spencer
Ausiello: In Sunday’s opener, a walker is dispatched in a way I’ve never seen before (and I’ve seen a lot of walkers killed).

Question: Did Jeananne Goossen leave The Night Shift?! She was omitted from the cast list on your article. —Jason
Ausiello: ‘Tis true. Goossen, who has appeared in recent episodes of Nashville and The Walking Dead, will not be returning this season as Krista.

NCISQuestion: I know you have probably been asked this a thousand times already, but, any word yet on whether Cote de Pablo will make an actual appearance in Michael Weatherly’s last episode of NCIS, and not just in a flashback? —Jennifer
Ausiello: Not happening. Move along now. There’s nothing to see here.

Question: With the pretty much perfect 4 seasons of Veep, it’s nerve wracking knowing Armando Iannucci left as showrunner. New boss David Mandel no doubt has a great résumé, but Armando was such the leading voice of the series, and left with the show as strong as ever. Any word on the quality of the Season 5 episodes? —Nate
Ausiello: I’m anxiously waiting for my screeners to arrive, but the recently released trailer has me worried about our friends in the White House. Not a single one of those jokes landed — and aren’t trailers supposed to showcase the best bits? Maybe it’s a contextual thing. Maybe my paranoia about Armando’s exit is making me overly critical. Maybe my fears will be put to rest when I watch the episodes.

Question: Goin’ through major #Droughtlander here! Please, oh please, do you have any scoop on Outlander? There may be a Smurf in your future! —Evie
Ausiello: How about this? I can give you Sam Heughan’s reaction to a big chunk of the premiere, but I’ll have to redact some bits in order not to violate Starz’s spoiler policy. Ready? “I was quite shocked, but as I read it, I thought it was a terrific script. I mean, Ron has done a great job on that script. I thought those scenes with [Spoiler] and Claire are some of the strongest scenes I’ve read. I was actually quite jealous. I would’ve loved to [Spoiler]. I mean, the stuff with [Spoiler] when [Spoiler] goes to the [Spoiler] is just really… It’s wonderful.” Now, on to more important business: I prefer my Smurfs clutching red “I Love NY” apples, so get cracking!

This AAnd That…
Project Cadmus will “definitely” play a role in Supergirl‘s (not-yet-ordered) second season, according to exec producer Andrew Kreisberg, noting that the evil conglomerate “has such a rich history in the comics and the animated shows.” Until it makes its formal debut, Cadmus will “remain more of an evil, specter-y thing that’s out there.”
switched-at-birth-gilles-marini-returns Exclusive Bones casting tidbit coming to you in 3…2…1: Gilles Marini (Brothers & Sisters, Switched at Birth, Devious Maids) will guest-star in an upcoming episode as a French descendant of Louis XIV who has ties to the victim in Brennan and Booth’s case.
For the first time maybe ever, almost all of my current TV obsessions are comedies — see: the current peak-season of Girls, the uproarious Broad City, the ridiculously perfect The Grinder, the back-in-top-form New Girl and the best broadcast sitcom black-ish.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Kim Roots, Andy Swift, Michael Slezak and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Guest says:

    Gimple is a punk.

    • Lainey says:

      Agreed. Everything he says just makes me angrier at him and gives me less faith in his ability to pull it off (and I really haven’t had much for awhile).

    • Laura says:

      Agreed! Of COURSE they’re from The Kingdom. If he was going to hedge about that, it would have helped to not dress them EXACTLY like the comic versions, right down to the horses, chest plates, shoulder and knee pads. Everytime Gimple opens his smug mouth, I hate him more and more.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        If they’re REALLY from the Kingdom I can’t wait to see this King Ezkel guy and his pet tiger. They better introduce them……I say I’m the second half of S7 so ALL 3 groups take down Negan and the saviors!!!!

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Ezekiel and Shiva! I want to see Shiva on the show so bad.

          • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

            I know I read some spoilers from the comics online and saw this part and I was like OH HELL yeah!!!! Alexandria Hilltop and the kingdom NEEDS to happen if they want to get rid of The Saviors for good!

    • Jessa says:

      Seriously. Can they ever just admit “Yes, that thing you think is correct. We did that thing.”? Would it be so hard to not constantly deny every theory ever?

  2. Ashley says:

    So you answered my Grey’s Anatomy question by just referring to a tweet which I had already seen? Seriously, TVLine?

    • Ellen says:

      You’re totally right! Seriously? That wasn’t a spoiler at all!

    • James R. says:

      Because he is suppose to know that you have already seen the tweet? Some people’s kids……

    • JRobey83 says:

      Ansley – Descriptions to future episodes recently came out and it looks like Arizona is going to have a big story involving Callie and Sofia. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with Arizona dating, but since you asked about her specifically I thought I’d post some info.

      12×19 – Arizona makes a decision that affects her relationship with Callie
      12×20 – Callie tries to make a decision about Sofia without consulting Arizona
      12×21 – Callie and Arizona ask their friends for support during a difficult time
      12×22 – Callie and Arizona disagree about what’s best for Sofia

      I’m sorry if you’ve already seen this.

  3. ndixit says:

    Ok, I am happy these Castle execs have sense enough to shoot a series ending.

    • brad says:

      i hate the fact there doing to why not just do like what happen last season also does this mean loksat is ending this season

      • ndixit says:

        Ok, I honestly am not sure what you said, but last season was also an ending which worked as a series finale with no major loose ends. So it will be like last season and the sooner they end LockSat, the better it will be for the show.

        • Ashley says:

          There was still the Castle missing time-period loose-end last season.

          • ndixit says:

            Yeah but that was really the only one. The reason he was kidnapped was explained. If the series finale is only different to the season finale by a scene or two, then I doubt everything will be completely explained in the this season’s series finale either. But at least we will get closure for the most part.

        • brad says:

          i mean why shoot 2 and just have like last season a finale that is both like a series and a finale of sorts cause i bet alot the season finale will be a dumb cliffhanger while the other not and i bet people are gonna get mad cause next season if it happens will be the same as this season

          • annek says:

            Series finale Beckett lives, season finale she doesnt

          • Joey says:

            article was posted on ABC Castle News earlier today with the two show runners stating no cliff hanger at the end of season 8 and that season 9 has been renewed. That article has already been remoived. As we all know if it is on the inter net it is true

  4. Jon88 says:

    Do you happen to know who voiced Linus on last night’s “Castle”? Thanks.

  5. Spence says:

    So happy to hear about Heath. I really want more from his character, I’m hoping they don’t just bring him back for one episode to kill him. Not too optimistic though, knowing the weak path this show is going down.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    I hope they keep Negan around for a long time. And I love Gimple :-)

    • Fingers Crossed says:

      I’m guessing there’s a LOT of room on that “I love Gimple” train right now …

    • Laura says:

      They will, he has a huge arc in the comics that actually is still happening, so they will have tons of material to work with and, potentially, break away from to give him a different story path. As for Gimple, you’re kind of alone on that one these days (crickets).

    • PaisleyPark says:

      Ugh! Not me. I’m not up for seeing Rick and his crew having their power taken away and feeling defeated going forward. If that’s how it’s going to play out, season 7 is going to be tough to watch for me.

      • sanchopanza says:

        The way I’m feeling, I don’t know if I’ll even be willing to watch season 7. wrstlgirl can have my seat on the train for sure.

    • madmax says:

      I used to love Gimple until that Glenn under the dumpster fiasco.

    • AnnieM says:

      I do, too. I never imagined a TV exec could be so entertaining. And really, people, I’ve always seen his ‘well, we may or may not’ answers to mean, ‘Yeah, eventually’. As far as all the season finale backlash, well, cliffhangers are pretty standard now in television. They gave us a (somewhat) new twist – instead of having something terrible happen to someone, and not knowing who did it until fall, this time we know who did it, and will find out who it was done to in the fall. Not a super-big difference, but not all that uncommon. Anyone else old enough to remember Dynasty’s ‘Moldavian Massacre’?

  7. kmw says:

    Thanks for the Bones casting, sounds interesting and so happy its back next week. Wow ABC really is taking it down to the wire on Castle. Hope whatever happens the fans get a good finale either way

    • Kvivik says:

      I just hope they are told before production wraps on the ep. Really don’t want a ‘cliffhanger series finale’ situation happening here.

  8. CactusRose says:

    I absolutely LOVE Lucifer! What an original story line. I really don’t recall ever seeing any movies or TV shows even close to this interesting plot. There will be much crying and gnashing of teeth if it’s not renewed!

    • Disappointed_In_Shameless_EP says:

      Yes, it’s incredibly original
      Except that, you know, it’s not, it’s a bastardization of a comic book inspired by a classic comic story line by Neil Gaiman.

      Read a book sometimes

      • Big Mike says:

        Maybe OP reads books, but not comics. Also, they were pretty clear to qualify that they were talking about “movies or tv shows”. Not sure why you decided to be such a d!ck, but pipe down.

      • mooshki says:

        She clearly said it was original for “movies or tv shows.” Nice condescension, though.

      • Dysturbed says:

        Were you that eager to be condescending, that you couldn’t even read past the second sentence that CactusRose wrote?

      • Wouldn’t she have to read a comic…and then have to read another condescending post from some other douche who doesn’t believe that comics are legit reading material?

  9. July Lark says:

    Sigh, already heard the first half of the Outlander premiere was a snooze with too much Frank. Get us back to Scotland. That’s the story.

  10. I suddenly have Porky Pig from the closing of episodes in my head (stuttering “that’s all folks”) in regards to Ms de Pablo appearing (or not as the case may be) in the Season finale (or any one of the remaining 5) of “NCIS”.

    The good thing for the rest of the cast is that once Michael has “left the building” these questions will cease.

  11. Brigid says:

    The Walking Dead fans never would have survived the 80’s and 90’s in TV Land. Every show ended the season with a cliffhanger. Remember Who Shot JR? LOL It made me crazy but always made me come back. Can’t wait for Season 7!!!!

    • Big Mike says:

      A cliffhanger that worked 30+ years ago shouldn’t be expected to work today.

      • JC says:

        Why not??? Why do we need everything tied up in a pretty little bow. I cannot wait for season 7 because I can’t wait to see what happens. I don’t need instant gratification.

        • Big Mike says:

          I’m not saying it couldn’t work, but in this particular situation it was a poor decision. This episode did a fantastic job of slowly eroding the confidence of Rick, and replacing it with fear. It built up to a tense climax that was palpable in the audience…..just to stop before the money shot. 6 months will erode the atmosphere and impact of the reveal.

          • If they kill a major character who isn’t Glenn, the atmosphere and impact of the reveal will not have eroded…even a little. If the spoilers aren’t leaked, the season premiere might draw one of the largest audiences of the show’s run. Some people are pissed but they will tune into the show in the fall.

        • Laura says:

          Because A. Walking Dead has never done a cliffhanger in their season finales… mid-season, yes, but never in a season ender. And never one that so deeply impacts the viewers with what will absolutely be a death of a beloved character. B. In the comics, this was not a cliffhanger, it was brutal and gory and left you shaking palpably with anger at this animal of a new character (Negan) and his cruelty. In this episode, they built it up to the point that some viewers had hypertension and heart arrhythmias in the last 5 minutes but then completely wasted that moment and the tension… no one will care 6 months from now, it loses its impact. Not to mention it will probably end up getting leaked and spoil it for all. And C. It’s just a plain old b%tchnuts porchd%ck move. Period.

      • silent says:

        i mean it angered me when they did that but that was also a good idea cause it wouold make people hyped

    • maregolden says:

      I am dating myself here, but many years ago shows did not have season finales. They just went off the air for the summer and came back in the fall. And IIRC, who shot J.R. was the first cliffhanger, a formula that is now used ad nauseam.

      • majma15 says:

        I remember those days as well. I wish we would stop having Season Finale cliffhangers, as well as the Mid-Season cliffhangers, which were prevalent on ABC this year.

      • AnnieM says:

        Me, too. Cliffhangers are a PITA, but I’m used to them. The one good thing that came from all of that, though, is the eventual arrival of the ‘Series Finale’ episode. I can think of at least a half-dozen (maybe more) programs I’ve watched over the years that had unresolved endings.

  12. EL says:

    Re: Bones. Louis IV lived in the tenth century. Are you sure you don’t mean Louis XIV?

  13. bob says:

    so how would they know which to use given they dont say until about the end also is the season finale one gona be a cliffhanger

  14. John Z says:

    Loved Castle, but its day has past. This season has SUCKED. Writing is shallow and cheap, everyone is out of character, etc. Just painful to watch a once great show being so awful. TIme to end it. IMO.

  15. Steven says:

    I do agree about comedies being better than dramas in general, But my current 2 obsessions remain HTGAWM and The Good Wife. Hopefully the Fall brings some fresh new dramas.

  16. CastleFan says:

    Since renewal concerns were mentioned as the reason for multiple endings, then are we to assume that contracts are not the issue this time with Castle?

    • ndixit says:

      There can be any number of reasons why a renewal could be going down to the wire. They might be negotiating with Nathan and/or Stana or it might be a ratings issue, budgetary concerns, episode orders etc…

    • Susan Smith says:

      The show won’t go on without Castle namesake Nathan Fillion,even though Stana Katic is his Co Star .If he doesn’t sign the show won’t go on more than likely. So far no news he has signed

  17. PoeticNobleLandMermaid says:

    Since Project Cadmus was first mentioned, my ultimate dream for S2 of Supergirl became a Superboy storyline, especially since that could be a sneaky way to (sort of) have a version of Superman appear without actually doing it.

  18. Et al. says:

    It may be easier to start reporting show Gilles Marini isn’t appearing on.

  19. Andrea says:

    As a Castle fan, I’m still hoping for some sort of final season without the whole loksat thing going on. But I am happy they are being smart enough to have two possible endings. I would hate to end on some huge cliffhanger after watching for 8 seasons.

  20. Maria C Alcazar says:

    When will they know if it is a season finale or serie, I know before we do but how far in advance they will know,

  21. majma15 says:

    Truly hope Castle gets a Season 9. Would love to see all the ends tied together for the Season 8 finale. I hope everything can be resolved so Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion return and are actually acting together in scenes 80 – 90% of each episode. We have greatly missed the signature Caskett bantering and building theory scenes together this year.

    • Annie says:

      Yep, there should not be a season 9 if NF and SK can’t manage to work together again. 3-5 minutes of Caskett per episode is ruining the show. And, new show runners and ditching the frat boy humor.

      • majma15 says:

        The lack of Nathan and Stana not interacting together has definitely been the downfall of Season 8. I watched a few Season 2 episodes today on TNT and it is striking seeing the difference. Whether they are getting more time off individually to pursue other projects, or personal issues, it has definitely damaged Castle, the show.

      • gretchen thad says:

        Is it really possible that two leads who didn’t like each other could dictate screen time together? How could anyone agree to that? My guess is that they don’t get along but I am holding out hope that this part isn’t true.

    • Susan Smith says:


  22. teri says:

    I hope the ending is the Season Finale for Castle. There is so much left out there to tell and if the Showrunners continue to make amends for what fans want to see, then yes, Castle will be wonderful. Look at the ratings compared to other ABC shows. Very good and great with DVR+7. ABC needs Castle on their network. It is stable and steady and beating viewers for many of their other shows.

  23. Lola says:

    I never thought Anika pushed Rhonda on Empire. It being her was too obvious and most shows aren’t that outright with information. It was clearly a man. For now I’m still guessing Andre. He was going through one of his episodes when he committed this act.

  24. brawl2099 says:

    Considering that Negan is still regularly appearing in the comic four years after his debut, I think Morgan is probably here to stay to some degree.

  25. Whatevah says:

    Negan already needs to go. It’s going to be the Governor all over again. Around wayyyy too long. Ugh..(I’ll keep watching though) And of course that was the Kingdom. Why didn’t he just say yes. Geesh..

    • Shannon McNair says:

      Of course it was the Kingdom folks. And Nicotero said as much in different interview so its not a secret. How much Kingdom we will see in Season 7, that may be up in the air

    • PaisleyPark says:

      YES!!–Negan can be gone like yesterday if Rick and the survivors are going to be stuck at his mercy. I’m not going to enjoy seeing a defeated Rick.

  26. Betisa says:

    I can’t believe that actors, writers and producers of Castle don’t know if the show ends this season or not. ABC should have announced series finale one month ago. This show that networks don’t care about people at all. $$

    • Debbie Schnackenbeck says:

      All us Fans, plus my mom,and I ,are fighting for Season 9, we don’t need a Season Finally,and say no more #Castle

  27. Phoenix5634 says:

    Thanks for the Lucifer scoop! More please :)

    Season 7 Walking Dead is going to be really awesome. I really hope they’re able to get Shiva on the show. Please Cast Shiva lol

    It’d be interesting, plus a cool way to do it, if Fear TWD group ran into Negan earlier on. Before he started the Saviours. Like just seen him or something. And thats how they could give us some of his origin story that way.

  28. ktc1986 says:

    So if Project Cadmus becomes a big deal in Supergirl, maybe they’ll use Superboy? I know there have been issues with his copyright but this would be so great to see on TV.

  29. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    Anyone else find it annoying that he covers only about twenty shows? So annoying! Try some diversity.

  30. Matt C. says:

    Well, of course Negan is going to be around for multiple seasons…the question is, how many is JDM contracted for? That could impact just how quickly (or slowly) they go through certain storylines from the comics.

  31. Guest says:

    All I can say is that with the negative fan reaction to the walking dead because of this most ridiculous cliffhanger in the history of cliffhangers, if the character who dies is Daryl I don’t think the show will survive. It might get a season 8 but will will likely lose more than 50% fans and the rating will take a huge nose dive. Gimple you are an idiot for doing what you did, let’s get a petition going for a new show runner since apparently Gimple is a moron.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Yeah he is kind of rolling the dice if he kills Daryl. Fans probably won’t take it so well. A lot of people are a big fan of Daryl. And Glenn for that matter too. He’s probably hoping this cliffhanger stunt draws in more new viewers, then it does annoy current viewers.

  32. Phoenix5634 says:

    Any scoop on Damien ?

  33. Jerri says:

    Hallelujah! Cote is not coming back for the NCIS Season 13 finale. Thank you, Ausiello! Best news ever.

  34. Phoenix5634 says:

    If The Night Manager is good, I hope it becomes more than a miniseries. It looks really good, plus it has Hugh Laurie.

  35. TWD RULES!Negan is HERE!

  36. acurat says:

    I am impressed. The fact that Castle despite its problems this year to film two endings in case the series is canceled or continued, they are taking the time to film two endings. That is taking care of the fans and is appreciated.

  37. kirads09 says:

    “all of my current TV obsessions are comedies” Really? Besides TBBT I don’t think a “comedy” has made me laugh (in a genuine way) since Seinfeld. I catch little snippets of the ends of these here and there waiting for MY show to start and they just seem – well – not funny. Nothing draws me to them.

  38. gretchen thad says:

    I would be okay with this being the end of the line for Castle if I trusted it would go out on a high note. It’s been so disappointing and a finale that is all about LokSat with a few minutes tacked on the end to wrap up the series (or a regrettable season) just won’t cut it. However, I don’t see the show runners or writers getting it at this late date.

  39. Marilyn Hendrickson says:

    Maybe, they should have Beckett go on a special assignment with Castle Dad & Rita which is going to take a long time & is very important an of national security then to door will be open
    for her return if they stay on the air?

  40. Jake says:

    Thanks for the Lucifer scoop Mike, hope it gets renewed.

  41. Leo says:

    Two possible endings for Castle should adequately cover all possibilities, but the way W/H have drifted from the original concept in season 8, it might be memorable as the mother of all trainwrecks. whorah!

  42. silent says:

    honestly i just wish they would’ve should who died cause i cant wait like 5 months or how ever long it s

  43. Phoenix5634 says:

    I’ve heard rumours that Melissa Benoist could be playing Power Girl on earth-1 ( Barry’s universe )

  44. theresa says:

    Please don’t take Castle off, we have enjoyed this show every year please please renew this show we really enjoy it. It is a show that don’t have a devil, or something stupid like Licifer

  45. Marci says:

    Love The Walking Dead is like the best show ever and I recommend you watch I hate The Governor

  46. I think it is not fair to separate Kate and Rick , the fans want them to be together if we have a season 9.

  47. judynana says:

    Is Redington lizzys dad?