The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: Already Gone

Ian Somerhalder wasn’t kidding when he promised a double dose of death on Friday’s Vampire Diaries.

Sadly, this week’s episode bid adieu to everyone’s favorite heretic couple; with the Armory’s poison running through Mary Louise’s veins and Nora freshly marked with one of Rayna’s trademark tats, the ladies used their final moments on Earth to blow up the hell stone — and themselves along with it. (Their deaths would have been sad enough, but Nora had to go ahead and recite their favorite poem, didn’t she? … Don’t mind me, I’ve just been cutting onions over here.)

This puts the Salvatores in a strange, and certainly unexpected, predicament. Not only was Valerie unable to transfer Stefan’s scar to Damon, but Rayna also stabbed Stefan with the sword (again!) before the stone was destroyed. If Stefan was trapped in the stone while all of that was happening, where the [every expletive in the book] is he now?!

Before I move on, I suppose I should mention that this episode technically featured three deaths; via a particularly emotional cemetery moment with Matt, we learned that Penny — ol’ blue eyes’ partner in crime and in life — died at some point during the three-year time jump, and Stefan is apparently to blame.

Other Things We Should Probably Discuss:

* Now that we’re finally three years in the future, the show is giving us flashbacks to what went down in the interim. This week’s, set two years ago in the Philippines, found Stefan and Valerie sharing their first kiss since reuniting in the season premiere. But here’s my question for the group: Wasn’t Stefan still with Caroline two years ago, making his lip-lock with Valerie a little cheat-y? Or did Stefan and Caroline officially split, and my memory’s just not what it used to be?

* Alex delivered my personal favorite line of the night: “Why does Enzo do anything lately?”

* I miss Bonnie.

OK, your turn to talk: Are you bummed about Nora and Mary Louise’s deaths? Confused about Stefan’s new whereabouts? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A. D. says:

    Can we please kill Valerie off already?!?!

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m thinking the same thing. And then bring back Elena. Damon was a better person with her there.

      • Rebecca says:

        I mean take away Rayna power

      • LL says:

        LOL…How exactly is Damon a better person with Elena? The show has proven that he isn’t. He says it but the show keeps proving him wrong. Elena will not be coming back unless Nina Dobrev wants to or the show ends. Julie’s not keeping Nina Dobrev away, Nina decided to leave and so far doesn’t want to return.

        • the point is that he’s a better person. he might not be the BEST person but he is a BETTER person.

        • Alexandra says:

          Yeah Elena is not coming back or at least like it’s been said, “until the show ends”. Apparently it caused too much drama with his marriage to Nikki Reed being that the 2 (Ian & Nina) were in a previous relationship during the show. I’m pretty sure her leaving has a lot to do with that as well.

          As for Nora & Mary Louise, it is pretty sad to see them go. I started to really like Nora especially. I’m anxious to see more of what we missed on Stefan & Caroline splitting or what else she’s up to now. Are her & Alaric together now? Hmmmm.

          As for

    • Rebecca says:

      I think they should have one of the witches figure out how to take her power from her. And bring back Elena because Damon is a better person with her there.

    • NoraxMaryLouise says:

      I think she’s making it into Season 8 .-. RIP!

  2. Mike says:

    Oh look, the lesbian couple died. This is my super-surprised face.

    • Morgan says:

      Well, it was either kill them or have one or both sleep with a dude. So…

    • Mike says:

      As much as I actually did like Mary Louise and Nora, having so many characters was getting to be a bit much. Getting back to the core isn’t a bad idea.

      Maybe the outcry shouldn’t be that they’re killing off too many LGBT characters but that they aren’t making enough of the main characters, the virtually untouchable ones, LGBT. Maybe if they were more important to the writers, they would be less likely to lose story and/or be written/killed off.

      • Geo says:

        It’s seriously hard to dismiss the #buryyourgays protests when there have been four lesbian characters killed off on three shows over the span of about two weeks. It should also be noted that three of those four were on the CW.

        I totally agree with your point about making some of these LGBT characters more indispensable like some of the “no kill” main characters. For a show that was partially developed by a gay man, the Vampire Diaries has been pretty lousy about LGBT representation. The few times they have had LGBT characters, they’ve been 1) underdeveloped and 2) soon dead.

        Both Vampire Diaries and the networks can– and should– be doing a lot better than this.

        • The real point you’re not seeing is that they aren’t ACTUALLY main characters. Read up on story plots and how to write a story. They are supporting characters, not main characters. They were only around for a short time. They weren’t actually main characters. The authors don’t hate LGBT, they just want surprises that you don’t think are going to happen. That’s what makes it good.

      • James says:

        My point exactly. Writers should write main LGBT characters. What show has one nowadays? They’re all secondary or special appearances.

        • I know people are still super pissed about Lexa, which is understandable, but The 100 does still have a bi main character in Clarke, so that’s something…right? More rep is needed though, no doubt about that.

        • Rachel says:

          Pretty Little Liars has a main LGBT character that would be pretty hard to kill off. So there is at least one show out there doing something right.

        • Mike says:

          Well, Sara Lance on “Legends of Tomorrow” (and formerly on “Arrow”) is a main character and she is also bi. And what about Connor Walsh on “How to get away with murder”? He is gay.
          I’m gay and I’m not really pissed about the death of so many LGBT characters. Straight characters are dying also and nobody is pissed about that… besides they were some fanfavorites. It’s TV… somebody has to die on TV shows.

        • Finding Carter, Modern Family, heartbeat, recovery road, the family, The magicians, Legends of Tomorrow, Shades of Blue, Shadowhunters, Zoe Ever After, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Dr. ken, Blindspot, Flesh and Bones, Master of None, You me and the apocolypse, and soooooo many more…..

  3. AD says:

    So horribly disrespectful to Steroline & their history. Despicable. Not here for this Stefan character assassination.

    • BrightLight says:

      I assumed he and Caroline had broken up when she decided to go with Alaric to Texas to help take care of the twins? Didn’t he see them through the window holding the babies and left? I took that to mean that he broke things off or that they just went their separate ways. Then again this show has so many breaks into between episodes I could just be making all that up.

      • Leina says:

        Yep. He totally did right by Caroline like Klaus said to. Asked her to leave the twins and when she said no, just ghosted her for three years. Like, I can’t take how much I loathe stefan and how mad I’ll be if they get back together. They are ADULTS and he should have handled it like an ADULT and broke up with her. Not abandoning her for three years, right after she had two kids. She deserves better, and hell, even Klaus of all people looks better right now than Stefan does.

        • andreav says:

          I think that’s what “doing right by her” means. Klaus saw it happen with Elijah. Elijah did everything even sacrificing his relationships just for his brother’s sake. Same as how Stefan always does with Damon. Klaus advised Stefan to let Caroline go before he loses everything good he has with her, and that’s exactly what he did. I’m with Stefan on this one. I think he did right by her.

        • Leina he was protecting her. He couldn’t very well keep calling her or Rayna would use her as bait eventually. He couldn’t put the children in danger. That scene was like a goodbye letter. He couldn’t involve himself in her life anymore.

      • You’re not bright light. I saw the same thing.

    • Mira says:

      No one cares about Sterobore and I can only hope JP doesn’t get them back together. Plus Caroline’s with Alaric so…. Stefan and Caroline need to be with different people and need to go back to being best friends which they were much better as.

      • Gul says:

        Ohh joyy.. look at the “very original” “sterobore” response. lol. you cant just declare that no one cares about Steroline and leave it at that. A lot of people are verry invested in them. Caroline & Alaric is gross, he’s like her father (not to mention he KILLED her actual dad). Nope. That “relationship” should be wiped from existence.
        Moreover Steroline’s story is no where near close to over but they’re just handling it all wrong.

        • Jules says:

          Well just like you don’t like generalizations, you just made one! LOL I don’t find Caroline and Alaric gross, if their relationship is developed right I think Caroline and Alaric are great together. I can see chemistry between them unlike the awkward scenes between SC. I agree with the other poster SC should’ve stayed friends but Plec always ruins a good thing.

  4. Gilded Lady says:

    Ya know, the only reason this won’t get The 100 levels of rage for trading in kill-your-lesbians tropes is because the fans just don’t care about the characters…

    • brandi says:

      To be fair, they are slowly working their way through all the heretics one by one not just the lesbians.

    • Luli says:

      They only reason I was mad about THAT character’s dead was because she was one of my fav characters, not because of her sexuality.

      And I’m sad they killed ML and Nora… they were growing on me. Definitely the most likeable herectics of all.

  5. Michelle says:

    I miss Bonnie too, tvd is so boring without Bamon and their antics

  6. Chase says:

    Nope he cheated. Caroline Forbes deserves better than his trash self. GET THEE AWAY FROM THE SHOW CAROLINE

    • Whitney says:

      I disagree. At least from Stefan’s perspective, he and Caroline couldn’t be together anymore. She chose Dallas and he chose to let her have that life without his predicament endangering her or the babies. And it had been an entire year since that went down. I’m reserving my judgement until they show me when Caroline decided to start a life with Alaric; if they are engaged and close to a wedding after 3 years, it’s highly likely they too had begun moving on together after one year. You can’t fault one if the other did the same.

  7. Really missed Bonnie and Bamon in this episode, and also wished they followed on from the last episode. Damon not even mentioning what went down between him and Bonnie is not consisted, but Ian’s episode was good, just lacking in Bamon.

  8. Stacy says:

    I like Valerie and Stefan together. Steroline is boring. Please bring back Klaroline!

  9. Brittany says:

    I definitely don’t care about the heretics deaths. I was more saddened about mama Salvatore’s death when it comes to heretics! It was really sweet with the poem reading, but these two characters aren’t ones that I or many were attached to. Ian did say that he wanted to get back to the core characters and the root of the show. So, I’m anxious to see the show get back to basics and let us spend time with th characters we’ve known and love for so long.

    And about the Stefan/Caroline thing… I think they were already broken up. I’m not a Valerie fan but I don’t think he would cheat on Caroline. He’s never been that type.

    • wgsecretary says:

      I agree. I didn’t care about the characters. They were never very likeable. They went from tormenting people to the writers trying to humanize them. It never fully hit home with me. They’re a distraction and I’m ok that they’re gone.

      I also think Stefan and Caroline were probably broken up. But, she was furious with him about something in the new present timeline/3 years in the future clips earlier in the season. She didn’t even want to hear his name, if memory serves. Maybe that’s why she’s angry. I believe the last time we saw Caroline in the past/previous episodes’ present (this timeline is messing with my head), she was at Alaric’s new home with the twins and Stefan saw her through the window. Stefan didn’t speak to her, but just left. Maybe that’s the last they saw each other. So, he’d been on the run for about a year (2 years in the past from our current present timeline) when he and Valerie had that kiss on the beach. At any rate, he did something to tick her off. I wouldn’t be surprised if Valerie had something to do with it. But, I’d guess that at the point he and Valerie kissed, he was no longer with Caroline.

  10. Savi says:

    I was so torn up about Nora and Mary Louise’s deaths I almost bothered to learn which one was Nora and which was Mary Louise.

  11. Lady says:

    You do know that Alaric and Caroline are engaged so they most likely Stefan and Caroline went their separate ways. Especially sense he had to keep on running and Caroline wanted to stay with her kids

  12. Sharon says:

    Their death actually made me a little sad. I would much rather have Mary Louise and Nora than Valerie. She has always seemed shady to me.

    I’m very curious how Stefan actually broke things off with Caroline. Pretty sure it was lame, and just how long was he on the run with Valerie before he did it.

    I do miss Bonnie. What did Enzo do to her and why?

  13. GaFan_01 says:

    I am sickened by how they have ruined the Steroline build up/relationship with throwing in a “past love”. And what is more frustrating is that Stefan showed more emotion towards Valerie than he has to Caroline all season. The writers didn’t even give Steroline the relationship they were due. The worst part is that I don’t hate Valerie, but someone is going to be hurt in the furture episodes if the writers are trying for another stupid love triangle. Gets old…

    • Kiki says:

      Totally agree with you. So much build up, so little rewards.

    • Anna says:

      Every couple on this show gets screwed over at one point, even DE did with Damon sleeping with the waitress so are you really surprised? I just hope Caroline doesn’t take him back after ghosting her for three years. I would be absolutely disgusted.

  14. Charissa29 says:

    Maybe now everyone will get off Rothenberg’s back and start haranguing TVD showrunners for the dead lesbians trope!

    • Luli says:

      Obviously their sexuality didn’t matter. The herectics have been dying one by one all season. Why would they be any different?

  15. Mani says:

    I’m so confused about what happened to Stefan at the end though.. Idk how they plan to bring him back…

    • Amber says:

      They’ll get him back with some miraculous magic loophole that is there, even though there apparently isn’t one anywhere for the Bonnie and Elena situation. (Not that I miss Elena very much).

  16. Luli says:

    I knew their deaths were coming, but wow, I didn’t expect to cry and feel sad that they died. Sad to see them go.

  17. Lexi says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d kill to see Caroline wind up with Klaus again. I know that’s pretty much not going to happen, but hey… whatever. Alaric works too. He’s a pretty awesome character, and with the babies involved, I feel like that’s going to be a thing for a while. Will they keep it is the question, though. The only way I could see her somehow making the transition from TVD to The Originals with Klaus is if Alaric and his babies died somehow. Either way, I seem to be the minority that hates Stefan and has for a long time now, so I’m fine with them not being a thing. Him and Valerie are just too star-crossed to NOT be with each other, anyway.

    RIP ML and Nora. You were my favorites. :( (Even if I almost shipped ML and Bon Bon for a time… lol)

  18. Musampho says:

    Will stefan wake up and how?

  19. Shay says:

    Yet another code 307. Thanks CW, for headlining the dead lesbians 2016 game this year :/


  20. Elena A says:

    They killed the lesbians? why am i not surprised. TV shows just love writing in lesbians just to kill them off, it’s a stigma. They died a beautiful death i’ll give them that, but they were the only reason i was still watching other than Bonnie, this show has gone down the drain. Back to The Originals now.

  21. Avery says:

    I don’t understand why the show couldn’t have written Nora and Mary Lou off rather than killing them. They could’ve had some other random vampire dying of the poisonous pills to let us know Bonnie’s life would be in danger. Then when Nora got Mary Lou in the hostage trade, they could’ve just destroyed the sword and split town. Same results for the storyline, no dead ladies.

    I, too, really missed Bonnie in this episode and I probably wouldn’t have bothered to watch it at all if I hadn’t read spoilers about her being mentioned in the episode. It’s hard to care about what’s going on in the show right now with both Bonnie and Caroline off-screen for several episodes. I understand they had to write Caroline out because of CK’s pregnancy/maternity leave, but there was no reason to make Kat miss several episodes in a row like this. The show only has two female leads and now we’ve got like three episodes without either one of them. It makes no sense.

    They really need to stop making Damon so selfish. I know that’s always been his M.O. but the way he treated Stefan and Bonnie by going into that coffin with really unforgivable.

    I wonder if the reason Caroline is so mad at Stefan is because he didn’t ever officially break up with her. What if he just never called her again after leaving town with Valerie? It would certainly make sense why she never wanted to see/hear from him again. I also wonder if Stefan was in touch with anyone at that time. If Bonnie is/was relying on Enzo to keep her hidden from the Armory, it must mean she hasn’t been in contact with her friends for a long time. Otherwise, you think she’d would’ve asked one of them to help her hide out. Though I guess if Enzo’s the only one whose been helping her all this time, we finally understand why they’re an item. He’s the only person she’s had to rely on in like 3 years.

  22. Lou says:

    I agree with you so much about Stefan, he never break up things with Caroline so he just basically cheated on her which is very sexist btw, because let’s face it, Caroline will not have do the same during those 3 years, so yeah, after that (and the all Stefan attitude this season), I can’t understand how some people still think he is the best choice for her, I mean, basically any other guy on the show (Tyler, Klaus, even Matt and Alarci) respected her more than that.

  23. Ash says:

    What if ML and Nora didn’t die? Because a few episodes back they showed a clip 3 years in the future where ML and Nora killed the two people with the cameras. I mean in the 3 years they were in the armory so it couldn’t have happened then and they didn’t get to do it before the hell stone/car explotion, so when did that happpen? #hopefull

  24. Sabrinator says:

    I am devastated once again.. Whats with all these lgbt characters ending up dead.. I was and still am heartbroken over the fact that Lexa from ‘The 100’ had to die from that one stray bullet.. Lexa was my Favourite Character in that show and I shipped #Clexa (Clarke & Lexa) soo hard.. I can’t believe I actually cried from that.. But really? Now Mary Louise and Nora had to die.. A couple that I shipped as much as #Clexa.. How much more do you want me to cry…? I’m sorry but now ‘Vampire Diaries’ is definitely out of my watch list…..

  25. spu says:

    I dont like Stefan and Valerie.

  26. The Vampire Diaries has lost any solid story lines and has been all over the place this season that maybe even the writers fail to keep up. I feel like they have already thrown in the towel for this series since “Elena” left. I wasn’t completely heartbroken over the main character leaving the show but it seems like she was the anchor and the ship is now lost at sea. The whole heretics plot was a wrong turn for TVD or poorly developed at best. TVD used to be one of my favorite shows but now I don’t think I will miss it when it ends.

    • zed says:

      The anchor of the show should be Bamon!!! and you will see how the show will get brilliant again.- we a plot line still centering the brothers.
      As for Elena- actually- the coffin should be hijacked by Elijah – and I would move her with a plot with the Originals needing her for her blood etc. etc. Why? So we have progress!!
      I like Rayna and I see chemistry of a very weird kind with Stefan-(call it weird on my part- but future could be interesting if she stays on)- blame it all on the Phoenix stone. I wish she can stay on.
      And- actually Caroline and Enzo are the ones who had super great chemisty in season 5- so I would bring that back on.
      LOL- well- my wishful thinking….

      • Ashley says:

        I completely agree with this! How interesting would it be to have Stephen fall for Rayna? With this new relationship between Valerie and Stephen.

        I loved the Caroline and Enzo relationship.

        We need this tension for the show to survive!

        • LL says:

          I wouldn’t mind Stefan and Rayna too, really anyone besides Caroline. They do not have the romantic chemistry to pull off more than just friends.

  27. chantall says:

    I was kinda hoping they would keep nora and just kill off mary louise cause that bitch got on my nerves

  28. Damon** says:

    Why that heck bonny is eating the poison pills?
    And if she did die from then is elena comming back this show is kind of boring without her

  29. Connie Guthrie says:

    I’m like everybody else if Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are on speaking terms again, she needs to get back to this show. All these new characters were hard to keep up with. I can’t imagine how hard it was trying writing a story line for them all. I absolutely love Joseph Morgan as an actor.He somehow needs to get back to Mystic Falls along his brothers and Hayley. If it has to go back to one show instead of 2 to stay on then so be it.

  30. Sally Sloane says:

    First of all, let me say that I miss Elena. And bringing in a couple of dark haired female look alikes is no consolation. And all of the backwards and forwards with the time period is more confusing than satisfying. Nora and Mary Louise or Thelma & Louise? It was fate. They certainly took the wind out of Rayna’s sails. Hopefully this will make it easier to get Stefan back…

  31. Ashley says:

    If Nina Dobrev won’t come back to play Elena, why can’t we have her character end up in another actor’s body who is actually dedicated to the show? They did it in the Originals didn’t they. Elena is what is missing from this show, and I know Nina is gone – pursuing god knows what – but the Elena fans need her in the show. Meaning we need an Elena character, even if it is in a different person’s body.

  32. Beshir says:

    I just need to know, is Stefan really dead ? and what Stefan did to Matt that made him hate Stefan that much ??

  33. andreav says:

    I don’t know how they’re gonna do it, but I hope Stefan comes back before this season ends.

  34. chantall says:

    I preferred human elena cause then she sorta had a purpose doppelganger blood and all, but aS soon as she became a vampire she like had no point she usless and weak always crying, and being kidnapped. No elena please

  35. cej says:

    I didn’t care for the whole heretic storyline from the beginning, so I was fine with them dying. Actually, I guess I’m just getting tired of this show. It hasn’t done much for me lately. It’s too bad because I used to really love it.

  36. Mina says:

    The Plec and Dries combo is the worst writing disaster that’s happened to TVD recently! All they are is delusional DULLENA shippers, no wonder Nina left. She got boring and annoying storylines which alienated a good chunk of the show’s fans! Shame!

  37. Mina says:

    Several episodes without Bonnie?! Are you kidding me Julie Plec?! Damon’s whinging about Elena who is nolonger even a part of the show and DULLENA still get more screen time than Bonnie who is an actual character on the show! WTH do you have against Kat’s character? About time Julie cleared the air on this one!

  38. Ana says:

    I could care less about Nora and Mary Louise’s deaths quite honestly.

  39. chantall says:

    I liked , Nora she had sass and was adventurous, and always willing to take chances plus she and bonnie had chemistry, mary louise was a whiny little twirp who always complained that Nora didn’t pay enough attention to her.

  40. Roxanne says:

    The only thing I want to know is where Stefan is now or if when the stone exploded and all the screams and faces were shown if that meant all the souls i the stone were technically released. Which would then put stefans soul back where it belongs.

  41. Annie says:

    Idk if I’m wrong.. But I remember them saying back around the time they first got the phoenix stone that if you destroy it all the people in there die. So did a really important character actually just die? I’m thinking about watching the season over just to find out. Or maybe it’s just one of those times when, in the next episode he’ll open his eyes. And it’s just a cliff hanger in general. But still anyone remember that part?

  42. G1 says:

    As Nora and Mary Lou destroyed the stone, what will happen to Stefan whom was still stuck in it?

  43. Avenell tate says:

    The chemisry love is between caroline and klaus those two actor nail it them two together keep me watching