TVD's Ian Somerhalder Warns: 'We're Losing Some Beloved Characters'

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Heads up: If you ever find yourself on The Vampire Diaries, watch out for exploding automobiles.

The CW’s original vampire drama returns Friday (8/7c), and second-time director Ian Somerhalder tells TVLine to prepare for the worst: “We’re losing some beloved characters, which is always hard.”

But rather than looking towards the show’s next big death(s) with a sense of dread, Somerhalder encourages excitement. After all, these big dramatic moments have been part of The Vampire Diaries‘ DNA for the duration of its seven-season run.

“Remember when Elena runs to the Salvatore mansion in Season 1, and she asks Stefan what he is, and he says ‘vampire’? That was such a huge moment,” he says. “I came off a show like Lost with 25 million viewers; it was the new watercolor show. We didn’t have those huge live numbers, but because our presence was so big online and with streaming, that moment was a huge television moment people talked about for months.”

Somerhalder continues, “This episode reminded me that you don’t need to blow a ton of s–t up, though we did blow up a car. And it’s not about blowing up a car, it’s about how and why it happens that really makes you feel. This was about just putting a camera in front of actors and letting them do their jobs, letting them tell this story thorough a performance, and finding moments where they make the audience feel what they’re feeling.”

So, audience, are you ready to feel some feelings tonight? Drop a comment with your best guess below: Who’s on the chopping block?

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