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The Good Wife: Should Alicia Grant Peter 'One Last Favor'?

Does Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man” really belong on The Good Wife‘s Season 7 soundtrack?

That’s essentially the question up for debate in the wake of last week’s cliffhanger, which found Gov. Peter Florrick asking his estranged first lady Alicia to hold off on making public her request for a divorce — and to stand by him until the end of U.S. Attorney Connor Fox’s investigation into his latest alleged misdeeds.

The hour ended, of course, with Alicia inhaling and preparing to give her response — before the screen cut to black and the credits rolled.

It’s a delicious and deeply dramatic dilemma for the show’s protagonist as the acclaimed CBS drama heads toward its May 8 series finale.

On one hand, while Peter and Alicia have been living under separate roofs and allowed one another to privately see people outside their relationship, their public face as a couple has been both a boon to his political popularity and her influence within her firm and in the courtroom.

At the same time, though, Alicia’s goals have changed since we first met her. In the wake of lover Will Gardner’s death — and her budding romance with investigator Jason — she’s grown increasingly dissatisfied with suppressing her authentic feelings. When she learned of Peter’s nasty confrontation with Jason, then busted into her husband’s office and demanded a divorce, it felt long overdue… and incredibly exciting.

Does that mean, however, that after decades of marriage and raising two children together, Alicia doesn’t owe Peter his request for “one last favor”? Or are we ready for Alicia to finally escape the implications of being a “good wife” in the final Season 7 episodes — and forge a new path to happiness?

That’s where you come in. Take our poll below and tell us how Alicia should answer Peter’s request when The Good Wife returns on Sunday, April 17 (at 9/8c) — then explain your reasoning in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Larc says:

    I think Alicia should take Ruth’s advice and bail while she still can without running the risk of being painted by the same brush as Peter.

  2. Well now I know how the series will end; Jason will take out Lucille and help Peter put an end to all of his problems.

  3. cp1945 says:

    No downside to saying no; she has her name partnership back. Considering the extensive public knowledge of Peter’s failings as a spouse, divorce news doesn’t infer he’s guilty — just a dog.

  4. maregolden says:

    She needs to say no and go ahead with the divorce so she can put distance between herself and this corrupt man-slut.

    • lechatnoir says:

      for the kids’s sake she will say yes. She will bang him one more time before the end of the season and regret it immediately after.

  5. bridyyc says:

    Michael, I’m distraught. Today, the cast was added to IMDB for the 3rd to last episode. That means only 2 more, and so far NO Robyn! Please tell us you know something and I shouldn’t worry?

  6. Scott21 says:

    Peter is the main villian of the show, Alicia owe him nothing!!!

  7. Sheila says:

    She has done her duty! Now it is time for Alicia! I think her kids will respect her more for just being honest and true to herself.

  8. I hate Peter, I’ve always hated Peter, but Alicia should try to help him get out yet another mess for her children. They’re in college and don’t need their dad going to jail. Then she can break ties with him, and be The Ex-Wife.

  9. Kim R says:

    This has to come full circle in the sense that Peter is indicted and Alicia is not standing beside him at the press conference. She is now living HER life, no longer having to be The Good Wife. Fade to black.

  10. eddie willers says:

    The Good Wife ends when she is no longer “The Good Wife”.

  11. Vicki Blakeslee says:

    Give her some much needed long awaited for happiness! An let it be Jason! H is the one for her!

  12. Peter is her past and has not had Alicia best interest at heart for a long time. He’s a self-centered, narcissistic SOB. Alicia needs to be happy and do things for herself and disassociate yourself from the negative and illegal activities of Peter Florrick. Alicia needs to move on with her life whether it is with Jason which would be nice because I think he genuinely cares about her and could help her have a lot of happiness and fun in her life. To me Jason is her future one filled with hope, opportunity and joy! Go for it Alicia tell Peter hell NO on April 17th. They wouldn’t be indicting him if they didn’t have strong evidence against some of the illegal activities that Eli may not even be aware of that Peter has been involved in. I say they all leave Peter because he is a sinking ship and can only bring them down! Go forward Alicia not backwards!

  13. Karen says:

    She needs to move on & be happy! She has stood by him long enough! He needs to get a life & deal with his Karma!

  14. Mary P Taylor says:

    He deserves to go to prison. He has done illegal things many times over and gotten away with it. He has hurt Alicia more times then I can count. Her children are adults now and it is time for Peter to pay for all his illegal and immoral deeds. Would hate to see him getting away with it all after everything

  15. saj7 says:

    She doesn’t owe it to him but I hope she does. However, as I write this I have to ask, what has Peter sacrificed for Alicia? Nada. She’s always doing the bending and compromising.
    On a side note, I wished they hadn’t named the show The Good Wife. So many ppl have never watched because of what they think the show is and have really missed out. It’s been a brilliant show. Definitely in my top 5 of all time.
    Lastly, I’m begging the producers to give Alan Cumming a spin off. He’s fantastic tv. I’m seriously sad to see the show end.

  16. Mary Bromley says:

    There is nothing wrong in granting one last request from ex-husband. One day, she can still cash that in as a favour to favour. And she maintains her image as St Alicia, which is a good career boost and as a good person. It themes -up with current CSR global trend, which Alicia’s law firm does not have at all- doing the right thing to humanity and environment. That should be included in an episode.

  17. italia calabro says:

    She should agree but as a lawyer would, not a wife. There should be demands & provisions. What better ending could there be for a woman whose life as a wife & mother was destroyed & had to evolve to being a self sufficient lawyer. Even her career evolving as now a partner. Stands to reason her decision with Peter should be her best lawyer strategy yet!

  18. Mary S says:

    The name of the show is “The Good Wife” – let the investigation clear him, then she can leave him and go be happy with that gorgeous Jason!!!

  19. Marshall says:

    Alicia turned into a slut!

  20. Deb says:

    She should go back to Peter. She still loves him! Doesn’t anyone see that? He hurt her with his infidelity and now she has hurt him with hers. Living apart or not she is still married to him and has committed adultery too. Jason is not right for her and neither was Will who was a crook and womanizer himself. She and Peter should have a new start. He’s a different man now. It’s the only thing that makes sense!

  21. Prqtee says:

    It’s the same thing as battered wife syndrome. In her mind the right thing to do is stand by your man. But she should divorce Peter and be that strong independent woman. Without Peter weighing her down.