Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Episode 17 Recap

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Say It Ain't So!

There’s a bunch of important season-finale lead-up in this week’s Sleepy Hollow, but you’ll forgive me if all I can focus on is the seemingly senseless killing of a member of Ichabod and Abbie’s army.

As you might’ve heard by now, Joe Corbin is struck down toward the end of Friday’s episode — by Jenny (!), which we’ll get to in a moment — and suffers a noble, if naked, death on New York’s Bear Mountain.

Yes, dramas need stakes. Yes, it’s naïve to think that a literal battle to save the world won’t have casualties. But to have the death of Joe, who brought a groundedness to Team WTF and a grudging sweetness out of Jenny Mills, happen while Daniel runs around the forest barking orders like he knows anything about anything?

Yeah, it burns — and the fact that the development is permanent just makes everything worse. But before we get to the big moment in question, a quick run-down of the other important stuff that takes place in the episode:

* Crane makes Abbie a cappuccino. Abbie brings Crane a gourmet donut. As they enjoy the earthly delights in advance of their trip to the underworld, she admits that yes, she’s scared, but no, he’s not going to the catacombs without her. (Aw, someone’s been reading TVLine’s TV questions post!) Also, it seems like Abbie touches Crane’s face more than is strictly necessary under the pretense of picking donut out of his beard (not as gross as it sounds, I promise); when he takes a sip of her drink, the mood between the two is decidedly cozy.

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Episode 17 Recap* Daniel walks into the archives during Team WTF’s confab with Pandora and is suddenly, 100 percent on the team. When Abbie protests, he says he wants to help her save the world, mainly so the two of them can have a second chance. She acquiesces rather easily, but that might be because there’s eight house between them and the possible end of the world (aka The Hidden One becoming omnipotent and destroying every living thing on the planet).

* The plan: Ichabod and Abbie will go to the catacombs to recreate Pandora’s box, while Mrs. Hidden One will stay behind and help the others stall. Joe, Jenny, Daniel and Pandora go about harnessing the power of ley lines in the vicinity of Bear Mountain, where the god has set up shop with his mystical hourglass. For some reason, Daniel thinks he’s the boss in Abbie’s absence; for some other insane reason, everyone pretty much does what he says… until Jenny doesn’t. (More on that in a minute.)

* Abbie and Ichabod get in a rowboat, sing the National Anthem and wave Betsy’s flag as they row across the Delaware. They also have a talk about how she’s his best partner ever; does anyone else think it sounds like Tom Mison says “loo-tenant” rather than “leftenant” during the conversation? Pretty soon, some mojo takes place they’re in the River Styx — which we know mainly because Ichabod tells us that’s where they are. They come across the lifeless corpses of the soldiers who accompanied Washington on his mission; one is kind of a zombie, thanks to a necklace he wears (thanks to the fiendish Gen. Howe) that curses him with immortality.

* An encrypted note from Betsy, found among the bodies, points Ichabod and Abbie in the right direction of the portal that sends them to the catacombs. They eventually make their way to a secret chamber, where they find Betsy Ross — who’s still alive. Turns out, the woman who returned from the mission wasn’t the real deal, which explains why she sent Ichabod a letter terminating their friendship soon after she came back. Two things you need to know about Betsy: She throw Abbie a little bit of a look, and she’s under the impression it’s the year 1777 in the real world.

* Back on Bear Mountain, the magic compass Pandora conveniently produced to find the ley lines is even more conveniently damaged when The Hidden One makes a storm roll into the area. If she sheltered underneath the tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas, like Jenny and Joe did, it’s no wonder the thing broke. So Joe scurries back to Jenny’s to get the coordinates they need off one of Washington’s old maps. He’s successful, but his exit from the trailer is hampered by Ezra Mills’ sudden arrival.

* All of this coincides with The Hidden One noticing Jenny about to shoot at his hourglass; in retaliation, he turns Joe back into a wendigo… right in front of Ezra’s eyes. Jenny is able to get to her dad in time, but she can’t talk her boyfriend down like she did last episode, and the Mills barely escape with their lives. But surprise! Ezra knows all about the supernatural — he has since before his daughters were born, and he was in Iraq with Nevins and August Corbin — and he has an arsenal of weapons that might help the current problem. “It killed me to leave, but it was for your own protection,” he tells Jenny, who doesn’t get a clear answer on what that means before everything falls apart.

* Sadly, the spell Ezra suggests to turn Joe back doesn’t work, and Jenny has to shoot her boyfriend in the chest to stop him from mauling her dad. Joe morphs back to himself, and from the gaping hole in his pec, you know he’s a goner. “You had to,” he says, absolving her of guilt as he tells her he loves her, and then he dies as she weeps over his nude body. (The fact that we got a definitive answer on the wendigo-pants situation is cold comfort. Literally.) Meanwhile, The Hidden One overrides the team’s efforts to contain him, and when the final grain of sand falls, he becomes an omnipotent ball of rage.

* Oh, and can we discuss how Daniel admits to Sophie that he’s been spying on Abbie for some higher-ups at the FBI? And how she’s the “asset” that was mentioned earlier this season?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you as irked by Joe’s death as I am? Sound off in the comments.


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  1. worldtraveler9 says:

    Considering Danny’s previous conversations with his supervisor Walters about the “diamond in the rough,” I was pretty certain they were talking about Abbie. Very upset about Joe’s death . and shocked that Papa Mills knew more than he was letting on. Overall I thought it was an excellent episode

    • suzi says:

      I am sorry to see Joe gone, but I agree with you that this was a good episode. While on one hand they are being introduced to other relationships, the bond between the Witnesses is growing stronger, and that is a wonderful thing. If the show gets a fourth (and perhaps acknowledged final) season, I think not only will they save the world but maybe get together in the way all the shippers are demanding. I am probably alone in this, but I feel the deep admiration, trust and affection they have as friends is just as valuable and enjoyable as a romantic bond.

  2. Marybeth says:

    Well, I guess this is the end of the show now that the writers did with Betsy, the same thing they did with Katrina in season 2. The way they plotted the episode, it seems they are trying to hook up Betsy with Crane and Abbie with Danny. Most likely the show is not going to be renewed especially after the writers sabotaged the final 2 episodes; probably they were told to do a bad job to finally pull the plug and leave everyone very disappointed.

    • themoneyheifer says:

      Very disappointed with the killing of Joe. Not looking forward to a Season 4 with Abbie & Crane being pulled away from one another by Danny & Betsy. Jenny is now back to being a third wheel unless she is paired with Agent Foster. The writers gave glimpses of friendship between Joe and Crane but could of and should have featured their friendship more. I enjoyed the episode EXCEPT the unnecessary killing of Joe.

  3. Freddy Kruger says:

    Glad that Joe’s a goner. Jenny and Joe’s storyline was boring and a distraction that made the show even worse than season 2.

    • Every one is entitled to his/her opinion. Their relationship didn’t overtake the show like the Crane Family Drama in Season 2 (which is why so many fans walked away from the series).

    • scyren says:

      I’m with Freddy. I wasn’t a big Joe fan so it really didn’t bother me. Joenny was a forced relationship that was rushed. They never play the beats because everything is done for shock value. They don’t care about development.

  4. william says:

    I really liked this show from the beginning, but after watching this season, it is becoming apparent that they are running out of ideas. I don’t think they would give this show a full season 4.

  5. Amy says:

    Betsy alive and Joe dead? Feels like an April Fool’s joke to me. I guess I was wishful thinking to think Betsy Ross would not make it past one season.

  6. CA says:

    I am not going to be one of those folks that says “that’s it, I’m done watching” because of Joe’s death. But I am so disappointed in the decision to kill of Joe. Rarely do shows seamlessly incorporate new characters into a team environment they way Joe did on SH. This was a combination of the the writing and the actor. I loved what they did with Joe and Jenni and I just don’t understand what purpose Joe’s death brings to the show. But I am even more baffled by the Betsy Ross secondary storyline. Did we just trade Joe Corbin for Katrina 2.0??!! And at the end of a season when the future of the show is already so uncertain? Why would the writers do that?

    • Denver says:

      Here is the reality, this is a job for akoms’s razor. The writers believe due to a larger consortium of anti-Icabbie supporters that a possible love story has killed the show. This is a stupid thought because audiences can live and have lived with unspoken relationships. (Moulder and Scully) But the reality is that many fans have focused on Icabbie instead of the show, so the writers are trying to change the lines of conversation. So why are the writers teasing the Icabbie fans by:
      1. Having them move in together.
      2. Having crane make her romantic dinners.

      The answers they are mean. I am tired.

      Just write the stories and don’t worry about fans imaginations. We are allowed to hope, writers are not suppose to be this way.

    • Marybeth says:

      I agree with you. This new development in the show is simply a suicide attempt to really kill the show for good. No one likes the Betsy character and viewers tolerated her as long as she was seeing only in flashbacks, but now they are bringing her as part of the present, just like they did with Katrina in Season 2; it is simply ludicrous! Then the writers decided to kill Joe, why, again why? this whole episode doesn’t make any sense.

  7. csg says:

    With Joe’s death, the Jenny/Joe story comes full circle and the heart of season 3 is lost. Their story was so well-written and so well-played that it made the Abby/Daniel subplot look absurd. Time spent on the domestic witnesses left odd jumps like Jenny getting away from HO, or Daniel spilling his real task to Sophie, or Ezra suddenly having a lot to say with so little time to say it. It’s as if the snail’s pace was suddenly electrified for a rousing finale. And farewell to SH.

  8. CaptMediocre says:

    I don’t know what to think about this episode. It truly felt like, “There’s only 2 episodes left so we have to reveal / expose everything about everything in order to have a great finale.”

    Ezra – Revealing his links to the supernatural MUCH earlier would have been better. Actually more Ezra and less (much less) Daniel would have been better.

    Joe – I liked Joe and had no issue with his character all season. Joe and Jenny together seemed to “ground” the show in the real world. His death is heroic, and somewhat meaningful, however there are more meaningless characters that could have been killed.

    Daniel – Kill him off, SOON. His grand conspiracy calls from mystery men fizzled quickly into a non-story. This character is useless. Even moreso now that he is taking charge of Team WTF.

    Pandora – A much better villain than her “husband”. This character quickly became secondary to the story once “her man” showed up and that’s a shame. I can’t remember seeing a show with a good female villain. SH was on its way with Pandora until apparently “she needed a man”.

    The Hidden One – The most boring villain in the history of villain’s who has done nothing villainous all season until NOW he’s the big problem. Meh.

    Betsy – Listen. If they wanted to have the Abbie / Daniel & Ichabod / Betsy love interest angle play out, it should have started much sooner. Daniel is boring – sure. But Betsy learning about 2016 from Crane could of been fun. (Also, there is no way Crane and Abbie will ever become “Ichabbie” until they sleep with someone else in order to realize they really want each other. That’s how TV works).

    This was a truly slow moving episode with lots of exposition in order to set up the finale. It should have been a 2 hour finale, because other the Ezra and Betsy, this was actually quite a boring episode.

  9. Susan says:

    Writers tried to cram too much into last 3 or 4 episodes. Can’t believe Joe was killed, & B. Ross is alive. Really liked the cappucino/donut scene, & hand holding scene. But Betsy Ross – you’ve got to be kidding. Actress sounded like she was acting in a high school play. If there is season 4 – no more Betsy or Zoe-both need acting lessons.

  10. Chris Wolfe says:

    Any by ‘anyone’ I obviously mean ‘Danny’. At least make the guy a villian – the two easiest ways to rid yourself of an unwanted love interest are to kill them off or have them turn out to be bad guys all along.

  11. Excellent episode. Wondering how it all finished this season. I will miss Joe, but it looks like we already have his replacement in Ezra. Abbie will be surprised and I wonder if Danny is really on the up and up – not sure he isn’t playing us to a degree.

  12. ohsnap says:

    Nothing in this episode was a surprise. I hate Joe dying. I HATE that Betsy Ross is alive. I HATE that Daniel is in the fold and ‘taking over’. HATE IT. I suspected the truth about the father for awhile. I have a feeling the finale will suck. Last season’s finale was great but this year, too many characters. And Joe’s dying so so unnecessary.

  13. QueenB says:

    I watched the first three episodes of season one before watching last night’s episode and it was as painful as Joe’s death . If this series is renewed for a fourth season we need the Headless Horseman back he needs to come back and bring the remaining Horsemen with him and have the Witnesses face off against headless and the remaining horsemen for an epic series ending battle. Pandora and The Hidden One as well as the two newest additions to the team are useless and a waste of screen time Daniel and the woman should have died instead of Joe, a character that we knew and loved!

  14. Jake says:

    Enough about the show — I gotta get me one of them Fords with the right-side camera.

    • Sharon says:

      Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that massive Ford ad in the middle of the show. What happened to subtle product placement?

  15. Lauren Thompson says:

    This episode was a disappointment for me. I would just rather that Daniel and Betsy Ross, and the hidden one weren’t in the picture. These characters do not seem like a good fit to the story line. Daniel is now in charge of the team? How would that have happened so quickly? Betsy Ross just doesn’t seem convincing. I habit and Betsy just don’t have chemistry. The Hidden One is just not nearly as ominous as any of the villans and demons shown previously. I can already tell, that I won’t be enjoying the finale.

  16. Erin B says:

    I thought maybe Joe would live long enough to get that immortality necklace, but I guess not. I wish his death didn’t feel pointless. If it had to happen, I would’ve preferred something heroic.

  17. SleepyHollowFan21 says:

    I agree with most here. Why kill Joe? He is a good actor and the Joe-Jenny thing was beginning to grow on me, Why not kill Daniel instead? Why not kill Betsy instead?
    Why? Why? Why?
    This episode has left me with so many questions! *shakes head and walks away*

  18. Spee says:

    Except for Joe’s death (which I kinda understood), I enjoyed this episode. I was not surprised that they found Betsy alive in the catacombs, in fact, last week a few posters even guessed this outcome. As a Crane-Abby shipper, I still believe the whole Daniel-Betsy stuff is just a vehicle to allow the witness to get in touch with their deeper feelings for each other. I may be wishfully thinking, but I don’t think shippers are being jerked around. I just think the writers are trying to grow their relationship to that next level gradually and sometimes other relationships are part of the journey. As long as they get there, I don’t mind a few pit stops along the way. And, if it never happens, I can live with that too. I just love Tom and Nicole in this show and they are the reasons I am a loyal viewer, and will continue to be until the very end. I am hoping for a romantic union though. I was sad about Joe, and would be even more hurt if anything ever happened to Jenny, but I’d still watch if Tom and Nicole are still Crane and Abby. They were soooo cute in the opening scene with their cappucino and gourmet donut. All smiles!!!

    • Angela says:

      I still believe the whole Daniel-Betsy stuff is just a vehicle to allow the witness to get in touch with their deeper feelings for each other. I may be wishfully thinking, but I don’t think shippers are being jerked around.
      This. EVERY show that has a “will they/won’t they?” dynamic between two characters will go through a thing where the characters date or flirt with other people before they finally get together. I don’t get why people are acting so shocked or surprised that this show’s doing the same thing. I won’t disagree with people who may find that trope annoying and played out, but it’s part of the whole build up and tension, so…
      Plus, I remember some people complaining about how, if the show was going to have the characters date other people, they were tired of Ichabod having all these flirtations and girflriends while Abbie was getting nothing. Well, now she has something for the time being until the show puts her with Ichabod, if they ever do, or until she finds another guy she might be interested in. I doubt they’re making her and Daniel a permanent thing, and it’s not like they’re running off and getting married, so shippers (of which I am one) need to chill a little.

  19. Spee says:

    I like the actor that plays Daniel, but I agree that he is not a good fit to be part of the team. I liked him better as an outside presence who at times could create more of a challenge to the witnesses doing their job. It would have added another wrinkle as they faced off against supernatural baddies. I disagree about bringing the horseman (or men) back. I think this show should stop depending on one main baddie. They should use the Hidden One as a way to bring new creatures from the beyond, so that even after he is vanquished, they’ll still have to face off against more baddies (just different ones). Lastly, shows like this have to kill characters from time to time, so I believe Daniel and Betsy are going to eventually perish. I think their respective deaths will only bring Crane and Abby together. God I pray the show is renewed to give the writers a chance to really bring Crane and Abby’s relationship to the next level.

    • Denver says:

      I respectfully disagree and I think Danny’s character is going to help the other characters grow because he brings a different Nuance to the show. Sleepy hollow does not need to be Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The role of the witnesses has layers that has yet to be realized on the show that can be a really interesting mysterious plot to develop with time, I think it’s interesting that the hidden one calls or refers to the witnesses as Nephilum and that Abby is considered to be an asset but Crane is not?

  20. kayell says:

    Do shows do fan surveys to see which characters are populsr or not, because in many of my favourite shows they tend to kill off characters I cannot stand or at least change their character around.

    For example, Tara in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was annoying and was becoming an unnecessary character, they cut her. Bitsie Tulloch in Grimm had very stiff acting and just was not needed, while Claire Coffee was exactly the opposite. They changed Juliette’s character to an unemotional machine, which made her more bearable, and then they gave more screen time to Adalind.

    And now in Sleepy Hollow Joe is dead! I could see him being very unpopular because he is another case of absolute stiff acting. He had no chemistry with Jenny and it was bogging the show down. The writers got it right.

  21. Susan says:

    Per N. Sharma (designntrend) 2/8/2016 – new SH show runner Clifton Campbell spoke to Yahoo! TV in an interview re second half of season 3. He stated re the Ross/Crane relationship that B.Ross & Crane would NOT meet in present day (2016) Sleepy Hollow – that Fox would be keeping the relationship in the past. There was also a poll at the end that asked- “Are you happy that B. Ross will NOT meet Crane in present day Sleepy Hollow?” The top answer in the poll was overwhelmingly “YES!!” – fans did not want Ross to meet Crane in present day Sleepy Hollow. Well, SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! GIRLS & BOYS – Mr. Campbell pulled an April Fool’s Day on the fans. Really hope that Ross & Mr. FBI are eliminated in the finale!! Really hope there will be a season 4!! so that Ezra gets a chance with Abbie & Jenny & something develops between Abbie & Crane. OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE!!

  22. Jen says:

    This show can drive me crazy. Probably because it’s my favorite and I’m very passionate about it. I am saddened by Joe’s death. I liked how Joe brought out the softer side of Jenny. She just learned how to trust and love again. Now she’ll feel major guilt and more walls up. I figured Ezra was in the know. Betsy and Reynolds can go now please. Who is he to tell anyone what to do? Just stop. My only concern is Abbie dying for real this time in the finale. It matches the blind item. And it doesn’t look good in the finale.

    • Jen says:

      Also, if you look at the finale pictures on this site, there’s one of Ichabod at a cemetery. I’m hoping that since it appears to be an extremely old cemetery, that Ichabod is visiting Betsy’s grave and no one else’s.

  23. Brigid says:

    Ichabod and Abby have so much chemistry. God when she kissed Danny I yelled Nooooo. It’s just terrible. If Abby dies in this episode before they can tell each other and they don’t renew it, I’ll be opening up a can of whoop-@$$ on some writers and producers!! LOL This was a great episode and I’m sad to see Joe leave, I liked him. Love Ezra and I knew since he came on the show that he was aware of the supernatural. Kill Betsy, Danny and the Hidden One and we should be good.

  24. Killing of Joe is as bad a move as wasting Henry (John Noble) most of last season. And adding in useless characters like Danny and Sophie are why Sleepy Hollow will probably not be back for a fourth season. The showrunners have ruined a perfectly good series by adding numerous needless characters. Betsy Ross in present day? Really? Was that necessary? And there is not an ounce of chemistry between Abbie and Danny. None. Zip. Zilch. And we lost Joe Corbin for what? Betsy Ross? Sigh. Sob.

  25. Jmart says:

    Bring back the horseman of death!!!