Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: A 'Date' Which Will Live in Infamy

“What’s the worst that could happen?” you could almost hear Meredith and Will asking themselves in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy during the goodnight kiss portion of their (sorta) third date. “I’m hot, you’re hot — let’s do this.” But was Derek’s widow really ready to invite Dr. Thorpe and his very nice face into her bed? Read on and find out!

MEREDITH (CLEAN) FREAKED | As “When It Hurts So Bad” began, Mer and Will were throwing sparks bright enough to light Seattle, so it appeared that they decided not to end date No. “3” on her doorstep. Unfortunately, the morning after, Grey woke up the whole house yelling for Thorpe to get out. Maggie assumed the worst and immediately attacked Will, who tried as best he could to explain that he’d been asleep, and the next thing he knew, there had been screaming. “I didn’t do anything,” he added. Nonetheless, Pierce tossed him out on his ear — shirtless, shoeless and shaken. When at last Maggie got Mer to open her bedroom door, she looked almost as freaked out as she had after she was attacked by her patient in “The Sound of Silence.” Later, Mer came downstairs, but she was still wigged to the nth degree. (On the plus side, at least she was wigged in a way that was gonna result in a very clean house.) “How can we help you?” Amelia asked before admitting that the reason she was present in the first place was because she had been discreetly crashing there for a coupla days. (Mind you, Mer didn’t care why she was there or even that she was there — she was all about disinfecting.)

AMELIA BROKE UP WITH OWEN | Off their heartbreaking non-date last week, Amelia distanced herself from Owen, then called in sick in the wake of Mer’s freak-out. (Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem like the show is separating Owen and Amelia in order to pair Hunt with April — and perhaps Amelia with Nathan?) Just when Amelia was beginning to tell Mer what had transpired between her and Owen, Alex showed up ready to kill Will or do whatever it took to set things right. Except houseclean. That didn’t seem to him like a proper emergency. (Clearly, he didn’t see the stain that so bothered Grey!) Eventually, Mer came across Derek’s “stupid, stupid blanket” and announced to Amelia and Karev, “We’re done cleaning.” Next, she lit a fire in the fireplace, recalling the time that her husband had made them a bed in front of it, and confessed to Alex that, though Will had been perfectly lovely, she hadn’t been as ready as everyone thought she was. That evening, Owen showed up at Mer and Maggie’s to apologize to Amelia. “I don’t have an excuse,” he admitted. “Riggs said some things to me, and I’m really sorry… It will not happen again.” No, it wouldn’t, she ensured, by breaking up with him. It wasn’t going to work right now. “And maybe not at all,” she added. As the episode drew to a close, Mer, Maggie, Alex and Amelia were eating junk food in front of the fire when Will showed up worried about Grey. “You’re great,” she assured him. “But there’s a ‘but,’” he sensed, then volunteered to back off “for a while.” However, he was gonna pursue her again. “I’m pretty sure,” he said in a way that was guaranteed to induce swooning, “you’re worth waiting for.” (Side note: Mer invited Amelia to move back into her old room.)

CATHERINE PROVED HER ‘MEDDLE’ | Instead of merely continue competing to see which of them could be less empathetic and more childish this week, Jackson and April were distracted by a visit from Mama Avery. Though Jackson ordered Catherine not to so much as speak to April — and Kepner, knowing that “when she hits, you do not wanna be in her wake,” did her best to avoid her former mother-in-law — Richard’s wife sought out the mom-to-be, anyway. Afterwards, an upbeat April asked Jackson if soon they could talk, just the two of them. (Somehow this felt like an “uh-oh” moment rather than a “hurrah” one, didn’t it?) At the end of the episode, Jackson thanked his mom for ignoring his wishes… until he learned that she’d only talked to April to find out what she knew about her pregnancy when. “She legally committed fraud” by signing divorce papers without disclosing that she was expecting, Catherine noted. “Now we can go after her.” Oh, this is not gonna be pretty…

CALLIE LIED TO PENNY | After Penny told Callie that she loved her, Torres, caught off guard, replied, “Thank you.” Later, while Callie was busy tending to a patient who’d been injured during sex with her supersized lover, Blake cared for Sofia when she was brought in with a minor injury. For her troubles, she got more or less called out by her girlfriend, who claimed that Arizona was upset about it. When, afterward, Penny apologized to Robbins, Callie’s ex said that she hadn’t had any problem with Blake treating Sofia. “Oh, [Callie] was lying!” gasped Jo hilariously. Off that scene, Arizona asked her former wife to keep her out of any drama between her and Penny, and Blake called Callie on the carpet for BSing her. Near the end of the hour, Torres reassured her girlfriend that they were “in the same place” and invited her to join her and Sofia for ice cream. “Thank you,” said Penny. (Fantastic circular writing!)

ANDREW DUMPED MAGGIE | After Isaac implied last week that Andrew was sure to get preferential treatment because of his relationship with Maggie — and she pretty much offered him preferential treatment — DeLuca avoided her so much this week (at least when he wasn’t sleeping with her) that she finally asked him point blank if he wanted to be with her. His response? Crickets. “There’s my answer,” she said, growing increasingly pissed that he got what he wanted (them going public) and then couldn’t handle it.

So, what did you think of the episode? Hit the comments!

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  1. Zia says:

    Not interested in Catherine’d meddling but I was SO glad to get civil Japril scenes tonight. Its been 84 years. And they seemed to be on a good path. Ugh, more drama for them. Let them be happy.

    • NM says:

      I wish Catherine would keep her nose out of it too. She has no right to be meddling. How April revealing her pregnancy or not is “fraud” is ridiculous. Does this mean that the divorce can be reversed? Can April be sued for damages? It’s still her body and if they dare try and take control, I’d flee if I were her.

      • Lea says:

        Exactly! What will she do with that!?!? Doesn’t make any sense… Won’t make any difference with April’s pregnancy.

        • ldylkngb says:

          Because Jackson has money, Lots, and lots of money. They wil be able to say she’s after money.

        • Coconuts says:

          My guess is the rights over the unborn child. A Wed father and husband will have more rights over the child than an unwed baby daddy. April being pregnant would have probably effected the entire divorce and legal agreement. Jackson would have stayed with her and have more rights to his baby when it is born. So they feel betrayed and tricked because she withheld such vital information.

      • Jamie says:

        You legally can not get a divorce if you’re pregnant.

        • Natasha says:

          That is not an accurate statement. For paternity issues, you are supposed to state during the final hearing whether you are pregnant but it does not preclude you from getting a divorce nor is it “fraud”. At least not in Florida.

      • Erin B says:

        April signed a pre-nup, right? Maybe her fraud would negate the settlement. I’ve never liked Catherine Avery. So disappointed the chief is stuck with her.

      • NJMark says:

        She can sue him for paternity, and child support and what-all. So he faces all the responsibility, with no rights whatsoever?? If that’s true, I never want to hear another word about “inequality.”

        • Keller says:

          she’s a surgeon, it’s not like she has money problems or something. I think catherine probably wants to ensure they’ll get custody of the kid when it’s born.

        • Anna says:

          Could happen with genders reversed though – my uncle is the sole guardian of his three kids, and his ex-wife pays child support, but has no guardianship or visitation rights of my cousins. But even if that wasn’t the case, still doesn’t negate gender inequality in other arenas.

    • HQ says:

      I actually think (read:hope) that Catherine’s meddling could end up being a good thing for Jackson and April. As he proved tonight, he is still very protective of April when it comes to his mother and will most likely not like his mom attacking her. It might actually unite them for once and make them feel like they are on the same side again. Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead to more fighting because I personally can’t take much more. They will probably start getting along again just in time for one of them to die in the finale!

      • Alisa G says:

        I’m hoping you’re right. I’m hating hostile Jackson. I hate that we have had years of build up of Jackson being a good guy, and now he’s screaming in her hallway and punching walls. It just doesn’t seem true to his character. I’ve always loved them as a couple, and I’m hoping he begins to protect April and they either raise the baby civilly as friends, or get back together. This show needs at least ONE happy couple. They do exist in real life.

      • Marlin says:

        I posted below before I saw your comment. I think Catherine knows exactly what she’s doing. She will make April and Jackson realize their love for each other when they united against her. She is manipulating them to hate her and bring them together. Although I did see the spark of anger in her eyes when April told her she found out the day of signing divorce papers. But I think she does know they love each other and is trying to get them to work past their problems.

    • Tara Flint says:

      Yes yes please let Japril get back together they’ve been through so much , show how a marriage can be righted and not always sad and angry

  2. NM says:

    I were for Amelia and Owen in the beginning, but after two seasons (3 years in Greys) world, they need to be apart. The damage is too dark in both that the highs and lows come when one of them is doing well. I’m hoping this split stands now.

    • Lerbert says:

      I’m glad you brought up the difference between the viewer’s sense of time and the time that has passed plot-wise on the show. I had forgotten. That’s a lot of the same argument to be having between some of these characters!

      • NM says:

        Haha, cheers. A lot of people forget the time warp in Greys.
        Seasons 1-3: one year (internship)
        Seasons 4-5: one year (second year of residency)
        Seasons 6-8: three years (third, fourth and final year of residency).
        Seasons 9-10: two years (two year fellowships.
        Season 11: 20 months (10 months of the season and 10 month time jump.
        Season 12: Current year. Which is supposedly taking place about 8 months or so now of when Meredith had baby Ellis.

  3. 777 says:

    I don’t like Penny and Callie together, I don’t see any chemistry there. I don’t know why Shonda is pushing for it.

    • Ana says:

      I completely agree. I want Callie back with Arizona. They were perfect together.

      • abz says:

        I completely disagree. They were toxic together especially toward the end. They are much better characters apart and Arizona certainly became a lot more likable after they separated.

      • Anna says:

        They were nowhere near perfect together. Callie and Arizona brought out the absolute worst in each other. I understand that people like them as a couple because of their chemistry, but they were straight up ruining each other for years before they finally divorced. They probably had the most toxic relationship on Grey’s (along with the mess that was Cristina and Owen).

    • ldylkngb says:

      Totally agree, I thought for sure Callie would realize that she would want Arizona back. I really have no interest in the Penny character.

      • Mary says:

        No, no, no! Callie was best and hottest when she was with men especially Mark! She is bisexual and it is time for her to have a man again!

  4. Rachel says:

    I’ve definitely been getting Owen and April vibes and it’s weirding me out.

    • Lea says:

      I am a HUGE Japril fan, currently hearbroken. But I do realize that if I have to chose between April and Jackson, I choose April fan. She is far from perfect, but I really want her to be happy. If it’s not with Jackson, then I guess Owen is not the worst match. He really seems to care for her and understand who she is as a person without constantly judging her, which Jackson seems to do constantly these past weeks.

      • njpost1 says:

        I just want April to be happy and I thought her and the new surgeon Owen doesn’t like were having good chemistry…..But I will always have Japril in the back of my mind

  5. Elise says:

    What in the world is Catherine planning to do? Fraud? Fraud of what? Is she trying to get the divorce reversed? Sue for pain and suffering? Lol. Like what could you possibly claim fraud for and win in a situation such as a divorce?

    In other stories, I do appreciate that Maggie got a backbone tonight. DeLuca was acting like a jerk and she’s too good of a person to be with someone like that.

    I actually like Thorpe. He’s hot of course lol. But he’s sweet and takes Meredith’s quirks in stride. I hope we see more of him.

    • Eva says:

      I think that catherine is planning to use the info to get the baby away from April, at this point what else could it be. I hope I am wrong, after watching April lose her last baby so painfully, I’d catherine tries to take this baby I will be done with the character. And if Jackson even thinks about going along with his mother even for a second i’ll be done with him too.

    • ldylkngb says:


    • njpost1 says:

      Catherine is pissing me off Jackson didn’t want April anymore and their marriage was falling apart if she told him then they wouldn’t gotten divorced and he would’ve resented her

  6. brooke says:

    Was I the only one who thought, when Bailey asked Callie who she wanted cheering for Sophia next to her, that it would be Arizona she was thinking about? No? Just me? #stilllivinginthepast #iwishcalzonawouldgetbacktogether #unlikely

  7. abz says:

    Can Penny AND Owen please leave the show for good? Ugh. I just don’t like either of them. The Callie/Penny relationship is just not believable at all. There’s no chemistry there.
    And Owen has been an annoying character since day 1. This Riggs storyline is just ridiculous, childish and completely uninteresting to watch. And a big no to him being paired with Amelia.
    And while Maggie is growing on me, she’s still so annoying at times. Like just shut up for once about Deluca.

    • Coconuts says:

      Lol you seem to not even like this series. Nothing good to say. But yea I can see Penny and Owen being annoying at times. But how can you expect Maggie to shut up about her own boyfriend who was acting weird? Isnt that kind of normal?

      • abz says:

        Uh, I’ve actually loved this series from the very beginning and own the DVDs. This season is great, but it doesn’t mean the show is perfect. Penny and Owen are unlikable, annoying characters for me period. I’m just getting tired of Maggie’s rants about him because they get repetitive.

    • luv2cook says:

      How about she just shut up period?? She’s beyond annoying to me.

    • Bigdede says:

      I wish I could vote up this post. Penny is not needed and actually has chemistry with no oneon the show. Owens just whines. This thing with Riggs is just boring and downright annoying. Maggie is also growing on me and I kike that DeLuca dumped her, she treated him like crap

    • Jamie says:

      I agree about penny, her face annoys me! Owews face does this twisty, concerned serious thing that makes me throw up a little, i can’t stand Amelia. Her character has always annoyed me from the first day on private practice. The girl that plays her is not a good actress in my opinion. She just gets on my nerves and i see no use for her on the show. I don’t care for Maggie either. I guess if i really look at it, i don’t care for any of these people who aren’t really part of the original story line. April and Jackson don’t bother me much but i suppose it might be because they’ve been on the show for so long. Debbie Allan aka Jackson’s “B” of a mother is a total”B” i hate her and i hate her with Richard! He’s too wonderful of a man to be with a hard, stuck up biddy such as her. I truly wish they’d never gotten married. I do not like her or her ways! Grey’s is still and always will be my favorite television show, but they have some crackpot characters right now and i would prefer if it was more like it used to be. They need to show less about these new people and focus more on the originals.

  8. Coconuts says:

    1. Mer freaked me out for no reason.. I really thought he did something wrong. I mean… I get that she was freaked out but she didn’t have to go all ape crazy and yelling like that… That’s so weird..

    2. I like that Amelia is moving back in. I love the 3 sisters together, they are funny. Owen needs more therapy like seriously… From the last episode, all those empty bottles of beer.. How was he not in a coma? Knowing that Amelia was an important part of his life, he should have never drank like that. Next episode looks like he will blame his break up on Riggs like an immature teenager.

    3. Maggie is my favorite character and she is so awesome. I liked DeLuca for her but.. He obviously cares more about what people perceive than being with Maggie. Going public was such a big deal to Maggie and she did it anyway to please him. Then he dumps her? Ouch. If he doesn’t get an epiphany and come to his senses soon then he is no longer good enough for Queen Maggie. I still think Maggie and Alex would be cute :).

    4. So this means Arizona and Callie are officially no more? Penny can eat ice cream with their daughter? I guess this is so. I want more focus on Arizonas love life. She’s funny.

    5. I’m sorry but Catherine was HILARIOUS. I did not see that coming! I’m NOT a japril fan but I liked when they agreed to talk about their baby. That was mature and the right thing to do. I thought Catherine had empathy for April but she was also pissed that April kept the pregnancy away from her son and divorced him. She viewed it as betrayal and fraud.

    Great episode!

    • Ben says:

      Meredith new “romance” feel soo forced… come’on!,,, after that morning scene what sane man would be interested into keep dating such trainwreck?… probably another damaged/toxic person no?… or maybe a shrink.. :P

  9. Luli says:

    The most important thing about the episode? The sisters are back!! I’m so glad they are on good terms, they + Alex are hilarious, and my favorite part of the season. Can’t believe what Catherine is planning! I knew her talk with April was too good to be true, and now I’m reminded of why I hate her. I hope Jackson is on April’s side, and gets Catherine to stop this nonsense.

    • Shae Beery says:

      Love the sisters too! But seriously, where is Holly? Can you imagine? She shows up and needs something from Mer. Maggie would be so confused. “You have ANOTHER sister?” Hahaha. Can’t you just see it?

      • Alichat says:

        Where’s Holly? How about baby Ellis? We finally saw Lola and Bailey tonight but Mere’s children haven’t all been seen in about 14 episodes. Who takes them to daycare? Does Ellis not get up in the middle of the night? When do they eat? Mere barely mentions them.

        • Kas says:

          I was thinking the exact same thing. I was looking in all the dark corners, looking for a lump under Amelia’s jacket, searching for a baby carrier. And every time the doctors are carpooling to the hospital I wonder who is driving the three kids to daycare. I understand that when the doctors are on duty in the hospital their kids are in daycare, but when they show Meredith’s home life I would expect to see her children featuring in it some place. Obviously, it is just a TV show but I never understand why they give the characters children we never see.

          • Jamie says:

            I remember several scenes back in the day where Bailey visited with Tuck in daycare and i believe Arizona and Callie visited Sophia in the hospital daycare as well. Did anyone notice how completely affordable Sophia was last night!?!! Omg, i just think she’s precious!!

          • Jamie says:


          • Alichat says:

            Yep….every carpool scene I think ‘where are the carseats?’ It would have made more sense if Maggie was the driver in the carpool, and some comment was made about Mere needing to leave her car for the nanny. That would explain the kids not being taken to daycare, and the lack of carseats. And then a stroller and toys lying around in the house……someone rinsing out bottles and putting them in the dishwasher……stuff like that will still give the presence of the kids, without showing them.

        • khara says:

          Her name is Molly.

        • sharon says:

          Do you mean Molly Mer’s other sister?

    • njpost1 says:

      Catherine doesn’t understand April fought for their marriage but in the end Jackson didn’t want her anymore and she didn’t to get Jackson just because she’s pregnant

  10. Nelly says:

    Jackson mom can sometimes be such a bitch…and what is she planing to do against april..take her baby away when he/she is born or what? Or forse her to take an abortion if the baby it is not healthy? I guess she will just create more drama between april and jackson..but in the end i hope jackson will take april side.
    About meredith..ok she can be such a drama queen sometimes..i get it that she is still not over derek..but come on..did she really have to act like a lunatic the next morning..after she sleept with the guy..i was suprised that he come back to check on her..not a lot guys would

    • Marlin says:

      I thought the same thing lol. For the life of me, I can’t understand what all these men find so attractive about Meredith. She’s not that good looking and she definitely isn’t a nice person. And this guy is so obsessed with her? And I know a lot of people love him, he is creepy.

  11. Kat says:

    So is Catherine viewing the fetus as an undisclosed joint asset? Even if she has legal grounds for fraud, what’s the point? Other than Shonda exploring how far a pregnant woman’s control over her body extends legally, the only possible adverse impact on April is loss of divorce settlement money or a renegotiation of the settlement. I believe this baby will be born healthy and Japril and child will be reunited. Jackson stood up in the middle of April’s wedding and declared his love for her.

    • louisa says:

      I think her meddling will get a temporary stay on the divorce being finalized. And by the the time they are going to file again, they won’t want it. Just a guess…

  12. Judy Carter says:

    I want Alex and Meredith together. Come on Shondra. Chemistry is there, and he loves her!

    • Kas says:

      I have been sensing the chemistry too – but wonder if the writers are just trying to show an unbreakable family bond that transcends romance. I don’t think I would want to be Alex’s girlfriend, sitting by the side while Alex goes running off to be with Meredith at the slightest provocation, starring at Meredith like she is his religion.

    • RK says:

      Amen! More and more with each episode of him being her rock, best friend and the one person who seems to really get her. If you watch old episodes, she has always been supportive of him and I love the way he has had her back this season. But first Shondra has to write something worthy of the Jo and Alex breakup. Here’s a thought: Now that Deluca is single Jo can use him to try and make Alex jealous to get his attention from Mer and it will backfire.

  13. mommymed3 says:

    I LOVE Greys Anatomy but is it only me that wonders about Merediths kids? We have 2 little ones who pretty much crawl into our bed every night! Where are her kids during all this and does Will even know about them?

    • Kas says:

      No, it is not just you. It is bizarre and makes the show unrealistic. I have only one child and a career that is no where close to as high pressure as a doctor, but every day I have to work out my schedule and plan around my child. I think if kids are just a burden to the plot line then they should just keep the characters single. When Meredith flipped out and started screaming where were her children? Didn’t all the screaming wake Ellis?(guess not since the baby is MIA)

  14. N says:

    Not so much…..

  15. Natalie says:

    Shoot when I saw the headline I was hoping Jo & Alex had broken up.

  16. EM says:

    I liked Will. Extra points for coming back to check on Mer even after being yelled and kicked out for no reason. Cleaning house was better than tequila I guess. I’m glad the sisters are all back in the house together. I wish Penny would just leave.

  17. JMOM says:

    April didn’t want the divorce and could have easily used the pregnancy to stop it so I applaud her for not using her child to keep a man. I want to see Jackson and April work this out maturely. I don’t want Catherine involved at all. She’s a horrible character. I thought for a minute I was wrong about her when she went to April and really seemed to be caring about her, but that twist at the end said it all. She’s vicious and mean and I can’t believe she’s Webber’s wife. He deserves so much better than this shrew. April and Jackson lost a child. There is no greater heartache. These 2 need to find their way back to each other and get a happy ending with their baby.

  18. Whatevah says:

    Man I am so sick of April & Jackson and I love Jackson. Shonda please kill April. I’ll be your best friend.

  19. Mary Bucklew says:

    IDK, but I dont see any onscreen chem between Mer and Will. Zilch. He’s such a doormat, she deserves someone with a little zip! And someone who impresses her in the OR as well. SHe’s a total SURGEON and surgery always provided an added electricity between Mer and Der. I dont see anything remotely close to that electricity with this dude.

  20. Michelle says:

    Arizona needs a girlfriend, Callie’s seemed to have mov d on, so why can’t they give Arizona a new love interest. I am a calzona fan but by the things are going on it does not seem that they get together again. So please just find someone new for Arizona, I want her to be happy too.

    Ps hate Callie with Penny, they are just awkward to watch and they have got no chemistry what so ever.

  21. Amanda says:

    For 1 Jackson is a big boy he can take care of himself for 2 she is gonna loose her son and her husband at the same time if she keeps that up and for 3 I don’t agree what April did but I do understand part of it cause she didn’t want Jackson to feel trapped if she did tell him. I love this show soooo much I like everyone on this show except catherine cause whatever happens to her son she always butts in even when he says not to.

  22. ldylkngb says:

    1. Love, love Will! , Keep him !!
    2. Hate Japril. Not a good match, and it has been a mismatch from day one
    .3. Give Alex someone real to love! Love him so much! He’s Mer’s person now.
    4. Penny & Callie, NO, Just NO !!
    5. Amelia & Riggs !! YES!
    6. Luca Great addition, use him more!

  23. Anna says:

    And Arizona has crossed the line back into being insufferable. Attempting to blame Alex for her betraying April after spending all of last week’s episode trying to get someone to justify her bad behavior? Ugh, this show would be so much better without her whining, selfishness.

    And it’s a shame about Maggie and DeLuca – I really liked them. Too bad he evolved into a jerk as soon as she did what he wanted.

  24. K says:

    Callie and Penny are awful. Not sure why Shonda is pushing them hard. I have theories, though, but that requires using spoilers so this isn’t the place. Now Callie and Arizona had some great chemistry. I’m still rooting for them. Funny how people call them toxic, but yet still ship Japril who do nothing but argue and have been since they got together. Owen and Amelia just aren’t working. They are both too damaged. Maggie and DeLuca were sort of cute, but I don’t think that’s the end of them for good. Are Jolex still together? They are always ignored so Alex can have his person duties with Meredith and hang with the sisters.

  25. Marlin says:

    I think Catherine knows exactly what she’s doing with Jackson and April. The enemy of the enemy is your friend. She will push them together to unite against her which I think is her plan all along.