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Norman Reedus The Walking Dead

Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Talks About That Cliffhanger Ending, Teases 'Most Hardcore Finale Ever'

The following story contains spoilers from Sunday’s The Walking Dead. Proceed at your own peril. 

Oh, The Walking Dead — you wouldn’t dare.

In the closing seconds of Sunday’s penultimate Season 6 episode, Dwight aimed his pistol at Daryl and pulled the trigger — the blood splatter on the camera lens serving as grim confirmation that the bullet reached its intended target.

But is Daryl dead? We phoned Norman Reedus and kindly asked him to put our minds at ease. Sadly, he only made things worse.

TVLINE | Is there anything you are allowed to say to calm your fans down?
Oh, geez. Exactly what you see happens, happens. It’s not a trick. It’s definitely Daryl getting shot. I won’t tell you where he’s getting shot. But you see [Dwight] pull the trigger, and that’s Daryl’s blood.

TVLINE | Is he dead?
I can’t say whether or not he’s dead. But he is definitely shot. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Producers always say no one, except maybe Andrew Lincoln, is safe. But I think there’s a perception that given Daryl’s enormous popularity that you are pretty much untouchable. How do you feel about your security on the show?
I never feel secure. I don’t think any of us feel secure — including [Andrew]. I think every single one of us on the show knows that we can go at any time. That’s the world that we’re living in. That’s the reality. We could all go at any time.

TVLINE | Let’s say Daryl does die. It seems highly unlikely, but let’s say that was your final episode. Would you look back with any regrets? Maybe there’s a particular goodbye scene — perhaps between Carol and Daryl — you would’ve liked to play? Or a face-off with Negan?
There’s a ton of story to tell with Daryl… But that’s true with all of the characters. I think all of the [actors] wish they had a scene with this person or had more time with that character. But we’re on a journey to tell a larger story. There are certain roads I would’ve liked to travel down. I don’t know if I’d call them regrets, though.

TVLINE | Assuming Daryl lives, would you like to see him open up in a relationship the way other characters have, i.e. Glenn/Maggie and now Rick/Michonne? 
I’m not opposed to it. I like watching all the characters around me couple up. I could go both ways on that. I could see Daryl having that and I could see Daryl never having that.

TVLINE | Do you think Daryl is capable of it?
He’s getting close. I don’t think he has been open to it up until this point, to be honest. He’s got a lot of angst and fear. And he’s got a tornado-like rebellion against stuff. But I think he’s finally getting to a point where he’d be open to something like that. But then something will happen and he’ll become un-open to it.

TVLINE | Why was it so important that he go after Dwight, even if it meant putting his friends at risk?
I think it has to do with losing his brother. I think it has to do with losing Denise. I think it has to do with Denise telling Daryl that she had a brother that reminded her of him. He’s just one of those guys where things just eat away at him until he has to do something. And [Denise’s death] hit really close to home. He saw her try to open up and live a life from the heart, and it’s one of the things that he hasn’t been able to do. Also, she was [killed] with his arrow. In his mind, he let that happen. He feels like it’s his fault and he wants revenge.

TVLINE | Is it getting easier or harder to say goodbye to your co-stars as they get killed off?
On screen it may not look like we spend a lot of time together, but we spend a lot of time together. And it’s hard not to let it affect you when they go. For example, Merritt Wever and I started having scenes together, and we started to finally hang out and become friends. I really liked her as a person. It’s hard for me to say goodbye, especially when you get to know someone. It hurts every time. It sucks to lose anyone on the show.

TVLINE | Regardless of whether Daryl lives or dies, I imagine you know what happens in next week’s finale. How does it compare to the five previous season finales?
It’s the most hardcore finale we’ve ever had. It’s rough. It’s the most gut-wrenching finale yet. And it’s one of, if not the best episode I’ve ever seen of our show. It’s mind-blowing.

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  1. Phoenix5634 says:

    NOOOOO!! What the F!! NOT DARYL!!!

    • Chris Norris says:

      Relax. Daryl’s fine until he meets Lucille.

      • Chris says:

        They’re probably not going to bash his head in once he’s already been shot. Negan is probably going to go after someone who hasn’t suffered any pain by way of the saviors

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          So either Glenn, Michoanne or Rosita… If not Daryl…. :( :(

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Abraham…. that’s my guess and I’m sticking to it, lol!!

          • wrstlgirl says:

            But after watching Talking Dead pretty sure I’m wrong, hahaha

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Wrstlgirl! Omg this episode… Daryl :( and Glenn, Michoanne, and Rosita captured with him :( I don’t even know what to think for next week, and that’s rare lol :/ for that group anyway, which has a few of my favourite character hostage :(

        • g says:

          it’s going to be Rosita – she was also there when the bikers were killed
          she’s going to say something about it and then … BAM – shocking viewers that it actually wasn’t Daryl or Glenn …. there’s still way too much story with those two

          OR to really shock the audience Michonne will be killed

        • Matt says:

          Glenn or Michonne. I say Michonne because Rick is closest to her and now that he finally wants to open his heart to her, she will be taken away.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            There’s a reason I don’t think it’s Michoane, and it was mentioned at the end of Talking Dead. Anyone who’s read the comics will know what I’m talking about… And I don’t think it will be Glenn either cuz that’s too obvious.. So it’s Rosita; or Daryl :(

      • J says:

        Yeah it’s definitely not Darryl. The dead body had a different coloured jacket than Darryl. It looked more like the colour of Glenn or Carol’s jacket.

      • In the comic isn’t it Glen who meets Lucille in front of Maggie?

    • Based on what i read on comics, there are many chances daryl will die. There is a volume that leader of whisperers(ALPHA) get the head of 12 Character. And there will be a war between the 3 community and the saviors. And also dwight is the crossbow user that will oppose negan. So I think there are no character that is secured in this show.

      • rieann27 says:

        Daryl was made for TV not in comics… think it was be him or Abraham not Glenn they don’t really follow the comics only here and there, and the whispers are not around yet they are just meeting Negan’s bunch of nut cases,and Negan don’t kill woman or let his men hurt woman

    • Karen Kerr says:

      I’ ready to riot if its darryl. Where should I start throwing rocks and bottles, and at who?

  2. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Hell no Daryl is not dead he maybe shot but NOT DEAD!!!!! I will be super pissed.

  3. Brandi says:

    I think he got shot in the chin or like cheek area. Definitely wasn’t a head shot. So he’s just probably badly injured.
    But regardless that was intense!

  4. John says:

    He ain’t dead. DEEZ NUTZ are not dead.

  5. Bwhit says:

    No, just no…. I refuse to believe it.

  6. Dee says:

    I want to know who the kid intends to kill with that gun! If Glynn lived Daryl will, he haaaasssss to!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Emily says:

    No never. I’m super pissed. My Daryl is not gone. He’s one of the best characters, and I would not watch TV anymore, if he’s gone. I can’t and also can wait towards next week, I don’t want to see who dies, but I want to watch if Daryl is fine.

  8. P-Tates says:

    Dwight said at the end of the episode, “you’ll be alright.” probably implying he just wounded him. But parts of me thinks he’s the one that is introduced to Lucille next week (and parts of me hopes it is him for the shock value, not as a hate).

  9. Phoenix5634 says:

    What’s with the URL for this link?! Norman Reedus leaving the walking dead, Daryl dies?! I don’t believe it, just NO… This will hurt the show. Time for fans to riot, hope it’s not too late…

  10. Linda says:

    Daryl can’t die he has to make it like Beth told him he would be the one to survive everything please don’t kill him off

  11. Phoenix5634 says:

    Just look at the poll Talking Dead did… 67% cares more about Daryls fate than 28% about Negans arrival. And comic fans have been waiting for Negan for years, plus all the advertising they did this season, all overshadowed by Daryl. He MUST live.

  12. Abby laughlin says:

    If Daryl Dixon dies I will cry for hours and hours!!!😭 Daryl Dixon is my favorite character and if he dies I probably won’t watch the Walking Dead! I love the show but if he dies I don’t think I can watch it anymore!!! Or if Maggie or Glenn or anyother character for that matter dies I will cry and I probably won’t watch the show. But I Love The Walking Dead.

    • Chaz1134 says:

      If you choose to stop watching the Walking Dead because a character dies, then you’re not a true Walking Dead fan.
      You have to see the WHOLE story play til the end.

      • Sorry Chaz I disagree with your statement. I am a hardcore Walking Dead fan. The shows creators had me worried for 4 weeks because I thought Glenn had died. I can’t go through that again. If they kill off Daryl I am done. I will have to find something else to watch on Sunday night.

      • Guest says:

        I never understand why people say “if you do so and so then you were never a real fan”. Why does it matter what her level of fandom is? Are people supposed to be offended that someone else’s perception of how big a fan they are isn’t high enough?

        I can assure you TWD will care if people stop watching and that’s really all that matters.

      • HQ says:

        After this many seasons, it isn’t just A character dying though. We have lost a majority of the original cast and those loses feel cumulative to a certain extent. It is hard to invest in these characters for so many years only to lose so many and stay as invested in the show. This is a very character driven show so the lose of one of the main originals feels like too much for some people. It doesn’t mean they aren’t true fans, more like they just care too much.

      • rieann27 says:

        so true if you stop because someone dies not a true fan

    • g says:

      stop crying it’s going to be Rosita – trust me – it makes the most sense for the story

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        I’m starting to hope/ think your right.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I think more of them will be captured before it’s all over. Rick, Abraham, Eugene and Carl are in the scenes in what looks like a rescue mission and I believe all will be present when we meet Negan. Maybe Carol too. I’m holding out hope that it doesn’t happen but we may not know until next season who actually dies. Which will actually be pretty stupid because it will leak before then which makes the cliffhanger a waste. Also, let’s not forget that Tara and Heath are out there somewhere :-) although Masterson did go out on maternity leave. All I know for sure in my mind is if they do another Carol swoops in to save the day story I’ll be sorely disappointed. They can’t do that again, it would be really lame.

        • Lou Ann McGregor says:

          I hope you are right, please do not kill off any of the Main Character’s

      • rieann27 says:

        Negan does not kill woman tho and if his men touch a woman to hurt or rape them they get it so it will be a man to die

    • Rockstar says:

      Here is how everything goes. Like it or not. Daryl is not untouchable, But only for one reason, because he is on the show. Anyone can die. The writers control that. However he is a VERY popular character and that in it’s own right gives him power. True in a REAL zombie apocalypse anyone can die. Zombies do not care about ratings, or fans. This is however a TV show. Killing a main character can have drastic consequences ( SEE DALLAS FROM THE 80’s) . The only reason the writers would kill of Daryl is A) To prove the point of anyone can die , or B) To prove to fans that they can not pressure them to do one thing or another. Both are equally as dangerous, as people really do not care about why. They care about their favorite character. They are not watching TWD because they want it to be real. The writers need to remember this.

  13. Grace says:

    If darrell dies on the walkingdead I don’t know what I will do because he has had a really big impact on me and it’s going to be really really hard for me and a lot of people to see him go😔😔😔

  14. Phoenix5634 says:

    If Daryl just died, I guarantee you’ll see at least a 10 to 20% drop in ratings next season

    • lololee24 says:

      No you won’t because he’s just 1 fan favorite. He’s not the reason the show is popular and his demise will not kill the show don’t be so darn dramatic you sound like a baby. 😎

      • Rockstar says:

        I’ll bet you Dallas thought that when they killed off JR, however the show plunged and never recovered even after the “dream season”. Some people watch shows for their favorite person. I watched WWE RAW for Shawn Michaels. When he left I was done. I have tried watching, I just cant get into it anymore. There are people like my mom, In Greys Anatomy when they killed of Shepard , she had no reason to watch. Daryl may not be THE RESON the show is popular but he in A REASON. Me I care less about Noman Readus , I am not even sue if I spelled his name right, But I like Daryl. I like the character. I think he is interesting. I like how he went from red neck a-hole to a guy who really has something to offer the group. He shows a softer side, yet he is still a rebel, If they kill him off in my yes it is for shock value, and that , my friend is a dangerous game. The fans do not NEED walking dead, Walking dead NEEDS the fans..

    • TWD_aficionado says:

      Could this be TWD’s “jumping the shark” moment?

    • Kat says:

      Definitely a drop… He is not just A favorite character, he is collectively The favorite, so the only reason the writers would kill him off is if Norman Reedus was wanting out…. No Norman, no Daryl…. If its up to the writers, he’ll die within the final 2 episodes of the show and the most horrific death to date….

    • rieann27 says:

      well bye to them then it is a zombie apocalypse no ones life is set in stone now anyone can die at any time anyway

    • Ervin Mackie says:

      Let them leave there not true fans of the show

      • Britt says:

        That’s like saying you’re not a fan of The Rolling Stones if you prefer the early years and don’t listen to newer things.

  15. Chilly Willy says:

    Spoiler: in the illustrated books there is no Daryl. But Negan, when introduced, lines the gang up & he doesn’t want to be seen as a racist but someone has to be made an example of. (Like Dwight said about Denise). So he kills someone. With the bat.

  16. Winter says:

    The producer has said that he doesn’t care if the fans riot. That the fans are going to be the cause for him dieing. He does not like that people are only watching and care for one character. All I have to say is if he dies it’s all our fault.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I bet he’ll start to care when he realizes that fans are relating to certain core characters, there’s about 5 of them, and each one of them who dies, is a percentage of the fan base that dies with them. And since TWD has so many viewers, that’s actually a significantly large number…

      • Rebirth says:

        Well it’s his show. He should have the liberty to kill off whoever he feels the need to. They have a story they want to tell and to cower to fans who plan to quit watching is asinine. They receive 11-14 million views a week, and then counting the live+ (which is like 3-6 million), the ratings are great. I guarantee they’ll still be in the 11mil+ if they decided to kill off Daryl or any other fan favorite. I really hate that fans think they should dictate what happens on a show. Good for those showrunners who let them know that it’s THEIR shows and they can do whatever.

        • xomylifexo says:

          It is thier (the show runners) show, but they create a product that depends on the public enjoying it to be successful. They can proceed however they want, but the public can react by discontinuing their support, causing that product to be discontinued.

        • disrespect says:

          Like any serial it is marketed to appeal to the audience. When it no longer appeals to the audience there no longer a show to market.
          As far as dismissing the audience as powerless let me remind all of a little show called “Jericho” on CBS.
          What I have to say to to AMC is “nuts.” Think you can’t generate a boycott or kill the goose that laid the golden egg, fear the fans. Respect your audience, or suffer the consequences. As for me, kill Daryl and you have thrown down the gauntlet, my guess you lose.

  17. James D says:

    the final line “You’ll be alright” was clearly Daryl so I’m not too worried about it, but my guess is more than one beloved character hasn’t much time left one of them might be Daryl. Lucille needs to eat, and I’m sure more than one character is bound to meet her.

  18. Matt says:

    The only person that I see dying where Morgan’s point gets across will be Glenn. Because he just fought like hell to get back to Maggie only to go out and go out and put his life in danger again to go on a murder spree with the rest of the crew. If it’s not, it is either Michonne, Daryl or Rosita. It might be Michonne too cuz she is closest to Rick, our leader. Daryl says it’s the most brutal so it might be a woman too. By the way where has Jesus been…on vacation?

  19. Benjamin says:

    Michael, is the URL meant for next weeks episode or something and it was accidentally used now? It says Norman Reedus Leaving The Walking Dead Daryl Dies Season 6″

  20. Spence says:

    I’m guessing he loses his hand. Makes sense that Dwight would shoot him in the hand to stop him from pulling the trigger, and it fits a warped version of the comics.

  21. Carol drops her rosary at the site of the shootout indicating she realizes she will have to kill if she wants to live in a world of continuous struggle…Carol shoots Dwight and saves Daryl…or Norman Reedus is just ready to move on to other things like his new six-episode reality series, “Ride With Norman Reedus”, about…yep, you guessed it…motorcycles. I guess we’ll find out if Norman will cut back on some of his TWD scenes to allow for other obligations, is so sick of TWD that he longs for death, or will work his handsome hiney off going full-force with all of his obligations to the surprise and joy of his fans!

    • Tanya says:

      My guess is that Daryl is NOT the one killed. Yes, he is having a show of his own, but so what? The actor playing Negan was on the Good Wife at the same time. So?

      Indeed, a TV show NEEDS fans to watch it, or the ratings drop – and the show dies. That’s the way TV is. It might be Rosita – she’s a character I hardly recognize when I see her – she is secondary.

      True, it was a shock when Hershel got killed by the Govenor – that was PHEW. Same for Andrea. But think about how many main characters already died: Laura? Shane? Meryl? Do we remember them now? Barely for me.

      I binge watch, record the whole season and watch all at once – and I didn’t watch the show at all until AMC decided to replay ALL the seasons every Sunday last year – then I watched all 5 of them. I’m not much of a zombie fan, tho I DO like Z Nation on SYFY – the Murphy character makes Z Nation more of a real zombie type show I think, with people trying to get the cure. I mean, the zombie factor on TWD could just as well be a bunch of terrorists or aliens. It’s the drama that makes TWD.

      I didn’t think Glen died because I didn’t SEE Glen die earlier on in season 6. I saw zombies eating that other guy and yeah, they were on top of Glen. But I didn’t see Glen die.

      And yeah, where is Jesus? Where are the others that stayed behind to hold the fort and take care of Baby Judith?

      As for some other shows, I wonder if Greys Anatomy will survive without Shepard – and if
      Vampire Diaries will survive without Elena. So far, I think they are OK, but I’m not sure. I hope so, but I was ROYALLY pissed to see Shepard killed off – and so were a LOT of fans.

  22. Alicia Gray says:

    The link to this article is so manipulative

  23. De says:

    Any of them can go, but Daryl. Hell, I would watch a show with JUST Daryl.

  24. lilasiris says:

    Daryl’s story hasn’t progressed like some of the other main characters. I thought he’d have more story lines like Rick, be a leader, or have some type of relationship going on. There has been mostly him helping defend and making a small connection with Beth. It’s sad that the writers let the character down.

  25. N8frogg78 says:

    Nobody seems to be mentioning Morgan or Carol as possible victim’s to “Lucille”. Yes their not hostages of Negan yet but it’s possible. It won’t be Daryl, not because it would “piss of fans” but because he’s to important right now. He’s still Ricks number 2 and the writers have a ton of leway with him because he wasn’t a comic character.
    I don’t think it would be Glenn because it’s not a surprise to the hardcore fans. I think their looking to shock us all.
    Rosita wouldn’t be “heartbreaking” because she’s just a side character who hasn’t had a chance to shine.

  26. Greg says:

    Hate to say it but it’s time for him to go. Bye Daryl!

  27. MZ says:

    I wouldn’t mind if it was Daryl. His character is boring and he literally hasn’t done a thing in at least two seasons. Adios

  28. Stacie White says:

    Daryl can’t die. He is one of the original cast members from season 1. He went from scrawny little boy to big man in the course of the show.Norman Reedus took a character that was not even in the comic books and made him so well loved that you would believe he was in there. Meryl would be proud of his lil brother.

  29. Georgia says:

    NOOOO! Walking Dead! Not one hair on Daryl Dixon’s head shall be harm! I refuse to believe that Daryl Dixon is dead… or will die anytime soon.

  30. Bittersweet says:

    I remember the last episode of lost … and the chock they gave us i did swear ti never watch any work if its producers … and i like darell even more than rick but if anything happens to darell or glenn .. this show is gonna be in serious trouble i know it’s their show their story but it’s the fans who make it going for this long

  31. nell says:

    The bigger twist is if it’s actually Glenn who meets Lucille. All this time we think he’s safe because of the fake outs and then BAM!

  32. Tim Cummings says:

    Who thinks that Carl is out there somewhere? He did grab a weapon and that’s the last we saw. Maybe he’ll help Carol or he is following the Daryl group so he can tell Rick where to find them?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      If you watch the scenes for next weeks episode he leaves Alexandria with Rick, Abraham and Eugene on a rescue mission.

  33. Lilly says:

    I apologize if this has been asked and answered here, but I’m disappointed no one mentioned it on Talking Dead: WHY the heck is Dwight so dead-set to kill Darryl??! I mean, it’s not like DARRYL stole HIS motorcycle and cross bow! Darryl saved Dwight and his girlfriend’s butts!! The only thing I can figure is Dwight’s girl was killed in their recapture, and Dwight lost his soul and decided to become a savior instead of fighting them. But that’s a bit lame. What am I missing?!?!??!?!

    • Q2 says:

      Daryl was unknowingly responsible for Dwight’s burns and something to do with his wife/girlfriend back at their camp. Its not like Daryl meant for any of it to happen, Dwight was solely responsible for choosing to go back to Negan instead of continuing to run away. Its one thing that never made sense to me because they never explained why he changed his mind completely mid-episode other than to force the friction with Daryl because the writers wrote it that way.

  34. Ann says:

    Dwight says “you´ll be alright”… so, he´s not dead. yet

  35. Stewart Westland says:

    What if they completely mess with our heads next week. Have a few lined up together and the episode ends just as Negan swings Lucille and we have no idea who it hits….. till OCTOBER?!?!? The internet would go into meltdown!!!

  36. wrstlgirl says:

    Honestly I don’t think it matters because people are going to be upset no matter how it goes. If the wrong person meets Lucille this group or that group are going to be p*ssed so……if it ends with the cliffhanger and we have to wait until October people are going to be p*ssed. It’s a no win situation. For me personally I’m just going a long for the ride. These writers haven’t let me down yet.

    • Q2 says:

      Except it won’t be this group or that group upset if it ends with a cliffhanger and we wait till October. It will be ALL groups upset because it’s been built up and talked about for so long. The people want a death and don’t want to wait another 6 months to get a payoff for something that’s already taken this long to get to.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Don’t lump everybody into one pile. Not ALL groups will be upset. I won’t be, will it be lame, yes but I don’t waste time getting mad at TV shows. It’s their story and they get to tell it however they want. I have no doubt that I will see thousands of “I’m done with this show” comments next Sunday night. The show will go on.

  37. Brigid says:

    Who ever dies, I will continue to watch this show. I don’t watch the show for one character, I watch this show because it is incredibly well written and acted and I love character driven shows. I’ll be sad to see a character die but I’ll be back next October no matter what. With that said, I’m hoping it’s not another female, let’s give the boys a chance. LOL

  38. Jason says:

    Has anyone considered the fact that Maggie’s baby is dead and is fact turning Maggie into a walker from the inside out? Would Glenn dying be as big a deal if that were the case?

    • TWD_aficionado says:

      Interesting … everyone is talking about Glenn’s death by “Lucille” when it could be Maggie’s death by “Umbilicus”

  39. lololee24 says:

    In the comics in issue 145 or 149 I can’t remember but in the comics Rick, Andrea, and Michonne rides off to go track down Carl’s dumb behind because he’s attempting to “save” the girl (from another community called the Animals) who he feels is allowing her to be abused. And while riding out to rescue Carl the leader of the “Animals” a woman who likes to be addressed as “Alpha” sneaks into one of the Three divided communities that Ricks people
    took over after they took down Negan and his community and killed 12 members of the community. She hacked off everyone’s head and stuck their head on a spike stick and lined (that whole section was clearly ripped off from Game of Thrones because the issue came out after game of thrones). Anyway they got back and his top leaders, friends (including Carl’s) was lined up along a road side.
    I think the writers might use that story line to “Shock” all of the fans. I think Michonne, Rosita, Glenn, Daryl? I’m not sure that was his blood. And lets not forget that Carol is on foot out roaming the woods too. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they all died except for Daryl and Carol who are then taken to meet Negan. The cast members and news stories are hinting that perhaps the fan favorites will be swapped out for a new cast.
    For anyone who has yet to read the comics I’m recommending that you do because the comics are far superior in terms of story lines to that of the television show. Yes the comics are 1 1000x’s better and I’m saying this as someone whose not into comics nor owns not 1 issue of any comic book. Read the comics it’s much more satisfying and compelling. The new issue 153 was released in January pick it up it also doubles as a coloring book (for those into that sort of thing).

    • Harrison says:

      But by doing it now they rob Alpha and *The Whisperers of their major threat. We’ve probably got another two seasons before the she kills half of Alexandria.

  40. Lynn warren says:

    Let Darryl live kill off morgan

  41. hollyberry says:

    I guess what people are saying about michone maybe dying instead might be true because when she and Rick got together I imediatly thought thats going to get her killed
    just my opinion but its kind of hard to explain what I mean though…
    P.s if Daryl is dead im gonna cry for hours =(

  42. Billy Jones says:

    Initially I thought it would be Michonne due to being Ricks latest love interest. After last night’s episode, I believe viewers were given an Easter Egg with the gun that Carl picked up in the armory that had Lucille etched into it. I believe it will be Carl who is killed by Negan.

  43. Babyboop Aviles says:

    I think it may be Carol

  44. SandyEggo says:

    My guess is Carl or/and Maggie….yes I said Carl. The writers like to switch things up from the comics and if this episode is supposed to be “hearbreaking” than I think those 2 deaths would be heartbreaking and very tragic.

  45. 2bit Prophet says:

    I think more than one character will die this week, and one of them will be someone who adds nothing to the show but will cause an emotional upheaval. That’s right, somehow the Saviors are going to kill Judith. Maybe take Gabriel off the show at the same time. (For what it’s worth,I think Negan is probably going to go Hank Aaron on Abraham. So all Glenn and Daryl fans can relax).

  46. Jennifer Loomis says:

    Hope Daryl and Carol come out of this alive! Would love to see them hook up. Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus are both great actors and have great chemistry!

  47. Beth Daughtridge says:

    I’ve been saying Carol all season. It would be extra brutal for a woman to be beaten with a bat like that but I’m not sure if even Negan would do that to a female. I can see her dying some other way, while protecting someone else and then that person still gets beaten. I just have a gut feeling the writers have slowly been writing her into a hole and that she truly is losing the will to live. I love Carol. I don’t want her to die but it just seems like she will….but those writers love to make you think one thing then just completely do the opposite…

  48. Kristen says:

    I’m still dumbfounded by how nonchalant everyone was after doc got killed on those tracks. Walking through the woods, arguing back and forth, not being more aware of their surroundings… they have gotten too comfortable at Alexandria. They have lost their edge.

  49. Rizzle says:

    My heart was in my throat. My stomach dropped. PLEASE NOT DARYL.

  50. Dee Winje says:

    These characters have had me hooked from day one! Watching TWD is an emotional roller-coaster, and I love it! Thank you Norman Reedus for your outstanding performance as Daryl. I think all of the cast is extraordinary! The remarkable crew that puts this story together for us. Oh my gosh, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cried when loosing a character. Thank you again to my extended tv family. Love this show!!