The Walking Dead Cast Talks Michonne's Send-Off, Daryl's Fate and a Demise So Shocking, It Will Never Air

“I’d like [for Yumiko] to commit hari-kari” when it’s her time, announced Eleanor Matsuura when the cast of The Walking Dead stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 video suite Saturday. Several of her co-stars also revealed READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


The Walking Dead Gang Discusses Daryl's Sex Life, Negan's Redemption and Rumors of Rick's Replacement

Most fans of The Walking Dead have probably read the story that Norman Reedus will become the series’ lead following Andrew Lincoln’s departure during Season 9. But READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO Q&A


Walking Dead @ Comic-Con: Naked Rick, Tested Morgan, Wily Wolves

Don’t believe everything you see: It’s good advice for The Walking Dead‘s band of survivors — and excellent advice for its fans.

Although the trailer for Season 6 — which bows Oct. 11 at 9/8c with a 90-minute episode — hints at a power struggle between Rick and Morgan, “We sometimes READ MORE