The Flash Recap Female Speedster

The Flash Recap: Lady Speed Shtick — Plus, a Tragic Truth Comes to Light

This Tuesday on The Flash, Barry was stymied by a new speedster, Iris pondered mixing business with pleasure, Harry suffered a loss and a tragic truth was revealed.

Determined to improve his game (after proving not fast enough to save Jay), Barry amps up his training — though he falls short of clearing a canyon on the first try. Convinced by the others that he needs to kick back his fleet fit for a bit, Barry hits a night club with Cisco, Caitlin and Harry’s daughter Jesse, where they meet up with Iris and Wally. After the monitor Dad slapped in her wrist sounds off one too many times (including around Wally…?), Jesse goes to disable the gizmo, but in doing so uncovers an audio diary in which Harry details the dark lengths — including murder — to which he’d go to protect her.

The gang’s night out is interrupted by a Flash-like speedster who robs the joint and everyone in it, and Barry is not quick enough to catch up to the thief. The next day, as he and Cisco puzzle over the speedster’s origin, Caitlin discloses that in developing Velocity-9, she shared some notes and a partial recipe with Mercury Labs colleague Eliza Harmon. And though the mild-mannered scientist checks out when quizzed by Joe and Caitlin, it immediately becomes clear that she is the speedster, taunted by a V9-addicted inner demon.

“Trajectory” (we shall call her) zips into S.T.A.R. Labs, locks up Barry in the Pipeline and then holds a gun on Jesse until Caitlin whips up a fresh batch of V9. Caitlin though slipped microtrackers into the mix, allowing them to follow Trajectory to a bridge that she is intent on crumbling in the name of “chaos.” After the span collapses in the middle, Barry recreates his failed canyon jump but this time clears the chasm, tackling Trajectory on the other side. Barry nearly talks Eliza out of jacking herself up on more V9, but she ultimately indulges in another fix, one that turns her lightning blue… before degenerating her into dust.

In the wake of Eliza’s demise, Harry and Barry surmise that Zoom, whose lightning is also blue, must similarly be sick from V9 — or dying even, just as Jay Garrick had been. Hmmmm! Light bulbs start pinging over everyone’s head, and though Caitlin and Cisco want not to believe, the latter’s vibing off of Jay’s helmet confirms the sad truth — as Cisco sees Zoom unmasked, looking very tall and Nordic. Anguished, Barry races off to the canyon and lets loose with a scream. Next stop: National City?

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Hanging with Barry at the night club, Iris marveled at the fact that the two of them are married both in the future and on Earth-2.

* Iris’ new boss, Scott, tasks her with doing a hit piece on the “streak turned freak,” when it appeared that The Flash had gone bad. Iris stalled by suggesting they discuss the story over coffee, which Scott misread as a date. Later, after turning in a story on The Flash stopping the female speedster, Iris warmed up to Scott’s notion, saying that his anti-Flash stance is “not a dealbreaker.”

* After nearly dying from a blast of pure V9 and seeing the lengths to which her dad will always go to protect her, Jesse left a recorded message saying that she is leaving town — for Opal City, namely — and he is not to follow her.

What did you think of the episode “Trajectory”?

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  1. Steven says:

    So Iris likes this guy who badmouth The Flash all the time? Sighhhhhhh stupid.

    • Patrick says:

      Its not really badmouthing. He questions Flash, which isn’t a bad thing. He’s been willing to admit when he’s wrong.

      • Hytecker says:

        He said “The Flash has gone from streak to freak”! I don’t know what constitutes badmouthing in your mind but it seems to fit here! He’s a douche and almost as bad as Wally.

      • Jack_Sparrow says:

        he kinda is bad mouthing, the flash is awesome and he is talking trash about him

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Typical Iris… Here’s hoping for Barry and Kara #SuperFlash

      • Krystal says:

        read “Here’s hoping for anyone but this Black chick.”

        Barry dated Patty, and all the White fans were jumping for joy at their “chemistry.” Now that she’s gone it’s back to hating everything Iris does for no apparent reason, disguised as “I just don’t like the character. It has nothing to do with race.”

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          My comment had absolutely nothing to do with race, but thanks for bringing into the conversation -.-

          It has to do with the fact she knows Barry has feelings for her, and she’s almost openly taunting him, and rejecting him, while seemingly waiting for him to do it again. I’m actually an Iris fan, but her character needs to smarten up if that ship is going to work.

          • Amy says:

            I don’t think Iris was openly taunting and rejecting Barry. I think she was testing the waters to see where he was at while trying to deal with her own confusing feelings. If you have a chance to re-watch the episode look at Iris’s face when Barry says “wells thats good for them” about their doppelgangers being together. Its not the expression of someone who is doing the rejecting. As an Iris fan have a little patience that she is taking the first steps in dating after her fiance was killed less than a year ago. Cut her a little slack instead of assuming she’s out to hurt Barry. Do I think she needs to come to terms about her feelings about moving on and for Barry? Absolutely. But I don’t think its a matter of “typical horrible Iris” and “She needs to smarten up”.

            Also note that when Scott was tearing The Flash a new a**hole with his criticism Iris stood up for him. Clearly letting him know The Flash is a true hero. However Iris isn’t someone who will openly hate another person because their opinion is different from hers so she’s not going to hate Scott. Plus he was willing to admit when he was wrong about The Flash

          • Amy says:

            Replying to this comment because it wouldn’t let me reply to the other one :P

            Thank you for being open to a dialogue about this. I really appreciate it. I’m also looking forward to seeing Iris come to terms about her feelings for Barry. The struggle will be real for the next few episodes but I believe it will be worth it. I do agree with the idea that both Iris and Barry need to do some serious confronting of their feelings if there is to be a hope for them to work as a couple.

            Though after this episode looks like Barry might need some times before he can open up and trust again. Yikes @ his reaction at the Zoom reveal at the end of the episode. I think defeating Zoom will be at the forefront of his mind till the end of the season.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            @ Amy
            Yeah I agree again, but I think Iris has to be the one to initiate the confronting of their feelings towards each other. I do believe Barry and Iris will be the end game relationship, there is no way on earth they don’t end up together in this series. But Barry has already openly confessed his feelings for Iris, twice I believe, and Iris has crushed him both times. She must be the one to gets things rolling again, in my opinion anyway, if Barry were to try again it just wouldn’t sit right with me. She must do it at this point. And the fact that the writers have her “beating around the bush” about it this season, it’s obvious she’s thinking about it, but I do understand she just lost her fiancée, but now her boss?.., is frustrating. In my opinion Barry and Kara have great chemistry, based on what we’ve seen. So if Iris isn’t going to make the “move” then for the meantime I’m going to root for Barry and Kara. Plus it’ll help with having future crossovers lol. And yeah for sure, Barry is going to be so distracted after finding out about Jay being Zoom this episode. I can’t help but feel that Eobards lost speedforce has something to do with Zoom as well.

          • Amy says:

            @Pheonix5634 I also would really love to see Iris to a big love confession to Barry. It would be a great scene that Candice would do an amazing job with. I think Iris owes it to herself to comes to terms with how she feels for Barry whether the time is right for them to be together now or not. Judging from Candice’s recent interviews this is probably what we’re going to get later in the season.

            I think Scott Evans is there to help her figure out if she’s capable of jumping back into dating again. Plus for nearly half the season Iris saw Barry be in a relationship and have genuine feelings for Patty (which might make her think he’s moved on from his feelings for her). Plus dealing with the day to day mayhem of Zoom trying to destroy their lives, in particular Zoom’s desire to hurt Barry. There is a lot going on for her to deal with. I say let her take the time she needs.

            Like I said a lot will be going on for Team Flash in the coming episodes. Romance is a great part of the show but I never want it to be the focus. If the writers want to take their time to spread it out for the remaining episodes I’m down with that.

            I personally don’t see Barry and Kara beyond anything then being super cute friends. But ship and let ship is my motto :)

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            @ Amy
            Exactly, I think we see pretty much eye to eye on this matter, I’m patient as well and willing to let the Iris/ Barry endgame unfold as it will. And your absolutely right, Candice Patton is such a great actress, and would do an amazing job if she were the one to get emotional and confront/ confess her feelings for Barry. And I totally agree again, shipping is an important part of all shows, but in no world do I want the Flash to have its main focus on ships an become a soap opera with superheroes lol. And yeah Kara and Barry are probably just going to be super cute friends, which is perfectly fine with me, it just seems like they are playing around, or even flirting in the trailer. And I imagine they could relate without each other, both being superheroes( not just heroes), different, and carrying the weight of so many others on their shoulders. The shows’ could really explore that and it’d be interesting and flow nicely. Plus if people ship it, possibilities of seeing them together again are better :p plus everything I said in comments above about them.

          • vanderdecker says:

            I agree; my problem with Iris/Barry is similar how I felt about Lauren (definitely a white chick) and Oliver the first few seasons over on Arrow.

        • David Baker says:

          That’s a broad statement there Krystal, and makes you seem overly judgmental. I cannot speak for everyone else but my one reason for disliking Iris is she’s a bit emotionally unstable, wants someone/something desperately one minute and all walled off and distant 5 minutes later (or visa versa), she did it with Eddie and Barry and now Her new boss. It’s the fault of the writers though trying to drag out and add an element of uncertainty to a romance which is already a foregone certainty. As for Patty, really glad she’s gone but to be honest her behavior the last few episodes before She left was exactly like Iris’s.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            @ David @ Amy
            You both raise very valid and good points, I agree with most of both your statements.

          • Krystal says:

            David, Phoenix is ALREADY rooting for a relationship between two characters who have NEVER EVEN MET. Let that sink in. She said she was hoping for Supergirl and Flash to get together. Clearly, this chick doesn’t give a hoot about chemistry or the connection between characters.

            Phoenix can pretend all she wants that this isn’t about Iris not fitting her ideal for the superhero love interest, but anyone not willfully blinding themselves to what is going on will see right through it.

            I can agree that Iris isn’t been written very well on the show, but, honestly, that goes for every woman character on this show. Caitlyn constantly does comically illogical things, and is cold one moment and responsive the next, so was Patty. That is just how the writers on this show intend to write these women characters. YET, I don’t see NEARLY as much disdain for Barry/Patty or Barry/Caitlyn as I see for Barry/Iris.

          • Brian Bauer says:

            My problem with the (potential) Barry/Iris relationship is that the writers have established for all intents and purposes, they are brother and sister. I know they are not blood relatives but I feel they should have a strong sibling bond that should negate any romantic feelings.

        • Ash says:

          I don’t think it has anything to do with her being black, it’s more that her character is boring and has no personality. I haven’t been a fan of anyone Barry has been with besides Felicity – because they are both brilliant and nerdy and awkward and it was cute… still sad that didn’t go anywhere. Patty is forgettable, so is Iris. Just because a character happens to be black doesn’t make them instantly awesome.

        • Hoshi says:

          To be fair, I think it’s the writers fault. They worked up an amazing family dynamic that I believe will take time to get past. It’s not a race thing, I don’t think. I love the Wests, they’re great characters and Iris is finally being a badass this season. I just think people liked Patty cause she was quirky.

          As a dark skinned Latina, I truly appreciate Iris as a character. Her chemistry with Barry is just now starting to change as she comes into her own. In my honest opinion anyway. :)

          • McSatan says:

            I agree, Hoshi. The writers have written themselves into a bit of a corner. I personally liked Iris and Eddie’s relationship quite a lot, and can see how his tragic death might result in her being reticent to look at anyone else, particularly her brother (which *is* how they were raised) for a romantic relationship. Count me among the ones who enjoyed Barry and Felicity’s flirtations, and I love Shantel VanSanten so I am very partial to the Patty Spivot character. I wanted to see their relationship continue because I thought it worked and I wanted her to stay on the show. :) However, I love the character of Iris and would have no problem if the writers decide to put her in a romantic relationship with anyone on the show regardless of race OR gender (in fact, I’d have no problem with Iris and Patty falling in love, THAT would definitely be interesting, :) ) but it will seem a little incestuous to me when/if Iris ends up with Barry.

        • David says:

          For me it’s not about race or even the actress, or anything but the fact that TPTB decided to make them brother and sister. Whereas Joe didn’t legally adopt, for the past what 10 or so years, they have been essentially brother and sister. If not by blood, they were brought up that way. So Barry having a crush on his “sister” is kinda creepy… Now if they had left Barry in foster care, or with someone other than the Wests and he only had a friendly relationship with them, then that would be different – I like a lot of the interaction of Joe and Barry as father and son, but tell me what father would be okay with a foster kid getting involved with his biological kid… Not saying it don’t happen, but when you’re raised together for 10+ years, wouldn’t that still constitute incest?

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            You should note that the West family took Barry in when he was already like 12 years old I think. So it’s not like they raised him since he was like really young and all he remembers is them as his family. He was old enough, he would have a lot of memories, and maybe he could have even had feelings for Iris before they took him into their family. They’re family because they’re all very accepting of each other, but they were nearly teenagers when Barry joined the West family.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Wow Krystal you are really racist. What did white people do to you that you hate them so much?

        • peterwdawson says:

          Iris is two-faced, dangerously self-absorbed, quite petty and disloyal (basically all of which are on full display in Season 1’s Grodd episode no less).

        • Hytecker says:

          Not this white guy. Try not to generalize. I never liked Patty. I like him better with Iris. They are endgame. They can’t put them together too soon though or it gets boring. Lois and Clark lasted 4 seasons because people got tired of Mr an Mrs Kent. The fun lies in the chase, but Iris has no chemistry with her editor.

      • Ash says:

        Yeah… I somehow don’t think that will work given how insanely inane and vapid Supergirl is. I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy that comedic parody of “feminism”. The only enjoyable episode I’ve seen is where she affected by red kryptonite, but even then, cries about it later. Suck it up… yeesh. That whole show presents women as weak, emotional, or bitchy.

        • Osiris says:

          Sort of like how women actually are in real life.

        • Hytecker says:

          Ash. Apparently you’re not watching the same show we are! If anything she’s militantly feminist. Yada…I’m stronger than my cousin…Yada…I’m faster than my cousin…Yada… How dare you call my cousin when I’m getting my ass handed to me…! That’s one of the two things wrong with the show. The other thing is pushing a romance with PC Jimmy Olsen down our throats.

  2. Coming soon to The Flash, STARMAN!

    • Nellie says:

      I certainly hope Jesse wanders into collectibles shop when she gets to Opal City…..
      I know the rights issues would make that sticky for the show, but I like to think this is what happens off screen (Starman is without a doubt one of my favorite books of all time).

  3. Jason says:

    I’m certain this isn’t the last we’ll see of Jessie. She has quite the heroic destiny in the comics.

  4. jessica says:

    this is the same twist as season 1. someone they’ve been working with is under the mask of the villain.

    I really hope there is another twist to this twist so there is something different.

  5. Mary says:

    There’s a question about where Barry is headed next? Actually I was kind of disappointed that his run out of Star Labs didn’t lead to his going to Supergirl’s world at the end.
    Wasn’t too surprised about what happened to Trajectory though after reading some possible theories about what might happen to Barry to end the series, so I just had a feeling that was what was going to happen to her.
    Next week’s episode looks pretty interesting and since they didn’t have Barry leaving to meet Kara, hopefully they’ll have him returning in the next ep before he makes his time travel trip. But considering time travel will be happening in that ep, I do kind of doubt it.

  6. Phoenix5634 says:

    Jay Garrick aka the Crimson Comet is going to be somehow responsible for the founding of Mercury Labs. I had suspicion before, but this episode all but confirmed that for me.

  7. Ross says:

    The end of the episode was a little bit flat for me because it was information we the audience already had. Which would be fine if our heroes found out all of it, but they didn’t. It’s not Jay from Earth 2, it’s Jay from Earth 1 AKA Hunter Zolomon. So the whole thing with Barry screaming at the end was pretty much unnecessary. Also this is the week before the crossover with Supergirl so I expected at least something to set that up. Please tell me this crossover isn’t gonna be one of those situations where everything that happens in Supergirl doesn’t ever get acknowledged in The Flash.

    • Krystal says:

      Ummm, you are making a bunch of assumptions. How can we assume it’s Jay from Earth 1? Jay Garrick has been a speedster for more than 2 years, and well known to Earth 2 Wells. Zoom has been terrorizing Earth 2 for just as long. The breaches only got opened a few months ago. How could it be Hunter Zolomon from Earth 1, when Zoom has been on Earth 2 way before the breaches got opened?

  8. GraceM says:

    I see I’m not the only one who noticed that gizmo beeping around Wally.

    Beautiful waterfall in B.C. Anyone know the name of it?

    I like Eliza’s little “Law & Order” joke towards Joe.

  9. Terrybarry says:

    Joe west/ definitely says terry and not Barry when Barry runs to the waterfall

  10. DonnaMama says:

    What was up with that bracelet beeping around Wally, guessing he is going to have speed too. Someone mentioned Jessie’s journey in the comics, can someone elaborate??

    • Luke says:

      in the comics Jessie gets super speed (among some other powers) and becomes a superhero under the name Jassie Quick and Liberty Belle; in the comics she also got all her powers from both her parents who were also superheros so this will probably be different on the show;

    • Nellie says:

      Jesse Quick in the comics is the daughter of two Golden Age superheroes. Her super strength is from her mother.

      She’s also a speedster like her father. However, they access their speed by reciting the sped formula — it’s a mathematical formula that lets them tap into the speed force. I’ve wondered since the beginning of the season if Jesse (or Harry) discovering the speed formula would be how Barry becomes faster.

  11. Phoenix5634 says:

    Ok so one of a few things happened to Trajectory this episode:
    One; she accelerated without control, and literally phased herself out of existence by disbursing her particles at high velocity
    Two; she accelerated without control, and the speedforce overwhelmed her, trapping her inside the Speedforce
    Or all of the above, and when her particles disbursed, that’s what trapped her inside the speedforce.

    I have a feeling Trajectory’s alter ego that we seen in the mirror, is kind of like foreshadowing for what happened with Jay/Zoom. And we will likely see Trajectory again, which is what makes me think it’s the “all of the above” answer and she’s still alive, trapped in the speedforce, like I presume Zoom once was as well.

    Also if this is the case, Flash will definitely need a new and better suit in later seasons, and a greater understanding of the speedforce, because the speeds he has gone so far, are a slim fraction of the speed the Flash is capable of travelling.

  12. Dozz says:

    Zoom is like the blue flash of the 1990 series

    Barry allen and the blue flash 1990 series

    Earth two version
    Jay and blue flash current Zoom

  13. Mallory says:

    haha, the importance of the Oxford comma right here… “Cisco, Caitlin and Harry’s daughter Jesse”…I was like, “Caitlin and Harry had a daughter?!” lol

  14. Please bring Patty back. I don’t think I can deal with this version of Iris.

  15. Jay says:

    I think that the guy in the mask is actually on Earth 2.

  16. Spike says:

    I’m glad they are talking about Earth 2 again. I mean, they did pretty much just let loose a super fast killer and then shut the door behind them. I laugh at how badly the drama can be. I mean, the girl is locked up by Zoom for months(?) her father does everything to rescue her, and then keep her safe, and she just acts like an ungrateful brat. Then the writer does what the writers always do with these extra cast members that were just there to motivate the main players…they have them “disappear” to live their lives. BLECH

  17. SassyAF28 says:

    they’re going to force iris and scott down our throats aren’t they ughhhhh

  18. David says:

    I’m really getting tired of the flip-flopping with Barry’s speed. He’s fast enough to time travel and unravel a black hole, yet he is easily out-paced by a scientist on Velocity 9, who also out-fought him. Just a regular, timid little scientist lady with no training or anything, and he has been (allegedly) trained by Arrow, and has been fighting crime for over a year. WTF?? I mean, when they did the Velocity 9 storyline in the comics, it made sense that the V9 junkies were faster than Wally, because, at the time, he could only run at around 720 mph. That is waaay less than the speeds Barry has been able to achieve previously on the show. I wish they would be just a tad more consistent.

  19. Ansing says:

    I loved the shout out to The Big Bang Theory, with Barry running to the canyon to scream the same way Sheldon did at the end of an episode!

  20. robandco says:

    Wait, this week’s episode made no sense regarding the Supergirl crossover. I am guessing Zoom is not the E2!Jay they befriended but another one from another Earth, which will result in Team Flash building a dimensional transportation device at some point to follow him so the crossover will happen later, maybe during the test run of the machine. Or there will be a small portal that will swallow Barry randomly. But either way they’d have to acknowledge it in the Flash during an episode like “where were you? -I’ve been swallowed to another Earth and help an alien fight the bad guy” which would blow Cisco’s mind for sure!

    • Mo says:

      Andrew Kreisberg said the crossover will be “a hot second” in the April 5th ep of the Flash. So you might want to watch Supergirl after the April 5th ep.

      • robandco says:

        Many thanks to you, kind Internet stranger!
        I’m glad they’ll mention it. But I’m not glad of the timing between both shows. I guess the network barrier is to blame for this one, but I’ll watch Supergril this Monday anyway. I am excited!

  21. steve says:

    Jay from Earth 1 is the great grandson of the marriage of Earth 3’s Barry and Caitlin after Catlin experiments on herself with V-9 and succeeds in becoming a speedster too (with no side effects). Earth 2 Jay is the grandfather of E2 barry and wants his speed to save barry from becoming the future zoom after Caitlin dies from an encounter with Earth 1 Flash when she time travels to Earth 1 to confront iris. The man in the iron mask is Jay from earth 3 and lost his speed to zoom, the former flash of earth 1 when he shows up on earth 2 to try and recruit Caitlin to help prevent earth 1 barry from becoming the future zoom and Barry mistakenly thinks he has romantic interest in Caitlin.

  22. Aaron says:

    Zoom is hunter zolomon from Earth 2 jay garrick from Earth 2’s twin brother. The guy in the iron mask is earth 1 jay garrick and the Jay that everyone has been working with and what not is a mirage by zoom hence why when jay (zooms mirrage) went to show kaitlyn his “earth 1 doppleganger” he knew all about his name because it was actually his (hunters) doppleganger. Hunter is angry at jay because their parents kept him while they gave hunter away. Jay from Earth 2 was changed into the flash by the particle accelerator but hunter was jealous knowing Jays true name and everything so he somehow manufactured velocity 9 and pretty much has been overdosing it since lol hence why his electricity is blue.
    There ya go season 2 wrapped up.

  23. Phoenix5634 says:

    Next weeks episode of Flash looks really good

  24. shondizzy wizzy opizzy lollywizzy. says:

    so cool dudes i hope it continues

  25. Ryana says:

    I’m not white and I loved Patty and wish she’d return. The only problem is that the writers don’t know what to do with majority of the characters most of the time so they’ll probably fail her like they did the first time around.

    Barry and Iris don’t have great chemistry that sparks on screen but we know they will be together. However, I don’t think Iris’s character will improve much when that happens. So they are dating, smooching and then what? She will still be boring till they make her a cop or something. Part of the reason Barry’s relationship with Joe works on screen is that they have both a professional and personal relationship. That’s why most of the best onscreen romances are between partners.

    As for the episode, how boring. The show shouldn’t have a season-long villain till they learn to pace themselves and learn to write amazing twists and turns. And make the villain layered. Or perhaps they only had one Eobard in them. Other than Jay=Zoom being a repeat in some way, they didn’t spend enough time developing Jay. And next week barely involves him. No amount of backstory is suddenly going to make him a well realized villain in six to seven episodes. In other words, FAIL!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Small thinking on your part, when it comes to Jay / Zoom. Fans like you want a more layered and twisting story, but that’s what is happening now, and you can’t understand it. What your really saying is you want it dumbed down basically. And then you make the complaint about things repeating themselves in small ways, new flash, welcome to the world, even in real life that happens. Have you ever heard; ” those who do not remember their history, will be doomed to repeat it”? That’ll probably go over ur head tho.

  26. Jack_Sparrow says:

    My mind was so blow when i first found out jay garrik was zoom i love this show so much i have been watching it since episode 1 of the first season.

  27. Luis says:

    Is anyone else wondering how Jessie paid for her bus ticket to Opal City if she didn’t tell anyone she’s leaving? What kind of job is she going to get if she has no identification? Where is she going to live, since, up to this point in time, the only place on Earth-1 she’s lived is inside STAR Labs? What is she doing for money, food, clothing?

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Well she could just go fishing like Henry lol, or more likely she could find a nice guy to sucker into paying for stuff lol

  28. Steven says:

    How did Trajectory know about the Pipleline to trap Barry there? #veryminorplothole

  29. I really don’t understand why he smashed the glass at the end of the show. That seemed really unnecessary and slightly dangerous as well. Now they’ve got to deal with those sharp shards of glass that he just left there.
    I mean he could have easily just lifted the case. Also what’s up with him doing a speed-run out of there just to yell at some random tree branch. WTH did that tree branch ever do to him.. I think Barry is becoming unhinged and should probably seek professional help.

  30. Nalinda says:

    Mata flash balanna ona