American Horror Story Season 6

American Horror Story Season 6: 'Two Ideas' In Play, Says Ryan Murphy

American Horror Story Season 6 will be child’s play.

During the FX drama’s PaleyFest panel on Sunday, executive producer Ryan Murphy revealed to the crowd that he’s mulling two childlike concepts for the next installment of the horror anthology series.

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“The interesting thing about this season is we’ve been working on two ideas at once, which we’ve never done,” he said. “So I don’t want to say what it maybe is…. Both things that we’re writing right now – we haven’t declared a winner – will have a different form, so we’re excited about that. We’ll talk about it soon, but we haven’t landed on it yet.”

Murphy added that both conceits include “elements of children.”

“If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always very dramatic and satisfying,” he explained.

Murphy went on to extend a Season 6 invite to “every darling” cast member in attendance (i.e. Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Angela Bassett, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley, Cheyenne Jackson, Finn Wittrock), although Lady Gaga remains the only AHS vet officially on board for the new cycle.

FX boss John Landgraf previously told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena that Season 6 would be “set in the present” with “echoes of the past” mixed in.

“It’s set in two time periods,” he added, “but principally in the present.”

American Horror Story Season 6 will bow next fall.

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  1. Novat says:

    Oh Ryan! Sweetie. You can barely focus and make one story work. Two? Lol!

  2. Guy says:

    Is one of the ideas for it to suck like the last 3 seasons?

    • nickie says:

      Coven was actually the best season i think. It had the best most suspenseful plot the other crap was just a lot of blood and gore and disturbing looking creatures

      • Joey says:

        You must’ve meant Asylum when you said Coven. Only then would your comment make sense.

      • abz says:

        Each season has its flaw but I will admit Coven was quite fun to watch and I did laugh a lot. This will forever be one of my favourite quotes from the series: “When I plant a fatass cracker bitch, I expect her to stay planted. Not come back up like a damn ragweed.” LOOL
        Now, I feel like rewatching that season.

        • Alix says:

          This is my favorite quote as Well. But the quote actually goes “When I plant a fatass cracker bitch, I expect her to stay planted. Not pop up like goddamn ragweed!”

          • abz says:

            I just watched the clip again on YouTube and I’m pretty sure she says “Not come back up like a damn ragweed.”

          • Li says:

            It’s actually ” Not come back up like goddamn ragweed”. So, sorry to say, but you were both wrong. And I think the best quotes are ” This coven doesn’t need a new supreme. It needs a new rug”, “She is innocent. Mostly. She killed the neighbour but that bitch had it coming.” and ” In this whole wide wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of, is me.”

          • Li says:

            Oh! And ” Don’t make me drop a house on you”. Love this one.

          • abz says:

            I don’t believe I’m wrong, but this whole argument is just silly. We both heard slightly different things. Point is that it’s definitely a great quote.

      • Lucifer says:

        IMO: Coven was a hot mess and, along with Freak Show and Hotel. They were more like soap operas filled with random gore, flashes of disturbing imagery, and occasional dark humor than actual horror.

    • ashford says:

      That’s your opinion, your no one important, so your opinion is neither right or wrong, just moot.

  3. Phillip says:

    They should do an all male prison season with Kathy Bates the warden, Sarah Paulson the psychopathic therapist who likes to do sadistic things to the inmates, and all of the male actors for all of the previous seasons as the inmates. There’s your season 7, people.

    • Dave says:

      That is actually pretty damn cool.

    • James says:

      That sounds like a porno, but knowing Ryan, not too far from what he actually does…

    • lorna says:

      Ehh too similar to Asylum. Points rpr effort. I wsnted a 70s punk NY scene, but they had Sally last season .

    • Writer11 says:

      Ohhhhhhh really liking this idea! REALLY REALLY! This would be so scary and my biggest complaint about the previous seasons, except Asylum, were that they were not scary enough.. just resorted to blood and gore. Hope Ryan reads these, Phillip. Are you a writer?

    • Linda says:

      YES, THAT’S IT! Very, very good idea Phillip. Hope Ryan reads these. That scenario could be really scary, and ‘SCARY’ is what has been lacking in every season but Asylum (for me) as the rest resorted to blood and gore.. not scary. Are you a writer?

  4. Tim says:

    Can’t stand when they cast children who can’t act.

  5. Funny how he acts like scary children is a new idea. Almost every season featured that element. I wish he’d stop calling it a horror show – it stopped being a horror show years ago. It should be called “American Excessive-Pop-cultural-Mess-With-No-Storyline-But-Cute-Costumes-and Sets-and-2D-Characters-Played-By-Stars-Who-Deserve-Better Show”.

    • I guess that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well! I think he has just got so wrapped up in being famous that he’s lost any shred of artistic integrity he once had. He should get an actually good person to work on this and go for a big long break. Then he can come back with a new show, after spending years actually thinking about what he wants to do next and maybe think about what will happen in episodes other than the pilot. He could also think of a decent ending.

    • Eran says:

      A-men and Hallelu!

    • Joey says:

      He acts like everything he comes up with is a brand new idea. He talked about how Scream Queens was something that no one had ever done before because in his mind, no one had ever combined horror and comedy? I mean, who is he trying to fool?

  6. James says:

    Ryan, please, write everything before you start talking about your ideas. You look bad when you promise something that never comes… which has happened a lot lately.

  7. readenreply says:

    Summer camp?
    Village of the damned?

  8. Chelsea Nocek says:

    I’m sorrry, but since when did lady Gaga become a “vet”? She was in one season….

  9. Rebecca Edmiston says:

    I would love to see Jessica Lang back:)

  10. Geo says:

    Uh, didn’t the last season feature scary vampire children? And didn’t that element of the show (like many others last year) not work?

    I have to say, though, that it is true to Ryan Murphy’s form (on many of his shows) that when things stop working, instead of ditching what doesn’t work, double-down on it. It’s sad to see AHS follow in their footsteps, but just like Nip/Tuck and Glee, when a Murphy show goes bad, abandon all hope of recovery, because it’s going to get really, really bad.

  11. Mike says:

    So Village of the Damned then.

  12. Ferris says:

    Ryan makes big promises before each season, but rarely follows through on them. I’m close to giving up on AHS. Every season, I get excited but then end up being let down. He creates good characters and settings, but the storylines are awful.

  13. Carilyn says:

    Where is Jessica Lange ? May not be original, but heartfelt, (wringing hands)

  14. Maryann says:

    “Childlike” basically means looking at the world innocently and naively, as a child would. I somehow doubt that is what he has in mind for American Horror Story.

  15. Lyn says:

    Isn’t the photo just a version of Village Of The Damned from the 1960 film? Nothing new there.

  16. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    So evil little kids are involved?…….I guess I hope it turns out to be good and everybody 4rm cast comes back ALONG W/Jessica Lang!!…please have her come back!

  17. FlTr says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the big names and actually talented actors refuse to come back after the slap in the face they got last season with Lady Gaga’s mediocre acting which led to a Golden Globe. Obviously she bought it but it’s still a slap in the face to the other, talented actors who’ve been on several seasons. Not to mention the obvious hype she bought from the media. It was like she was carrying the show on her own shoulders, when in fact, each episode lost 100,000’s of viewers. Lowest watched show of all season with a steady decline every episode. She brought absolutely nothing to the show other than her usual attention wh#ring.

  18. Matt says:

    Please prevent Lady Gaga from coming for a new season. She effectively ruined the last season, and took attention away from the only story lines that held any interest. Vampires without fangs who spend their time screwing in a Hotel. Not exactly horror material.

    • abz says:

      I disagree. She wasn’t even as bad as people made her out to be. The worst part about last season for me was Wes Bently and Chloe Sevigny. John Lowe was so incredibly BOOOORING. I could barely sit through some episodes because of how much I kept nodding off at times and wishing he would just go away. I hated how much time he took up. We barely got to see the rest of the talented cast like Angela Bassett, Matt Bomer or Sarah Paulson’s characters. Then there was the whole measles subplot that went on forever. There were so many problems with Hotel, but I don’t think Lady Gaga is to be blamed.

  19. abz says:

    After Hotel, the last thing I want to see on this show is children. That whole child vampire measles subplot was so damn annoying and went on forever.
    I really hope Angela Bassett gets a lead role this time around. I have no issues with Lady Gaga returning, but I don’t think she should be lead. After Asylum we know how good of a lead Sarah Paulson can be in addition to Lange. Paulson and Bassett would be great. After Hotel, the women of AHS need to come back to the forefront of the show because we all saw how big of a failure John Lowe/Wes Bentley was. He pretty much made Hotel inferior to any other season for me. I have never been so bored watching AHS then when John Lowe was on screen. I think the ladies of AHS were essential to the greatness of the early seasons of the show. Although, I definitely hope Matt Bomer comes back again with an actual meaty role this time. Can’t believe how much Ryan Murphy wasted his talents in Hotel.

  20. Tanya marie says:

    Is it going to add to last season and are the children the children from last season? When’s airing date?

  21. katzen says:

    So if I don’t watch a show I don’t take the time out of my day to comment on it. Do you not have a life people who don’t like this? Just stop watching and stop commenting because it is a waste of your life. Move on and let the rest of us like it and enjoy. Instead, go to where critics talk about it and comment. That is where your posts make more sense. Though I still don’t know why you are wasting an hour + watching a show just to be negative about. I can think of A LOT more better things to do with my life!

  22. Li says:

    What is wrong with all you people?!?! American Horror Story is one of the best shows out there and should be appreciated and liked, not stepped on and trash talked. Calm the hell down, If you don’t like the show, DON’T WATCH IT! That simple you nitwits.

  23. I miss Jessica Lang, I’m hoping they go with Children of the Damme

  24. BP says:

    Meh, I think I’m done with AHS. Hotel was a mess.

  25. Mercedes McClelland says:

    I heard that Evan Peters is not returning this season.. is that true? Because if it is you may lose thousands of watchers.

  26. Great looking internet site. Assume you did a bunch of your very own coding.|

  27. Linda says:

    One more thing to add.. if you’re going to use ‘scary children’ then consider ‘The Black-Eyed Children’ who are getting a lot of press lately as they’re showing up at peoples doors asking to come in – they are wearing strange clothes and their eyes are completely black. Coast To Coast.’ radio show often has guests who research strange stories. Another very strange occurrence is the disappearance of people in national parks. They’re sometimes with other hikers, family, etc. and just disappear form the path without a trace. Some are very young children who turn up miles away, high up on a mountain, for instance… dead. So far no explanations and there are more and more all the time.. now that’s scary!!

  28. Jessica says:


  29. jane says:

    would be cool to watch if the story is about school in the next season…preppy students, mysterious teacher/principal. haunted school lol..

  30. Shawn says:

    What about evan peters?

  31. adriana says:

    That’s y I like penny dreadful no, sad it ended!!watched every American horror story,loved murder house!

  32. J Bae says:

    I cant wait. All the ahs were amazing an unpredictable and have life 5 diff stories in each season. Im excited. I dont think anything can top season 3 coven but ik it will still b ready

  33. shelly says:

    No way! Hotel was by far the most awesome. Hands down!

  34. Margaret says:

    Canny wait

  35. Pat says:

    Made me fall asleep.!