HTGAWM Promotes Conrad Ricamora

HTGAWM Promotes Conrad Ricamora to Series Regular in Season 3

The Keating 5 is officially a sextet.

How to Get Away With Murder has upped Conrad Ricamora, aka Connor’s tech-savvy boyfriend, to a full-fledged series regular, TVLine has learned exclusively. The promotion takes affect at the start of the ABC thriller’s just-ordered third season.

Ricamora joined HTGAWM in Season 1 as a recurring guest star and quickly emerged as a fan favorite. In fact, last Connor-and-Oliver-x400November when it looked like Oliver’s days were numbered, viewers registered their disapproval on social media.

“There was a real outpouring of love and concern for Oliver, and a fear that he might killed off — but a lot of it was done in a very over-the-top way,” Ricamora told TVLine at the time. “One person threatened to fight [showrunner] Pete [Nowalk]. Someone else said they were going to throw their TV out the window if my character died. There were a lot of memes, too — even ones with Beyoncé.”

In Thursday’s Season 2 finale, Oliver was seen deleting Connor’s acceptance letter from Stanford — then impersonating his boyfriend in a phone call to the California law school’s Dean of Admissions in which he told her not to call him again. The duo have experienced increasing tension over Oliver volunteering his hacking skills to assist in Annalse’s cases — a moonlighting gig that led Oliver to quit his full-time job in the season’s penultimate episode.

“[Oliver] has a new lease on life… not only meeting Connor, but also his [HIV-positive] diagnosis,” HTGAWM showrunner Pete Nowalk tells TVLine. “All of it has made him look at his life and say, ‘What do I really want?’ He wants a little bit more excitement. He wants to feel passionate about his job. He doesn’t want to be bored.”

Hit the comments with your reaction to Ricamora’s status change!

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  1. rcb918 says:

    I’m glad to hear that. It’s not really surprising, but about time.

  2. I am thrilled! I love Conrad, and the portrayal of Oliver and Connor is brilliant. <3

  3. Judiwb says:

    Good for Conrad—Yeah Oliver!!

  4. Luis says:

    It’s about time!

  5. NM says:

    I wonder who he’ll kill in season 3 in order to be initiated into the club.

  6. This is amazing news! I’m so proud of Conrad!

  7. Kate says:

    Yay. I loved when Frank called him “our sweet O” a couple weeks ago.

  8. shawn says:

    shocked he wasn’t one already! lol
    I feel like he’s been in like 99% of the episodes

  9. Sydney says:

    Love this news! I’ll admit it; I said out loud if they kill Oliver I’m done with this show. :) Congratulations to Conrad!

  10. Amanda says:


  11. Gerri says:

    Let me be the one to voice my disapproval.
    Fan of the show. Not a fan of Oliver, or Connor and Oliver.
    Conner was a great character until Oliver came along.
    And I know he didn’t kill anyone, but screwing with Connor’s acceptance to Stanford. Not cool.

    • Sara says:

      Oliver came along in the first episode. He has been an integral part of Conner’s story from the beginning.

    • CA says:

      So Connor was a great character for about 15 minutes?…because that was about the length of time Connor was on screen in the first episode before he met AND pursued Oliver. And Oliver messing with Connor’s Stanford acceptance? That’s called character development for BOTH characters.

    • thomasvsjustin says:

      – -only because of the drama

  12. John Davis says:


  13. Angela says:

    Oooooh, cool! That’s great news!

  14. sarah j says:

    Mark my words: Oliver is going to be the new Frank.

  15. Laurie says:

    The promotion takes *effect* at the start…

    And, I lost any Oliver like after he declined Connor’s acceptance to Stanford.

  16. bigdede says:

    Not happy about this. I like Connor coming in and helping out. He’s cute and was innocent. I’m scared if they make this fan favorite a regular he will end up like Steve Urkel and become an annoying character

  17. Joe Randall says:

    Thrilled as hell….just hope he and Connor stay a strong couple…I do NOT want typical drama – i am upset that he deleted the letter from Stanford because they have always had an honest relationship – I don’t like them changing his integrity as a man. I hope they curb that. I love Coliver as a couple.

    • Tallana says:

      I totally agree with what you said. I wish they hadn’t made Oliver delete that email from Stanford and instead they should have had him speak to Connor and have a honest & straightforward conversation. Cant wait to see what happens in the upcoming season. I didn’t even know that this would have been the last episode for the season.

  18. Dairent Beavers says:

    YASSSSSSSSS its about time, now the big question is he going to be the new Frank since Anna Mae wants him gone now????

  19. Bubbles says:

    I think Oliver gives the show a genuine simple home base feel to the show. He isn’t connected with the murders so he is like home to the rest of the group.

  20. JaxJuice's Girl says:

    YASSS!!!!!! It’s the Keating 6 now ahhaha. Happy for Conrad he deserves it and has done a good job playing Oliver.

  21. Lilly77 says:

    I’ve always loved Oliver, and Connor and Oliver, so I am happy about this news, but I hope they aren’t going to just make him another one of the gang in terms of his morals and actions. I wasn’t too worried until the whole Stanford thing this episode. If they destroy his character and what makes him different I will lose a lot of what makes this show enjoyable for me.

  22. Alison Moore says:


    He’s the blandest character on network television. Connor deserves someone with a spark, not this wet lettuce.

    • Roza says:

      Yes tell them please

    • Roza says:

      I think it is unfair to write one character to be so nice among other characters to be annoying
      Why aja alfie jack had to read comments about them annoying ungrateful kill them off on the other hand we love Ollie and it really bc his character is written this way not bc the actor is exceptional

    • Nad says:

      Lmao. Oliver is not bland. You’re just a hater and probably racist, too.

    • love matters says:

      Yes his reactions in the love scene are so stupid killing the hottness of the scene
      But for some people it is ok he is just a cinnamon roll
      Because they are girls who want the gay couple to be cute (in a stupid way ) and not hot sexy couple

  23. jojodeleon717 says:

    Big Yay for Oliver (Conrad)!!!! Congratulations!

  24. sheena says:

    He’s a favorite of mine. My favorite, actually.

  25. Roza says:

    Coliver only benefits conrad/oliver. And harmed jack/connor badly. And about the coliver fan base. I think the writers are living in a bubble connor had a huge fan base when the show began and when coliver started he lost the most of it and the rest are coliver shippers and because oliver is the nice guy they even like oliver more than connor
    And because the over protection of connor to sweet Ollie connor character is ruined become annoyed coward irrational his life became oliver centered

    • Nad says:

      Please be quiet. Connor was a mean, uncaring person before he met Oliver. Oliver only helped Connor grow as a character. Stop watching the show if you’re so opposed to an Asian American actor becoming a series regular.

  26. Donna says:

    I just love Oliver but I bet we will find out he is not as sweet and innocent himself.

    • lechatnoir says:

      The people who claimed oliver is a sweet innocent maybahay actually have a point but they can’t articulate the actual problem without appearing like bigots. From day one I thought he was portrayed as one dimensional. He needn’t be a keating minion to be a full fledged character with his own brand of shady past. I for one do like how they geekee up the sole regular Asian character
      I guess we had to choose between a musical loving gay bloke and a stereotypically smart azn. It makes me sad, really. I just hope his character won’t introduce oliver to Adobo. If this happens I’m done.

  27. Dana says:

    Finally! I love Oliver and he feels like the only ‘real’ person on the show. Oliver is the one character we can connect with. He’s really well written and he has such great chemistry with the rest of the characters. I would love to see Oliver and Annalise become friends and work together.

  28. love matters says:

    Who decided the chemistry between connor and oliver ?? Connor and paxton chemistry was 10 times more than coliver even he has chemistry with michaela and asher coliver is just another gay couple and not the best but connor character was exceptional and unique

  29. lds1895 says:

    I’m very happy to see that Oliver is going to be a regular. But I hope that’s not because Frank is not going to be around. Frank is an intricate part of Annalise’s Law Firm. If Frank’s not there who is going to do all the street work? No one has the connections Frank has. Oliver will be a great addition for his computer hacking skills. But he can’t replace Frank.

  30. Rob says:

    Yay, love him and that SEXY voice!

  31. Season 2 often felt like it was veering off the rails, but had an incredibly satisfying penultimate episode. The season finale’s pacing was a bit rushed at the end- and other than ::insert twist with the puppy here::, it finally seems the whole murder club has a bit of a fresh start. With Oliver in the mix more, I anticipate/hope there are more cases of the week intermingled with whatever murder mystery is going on in between. The Hapstall case had it’s moments, but it often felt a bit disjointed

  32. Oliver says:

    Woooohooo! Just like my name he should stay

  33. thomasvsjustin says:

    First,conrad deserves it. I hope connor and oliver can be steady until the end of season3. I love conrad and jack both. i also hope oliver can be involved into murder,but he can not die. I want to see more oliver and connor. thank you.

  34. Lela says:

    So he has a job o mt favorite show good