Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Recap: [Spoiler]'s Twin Revealed

The Pretty Little Liars were all set to catch their stalker on Tuesday’s season finale, but you know what they about the best laid plans. (Especially those concocted by Hanna.)

As promised, the episode — which very well could be the series’ last season finale ever — revealed that someone in Rosewood has a twin, and that person is… Mrs. DiLaurentis!

Here’s the deal: Twenty-five years ago, a Radley patient named Mary Drake gave birth to a child named Charles — yes, that Charles — who was eventually adopted by Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis. As it turns out, Mary was also Jessica’s twin sister, and she’s been working with Elliott (if that’s even his real name!) to take back control of the Carissimi Group.

To make matters worse, one of them — or someone else, considering you can trust literally no one in this town — is preparing to toss Hanna’s unconscious body off the bell tower. De-light-ful.

But this episode was about so much more than just Mary Drake’s (somewhat anticlimactic) reveal, so let’s break down the other main events, ‘ship by ‘ship:

‘EZRIA’ | In what was unquestionably Ian Harding’s best dramatic performance to date, a grief-stricken Ezra announced that he was finally beginning to accept Nicole’s death, prompting a full-on emotional meltdown; fortunately, Aria was there to lend a (holding) hand. But the couple’s big moment came later in the episode, when Aria’s boss called to say that she loved their chapters and that their book is going to be “huge.” Cue the congratulatory sex! I have to say, in the midst of all the madness tonight, the sight of Aria and Ezra heading to Pound Town was oddly comforting.

‘HALEB’ | And while we’re on the topic of reunited couples, let’s hear it for Hanna and Caleb, eh? As we showed you earlier this week, the hunt for the Liars’ stalker found “Haleb” squeezing into some tight quarters, and wouldn’t you know it, those old feelings came crawling back. While we’re sure Jordan wouldn’t be the biggest fan of Hanna’s story, she told Caleb that she tried to make things right with him after their big fight, but he’d already moved out by the time he got to their apartment. (Because, you know, he’s an actual road runner.) And by the time Hanna told him “I never stopped loving you,” he’d already forgotten Spencer’s last name. Cue the big kiss!

‘SPOBY’ | Spencer and Toby didn’t go quite as far as the exes mentioned above, but I swear, I’ve never seen those two have more chemistry in my damn life. (Granted, this might have something to do with Toby’s new glasses, arguably the M.V.P. of tonight’s finale.) I know I recently professed my personal love for “Spaleb,” but after watching tonight’s episode, I’ve reached an entirely new conclusion: We needed that coupling to happen so that all four parties involved — Spencer, Toby, Hanna and Caleb — could see what they’ve been missing. So, everybody wins! (Oh, except Jordan. Sorry, ‘mate!)

‘EMISON’ | As we’re discussing these couples in descending order of romance, we’ve arrived at Emily and Alison. Sure, they got to swap “I love you”s, but I wish it hadn’t been part of Alison’s goodbye while she checked herself into a mental facility. I get that she thought she was seeing the ghosts of her mother and Detective Wilden — all orchestrated by Elliott and Mary, of course — but I can’t believe anyone on this show would be trusting enough to sign away their freedom so easily. (On the plus side, “Emison” fans: Elliott being evil means Alison’s probably going to leave him, which will free her up for the reunion with Emily that we’ve all been waiting for.)

OK, time to weigh in: Were you blown away by the Mary Drake reveal? Grade the episode below and drop a comment with your reaction.

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  1. MattySi says:

    So Charlotte isn’t Alison brother, but cousin.

    • Mya says:

      Yep! Basically Charlotte’s real mother is a woman named Mary Drake who happens to be Mrs. DiLarentus’s sister. For some reason, probably the fact that Mary was a Radley patient, The DiLarentus’s adopted Charlotte.

      • Mike says:

        So would it be the logical step to assume that Mary was the one that killed Jessica DiLaurentis? We never did find out who did(or at least I don’t remember anyone, including Charlotte, admitting to it).

      • Trivia says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr D fathered Charlotte…..maybe he thought Mary was Jessica genes why they adopted Charles/ Charlotte…..and I think there are more of Mary’s children running around Rosewood….Toby…he sees why they called him pretty eyes twice now and in game over Charles reference was made to the Dilaurentis children having their fathers eyes….just my thoughts

    • jackie says:

      By birth they’re cousins, by law they’re adopted siblings, by genetics, given that Mary and Mrs. D are clearly identical twins, they’re half-siblings.

    • Belle says:

      OMGosh, another disappointing reveAl!!!! Ugh, who cares about the Carissimi Group, and that Mrs. D has a twin sister…just once I wish they would really blow us away; it’s like the boy who cried wolf – all that buildup with show runner’s words/teases and then NO shock value whatsoever!!??!! Since Elliott was introduced he has always been a shady character. They could have brought Sutton & Emma from “The Lying Game” over and that would have been more fun :-D

      • Lorna says:

        Oh i agree. The lying game much better. I was sooo mad it got the axe. I never trusted Elliott, and with the visions, it was pretty obvious Jessica had a twin.

  2. exs113030 says:

    That was the best PLL finale in a LONG time. Color me impressed!

  3. What a great plot twist! I didn’t see this coming!

  4. QueenB says:

    I enjoyed this season but it felt disjointed but tonight’s finale connected all the dots. Every episode was a chapter in the book that was Charlotte ‘s mother’s book of revenge.

  5. Matt C. says:

    I was very surprised by that twist! Still can’t wait to find out who REALLY killed Charlotte. So does this mean Mary is “Uber A”?

    • I think Uber A is the one kidnapping Hanna& dragging her to the bell tower while Mary & Elliot were somewhere else.The Liars said a few episodes back that there are two people after them :one wanting justice for Chatlotte ,the other wanting revenge.

      • Eva P says:

        Actually the lairs said that 2 people were after them – one who murdered Charlotte (and wants to cover it up and that’s why he/she is after the liars who want to expose him/her) and the one who wants revenge for charlotte’s murder. It’s clear that both Mary/ Elliott and Uber A want revenge.

  6. SassyAF28 says:

    i knew this was going to be one of the most stupidest and obvious reveals of all time

  7. QueenB says:

    Excellent finale rivals the Toby reveal. I hope Hannah isn’t dead but TVLine did post that blind item about a lead being killed off so she might be

  8. pllfanatic100 says:

    I’m just glad Hanna and Caleb kissed I just hope Hanna banana is ok next season cause this could be the worst comeback cause Hanna is by far my favorite liar!

    • anon123 says:

      they both cheated on their significant others, how can that be okay??

      • Josh says:

        So did Aria went went further than Hannah and Caleb did

      • Alliep1075 says:

        So agreed!

      • Coconuts says:

        When you’re in love who cares about formalities. They will obviously end up together

        • Rob says:

          Yeah who cares if you’re engaged and the guy has begun a semi-serious relationship with your best friend? As long as you’re in love everything is justified. #Formalities

          • Coconuts says:

            Exactly cuz Spencer didn’t care about formalities when she wanted to be with Caleb knowing that it was her best friends first love. “semi-serious” even better reason to end it… It didn’t make it to serious yet. And finally, she’s engaged.. Not married. She was acting weird towards this “fiancée” and is obviously in love with Caleb so… She can end that. So… Who cares… No one is married with kids.

          • Rob says:

            Amazing justification for setting sail on your ship. The pairing of Spencer and Caleb was a stroke of genius and almost took the sting away of 6 years of BS storylines and waiting for answers. It was fresh, exciting, and the two of them have chemistry. I like Hanna and Caleb together. I like Spencer and Caleb together. I just wish they would’ve spent more time exploring that dynamic before making both Hanna and Caleb cheat on people “in the name of true love.” Furthermore, Spencer didn’t act on anything until she asked Hanna if it was ok. She had every opportunity to tell Spencer that it wasn’t ok. Spencer and Caleb were both single. Hanna and Caleb were both in relationships. Stop justifying cheating and at least admit that that’s what it is.

          • Kyky says:

            OMG, Rob. I agree with you. It give me headache when people always try to justify something that is wrong. It’s Hannah’s loss because she didn’t speak up. She missed her chance twice. And actually no one should have been kissing or doing the do because of being in relationships. I would have much rather they left it as a confession, giving Caleb time to decide if wanted to continue on with Spencer or try again with Hannah. Same for Ezria. I believe that if you truly care for someone, you wouldn’t do this behind their back. No matter if it’s in the name of true love. TRUE love does excuse lies and betrayal.

          • Kyky says:

            Sorry, *does not excuse….

          • Coconuts says:

            We all have our preferences on what is wrong and right, so kyky be mindful of saying you hate when people justify wrong things. Your opinion is not higher than others, anyways… In my point of view I saw two people who love each other more then who they are with and can just break up each of them to be each other. You guys are saying it’s wrong to do this to people you love but they obviously don’t love them like they should. What’s “wrong” to me is if they keep sneaking around AFTER the kiss. Now that’s messed up. But we dont know that yet. But if they kiss and then break up with those people then who cares. What’s with the formality that they MUST break up their relationships THEN kiss? I don’t really see the difference. I just see the unwritten rules of society.

          • Kyky says:

            I never mentioned hating anything. And I have an open mind to peoples’ opinions. It just doesn’t change the way certain things make me feel. Yes, people have their preferences, I accept them, but not agree with them. Also, it’s not about whom you love more. It’s about respect. They showed a lack of that by thinking only of themselves and not how the choices they make would hurt others. That’s why it’s wrong in my percpective. People always act and are sorry later. They never learn.

          • B says:

            People, its only a tv show! Since the beggining, I didnt want Spencer and Caleb together, because it was obvious someone would eventually cheat. We all know Hanna will end up with Caleb and Spencer, with Toby.

          • Rob says:

            You know it’s ok to have different opinions, right guys? As a TV writer, though, it was rushed and lazy for them to use only a few episodes of building up Spencer and Caleb just for them to revert back to Hanna and Caleb. There are SO many things wrong with the writing on this show, it’s actually an abomination. Either way, it makes the characters seem very unsympathetic by virtue of the fact that neither one of them said, “Hey, I know we are both feeling something, but can we take a second and deal with our respective relationships first and reconvene in like an hr or so? Kthx, byeeeeee”

        • spu says:

          Seriously?? How would you feel if you were the third person getting cheated on? I mean it’s all ok right as long as the other two are in ‘love’ right?

  9. Josh Emerson says:

    I’m so glad I dropped this awful show a while ago. This sounds so terrible.

  10. Caitlyn says:

    Don’t think Hanna’s going to die because in the flash forward 5 years before this season started and Ali was writing her name on the board in the classroom Allof the liars came in together and said Ali he’s after you again. And we haven’t gotten to that part yet. Also, did anyone pick up on who the final text was signed by? It said something like thanks for Hanna you’re free to go -A.D. What does A.D. stand for? Alison DiLaurentes? Or Aunt Drake? Or something else?

  11. Mya says:

    Can someone clarify why Elliot was a part of all that and what is Carissimi Group?

    • Lilo says:

      Elliot helped Charlotte when she was in radley (so they had a strong connection) the Carissimi group is owned by Alison’s family

      • Lucie says:

        Didn’t Elliott and Alison start their relationship while Charlotte was alive? I thought that was why they kept it a secret.

  12. Paige says:

    I might be the only person who feels this way, but I really hope it doesn’t end after season 7! Tonight’s finale was fantastic! For all it’s faults (and there are quite a few) PLL is like a eating a bag of potato chips. You know it’s bad for you, but you just can’t quit!

  13. Lola says:

    Haleb >>>> Spaleb.

    I want Spencer to find out about the kiss so her head will explode. She’s been throwing shade and jealous looks.

    • Coconuts says:

      Oh but seriously… Did Spencer just…. Drop the L bomb?! Like what?!?! Love who girl??? Calebs love someone alright… And it ain’t you! Love??!!! I was shocked. Then right after Spencer expresses her love.. Caleb makes out with Hanna. Buahaha.

      • Pinacolada says:

        I was thinking the same! Seriously, Spencer needs to get some real love from Toby, and of course she would be jealous. She’s like always going after other ladies’ men, toby has been like the only exception! I’m team Haleb and Spoby forever!!!!

      • Trivia says:

        And he never said it back to her……

    • Tasha says:

      Yes, I hated spaleb that was the worst thing pll history I hope it come out that Hanna and Caleb are still in love even though it is weird being that Caleb and Spencer actually had sex

  14. rebecca says:

    I really enjoyed this. Totally didn’t see Mrs. D as having the twin. The Haleb flashback and kiss after was everythinggggggg.

  15. lauri5567 says:

    And I was underwhelmed by last night’s “most dramatic rose ceremony yet” and yet PLL managed to make the most dramatic reveal yet be tame by comparison.
    I would have rather Wilden still be alive, though this is a little like the books that Alison’s boyfriend was in on it. I still think the Alison plot needs more Jason in it. Because he’s being toyed with a lot.
    Ezria – who didn’t guess they would be the first to hook up? Love Emily’s comment about them writing together.
    I like Spencer/Caleb and find it believable so the kissing Hanna was disappointing to me.
    Lastly, did anyone catch the old lady calling Toby “pretty eyes”?

    • Paige says:

      I thought the whole “pretty eyes” thing was a low blow. I always thought it proved that Toby was lying, and that he joined the A team way before Mona said he did. It kind of stung a little.

    • I noticed the Toby “pretty eyes” comment too

    • Coconuts says:

      So she likes Toby’s eyes… Old ladies need love too. Lol

    • Trivia says:

      I think Toby is another one of Mary Drakes children who was adopted out…or given to Marian…who could be Mary…Charlotte mentions to Ali that they all have the same eyes…I think mr.d is all of their father slept with the twin not knowing it wasn’t his wife….just a theory…

  16. nadialus says:

    Hannah is my favorite character on the show and while logically I know they won’t kill her off, I don’t know how I’m going to last until June. The Haleb breakup scene broke my heart and when she admitted that basically he’s her one, I was bawling. I thought the twin reveal was anticlimactic and that it was tired. It would have been more interesting if it was literally anybody else. Emily’s character has been so much more likable. She used to be my least favorite but now I’m really starting to like her! I’m glad they didn’t push a love interest for her down our throats. I have never been a huge Aria and Ezra fan but it felt things were starting to feel right when they hooked up. Now if Spencer could sort herself out everything would be awesome.

    • Coconuts says:

      I agree!!! I was so happy when haleb happened thank goodness! I thought the twin thing was stupid… I mean really? At first I had to accept that Allison had a brother that she didn’t know about named Charles (and that Jason conveniently started to remember *eye roll*) now I have to accept that she had a twin aunt? What’s next? We will meet Allison’s REAL father? Allison’s husband is really her cousin twice removed? The forcing, too much forcing. I thought aria and Ezra were cute, I was over them myself but they made it so cute lol. Spencer was one of my favorites but she crossed the line with Caleb. He was just not for sale. She needs to go back to Toby or get with her sister’s current boyfriend, whoever he may be, she’s good at that.

  17. immeam says:

    ok…so Charoltt’s story now makes sense!!!That was some crazy finale…i love the Ezria moments…but i was wishing for some Spoby moments more…oh well…but damn those glasses…about Rollins and the Mrs DiLarentus twin theory..well most of the fans already guessed it!Next season !!!Come fast!

  18. woahpll says:

    so how exactly does sara harvey tie into all of this????

  19. Linda says:

    The one who’s dragging Hanna is the guy that apartment she’s staying at. I don’t remember his name., the one from high school. There is still something off about that guy and I don’t like him.

  20. Julia says:

    So when Charlotte went by Cece Drake, does that mean she knew her biological mom was Mary Drake, and that’s why she chose “Drake” as her last name, or was it just a coincidence?

  21. Kyky says:

    Where to begin?? I feel like PLL is becoming so foolish. It’s like trying way too hard for twists and just serves ridiculous plots. A twin? Really?? How bizarre. Just like last season with Charles being transgender and CeCe of all people. I appreciate the originality, I do. Now, the ships…since the beginning, I’ve been sensitive to Ezria. The way they began, I just couldn’t be ok with it, but I’m not against it completely. The love is obvious, so its whatever for me. Haleb, I liked it back then. In the past. I wish it would stay that way. I get she went back to him, wanted to work it out, but why not chase him. It’s not logical for five years to pass and you not try to find him. She knew where he was going! I love him with Spencer. Spaleb gave me butterflies. and Jordan, I actually think he fits Hannah better than Caleb. Think about the life she lives. That upper class life isn’t for Caleb. Spaleb is so easy and simple. The way it should be. Just saying.

    • Rob says:

      Spencer and Caleb is one of the better things they’ve done across all 6 seasons of this show. It added new life to a show that really needed it and finally Troian got to act opposite someone who isn’t the equivalent of a moist piece of cardboard with a stupid punchable face drawn on it. I felt like they had chemistry and it was an interesting risk that they took and it really paid off. This re-coupling of the un-couples felt very rushed (except Ezria) and not true to the characters that they became at the beginning of 6B.

    • Coconuts says:

      First off I agree with being annoyed with the twin thing and the foolishness PLL has been pulling off. As for Haleb… They didn’t break up for 5 years. They broke up within the 5 year span so we don’t know when in that time span that they actually broke up. Second, Caleb left his cell phone. When a professional runaway wants to disappear… There’s no finding them. You wanted Hannah to go to Europe and hunt him down caveman style? Lol I think not.

      • Kyky says:

        Again, she knew where he was going. They planned that trip together for a month. She could have gone after him. Instead, she decided to go back to work and date someone else. I wouldn’t have made the comment if it was some spur of the moment trip. I know what I’m saying.

      • Tasha says:

        Thank you

        • lauri5567 says:

          Didn’t Spencer say she spent her junior or senior year abroad? It seems to me that Caleb and Hanna broke up when Caleb left for Europe, shortly before running into Spencer in Madrid.

      • Jackie says:

        At some point, when Spencer and Caleb are reminiscing about Europe, one of them says something like, “I can’t believe it’s been three years.” And Hanna and Caleb would have broken up right before this trip.

    • Sammy_Jo says:

      Maybe they planned the trip without actually planning out all of the details-a go with the flow get away. A lot of people do that.

  22. Rob says:

    God this show is so stupid. And yet I keep watching. Because I’m a moron. That reveal could’ve been footage straight from a horrible primetime soap of the 70s and 80s, English accent and all. Just atrocious and embarrassing.

  23. PLL fan says:

    Hanna and Caleb both suck. They could’ve gotten back together without cheating and once again Hanna’s plan was completely idiotic.

  24. tati. says:

    Come back already. ….

  25. PLLhawk says:

    I dont know about everyone else but my jaw is on the floor after watching the finale.. I am glad I only have to wait for 3 months…to watch season 7. 😊 I dont want everything to make sense.. i stopped wondering and thinking a lot of theories about Uber A or Big A..I just want the ships go back to their respected ships and sail again. #Ezria #Spoby #Haleb. Yes they have cheated but.. they are all an ENDGAME anyway. :)

  26. A.D. says:

    Wow…great episode…and Spencer’s panty scene was smokin HOT!

  27. Spence says:

    For some reason, I kept watching this after the A reveal. Big mistake, will not be tuning in for the next seasons. Devastating that this trainwreck continues to go; it needs to die and rest in peace.

  28. Bryan says:

    So is Marlene King okay with 2 of the girls cheating on their boyfriends? That’s a great lesson. I mean, their current boyfriends are only plot devices right?

    • Rob says:

      This is a show that promoted rape as love. They made their first and only trans character a psychopathic killer. They clearly don’t care about lessons.

  29. Honeyy says:

    Eliot being the bad guy was too obvious from the start (same goes with mrs. d having a twin)…. but as we all know all usually PLL is complicated and wouldn’t make things this obvious. But, surprisingly they actually did.
    I’m just baffled ATM everything is just overwhelming

  30. Ali says:

    My heart hurts for Spaleb! I love that coupling. Mad chemistry.

  31. Samuel says:

    So in the past seasons when Ali and Jason found out Charles stood with their aunt all those years, turns out it was actually his mom, pretty cool.. I loved the finale!

  32. Zivia says:

    It was kind of obvious to me that Elliott was a bad guy. Mrs. DeLaurentis having a twin sister kind of came out of think air. But what the heck. It’s PLL. I guess an evil twin had to show up sometime. Let’s see, Elliott loved Charlotte and Charlotte loved Elliott, but then Allison tells Charlotte she likes/loves Elliott and Charlotte runs away only to be killed and thrown off the church bell tower. So Elliott plots with Mary Drake to marry Allison and manages to convince her she is crazy so he can get 51% of Charlotte’s company (who has the other 49%?) Have I got that right so far? Seems to me that Elliott would have the biggest reason for wanting to kill Charlotte’s killer since he loved her so much. Then again maybe Elliott is Mary’s son (and Charlotte’s brother) and loved her in a brotherly way. Maybe Elliott killed Charlotte so Mary could get “what was rightfully hers.” (I don’t get how the company is rightfully Mary’s anyway.) I doubt Charlotte would have accepted Mary as her mother after being raised by Allison’s mother. Now I’m just confusing myself!

  33. Zivia says:

    what’s with the scene at the end of last season where we saw Allison writing her name (Mrs. Rollins) on the classroom blackboard and the other 4 PLL running into the room saying “he” is coming for you. (or something like that)? When are we supposed to find out what that was all about?

  34. Pati says:

    I don’t understand what is happening with this Carissimi group story line. Is that the Dilarentus family bussiness? what is happening

    Caleb and Hanna have to be together. Spencer and Caleb are cute together but Caleb belongs with Hanna. I don’t know how how these couples will get over it. And Spencer did say she loved Caleb, didn’t she? that felt a little desperate.

  35. Belle says:

    Just as boring as the original “A”!!! To shock us you really have to amp your game up – having Aria be a twin would have been A-moji reveal as a jaw dropping show changer!!!!!! Come on Marlene, the show deserves better than the lack-luster HUGE life changing reveals!!!!!!!

  36. Kari says:

    I love this line: “I have to say, in the midst of all the madness tonight, the sight of Aria and Ezra heading to Pound Town was oddly comforting.”. Thanks for the giggle in the recap!

  37. Ingmar says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Emoticon A is not the same person as ”AD”? I think Mary Drake was Emoticon A (she wanted revenge for Charlotte’s murder), so that’s why they (the liars) had her on video. Then she got spooked and ran away. I think ”AD” just took profit from the situation and took Hanna for him/herself. I also think ”AD” is Charlotte’s killer, considering how Hanna is portrayed (with that flower, just like Charlotte when she died – also at the same spot). Can’t wait to find out who ”AD” is and to have it confirmed that Mary Drake was also Emoticon A. Oh, and I think Sara Harvey is not really doing anything too spooky in 6B. Think she’s just trying to find information about Charlotte’s past, etc.

  38. Abs Foley says:

    I can’t help but think Peter Hasting’s affair with ‘Jessica DiLaurentis’ will be influential in all this. Does Jason have Hannah?

  39. This is so good I hope u love this new season on pretty little liars

  40. Ru says:

    So… nothing new. Personally I always thought that Elliot was part of the new A Team so the episode just confirmed what was obvious for me. But I wasn’t expecting Hanna’s kidnapping!

  41. lina says:

    I domt understand the direction this show is going. Who gives a crap about these two new characters. Where did they even come from? Mary drake? Uh no. U already messed up having cece be A with a silly reason for tormenting the girls. I watch loyally because I am waiting to see all the little a gaps closed up from previous seasons. Now I scratch my head unsure of the direction it’s going. Further and further away from what made the show good in the first place. Allison is a boring character now. She’s not the savvy sneak she once was. Makes no sense

  42. Cobra says:

    There was a point where this show was entertaining. Now it is seriously just a train wreck.

  43. the most upsetting thing about this is that caleb cheated on spencer! those two have more chemistry than anyone on this whole show!

  44. Kelly says:

    When Is the next season 7 oh my what am I going to do loved watching pretty little liers xx

  45. Did we ever find out who killed Charlotte.Elliott made Ali look stupid love the shocking ending.

  46. brooke says:

    Why does everyone keep glorifying Ezra and Aria? That coupling disgusts me. He is a predator. Let’s glorify an adult man taking advantage of a teenager. He used Aria, knew she was underage, for his book in the previous seasons. Let’s promote a teacher dating their student. Please. He was a grown man who took advantage of a child. I wish they would have stuck with the PLL books on Ezra’s ending there…that was realistic and what would have happened in the real world.

    • Kyky says:

      I feel the same, but refused to talk about them specifically to avoid disputes because people have a tendency to misunderstand what an opinion is when it comes to their ships

  47. S says:

    Please end pretty little liars. Their acting cannot get more fake. Absolutely annoying

  48. Hannah says:

    For me the twin thing was not a shock. If you read the books you’d know that Alison had a twin that was indeed mentally ill. So, that did not come out of nowhere, they just changed it up a little it seems.
    Also, super glad Ezria is happening again, I’ve always loved them together, they seem so natural.
    I highly doubt Hanna is being killed off, that seems too obvious since that’s kind of the theory they’re promoting with trailers and such.