The CW Renewals

The CW Renews The Flash, Vampire Diaries, The 100, Reign (!) and 7 Others

The CW has apparently issued a moratorium on the C-word this year: The network has pretty much renewed its entire primetime lineup.

On Friday, CW boss Mark Pedowitz announced early renewals for 11 of its shows, including Arrow (for Season 5), The Flash (Season 3), The Vampire Diaries (Season 8), The Originals (Season 4), iZombie (Season 3), Legends of Tomorrow (Season 2), Supernatural (Season 12), The 100 (Season 4), Jane the Virgin (Season 3) and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 2).

Even cellar-dweller Reign is coming back for Season 4 (albeit not with its entire cast).

The Flash is The CW’s most successful series, averaging 3.66 million total viewers and a 1.4 demo rating — numbers that swell to 5.67 mil/2.3 with Live+7 DVR playback. Arrow averages 2.67 mil/1.0 (4 mil/1.6 with DVR), while freshman spinoff DC’s Legends of Tomorrow does 2.62 mil/1.0 (4.26 mil/1.7 with DVR).

“The CW has become home to some of the most critically-acclaimed shows on broadcast television, with a wide array of fantastic scripted series across the week, ranging from musical comedy, to superhero action, to gritty sci-fi dramas,” Pedowitz said in a statement. “As we continue to further our strategy of more year-round original programming, picking up these 11 series for the 2016-2017 season puts us in a great position of having proven, high-quality shows to launch in the fall as well as midseason and summer of 2017.”

Which renewal are you most surprised by (pleasantly or otherwise)? Hit the comments!

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  1. brooke says:

    yay for izombie!

    • Gail says:

      Hopefully for 22 episodes for Season 3

    • brandi says:

      YAY!! I so agree. I love iZombie!! So glad it’s coming back.

    • Laurie Emerson says:

      I agree! I love this show!!

    • murley says:

      So excited and relieved about iZombie! Excited about most of these renewals but iZombie was the one I was most worried about. Now fingers crossed for Agent Carter.

      • elizabethp056 says:

        Yay for izombie but Agent Carter looks doubtful. Hayley Atwell has already signed on to star in a new ABC series called conviction.

        • Dj says:

          Yeah its doubtful that Agent Carter will return. But there have been times where an actor signs on to a pilot thinking their show is going to be cancelled only to have the show picked up for another season.

        • rowan77 says:

          Conviction is in second position, so if Agent Carter is renewed, she will have to do that. Lots of actors hedge their bets with pilots if their show is on the bubble. I love Agent Carter and really hope ABC keeps it because it’s quality television, but I’m not betting that ABC will support it, even if it is produced in-house. All the vintage cars and clothes cannot be cheap.

      • I’ve reconciled myself to the reality that ABC is going to make me unhappy when upfronts come out, ’cause I’m watching several ABC bubble shows and they probably can’t all survive, but I’m crossing fingers for Agent Carter, too.

    • Mike M says:

      Liv Moore gets to live more !!

    • SaraNotSarah says:

      Yay indeed! So happy – I had braced myself for the worst.
      Now, that I’m dreaming big, can they please kill Major off?? I just loathe that character – he’s the only fly in my iZombie love. I even like the villains better – well Mr. Boss is a bit cheesy – very Rob Thomas at not his best (see VMars Season 3 lol). I’d settle for that but if I’m blue sky thinking then I really want Bradley James back as Lowell (I loved that character and he had actual chemistry with Liv (though I’ll take him as a non-love interest too – more nice zombies in town). I know the actor’s on a new show (Damien) but TVLine doesn’t think it looks too promising, so…

      • Damien is a hot mess. Porous plotting, bad writing. I gave it a try, but it truly deserves the TV equivalent of a Razzie. I am happiest about Crazy Ex’s renewal, but I love iZombie and Jane almost as much. And I am a big fan of Flash and Arrow. Legends does not float my boat yet, although it remains on my viewing queue. The others–I haven’t ever watched, although from all the reviews/comments here and otherwise, I definitely plan to binge watch The 100 before next season starts. Go CW! I wonder how they plan to wedge Riverdale into the schedule, if it is picked up? I look forward to that as well. And I totally agree with the Agent Carter lovers here. I think it would be a great pick-up for Netflix, if it’s not renewed.

        • April says:

          OH yes, do binge on The 100, you’ll not regret it. It starts slow and seems a bit cheesy, but it picks up and is very good.

          Also try The Originals. The Michaelson’s are bad ass.

    • canadian ninja says:

      This is literally the only show I was still waiting on. More Liv, more Babineaux, more Ravi and more BRAINS!!!!!

    • Thanh says:

      Yay! Glad izombie has been renewed. Fun tv. I’m not sure I’d want 22 episodes, for any show really, since it could meander and give us lots of filler eps.

    • Enrique Araujo says:

      Same here. I was so surprised to see this. I always watch it on Hulu plus when it comes ou . My number one pick besides the flash, legends of tomorrow, and arrow :)

  2. Maryann says:

    I am absolutely thrilled wth the news! Flash, Arrow, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, iZombie, and Legends of Tomorrow are all shows I watch every week. I just wonder what this means for that really superb-sounding slate of drama pilots that they have waiting in the wings.

    • Katie T says:

      My guess is a couple of shows may move to late spring/summer airings. They did the same with the renewals last year and it didn’t stop them launching Crazy EG,Legends of Tomorrow and Containment this season

    • Lizzie says:

      I know I am digging Riverdale and the Mars one. Hopefully they get series orders.

    • Mike M says:

      They could still safely pickup half a dozen new pilots to series and schedule everything. CW has the luxury of still being in the growth phase for original scripted. This also gives the Warner Bros Studio side more work; and they need it given more and more of the shows they (used to) make for other networks are not getting renewals as all the networks move to making & owning their own content so that they get all the distribution & syndication back end money. It’s a great bold move to roll so much forward and I think it really places them in a strong position. At this rate in a few years time the little 5th place “hanger on” is likely to start looking pretty grown up indeed.

  3. Roger says:

    YES. YES. YES.

  4. Huzzah! Crazy Ex gets to life another year!!!!

  5. Guilherme says:


  6. NM says:

    Jade the Virgin I get. It can be given a Beauty and the Beast treatment given it’s ratings. However, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (cheap or not) should have been cancelled. I do not watch it and it’s nothing personal but the ratings are a joke regardless of positive reviews. Furthermore, this should be the last season for The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and the second last for The Originals. Creativity, they’re all done for.

    • Pia says:


    • Mantra720 says:

      You do know there are buttons on the remote that guide you to other channels Monday nights at 8 if you don’t want to watch the CW, right?

    • Bob says:

      Except the current season of Supernatural is widely considered to be the best since 4/5 so uh… what?

    • Guy says:

      As bad as the ratings for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are, the show just won a Golden Globe for its star. CW shows RARELY get major awards attention like that, so it was basically a no-brainer that CW would keep it around, at least for one more year.

    • Ben says:

      There is no such thing as ‘should have been cancelled’. Networks get to choose not to cancel things. How about that!

    • Mike M says:

      The fact that your first word was “JADE” the Virgin said everything anyone needed to know about the value of what was to follow.

    • They renew and cancel based on ratings and whether the show is still making them money, not on when Random Disgruntled Internet Fan #546 decides it’s no longer good and can’t find the remote. You get that, right?

    • Olivia says:

      I disagree, I feel like this is the best tvd season in a long time.

  7. Steve says:

    Whoa, I was so sure Crazy Ex was a goner.

    Do they have any shows not yet renewed?

    • Katie T says:

      Think the only one is Containmentthat’s not even launched yet and they’re already describing it as a limited series. Obviously a chance they may renew if it gets outstanding ratings but sounds to me like they don’t expect it to

      • Ally Oop says:

        Itll be another Star-Crossed, a good show DOA because it never got a fall or winter premiere because there was no room for it on the schedule, burned off although it gets the post-Flash timeslot so it may have a chance. The CW could air new episodes fall, winter and spring/summer almost rerun-free and have room for approximately 14 22-episode series so they could still launch 2 new shows for fall, 1 for winter and 1 for spring. That many series are expensive yet CW makes more money from streaming and international sales than broadcasting so the more original content the better. They might just have to stagger their returning shows. Also, maybe one of their new shows will fail abysmally so they’ll need to replace. They could also give some shows shorter seasons. For example:
        Mon Jane & newshow1
        Fri Vampire Diaries & Originals
        Tue The Flash & newshow2
        Wed Supernatural & iZombie
        Thu The 100 & Containment
        Mon Crazy Ex & newshow1
        Tue Legends & newshow2
        Wed Supernatural &newshow3
        Thu The 100 & Containment
        Fri Vampire Diaries & Originals
        Mon Jane & Crazy Ex
        Tue The Flash & Legends
        Wed iZombie & newshow3
        Thu Reign & newshow4
        Fri reruns or filler content

        • bbussey says:

          Arrow and Legends of Tommorow are CWs #2 and #3 shows, and they get full 23-episode seasons. There’s no chance at all that they are moving them or 23-episode Flash out of their current 8p timeslots next year — first, because they are successful anchoring Tues-Thur, and second, because there is nowhere to move them to (Fridays are not suitable and Mondays are out due to Supergirl on CBS).

          • Not to mention that Supernatural is not, and never has been, an 8pm show. Nothing against iZombie–I do watch it–but it doesn’t belong at 8pm, either.

            I’m glad Legends of Tomorrow is coming back. Hope they move it to fall, even if it’s too expensive for a full season. I like Sara and Snart, whether they’re getting medieval on bad guys or just hanging out, and Kendra is growing on me.

      • Flashrow says:

        Thanks. Finally with some of sense. I am saying that Containment is cancelled since the moment they promote it as a limited series event, but everybody is complainning about how it doesn’t mean that is an one season show, because limited series event is about quantity of episode nor seasons. iZombie, Starcrossed, The 100 and Legends have not received that kind of promotion even they are. So Containment is mostly cancelled

  8. Jada says:

    So happy about The 100!

  9. ABG says:


  10. kate says:

    Crazy Ex girlfriend!!!

  11. JenJ says:

    Yayyy all of my favorites! Arrow, Flash, Legends, and Supernatural! That’s what I like to hear. At least the CW gives most of the fans what they want when it comes to renewals. Yayyy!

  12. Courtney says:

    YES! To Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!!!! I’m still catching up with The 100 and plan to watch iZombie eventually.

    I wonder when The Vampire Diaries will end though….

  13. coco says:

    Yay The Flash!

  14. CCarolinee says:

    awesome for TVD! Now five us Klaroline already! :)

  15. Nick Holmes says:

    Thank God The Originals got renewed

    • Eva says:

      Yes!! I was worried what with the move to Friday, but am so happy that there will be season 4!

      • Miranda says:

        Season 4’s are a no-brainer, they allow for shows to get syndicated.

        • iWinRar says:

          Well season 4’s are not always set in stone if they seasons are shorter. If another company owns the show but in the case of it being owned by someone else sometimes that company will pay for production if it’s popular enough with international crowed but not as much here.

    • Bwhit says:

      I’m right there with you! I would have been so sad if it didn’t get a fourth season.

  16. bluji says:

    While I had no doubts about it, it’s really great to see all three Arrowverse shows renewed :D

  17. Lisa says:

    Excited for Crazy Ex and iZombie – wasn’t worried about Arrow, Flash or Supernatural

  18. Lindsey says:

    Yes! More iZombie!

  19. Eva says:

    Yay, The 100!!!

  20. Jane says:

    SEASON 12 SUPERNATURAL!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Laura Allcock says:

    Yeyyyy I can not explain how happy I am about TVD, TO and Jane The Virgin being renewed . YEYYYY THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  22. Paula says:

    Jane the Virgin and Flash!!!! Yay! We need more Rogelio in our lives.

  23. Chance says:

    CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND GETS A SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. B says:

    I expected Supernatural to come back, but I’m very pleased about The Originals. Yay!

  25. Fannie says:

    I knew TVD was going to stick but I wonder now if the new seaosn will bring back Elena to the show as since she left the show has not stopped talking about it and I thought she was through already even to be mentioned. I hope she wont return

  26. Liz B. says:

    YESSSSSS. I was worried about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and I am so psyched it’s getting a second season (that Golden Globe win for Rachel Bloom probably didn’t hurt). I also love iZombie! Hooray!

  27. Dj says:

    Glad legends is getting a second season. If they do change the cast I hope Snart and Sara stay.

    • Brigid says:

      Absolutely! They have great chemistry together. I like all the characters but those 2 have spark!

    • JC1 says:

      Yes, those two are my essential characters as well. I’ve always loved Sara, and I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve grown to love Snart, since I wasn’t his biggest fan on The Flash.

    • Bwhit says:

      Yep. Snart’s role wasn’t as big last night and I wasn’t as into it as I normally am. I mean when Sara had her parts I was but the show wouldn’t be as good without those two in my opinion.

  28. Erin Lowrie says:

    Always glad when the Originals, TVD, The Flash and Arrow get renewed! A little surprised at TVD, but this season has been better than the last.

  29. Annie says:


  30. Bwhit says:

    This is AMAZING News I’m not even going to list all the shows I’m excited about because it’s a majority of them.

  31. April says:

    I’m in LOVE with The Originals, Arrow, Vampire Diaries. I like the Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow I set me DVR to these shows when they’re not on I’m bored out my mind looking for something to watch.

  32. Frank says:

    Thank you Michael on the CW update. Is there any word about Significant Mother?

  33. Alvaro says:

    So happy for Crazy Ex-girlfriend! Great show!

  34. Phun says:

    Great news! Looking forward to another season of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Since Crazy Ex-Girlfriends received a renewal, I might check it out during the summer.

  35. spacegamejunkie says:

    Woohoo, Supernatural gets a 12 season! Keep on huntin’, Winchesters.

  36. awaywithpixie says:

    I am surprised about Reign, and honestly, The Originals. I was even preparing myself to see the back of TVD. But I am happy all 3 got another chance. Reign either needs to pick up the pace (like go to Scotland), or tie up all its loose ends so we can have a satisfactory resolution.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Totally agree about Reign. I’d love a move to Scotland. It makes sense historically, and with Bash leaving there’s even less for Mary in France. (although Ideally I was hoping for Bash to accompany her to Scotland)

      • Lauren says:

        Didn’t the last one before the hiatus say Mary is going back to Scotland. I’m excited for its return, if only for the costumes, I hope the story lines get better.

        • WingsStef says:

          I haven’t really watched Reign that much the last season and a half. I guess I have time to catch up now though. (I think I might have said this last year too…) Part of season two got weird for me, but I used to really like the show. I should start a rewatch. Ha ha.

    • Carla Krae says:

      TVD and TO have improved Friday’s numbers, so they were fine.

  37. Really happy about Reign,Jane,and semi happy about IZombie,VD,TO.Stunned CEG got renewed.

  38. Why do you publish this with pics of everyone EXCEPT YOUR LONGEST RUNNING SUCCESSFUL SHOW!!! SUPERNATURAL…12 SEASONS… A PICTURE OF DEAN AND SAM would have been more appropriate and shown them and the show THE PROPER RESPECT!! I am so disappointed in TVLine.

  39. kalichka says:

    The 100 lives on!!!

  40. Jared says:

    This renewal news is exactly why I will continue to watch The CW and always seem to give their new shows a chance because I know they won’t be pulled off the schedule or cancelled right away.

  41. Lori says:

    Yay for the 100, Flash, Arrow, Vampire diaries, Supernatural, LOT, Originals, IZombie, even Reign wow.

  42. beccamac says:

    Yes to all of them!! Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow are all shows that I make sure to watch as they air. Happy day!

  43. A fan of TV says:

    Yay for The 100. Maybe next year they’ll flesh their plots out a little better. Too much character assassination to further plot, with not enough logical reasoning, IMO. Has been a bit of a let down even though I’m still wrapped in their ever-expanding world – and I’m not among those angry that Lexa is dead. Her character was a dead woman walking from the moment she abandoned Sky Crew at Mt. Weather, and the actress has a character with a lot more story left to tell on another series, as I see it.

  44. Bill says:

    Happy for all the ones I watch: Jane, Flash, Arrow, Legends, Reign.

  45. Azerty says:

    Excellent news! Arrow is definitely better than last year, Flash is crazy but they need to focus more on Zoom, but according to the previous article about Barry going back in time to lear more from Reverse Flash I know it will be very good. Legends has been nice too, very different from Arrow/Flash. Now to celebrate make another cross over!!!

  46. col1n1995 says:

    Goodbye, Containment ((

  47. Catherine says:

    Yay Crazy Ex Girlfriend!

  48. Lori says:

    Best news a season 4 of The 100. Thank you CW!

  49. Lori says:

    season 4 of The 100. Thank you CW!

  50. Goldenvibefan says:

    So then there’s no room for any of the pilots in production… Dang, was looking forward to Riverdale…

    • JC says:

      Not all of the current shows will get a full season or air between Sept and May. I’m sure they’ll pick up at least 2 of the pilots.

      • Isobel says:

        Yeah significant mother and conviction might cancelled as well, riverdale, frequency and the Mars pilot will get picked up I presume