Once Upon a Time Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Blindspot, NCIS, Once, S.H.I.E.L.D., Bates, Murder, Walking Dead, Americans and More

Will Once Upon a Time‘s heroes stick together? How will Blindspot‘s Jane handle the blast from her past? Is there hope for Walking Dead‘s “Caryl” fans? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any news on how Once Upon a Time‘s Emma feels about Regina actively choosing to stay in the Underworld to help her find Hook? —Amanda
All told, save for Rumple’s bailing on Operation Firebird, you’re going to see among Emma, Regina et al a greater unity than during their Neverland adventure. “We’re a closer unit now,” says Jennifer Morrison. “We’ve been through a lot more at this point, and in coming across these people in the Underworld, we’ve returned to the situation of being heroes that can help. So whereas in Storybrooke we were helping return happy endings, we’re now helping people overcome their unfinished business, so there are callbacks to what we saw in Seasons 1 and 2.”

What is the story with Once Upon a Time’s Hades and Hook? –Emily
“Theyyyyy… are very much aware of each other,” Colin O’Donoghue allowed, when I asked about Hook’s dynamic with the Underworld overlord. “And that’s about all I can say! But they definitely are aware of each other.”

Please, I’ll take anything on Blindspot! —Shawna
Now that Jane has put the brakes on a romance with Weller, she’ll find herself more and more intrigued by Oscar, especially given their loaded history — and series creator Martin Gero isn’t ruling out a rekindling of their relationship. “They have an intense bond, just by virtue of the fact that he knows all the stuff that she desperately wants to know,” he tells us. “Even Kurt, who recognizes her as Taylor Shaw — he hasn’t known her since he was five. And here is this person that knows her, knows what she was like, knows what she did. You can’t help but be drawn toward someone like that.”

Please tell me that Jane the Virgin‘s Rogelio and Michael will continue their epic bromance! They have the best relationship on the show. —Tara
Not only is the bromance rekindled, but Rogelio “takes the reins” of Michael’s bachelor party in an upcoming episode, executive producer Jennie Urman reveals. “You can imagine it’s maybe not the night that Michael and his buddies had in mind.”

Has there been any news on who has been cast as NCIS’ Tess? Seeing that she is to appear in Michael Weatherly’s last episode, time is running out. –Amber
This is where I remind you that “TVLine keeps no secrets,” meaning we will of course trumpet from the mountaintops any casting of a new series regular on TV’s most watched drama. But as of Tuesday afternoon, “We’re neck deep in [casting Tess] at the moment, and I’m thrilled by the number of actresses who have expressed interest,” showrunner Gary Glasberg told me. “We’re just trying to find the right person, the right mix.” As for the male agent that is also being added in time for Season 14, “He will be younger — late-20s, something like that,” Glasberg shared.

Any news on if Scottie Thompson is coming back before NCIS‘ May finale? –John
That would get the gossip mill churning as to the impetus for Michael Weatherly’s exit storyline. But all Glasberg would say on the topic of another Jeanne sighting is: “We’re talking about it.”

I am excited to be americans-season-4-philip-elizabethwriting in for the first time! Do you have any intel on the new season of The Americans? March 16 can’t come soon enough! –Amy
Season 4 finds the Jennings’ entire way of life in jeopardy as they decide what to do about Pastor Tim, and as usual, Philip and Elizabeth are not in agreement. Meanwhile, Stan and Philip fight, Elizabeth has a major scare and Nina reconnects with [Spoiler]. Also, remember Henry, the Jennings’ neglected son? He’s had (another) growth spurt and is now eyeballing the ladies!

I will take anything you’ve got on How to Get Away With Murder! – Denise
Expect next week’s Season 2 finale to look and feel “very different than anything we’ve done before,” showrunner Pete Nowalk teases. “The finale is very character-revealing, and it’s slower-paced in a way that I find cool and different. But it ends in a way that people will want to see what happens next season.” If that description sends your inner spinning cheerleader into a freefall, you’ll be relieved to hear that the closer (entitled “Anna Mae”) also contains something quite familiar. “There will be a dead body,” Nowalk adds. “But know that I don’t want to do anything you’ll expect.”

Please, Matt, find me some good scoop on Bates Motel. That season premiere left me wanting much, much more! —Adriana
The subject of Norma’s hilariously ill-conceived marriage proposal to Romero comes up again in Monday’s episode — but it’s Romero who broaches it. Twist!

Anything on The Walking Dead? —Jeremy
Rumor has it there’s a Carol/Daryl moment in this Sunday’s episode that “Caryl” shippers will quite like.

What can Gotham fans expect from the Bruce/Selina relationship? –Catherine
Though Selina is a “freelancer” who “doesn’t like any commitments — she’s like a cat in that respect” — Camren Bicondova says that her agile alter ego “does allow Bruce to come into her life a bit more, and in a different way than she would have in Season 1. You’ll see a different aspect of their relationship that shows the audience that Selina Kyle has some input into what Bruce Wayne eventually becomes, which I think is really cool.”

I’ll take any scoop you have on Legends of Tomorrow! –Ross
When I visited the cast on set, Caity Lotz was quite stoked for viewers to see a “totally cool, giant swordfight” that takes place on or around Episode 10. As for tonight’s episode, which takes us to the 1950s for a couple of weeks, Brandon Routh promised “nothing crazy” fashion-wise for the men, outside of “three-piece suits with vests and bowties.”

I have a question about how promotion works for a TV show. Why would a network not have leads for certain shows do interviews or any kind of promotion? Could it be because of geography, for a show that doesn’t shoot in L.A.? Is it due to cost? Is it possible it’s because the actors don’t want to? Or are there other factors that go into those decisions? Thanks for any light you can shine on that process. –Lori
Among the possible reasons you suggest, you may notice that the longer in the tooth a series gets, the less often its first-tier leads will do PR. (I know specifically of one network drama where after the first couple of seasons, the leads declared, “We did the heavy lifting for the show’s launch. We’re done now.” Not helping matters was that one of those actors got blindsided by some verboten personal questions during one interview.) I’ve also heard talk that the lead on no-longer-new series set a limit of three (3) total interviews going into this season. On the flipside, you see pros like Thomas Gibson regularly promoting Criminal Minds, even 11 seasons in. It’s definitely a mixed bag out there.

Any scoop for AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Spinoffeither S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Lance Hunter or Bobbi Morse? —Wheaton
The kicker of the next episode uncorks a twist that promises a showcase for the couple, as the ABC makes the most of them before the Marvel’s Most Wanted spinoff possibly steals them away. “We hope that one day they may have their own show,” says EP Jeffrey Bell, “but while they’re on S.H.I.E.L.D., we want to take advantage of who they are and give the audience as much of their relationship with one another and with other people as possible, to make that really satisfying. We are aware that there is a potential imminent end, but they won’t be neglected [in the meantime].”

Any hints as to who the traitor is on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? –Susan
Indeed, in next week’s episode a traitor is revealed to be compromising Coulson’s agenda. Though the more pertinent question may be not “Who?” but “Why?”

Any spoilers for Jake and Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? —Kate
Even though she’s hiding behind more and bigger desks, expectant Melissa Fumero is on track to appear in the season finale. “Unless she’s in a hospital right now giving birth, she’s finishing out the season,” series boss Mike Schur told us this week. In fact, as Fumero enters the final stretch, “[The writers] came up with an incredibly funny and smart way to deal with her pregnancy, visually. As a person who watches TV professionally and is acutely aware of the thousands of ways that people have invented to hide pregnancies, I think you’ll appreciate its particular specificity.”

Will Patty Spivot ever return to The Flash? –Merilyn
Quite possibly, though that seems a bit less likely now that Shantel Van Santen’s USA Network pilot, Shooter, has been ordered to series. But in a best-case scenario, “We have not seen the last of Patty,” exec producer Andrew Kreisberg told me at the time of her send-off. “We very consciously did not kill her.”

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  1. Daya says:

    I think some of us like to watch Tom’s interviews just because he never smiles on CM and watching Dharma & Greg (where he _does_ smile) gets old after a while.

    • Angela says:

      It is interesting to see how different Thomas is from his character on CM, yeah, when you watch interviews or blooopers or whatever. Heck, the entire cast seems like quite the goofy, funny bunch, which is amusing considering the dark nature of the show they work on. But of course, working on a show like that, it makes sense that after a while everyone would want to find a way to keep things light on set.

      • Daya says:

        I know funeral home staff keep it light–depending on where you work, anyway!

        • Angela says:

          I can imagine, and I certainly don’t blame them! I know some people in those kinds of jobs, as well as those in law enforcement, can sometimes develop that “gallows humor”-some of the absurd things they see, you’d have to find the humor in it somewhere.

  2. Marie says:

    I think Lincoln is the traitor. I have this gut feeling.

    • jr. says:

      What’s happening with the NBC series, You Me And The Apocalypse? I really think it is a very good show. Have heard no hype about it all. Is it doing well in the ratings? Will there be a second season? Rob Lowe is a priest in this show, while being on The Grinder too!

    • Bwhit says:

      I was thinking that too! Daisy would have some MAJOR trust issues if it happened again, so for the sake of her not being fooled by a guy she let in, I hope not.

  3. Chet says:

    I miss OUAT. Let me know when The Hook Show is over.

  4. Vari says:

    Regina is helping to find someone from their team and family, and how important he is to Emma. And as we saw even more stay for the fact to help other souls (that she sent here lol) and the clocked ticked coz a soul left.

    Now i want to know the Hades and Hook backstory if there is one…

  5. John NYC says:

    “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”?

    Have her going undercover with a ‘fake” pregnancy! The squad can let go with all those jokes the actors have been saving up….

  6. darkangel200 says:

    Hoping Gary Glasburg keeps talking about Scottie Thompson returning. I love how she and Michael Weatherly make the screen melt whenever they’re together, and hope to see her again in some capacity, even if it’s just for some better closure with Tony. That kind of chemistry shouldn’t be wasted.

    • Agreed. And she and Michael Weatherly look like they have such a great time when she guest-stars – he truly seems to enjoy working with her.

    • Darlene says:

      Me, too! Those two have great chemistry and the actors give us such honest moments concerning the internal conflict both characters are experiencing.

    • as524 says:

      Agreed….would love to see Scottie back.

      Really wish that Glasberg would just shut up though and do his job well rather than incite so much conflict within the show’s online base.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Sorry (?), but I have a column to fill, and the whole idea here is to get reader questions answered.

        • Lizzie says:

          And it’s well filled, as usual ;) I expect NCIS will try to keep Tony’s exit as secret as possible and I’m okay with that as long as it’s not death. And I’m really intrigued with the idea of Jeanne/Scottie returning, I still think there’s great chemistry there and the possibility of a redemptive arc there. I hope Tony gets to stay in law enforcement…and maybe Jeanne could open a clinic nearby.

        • as524 says:

          Understood & agree…
          But GG likes to poke & say things that will never happen. Looking back on his ‘teases’ most of them are just that. & all that does is make the unhappy part of the fanbase come out with their real IDs & all their sock accounts.

    • Maria says:

      Rule #5…you don’t waste good.

    • BJG1977 says:

      Couldn’t agree more. The chemistry between MW & ST is amazing. I’m hoping somehow they make Tony & Jeanne end up together!!!

    • Mags says:

      I think they are toxic together. They make each other miserable.

      • BJG1977 says:

        I believe it’s because they refuse to admit they still love each other. When they were together it was hot, passionate.

      • Annette says:

        I agree, their relationship was toxic. Plus Jeanne only knew DiNardo, not DiNozzo. What kind of relationship built on lies & mistrust would that have been?

        • justafan says:

          I believe Jeanne is the only one who actually “knew” the real Tony. He may have been undercover, but he wasn’t hiding behind any masks.
          Whenever Tony let the “real Tony” out around the team, they got upset, whined because he was making them look bad, and in ziva’ case, she told him that he was just the clown and needed to stay that way.
          Plus, all the supposed twu wuv scenes between T&z, were undercover. So really, there’s no difference.

    • Annette says:

      Never saw the appeal of Tony & Jeanne. Jeanne always came off as kinda selfish & proved that when she had Tony arrested for murdering her father. Tony chose the team over Jeanne & moved on with his life. The very life that went to Somalia cause he thought Ziva was dead. Turned out she was alive & he couldn’t live without Ziva.

      • justafan says:

        Ziva accused him of murder too. Why is her accusation acceptable?
        Tony and Jeanne were not toxic. They truly loved each other, still do.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Better get that Carol/Daryl scene in there for the shippers now because I don’t think one of them will be with us next season. Just speculation. Personally I was kinda hoping the Caryl thingy would just die considering she clearly hooked up with Tobin last week, LOL!!!

  8. PaisleyPark says:

    That question about leads not doing interviews….screams Sleepy Hollow. Tom and Nicole are M.I.A when it comes to PR for that show. It’s just the craziest thing!

    • Lexi says:

      You would think with their ratings they would be out there interviewing. The network should say we pay you a lot if money and your ratings suck so get out there and help save the show that pays your bills. Sometimes egos destroy a show ala Almost Human

      • PaisleyPark says:

        The thing is, neither Tom or Nicole seem like they have that type of ego. At the same time, however, you never know with actors/actresses and what goes on behind the scenes. Regardless, it makes no sense why they never do the PR for the show, but instead we always see the supporting cast rambling away. Lol.

    • Cobra says:

      Actually, it screams Elementary.

    • murley says:

      The both go to Comic Con and I have seen and read interviews with both of them including one with Tom Mison on this site pretty recently so this seems like an odd statement.

      • PaisleyPark says:

        It’s really not an odd statement. Tom and Nicole haven’t done an interview in ages! The last event that I recall them going to was some Con event like a month before Season 3 started…that was back in Sept. They are never in the spotlight when it comes to promoting Sleepy Hollow. It’s ALWAYS the “B” characters. Always.

  9. Maryann says:

    I absolutely do not care for Lance Hunter or Bobbi Morse. I just hope their spinoff does not replace the excellent Agent Carter. In the meantime, the less we see of them on Agents of SHIELD the better.

    • John NYC says:

      OTOH I like them well enough but can’t see anything special about them in a standalone show. Let alone compared to the uniqueness of Agent Carter.

    • regs16 says:

      i thought i was alone! i like hunter without bobbi but cant see a whole show based on them. the super hero movies/shows are getting to be a bit much and they are flooding the market

    • ndixit says:

      I agree. I just don’t see myself being interested in a show based on those two.

  10. Mak says:

    Wow!! how many murders are these characters going to get away with on HTGAWM. I’m guessing Philip is going to kill one of the main characters my guess is either Frank with him being on the redemption road and all…or it could be Micheala. Could this Dead Body be linked to the Blind item??

    • Angela says:

      I was thinking that, too, about the blind item-I know a lot of people have been suggesting that show as a possible option.
      Thing is, though, the season finale for that show is next week, and that blind item came out this week. That’s not to say it couldn’t be connected to the show, of course, but that’d be an awfully short heads up if it were. Usually those items come out at least a month before the event in question, if not earlier.
      (That does make me wonder now, though, what the shortest time span between a blind item and its reveal has been on here.)

    • Rachel says:

      I was actually thinking that HTGAWM will go against type and have someone die naturally, like Annalise’s mother. Isn’t she supposed to show up again this season?

  11. Gail says:

    No Bermuda shorts on Captain Cold, The Atom, or Firestorm? What a shame.

  12. SassyAF28 says:

    why is pointless patty returning like no ew

  13. Mak says:

    Thanks Matt for all the juicy scoop!

  14. Mike Felix says:

    Love your article any information on renewal of penn teller fool us and fox show lucifer which I think is clever and well written

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TVLine’s hand-carved Renewal Scorecard is linked atop every TVLine webernet page in vivid yellow.

      • Andrea says:

        Great question, Lori! Matt, as a follow up: Can (or Do) networks stipulate such things in contract language? (i.e. As a lead, you will be required to do a minimum of X number of promo events during every year the show airs.” (First run, that is, not syndication).

  15. Vince says:

    So does that mean Patty comes back to be killed?

  16. lariet50 says:

    Where did the traitor thing come from on Agents of SHIELD? I must have missed something.

  17. Annette says:

    I thought there was closure between Tony & Jeanne with the last episode & Tony clearly has moved on with that line ‘If I could turn back time, I’d go back to when we left South Sudan, cause we were in a better place’.

    Having said that, the network and show did tease us TIVA fans for 8 years & we’re still waiting for the ultimate payoff, Tony and Ziva reunited for good. 😊

    • John NYC says:

      Her response and his visible reaction to that shifted things.

      They’ve not resolved things, far rom it by that scene. I admit to being surprised the writers went there.

      But she is an available actress.

    • as524 says:

      Tiva = fanon pairing that will (hopefully) only live i fanfic

  18. Mags says:

    Please no more Jeanne. We already had one two many episodes with her this season. Saviors was a really nice ending for them, and her second visit ruined it. I don’t want to sewer her again. She will always hold that guilt over Tony’s head.

  19. Denny says:

    I guess that Regina being the one who really want to get over her past as a murderer, is the perfect choice for saving all those people, while Emma can focus just on Hook for once. I think it’s time, after all Regina has done as Evil Queen, to put everything behind. I just hope that her beautiful reunion with her dad, it’s not gonna be the last of her redemption. We can never be sure with the writers.

    And now I’m really interested in what Ades and Hook are doing. Beside the torture.

  20. Jeanne says:

    If Tony loved Jeanne he would have gone looking for her instead of Ziva. There was no doubt in Israel they love each other. She just needed time to heal. Tony needs Ziva not Jeanne. Jeanne is married now and they had good closure in Saviors, and no need to bring her back in Loose Cannons to make him feel guilty all over again. Enough with forcing Jeanne. They need to get over the bitterness and egos and do what’s right and bring Ziva back for Tony to leave with.

    • ndixit says:

      Well, the writers and even MW have stated that Jeanne is Tony’s OTL.

      • Mags says:

        Michael actually said he thought Tony and Ziva were endgame. The funny thing about Michael is, he says all kinds of crazy things. But in the end it’s not his call.

    • MaxiP says:

      There was NO closure. They almost kissed right before he left. Go back and watch it! There was never the chemistry between Tony and Ziva as there is between Tony and Jeanne.

      • Annette says:

        LOL! Go back to watch the final scene between Tony & Ziva! Now that was a kiss and chemistry!

        • justafan says:

          The big kiss off! Right before ziva rejected Tony – again. Right before she told him she wanted to change, not for him, for Gibbs.
          And they say romance is dead.

  21. HAP says:

    A bit of trivia about Melissa Fumero. Her birth name is Gallo. She met David Fumero when they were both acting on One Life To Live. They married in 2007 and she took his last name professionally.

  22. Jeanne says:

    Just because the actress is available doesn’t mean they need to bring her back for Tony. She’s married, and she just makes him feel guilty. He never looked for Jeanne in nine years so that doesn’t say a lot of love to me. The writer Scott Williams said Michael will have input so we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • John NYC says:

      Not “need” per se, but actor availability is a critical component absent a recast. There’s Zack from Bones, bringing that character back, as much many fans would prefer given a lot of comments, is probably vastly more complex to impossible as the portrayer has seemingly retired from the profession….

      Just a lot easier to write for an actor who shows up. IMHO.

  23. Cas says:

    No-one cares about Patty! LOL! I was hoping for an actual spoiler. Guess this is a way of delivering Flash info but not really because yeah right! That’s the question at the tip of our tongues when will that random chick return?

    What the heck is going on with the man in the mask? That’s the real question.

  24. CactusRose says:

    I really enjoy reading your scoops! However, when a loud video ad pops up in the middle screaming about some stupid insurance, it is very annoying. It’s bad enough there are ads all over the site causing it to take longer than usual to load. Now VIDEOS are popping up in the middle of reading??? Please stop!

    • Kim R says:

      I wish I knew how to stop all the ads and videos. This is the only site I visit for my TV news and it is also the only site that has so much going on it stops working. It never used to be this way. :(

  25. Jonathan says:

    I think it’s important to bring Cote dePablo’s character on NCIS as Michael Weatherly prepares to leave. Those two were dynamic and it would be awesome to have them reunited and ride off into the sunset together.

    • John NYC says:

      No, not even a little bit. She had her ending, done years back. This is Michael’s/Tony’s ending to be explored.

    • Annette says:

      Oh, that would be amazing to see Tony & Ziva reunited! Just like when Carol & Doug reunited on ER or when Sara & Grissom reunited on CSI! 😊

      • Starfyre says:

        Why can’t MW’s exit just be about Tony? Personally, I don’t think that a certain loud and extremely obnoxious vocal fan minority should get rewarded for their social media rotten behavior. I would like to see Tony exit with a smile on his face as he goes to head up his own team in Hawaii. No romance necessary.

  26. Jenna says:

    Is it possible that Cote De Pablo will be in Micheal’s final episodes or is that a route the writers are unwilling to take? I know a lot of fans myself included would love to see her back for Micheal’s final episodes

  27. Jane says:

    No Patty, no, please. Thank you, but no. BARF. She dragged the shown down along with the awful Legends take over.

    • Thank you, I don’t understand what they think is so appealing about her character. She really did literally make me quit the show. I returned once I read she had departed. She is not needed they need to concentrate on the 2 under utilized females they have already. When Patti is around all the female screen time (if there is a quota) seems to be spent on her and she is quite the boring character IMO.

  28. “NCIS”:
    Two new characters (Tess and 20something) and both sound like agents. If they’d add 2 new agents where would they fit the 5th person or could Gibbs have a new created position within the agency and Tess (who already sounds a LOT like Gibbs) takes over as team lead?

    So glad Scottie Thompson as Jeanne may possibly be appearing again before Tony ends his time on Team Gibbs. I’m a fan of indefinite maybe’s. :-)

  29. Grace says:

    #NCIS I would like to see Cote back for Tony’s departure. …I was very upset when she left but got over it ..I don’t care for Bishop. But that being said I still love the show. Kate and Ziva were the best girl actors along side Tony.

  30. betsypaige says:

    Rumple DID give the hero-crites the potion. He gave them the means to communicate with Hook and now it’s up to them. Without Rumple, they’d be up *****creek without a paddle as my father would say

  31. Jim says:

    Got a question about Legends of Tomorrow. Is there any chance that Chronos is Mick Rory (Heatwave)?

  32. Coralie Bornais says:

    When will Michael Weatherly’s last episode be aired?

  33. Mel says:

    I wann ziva back for tonys departure please.

  34. Why is Glasberg still pursuing a romantic storyline between Tony and Jeanne,her SL ended eight years ago when Tony rejected her, is this Glasberg way of telling all of Cotes fans that she will not be appearing in the final episode or any other episode leading up to Michaels departure from the show.

    • as524 says:

      Cote shouldn’t even be in consideration to appear in any of the eps leading up to MW’s goodbye.

      This is about MW & Tony, not a useless character who was written off a few years ago & fans who have made the online area of this fandom hell

  35. Jen says:

    I really hate the whole Tony/Jeanne ending. Not because I want Tiva and not because I think they don’t have chemistry but because it would make Tony the guy that broke up a marriage as his final act on the show. If they wanted to bring Jeanne back why did she have to be married and to a guy that seems kind of nice and understanding. Tony is just coming of like a douch giving her the cow eyes and messing up her life. They have some bug up their butt about bring Cote back, fine egos were bruised they can’t get past it so they bring back the other love of his life, this is also fine but just NOT married.

  36. lara says:

    I really hope Patty returns.

  37. Brandon says:

    Wait…what is all this talk about a traitor in SHIELD? Was that addressed on the show at all, or is it something that’ll be introduced in next week’s ep?

  38. Well the moment Patti returns to Flash and starts monopolizing all the screen time again will be when I stop watching again! Not a fan at all of her!

  39. Kim R says:

    My wish for Tony’s character on NCIS is for him to leave, accepting to lead his own team but in doing so it enables him to reconnect with Ziva. She’s the one he’s not gotten over. They don’t need the actress to come back or to appear but just to leave us with knowing he’s not going to be alone & his service to the country has been rewarded. I think that would be true to the character of Anthony DiNozzo.

    • BJG1977 says:

      What proof is there that Tony’s never gotten over Ziva? In recent episodes it appears that he’s never gotten over Jeanne.

      • Kim R says:

        In my opinion, Tony has had more of a struggle getting over the guilt of Jeanne. Their entire relationship was rooted in a lie and she is now married to a good man. For me, I would like them to have Tony leave with honor and true to his character. Whether or not that involves Ziva is secondary.

    • Annette says:

      Let’s not forget that Tony still has Ziva’s necklace!

      • justafan says:

        Does he? Last time we saw it or it was even mentioned was Tony shoving it in his drawer as he was leaving with another woman.
        Ziva fish appears to have vanished as well.

  40. vino says:

    TWD: Carol and Daryl? Should never be. She looks to old for him terrible couples match. Why does anyone want to see that?

  41. BJG1977 says:

    I recall Ziva accusing Tony of murder because he was jealous & throwing him to the ground & pulling a gun on him.

    Tony’s never admitted to love Ziva but had to Jeanne. & like you said he didn’t go to Somolia to rescue Ziva because he thought she was dead he went to stop a terrorist.

  42. BJG1977 says:

    I believe that the way Tony DeNardo treated Jeanne is the same way Tony DiNozzo would treat a woman he was in love with. The only difference was his name & occupation. Not much else was a lie.

  43. Cheryl Gress says:

    I want Cote back in the flesh as Ziva for Michael/Tony’s exit. If not then I am done with this show.

  44. The best ending for Tony/Michael would be for Cote to return as Ziva. CBS and NCIS show runners teased us with TIVA and they need to deliver it otherwise , like others have said I will be done with the show and with pretty much with CBS.

  45. Do not want Jeanne back. My family and I want Ziva back in the flesh.

  46. Marie Hixon says:

    Time for CBS to make this right. Bring Cote back as Ziva for Tony’s last episodes.

  47. Eleanor Shea says:

    Jeanne was a bitter cup of tea. Ziva was sassy and smooth. Ziva is the way better match for Tony. CBS should do what ever it takes to have Cote back as Ziva for Tony’s last episodes.

  48. Tony and Ziva together is long over due. The show runners and network saw the great chemistry that Weatherly and de Pablo have and used it to get the ratings. Well guess what it is time to deliver! Yes I agree bring Cote back on set as Ziva for Tony and Michael’s last episodes and do it right.