Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: 'Major' Surgery

Road trip! In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith, Jackson, Callie, Bailey and Jo were recruited by a Col. Miller to visit Bauer Medical, a military hospital, and throw a Hail Mary pass to save the life of a veteran with a monster of a tumor. There was just one problem (well, besides the tumor, obviously).

Though Owen had forewarned the Grey Sloan docs to be on their best behavior, no one had given the same instruction to the patient’s regular oncologist, Major Will Thorpe (Scott Elrod, late of The Young and the Restless). Mind you, it was hard to blame him for being pissed: Not only hadn’t he gotten the memo that outsiders were being brought in, he also wasn’t in the slightest inclined to let “the dream team” use poor Sgt. Carson as “a guinea pig.”

“We are miracle workers,” Callie bragged-slash-assured. But were she and her colleagues able to do the impossible for Will’s patient, especially after only one (horrific-looking) run-through of the surgery? Did anyone notice that Will was the handsomest TV major since Steve Trevor? And what was going on back at Grey Sloan while the Fab Five were away? Read on and find out!

‘YOUR WORK BETTER BE AS GOOD AS YOUR TALK’ | After that inauspicious introduction to Will — during which it looked like Jackson was just about ready to take the conflict outside — things cooled off a bit. During the group’s consultation with Carson, Will warned that, sick as he was, if he rolled the dice on Callie’s procedure, “We could lose you on the table tonight.” On the other hand, if Carson went with Will’s plan of aggressive chemo, he could get a coupla good years. Given those options, Carson chose to take the chance of living a full life that Callie’s treatment offered.

Prepping for the surgery, Jackson found himself the object of a great deal of attention from Capt. Vaughan, who was so interested in him — sorry, in his WORK — that she’d even googled him. “Could she flirt any harder?” Jo marveled, adding that Jackson had been flirting right back. When he protested that he hadn’t said anything even remotely flirtatious, Wilson just gestured at his face and bod, and hilariously explained, “All of this is a flirt.”

Before going into surgery, Baily insisted on praying with her team. Mer wasn’t feeling it, though. “Callie, how long do we stand here doing this?” she asked.  But they needed all the help they could get. Almost from the start, Callie seemed off her game. Sure, she was able to joke with Jo about how Jackson couldn’t help but flirt, cute as he is. Yet she was clearly intimidated by the miracle that she had promised to work. And, just as Will was admitting that Mer’s work impressed him, Callie called her away and confessed, “I don’t think I can do this.” Grey’s helpful response? “Well, you better do something.”

While Callie stepped out to try to think of a way to attach the one leg she was leaving Carson with to the middle of his body as planned when she didn’t have enough body to attach it to — yes, the surgery was that insane! — Will got angry again, calling the patient just “a one-night stand for” Mer and the others. However, after a pep talk from Mer, Callie came up with… well, it was already a Hail Mary of a surgery, so an Our Father? Anyway, she came up with a daring plan to complete the operation and save Carson. “Avery,” she barked, “let’s go see a leg about a femur!” (Now there’s a line you don’t hear on every TV show!) And when they were done, it appeared to be a success. “Told ya,” said Callie. “It’s a miracle.”

‘IT’S GETTING A LITTLE OLD’ | Meanwhile, back at Grey Sloan, a group of injured cheerleaders drove Penny and Stephanie so crazy that they considered intubating them just to shut them up. One of the girls even got so stressed out that she coded. So Stephanie used her past as a cheer captain to convince the girls to rally behind their teammate. Maggie hid Andrew in an on-call room post-tryst in order to keep their romance a secret from Nathan, one of the few doctors left who didn’t already know. What if she became known as the doctor who’d dated the pretty boy, and it all went south? she asked. Who would take her seriously, then? Alex was sick of hearing about it. But “I’m a very serious person!” Maggie insisted. Later, when she was complaining about how silly the cheerleaders were, Alex pointed out that she was being just as immature by keeping her relationship with Andrew on the DL. So, at the end of the hour, Maggie revealed her and Andrew’s coupledom to Nathan so hilariously awkwardly that Arizona quipped, “That was hard to watch.”

‘THE TIME FOR PULLING BONE-HEADED STUNTS IS LONG PAST’ | Ben took it upon himself to perform emergency surgery in the psych ward (!) when a patient crashed. By the time Spencer got Richard there, Ben was slicing into the man using — good God! — a sharp piece of clipboard. Upon making it to the OR, Richard tore Ben a new one. “You did not show skill today,” he said, “you showed bravado.” And bravado in a hospital can be damned dangerous. When Bailey got wind of what happened, the chief chewed out her husband, too. “The man was dying!” Ben argued. “You got lucky,” Bailey shot back. Still, she was only suspending him for three days.

‘I’D LIKE TO FOLLOW UP WITH YOU’ | As “All Eyez on Me” drew to a close, Will tried to flirt with Mer in hopes of seeing her again. And, after initially blowing him off, she had a change of heart and gave him her cell number. “Shut up,” she pleaded to her friends as they all left Bauer. “It was nothing.” But, as we all know, it was… major. (Couldn’t resist.)

OK, your turn! What did you think of the episode? Do you like Thorpe as a potential love interest for Meredith? Hit the comments!

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  1. Al says:

    Good for Mer moving on with her life

  2. Coast Ash says:

    A poor episode indeed! A little character development except for the final scene…and soooo many many cheerleaders…It was one solid hour though…didn’t bore me at all….

  3. NM says:

    Two years in the Grey’s-universe or not, a season without Mer dating after losing the love of her life would have been respectful to not just fans, but her character.

    • Brenda says:

      Amen NM

    • Ashly says:

      I get where you’re coming from, but I kind of like the way it was handled. She didn’t even recognize that he was flirting with her and then she went back to give him her number. It was cute awkward. He’s not gonna be anybody special, but he’ll get the ball rolling for her again.

      • NM says:

        I’m not necessarily complaining about the way it was handled. You’re right about it being “cute-awkward” and I am all for her character progression and development. However, it’s been about 20 episodes since Derek died for fans. It might be a different season, but the number of episodes adding up are not. The time jump may have been about 18-24 months, but for fans it’s not. This season she was still grieving for Derek and the 200th episode (the dinner party) only provided evidence of that. I want Meredith to move on and find love again, but is one season that hard for her character? Shonda is all about showing that women are strong and do not need men to define them. If this were a season finale then this would have been a good ball to start rolling as it would have provided a good start to the next season with many questions for Meredith. However, I just think it’s just a tad disrespectful for her character and her children.

        • Coconuts says:

          Shonda is all about women being strong but Shonda is also about going down to lady town. Merediths lady town is a ghost town :)

      • Hoshi says:

        I believe she’s going through the motions, which I am ok with. As long as I don’t get a forced out of no where crazy thing like Penny and Callie. I’d like to see Meredith dating in a comedic sort of way but no epic romances please. I would not believe in it.

        • NM says:

          Okay, that I suppose is something that could suffice. I get that going through the motions whether you’re a widow/widower is part of the progress after a loss. I just think that some time to develop as a woman with a career, a mother, a sister, a friend, and whatever else could be put in there could have been the focus. I get that it took place in season eleven when Derek was in DC, however, Derek was still alive then. Derek is now dead and it’s a different kind of development. I just think the motions could have taken place within the last few episodes of season 12 if anything or next season where the journey for her character could have been getting back into the dating scene.

    • Priyam says:

      I get where you’re coming from, Mer-Der were real, but people still move on in a real life scenario. She doesn’t have Cristina, her only person is Alex, and she has three kids with no personal life except the hospital. Its about time she has some fun. And its not about creating a couple to ship, its just what Meredith needs to move forward, sort of a rebound.

      • Jamie Wojo says:

        I think she needs someone to lighten her up. This dark twisty Mer is bringing me down. I want to see her smile. She rarely does anymore. Personally I’m looking forward to this!

    • You know – it’s not easy being alone. Two years is a long time in anyone’s universe. I like this new guy and pegged it as soon as he walked into the scene that he was going to be interested in Mer – but remember all she did is give him her number. You have no idea where this will go next or how long it will take to get there.

  4. Joey says:

    I was one of the few staunch Jo supporters, but after the previews for next week I’m so done. She’s become such a one note character, and the whole engagement story line is painfully boring at this point.

    • NM says:

      Jo has become one of *those* characters where they don’t know what to do with her anymore. If I was Alex, I’d have broken up with her if “not right now” was her answer. If she’s not at that stage in their relationship after 3-4 years of being together, then she’s never going to get there. Alex deserves so much better than someone who is playing with his feelings.

      • Linzy says:

        NM, that was my thought as well! If “not right now” is all you can come up with after 3-4 years of dating someone, then when will be the right time?! To me, Jo and April are the most selfish characters on this show and they can both take a hike

        • NM says:

          Linzy, I wouldn’t compare Jo and April together as they’re totally different characters with different scenarios and I can’t even remember a time they’ve been on screen together. But you’re right about Jo. This entire season she’s just been making everything about her. Her friends, her job, her co-workers and now her boyfriend. If next week doesn’t seal the deal for her and Alex to spilt and for Jo to pull an Erica Hahn and walk to the car park and never seen again, I can’t think of how this character can be redeemed.

  5. BetsyBoo says:

    Major Thorpe was majorly hot. Clearly the love child of Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson.

  6. RK says:

    Last week’s episode set the groundwork for Mer to start moving on – she can be alone but she doesn’t want to be. If Yang were around then she would have her person but without Derek or Christina? Fans need to accept that it’s been 2 years in Shondaland timezone since Derek died and that Meredith needs to explore her options. Actually, I think it could lead to some funny, bittersweet moments which is what we love to watch. Hopefully at the same time Alex and Jo will implode because of her insecurity and inability to commit. I’m hoping Alex witnesses that little scene in next week’s preview and tells Jo to back off of his bestie. Once Alex is truly available and Mer is over dating experiments they might have a chance at something. I’ve been watching reruns of early episodes and they have always been there for each other, so I’m all for them progressing into something more.

    • Binali says:

      Or Alex will grow a backbone and tell Metedith to lay off his girlfriend…who he still wants to MARRY. Jo doesn’t have a fear of commitment she has a fear of playing second fiddle to Meredith Grey for the rest of her life.

      • Jamie Wojo says:

        I have to agree on this one. I don’t want to see Mer and Alex together. They need to remain friends, but yea i can see where Jo is coming from because there’s no way i would want my husband to act the way Alex has been acting over Mer. Yes Jo is insecure but dang, look how Mer treats her! Mer has been a total bitch to her. She’s never ever given Jo any slack and why? Is SHE jealous of her and Alex? Hmmm

      • Anna says:

        Or Jo will grow a backbone and tell Meredith herself. For all this talk about how tough a person she is, it’s a bit pathetic that she expects her boyfriend to fight her battles for her.

  7. bigdede says:

    Everyone goes on and on about Meredith and Derek but I like that Meredith is starting over what I need is closure on Alex and Izzie. Shonda needs to get off her high horse, suck it up and bring that girl back. I just detest Penny. I hate her so much.

    • Jamie Wojo says:

      Oh God, me too..Penny is the worst. Why is she even on the show? I hate her face!

    • Anna says:

      I’m always so confused when people say this. Alex and Izzie did have closure. Shonda brought her back like 10 episodes after she left Alex, and after they talked about her health and their relationship, he told her to leave him alone because he deserved to be treated better than someone who would just walk out on him after all they’d been through. And so she left. Boom, closure.

  8. Luli says:

    Is Major Thorpe coming back? Or was this a one ep thing??? Cause I want him back!

  9. Eck says:

    It was so nice to have an episode with very little April in it. I wish that they would give characters like Alex, Callie and Arizona proper storylines and rest some of the others which have featured prominently this season (ugh April especially).

    The Maggie/De Luca storyline is so tiresome – it feels like Mark and Lexie all over again but not as natural. I have grown on Maggie and the awkward revelation to Nathan was funny but it seems like she is acting like a 20 year old instead of a senior surgeon.

    If Jo doesn’t leave this season I will be very surprised. They seem to be making her really whiny and stubborn for no good reason. Mer was so rude to her outside the van (no idea why) and it kinda seems like none of the attendings take her seriously but isn’t she a 5th year resident now (if you include the time jump from Derek’s death and Meredith’s accident) so should be near enough doing solo surgeries etc. Same with Stephanie. Heck when Callie and Bailey were 5th year residents they were pretty much running their own services!

    I did like the Penny/Steph part with the cheerleaders though I do want Penny to bugger off even if only to clear the path for a Callie/Arizona reunion. A girl can hope :)

  10. EM says:

    I’m fine with Mer dating. She’s not necessarily looking, she didn’t even know he was flirting, but is open to the idea. I doubt we will see Will again. I suspect they will have one bad date off screen and she’ll tell her friends about it over surgery. As in he went running for the hills when she mentioned she has three small children or that he lives with his mother or something.

  11. Babs says:

    Thorpe looked too young for Meredith.

  12. Jamie Wojo says:

    Omg i hope like hell Mer DOES get involved with Will because, well he’s freaking gorgeous.. Way way better looking than Derrick! Actually i think he’s too good looking for Mer. She’s just not that pretty anymore. I guess her age is catching up with her? Her face seems wider and that scar or winkle on her mouth is more prominent making her look older than she is as well as that haircut. She needs to grow it out and lighten it a little. She’s still pretty, but she’s dark and twisty again and i don’t think she’s Wills type. Hopefully if they start dating he will be able to bring some fun sweetness out of her. She’s gotten hateful lately which is understandable but i would like to see her happy.
    Seems like lately the show has been more about other cast members and less about her, i hope they start focusing more on her and Alex, Richard and Miranda and less on the unoriginal cast. I also read an article recently that Wilmar Valderama is joining the show as a re occuring cast member. Smh.. Not into thats at all. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what he brings to the show but I just can’t picture him as a part of the team. I love Grey’s and I’ve seen every episode several times and still watch it on Lifetime every single day faithfully and on Hulu when there’s nothing else on. I don’t know where the show is going, its gone in so many unexpected directions, but lately it just seems all bad. I truly hope something good is coming soon. I would love to see more of Will that’s for sure. I hope he’s signed on for a good while. That show needs some good looking men. The last beautiful man was Eric Dane and that seems like forever ago!!

  13. Sissy says:

    Ok, I’ll admit it…I have a major crush on the Major. Please bring him back and let Mer have some fun, geesh she doesn’t have to marry him!

  14. jules says:

    I don’t think we need to feel that Mer will be rushed into a relationship- unless she’s being written out. Maybe by the end of S12 Mer will be actually dating. Remember all the trouble Callie, Arizona and Pierce had getting into the dating scene?

  15. Eran says:

    I am all in favour of Meredith dating or at the very least, starting to test the waters again. It makes perfect sense plot and timing-wise. That being said, based on his debut performance, I sincerely hope it is not with this guy who, for me, at least based on this one episode, has demonstrated all the acting depth and range of a bad CW pilot that didn’t make it to series.
    I trust Shonda but am not in the least bit impressed with the casting, so far. Oh well, let’s see what the coming weeks bring.

  16. robandco says:

    She’s back! At last! And it’s a handsome one.
    That surgery was very impressive, and crazy. And the cheerleaders were soooooo annoying!!

  17. ldylkngb says:

    Love that Meridith met someone, AND that he is as HOT as McDreamy! We def need a new name for Scott Elrod or ” Will” Hell yes, it’s time for her to move on, and he’s just the guy!

  18. Tina says:

    Wasn’t anyone else disturbed about the ridiculous far fetched surgery of putting a leg in the center of the human body?? Seriously? It was as disturbing as “The Human Centipede” movie!! How could anyone EVER walk or even go to the bathroom with a leg in the center?? At least just removing the leg leaves a space to attach a prosthetic leg or something … But in the center??? The medical consultants need to be fired!! Anyone with even a small sense of human physics should find this disturbing. And then they acted all happy like a leg in the center of the human body is a good thing!! YUCK! YUCK! Gross Episode!!

    • IR says:

      I read through this whole comment section looking for a comment on the surgery. Thank you Tina. Is that type of surgery even possible? Is this something that has been done in real life? Because it just looked very odd. I couldn’t imagine how the patient could walk. Never even thought about the elimination system. I found it very puzzling, disturbing. I have been trying to google to determine if that is possible, but no luck turning up anything on that.