Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf Finale Recap: Dogs of War

As promised, Tuesday’s Teen Wolf season finale put an end to Sebastian’s Mason’s the Beast’s reign of terror in Beacon Hills. And it’s all thanks to… Allison?

That’s right, friends, Scott’s first love — who has actually had a remarkable presence this season, despite being dead — came through for him once again during his final battle with the Beast. Allow Stiles to clarify:

In the tunnels, when Sebastian had his hands around Scott’s throat, the guy probably didn’t even know what he was doing. His claws got into Scott’s neck. He was going to kill him. Then he stopped and said a name: Marie Jean. … He saw Allison. … It gave Scott a chance to break free. She saved him. Allison saved his life.

Even after all the dramatic, friendship-centric speeches Stiles has delivered over the years, that one hit me right in the blood-pumper. And now that we’ve sorted that out, let’s check in with the rest of Scott’s pack:

* First thing’s first: Mason lives! A well-timed (and very loud) scream from Lydia helped the wayward chimera remember who he really is. (And that little moment between Mason and Corey? Adorable.)

* With an assist from Kira and the skinwalkers, Theo was treated to an unexpected family reunion with his sister. (Think less picnics with matching t-shirts and more Drag Me to Hell.)

* After years of urging Stiles not to get involved with police business, Sheriff Stilinski finally told him, “Welcome to your future career in law enforcement.” (“Officer Stiles” has a nice ring to it, no?)

* Despite everything Malia went through in the finale — including defeating the Desert Wolf alongside Braeden, who could really use some target practice — the were-coyote seemed relatively carefree as she entered Beacon Hills High at the end of the hour. Then again, after the life she’s lived, it would take more than a homicidal parent to ruin her day.

Teen Wolf Recap* An injured Hayden turned down a trip to the hospital, opting instead for a bite from Scott. (Don’t even lie, you totally got choked up during her yellow-eyed reunion with Liam atop Mt. Green Screen.)

* After (briefly) returning to Beacon Hills, Kira made a U-turn and rejoined her skinwalker sisters in the desert. She’ll be there for “as long as it takes,” and if you think you’re alone in worrying about Arden Cho’s attendance in Season 6, you’re not.

And then there was that final shot of something emerging from the Dread Doctors’ laboratory. (Spoiler alert: It was the Nazi werewolf we learned about a few weeks ago, showrunner Jeff Davis confirmed to TVLine, and he’s going to be a big part of Season 6.)

Your thoughts on Teen Wolf‘s Season 5 finale? Hopes for Season 6? Drop ’em all in a comment below after grading this week’s episode.

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  1. i hope Kira / Arden Cho doesn’t come back
    wasn’t a fan of her acting, character, or fight choreography

    did i miss what happened to hayden’s sister? or did they not show it
    though that whole scene looked weird imo

  2. Sara says:

    It just never made sense that deucalion would hate Scott…he didn’t leave hating Scott. I always had in the back of my mind that Scott knew he was there. And there was no way that argent would turn against Scott. I’m glad Theo is freaking gone!…for now. Could not stand that sociopath. Things got wrapped up pretty nicely. No more dread doctors or dumb best.

  3. jrex says:

    Honestly I found that to be the best, most satisfying season finale in a long time. The good guys survived and the bad guys got their just desserts. And the various plot threads were all mostly resolved, including the Deucalion mystery.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      It was an awesome episode and I very much enjoyed this season as well. But I don’t think it really resolved the Deucalion mystery, as you put it. We knew from earlier seasons Deucalion is still able to see with his alpha eyes, and they hinted that Scott knew about Deucalion being around this season. I knew from like the moment they captured Deucalion that it was only a matter of time before things went very wrong for the Chimeras. He’s an Alpha, times like three or more, plus a whole pack of Betas, all in one. Next to the beast, he’s by far the most powerful werewolf on the show so far, plus his character is very intelligent and well thought out. I’m really hoping he has a good storyline next season. And can they give him the dread doctors’ cane ? Haha. He always has one for his blind “act” anyway.

    • Mealias says:

      Is Deucalion dead? Because that would be kind off jerky for Scott to just leave him after defeating the beast, when he helped Scott get Theo out of the way …

    • Tyra says:

      I totally agree that this was an amazing season finale, I liked how Theo’s sister dragged him to hell, I predicted she would come back somehow.

      As soon as Deucalion was brought into this season I predicted he would be on Scott’s side. The thing I don’t understand is how Deucalion now has normal eyes, I wonder whose he took or maybe Scott gave him them but not his own. I can’t wait for Derek to be back on the show

  4. Alfredo Losoya says:

    I’m a big fan of the season..the ending was ok..I honestly a big fan of Scott’s the true alpha! But really wish they do more with him in season 6 especially showing more of his power’s and how tuff him can be. Overall still love the series and hope they have more to come!

  5. Gio says:

    I thought it was awesome how Deucalion was on Scott’s side the whole time!! And it was great to have them show Allison as the savior of Scott’s life. But I continue to be disappointed at the lack of Scott’s ‘True Alpha’ powers…seems like he has never really showed any true power. Does anyone else remeber back in the season of the deadpool when he’s about to kill an assassin and he slowly transforming into a crazy looking beast??? I was expecting that from him this season!!
    And can someone explain to me where this Nazi soldier Alpha came from??? I thought the soldier was Sebastian who drank water from the wolfs par print???

  6. Zachary Frey says:

    First off, just wanted to say your account creation interface for this site is awful. Took me 5 tries to get it to accept my FB account for login, and I only kept trying because of how disappointed I am with this finale, & I thought I’d share why with people who actually watch the show.

    Now… This season has been all over the place. The more seasons we get into, the farther this TV show drifts away from actually being a Werewolf TV show. Season 1 & 2 were fantastic! The Kanima plot in S2 was very well played out, and Colton Haynes perfected the role. What happened to him, anyway? I know IRL he had moved shows, but.. on Teen Wolf we got 1 line talking about him “moving” and he has never been referenced again, nor were we able to enjoy his amazing acting skills & story with Jackson (not even a flashback). Anyways, I’ve watched this show since S1E1 premier and I was hooked. As the seasons progressed, I started to feel like this show was losing it’s main concept. The werewolves. It started to feel like they were just super heroes, and it’s gotten to the point where the wolves feel like they’re out of place in the show. Yeah, it’s that bad… What made this show awesome was the brotherly-kin bond the wolves (Scott, Derek, Peter, etc) shared with each other, despite their trust issues. It was them against the hunters, and it brought them together when they had doubts. It felt like Game of Thrones, in a way. After Jackson persuaded Derek to give him the bite after he got his new found powers, the Kanima thing was pretty neat. But.. only to a certain extent. The creator of this show took S2’s success with the Kanima and took it to a whole new level, no, a whole new planet. Now we have like, what.. 10+ different super naturals? Let me try to name them all… Kanima, Werewolf, Kitsune, Werecoyote, Banshee, That electric thing, That invisible dude, Whatever Hayden is supposed to be, Hellhound, Wendigo, Werecat (this one is just stupid), That scorpion guy from early S5, Skinwalker, Chimeras, those animal bone dudes from S4.. dang dude I could probably think of more if I tried hard enough. See what I mean? Why couldnt it just stick to Werewolves and hunters? Why ruin the show by turning it into a really poorly written At least then we would actually know what the heck is going on. Also, has Scott and his friends just stopped going to school entirely? Like, there’s hardly ANY school scenes, or even lacrosse games. S1 & 2 had so many of them, now we get practically nothing. When the heck is this show going to go back to the way it was, or is it too far gone? Werewolves aren’t even cool anymore. This show puts them to a really low level on the awesomeness-scale. Now I wished I had just watched the Twilight series over this show.. at least then I wouldn’t think werewolves as spidermans/batmans. Scott and his group aren’t anywhere close to being dark. I mean, come on.. they’re freakin werewolves! Scott is true alpha, yes.. blah blah (a really terrible one may I add.. he fights like he is ashs pikachu on pokemon! he loses fights to his own beta? and hes a TRUE alpha? LOL!). I still don’t think his entire group should be the police task force of the super natural. None of them, other than Malia, has a desire to kill to protect herself/friends. (who isn’t even a cool character, may I add); They all act like it’s the end of the world if 1 civilian ( or bad guy ) gets killed by someone/thing. Gotta save everyone, guys! Even the people who tried to kill US! Also, the Allison flashbacks & guest appearance really toyed with my heart, MTV. That wasnt even funny. I love Teen Wolf always have, but the show is terrible I’m afraid. Only thing keeping me watching every week is to hopefully see Peter or Derek ( who both were listed as reoccurring in the cast, but haven’t made a single appearance in S5 at all. Braden didnt even mention Derek and they were ‘close’ wtf?) What even happened to PEter? He got locked up inside Eichen House end of S4, and we havent even seen him ONCE this season! There were endless episodes taking place in Eichen house, and we didnt even get a glimpse or a conversation? Wasnt he locked up with 3-eyes? Where did he get moved to during that time period? I’m just waiting to see what happens next for S6. Watch, next thing theyre gunna do is the freakin underworld and we’re going to see Hades and some skeleton/demons/gargoyles/whatever else the writer decides to put in because this isnt a show about werewolves anymore. I’m totally joking, but I bet it’ll happen. They’re running out of ideas! Hopefully we get Derek and Peter back. Without them this show just feels like a fairy tale. PEACE!

    • Tasha says:

      You are so right! You have summed up all of my feelings for the show. Things are all over the place. The main characters are not main characters anymore. I love the show, a die heart fan but I agree with you totally.

  7. stevens says:

    i knew there was something wrong with the pic of the beast and the hellhound fighting,i thought parish had to get bigger but it was the beast had to be his size…i love TEEN WOLF!May there always be villains to fight..and where the hell is Derek,Ethan,Erick…anyways,may season 6 be bigger,better,badder and more of Kira and Scott/Hayden and Liam…May the Teen Wolf haters loose their sense of sight and hearing because if you hate this show then i really do not know what you like..INTENSE!

  8. So, basically I just want Derek Hale back next season.

  9. Ryan says:

    I just want to know what happened to Deucalion… He’s a demon wolf but might of died from a single shot?

  10. Kortni says:

    I am trying to figure out how Stiles doesn’t feel any pain after having a huge shard of glass in his chest? He acted like nothing happened to him.

  11. Tricia says:

    Teen wolf 2.0? This doesn’t sound like good news. Let’s be honest, there is NO show without Scott, Stiles, and Lydia! Please please please, I beg you do not phase them out as lead roles. I don’t think anyone cares that they wouldn’t be “teens” anymore. This show is and always will be about them!

    This season was pretty disappointing. “To hell and back” implies so many things, none of which we saw happen. There used to be such an intensity to the show. It seems now there are too many characters and too many loosely developed story lines/characters to allow for intensity anymore. It’s become shallow. Cut the extra crap and get back to how things used to be!

    As an example, this season paralleled 3B well, where the best friend of the werewolf is possessed by something. Dylan O’Brien did an amazing job with character development and especially the depth of the contrast from his usual character. He was amazing but he was also given that opportunity through writing. Finding out mason was the beast did absolutely nothing for me emotionally. And comparing the seen where he’s freed of the beast to stiles being freed…. It’s laughable. I could watch stiles being freed in 3B over and over – it’s that damn good. Mason being freed was like “huh, okay guess that’s resolved..” Please, get back to the roots of this show! Bring back the depth.

    I have always loved this show though despite the recent disappointments. hope you guys come back with a bang next season.

    • Tania says:

      YES! I’m super disappointed in the last 2 seasons after season 4, it all went downhill. They make all these extra characters so dramatic and don’t phase out the originals appropriately. They just have them disappear! We NEED DEREK back and where the hell is Kate?!
      It’s way too much extra crap and trying to build up these extra mediocre characters. The kids the last 2 seasons are very mediocre actors, nothing like the original season 1-3B cast. Where’s Isaac, The other twin Ethan, Peter, Derek, Kate?!
      It’s RIDICULOUS and annoying. These new kids suck. The finale was way too fast and condensed and the final and important moments that we all waited for were over in 10 seconds without any emotion whatsoever.
      The producer has lost it. He has drifted way too far, introduced too many irrelevant characters, built up Scott to a True Alpha but has him get his ass kicked at every turn.
      This is gravely disappointing and a lot of people are gonna turn away from Teen Wolf now. They already have.

  12. spu says:

    The episode was good but I feel nothing major happened apart from destroying the beast. I thought we would see Marrish or Stydia or even Stalia happening.
    And I really hope Kira will be back. I can’t deal with another new love interest for Scott. Speaking of which I miss Allison! Not saying Scallison or Scira but I just miss allison. She was an amazing character. I also liked Malia and Lydia’s friendship. Whichever way Stiles goes(I hope Stydia) they should remain friends. And thank God Theo’s dead. I mean sure he was good looking and he had his moments but he just got annoying towards the end. And why was Corey hiding there? It was kinda creepy he just hides everywhere. Im glad Mason is coming back next season and that Hayden is now officially in Scott’s pack. So yay! for that. And lastly, I loved the last scene, Scott Stiles and Lydia sitting at the table only the remaining original cast. Does that have any significance though?

  13. alex says:

    I Want Season 6 !!!!

  14. Blake edwards says:

    Only thing i hate about teen wolf is they tease the true alpa as one of the most mythical and powerful werewolfs and then tease scots transformation against that tactical assaisn group only to not allow him to transform. I personally like all the beasts in the show it be awesome to have scotts beast on the good side showing its true alpha power.

  15. Zach says:

    Man I have to say, this wrapped things up nicely, but why are there so much deus ex machina? Oh, the legendary spear that can kill the beast? Been sitting in an Argent armory. Why do we have it and not shown it before now? Eh, because. I fell in love with this show with its deep mythos that it kept up to date and doesnt counter act. Probably the best tv show other then Supernatural about obeying the laws of their “world”. But know it feels like the writers are looking for excuse and reasons to skirt and circumvent those same laws that felt like the supernatural creatures bible in early seasons. Its fun to see more creatures, but not if those creatures are just werewolf knocks. A werecoyote? That does the exact same thing as a werewolf? all the time? Even reacts to the same arcane plants the same way? Why isnt she just a werewolf then? Kate Argents werejaguar was interesting, but coyotes are just boring now. I defiantly think they need to stop introducing new supernatural creatures, and just work on developing the creatures they have.

    Also, where is Scotts true alpha power? He is arguably no stronger then when he was a beta. And his beta is possibly as strong as him. He has a pack (even though some of them are non wolves) Shouldnt he be able to go toe to toe with some creatures? And this crazy insistence of zero killing, he is a werewolf. And self defense is more then okay. Whats up man?

    • ScottJ says:

      You’re wrong about the spear (actually it was a pike). The Surgeon / Marcel had the cane all along, and used it for walking in most of his appearances. He still had it at the end of the previous episode. After the Beast dealt to the Doctors, old Argent picked it up. We didn’t see that, but he was holding it in the car and Marcel told Sebastian that Argent had taken it.

  16. Ella says:

    I thought this finale was mediocre at best. The fact that Stiles and Malia were in the same room and barely said a word to each other broke my heart. So much wasted potential there for a useless unrequited love storyline that should have been dead and buried.

  17. Ashraf says:

    So in the end what happened to the beast and mason cause I have not watchedit

  18. t boy says:

    I want allison to come back. And kira should go pls

  19. Abs says:

    I enjoyed this season! And the finale. I just hope next season doesn’t have quite so many plot threads…it got way too complicated at times. And although we ultimately found out Deucalion was on Scott’s side. What was his purpose to the plot?

  20. Chona says:

    I love this show since from the beginning and until now specially when kira arrived i like her and scott very much they have a very good chemistry….. hope kira will still be in season 6 still together with scotty…..pleaseeeeee……thanks….

  21. Tyler says:

    👎So Scott still hasn’t fully transformed and Parish hasn’t fully shifted either and they are gone to introduce more characters in season 6. Deucalion had a short appearance and then gone. Scott said he was not planning on not killing anyone but still ain’t catch no bodies yet.

  22. Kathryn says:

    Bring Allison back and Scott and Allison get back together

  23. Kim says:

    I am still mad you got rid of the other Tyler !!!!!!! He was sooooo fine lol

  24. ocelot says:


  25. Daniel says:

    I really love Teen Wolf……but i miss having the other twin, jackson, isaac,kate,derek,peter,and most especially allison….. And why isnt scott transforming…..he(scott) hardly change…his true alfa is just for fun…..no extra strenght… anybody who stands against him brings him down…and he calls himself true alpha…am sorry….my best actor so far as been stiles…funny guy…i hope the next season would be more challenging coz its starting to bore me..kira’s role is just so booring….expecting more from the writer…i love liams courage and strength…..why are there lot of new characters…pls develop the ones you have…I LOVE TEEN WOLF pls make it more romantic, full of suspence.

  26. bilal says:

    wow at last scott was once save by his ex gf i couldn’t say but i am happy dat d beast is gone and also that lunatic doctor at echian house that made a hole in lydia’s head it will be more intresting if scott can also give the bite to his friend

  27. Austine says:

    The season was great except i would like scott’s true alpha abilities to be unique that is different from other alphas like his transformation, strenght, speed. It will be more interesting if scott were to transform into an actual wolf(white colour). Its a great movie

  28. rennie_amoh says:

    someone should shut michael lee Kirk because i love kira a lot and i want she and derek back on the show…teen wolf should never end….am begging ,i really love the way it ended buh am craving for more

  29. prosoee says:

    Is the season 7and 8 if Teen Wolf coming?

  30. prosper says:

    Is the season 7 and 8 of Teen Wolf coming and when is it coming