Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Plan 'A'

Charlotte’s killer was finally revealed on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars — or so the girls want their stalker to believe.

“Stealing that security drive wasn’t because Aria was on it, it’s because I’m on it,” Hanna told Spencer after revealing that she stabbed Ali’s sister with a candlestick before throwing her off the bell tower. “I murdered Charlotte.”

But as you probably guessed halfway through #HannasConfession, taking the fall for Charlotte’s murder was merely part of Hanna’s plan to catch the stalker who’s been demanding the killer’s name. And as you’re probably predicting, purely because this is PLL we’re talking about, that plan is bound to blow up spectacularly in the Liars’ collective face. I guess we’ll find out during next Tuesday’s big finale!

Elsewhere this week…

A VISIT FROM MOM | We’ve been hearing a lot about PLL‘s upcoming identical twin reveal, and I’m pretty sure it happened this week. After an “accidental” fall sent Alison to the hospital (that’s what you get for planning your afternoon around reading!), the fifth Liar was visited by the ghost of her mother. Or was it a ghost? Fans have been speculating for years that Mrs. DiLaurentis has a twin in town, and this week’s visit certainly supports that theory.

BOOK SQUIRMS | Are Liam and Aria officially dunzo? Not only is Aria staying in Rosewood to work on the book with Ezra, but Liam has asked for some “distance” from the project. Personally, I’d be OK with that; Liam and Aria’s relationship was barely established this season.

Odds and Ends:

* It was nice of Lucas to offer Hanna her own design company in his soon-to-be-renovated factory, but did anyone else detect a layer of creepiness ‘neath his proposal?

* To be fair, Elliott also gave off a creepy vibe this week, no? Has this show just ruined my sense of trust?

* And what did Sara mean when she told Mona she was going to be “lonely”?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Do you agree that Ali’s mom is the character with a twin? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Riana says:

    Eliot has to be the killer. It’s the only way to get Ali and Emily together.

    • Josh says:

      LOL I wouldn’t be Surprised

      • Beetch says:

        Duh! Who else could have pushed Ali down the stairs if it wasn’t Eliot ? He was just there behind her and he was the one bringing the flowers with the creepy card too no?

        • Shann says:

          My thoughts exactly! I mean he pushed her down the steps duh. He probably got close to Charlotte in radley and promised to avenge her or something. But then again this is pretty little liars and that’s too much like right lol… Ali’s brother probably did it.

          • Inc says:

            I agree. I also think it’s Eliot. Mainly because I’m still with the theory of Wren being behind this. They’re both doctors, either wren has plastic surgery/craniofacial to look like eliot or they’re some how related.

  2. nadialus says:

    Hannah put herself on the line for her friends safety and all Spencer did was mope and glare at her. Also, I love Mona, she deserves better.

  3. Coconuts says:

    I’ll be the first to say it! HALEB! Finally some touching. This season had me thirsty. The stupid look on Spencer’s face was priceless. That’s what she gets for dating her best friend’s ex boyfriend. Go find Toby.

    • Shann says:

      Hm, in real life people really DO move on from their exes. Sometimes to people they already know. But Hannah is engaged let’s not forget that! Caleb should have popped Hannah’s little wandering hand for sticking it in Spencer’s jar of man goodies. #SPALEB

      • Coconuts says:

        Caleb was Hannah’s first love and vice versa. Trust me Spencer has no jar of anyone’s man goodies. If Hannah says jump you better believe Caleb will ask how high! Hannah isn’t getting married to anyone while Caleb is around. She definitely made that clear :)

  4. lauri5567 says:

    I’ll buy Alison’s mother has the twin. Also, I have no idea how A could have planned Alison’s accident – the odds are so impossible
    I didn’t know if Liam asked for the distance of the editor did it to push Aria and Ezra back together to get a book done.

  5. Stacy says:

    I really liked Hanna standing up for Mona. I miss their friendship. I like Lucas, but I do got a creepy vibe from him. I didn’t really feel that vibe from Elliot though. I am not much of a shipper for this show but I enjoyed seeing Hanna and Caleb working together, they just have more chemistry than Caleb and Spencer imo. I also really liked Ezria these past few episodes and I have never liked them this much before. Can’t wait for the finale!!

  6. Ingmar says:

    Lucas could just be very kind and supportive, but he came across really creepy with his comments (finally able to give her something noone else can, etc), so I don’t trust him. Thank you PLL. Same goes with Elliott. He could have planted the card in the flowers and he could have caused the accident. Plus he acts kind of weird. Thank you PLL..again! I don’t trust anybody on the show, except for the main 4 liars and most of the parents, lol.

    Mrs D as the twin…could be true, but maybe we’re supposed to think that. Wouldn’t it be too obvious?

    I also don’t want to rule out Wren as a surprise big A. We knew he was in contact with Charlotte, so maybe they build up a certain connection in that time?

    • Shann says:

      Let’s not pretend that Lucas hasn’t always been a creep. He just has money now so it’s even creepier! Lol but seriously. He probably has secrets dealing with throwing money around but that’s it.

  7. spu says:

    I didn’t like this episode. It threatened #Spaleb!

  8. Mk says:

    All of those three couples ending up together isn’t realistic. Although I really don’t know what is on the show. I’m routing for spencer and Caleb now. In the beginning I wasn’t a fan, but people change. They grow up and they grow apart. Honestly I like what they did. If any couple were to get back together I think it should be aria and Ezra. Let Hanna and Toby move on. As for who the twin is. Idk. Although I don’t trust ally’s husband. He could’ve pushed her. Planted the card. He’s a doctor so maybe he found his way to Emily’s clinic and stole her eggs. Don’t clinics make you talk to people before they allow any of that to make sure you know what you are doing. Otherwise ally saw her mothers ghost. That could actually be real. The twin. I was hoping one of the girls had a twin though. I feel like that would be the most epic ending if one of them wasn’t that innocent.

  9. Jaime says:

    I think that the one with the twin is Hanna. It’s been in the cards for years and it would make sense – maybe Hanna was drunk and thinks she doesn’t remember doing it. That’s why the security tape was missing – she was in it (or the twin)

  10. Courtney Anne says:

    I will have my tea ready for this finale. Hopefully Shower Harvey is killed, nothing against Dre Davis but Sara’s character is ridiculously irrelevant. I’ve never been a fan of Mona but honestly I miss how her character used to be relevant!

    Lucas doesn’t creep me out. Seeing Hanna happy is something he’s always strived for. Plus he basically owned up to everything he did in the first 4 seasons to then help the Liars out in Season 5 when they suspected Alison of being A. I think he is a good dude.

    I don’t want Dr. Rollins to be evil. He’s too new to the show, like come on. He seems genuine which to most PLL fans and probably every Emison shipper equals EVIL! I do like Emison but I can’t ever see them together, like at all. To me it doesn’t work. I just need Ezria and Spoby. My love for Haleb has died out, I don’t know why either. It’s odd because they were my OTP for over 4 years.

    Please let Jason come back! I’ll take him, good or bad. Just bring him back!!