Pretty Little Liars Boss: Season Finale Leads to 'Biggest Reveal of All' — Plus: Which Rosewood Resident Has a Twin?

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars fans will be seeing double before Season 6 comes to a close, series mastermind Marlene King has confirmed.

While responding to burning fan questions on Twitter late Friday night, King addressed the buzz surrounding a Rosewood resident’s secret twin, confirming that we “will see the twin in the next few episodes.” (Keep in mind, there are only two episodes left in Season 6.)

Scroll down to read King’s tweets — including a few from earlier this week — for yourself:

So… Any theories about which character has a carbon copy of himself (or herself) waiting in the wings? The obvious guess would be Alison — she has a twin in Sara Shepard’s book series, upon which the Freeform drama is based — but let’s be honest: This is Pretty Little Liars. It could be literally anyone. (Even Maya.)

Go through your mental rolodex of Rosewood residents, then drop a comment with your best guess(es) below.

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