Quantico Season 1 Spoilers Raina NImah

Quantico EP Teases Another NAT's Absence From Future Storyline

As the back half of Quantico‘s freshman season progresses, it looks like another one of Alex’s colleagues is preparing to pull away from her classmates — possibly for good.

Executive producer Joshua Safran tells TVLine that some point in the future, one of the characters played by Yasmine Al Massri will no longer be part of the action.

“I will tell you right now, only one of the twins is in the future storyline,” he says.

There was a palpable distance between the Amin sisters in the drama’s midseason premiere, which aired Sunday and which found Raina — the more religiously observant of the pair played by Yasmine Al Massri — getting through to Miranda’s son Charlie about his kidnapping… but also hiding her subsequent communication with alleged terrorists from her sister.

The hour also played coy with the fate of  Caleb, who — like Raina — was in the FBI command center when the second bomb went off. (Safran has said that Graham Rogers’ character will be absent from the future storyline for a while.)

The EP was quick to clarify re: the twins, “It’s not that one of them is necessarily dead.” So if you’re compiling your own bomber database, enter that nugget in, then hit the comments: Which one of the Amin sisters do you think will stick around in Quantico‘s future storyline?

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  1. Bigdede says:

    These writers make the dumbest decisions. The twins are needed. It’s fun seeing the contrast between the two. The writers also completely dropped the pseudo love triangle between the twins and Simon. They didn’t mention what happened to Caleb which made no sense. So we’re supposed to believe Shelby or Caleb’s mom wouldn’t mention him? The Ryan/Alex romance really makes no sense. Ryan’s ex tells Alex Ryan loves her so she runs off to be with Liam? But that whole last episode Alex wanted to see and talk to Ryan.

  2. FBI Top Agent says:

    According to my investigation Ryan Booth is definitely the bomber/terrorist.
    How about if I tell eight things about Ryan Booth and if any of them are false I will tell you whatever you want to know! :-
    Clue 1# The first thing that was showed in the first episode when Alex was lying unconscious at the Grand Central was her Hindu bracelet which was gifted to her by Ryan Booth.That bracelet is the symbol of Ryan Booth.
    Clue 2# Ryan Booth is the only trainee who is following Alex Parrish since her flight to Quantico,and so he knows about Alex Parrish more than any other trainee at Quantico.
    Clue 3# Ryan Booth didn`t attended the trainees oath taking ceremony,and arrived at its end,which means that he`s not sincere with his job.
    Clue 4# Ryan Booth was the last person who visited Alex`s apartment,when she found herself lying unconscious at the Grand Central.
    Clue 5# At Sink and Swim Challenge in episode 3,Alex left the swimming pool with a scar on her finger which left few drops of her blood in the pool`s handle.Ryan Booth was seen followed after her.It means that he collected the blood sample of Alex from there.
    Clue 6# At episode 10,Simon left the Grand Central blueprints in his bag in the bathroom and went for bath.Ryan Booth was also present in the bathroom,and when Simon arrived Ryan gave him towel to cover his body.Ryan Booth stole Simon`s Grand Central blueprints from his bag in his absence.
    Clue 7# At episode 11,the woman who met Alex in the New Year`s party was not Ryan`s girlfriend.She approached Alex first in the party,how she identified Alex even she had never met her before? She was Ryan Booth`s evil partner who came there to justify Ryan in front of Alex.
    Clue 8# Before joining FBI,Ryan Booth was a soldier in army.It means that he has the physical capability to plant heavy bombs unlike other trainees at Quantico.
    Plus I also belong to Indian/Pakistani origins like Alex Parrish and that`s why I`m so genius!

    • Amy says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s Ryan too!

    • Shonda says:

      Clue #1 never happened.

    • Alexia says:

      I think it’s Ryan too! #1 is not correct because Alex had her bracelet before she met Ryan, and I don’t know about #7 either. Some clues to add: he is conveniently shot each time a bomb goes off, seems like the perfect alibi to combat any suspicions. And he was the last person in Alex’s apartment before she got the phone call from the terrorist. when he got to the apartment he kind of looked around the general area the phone was planted, when she turned away he could have quickly planted it. And if I recall, the bomber said something like I knew that you would retract your statement, Ryan was the last person to talk to her to try and convince her to change her opinion about Elias. He knew that with their history and the fact that she still has feelings for him, she would listen to him. Just some of my observations! I can’t think of a motive though, maybe it had something to do with the Chicago thing and her dad? Since he can’t take revenge on him, she’s the next best thing.

    • Alexia says:

      Also, I really hope the actual FBI isn’t this incompetent and doesn’t give up that easily on cases. 3 months is enough time to think that there is no possible way someone else could be behind the attacks other than Elias when 2 bombs have already gone off????