Once Upon a Time Neal Returns

Once Upon a Time: Was Neal's (Brief) Return Worth the (Long) Wait?

Considering the lengths Once Upon a Time went to, to get Michael Raymond-James back as Neal Cassidy, did the ABC series wind up getting the most bang for its Bug?

That hot topic erupted 30 seconds into Season 5’s winter premiere, when Emma — having passed out on the boat ride to the Underworld — found her subconscious visited by her first love. The framework for dearly departed Neal’s appearance was that since he had no “unfinished business,” he was not in limbo in the Underworld and thus could not help Emma with her mission to find freshly deceased Hook and save him by splitting and sharing her heart. Rather, he popped up in the back of Emma’s car to advise her not to brave the Underworld, because, among other reasons, it’s not to easy a place to leave.

The burden assigned to the former couple’s two-minute conversation, nearly two years in the waiting, was considerable. Would it pay due respect to the romance they themselves once shared, while not discounting the value of Emma’s resolve to save her new love, Hook? And was Neal even appearing to the proper person from his past? Rewatch the scene here, then let’s break it down….

DID NEAL APPEAR TO THE RIGHT PERSON? | There of course has been some grumbling that Neal could/should have visited son Henry and or father Rumplestiltskin in addition to (or instead of) Emma. But working within the premise that he is not a resident of the Underworld who can simply “make the rounds,” Emma was the most logical choice of the three, primarily because she is the one driving this journey. (If you want to turn a car around, you speak to the driver not a passenger.) There also was the bittersweet irony of Neal selflessly acknowledging Emma’s want to keep her new love alive, despite his warnings. Plus, as I noted on Twitter (triggering more elegant “DELETE THIS” replies than I ever imagined): MRJ and Jennifer Morrison still have mad amounts of chemistry (and yes, an actress can have chemistry with multiple actors. Just ask Vanessa Marcil).

WAS THE SETTING RIGHT? | When I first heard that MRJ was post-taping a scene to get dropped into the winter premiere, I had some concerns about how Neal would be woven into the arc-opening narrative — and in a way that would “explain” the encore’s fleeting nature. Appearing in Emma’s subconscious, and in the car they used to tool around in back in the day, was simply perfect. (I also wondered how they’d work around the fresh bi-level haircut he was sporting at TCA just days before. Answer: knit cap!)

SHOULD ‘SWANFIRE’ FANS FEEL SATISFIED? | I would never (ever) speak on behalf of an entire, passionate fanbase, but as a person who always felt the Emma/Neal romance got short-changed — tell me again, how did the Neverland arc not feed into an epic, series-long triangle?! — I myself believe they made the best of the short reunion. There was the warm exchange about their son Henry, and just as importantly Emma was sure to note, “I would have come after you, too. I didn’t know I could do this.” Small comfort, many will say, but within the rules as established by Neal (“You couldn’t have; I’m not there”, it was an extremely important beat to cover. For fans of Neal, you had to admire his “I figured” moment, where he implicitly (and again, selflessly) acknowledged that Emma had moved on. Add in a sweet forehead kiss and the line that launched 1,000 GIFs — “I love you, Emma. I always have, and I always will” — and you get as satisfying a reunion as one could hope for, within the established storyline.

SHOULD ‘CAPTAINSWAN’ FANS FEEL AT ALL DISSED? | My Twitter mentions suggest that “some” did not appreciate the Underworld/Save Hook arc opening with a Neal/Emma moment.  But those who are able to see the forest for the trees should focus on two tiny but huge words — Emma’s “I can’t” — after Neal for a final time advises her to abort her journey into so dangerous a realm.

ALL TOLD, WAS IT THE BEST TWO-MINUTE ENCORE POSSIBLE? | Involving Neal, somehow, some way, in the Underworld arc was imperative. In fact, they did so twice, including when Henry sought out the key to Room 8. And only having access to Raymond-James for a short window of time, this was a tough nut to crack, given the aforementioned heavy lifting those 120 seconds had to do. Yet amazingly, in that short scene Neal managed to 1) deliver Underworld exposition, 2) check in on Henry, 3) reaffirm his instant and undying love for Emma and 4) revisit the heroic quality he died with, by doing his best to safeguard her against imminent evils. Not bad for a couple of minutes’ work.

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  1. Luis says:

    It was done exactly right – a beloved former character brought in to provide the hero with support and encouragement without impinging on the overall story

  2. Mare says:

    I thought it was awesome but I’ve always loved Neal. He deserved better in the show when he was on. Will never forgive them for what they did with him but at least they wrote him right here.

    • Pamela says:

      I agree. he got tossed off the show like garbage because of the writers succumbing to all the hook shippers.

      • Vari says:

        How about stop blaming Hook and the ppl who like Hook. ALL THE TIME. If you watched clearly – Hook/Colin was already casted and regular before Neal ever was. And set up as Emma’s love interest since the start.

        • Mac says:

          No not from the start

          • kelz says:

            The writers have confirmed in the past that Hook was always written to be in love with Emma. That’s why they started their story the way they did. If for some reason the two actors didn’t work out or have chemistry, they may have changed their story. But as soon as they saw it filmed they turned Colin into a regular before the episode even aired. They may be coming up with the details of love story along the way, but this is trajectory they wanted for these two characters (like it or not).

          • abz says:

            Yeah, didn’t they also say how they wanted to bring Hook on from the very beginning in season 1, but they couldn’t get the rights to the character till the second season?

          • Joey says:

            @kelz: While I’m obviously referring to this story in particular, but it really goes for all stories that showrunners tell. If you ever hear them say, “This was planned from the beginning”, make sure to take it with a grain of salt.

      • kelz says:

        The writers “succumbing” to shippers, that’s just a strange statement. I’m sure they write small scenes to throw bones at shippers sometimes, but they aren’t going to completely change the direction of a character because of a few thousand people online. That statement is just something people say to try to stir up trouble or feel like they need something to blame. Hook or not, I will bet they never would have put her back with Neal. Why doesn’t anyone ever blame the writers for killing Neal in order to have Rumple go bad again? Think about it, that part of the story wouldn’t have happened if Neal were still alive. Sure, they could have made it happen another way but they could have done that with Hook and Emma as well. Neal had no stake or claim on her. You can’t blame just one thing. In the end, the writers wanted the story to go a different way, and I believe MRJ wanted off of the show. Blaming a character or REAL fans of that character for this sort of thing is a troublesome action.

        • T.M. says:

          I do think the rather loud fanbase of those who enjoy Hook do have a bit to do with the amount of his character being on the show. I do not think the romance angle was initially intended but the producers/TPTB were noticing the attention it was getting and may have even pressured the writers to go there for ratings (that first kiss scene felt extremely unearned and I would have realllly liked it to have real build up at that point). That type of pandering isn’t anything new. Sometimes the fans can get a character more screentime (in the case of hook) or get an actor removed from the show (bye, bye Angie). Or in the case of some characters they know a certain ship has a devout following (like say Castiel and Dean from Supernatural) and purposely will edge toward it to get a reaction. I believe that the network would be monitoring social media to see what type of reaction they are getting, and they also have to work within whatever Disney wants. (Which is why I think they have so many random characters from different stories instead of sticking to the main cast they’ve got) I also never believe a word that comes out of anyone that is caught up in promoting things. Of course they want to say this was the plan to begin with. (Just like the Lost writers had a plan… or the Cylons) I’ve given up long ago on consistent characterizations for the characters of OUAT at this point most of them are written to serve a purpose or plot point and the actors are trying their best. How Lana, Ginny, and JMO manage to make this world still feel concrete to me is a testament to their acting. I also think all the characters going into the underworld to get Hook back is that it is the stupidest thing ever. I guess I will always just sit in my corner wishing that the dead would STAY dead on this show. It is turning into a marvel comic where you can’t get invested in the death because you know it won’t stick unless the actor got on a different show.

  3. anon says:

    I think it worked well! I do agree that the Swanfire did deserve more a shot during season 3 but a love triangle would have gotten tedious as well. I do wish Henry had gotten to see his dad but oh well. And the other thing (which I saved for last because I’ll probably get flamed), I do think it showed that Jennifer and MRJ have much more natural, easy chemistry than Jen and Colin do. Just my opinion, I’m not bashing.

  4. Ian says:

    I, indeed too, found it covered every base well and was overall satisfying enough to STILL never be enough, if that makes any sense. No offense to Colin at all, who is half the world’s handsome, but Michael and Jennifer’s chemistry, and the love in this scene… I’ll never be ok with Emma and Neal never getting their happily ever after.

    • Vari says:

      Neal wasnt not her happy ending. She broke her heart in the worst way possible. No way was ever Emma going to let him in again and she didnt even when he was alive!!!

      • Jess says:

        He didn’t break her heart in the worst way possible. She even told him she loved him until the writers decided to set her up with Hook instead for no reason. She forgave him. You’re just being dumb.

        • Mark says:

          Jennifer Morrison herself said that a romance wouldn’t happen because of Neal scarring her emotionally in the past. Still loving him and forgiving him does NOT mean she wanted to take him back romantically, just that they’d stay friends / co-parents to Henry.

  5. Lysh says:

    I ship CS and I’m not mad about Neal at all. He’s a really important character within the roots of the show’s overall storyline, but he was her past and Hook is her future. It was a really nice scene but I was hoping his scene (or more than one scene) would include Rumple.

  6. Mel says:

    I only watched Neal’s scene last night, since I stopped watching after he was killed off- and I loved it. In that short scene you just feel so much love. And thank you for the comment that Swanfire was short-changed. I think Neal deserved so much better than what he got.

  7. Carrolynn says:

    Didn’t appreciate the scene at all, unfortunately. It wasn’t needed. Emma & Neal didn’t have that epic of a romance that’s worth revisiting. They were together as kids…he sent her to jail and when she got out and the curse broke, he still didn’t go after her. I’m not seeing the epic nature of their romance that deserves it being brought up over and over. The closure she got in his death episode was enough and I sort of felt, as a Hook/Emma fan, that it lessened the magnitude of her deciding to go after Hook. I’m invested in Emma’s romance w/Hook so I don’t need this epic quest to get him back kicked off by a romantic scene with her ex. Don’t know what the writers were thinking. Stop trying to please every fanbase, LOL. That being said, I loved the follow up with Emma & Henry about it, I just wish that would have been Henry in that scene instead of Emma and I wish I felt like the mission to save Hook was more about him and less about saving everyone in the Underworld.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      He is Henry’s father. When Emma talked about the love of her life being Killian/Hook, the husband cried out, “What about Neal!” So, there is a fan base that bought into their youthful affection. Personally, the visuals of Hook and Emma together work better, imho. I do expect future episodes to deal with Neal and Henry, light touches here and there.

  8. chasingjenny says:

    I always felt the Emma/Neal romance was never given the time it deserved, I loved them together. I’m happy he went to her instead of Rumple or Henry, but it did make me rather wistful about what could have been.

  9. Becca says:

    What’s with this sudden, breathless deification of Neal? He was never anything but TERRIBLE for Emma. He never put her first, always considered his own wishes above hers, dismissed her pain, mocked her “thing with lies,” and brought her down on a consistent basis. How many times did you ever see Emma smile in his presence? Whenever they were together, she always looked like she was in emotional pain and like she had a massive weight on her. He was a millstone around her neck. His “love” for her was a selfish and destructive one.

    Ever since his death, the show has treated him like a saint and like he and Emma had this wonderful, long, tender romance, which is very far from how it actually was portrayed on the show. Heck, her deepest secret was that she wished he was dead in Neverland! Since I love Emma and care about her happiness, I hate to see the reality of how Neal treated and affected her dismissed and belittled — that’s exactly what he did to her. Even here, he was urging her to give up on love, which is the opposite of the entire premise of love on the show.

    Neal’s scene should have been with Henry or Rumple, who he actually needed closure with. Neal and Emma reached closure in “Quiet Minds.”

    • hannah says:

      huh? he was amazing to emma. he always put her first. the only reason he abandoned her so she could be the savior. he put that above his own happiness. and if you don’t like neal, why are you reading an article about him?

      • Vari says:

        @Hannah – Did you miss the point that he never wanted to see his dad Rumple. And RAN. And also never took the chance to go back to Emma. Time and time again. Watch season 2. He was insensitivity has anything towards her.

      • Carmen says:

        It’s possible to like Neal as a grey character, find his relationship with his father fascinating, and still not like his relationship with Emma. That’s why people can still read an article about him. And whether you like it or not, Neal wasn’t amazing to Emma all the time. Yes, they had a good thing for a short amount of time when they were young, but he also allowed her to go to jail for his crime, never checked in on her when she waited for him in Tallahassee, never checked in on her after he received the postcard (which Jennifer Morrison has even said in an interview was his second betrayal, after his first betrayal which was the setting her up for jail), and then emotionally moved on with Tamara and even had sex with Tamara while he was staying in Storybrooke. If Neal truly loved Emma, he would have put her happiness above his and would have checked in on her in Tallahassee or would have said screw you to August’s jail plan.

        • Stacy says:

          Yes and Hook wanted to kill her whole family. Neals son and all.

          • Carmen says:

            Yes, and Emma turned Hook into a Dark One without his permission, which was what forced him into that situation to begin with. Normal Hook wouldn’t have done that, much like how Normal Emma wouldn’t have wanted to kill Merida or steal Violet’s heart.

  10. vioncina says:

    Emma might have forgiven Neal for what he did to her, but i will never, and i wish people and magazines etc would stop treating him like a hero when in reality he is the reason why emma’s so guarded and doesn’t trust easily. Yeah, their story is SO romantic, i would LOVE for someone to knock my daughter up at 17 and then have her go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit because they’re scared to face their dad. Not to mention he’s still selfish, even when dead. “No unfinished business”? How about, oh, i don’t know, say goodbye to your son who didn’t even know who you were when you died and didn’t get to say goodbye? Neal moved on, i wish this show would move on from him, too.

    • anon says:

      Well, I mean Emma is the character and she DID forgive him so I guess your point is moot. And Snow and Charming seem perfectly fine with letting their daughter date the guy who tried to kill them in the Enchanted Forest along with Cora among various other things that he’s done :)

      • anon says:

        Actually let me word that better because I know some people have a hard time comprehending- the guy who worked with Cora to try to kill the Charmings and the other residents, as well as the various other crimes that he’s committed (including shooting an innocent person for no reason other than disliking her boyfriend)

        • vioncina says:

          Yeah, the guy who always supports her, never lets her down, loves her more than his own life, trades his ship, his home, for her. Never doubts her, actually listens to her wishes, wants to build a future with her, loves her son, cares about her parents. Wow, such a terrible dude!!! Please. He’s her true love, wheter you like it or not, so i guess your point is moot ;)

        • Jay says:

          Totally agree with anon and Stacy. There is nothing haters can say to taint Neal and Emma. My only wish is If she can’t be with Neal I wish they would pair her with someone she has actual chemistry with. Sadly I think those writers are going ship hook and Emma to the grave :(

          And stop trying to make Neal look bad cuz you know Hook has been a villian for forever and his sins are 100x worst.

    • jj says:

      Well fortunately for the fictional character you don’t exist and your forgiveness or lack thereof is irrelevant.

  11. PatriciaLee says:

    Neal can come back with appropriate plotting points for Henry and Rumple, later. In fact, I expect him to do so, now. He’s in a good place, and can give good hints. Cool storytelling, here, keep it up!

  12. Christy says:

    I loved it. I am now totally CaptainSwan but I was definitely a fan of Emma and Neal at one point (Tallahassee was pretty amazing). It was a beautiful ending to 2 characters who will always love each other in a way and share a son. It was enough but not too much as to take away from her plan for Hook.

  13. Audrey says:

    It was perfect in every way, the setting, their words, how they looked at each other… I loved the whole episode, it was really amazing, but this scene was just perfect.
    Thank you for this article, Matt.

  14. Daniel Bass says:

    It was perfect. They payed homage to their first meeting. And the scene took place at an amusement park like the flashback in 3×22.
    I’m glad she told him that she would have gone back and tried to save him if she knew that there was a chance. It was nice to include that so people don’t say that she didn’t care about him and would only go and save Hook.
    I would have liked to see a scene with him and Henry, but it was still nice to see him and see how much love and respect he has for Emma.

    • Vari says:

      Emma did care for Neal. But she never instantly made a choice to get him back – in anyway even before that, And she instantly wanted to go Underworld to save Hook. – Difference And talking about spilitting her heart and getting him back. She was saying all this without knowing Neal had left Underworld. So overall she was all about saving Hook and choosing him and their future and white picket fence life.

      • Daniel Bass says:

        You’re right. But Neal died as a hero and she didn’t want to take that away from him. And also at that point she did love him, but not in a romantic way. And Hook also did in a heroic way, but his act of heroism was undone by Gold and Emma doesn’t want his death to be in vain. That’s why she is so bent on getting him back.

  15. Vari says:

    No not really. But thanks for letting me know he is gone and not in the underworld.
    Never really liked him and the way he is written is so flip flop to how he was alive and how he is death.. major difference,. Its annoying.

  16. jakis says:

    1) The past participle of that kind of “weave” is woven, not weaved. 2) I don’t know if the actors have chemistry in real life, but on screen, Neal and Emma were like anti-chemistry. 3) Once I saw the Vanessa Marcil comment, I knew that Matt WM and I do not have the same taste in chemistry, so it makes perfect sense that he would think Neal and Emma were, like, sizzling or something. I thought the character of Neal was poorly conceived as Emma’s one-true love from the beginning, and then even more poorly written. As the father of her son and Rumpelstiltskin’s son, Neal should have been more important to the story than he ultimately was. I have no doubt that Michael Raymond-James can be a good actor or a good romantic foil in other vehicles, but this was not the right role and it didn’t work AT ALL. Giving him this tiny, awkward cameo was as bad as everything else they’ve done with the character on OUAT. Which is to say — it didn’t work, it made no sense, and it just seemed stupid.

  17. Rob says:

    It’s called Cognitive Dissonance, guys. You can like Emma with Hook at the same time as you can like this scene. Their chemistry is and always was undeniable. I was a big fan of Neal as a character and Neal as a love interest for Emma. I like Hook. I think he’s fine and he’s an interesting character for Emma to be with. But fans of this show need to realize you’re not beholden to whom you ship. Just because you ship Emma and Hook doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate her relationship with Neal as well. I think this show out of any I’ve seen in recent years has gotten way too caught up in shipping and fandom and it’s time that the writers ignore the background noise from the most vocal fans and just tell a good damn story, whatever that may be. That 2 minute cameo from Neal was a great start to doing just that.

  18. Andrew Hass says:

    I think Emma was the right character for Neal to appear to this time and maybe down the line he’ll appear to other characters when they need him.

  19. jerrired says:

    As a Swanfire and Neal fan, upon first viewing of the scene, I was a little disappointed. One how short it was, two that Neal wasn’t more weaved into the episode. However, upon just reading Twitter and Tumblr reactions, I felt more at ease with the way they played the scene out. It was a nice way to show how strong Neal and Emma’s love is and will always be. She has moved on with Hook, but the scene did a good job of showing that their love is still there, even if they will never get a happily ever after together. And it also reminded me just how great MJR and Jennifer’s chemistry ALWAYS has been, despite what haters say. If that’s the last scene we ever have of Emma and Neal, I am okay with it. It was enough closure for their romance. I also agree with how they just wrote off Neal. I was livid (and remain forever bitter) about the way Neal just died. Also, really good article Matt, I enjoyed how you spoke to each claim and defended why you disagree or agree with them.

  20. The scene was perfect. Neal again proved he loved Emma, warned her of impending danger, and understood she would go ahead and save Hook anyway. Loved it. So happy to see Neal even for a brief moment.

  21. Nancy says:

    Great article Matt, and I agree with every point. I too was disappointed about how they wrote Neal’s death in season 3, and essentially dropped what could have been a great triangle, and the potential for so many good stories besides – Henry getting to know his father, Rumple working to gain his son’s trust and forgiveness. While I wish he had come to Henry and Rumple as well, I thought this scene did a great job of showing that Neal and Emma will always have a love for each other, and that he will always want what is best for her… But it also provided some closure so that she can move on completely. And of course, it is always wonderful to see the chemistry between MRJ and JMo just jumping off the screen. Whether you like them or not, they have it. (Just like Vanessa Marcil had chemistry with both Ingo R and Maurice B, even if I had my favorite of the two “ships”!)

  22. abz says:

    I’ve been a fan of Hook and Emma since the beginning and I didn’t really have anything against this scene. My issue with Neal has more to do with MRJ’s portrayal rather than the character himself. He was fine in this episode because we haven’t seen him in a while, but during his time on the show his performance felt lazy and phoned in more than half the time. It just was not very interesting to watch and sometimes took me out of the show because I would often man, this guy looks bored or like he doesn’t even care. I think he and Emma had some chemistry at times but I really don’t see it as romantic. But again his performance left me quite disappointed so I was happy when they got rid of him.
    Also, I think it was silly all the lengths they went through to keep his return a secret especially given the fact that so many characters will be returning in this second half and the fact that it ended up being spoiled like a week or two before the 5B premiere. I thought it was definitely a waste of a blind item.

  23. My fave scene of the episode

  24. Scribe says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but if my boyfriend left me in JAIL and pregnant, I know I wouldn’t give him the time of the day. Neal may have redeemed himself and I agree he has nice moments with Emma but for any real person – that’s a long way from trusting someone to the point of him being her true love. Hook may not be perfect but at least when he understood what Emma meant to him, he was all in. There were a thousand ways Neal could have handled the situation with Emma, none of them requiring magic but leaving her the way he did would have been 900 on anyone’s list. Whether you like the CS ship or Swanfire ship, let’s at least acknowledged that.

    I imagine Emma has forgiven him for that but every time she thinks on the fact she had to give Henry up, the reason why would ultimately lead her back to Neal and that’s not so easy to forget.

  25. I don’t care how they set it up. I don’t care if Colin was supposed to be written as her true love. Her chemistry with Neal trumped Colin’s. I stopped watching the show entirely during season 3 and have no regrets. This reunion was insulting. Now anytime I go on twitter and look up Once all I see is. KILLY BE STILL MY HEART. OH KILLY OH KILL. WHO IS JEALOUS OF THIS WALL THAT KILL IS LEANING AGAINST. I can’t take IT!

  26. mika02 says:

    Again I am one of the few who always Swanfire; I don’t feel like Captain Hook work as a couple. Watching it last night solidified it for me I they had the great chemistry. It has nothing to do with them sharing a son. I thought the reunion was wonderful and sure he could have came to his family but it would have left Henry wanting more and his father with even more regrets we don’t want to step there.

  27. JenE says:

    Before I jumped on the CaptainSwan ship I was a Swanfire fan so it was good to see him again for a minute. I thought it was just right. He’s the past. Her first love. Hook is her present and her future, her true love. It was a nice moment but on with saving Hook!

  28. Kelly says:

    Neal was/is awesome. I wanted more. I really want Neal back and alive. I love his stories with Rumple, Henry and Emma and feel there was still much story to tell but like on Lost the writers add to many characters and only write for their favorites (ie losing Charlie for Desmond, Boone, Shannon. no stories for Claire,etc)

  29. Rachael says:

    The way they handled Neal’s whole arc pissed me off, especially in the end when they used him as big ol’ bait to further along captain swan. Like he was a juicy piece of meat thrown to the dogs.This scene put some Neosporin on the wound, but there will forever be a scar. Neal deserved much better.

  30. I loved it. I wish he had stayed on the show. There was a lot of story left to tell there, IMO. I really hope we get some moment with Neal, Rumple, and Henry somehow. I keep hoping against hope that they would work him back into the show and have him be alive. I always felt that they could have done it since he was traded for the Dark One…

  31. nathiest says:

    That scene was beautiful and I hate traditional m/f ships. There’s like a billion of em on TV over it, them.. anyways.. Totally ship Swan Fire!.

  32. Marjorie Sawinski says:

    I love the twists and turns of this show but stop drowning out the vocals with the overload mood music..why is this ruining so many shows lately?

  33. Carmen says:

    Personally, it felt weird for Neal to only appear to Emma because I thought that they had really good closure during his death episode. Henry has been hung up about his father for several seasons now, and I really wanted any new Neal scene to include Henry because he was a huge part of Neal’s motivation during Season 3 when he released the Dark One from the vault. And then Neal never got to see Henry again before he died. Henry needed more closure with Neal than Emma ever did at this point, and I feel like the only reason they put this scene in was to appease Swanfire/Swanthief shippers. (Which is it, guys? Your fandom could never make up its mind.) Unless Jared wasn’t available for filming that day, there’s no reason that scene couldn’t have included both Henry and Emma in the yellow bug. If Henry was involved in the opening scene, we wouldn’t have needed his scene with the room key later on.

  34. It was awesome but I want WAY more!! :(

  35. debra says:

    No first Emma was the savior. Now Regina. Neal should have appeared to his father or herny. Not Emma she moved on to hook. You know who slept with rumble wife and threw his son over board. But people was so on to snow now Emma then belle. Good girls. Now Regina the good guy she could kill be mean nasty evil do thing unspeakably of and her mother. Let dad forgive Cora and Regina and let herny be proud and say I’m your grandchild name after you. To tell you the truth. If I was Emma and heard Henry say that or your not evil you are my mom I would be hurt beyond words. After all Emma broke the curse it was her love for her son not Regina that woke him up. And you say this?!?. Why if that’s the case maybe peter will say the same to Rumpelstiltskin and he to can be the good guy. Not. And let’s hate zelena. I am so not going to. If anyone deserve a real second chance it zelena. I let you decide. But don’t be surprised when the ratings drop. We need a good new or old evil. Peter Cora and Regina gold classic evil. Now every sense frozen things are going down hill. Let’s hope things pick up. Was it ok for neal me no. The best way could be a dream or seeing the dead. Regina mean bad lying murder could have been haunted by the people she killed. Gold to.then Find A Way To HELL AND BACK AND THIS ALL WHO WAS EVIL CAN GO Those Who Are Noble Has To STAY OR THE EVIL ones.in Order To Get Back UP Hades Tell Cora if she peter and the other dark one want out. They have to trick the good ones to stay how? Like Emma when she killed. Get it. If Regina get a happy ending and zelena is made bad and lose her child the show done for. I will always support zelena and hope Emma take her son back. Bring it or season over .bring something that will knock us to our feet

  36. J says:

    Love Swanfire. The chemistry between the two actors is CRAZY!
    Crazy enough that if they are both single, they should try dating one another. It really jumps off the screen. Kind of wish they never put them together cuz I got shortchanged and maybe I could like her relationship with Hook.
    Never could really get behind Hook and Emma especially with all the Neal backstory, two dumbass love triangles, and his random death. Plus emma and hook’s chemistry isn’t that great, can’t see Emma willing to risk herself going to underworld for Hook.

    • Carmen says:

      That’s the funny thing about chemistry, it’s totally subjective. Where one person sees no chemistry, another sees sizzling passion.

  37. Loni says:

    I loved Neal’s character and all of his and Emma’s backstory together. And that he was Henry’s father and watching him learn how to be the dad he never had. I really miss him on the show. I’m glad he got to come back for even just a couple of minutes. Would have loved if it was longer though!

  38. Mr Gold says:

    I’m kind of sad Baelfire didn’t give Emma any chatter about his father . I wish he had about it , I need him to show some care about his dad after everything

  39. Kelly says:

    I want more Neal. If any character has unfinished business and deserves a second chance it’s Neal. I want Neal stories. Neal and Henry explored, Neal and Rumple explored, Neal and his past with August, the darlings and Tink explored and his true love/happily ever after explored.

  40. Belle says:

    UGH. Why did Baelfire have to die? This is really depressing. :( He better come back in season 6 or my heart will be broken. I really dont care how Bae comes back nor do i care if he ends up with emma but please bring Neal back. They could even bring younger Bae back. Kill off any charactor but bae whatever has to be done. #ComeBackBae