Once Upon a Time Spoilers

Once Upon a Time Recap: Hell to Pay — Plus, Get Scoop on Hades' Endgame

Once Upon a Time‘s heroes braved the Underworld in the Season 5B premiere, and what they found there was a bloody Hook and a larger purpose.

IN THE UNDERWORLD…. | Setting the stage for the otherworldly journey, Emma receives a “long-distance call from an old friend,” in the form of Neal Cassidy (almost-secret guest star Michael Raymond-James) hopping into her Bug with her. He strongly advised her not to set foot in the Underworld, since it’s “not an easy place to leave” — Once-upon-time-neal-emmabesides, her mission to find Hook and split/share her heart won’t end the way she thinks it will. Invited to help, Neal explains that he is not among those “in limbo” in the Underworld, seeing as he has no “unfinished business.” Rather, “I’m someplace where I’m happy,” he reports, before planting a warm kiss on his true love’s forehead. “I love you, Emma. I always have, and I always will,” he reminds before leaving, at which point Emma awakens on the boat ride to the Underworld.

Upon arriving in the screwy Storybrooke — as Regina wonders, Did the Dark Curse takes its cue from the Underworld or vice versa? — the gang splits up. Snow White scouts out Granny’s diner, where she meets up with the Blind Witch and unwittingly fields a liplock from Charming’s twin, James. When Henry shows up with the key to what used to be his father’s room above Granny’s, Emma assures him that Neal is not in the Underworld but “a better place.” Over at the mayor’s office, Regina reunites with Cora, who urges her daughter to get Henry and her “thief” on the first boat out of Dodge. “You must do what’s best for you,” Cora asserts, saying that the mission to find Hook is simply “too dangerous.” And if Regina doesn’t go? Cora poofs them down to a fiery cavern, where she dispatches with some rando dude, warning that Regina’s father will be the next to perish if she loiters.

Rumple meanwhile visits his shop, where the sight of Chip sparks a flashback to him bidding Belle adieu, saying he’d only be “gone a day.” When he then goes to his wall safe, Dad aka Peter Pan appears. Pan says that he misses “the world above” and that he could return, were one of Rumple’s friends not to survive the Underworld — a soul for a soul and all that. As a gesture of good will, Pan gives his son the potion he was looking for, which allows communication with the dead.

Alas, when Emma sprinklesonce-dead-hook the potion on the grave of one Killian Jones, the bloodied, beaten-to-a-pulp pirate only appears as a flicker, the spell unsteady. Emma comes away from the harrowing encounter more resolved than ever to find her love ASAP, but urges Regina to catch that boat back home, with Henry and Robin. Regina then summons her father with the potion, and in a warm moment she apologizes for killing him and he readily forgives. Henry Sr. then warns that Cora is playing Regina, that his daughter’s friends need her as part of this mission. Regina frets about causing him further pain as a result, but as he explains, “If you stay, you spread hope… I won’t have died in vain.” On that note, Henry Sr. is transported to the fiery pit, where Regina follows to beg her mother not to dispatch with him. “I came back to help not just friends but everyone,” Regina states to little effect, as Cora conjures the funnel of flame to consume her husband. But after Cora leaves, the inferno dissipates and Henry Sr. emerges unscathed. Rather, a walkway to a bright, glowy, Heaven-ly place appears.

“My unfinished business was you,” Henry Sr. realizes. “Now you are free of [Cora] and I’ve never been more proud.” Regina’s father then meets his namesake, who thanks Grandpa “for believing in her like i do.” Henry Sr. in turn thanks the lad “for being there when I couldn’t,” before leaving for his final destination.

As the heroes reconvene by the wrecked clock tower, Henry announced “Operation Firebird,” through which they will set out to not only find Hook but help others in the Underworld with “unfinished business.” Rumple, though, wants no part of the “asinine pursuit” and washes his hands of it. After Regina notices the clock hand tick, we see Cora sneak into the library and take the elevator down… down… down, to Hades’ lair. There, the Underworld overlord enjoys a pedicure as he berates Cora for failing him. After all, a ticked clock equals a soul exiting his domain. As punishment, Hades notes that Cora forsake her daughter Zelena in the course of escaping the life of a miller’s daughter — and as such, that is what she shall be again “for eternity,” he cackles, as his hair erupts in blue flame.

IN FLASHBACK…. | It’s theonce-regina-cake Evil Queen Regina’s birthday, and there is nothing she wants more than Snow White’s heart to crush. When Henry Sr. makes the mistake of Skyping with his Wonderland-banished wife via the Magic Mirror, Cora ultimately escapes back to the Enchanted Forest realm, where she poses as Regina’s father to pluck Snow’s heart right out of her. But when Regina unwraps the unexpected gift from her mother and goes to end Snow’s life, we see that all the bandit suffers is a case of “Jiminy Cricket in her blouse.” Turns out, Henry switched out Snow’s heart with that of a guard. Regina then shrinks Daddy into a heart box, only to see him get yanked to Wonderland along with Cora when Regina has the mirror take Mother back to whence she came.

WHAT THE… HECK IS HADES’ DEAL? | As Once-upon-a-time-hadessuggested by his swift action against Cora, Hades (played by Ally McBeal‘s Greg Germann) “is a control freak, a manipulator — and he’s deliciously evil, too,” purrs Lana Parrilla. “He’s very powerful, so it becomes a question of, ‘How are we going to take this guy down?'” Adds Josh Dallas, “Oh man, Hades is bad news, and the gang has to figure out how to topple this guy somehow. He definitely wants control, let’s just say that.” As for Hades’ end game with regards to Emma, Regina et al, “Like most of the characters in the show, he has a very specific agenda. He has a very specific goal,” says series co-creator Eddy Kitsis. So, is it to have the Storybrooke heroes leave ASAP… or to never, ever leave? “Both,” hints Kitsis.

What did you think of Once’s Season 5B premiere?


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  1. Cris says:

    That was a pretty good episode!

  2. Al says:

    Beats anything in 5A

  3. Cory says:

    Did anyone else tear up a bit?… I loved this episode! Totally worth the 3 month wait!

  4. Guy says:

    I thought the episode was mostly a let-down up until the final scene with the introduction of Hades. That was better than I thought it would be. Though I hope they don’t do the blue flame hair anymore. Distractingly bad CGI.

    • Sheila says:

      Yeah, it was unnecessary and badly done. How is it that a Disney-related show has such terrible special effects?

      • BM says:

        Probably because they’re expensive and better effects are not in the budget.
        Different question – why didn’t Regina have the power to push her mother back to Wonderland? She was able to break through her mother’s restraints and push her before she ever had any training and now that she has, she isn’t powerful enough? They lost me on that logic.

        • Cory says:

          I think Regina was not able to do it this time, because Cora would be expecting it. Regina pushing her the first time was so unexpected. It was Regina’s first time using magic, and she had never lashed out at her mother in such a way, it caught Cora off guard. This time, Cora knew what she was capable of, and would be ready if Regina tried it herself.

  5. Jimmy says:

    This episode was more interesting than the entire first half of season 5.

  6. Carly says:

    Best episode in season 5 so far. The opening scene with Neal, Cora and Regina’s reunion, and Henry meeting his grandfather actually had me tear up a little – hasn’t happened while watching OUAT in quite some time. Barbara Hershey and Robbie Kay continue to impress and I’m glad to have them back at least for a while, Greg Germann also delivered a great first performance. Not a huge fan of the flaming hair, though, and I’m worried the red filter they use for the Underworld might get annoying soon. Kudos to Lana Parrilla for what was quite an emotional tour de force for her to work through in this episode, and to Josh Dallas who is always even more fun when he’s playing both David and James.

  7. Jackie says:

    Wow, what a letdown of an ep! I found it so disappointing after waiting months for it. The Regina flashbacks were sooooo repetitive, and there was way too much focus on one character for it being the 100th ep. I thought it was going to be about everybody. And I could have happily lived the rest of my life without seeing that jerk Neal again. Why did they try to present it like he & Emma were tender true loves? They were together a few weeks when she was a minor, he knocked her up then betrayed her & treated her like crap when they saw each other again, and they were never romantically involved again. I found the episode unpleasant from start to finish.

    • Josh says:

      I don’t get how Hook can get forgiveness from people for doing worse things but Neal can’t. Neal is treated by some people like he was worse than any of the villains it’s sickening

      • Vari says:

        Its because of what he did to EMMA specifically. We seen Emma from season1 and know how she is and her walls and so on. What he did to her as a teen and prison etc. Hence why some ppl dont like it.

        • BM says:

          Don’t really get it. Neal left Emma so she could become who she was supposed to become. He let her go and be able to reach her full potential, find out who she was (which was very important to her) because he loved her. If you love someone you need to be able to let them go for whatever reason that may be.

          • Katie says:

            I agree, BM. What I think anti-Neal people seem to forget is that Neal was insanely in love with her too. He made a heroic decision (as seems to be a theme with him) and selflessly let her go. He could have kept her to himself (I use this phrase loosely, as Emma is obviously her own woman and no one has a claim on her) but, instead, he realized the the “lives of the many” outweigh the good of one single person and decided to let her have this opportunity to save the lives of hundreds of people instead of living a half-life with him. He’s the one who always believed in her, who never doubted that she absolutely could fulfill the destiny she was made for. Ugh, this is making me so sad about Neal’s death again.

          • Mary says:

            As much as I love Neal, I think he shouldn’t have left Emma. He loved, and when you love someone, you don’t make it so they get arrested! He could have helped her, helped her to understand, but instead he did what August wanted him to do and left her. It is selfish, because he didn’t really do it for Emma, he did it for Storybrooke. She was left to spend the next ten years of her life more broken than ever, because Neal choose to run off in the hope that one day, she might break a curse? He should have stayed and tried to help. There is always a choice.

          • Jackie says:

            No, Neal didn’t leave her for that reason. That’s just how they’ve tried to whitewash his actions. He left her because he was too much of a coward to see his father again. He told Emma that if he’d known who she was, he never would have gone near her. He didn’t let her go for her — he let her go for HIMSELF. Remember, he was already ready to ditch her and leave town before he even met August; that proves he didn’t abandon her just because of what August said about her. He already had one foot out the door. He could have helped Emma find out who she was much better by staying with her, because at that point he KNEW who she was. But no, he ran and abandoned her. If he had truly loved her, he would have helped her by staying with her, not by sending her to jail solely on the word of some stranger with a typewriter. That “send her to jail for her own good” made zero sense. Why not tell her the truth and support her and prepare her to be the Savior instead of abandoning her and Storybrooke to fate that she would somehow someday end up there? They didn’t know she was pregnant and would have a kid who would ultimately bring her to Storybrooke. That’s why I can’t stand Neal and August — they decided Emma’s fate without her knowing or having a say in the matter. I am a big Emma fan, and what they did to her was stupid and wrong.

          • Emma says:

            I can’t believe how well some people remember all the mythology, I can barely remember what I saw last night, and I thought the scene in the yellow love buggy (ha) was very touching.

          • Austenlove says:

            I agree with Jackle. And that’s the difference that got me in this scene. The difference between what Neal and Emma shared and what she shares with Hook now. Neal made the choice to hear a stranger and leave the woman he supposedly loved because of what Augustus told and for not want any connection with his father. Emma listened the warning not to stay in the underworld and chose not to leave the person she loves, the person who never have abandoned her. On the first obstacle that Neal’s love for Emma had to face he chose to abandone her. Not only leave but let her pay for the crimes he committed. Many people make it seem that Neal was forced by Augustus to leave Emma. When in fact he had a choice and chose the easy way out. And that’s why I think Hook and Emma are True Love. The love they feel outweighs the ostáculos that were imposed.

      • Night Owl says:

        I, for one, absolutely LOVE Neal, and thoroughly enjoyed having him back on the show even if it was only for a short stint.

      • LindseyF says:

        People who don’t like Neal are Emma fans. It’s what he did to her that shaped her that some people don’t like and I don’t actively hate him, but I get it. Hook has mainly done things against Rumple. Unlike Rumple (and Regina and other villains), he didn’t really do anything to Charmings and you can’t really count that one day he spent threatening them in Storybrooke when he was made a dark one against his will. So yes, he has done bad things, but not to the people that know him well now.

  8. Lindsey says:

    I’m glad Regina finally got to apologize to her dad. She really did love him and genuinely regrets killing him.

  9. Tara83 says:

    Since Friday I thought I would not watch this. I watch “The 100” too and I can’t get past what they did and I thought a trip to the Underworld and more death and sadness wasn’t what I needed at all. But then I had nothing else to do and tuned in anyway and I’m glad I did because it was a wonderful beginning of this new arc of theirs and they showed with Regina’s Story with her father that even in a place as dark as the Underworld there can be hope. I shed a tear when Henry sr. was saved, was allowed to say his goodbye to Regina and meet Henry, and then walked into the light into the better world where we know Neal must be, too. I had wished Henry and Neal could meet too, but I’m happier now to know that he was spared the Underworld and Emma and Henry know he loves them still and he is happy and safe.

  10. mika02 says:

    Neal had me in tears I miss his character so much. Great episode. I love where they are going already.

  11. Stephon JS says:

    I love the Throwback to season’1 HAT TRICKS.
    this episode was 100% prefect for the 100th episode.
    I miss Neal even more but glad he’s n a happy place

  12. I’m watching the episode right now, and I completely agree with everybody here that’s saying that this episode alone was better than season 5A. Personally, I thought the first half of season 5 was a convoluted mess, and I was really starting to lose interest in the show because of it. If the show had just had Hook become the Dark One from the get go in the season 4 finale, I might have enjoyed season 5A a lot more, since I did love Dark Hook. That being said, tonight’s episode is really making me love Once Upon a Time again. Ever since the show started the format of having one storyline for the first half of the season, and another storyline for the second half of the season, the storylines for the second half of the season has always been my least favorite of the two storylines for each season. If this episode is any indication, it could end up being the opposite of the way it has been for me in the past this season.

  13. Vari says:

    Too much Regina. Should of been an ensemble episode.

    Do not care for Neal. But the way they write dead Neal is NOTHING like how he was alive. Its beyond silly. and presenting him as he was some saint and what he and emma had was some real love, no it wasnt when we saw what it did to emma and letting her go prison.

    • Zelda says:

      I’m confused as to how this was not an ensemble episode?

      And honestly, the constant Neal bashing while you’re stanning for Emma to be with an actual murderer who has hurt Emma and those she loves repeatedly is beyond childish. Emma has been consistent in how she’s been reacting to and interacting with Neal. Fact that some of you don’t like that part of her character because you think she should literally only care about Hook isn’t her or the writers’ problem. It’s yours.

      • Vari says:

        Firstly what the hell. It was a Regina centric mostly. As i am looking at it from a 100th episode angle.
        Whats childish is coming with silly comments, when i didnt mention anyone else.
        Yeah i do like Hook. And Emma and Hook. But i also dislike Neal as a character on its own… my reason i mentioned above.

        • Rebecca says:

          “Whats childish is coming with silly comments, when i didnt mention anyone else.” You don’t have to mention anyone. Everyone on here in the OUAT fandom knows you’re CS & Hook obsessed.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Everyone please talk about the show, not about each other. Thank you. —Mgmt.

  14. Hoshi says:

    Thank god this was so good, 5A was seriously disappointing. I’ve always been a SwanXHook shipper but even I was kinda over it. This is an episode true to form, focusing on family and growth and heroism and I loved it. Most grounded considering it took place in the Underworld.

    PS Hades!!!!!! :)

  15. Rob says:

    I know it’s an unpopular opinion but that pic at the top of the article perfectly articulates with no words whatsoever why I was and always will be team Emma/Neal.

  16. Katie says:

    Suuuuch a good episode. I really didn’t see how the episode was supposedly all about Regina. I felt like Emma had just as strong a part. And it was nice to see a relevant Snow again. And seeing Neal, oh wow. I’ve missed him so much. Popping up in the back seat, warning Emma about the Underworld. He and Emma have such lovely chemistry, and Jennifer Morrison really showcased Emma’s sense of loss. They obviously loved each other so much. And when they talked about Henry, there were definite tears in my eyes.

    • Mandy says:

      I loved the Neal thing to. That and the scenes of Regina dealing with what she did to her dad were great. I did like see Pan and I think Hades has potential ( I’ve thought that before and TPTB mess it up so I am cautiously hopeful). I might give this story a try after giving up on 5a.
      Having said that, why does Emma never listen. She is warn in the beginning that this isn’t a good idea and she is like all well lets go for it anyway. I get the writers want their CS show back but why do they have to make Emma an idiot to do it. I’m sorry but if true love is endangering others on suicide plans that you have foreknowledge will not work and/or will go wrong somehow, I don’t want it. Also never suggest to your dead ex that he should help you save your other dead ex who you are risking your life and your family’s and (Neal’s family) to save when you didn’t try to save him. It is just bad form. I would have preferred that the scene with Neal been with Henry because honestly Emma could wait to forget about him an be with Hook. I also hope that since Hades know everything about the dead, he will spill the beans on everything that Hook has done. I think a lot more people could stomach CS if Emma knew all the dirt and still want to be with him

      • Katie says:

        Right? Like, even to this day, Emma is unaware that Hook did *not* reconcile Ariel and Eric (the way he took credit for doing). but, rather, worked to keep them apart because he was being a brat.

        • Melissa says:

          THANK YOU!!! I thought I was the only person who remembers that Hook didn’t reconcile Aerial and Eric!

      • jj says:

        You should watch the scene again. Emma explained that she WOULD have gone looking for Neil in the underworld when he died. But when he died she didn’t know about the underworld or of a way to get to the underworld. And as Neil explained he was never in the underworld.

        Also Hook isn’t just some random guy to Neil.

      • Amy says:

        I’m sorry but pretty sure Emma told them all several time this episode to go back and encouraged it…she told Regina to get on the boat with Robin and Henry? Or was I dreaming that? Was I also dreaming the part where Regina’s father encouraged Regina to stay and help too? Plus they were already on the boat and there when Emma had her meet and greet with Neal…and I’m not a Neal fan at all btw I thought he was written terrible while he was alive but I appreciated that scene it was lovely (and the acting was lovely) and I think it’s adorable that Mitovich is such a Neal/Emma fanboy.

        I think Hook and Emma have talked a lot of screen as characters tend to do which was made pretty clear in 5A when they were talking on the ship about the incident with Rumple and Emma recounted it and Hook said he was the villain in that tale..I mean I don’t know if she knows ever detail but I’m sure Hood doesn’t know every thing Regina did either but he still loves her.

        Anyway I liked the episode…I think it set up the arc nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing were it goes

  17. M.G. says:

    It looks to me that Regina’s father found the Stairway to Heaven.

  18. Kat says:

    I liked the present day Regina stuff OK, and I’m usually pretty harsh on her, but the flashbacks just left me cold. Once has had a problem for awhile now, of having way too many episodes where the flashback isn’t really needed, is a retread, and/or doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. The flashbacks are their formula and they stick with it with rare exception and it’s not really working the way it used to. The flashback this episode did nothing for me. It didn’t give me any new information about any of the players involved. Yeah, it tied into the present day storyline, in a really heavy handed way, but it wasn’t *necessary* for the present storyline to work. The could have chucked the flashback formula and given more emotional weight to the present by actually getting to spend some time lingering with beats instead of rushing from plot to plot to plot. It was a good Regina episode, but it could have been better, and for the 100th celebration episode that’s disappointing.

    • Night Owl says:

      I thought the 100th episode was actually awesome. As far as the flashbacks, it helped us to see more about the relationship Regina had with her father. Seeing more about his character (moral qualities) helped us to learn more about the things that have led Regina to be more than just the “evil queen”. It may not have propelled the storyline itself, but it did provide progress by showing the impact her father HAS had in Regina’s life and (later) choices that have made her the person she is now. Which by extension, does add flavor to the storyline. At least in my opinion.

      • Mad says:

        I totally agree. We knew Regina tricked Mad Hatter to go back and rescued her dad.
        Now we know, why he was there in the first place. We see Regina, sending back Cora, fueled by her father advise, of not letting Cora controlled her.
        I really enjoyed the flashback, Neal and Emma. Regina and Henry, and the few
        glimpse of Peter Pan, and Sidney.
        The clock thinking at 8:15 was a great reference. When it happened in Season 1,
        Regina was livid, now, we see her smiling.
        It was also great to have Neal and Emma meet up in the Yellow bug.
        Regina was able to asked forgiveness, and be forgiven by her dad. She was able to get closure, and reassurance, she is on the right path. Henry was able to see his daughter go from town villain to hero. That’s what he always wanted for her, to let go of vengeance and find happiness.

    • jeff says:

      What I really liked about the flashback was we finally learned how Henry Sr got to Wonderland. I remember when Regina went to rescue him with the Mad Hatter and that was a great episode.

    • BM says:

      Flashbacks have always been more about giving us background on the characters and what motivates them than being necessary for the current storyline and I think the flashbacks in that episode did so perfectly. Sure we didn’t learn more about Regina (I loved her wardrobe though; best to date, I think) other than that she *really* was obsessed. But we learned some more about her relationship with her father, about her father, and with her mother, too.
      Loved the episode, Hades agenda sounded intriguing and I’m hoping that the rest of S5 will live up to what this episode promises it will be.

    • Emma says:

      I don’t want Regina to be evil now but I love seeing Lana as the evil queen, so the flashbacks are the best of both worlds for me. :)

  19. D says:

    i love mrj & jen, i think they have good chemistry but my p
    roblem with neal x emma is what he did to her and how it continued to effect her. my other issue is how, yes i’m sure a part of him did love her/always will but he only showed an interest in her when tamara was outed as a traitor. i did think the neal x emma scene was an important one storytelling wise, despite what my fellow cs shippers think. i love barbara hershey and robbie kay! they are amazing. any regina flashback is repetitive and boring, this one was no different. not exactly what i wanted for the 100th episode, but it was an ok intro into the underworld arc. i might have screamed at seeing killian all bruised and bloody :( really keen for more charming family though!(Hopefully)

  20. Greg Germannas hades made me grade the show 100th a b grade.
    still believe they could found a better actor.

  21. Greg Germann as hade made me grade show 100th a b.
    could have found a better actor

  22. Datya says:

    Matt, I don’t think it was a random potion that Gold took from his (Pan’s) shop. Part of the “mouthful of a name” (as Regina put it) sounded like “DuBroc”, which would make it the magical ale that Merida used to talk to her father in ” The Bear King”.

  23. Malia says:

    They should have cast James Woods as Hades

  24. CW says:

    Great episode. Easily my favorite of the season. It was fun seeing so many returning characters. The Regina/Henry Sr. storyline was really well done I’m so glad Regina got the opportunity to sincerely apologize to her father and receive his forgiveness. It was a lovely resolution to their story, and Lana Parilla showed yet again what a wonderful actress she is. Kudos to episode 100!

  25. Gail says:

    It was great that they finally explained how Henry Sr. ended up in Wonderland and had to be saved by the Mad Hatter from Season 1 . I thought it was a great episode . I wonder if Rumple is really going back to Storybrooke as I would like the plot with Peter Pan trying to return to the land of the living to continue with Rumple being a part of the story. Also we have been told Rumple’s wife will be returning. I hope it will not just in flashbacks. While she could be with Hook in the present, I want Rumple also to be involved in the present. Cora’s punishment to be the Miller’s daughter for all Eternity seemed appropriate. Too bad there wasn’t anything about Regina confronting her Cora about Zelena .

  26. Aly says:

    I loved this episode. A nice example of what happens when the writers remember their core cast and family relationships rather than troubling love interests…Much better than anything in 5A.
    Henyr Jr meeting Henry Sr was fantastic. Lana brought her A game and I’m really pleased she (and Regina obvs) got closure with the Henry Sr storyline.

  27. ruth says:

    From the teases: “a character whom we first met in the series pilot and who has not been seen in a while resurfaces when you last expect — to great comedic effect.”
    So I watched the episode and I’m wondering who that was…

  28. Ash says:

    Well Neal returned with minimal damage. Poor Henry got sidelined again but at least he met Henry Sr. I think the best part of the episode was Grannys diner. I wonder if Charming will get left in the underworld somehow and be replaced by his brother. What would happen to Snow at that point? Would she able to live?

    • Queen over Green says:

      That would be so good! I’d love to see James replace David.

      • Ash says:

        It would set up a new villain for next season. However, since charming and snow share a heart. Would it mean the death of snow? Or would leaving in the underworld circumvent it all as David would be stuck in limbo.

    • Mad says:

      I had the same idea. Since James is more cunning, he could easily fool Snow.

  29. appalled says:

    being that it’s “not an easy place to leave”, really “Being that???? I can understand the typos since (not being that) you all have to turn these recaps around quickly, however the use of being that is totally unacceptable

  30. Denny says:

    I’m not even a Regina fan, but damn, that was good. Finally I can like her.
    Her chat with Henry Senior was amazing, so heartfelt, so sad, Parilla nailed it.
    That man is a true father where Cora and Pan are always the same, like Rumple (and I love them no less for that).
    Just the flashbacks bored me to death, but all considered it’s been a strong episode.

  31. S says:

    Lana is carrying this show and this episode proved it. More of this.

  32. robandco says:

    I am completely losing my interest in OUAT… They are all whining all the time, and it’s getting really tiring. And why bother with special effects and CGI if it’s going to be so bad. Like Hades’ flaming hair. Or the lava pit. Lana Parrilla is the only thing that keeps me coming back every week.

  33. it was a stupid episode. Seriously neal has no unfinished business. How about saying goodbye to his son something he never got to do because his son did not remember him when he died.

  34. Carmen says:

    That was a really underwhelming 100th episode. If you’re a Regina fan, I suppose you’ll love it.

    • MLPR says:

      I’m a Regina fan, but I was still underwhelmed. For an episode that I have been waiting for all winter, I was pretty bored. In my opinion, it was a filler episode. I was hoping for something that would move the plot line along a little faster.

  35. Queen over Green says:

    Loved this episode! I’m so glad they brought back Neal at least for a little bit so we would know what his deal is. It was so sad to see him since I think he and Emma are just so much better together.
    I didn’t like the back story though at all. I’m so tired of getting these sort of Regina back stories where she is trying to kill Snow White. They’ve become so repetitive and we all know Snow White isn’t going to die anyways. Maybe some Robin back stories would be good. I would love to see Daniel in the underworld and let that create some drama.
    I’m also excited to see more James/David drama as well as Peter Pan.
    But all of these pale in comparison to the best scene with shades. He was just soo evil and slick – I loved it. The hair was bad but I though the acting was great. We need a good villian this season who isn’t soft like Ingrid or trying to do the right thing.

  36. leah says:

    Clearly people don’t watch this show properly, moaning about that it was “TOO MUCH” concentrating on Regina/Evil Queen’s past, each and every episode is like this and has been since S1 Ep1! All these characters have their good and bad sides so why hate on Neal/Baelfire???? I personally love this Show and have never felt any of it was a mess or waste of time etc etc (whatever people have got a problem with) Just enjoy it or stop watching it! I would love to see you do a better job at making a program as good as this!!!

  37. Luis says:

    Greg Germann as Hades? Oh, so perfect.

  38. Tana Lara says:

    Freaking LOVED IT!!! A little bummed there wasn’t much CS. But I love me some Evil Regina :-) Totally teared up at Regina and dad scene. It was a great hour of a story. I love OUAT for all the characters and their story. And I’m glad we got more of everybody. I can wait patiently for my CS fix. :-) Hades is going to be SOOOO GOOD! CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEXT SUNDAY :-)

  39. Kasey says:


  40. Becca says:

    Why do we have to choose Team Neal or Team Hook? Emma is a strong, beautiful, complicated, modern woman. Can’t she have two loves of her life?

  41. Brandy Bolden says:

    I started watching this show on Netflix, and from the first episode couldn’t stop watching until I had finished all four seasons. Very good story lines and the characters are food as well…

  42. Colin says:

    What is Pan’s plan to get out of the underworld cause i want pan to return but i want know what he is planning so we can truly see How Deadly he is

  43. Bill says:

    OK, not bad. However, I see the OUAT writer’s completely disrespecting Greek mythology and the fact that Hades is flat out one of the most powerful Greek gods. Brothers Zeus and Poseidon. He is a God for crying out loud, not some witch or magic user or even a demigod. But, of course, OUAT writer’s will come up with some silly and idiotic way that a bunch of humans with some magical ability can defeat a bloody major Greek deity. And on his turf, no less – should be impossible anywhere. The power creep the characters of this show have gone through is utterly ridiculous. Who the heck will they defeat next – the so called GOD of everything (Judaism/Christianity/Islam/other) ?

  44. Dayanna Pinsent says:

    OMG, Neal was Hades in disguise, warning her not to test him. He uses a form of persuasion that would easily fool Emma. True, back story, been there, been bored by that.

  45. Sapphire says:

    This was the best episode in years. A. I was thrilled to see Neal – favorite character!
    B. I was thrilled to see Peter Pan- second favorite character (well, after the Mad Hatter) C. I didn’t have to watch Emma and Hook together – what a breath of fresh air! I like Emma and I like Hook – just not as a couple. They are so eww together. But I suppose if I were a tween, I’d probably like them as a pair.

    Not to mention the writing was so much better than the last 2 years, and all the acting spot on. Loved it! Less Robinhood too, whom I find very annoying, especially paired with the Queen. David as James rocks. The performance by Greg Germann was stellar. Only thing that could have made it perfect would be to have had the Mad Hatter back on even just for this episode, the Huntsman from season 1, and Neal to somehow return for the rest of this show.

  46. Goo says:

    Don’t know if anyone is still commenting on this thread, but if so can someone clear up a question of mine?? If Regina’s dad got taken to wonderland, how did he get back for Regina to kill him?

  47. Cydnie says:

    I’ve been eye guzzling this show since the very beginning! Creative, artistic, and wonderfully witty with fun twists. I do ponder however, what has happened with Emma? The first few seasons she was always depicted with beautiful long curled hair, long eyelashes, along with great moxy. Now, her hair looks continually flat, hardly no makeup if any. She’s no longer the dark one correct? So why is our beloved hero not shown as her best?