Shadowhunters Spoilers Simon Vampire

Shadowhunters' Alberto Rosende Previews Simon's Life as a Vampire: 'We're Saying Goodbye to the Glasses'

Shadowhunters‘ Simon Lewis has a brand new bag — of blood, that is.

Clary’s bespectacled bestie finally transitioned into a vampire on last night’s Shadowhunters, and while Simon might be repulsed by his new set of fangs, Alberto Rosende is thrilled that he finally gets to talk about it.

“It was really difficult to keep quiet for so long,” Rosende tells TVLine. “It’s such a big part of who he is for the entire saga, so I’m happy to talk about it incessantly for the next two months. It feels really good.”

That said, Simon has a difficult path ahead of him — not only physically, but also emotionally, as he adjust to the rules of life among the undead.

“One of the big things in the book, which we also see on the show, is when Simon realizes he can no longer say the name of God or enter a house of worship,” Rosende explains. “We haven’t touched on it much on the show, but his religion is very close to who he is. It really helps him define himself. So for him to no longer be an active part of that, it’s like his identity was stolen.”

Below, Rosende discusses the specifics of life as a vampire — including his favorite flavor of (fake) blood.

TVLINE | First of all, I’m glad they included Simon’s transition in Season 1. At first, I thought they might hold it.
I’m glad too, and I think they did it for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it gave Simon a bigger part in the shadow world. If Simon had stayed a regular mundane, it would have created even more of a separation between him and Clary; she’s spending so much of her time with the Shadowhunters. Although Simon is completely destroyed over becoming a vampire, I think a part of him is happy to be back in the same world as Clary.

TVLINE | That whole transitioning scene this week was insane. A lot of firsts for you, I imagine?
[Laughs] Oh, yes. That was my first time being buried alive, my first time having to come out of a grave that was in an actual cemetery, my first time drinking blood and my first time having to talk for a long time while wearing the fangs.

Shadowhunters Spoilers Simon Vampire

TVLINE | I’ve spoken to quite a few new TV vampires, and they all have an interesting relationship with fake blood. What’s yours?
Well, I loved the fake blood we used in that scene; it was pomegranate juice, so it tasted really good. For Simon, on the other hand, it was one of the grossest things he’s ever done, which is part of the reason why he was so disgusted with himself. … We used different types of blood throughout the season. There’s one that’s kind of like tomato juice — really chunky and gross. That one I was not a fan of in any way.

TVLINE | We saw some of his new abilities this week, but what major physical changes can we expect from Simon now?
In the books, one thing [Cassandra Clare] talks about is Simon having a new understanding of how the human body works when he’s dead. It’s almost like Simon’s in this stiff box, and he needs to learn how to move again. … Also, we’re saying goodbye to the glasses, because now he has this amazing vampire vision. Physically, he’s going through a lot. … It makes me think of that episode of Smallville where [Clark] becomes human, and he’s like, “I don’t have to worry about accidentally ripping a door off its hinges.” That’s what Simon has to worry about now. He can’t even walk in the sunlight; as far as his mundane life, he has no idea how to navigate that.

TVLINE | I love that you just made a Smallville reference, by the way.
Oh, Smallville‘s one of my favorite shows! I was such a big fan. Isaiah [Mustafah] is actually really good friends with [Michael Rosenbaum], and he was at our premiere party at McG’s. I kind of geeked out a little bit, like, “I’m meeting Lex Luthor. This is really cool.”

TVLINE | Wasn’t it weird seeing him with hair?
[Laughs] Yes, actually. I didn’t even recognize him at first. I was like, “Nice to meet… wait, this is Lex Luthor. Oh my gosh.” It was cool.

Your thoughts on Simon’s new life (so to speak)? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Amber says:

    Can’t wait to see when Simon is able to walk in the sun! Good arc for him and Jace right there.

  2. ninamags says:

    I haven’t seen this weeks episode yet, but I’m finding it really, really difficult to like Simon.

    He’s really pathetic and annoying. Hopefully this change he goes through will be good for him and he won’t be such a spaz.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Really? Simon is probably one of the most interesting characters on the show, his conversation with his family last episode was probably one of the better scenes in the season. Him bursting out of the Grave and then his short conversation with the group was probably the better scene from this episode. I think his acting runs rings around whoever is playing Jace and Clary.

      I think this show has to pick up a LOT or it simply WONT get a season 2. In fact , It may be too late now and if so then this will all be for nothing.

  3. elizabeth says:

    This comment is not meant to be rude. With that said why totally change some if the details so drastically. Did the tv writer not read the whole set to understand the characters?
    I loved the books! I pretty much loved the movie. But there are changes to the tv version that just make no sense as to why change it from how it was written in the first place.
    Example…. Hodge, is more of an elder. Like Clary’s mom and not the same age as Jace and them. Yet he is young looking. You changed the story of Clary’s mom and the reason why she left and went into hiding as well as why Valentines parabati was now a wolf and not a shadowhunter.
    Just story that was relevant and unnecessary to change.

    • Jewels says:

      Hodge doesn’t look the same age as Jace, Clary, Alec and the rest. Hodge looks closer to my age…and I’m pushing *cough* 40. Old enough to be the parent of an 18 year old.

      In the book Luke WAS Valentine’s parabatai and what happened on the show happened in the book. Valentine set Luke up and Luke was bitten by a were. The relationship between Luke and Jocelyn is shown more in depth on the show – but that is because a tv story can be told much more in depth than a book.

      Jocelyn went into hiding because of the Cup. That didn’t change on the show either. She knew Valentine was out of control and had to leave for the sake of her child. We haven’t gotten to JC yet. (I’m trying not to spoil anything for the non-book readers).

      So. Not sure what you’re remembering from the books but for the most part they are keeping the key pieces of the book and making slight changes to make it work for tv.

  4. vesria says:

    I’m so excited for Simon’s new life as a vampire! I’ve always loved vampires.

  5. JPinks says:

    The show is getting so good! I’m hoping so badly for a season 2! I can’t wait to see pics of Simon in his vampire makeup!

  6. grys03 says:

    Don’t mind the changes from the book so much BUT the silly decision making by most characters takes the whole show down quite a few notches. The characters appear to be late teens to young adult yet act like they are still reach their twelfth birthdays. Not sure how much longer this will last – shame because it’s such a good premise.