Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

Jane the Virgin's Brett Dier on Why Team Michael's Victory May Not Stick

Michael may have once again won over Jane the Virgin‘s heart, but his portrayer Brett Dier has some words of comfort for fans of his character’s main competition: “There’s no guarantee that Rafael’s out of the race.”

Although former lovebirds Jane and Michael appear to be on the road to reconciliation after confessing their feelings for each other in last week’s episode, their future is far from solid.

“I don’t even know if [they] will remain together,” Dier admits. “The show is so flippy. Once you get excited about something, it flips on its head.”

Nevertheless, Team Raf supporters should “give Michael a chance,” the actor argues. “He’s made some mistakes, but given the situation that he’s in — and it’s a pretty crazy situation — I think he’s dealing with it pretty well.”

Below, Dier talks about Michael’s struggle with Rafael, his changing relationship with Jane and his poop-y experience with Mateo.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Which is sweeter: the reunion between Michael and Jane or Michael and Rogelio?
They’re going to be equally sweet. I can’t wait for people to see the bromance with Rogelio and Michael. It’s going to be better than ever.

TVLINE | Jane chose Michael over Rafael earlier this season, but there were complications that forced them apart. Are they able to put that in the past and move on together?
I don’t think so. They still have a lot of things to figure out. Also, there’s still the Rafael thing. Michael’s going to be seeing [him] all the time, and Rafael’s going to be seeing Michael all the time. There’s going to be that tension still that could cause problems. They’ve both got to get over their egos and really start doing some self-reflection. They can’t mess this up for [Mateo] and Jane. There’s a lot to think about it. It’s not going to be easy.

TVLINE | In our sneak peek from tonight’s episode (watch it below), Rafael is not happy to have Michael back in his life. How does Michael feel about Rafael at this point?
Jane the Virgin Season 2 SpoilersHonestly, Michael just wants to forgive him. Now that Jane said, “Yes, I still love you,” Michael’s got to leave all this stuff behind and really, really try and work with Rafael and be buds with him. Or not even be buds, but just [be] casual, with no drama. That’s something Michael is willing to do. But when there’s two egos clashing, it becomes hard.

TVLINE | The two men also have to work together on the Mutter investigation. How are they navigating that?
That’s also tough. [Laughs] It’s pretty awkward. There’s a scene where Michael and Rafael are in a car together, just the two of them. The tension is pretty intense. But at the same time, they have to reach some of kind forgiveness, eventually.

TVLINE | Michael hasn’t really been with Jane since she became a mother. How is he dealing with that aspect of their relationship?
It’s new territory for Michael, but it’s also super exciting. In the pilot, that was his plan, to have a kid with Jane and to start a family… It’s been a long time since the artificial insemination happened. So Michael’s reached a point where he can now figure out how to work with the situation and just be there for and love Mateo and Jane. I’m excited to see what Jennie [Urman], the creator, has in store for Michael and Mateo.

TVLINE | They say you should never work with children and animals. Have you had any crazy experiences on set with the babies who play Mateo?
Yeah, I did, actually. The first episode back in Season 2, Azie [Tesfai], who plays Nadine, was holding the baby. It was the scene where I have to give the chip back, and she hands me the baby in exchange. In the middle of a take, the baby actually pooped himself and you could hear it. It was like a really big explosion. It was hilarious. [We were] filming, so I hope that makes it into the blooper reel because I was laughing hysterically. Plus, I’m a big fart joke [fan]. I just love farts. They’re hilarious. [Laughs]

TVLINE | In the last episode, Michael found Sin Rostro strangled to death in the stairwell. Some of our readers speculated that maybe she’s not really dead, or it’s not really her. Is there more to that mystery than appears on screen?
There always is. She might not be dead, she might be dead. But I do know that it’s something that you won’t be able to guess. It’s too insane. I can’t even guess with the show, and it drives me a little bit nuts because I want to know.

Jane the Virgin fans, watch a sneak peek from tonight’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), then hit the comments with your thoughts on Jane and Michael’s future.

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  1. Courtney says:

    Aw, can’t wait to see Michael and Mateo scenes. I love Michael/Jane and their reunion was beautiful. I know nothing is ever certain TV but I truly believe MJ are meant to be. In the sneak peak, I just want Rafael to respect Jane and her decisions. He’s always trying to guilt her into staying with him. Just let he make her own choices and be happy.

    • Marci says:

      I’m with you, Courtney. I’ve been Team Michael since the beginning. If they pull the rug out from this relationship again, I’ll be done with this series. I’m not going to endure another Ross/Rachel scenario. I missed the last few seasons of Friends because I lost my patience with the constant back and forth of their relationship. No more.

  2. Anna says:

    Why can’t she just stay with Michael now? Please, show, there are more interesting storylines than the romance-drama. Seriously.

  3. LKE says:

    I don’t understand how Jane can say about Michael that this man / this relationship is not good for me and my child and then go back to him. I always thought this show was so progressive with 3 strong Latin women, but honestly, at the end of the day, it just a bunch of women making stupid decisions when it comes to men.

    • Polar says:

      The whole show is going down hill. Jane cannot forgive Rafael but is going back to Michael? Yuck! Can’t take Michael but I’ve stopped watching so no matter.

      • MNYC says:

        Same here.. I stopped watching because Jane isn’t making smart choices. Her character is totally different since the beginning and has become ditzy. The only person who has been honestly truthful to her is Rafael. There are still a lot of things Jane doesn’t know about Michael (i.e. Sleeping w Nadine, about his criminal brother etc…) I’m done with this show.

        • Emmanuela says:

          Jane knows all of those about michael though. Watch carefully. And rafael always being truthful to Jane?! LOL

  4. Btm says:

    Someone needs to introduce those three to the concept of polyandry.

  5. sona says:

    I miss Jane and Rafael so much. I believe they will be back together.

  6. lezti says:

    TEAM RAFAEL! Michael is so shady and he does not deserve to be part of Mateo’s life. He would be breaking up a family. #teamraf

  7. Sarah says:

    Im Team Rafael, but he needs to be ok with rejection. AND Michael is corny AF

  8. Carrie says:

    I would love to find out that the twins Petra is having really aren’t Rafael’s. After all she did steal them from the donation center and lied about being his wife still. I’m totally team Rafael!

  9. Jenn says:

    I find Michael so blah and CORNY (not sure if it’s the actor or the character himself). I also cannot take the writing of his character – he’s supposedly the ultimate good guy even though he does all this sh*ty stuff. I don’t think he needs to be the ultimate good guy -I’m fine with him having flaws. But for Pete’s sake, stop acting like he is perfect. Raf has issues and made mistakes and Jane can’t get over it, but she ignores all the bad things Michael has done. I don’t blame Jane, I just think that that is inconsistent writing. They’ve decided to place these character into two distinct categories that they can’t escape, even though those categories don’t fit them and it’s dragging the story down.

    I also have NO investment in the Jane and Michael relationship. We didn’t see them fall in love, so we’re just suppose to buy it. Which I could, IF they had really great chemistry. But they don’t, because Michael is blah (as previously mentioned). That’s part of why I, personally, had liked Raf so much -because we got to take part in their failing in love. To say Michael “wins” because he knows her better is poor writing. Of course he know her better! He’s been around for years. Give Raf some time to catch up. And I find it SO unrealistic that no one in the family is pulling for Raf (Mateo’s dad!) to be with Jane.

    I’m fine with Jane not being with Raf. But have her be with someone worthy. I actually really liked the Professor and wish that that had gone somewhere.

    Finally, I don’t like how Jane has changed so much since season 1. Her character has become kind of . . . bad. No longer the strong, intelligent character of season 1, but a girl who only cares about finding a relationship.

    I feel like the writers really need to address these issues. It would be okay if they were secondary characters like Petra or Xo who don’t take much screen time, but their the main characters!

    • Postshow Commenter says:

      I SO agree…Jane and Michael are simply boring. The show was truly exciting when Jane and Rafael first got togther. None of us could wait for the next episode! I’m glad somebody pointed out that these 3 women can all make some silly choices. How many times are Rojelio and Xo gonna go back and forth in their relationship? It’s pretty ridiculous. And just how long can Jane remain a (technical) virgin? We know from the spoiler info that she will get married…I don’t see how the ratings will continue to hold up if there is nothing romantic going on between she and Rafael. And for the record…let’s stop calling Michael a “good guy.” He is not…not a darned bit better than Rafael, and in some cases, worse. Jane’s ongoing judgement of Raf wears me. I’m no longer sure she even deserves him. Total Team Rafael!!!!

      • Dee Davis says:

        Team Rafael all the way. I don’t like the way Jane’s character has changed this season. And I don’t like Michael at all. As others have said. No chemistry. If there’s no chance for Jane and Rafael then I’m out… the show just isn’t as much fun as it was last season.

      • terrolyn jones says:

        I so agree with you I am teamRaf all the way I have been watching the show from the beginning and I just find it so funny how she always has something to say about Raf but he reallys loves her. But let’s face it they aren’t given the fans what they want so if you’re going to stop watching maybe now would be the time since I heard that there will be a season 3. As for me I don’t know if she marries Michael season 3 won’t see me.

      • crnavata says:

        Yes yes yes!! Why is Michael a good guy again?? The reason why Rafael and Jane broke it off in the first place is because Raf cared so much about her and her beliefs (wanting to remain virgin until marriage), thinking he doesn’t deserve her, mostly because they almost had sex and he knew how important that was for her… That’s pure selflessness and CARING right there! And Michael also wanted to sleep with Jane before marriage (the hotel scene in Season 1), but never showed any remorse about it later on. So it pisses me off that people crucify Rafael and exalt the perfect, holy Michael…

    • terrolyn jones says:

      Well think about it Alba raised Xo after her husband Mateo died and Xo raised Jane with her mother so to them having no man there is normal. But I became a Raf fan when I saw that he wanted his child no matter what and plus remember Jane and Raf had kissed once upon a time in the past which I thought was cute. It’s like your true love finding you all over again and what’s meant to be will be. I know that it wasn’t planned and that it was an accident but Michael couldn’t handle it and so they split. But the same people that never rooted for Raf is now living in his hotel just so funny to me. I’m so proud of Raf he is taking care of his children all 3 of them. #TeamRaf

  10. T.M. says:

    I find it funny when people hate on Michael and then prop Rafael. Both of them have done some shady things, but I feel that Raf gets away with it more because of his killer jawline.

  11. Emmanuela says:

    People always critisize michael even for his actions in the fricking pilot episode but they seem to ignore Rafael’s 6 months of lies and manupulations probably due to his jaw line as someone mentioned. (Plus his defence was pretty weak and made zero sense) People say team michael is so boring but excuse me guys drama is not exactly what you really expect from a real relaitionship. For me I was this close of fast forwarding the scenes of rafael and jane. It seemed so forged, boring to me. I hate it when people demonized michael for the smallest thing and refused to see anything bad rafael did. I believe some of us set their minds first so our thoughts are getting shaped by it. Plus I really do not get rafael’s appeal to many people as a latina. He is not that hot to me.

  12. LMoore says:

    I am team MICHEAL. Yep… and so is Rogelio. We DID see their romance and how they fell in love and she had that “kissing in the snow” lovey dovey stuff. Before the professor, before Rafael, or anybody ( including the -no chance- guy, it was Michael. Pure blissful lovey un complicated relationship and then she got pregnant….If she had gotten pregnant by Rafael himself, I could see it being hard for Michael to compete with him. it was an accident and probably will be an accident if she chose him.

  13. Completely disregarding whatever “shady” things Michael or Raf have done in the past because I don’t need to prop one character and crap on the other. I’m team Raf strictly based on chemistry. I’ve honestly TRIED really hard to look for anything that would make invest in Michael and Jane as a couple and I just don’t see it. They seem like strictly best friends to me. My own parents have been married for 28 years, and I can still see how in love they are (because it makes me nauseous at times, LoL) but I can also see the friendship. With Jane and Michael, I only see the friendship. He knows her so well because he’s been around that long. The same way her mother and grandmother have been around so long. That doesn’t mean there is chemistry. It doesn’t feel like an ounce of passion in there scenes. Jane’s chemistry and dynamic with Raf speaks for itself. And WHEN/IF they are given the opportunity to put in time and develop that friendship while they are in love, I think they’ll be even more rootatable as a couple. At the moment, they aren’t being given the opportunity — anymore.

    Another thing about the difference between Raf & Jane and Michael & Jane is that Michael & Jane just seem like it’s way too easy. There isn’t any jeopardy. As far as I’m concerned, the best TV romances are filled with angst and doubts. Michael seems like the safe choice. I honestly believe that real true love, (at least by TV’s standards) is supposed to scare the crap out of you. I don’t feel that with Jane opposite Michael — I definitely felt it with Jane and Raf. Jane and Raf have both been terrified of their feelings at one point.

    And the one sided writing is very over the top which is what makes it even harder to root for Michael. Meanwhile, we see consistently see that Raf is a flawed guy with a great heart so it’s easier to root for him. He’s even made me like Petra.

    At this point I’m losing interest in the show because I’m being forced to endure a pairing that just doesn’t do it for me. I can honestly say I’ve been skipping episodes because I just don’t care. I tend to catch up later in the week. Had they not been renewed, I would’ve been fine because I’m not interested in Michael and Jane and that seems to be where they are going.

    • terrolyn jones says:

      I so agree with you 1,000% with everything you said…Well let’s just hope that they listen to the fans…teamRaf

    • squishy28 says:

      Oh man… I actually read the whole damm thing and you still didn’t convice me.. I’m so tired of people saying team Raf! I’m not trying to hate but come on through out the show Michael has been there for Jane! I mean have we forgotten everything Michael has done for her. Like when Raf was asking for advice Michael wasn’t a jerk he still gave him great advice! He’s been there for both of them and only reason he tries to get along with Raf is for Jane. I do agree the show tends to put more chemistry with Jane and Raf. and that’s one of the reasons why I can’t stand it because they really need to put Michael and Jane. Honestly I feel like Michael is way to good for her and should be with someone like Petra.. I’m loving Petra more than Jane. Sorry people and for those who hate on Petra come on can you blame her for the way she is… Look at her family, and her past lover! Ok I’m getting of track… Sorry about that nk3play2 what bothers me about your comment is saying that Michael has been there since like the beginning… Your joking right? They’ve only been together for 2 damn years… That’s nothing! And not only that but of course they are best friends that’s the whole point you want to marry someone that you can completely trust! I feel like petra and Raf. Would make a better love story than Raf and Jane… Also one more thing for all the post out there saying how Raf has a good heart and only wants a family….. Haha haha… That’s hilarious Raf is really only focusing on Jane and Mateo.. The twins don’t even get brought up only to show that Petra isn’t doing a good job which again I think it’s bs! Glob, the show gets me so heated haha but I feel like Jane is gonna go with Raf. Because this show is such bs.. I mean come on she only liked Raf the first time because of a stupid kiss.. Really?! I feel like she needs to screw them both and be done with it… If it goes the way I think I’m only gonna watch the show for Petra and hope she gets a fairy tale ending! Sorry peeps triluth hurts!

  14. Jojobear says:

    The viewers are overwhelming Team Rafael because Jane and Michael have NO chemistry, they have all the excitement of a wet piece of lettuce. It’s beyond boring watching them, guess that’s on the actors though. For whatever reason, there is a lot more sizzle between Rafael and Jane, and the viewers can see it.

    • debbie browm says:

      That’s what I’m saying! I’m all team Michael but the show puts to much Raf and Jane! I can’t stand it.. If she goes with Michael I’m done with show….