Jane the Virgin Recap: Did She Lose It? — Plus: A Death, a Split and a Reunion!

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Recap

Is it time for Jane the Virgin to take her flower off the wall?

During Monday night’s episode, the titular heroine contemplates losing her virginity to Jonathan, aka Professor Hottie (played by Adam Rodriguez).

He’s “the perfect guy to do this with,” Jane reasons. For starters, he’s next-level attractive. He’s also leaving for Thailand in four months, so she can’t get too attached to him. But wanting to get it over with and actually doing the deed are two different things. During some sexy times back at his place, Jane blurts out that she’s a virgin — and then brings up her promise to her grandmother. It’s a mood killer, to say the least.

She later tries to salvage the situation with some sexting, which leads to her getting pulled over by the police as she speeds, (pantless!) to Jonathan’s home. Even after she imagines Michael as the cop, pleading with her, “Don’t have sex,” Jane keeps going full steam ahead – until she starts full-on crying while making out with Jonathan. He puts an end to the encounter because, as the show’s Monday night companion Crazy Ex-Girlfriend says, you definitely shouldn’t hook up with a girl if she’s in tears.

Meanwhile, Michael’s been working to bring down Rose. With Luisa’s help, they lure her to the hospital, where Luisa is laid up after a car crash. But before they can arrest her, someone else manages to get to Rose and strangle her as she tries to flee. So it doesn’t go exactly according to plan, but it’s still good enough for Michael, who declares to Jane that she and Mateo are safe now. He also confesses that he had to push her away until the investigation was over.

“Don’t think, just tell me, do you still love me?” he asks.

Jane has one very simple answer: “Yes”

Elsewhere in the episode:

* As one Villanueva woman gets a second chance at love, it’s heartbreak for another. After some back and forth, Xo decides she doesn’t even want to leave the door open for kids by freezing her eggs. But Rogelio longs for children, so she gives him back his ring.

Jane the Virgin Recap* At Rafael’s urging, Jane tries to give Petra some mommy advice and offers to throw her a baby shower. But their differing points of view – Jane’s judgmental and a martyr! Petra’s buying expensive baby stuff just because it costs more! – get in the way of any budding friendship. It takes Jane admitting that she doesn’t want Mateo to be lonely (in the way her family sometimes was when she was a child) for the women to realize they have something in common: they like honesty. Speaking of honesty, after Petra spills the beans about her kiss with Rafael, Jane reassures her that she doesn’t want to be with him. “Does he know that?” Petra asks. He certainly does after Jane responds to his, “I still love you,” with a, “My feelings changed.” Ouch.

* Remember those DVDs of Rogelio’s Scientology auditing sessions? The big secret on them: Rogelio De La Vega = “A Revealed Gigolo” (brilliant anagram!). The video also contains a declaration of his feelings for first love, Xo, something he previously only told his prison pen pal Lola, who it just so happens is getting out soon! (Stalker alert?)

Jane the Virgin fans, what did you think of Jane’s choice? Are you heartbroken about Rogelio and Xo’s split? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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