Castle Recap Missing Time

Castle Recap: Using Your Noodles

This week on ABC’s Castle, as a murder cast suspicion on an ESL class, it was Rick who learned a most unexpected lesson — about his missing time.

As I previously shared, this episode, “And Justice for All,” was a companion piece of sorts to next week’s L.A.-bound escapade, guest-starring Summer Glau, Gerald McRaney and the GDS. Though even I was caught a bit off guard with how randomly the seed was planted for the revisiting of Rick’s missing time.

When Eddie, an ESL student, is bludgeoned to death, all eyes are on his fellow classmates, due to a seemingly damning text from someone in the group. When RySpo get stonewalled by the law enforcement-averse foreigners, Kate takes Rick up on his offer to ably identify the mangled syntax used in the mystery text. Cue the arrival of new classmate Jean Luc, a chef from Quebec!

Rifling through the teacher’s paperwork, Rick promptly IDs the student who sent the text — only to learn, with thanks to “translator” Hayley, that the Geordie was hounding Eddie about something utterly benign. But later at a class dinner, sampling indigenous cuisine, Rick’s bite of some japchae triggered a flicker of memories from, it seems, Korea.

Rick eventually updates Kate on his recollection, including a temple he spotted in the flashback. He’s game to trek to Korea to follow up on these new clues, but Kate advises against that — quite wisely, it turns out, seeing as at episode’s end, Rick has another flash that reveals he wasn’t in Korea but Koreatown, in Los Angeles. Thus setting the stage for next week’s episode.

The Case of the Week turned out to involve a crooked judge who had an arrangement with the ESL teacher to shake down students until they were rounded up and sent to a detention facility, where the judge received kickbacks for each bed filled. Once the weasely teach was found out, Castle stepped up to finish the class’ education — Alexis Castle, that is.

What did you think of “And Justice for All”? And was anyone else unsettled by Bearded Perlmutter?

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  1. Grey says:

    So Alexis is a teacher now? She’s everywhere.

    • bob says:

      lol teacher super hacker super pi

    • Sasquatch says:

      She’s absolutely annoying just like the writers. I have never seen a show go down hill so fast!!! And after what I seen on twitter tonight I’m not real impressed with the whole cast, very sad to see them all talking about live tweeting and blanantly leaving out the female lead (who makes the show) Stana should have walked away after last season

      • DarkDefender says:

        Anyone with the time, patience and brain can teach adult Ed.
        P.S. Sasquatch isn’t real and probably doesn’t have a TV.

        • Sasquatch says:

          Pretty sure I have a tv been watching since season 1. Maybe your just in denial

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Have to be certified to teach ESL in my state and many others.

        • Susan Smith says:

          Wrong. You have to have a certification with a certain number of credit hours toward English Major

          • John NYC says:

            For an extension class at an adult education center?

            There’s no such requirement for teaching a class in macrame there.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Yes, JohnNYC, certification is required in many if not most (all?) states including NY. Any course labeled ESL or ESOL isn’t an extension or enrichment class like macramé or how to cook a soufflé. It’s part of the Academic Program like getting a GED. The following is from a neighboring town’s Adult Ed pamphlet: “To teach in the Basic Education/English for Speakers of Other Languages/Diploma programs, send a resume and cover letter noting experience and certification.”

          • John NYC says:

            And that’s from NYC? That’s the relevant locale after all. As opposed to some generalization based in feelings.

      • Steph says:

        I had notice the twitter thing as well, you are totally right. Don’t listen to dark defender!

        • DarkDefender says:

          Most people don’t listen to me. I’ll add you to the list.

          • Sasquatch says:

            But the name dark defender is awesome!! Definitely haven’t been hiding on the dark side or in Italy

          • greeneyes says:

            Darkdefender is probably in denial. Let him live in dark LOL

          • DarkDefender says:

            DrakDefender is a she. Thank you by much.

          • DarkDefender says:

            She can’t spell and apparently takes about herself in the third person.
            Although you are listening to me.. So this is probably going on deaf ears.
            P.S. Sasquatch.. Welcome out of hiding!! You are real. Love it.

          • DarkDefender says:

            And I think the lesson we can all take away from this is that one should proof read before hitting enter on a comment section on the interwebs.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            DarkDefender, you’re amusing me tonight. Thanks.

          • greeneyes says:

            I came here to comment not to give grammar class Darkdefender and I don’t care enough about your comments to see if you are a he or she :D Go figure. At least you brought comedic relief here. Thanks for that “dude” ;)

      • John NYC says:

        Stana could live tweet as easily as not: just takes a Twitter account and the time to watch the show live. Heck Bill Shatner does it for shows he’s not even ion!

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Obviously it’s not her thing to live-tweet. But her absence doesn’t make it any less obvious or excusable that NF and the other cast members went silent tonight when she was onscreen unlike the ep’s writer Adam Frost who praised her work in the scene with the FBI. That Seamus and Jon are now following in Nathan’s footsteps with regard to Stana is pitiful.

          • lindag413 says:

            It is so very sad.I have seen this pattern on Twitter and stopped getting involved.Stana has always said great things about Seamus and Jon and showcases the bts of Castle all the time on Instagram,it is so very sad that they are choosing to follow Nathan in this disrespect.I know they are friends that is great,be professional people take the high road and I do agree with what was mentioned here earlier never have I seen a show go down the drain so fast as this one.

          • Jennifer says:

            The male egos can’t handle that Stana in my opinion is a bigger star than all of them. They need to get over it. If Stana hadn’t resigned last year they would all be in the unemployment line. Team Stana

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I feel the need to state that I think all of the rumor mongering and behind the scenes speculating is a bunch of nonsense. However, if you believe that all of the cast members are against Stana then why don’t you come to the conclusion that she might be the problem? Logic would seem to dictate that if a group of people all dislike the same person then its probably the common denominator’s fault and not that everybody else is just a big meany and can’t handle the other person’s supposed success. I say supposed because let’s be real here, outside of the Stana-stans nobody knows who she is as an actor. Outside of Quantum of Solace and Castle she hasn’t done anything of note.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Gern, I don’t know if “all of the rumor mongering and behind the scenes speculating is a bunch of nonsense” or not. Personally I think there’s some truth to it as far as Nathan is concerned. He’s been studiously avoiding mentioning her and her character for years in interviews and on social media. I don’t believe “that all of the cast members are against Stana.” Individually they do mention her and appear to like her in bts images, but apparently not when they tweet with Nathan. Unwritten rule? Follow the host’s preferences? I don’t know but whatever it was, it was pretty obvious last night. Just rude and childish IMO.
            As for your comment “let’s be real here, outside of the Stana-stans nobody knows who she is as an actor. Outside of Quantum of Solace and Castle she hasn’t done anything of note,” I would reply have any of them? (And don’t bring up Firefly…) All the actors on Castle, except for Susan Sullivan, are known widely only bc of Castle.

          • Susan Smith says:

            It was a blatant snub. Defenders of the behavior of ego think it’s ok. Castle would have NEVER lasted 8 years,without SK. Its appalling the way she has been denigrated and put in a corner for Castle PI.

          • John NYC says:

            Time will tell, but if she made it clear at the last contract negotiations that a) she’s totally out after this season and b) she wanted free time for her family and other projects. Well, then , she very well could be lying in a bed of her own making.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            Castlebuzz, I would argue that Fillion is much more widely known that Katic, but its mainly because of Firefly. Thanks to Joss Whedon’s support he had a well known role in the final season of Buffy and was also in Dr. Horrible. Personally, I knew him from when he was in Two Guys and a Girl. Those four shows are what made me give Castle a try. He spun his Firefly fame into lots of video game and other “geek” work. I know that video games probably aren’t the average TVLine reader’s cup of tea, but many of these games have budgets in line with and make money that rival major Hollywood movies. So, when they cast him its not a small thing. Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t like he’s George Clooney or anything, but his name is much more recognizable than Katic’s. Regardless of this, I was not really trying to put Katic down. Outside of Castle, which I think that she is great in and agree with everyone that says that without her the show is over (Castle needs both her and Fillion to work), I thought that she was really good in CBGB and have enjoyed her pre-Castle work in various television shows where she had a one off appearance. It was more a response to the people saying that the actor’s on the show can’t handle that she is a bigger star than any of them. She isn’t. She is probably on the same level in name recognition as everyone on the show except Fillion and Susan Sullivan who are one step above the rest.

          • John NYC says:

            How long was Fillion on the soap some recent guest stars were on?

            That can establish a following especially for some one in television.

          • John NYC says:

            Okay I looked. Three episodes? Critics made such a big deal of Nathan “wasting” screen time on his “friends” I was sure it’d be years….

            That’s just funny. He was on more of Buffy.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            John NYC, I also see three episodes, but that doesn’t sound right. I had to look it up, but he was on the show for three years and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for the role so, it sounds like he was a regular. I don’t know, but if it was a regular character figure 260 weekdays a year times 3 years and you get roughly 780 episodes.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Nathan was on OLTL for a while, about three years (plus occasional encores). IMDb is famously bad at detailing soap credits.

          • John NYC says:

            Yes something extensive like that was what I was expecting. Well IMDb can get things wrong.

          • John NYC says:

            Ah, that was a much later short return for the character he’d earlier played.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Gern, thanks for the info on Nathan. I never watched any of those shows so I’d never heard of him before Castle. I do think that now the co-stars are on pretty level ground.

        • boom says:

          Shatner use to tweet Castle but no anymore! Come on it’s totally obvious how she’s being treated wake up

          • John NYC says:

            Didn’t know he ever paid attention to Castle, so I was referring to another entertainer being capable of live tweeting about a show even when they weren’t associated, so a live tweet session isn’t exactly rocket science for those that want to do it.

            Since I time shift the shows I tend to scroll over the tweets to avoid being spoiled so there’s nothing “obvious” about the BTS stuff. All that keeping score of supposed slights and screen time by the millisecond is just boring.

        • Ellen says:

          Why would Katic live tweet? Or do any interviews this season? That pokes a hole in the continued cultivation of her as the ostracized victim of the big bad boys club conspiracy this season. And anyone who thinks she’s the bigger name on the show, is definitely in denial. ABC made it pretty obvious which name was and wasn’t expendable to the network when they were planning to move forward on S8 without her. Her failure to capitalize on 7 seasons of Castle by going out and doing late night and other things to increase her visibility and name recognition is her own fault.

      • NDFan says:

        Twitter is still so bizarre to me. It’s worse than a high school rumor mill.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          And just as meaningless. I read the live tweets after the fact to see if someone said something that gives insight to how a scene was approached or a piece of dialogue worked, but there’s rarely anything of any value from the cast. The goal seems to be glib, snarky, silly, and self-serving. Probably why SK doesn’t do it.

          • John NYC says:

            Because she’d feel compelled to reduce herself to her fellow castmates level?

            That’s sort of spineless don’t you think.

      • gretchen thad says:

        NF tweet – “Inviting cast to come live tweet tonight’s episode of #CASTLE, east coast time.” Molly Quinn, Seamus Dever, Jon Huertas, Toks, Tamala and a guest star responded. The only person who left SK out, was SK.

        • Jennifer says:

          That’s because NF can’t handle Stana being a bigger star than him. He has to have all the face time, and all the friends or he’ll take his ball home and not play. News flash, most people still watch Castle out of loyalty to Stana Katic.

          • Mags says:

            oh, I love the generalizations on here — “most people still watch Castle out of loyalty to Stana Katic”? While I love SK, I love NF, and SD, and JH, and TJ, and…um, any of the other cast whose initials I can’t remember, I don’t watch because of my “loyalty” to any of them. I watch b/c (for better or worse) I love the show. And I know I’m probably not the norm, but seriously, all these generalizations (not just yours) about the show and the cast members’ supposed issues with each other or whatever is making it not fun to even come read a freaking recap on TVLine b/c of the “fan fighting.”

            Just my two cents….sorry for the rant.

        • Susan Smith says:

          Umm no, he can’t say everyone but Stana. A person knows when they aren’t really welcome and so does everyone else for that matter.But keep blaming her for their mentioning everyone Except Stana

      • Sims says: drama ??

      • Jennifer says:

        I agree with you. Without Stana playing Beckett there is no show.

      • Donna says:

        The whole cast was invited to live tweet. She obviously was busy or chose not to.

    • BM says:

      What’s bothering me the most are her clothes. I thought she was still a senior in college!

    • greeneyes says:

      I had to skip ahead whenever Alexis or Haley jumped in, which was most of the show really! I miss the Caskett I fell in love with :( Now is just the shadow of what once it used to be…

      • anon123 says:

        that’s the problem right there. you’re expecting the show to always be about castle and beckett.

        • Vanessa says:

          Considering the show has been about Castle and Beckett since episode 1, until this season, it is reasonable to expect it would stay that way. Instead, they changed the show and look what’s happened – it’s tanking. The Caskett relationship, working and at home, is what made this show popular, and is why the greater majority of the fans tuned in week after week. If this had been a show with an ensemble cast, it would be different and your comment correct, but it is not and has never been that.

          • Castlebuzz says:


          • L8wrtr says:

            Well said.
            Again, I didn’t watch the latest episode, but just watched a 2 minute clip where Beckett was going toe-to-toe with a Fed, and wow.. for a moment I felt like I was watching…. CASTLE.. SEASON 8 as I envisioned it before all this mess fell apart.. you know, the Castle we all thought was coming with Beckett as the Captain and finding a new way to have Castle be involved with Ryan and Espo investigating cases while we see things from the Captain’s perspective that we never saw with Gates and Montgomery. There was so much potential back then..

            So after seeing that clip today I thought well maybe, just maybe it’s time to watch it next week… and then I saw some promo clip with Rick, Alexis and the British PI.. Haley? and just about threw up a little, quickly squashing my brief flickering interest in rekindling my Castle interest.

            I just want Castle to be the show we all fell in love with.. you know.. a mystery writer tailing a cop, solving mysteries. No super secret counter plot lines, likable characters that provide meaningful contribution to the narrative.

            Get rid of Alexis (or restore her role to one that at least resembles some sense of reasonableness for a girl her age). Get rid of Haley. Just f’ing end LokSat, and stop the charade of their being split. I’m tired of having to avoid my favorite show because of all the contrivances that this idiot pair of showrunners continues to pull out of their asses.

            :( :( ;(

          • Susan Smith says:


          • Castlebuzz says:

            L8wrtr, that scene you saw was the best and, oh, how I wanted more of it. That’s what I was anticipating for Season 8 too.

          • greeneyes says:

            Couldn’t have said better! The show has been about them right from right from the start. I don’t know why it’s considered a problem to like the leads together who are the essence of the show.

    • John NYC says:

      ESL requires patience more than anything. Something she’s long shown she has in abundance in dealing with her father.

    • leo says:

      Wait till she gets a hand gun and follows in her grandparents footsteps, that’s probably in the L.A.

  2. bob says:

    it was okay the last episode was better and i saw beckett in the promo so looks like she may at least be in it also next weeks is the last before a little hiatus

  3. Dina says:

    Do you think Martha’s speech at the end of the episode, about the important contributions immigrants bring to our country, was a response to anti-immigration comments made over the past months by Republican candidates?

    • DarkDefender says:

      Alexi Hawley tweeted that the episode would be “timely,” so I’m guessing it was a response to the GOP anti-immigration comments.

      • There’s a difference between immigration and ILLEGAL immigration!

        • DarkDefender says:

          Point taken, Barbara… But the GOP doesn’t want any kind of immigration (i.e.: Syrian Refuges and/or immigrants who are perceived to follow the Muslim religion).
          They do, apparently, advocate immigration for marriage… to rich guys with fake tans and crazy hair comb overs.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      Ya think? Typical liberal oversimplification and misrepresentation of a complex issue. For the record, none of the Republican candidates have made anti-immigration comments at any time. For crying out loud, Rubio and Cruz are Hispanic and are just a generation from their immigrant roots. The issue, as Barbara Wilkin points out, is ILLEGAL immigration and what to do about it. The question is whether the US or any nation can remain a sovereign entity when it doesn’t know who is within its borders. And that’s not going to be solved by Hallmark card-like platitudes.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Could they make Alexis Castle anymore insufferable?!

    • Just one thing says:

      Don’t tempt the universe.

    • L8wrtr says:

      Given the ‘imagination’ of the idiot show runners, yes.. I’m quite confident thaty she can get tragically more insufferable. I’d say don’t give them any ideas, but clearly they don’t read any of these comments or they’d acknowledge that the fans are sick and tired of them amusing themselves with they’re really fun and exciting story ideas. After reading each summary, I’m blown away at the new and exciting avenues that they are exploring and that were only possible because they imposed the LockSat storyline.

  5. mazel tov says:

    As has been my approach for weeks I DVR Castle and then read the reviews and comments to see whether it is worth watching. Do far this episode gets erased and not watched.

  6. KateFaulkner27 says:

    Bearded Perlmutter scares me.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Like serial killer scary.
      Would be a creepy twist if he was LokSat.
      Or an actual serial killer…
      Or maybe his “twin” brother is a killer..
      Or the brother loves Castle.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      Really? I like him with the beard. BTW Matt this wasn’t the first time we saw him with a beard this season. Don’t remember which ep from the fall but I do recall it surprised me then.
      Loved his interaction with Beckett tonight. I’ve always had the feeling that he had a “thing” for Kate. Wonder if he really has an identical twin or he made that up as a way to set up a “blind” date with her in the future. Ha, ha.

    • c-mo says:

      I love Permutter any way I can get him!

  7. DarkDefender says:

    This is the episode that should have aired instead of Sleeper. I thought it was another well rounded episode. I’m actually looking forward to next week. My fav scene was in the morgue with Pearlmutter, Castle and Beckett.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      Yeah, this ep would have worked so well in the middle of season 7 (minus Hayley and super Alexis). That’s when Rick’s disappearance needed to be resolved. This plus whatever’s coming next week is rather too little too late.

  8. Just one thing says:

    Nothing is more entertaining than watching a woman have to kiss her husband like he’s her grumpy seven-year-old kid, or being kiss-blocked by said husband. Or having him joke about bowel movements.
    So fun and funny. Many lulz.
    I can’t wait to see the show explain why Kate can’t possibly investigate her husband’s disappearance with him next week. That’s going to be a blast.

    • DarkDefender says:

      They were in the morgue, so kissing would be a bit creepy.
      Natural bodily functions are fair game for joking.
      Being a Captain of a police precinct in NYC, doesn’t allowed for impromptu cross country travel. Even if your sig other is super rich and you may have some vacation time built up. Aside from the fact that bi-coastal serial killer, kinda implies they are working diff angles of the same case. Makes sense for the boss to stay in NY.
      But you know all this.

      • Just one thing says:

        The “master of the macabre” and “ladies’ man” can’t kiss the wife he barely sees in a morgue that he’s visited a hundred times?
        A college student has time to work with her dad full-time and fly across the country with their international criminal buddy to investigate Castle’s mysterious disappearance?
        A precinct captain has time to interrogate suspects every week, but not to take a couple days’ vacation in support of her husband?
        If you say so, buddy.

        • Elhar says:

          Don’t ruin his theory (or bubble) with your logic! :)

          • White Tulip says:

            + 1 !

            I have a theory : Kate has used all her vacation to do the nasty with her hubby in the six countries , as it was mentionned in « Dead Red »..ya know, in the off screen version of the show where all the good stuff happens (meaningful discussions between the two, romance etc …)…thus, she can’t go with him to L.A… makes sense right ? ;-p

          • Just one thing says:

            This makes total sense. Thanks!

    • Brad says:

      Probably with a captain can’t go all the way to la

  9. Alex says:

    Well, the last episodes were starting to get better but this one was terrible. And why are they writing Alexis like that ?? If you want to give her more screen time at least make her more likeable.

    • Just one thing says:

      The hilarious thing is that they think they ARE making her likable. Just like, one can only guess, they think the PI biz is resonating with viewers. Or maybe they think it will resonate with SOME viewers. One day.

    • annie says:

      According to Hawley on Twitter Alexis and Hayley are “magic.” That man and I must use different versions of the English language.

      • Castlebuzz says:

        Yep, for writers these guys have a strange way with simple words. In this case, ‘magic’ in Hawley’s universe may mean “now I see it, now you don’t.”

  10. James D says:

    I enjoyed this episode. it wasn’t the best of 8b but I thought it was very entertaining. I’m looking forward to getting some more insight into the Castle mystery.

  11. Brad says:

    Lol I like how people get pissed of by Alexis it’s not unheard of for a college student to go to school and work 8 hours a day

    • Boom says:

      Point is she’s never in school, I mean come on they work cases through out the day pretty much.

      • KLS says:

        She did mention her psych professor last week, so she’s still in school. She should be a senior now.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I’m a college senior. I have one last class that I am in the middle of taking and it meets exactly once a week for an hour. And I know of other people that are in the class with me that are in the same situation. Its not that uncommon for seniors to have class schedules like this.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Jeez, in ancient times when I was a senior with a schedule like that, I filled my time with graduate courses, lab research, and special seminars in other fields. It was called getting a well-rounded education not finishing the required course credits. And, yes, I worked too.

          • John NYC says:

            Yes but whale oil lighting was SO expensive back then.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Why do you think had to work?

          • Gern Blanston says:

            Well, bully for you. I have a job where I work 37+ hours a week, a wife that I spend time with, and a house that I work on. Its called being an adult and not having free time and money to waste on a bunch of pointless classes in order to avoid growing up. My original comment was just an illustration as to why the character of Alexis isn’t at school all of the time and would have time to be a PI.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            How old are you? I was 20 when I graduated with a double-major BS/BA and almost a year of grad credit toward my MS & PhD. As a bio major I had 4 to 5 4-hour labs a day plus lectures and seminars, plus I tutored and worked as a lab assistant for 15-20 hours a week. No spouse, no house, but I was hardly avoiding “growing up.”
            But our personal stories are irrelevant. The problem many fans have with Alexis is that all of a sudden nothing we learned about her for seven years seems relevant to the character she’s being portrayed as this season. In 7×23 she was all weepy with her dad worrying that she wasn’t amazing, had no passion. So now we find her passion is being a PI on insurance fraud cases and not only is she amazing, she’s super-sleuth. How much more interesting if they had developed her in this her senior year as a young person gradually learning her strengths and coming to a conclusion about her interests and serious career path.

          • lindag413 says:

            I could read your posts all day long.You are the voice of reason and you are not intimidated by snark.I look forward to your next post.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            lindag413, if you’re referring to me, thank you.

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    the online visitors; they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

  13. mari says:

    I loved it! The show is really back on track after a horrible fall.
    And given the “campaigning” for Super Tuesday, I really appreciated Martha talking about how the real America is inclusive of all immigrants.

  14. John NYC says:

    Fun episode. The dramedy ones are my favorite after all and I liked this ones balance.

    Hope to close that “missing” and “loksat” sooner rather than later.

  15. NDFan says:

    I enjoyed the episode and I actually like Haley and Alexis. I’ve always liked Castle because of all the characters on the show. Yes things are different, but life is full of change. I always thought of Castle as a fun, escapist type of show, and it continues to do that for me. Looking forward to next week’s episode.

  16. borkak says:

    Did anyone else notice Vikram in the AT&T commercial that aired during the show? It took place in the AT&T store with the sales girl that’s been in all the AT&T commercials. Vikram is a customer that’s using a laptop. I thought I was seeing things but I asked someone else and they thought it was either Vikram or his twin brother.
    I also thought people would be happy Alexis is getting another interest besides super-sleuthing, although I think she and Haley are going to be the new Castle show or spin off.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      Yep, same actor. That commercial was introduced last week I believe. Kind of funny that it was shown during Castle.

    • KLS says:

      I actually thought Alexis would make a good Nancy Drew. Wrong network and too young though. The series went older.

  17. Castlebuzz says:

    Generally an OK ep. I enjoyed it overall and especially liked the use of the ESL students to disrupt the FBI tracking the judge. Quite the caper. Also enjoyed the morgue scene. Stana’s expressions were priceless. Unfortunately, it was obvious the teacher was the killer and once the corrupt judge was introduced, it was clear that they were in cahoots with each other. I would have preferred less time spent on Martha pontificating about the importance of immigrants to the making of this country (hardly something that needs a scene in this show) and more time devoted to making the COTW more intricate and the clash between the NYPD and FBI more heated. I would have loved to have seen Captain Beckett’s reaction to hearing her two best homicide detectives were taking down by the agents.
    Worst scene? At the PI office with Alexis (can she get any more disrespectful of her father?) and Hayley (can she get any more boring?) and Rick (did Nathan shoot that scene or did they use the clip from the first Slaughter episode from season 5 when he reacted to the news about the heads in the bag?).

  18. Jeff Bembaron says:

    Great episode, with a lead in to Castle’s story next week.

  19. Maria says:

    I stopped watching a while ago. But my husband had Castle on last night and I walked through the family room just in time for…surprise!!…another stopped kiss between Castle and Beckett.
    Haven’t been missing much, have I?

  20. lame says:

    The ep was ok, the most interesting part is the recollection of images from RC’S disappearance. How do you get from Koreatown in L.A. to floating unconscious on the Atlantic . Keeping my fingers crossed , that it doesn’t turn into the cluster wreak the abduction was.

    • KLS says:

      Thailand, LA, Montreal, Glouchester (MA) in 8 weeks. Shot, chased, Dengue Fever, safe deposit boxes (3 videos), camping, floating in boat for 2 weeks, memory erased….

      Sounds like a humongous task to tie these together.

      • Castlebuzz says:

        Well, when you put it that way, KLS… LOL. Getting more and more ludicrous by the second. This is the problem when you introduce a big story-changing event out of the blue without knowing how it’s going to end and then don’t deal with it within a reasonable timeframe. It’s the same thing they’re doing this year with LokSat and the separation.

  21. Myron Freeman says:

    Final scene without Kate Beckett shows how ridiculous this “separation” nonsense is.

  22. TvLover says:

    Hmmm . . . . I think Alexis must secretly have a time turner like in Harry Potter because wow!
    She can do P.I. Work with her dad and Hayley, teach ESL would she have to be certified to do that? And she maintains a normal college kids life with friends and studying for her degree in . . . .?
    Does anyone actually know what her degree is supposed to be?
    Look, all joking aside, I’m glad that Molly Quinn is getting more screen time. I just would rather it be somewhat logical.
    As for the episode last night, I enjoyed the morgue scene, and the scene with the immigrants but that was it.
    Just have to wait and see how the writers wrap up Castle disappearance thing.

  23. cogrady53 says:

    UK viewers, prepare to be appalled at a supposed Geordie accent! They could have hired Jimmy Naill but instead have a guy do a bad Glaswegian accent and claim its Geordie!

    I really liked last week’s weird puzzler of an episode, this one was much more meh! The show is always fun thanks to Nathan Fillion but a rather dull episode with lots of dodgy accents

  24. Fran says:

    I’m with you Mags! I love the show!!!

    • leo says:

      The problem is the overnight ratings, a 1.1 demo, is this season’s median but the 5.3 mil viewers is a loss and the final adjustment might be lower, ouch.

  25. M Goldberg says:

    I wish they’d wait til she doesn’t renew her contract to write Stana Latic out of the show. Even though they got Casket back together, these last shows have been very Fillion driven. And while I love him, I very much miss the interaction between the two.

    • Susan Smith says:

      The fact the show has become Fillion centric and #BadAssBeckett less is why millions have stopped watching and the demo numbers are horrible

      • Morisot says:

        I’ve often found the Beckett-centric episodes dreary. (And the show is “Castle” !)

        • Castlebuzz says:

          LOL. You sound like Nathan.

          • Susan Smith says:

            And when it was Caskett(NF/SK) the show had several million more viewers and much higher ratings.Now the Castle(NF) centric show is failing so fast many critics think the show will be cancelled. Numbers don’t lie.

        • Castlefan says:

          As a Brit I didn’t even think it approached Glaswegian! Sounded more Asian to me, but certainly nothing like Geordie. Painful. And no Geordie would be taking an ESL class: may be incomprehensible to others, but they’d never say they didn’t speak English.

  26. Rebecca l Gaylor says:

    I loved it dont take this show off

  27. Tammy says:

    I really liked the episode…and I love Perlmutter!!!

  28. Susan says:

    We loved this episode! We are also enjoying this season and hoping for a renewal for next season.

  29. annek says:

    For me, another ho-hum episode. The first Caskett scene was dull, Rick being silly again and Kate treating him like her child – including that kiss on the cheek and “darling” – isnt that Martha’s pet for him? The morgue scene was annoying, can Kate stick up for her husband just once with Perlmutter? And the non-kiss? And he never looked her in the eyes. No romance at all anymore. Off to LA Rick goes with his gals, without Beckett, these two are no longer a team. So much for ‘always’. These writers/showrunners dont have the talent to solve the missing time in a satisfactory way.

  30. Curtis Highbridge says:

    P-Mutter is there to remind Castle his charm not for all. Keeps Castles’s ego in check as well as validates the break up… Interesting to note he has a private practice and assume like Castle not on the NYPD clock all the time.. Getting used to Beckett’s and Castle’s new roles and glad the reunion allows for some pillow talk.. Would like to see Beckett and Alexsis solve a few together…

  31. leo says:

    I hope against hope that Winter/Hawley begin the slow comprehensive glide to wrapping up this series with class. Where all the lose ends are tied, where the prospective futures of the characters are given a vision of where they might go, where Caskett seems at peace with the direction their lives have taken, where Beckett seeks treatment for her manic obsession. It is becoming obvious that SK is not returning,[ her negotiated reduction of time on set ] so letting the final episodes be conclusive to complete the Caskett arch.

    • jahoney1 says:

      Don’t hold out much hope for that. I suspect the negotiated reduction of time on set has to do with preplanned project that happened during negotiations and the fact that she does not make as much a Fillion does. 100,000 per episode for him and I suspect she is making fifteen to twenty percent less that that which would put her around 80,000-85,000

  32. Amogh says:

    well guys i just watched castle s02 final episodes and the season 3 premier after a long time and gotta say the ship has already sunk….. :(

    • leo says:

      Those were two exceptional episodes, when the bar was very high.

      • leo says:

        That season finale drove everyone nuts over the summer. The season 3 premier completed that arch nicely.

        • Amogh says:

          ya your right….but seeing those episodes again i realised that the show had been about caskett!!!
          Beckett’s past was just a twist to rattle and then nurture their relationship!!!
          seasons 5&6 were actually well crafted and carried over given that there was no YES or NO situation between them anymore!!!
          But i was astonished as to how they managed to tumble the show so quickly!! :(

  33. Ruth says:

    Where was Beckett. The show is horrible without her