The X-Files Season 11 Spoilers Annabeth Gish

The X-Files' Annabeth Gish Talks the 'Shock' of Reyes Colluding With CSM

X-Files fans, no one was more shocked to learn that Monica Reyes was the one lighting C.G.B. Spender’s cigarette than the flame-holder herself.

Agent Reyes’ apparent change in loyalties, revealed in the revival’s finale on Monday, “was a shock to me, as well, when I read the script,” portrayer Annabeth Gish tells TVLine. The actress was so unsettled about Monica’s proximity to Spender, aka Cigarette Smoking Man, she discussed the plot twist with series creator Chris Carter, “mainly because I was like, ‘Noooo, not Monica! No!'”

You’ll remember that Reyes was there for Scully’s Mulder-less era — she even helped deliver William under less-than-ideal circumstances — and Gish says that her character’s actions can be viewed as stemming from that devotion to Dana.

“I think in the larger story, what she did was really still a testament to her friendship and loyalty to Scully,” she says. “And maybe perhaps in upcoming episodes, which it seems like we’ll be doing, that will be revealed, as to why.”

Gish, who’s currently recurring on Scandal as journalist/Fitz’s new lady, Lillian, adds that she’d “absolutely” be interested in coming back for another season of The X-Files. “I think, as evidenced by the response, there is an audience for it, and when there’s an audience, there’s a sentiment for it.”

But she has one request: that Reyes’ old partner, Robert Patrick’s John Doggett, returns, too. She adds: “It’s not the same without everybody back.”

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  1. This is where I’d post the Star Wars Force Awakens “traitor” meme, but alas…

  2. Drew says:

    “aka Cancer Smoking Man” — that’d be a disturbing scene.
    I was really bummed to see what they did with her. I guess she is the latest informant for Mulder and Scully, probably positioned high in the government somewhere at this point, but it’s still sad.

  3. Memy says:

    I thinks it was a great idea. We don’t know the whole story. Maybe Reyes is doing that in order to protect William….who knows?
    I need season 11 like NOW

    • suzi says:

      That was my thought as well, that she would only do it for a good reason, with William being that reason. I think we will indeed get a Season 11, making many people happy, and giving others more cause to complain.

  4. Michael says:

    Chris Carter did the same thing in the Millennium series: Have a partner and then make them the bad guy in the last season to give them something to do.

    Good luck getting Robert Patrick to come back. He has stated that he doesn’t like to go back to old roles and he’s busy on the TV show Scorpion.

    • Drew says:

      He also did the big apocalyptic outbreak on Millennium, with only the group having the ability to vaccinate themselves against it… Then they were renewed for another season and the series had to do what The X-Files will end up doing. Backstep, downsize and play it all off as less of an apocalypse than they thought it was.
      Only this time, we will get the X-Files version of Wesley Crusher out of it. A character so annoying that he managed to drag down the entire season without ever even appearing!

  5. David4 says:

    It’s simply called bad writing and plotting, something Chris Carter and X-Files fans know too well.

  6. Cate53 says:

    I loved Reyes so was rather dismayed to see her be in cahoots with CSM. However, there has to be more to it, Reyes needs more episodes to explain the truth

  7. Gabby Simone says:

    I was so excited for a Scully/Reyes girl power reunion and what did we get? Scully not recognizing her good friend’s voice and Reyes identifying herself like a soap opera as “someone who once helped” Scully instead of “Dana, this is Monica.” Basically, Chris Carter turned Reyes into a caricature and it was so disappointing! Reyes was the only female friend we ever saw Scully have and she delivered William and helped protect him. IF we could’ve seen Reyes really torn up and guilt-ridden, telling Scully in desperation how she was blackmailed or held hostage, etc. I could’ve gone for it. But Reyes would’ve never willingly chosen to live with a few elite while the rest of the planet died. That is so far out of character for Monica “whale songs” Reyes. And the line about how CSM “loves” Mulder? Come on, that’s just stupid. And what was the reason CSM contacted Reyes? To light his smokes? The ONLY reason that makes any sense is to use her to get to William—since she knows his powers and about his adoption—so CSM could use William as a bargaining chip against the aliens. But if that’s what happened, we got no indication of it. Considering how many times things were repeated so we wouldn’t miss them, such as Scully saying “we have a child together,” Carter should’ve reminded old viewers (and informed new ones) of the depth of Reyes’ connection to Scully and about her connection to William. He should’ve also reminded us that CSM is Mulder’s biological father. I hope in Season 11, Reyes’ motivations are shown to be much more complex than what we’ve been given so far.

    • dean says:

      That scene was awful. I always found Reyes obnoxious, practically hated her… But even I thought it was ridiculous that Scully wouldn’t recognize her voice.

  8. Dee Coviello says:

    agree! i think robert patrick and his character were fantastic! (i needed a break from mulder’s whining – although i emphasized. lol. even scully couldn’t live with him.)

  9. Dee Coviello says:

    agreed. i thought robert patrick AND his character were terrific. (although i sympathized with mulder, i grew tired of his whining speech. lol. even scully couldn’t live with him!)

  10. Jesse says:

    I think they could play it off in a future season that Reyes was a double agent, secretly working against CSM all while feeding him cigarettes (gross) in his inner sanctum.

    Reyes has been aware of the plot for years, and once CSM gave her the protective alien DNA, she could have been secretly working behind the scenes to produce an antidote en mass to the population’s breakdown in immune system . Whereas Scully was able to produce one or two vials of antidote serum on short notice, Reyes could have a stockpile manufactured for the world somewhere, unbeknownst to CSM.

    • Gabby Simone says:

      If Reyes is a double agent, she should’ve told Scully. It doesn’t make sense for her to reach out to her to while making excuses for CSM. I really hope Carter has heard how irritated we are with how they’ve nearly ruined a good character and that he turns it around to redeem her in Season 11.

  11. Nigel Robinson says:

    I’d love to see Doggett and Reyes return as main characters alongside Mulder, Scully and Skinner. They all work brilliantly together, as evidenced by ‘Essence’, ‘Existence’ and ‘The Truth’.