X-Files Finale Recap: The End of the World as We Know It?

X-Files Revival Finale Recap

Holy Alien Scully, that X-Files revival flew by like a UFO over Lake Okobogee, didn’t it?

Season 10’s sixth and final episode, “My Struggle II,” once more examined Scully and Mulder’s run-in with the powerful men who want to destroy the world. The backdrop for the angst on this go-around: a nationwide epidemic in which ordinary citizens fell ill to a mysterious, quick-moving and really disgusting sickness.

Was this the giant, manmade crisis Mulder prophesied in the revival’s premiere? Does everyone really have alien DNA floating around in their bodies, as a resurfaced Tad O’Malley stridently stated? What did Monica Reyes have to do with anything? And what the heck was up with that cliffhanger ending?!

Read on for the highlights of the episode, then be sure to check out our post mortem with series creator Chris Carter!

* The episode opened, as we learned it would a few weeks ago, with Scully narrating her journey while photos from the original series’ run piled up on a table. But when she reminded us that she’d tested her own DNA and gotten some hinky results, the shot changed to present-day Scully in scrubs… and morphing into a big-headed, shiny-eyed alien.

* When Scully showed up to the basement office and Mulder wasn’t there, she quickly realized that he’d been watching Tad O’Malley — whose Web series was back on the air. O’Malley asserted that something huge was going down re: the alien DNA he claimed was in everyone’s body… and Scully freaked the heck out.

* After taking some of Agent Einstein’s blood, Scully realized that soldiers and members of the military were starting to show signs of anthrax infection. In a truly Mulderesque leap, she determined that meant that the END OF DAYS WAS NIGH and started making pronouncements like “We’re witnessing what may be the advent of a global contagion.”

* Turns out, she wasn’t wrong — and when Monica Reyes contacted her and said that there was a “Spartan virus” inside all of us that will be humanity’s undoing, Scully hypothesized that the DNA she thought was bad was actually good; in fact, per Reyes, the genetic material that made Scully the most special snowflake of all (thanks to her abduction) was going to save her. (Oh, and you wanna know how Reyes knows this? She’s Cigarette Smoking Man’s gal Friday. She really is the worst, isn’t she?)

* Awesome, right? Except when Scully went to make an antidote out of her DNA, the weird stuff was gone. Like, just gone.

* Meanwhile, Mulder fought off one of Cigarette Smoking Man’s henchmen, then drove to South Carolina to point a gun at the burned bastard himself. But Mulder was already getting sick by the time he confronted his nemesis — and turned down CSM’s offer to live on in the new ruling class.

* Agent Miller somehow got into CSM’s home and rescued Mulder, just as Scully and Einstein located Scully’s bespoke DNA by taking a larger blood sample. Einstein then fell ill, but Scully was able to make a cure and get it into the younger agent before it was too late.

* Despite hellacious traffic and a freaked-out citizenry, Scully made it to Miller and Mulder. But Fox was so bad off, Scully determined he needed stem cells ASAP — from William. Just as Miller and Scully were lamenting that they didn’t know where William was, a UFO appeared above them and… THAT’S IT. We ended with a tight shot of Scully’s eye, looking up at the glowing craft hovering above her.

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