Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf Recap: If the Shoes Fit... Plus: Hear From the Beast

Assuming Teen Wolf isn’t serving up another delicious red herring for us to choke on, Tuesday’s episode — which also featured the long-awaited return of Crystal Reed! — revealed the teenager that lurks within the Beast of Gévaudan.

Ready? … Are you sure? … OK, here goes: It’s Mason! After a harrowing battle with the Beast at Beacon Hills High, Scott and Liam tracked its scent to Mason’s car, in which they discovered that elusive pair of bloody size-10 shoes.

Khylin Rhambo spoke with reporters earlier this week about the big reveal: “I was so excited. Since I was first cast on the show, I wanted to be involved in some type of supernatural element. That was my dream. To be such a huge, ravenous creature — that was really cool. I didn’t even guess myself. I truly didn’t.”

Of course, most of the hour was spent in a flashback to France in the 1700s, where the original Beast met his match in the form of Allison’s ancestor Marie, the first Argent hunter. With the help of her husband-to-be Henri, she hunted and killed the Beast, whose true form happened to be that of her brother (guest star Gilles Marini).

The whole “beast and a brother” concept actually makes me glad that Mason is, in fact, the overgrown Stitch in question. Liam has always treated Mason like the brother he never had, so to see him step up and do what’s necessary — no matter how much Mason has grown on me this season — would really bring the legend full circle.

While we’re talking about things coming full circle, how glad are you that Gerard and Argent are trying to turn Lydia into the new Allison? Lydia is a badass, beast-taming banshee, and I’m so glad she’s finally being treated as such.

Your thoughts on this week’s Teen Wolf? Did you correctly guess that Mason was the Beast? Whatever you’re feeling, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Jason says:

    I called it last week! Mason!!

  2. Jimmy says:

    Great episode. Didn’t see that coming. For a minute there I actually thought they were going to reveal that Lydia was distantly related Argent.

  3. Me says:

    Jeff Davis writes the worst reveals and cliffhangers out there, what a very predictable filler episode, Mason being the beast was called since episode 11.
    The acting was abismal but that was mostly because the Script was just the worst, and having to hear this story with Gerard Argent’s voice just added to all the awfulness, along with Crystal’s accent and Giles acting.
    The only good thing was having Crystal on screen again, but she needs to stay away from any Jeff Davis product, this show is just utter crap since season 3B ended. how sad it had all the potential

    • hannah says:

      if you think the show is crap you really should stop watching and stop acting like you care by posting on forums.

      • smarvelous314 says:

        If he chooses to keep watching a show he obliviously watch from season one, then that’s his choice to do so) and i can respect that critisim.

        Its also HIS right to post, HIS opinion. So shut the hell up and stop acting as if being honest is a f****** crime.

      • When you’ve invested a lot of time in a show, sometimes you keep watching it even after it becomes a complete and utter trainwreck. I’m still quite fond of Lydia, Scott and Stiles even though I think that the storyline is ridiculous. I loved TW for the first three seasons but it has been pretty terrible for a while now and the lack of quality is now reflecting in the ratings. If you like this show, you should probably avoid telling others to “stop watching” because they can’t afford to lose anymore eyeballs, even if they are the eyeballs of viewers who think that the show is crap.

        The beast’s backstory was absolutely purposeless. I love Crystal and think that she is a very solid young actress but her accent was terrible and Giles was about as menacing as a poodle. Plus, he’s a terrible actor.

    • Dani says:

      Yet you keep watching? Really?

    • Bryan says:

      stop watching. that’s what i did. there are a lot more cohesive shows out there. If I could suggest, iZOmbie, The 100

  4. Alex says:

    Called it being Mason weeks ago

  5. Pamela Harris says:

    I Love that they are doing that with Lydia and the way she’s was talking to the aregants she’s so bad ass

  6. Jenny says:

    I think we all knew it was mason, or had suspension;either way can’t wait until next week!

  7. Joe says:

    This episode was absolutely terrible. Second worst episode in the show’s history. The present day scenes were a mess of screaming, running mobs of people. The flashbacks were dark, boring, and full of terrible accents. I loved Crystal being back, but she couldn’t single handedly save this train wreck.

  8. Melissa says:

    This episode was one of the worst episodes TW ever had. Crystal said in the last interview that she practiced 2 weeks with an accent coach so that she could nail the French accent. But that accent was abysmal.
    And the acting was also worse than in other episodes. I was looking forward to watch the Argent backstory but Crystal’s acting in those flashbacks was bad as well. It didn’t help that the script wasn’t good either.
    I hope the next episode is better.

  9. Jasmine says:

    i called it months ago. He was the only character viewers were remotely invested in, that wasn’t a main character or already ruled out.

  10. CK says:

    My main issue with this reveal is that once again they probably won’t kill the main villain. Aside from that, I wasn’t that surprised after the last episode. He seemed to be one of the few characters that they’ve invested enough time in to actually inject some emotion in the resolution. I enjoyed seeing Crystal Reed again, but I was completely over the flashbacks after the accents kicked in.

  11. jrex says:

    So if not a red herring can Mason be redeemed as Stiles was? The conceit is that the Beast is actually the spirit of the original Beast and hasn’t yet fully taken over the oblivious teenage boy!

    Frankly the whole Beast seems like something different from the “normal” werewolves we come to know. And how about that reveal of Scott in werewolf form battling the Beast in front of his high school classmates in the school library?

  12. John036 says:

    Can they stop making Lydia so dependent on Parrish, please. It’s ruining Lydia’s character

  13. Sara says:

    Everything pointed to Mason so I knew it immediately.

  14. Mia says:

    This episode was extremely boring! After 15 minutes I had to ask myself what am I watching?? Please bring on new writers.

  15. Dave says:

    Where is THEO?

  16. Joe says:

    I hate how irrelevant Scott has actually been this season., it feels like it could have easily been pulled off without him. The show made such a big deal of calling him a true alpha and then made him as weak as betas in most episodes.

  17. adewale ayomide says:

    Love aving alison back on screen but y mason? And where d hell is kira and theo? Plssss bring back derek

    • hellen says:

      I really do miss derek, he was the only one i could say was the thread holding the series together. without him the story is boring and predictable.
      And scott is so useless that i am wondering what he is doing in the show even he being a true aipha but he is weak more than his beta. please bring derek back

  18. Gerald says:

    Theo and the Dread Doctors are the true Big Bad and I wonder if Mason’s boyfriend was protecting him or if he was going to deliver him to Theo or the Dread Doctors. Still not clear on why the Dread Doctors were even reviving him. I love the show but this season has been the most convoluted.

  19. Sarah says:

    This episode was boring.. I didn’t like the flashbacks. I was happy when Allison died, so bringing Crystal Reed back wasn’t exciting for me. First time in a long time I haven’t enjoyed an episode. Didn’t see Mason as the Beast twist coming…. Where is Derek? I thought he would be here by now to help out the Pack.

  20. e. says:

    G-d I really miss Allison on this show. Great character. I wish they could bring her back.

  21. Pooja says:

    I knew it was mason! Like stiles was the nogitsune mason is the beast! I KNEW IT.!!

    • farsia2010 says:

      Yeah that is exactly what I thought and was a bit disappointed in this reveal though they spun it in a fun way with him getting whisked away. Since when can these Chimeras include others in their powers though?

  22. Flashrow says:

    So nobody is saying anything about Marie Jeane was cut by the beast and she didn’t turn on a werewolf. After that moments I was waiting the fight were beast again beast. The reference of drinking water reminds me Hemlock Grove season 1.

  23. farsia2010 says:

    I kinda figured that Mason was the beast. What I really want to see is some power in Scott’s Alpha, we were getting it but now it’s like he regressed back, he is constantly getting his butt kicked and doesn’t know what he is doing. I want to see a badass Alpha and a man with a plan in Scott. Also I want more of a united pack now that they are together, we had the entire first half of the season with them separated now I want a united front with a strong leader. I bet now though Scott will do him best to save Mason just like he tried to save all the other Chimeras.

  24. Kayode says:

    But guys, what if it’s a set up, remember during the flash back in France, someone tried to cover up for the beast, what if Mason isn’t the beast?

  25. Cate says:

    Wasn’t Mason in the locker room with the camouflage kid last week, when chaos errupted OUTSIDE because the beast showed up?

    • Jake Molfo says:

      No. They were on the school bus looking for size 10 shoes while the charity lacrosse game was going on. THEN, the beast showed up and chaos erupted.

  26. spu says:

    OK I only have one question : WHERE THE HELL WAS KIRA?

  27. JR says:

    It had to be mason, he was the only character that has been on all season that didn’t already have a purpose other than to kind of be Liam’s Styles. That was pretty clear a few weeks ago.

    • JR says:

      Also, have Scott and Liam outted themselves to most of the school now?

    • Damien says:

      Totally agree with you. It was pretty obvious but is still shocking that it’s Mason.
      You’d think they would have outted themselves on what I especially Scott in the library which he turned in front of a few people while hiding.

  28. Harry says:

    Liam seems to be stronger than Scott who’s a true alpha. Scott was stronger as a beta than as a True Alpha.

  29. Harry says:

    Theo was supposed to be the villain here….. not the beast.

  30. Bert says:

    why everyone in this show needs to be supernatural? he was a great human character… cute and funny. :((

  31. sr says:

    Umm how come Scott turns into a werewolf in front of the kids from his high school? And then Liam and Maliah join him as well. lol. Are they going to pretend in the upcoming episode that the kids in the library didn’t notice 3 werewolves. :D

  32. Scarlett says:

    did isaac die