Mistresses Season 4: Alyssa Milano Still Out, [Spoiler] Back as Series Regular!

A very important woman from Harry’s past will disrupt his love affair with Joss on Mistresses‘ upcoming Season 4 — but, no, it won’t be his ex-wife Savi.

TVLine has learned exclusively that despite the ABC summer sudser moving production back from Vancouver to Los Angeles, Alyssa Milano will not return as a series regular to the role she played in Seasons 1 and 2. (Milano famously exited ahead of Season 3, citing her reluctance to uproot her two young children and separate her family.)

The door remains open, however, for Milano to make a guest appearance later in the season, according to a show insider.

Meanwhile, Tabrett Bethell (Legend of the Seeker) will bring some single-and-childless mischief to the mix when she returns to the now series-regular role of Harry’s sister Kate.

mistresses-season-4-tabrett-bethell-series-regular-harry-sisterFans might recall that Bethell’s Kate appeared once before, in a Season 2 episode where Harry considered moving back to Australia and taking over the beachside seafood shack he loved throughout his childhood. Her return presumably fills a “fourth mistress” void created by the show’s decision to make Jennifer Esposito’s Calista a “one-year character.”

We hear that Kate will return from Down Under in search of love, but find it in all the wrong places — a fact that will cause tension between herself and Harry (Brett Tucker), herself and Joss (Jes Macallan), and even Joss and Harry. But that drama won’t prevent her from becoming integrated into the core group of women, including Yunjin Kim’s Karen and Rochelle Aytes’ April.

Mistresses‘ Season 3 finale ended with Harry boarding a plane to shoot a food-based reality series alongside real-life celeb chef Rocco DiSpirito, while an unhinged Wilson (dressed as his imprisoned/suicidal fashion designer boss Calista) pointed a gun at Joss, and hissed, “Where you goin’, lovely?”

Savi, meanwhile, hasn’t been seen since the Season 2 finale, when she discovered sister Joss in a steamy beach embrace with Savi’s ex-husband Harry.

Bummed that Milano’s Savi won’t be back in the Mistresses‘ inner circle? Excited about the return of Kate? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Jay says:

    I’ll have to go back and re-watch that episode with Harry’s sis in it. Can’t remember her. Wished that Jennifer Esposito was coming back as a series regular. Still looking forward to this show in the summer!

  2. Yolanda says:

    So Alyssa Milano lied about the reason for not doing season 3… I don’t like her anymore as an actress if she doesn’t care about her fans at all. She now has no reason to not do season 4. It’s being filmed in LA and she doesn’t have any movie projects lined up. What a mocktress.

    • KayCeeCee says:

      Maybe in the past year her life changed and she now has other commitments. It’s not like was just home waiting from the return to LA.

      • johnhelvete says:

        I agree. At the end of the day, acting is just another job and if Milano wants to do other things right now with her life than good for her.

    • A fan of TV says:

      How do you know she has ‘no reason’? There was no indication the move to Vancouver was a one-year thing, and she very well could have other commitments now that prevent a full-time return. Maybe the reason she really left was more personal, more dramatic (cast chemistry), and she took the high road by giving the second most important reason she chose to bow out. Had she told the truth about something more dramatic, it would have ruined the show for everyone else. Let it go, enjoy your show, and accept that sometimes your personal needs cannot be met. It’s just the way the world works.

    • Patrick says:

      Or maybe the show was angry that the biggest star on the show would bail. They moved to Canada for budget reasons. Now that they are back, maybe they don’t want to help out Milano and giver her a job.

      • nmc1496 says:

        I’m pretty sure that Alyssa will be okay – the show, maybe not so much. I only watched because of Alyssa because I think that some of the other characters are SO annoying….actually most of the characters are annoying, imo.

        • msshylo says:

          I like the other characters much better than Alyssa! I am glad she is gone……only wish they would have kept Calista.

    • David4 says:

      She didn’t want to uproot her children. Maybe she liked the time she spent with them and doesn’t want to go back to work. Or maybe it’s a bad job and she is being nice.

      Either way if her ‘fans’ are as nuts as you she might be better off without you.

    • Eran says:

      For God’s sake, she’s a mother of two and is under no contractual obligation to Tweet her priorities or how those might have changed and why, for the fans’ scrutiny. She’s missed from the show, the second half of series 3 was a trainwreck imho, but clearly she has her priorities which are none of my damn business, or anyone else’s for that matter.

    • Aeol says:

      Did they even offer to rehire her back as a series regular? Doesn’t seem like it.

    • dragons3 says:

      And she lied how? She didn’t want to uproot her very young children at the time. Did the producers ask her to come back as a series regular for season 4? The article above doesn’t say they did, and I haven’t seen anything anywhere else that said they did. This article only mentions a possible guest appearance.

    • nmc1496 says:

      Maybe they didn’t ask her back full time? She does have two small children and a husband who also works. Be happy that she is trying to raise her children right in Hollywood and not dumping them off all of the time with other people…..maybe they’ll stay out of the tabloids when they’re older.

  3. Cassie Micheal says:

    This show isn’t the same without Alyssa Milano been gone. Since the Show IS back L A. She can do a guess shot onces in a while. Maybe a better story line this time around.

  4. Steven says:

    I originally started watching for Alyssa since I was huge fan of Charmed. I hope she can at least recur this season.

  5. Danielle says:

    I hope Alyssa makes a brief stint or guest appearance arc just to resolve things with Joss and the girls. I really wish they would’ve kept Jennifer on for more than a year because she fits into the show so well.

    • Patrick says:

      Jennifer Esposito doesn’t seem to stick on any project for long. Methinks she’s a problem on set.

      • flutiefan says:

        she has a chronic medical condition that makes working for long stretches a real problem. sorry you feel you have to blame her as a “problem” for that.

        • cinbad3178 says:

          I mean…she has celiac. Chronic? Yes. Debilitating and problematic? Not anymore. I have celiac and it hasn’t deterred me from finishing or continuing with a project, and I am also able to work for long stretches of time. I’m leaning more toward Patrick’s theory that there’s more to the story.

  6. JCPrime says:

    Excited about Kate. I loved her on LOTS.

  7. Greg says:

    I feel like all these comments on here about Alyssa were written by her agent… She brought the show down in her last season, and it was a much better show last year without her.

    • A fan of TV says:

      I feel like it’d be fricken nice if Alyssa Milano did want to pay me, but alas, I’m just talking reason.

    • Natali says:

      I feal the same.

    • Shell says:

      Watch Mistresses because of her but season 3 was great even without her. I feel like it’s the way Savi was written that really made season 2 horrible. It felt like when she went awol, that burden and tension just got lifted off so it felt better.

      It also helped the fact that the other ladies also got some great storylines as well especially Karen.

      If she is going back, then that’s really fine with me, as long as her character is not written so bad. She was the worst written character to be quite honest. And also, the show has proven to survive without her, so I don’t think they feel the need to have her return.

      And besides, I really don’t think Alyssa cares if she comes back or not. I think if she watched the show, she knows it still works without her and that I don’t even think she cares about money at this point.

      • Sophia says:

        I also started watching because of her, but I have to agree that they really messed up her storyline throughout season 2.
        And yes, season 3 worked, at least kind of, but I’m really not looking forward to a new fourth character every season and bringing Harry’s sister in, who barely anyone can remember, is just a desperate attempt to keep up the sisterhood thing, since it’s very unlikely that April, Karen and Joss, who have known each other for a very long time, would accept just anyone in their inner circle, and I guess the producers realized that they almost split up the show into three seperate stories instead of integrating the different arches into the main story.

        BTW, I’m so glad I don’t have to see that stupid headmaster anymore, he was horrible and accepting him to treat April’s daughter the way he did was a little inconsistent with her original character, I wouldn’t mind Harry leaving too, instead of bringing his family into this, it’s just bad taste to sleep with you ex-wife’s sister and he is terrible, always angry and yelling, like he’s permanently having his period…

        • Ileyda says:

          I agree too!…Milano’s character was awful in season 2, i think the writers changed her personality too much in just a few episodes, but i guess that was because they already knew she was leaving so they had to make her character weird enough so it would make sense for Savi to abandon everyone like that.
          And about the Headmaster, so true! April is always so defensive with her life, so I agree it was inconsistent.
          And what’s wrong with Harry? he’s never happy! Hahaha
          This characters are so different from one an other, but i guess that’s the reason for the success of the show.
          Sorry if my english it’s not perfect, i’m from Dominican Republic.

        • Thea says:

          I totally agree with u ,with Harry thing… It makes no damn sense to marry your ex wife sister !!!! He practically grew her !!

  8. robandco says:

    If Milano could be back to bring closure to all pending storylines regarding her character in some capacity that would be great. But if she doesn’t it’s okay, last season was great anyway.

  9. Are people actually mad at Alyssa for not returning? Her life and her career don’t revolve around the show.

  10. No loss, Savi was the most boring character. Gutted the brilliant Jennifer Esposito isn’t returning – I loved her friendship with Joss. Mistresses is such a guilty pleasure.

  11. Sarah says:

    So we know that Joss will be alive… Yay

  12. Natasa says:

    Then,bring back Jennifer Esposito.Calista was amazing.The show will not be the same without her

  13. Linda says:

    Love this show..missing Alyssa!

  14. shelly says:

    She can at least be a guess on some episodes. They can’t just leave us hanging when it comes to her character, not fair

  15. jeri dickinson says:

    Love this show and they did not say when it was coming back on Does anyone know?

  16. jeri dickinson says:

    Love ths show and can’t wait for it to come back. Does anyone know when it will start airing again?

  17. April says:

    I love Alyssa Milano but the show must go on recast her there are so many awesome actresses to take her place. Big mistake not bringing back Calista she was awesome and the storyline was awesome 😢

  18. Julie says:

    Am I the only one GLAD that Milano is not returning for Season 4?!? Savi’s character was just annoying and took away from the storyline. Just excited to see more focus on Joss, Karen, and April!!

    • Bliss says:

      I am with you. I’m actually glad Savi is out of the picture. I thought season 3 was the really good & I liked the addition on Jennifer E. I think Karen, Joss & April are strong enough without having Savi around. I really don’t think she fits in with the others. And yes, Harry needs an adjustment. I wouldn’t care if he left at this point. I liked Joss with cutie Dr better. Should be a good season, looking forward to seeing what they do next. Sadder to lose Calista than Savi.

  19. Mary says:

    Sorry to hear Milano won’t be back. Not sure I like the show without her. I thought season 3 was horrible without her character Savi. Guess I am done with this show.

  20. Jeri says:

    When is it coming back on? Can’t wait for it

  21. Jeri says:

    Does anyone know when the show will be back on? Love the show and can’t wait for it to be back

  22. Jeri says:

    Does any one know when will the show come back on tv

  23. I still watch “Charmed” because I love Milano’s role. She is such a talented actress and I am so very happy that she didn’t end up being just another child star. I really do wish that she’ll come back to the show. I was loving her new, thicker look ;-) – However, if it’s at the expense of her family, I would rather she didn’t.

  24. Jeri says:

    Love the show, but does anyone know when it is coming back on??

  25. Nmc says:

    It needs Alyssa.

  26. Jeri says:

    when does the show come back on?

  27. mubarak jibril says:

    I need savi back personally

  28. Denise Woodard says:

    Wow, very disappointed that Alyssa Milano is not returning for a 4th Season. The show is very very intriguing, love it.

  29. Jodi says:

    Well I’m also bummed that Alyssa -Savi is not coming back. I was hoping that Harry and Savi would get back together for season 3. I always wanted them back together. Its sad to me that a one time thing would end a relationship especially when there truely sorry and 15yrs together. It would really be great if they could at least bring Alyssa back to bring a better ending to the character or have Harry and her get back together. He loved her so much.

  30. joey says:

    I’m so excited that this show is coming back I have been waiting moths for this (: as far as savi not coming back I think that’s really sad she can’t be replaced I hate when shows do that as in hiring someone to play her roll . savi played the roll perfect and wish she would come back as much as possible.. (: that’s my thoughts

  31. Jeri says:

    when does season 4 start?

  32. lovingtheson says:

    In the long run I really don’t care who they get to replace who just as long as ABC listens to us and Mistresses continues season after season.

  33. Dee Krug says:

    You should do anything you can to get Savi and her handsome boyfriend back on the show! Keep it diverse that was one of the great things about the show!

  34. Jeani says:

    Will never be the same without Alyssa Milano. I did love watching Jennifer Esposito and she is not coming back on. I love all the other girls and Harry, but the show is missing a couple of great ladies!

  35. New Comer says:

    I really would love for Alyssa to return, so her character Savannah and Dom can marry and start their family!!

  36. Germaine says:

    savi should come back to make it more interesting

  37. Cary Kennedy says:

    Hoping Allysa Milano returns. She is the reason I started watching the show.

  38. Fawn Piluke says:

    As a fan I’m very disappointed in the hearing even throw the show is moving back to LA that Alyssa Milano won’t be returning, I’m not keen on the joss dating Harry thing either, i don’t think it’s right for let a lone a sister to date an ex but not even a friend. I hope the rumors are not true and Alyssa comes back, and her and Harry can get back together. But I guess will have to wait to see in season 4.

  39. kathy case says:

    i love mistresses, i love all the girls for different reasons..they are all interesting in their own way..i really love april for her great way of dressing, and putting cute housewares together..each girl has her own special talent (even though its all make believe) glad Jerry o’connell is joining the cast..i just enjoy him..he is very likable and funny. should be a great season..enjoy your children alyssa, their only little once…you will be back..

  40. Maggie says:

    So disappointed with the news of Alysa not returning to Mistresses. She totally made the show a huge success.

  41. Conor says:

    Love Harry sister!!!!! And so happy that she’s here to stay!!!!!! But so sad that Savi isn’t coming back😭

  42. Jackie says:

    We need savi back its just not the same without het

  43. Sheila says:

    I do want Savi back.

  44. If Alyssa is one of those celebs who would move to Canada because of Donald Trump, maybe she’ll go to Vancouver and then she can return to the show. Problem solved!

  45. Effie says:

    I started watching the show because of Alyssa although i love the other characters too. She should at least make a guest appearance.

  46. Cassandra Slain says:

    I’m awaiting the return of Savi (Alyssa Milano) because she has been gone WAY TOO long!!! I believe that she should make a come back with a child of her ex husbands Harry. That way the storyline will kinda flow and tell people that she knew that him and Joss were together “trying” to work on it, and Savi has been talking to her mom the entire time.

  47. Micki Byrd says:

    I hope savi comes back and joss break up with harry

  48. Dori says:


    • Jeri says:

      Was that not the real Karen, since the woman who showed up at the end and said she was Karen who was the one we knew and loved all along?

  49. M. Roberts says:

    I loved Alyssa Milano as she was the show. I don’t like the new girl playing Harry’s sister. And it’s a shame that Karen is leaving, too. I may just read a book, as this is getting crazy. Now Harry has a son and now a new baby and he’s going to have another affair ? It’s just bad writers.

  50. Jeri says:

    Was Karen not really Karen after all, since the woman who came in at the end of last nights show then who was she?