Scandal Recap Fitz Girlfriend

Scandal Recap: Drunk History

Thursday’s Scandal was pretty weird. Like, Liv-and-Mellie-drinking-and-laughing-in-comfortable-loungewear weird.

As I predicted last week, Olivia fully regretted encouraging Mellie to bare her soul, especially when her thoughts about Fitz’s affair — she said Olivia freed her and finally gave her “space” — turned out to be highly unpublishable. But once Liv got a little several mason jars of liquor in her, she was able to rewrite the presidential hopeful’s history with a slightly more empowering angle.

Here’s the updated version: “You had the power the whole time. It just took you longer to realize!” And to say that Mellie took the ball and (drunkenly) ran with it would be a disservice to Liv’s brilliant plan; publishers be damned, the First Lady leaked her manifesto — and the nation ate it up like Pope-corn. Even that Republican goddess Sally Langston referred to Mellie as a “forcible” candidate, which is the closest thing you’ll get to a Langston endorsement without her literally baptizing you.

Elsewhere this week…

BUSINESS & PLEASURE | If you look up “unprofessional” in the dictionary — presuming it’s a dictionary that was updated after this episode aired — you’re likely to find a picture from Fitz’s “interview” with Lillian Forrester (guest-star Annabeth Gish, who’s apparently making a pit stop in D.C. before returning to close out The X-Files.) Anyway, Lillian barely got two words out before admitting to having a crush on Mr. President, and she ended up leaving with something better than an interview: a dinner date! (For the record, I’m not even mad that Fitz is dating someone other than Liv. I’m just genuinely concerned that this poor “reporter” has no idea who what she’s in for.)

THE LAST (POLITICAL) UNICORN | At Elizabeth’s behest, David wined and dined Susan — and by “wined and dined,” I mean pumped her full of Freedom Fries at Gettysburger — as part of a larger diabolical scheme to get her into the Oval Office. But even with all that raw Rosen charm at his disposal, David wasn’t able to convince the “political unicorn” to run… or so he thought. I have so many questions about the current David-Elizabeth-Susan storyline right now, but I think the most important one to address is: This has to end in a threesome, right?

Odds and Ends:

* Ross/Langston 2016, amirite?

* Just kidding — Carlos Solis for President! (I’m really glad Ricardo Chavira is back on my TV. I’m also glad they’re giving Cyrus a purpose, albeit a potentially villainous one.)

* I loved when Liv and Mellie broke out in simultaneous laughter over the word “commit.” I feel like it’s become a universally understood truth that Fitz is the worst.

* And I hate that Olivia is still boning Jake. She’s making me want to climb through my TV and recite Tyra Banks’ entire Top Model speech verbatim.

Your thoughts on this week’s Scandal? Hopes and fears for what’s still to come this season? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Al says:

    See a good Epsiode when there’s very little Jake or Papa Pope

  2. Bryce says:

    I’m always so amazed at how good Kerry and Bellamy are in the same scenes. They always wow!

  3. niloofar22 says:


  4. Anna says:

    If only Liv and Mellie could become friends and braid each other’s hair (sigh)! I cannot believe Fitz’s going to bone that reporter, so Hollande of him.

  5. David4 says:

    This show has becoming a mess, and worse it’s Boring!

    Who would have ever thought Scandal would have been boring after the first two seasons.

    Also is Fitz the worst TV president ever? He has at most 18 months left in office and has done nothing! Nothing! Even Bartlett did more in his second term and he had a whole missing year!

    The mighty have fallen, I’m not talking about Fitz or Pope, I’m talking about why I bother to watch this snoozefest.

    • Frankie says:

      This show used to be so good but has gone down hill and quickly. I feel that Liv used to be a strong, independent woman, who didn’t let any man bring her down… Now, she fears her Dad, is constantly seduced by Jake -Urghh.. always hated him- and lets not even talk about Fitz….

  6. Mak says:

    “I feel like it’s become a universally understood truth that Fitz is the worst.”…..TRUTH!
    I’ve been waiting for Liv & Mellie friendship and I’m loving it.

    • Lee says:

      I feel like it’s become a universally understood truth that Fitz is the worst.’ Only amongst the simple minded.
      And apparently between the women who rigged an election and got him shot and freed the man who KILLED his child.
      ( I say HIS child because I refuse to call Mellie any type of mother when she releases her child’s killer so she can be president)
      Yeah, sure Fitz is the worst of these three people.
      This show has become a haven for idiocy and hypocrisy. That’s why the ratings are tanking.

      • Anna says:

        He’s the worst because he’s an absolute moron who continues to let his penis do the thinking to the point he can’t even do his job. And honestly, what has he done to try and get Rowan back behind bars? As much nothing as he’s done duruing his entire presidential career. Rowan is literally RIGHT under his nose, same state, same county, same region and having PUBLIC dinners with his daughter and! Just like he continues to be clueless about Jake, *again*. As a person? Sure, he could be morally better but outside of that he literally has gotten nothing done and is so inept and obsessed with his bourbon that outside of Olivia, he just.doesn’

        Liv is sleeping with Jake, but she’s still doing her job at OPA and helping Mellie. Mellie is writing a book and trying to run for president. They’re no doubt morally corrupt and on this show that’s not saying a heck of a lot. But at least they’re *doing* something. Fitz sulks, drinks, and is now going to sleep with a reporter. He has no ambition, no drive, no will and is obsessed with having someone at his side 25/8 because he is literally too ignorant to have his own thoughts/ ideas. No wonder people leave him. If he were a real president, the country could be on fire by now and he’d be too drunk to put out the flames.

        • Allison says:

          Fitz got immigration reform, the Brandon Bill, a program that gives kids money for school, equal pay for women, and has nominated a SCOTUS. We only hear about the things Fitz has done when they relate to Olivia. So, he probably has done more. We only learned about the equal pay last season. Like the other poster said only simple minded people think Fitz hasn’t done anything as a president.

        • Mak says:

          You are right Anna…when has Fitz ever stood up and done something productive on his own without Cyrus or Liv or Mellie holding his hand with the exception of starting a fake war to save his mistress. He is the definition of moron and like Olivia said he is ineffectual….He is the president of a country but he lets everyone else makes his decisions for him…why is Rowan – his sons’s killer still out there enjoying his freedom ..ohh because Liv wanted it that way. Everyone always seems to be 2 steps ahead of him, even Jake is running circles around him. I’m glad Cyrus left him because at least Cyrus has passion to make a difference, to leave his mark in the history books yet Fitz has completely given up because Liv left him.

          • Al says:

            Rowan is enjoying freedom because Mellie FREED him.
            The ability of the rest of the cast to effectively do evil does not make them better than Fitz it makes many of them WORSE.
            Trying to make a virtue out of Jake murdering people for jobs, shooting innocents in the back and choking Olivia is literally saying that a serial murderer and spousal abuser is better than someone who is less because at least he’s really good at murder, violence and mayhem. Who THINKS like that?
            If you get no work done all day and someone somewhere manages to strangle a dozen toddlers are they now better than you because they ran rings around you?
            Fitz is worse than the people who constantly lie to and betray him?
            Fitz is worse than Jake whose life he’s saved at least twice and who keeps stabbing him in the back?
            Worse than Mellie who took sole custody of kids she’s told everyone she doesn’t even want?
            After she released the man who killed one of them? What if he kills the rest? Is that okay as long as she gets to be president?
            BTW Mellie actually held his hand during the war. Funny how no one wants her to take any credit for that part…
            See, my thing is, hate Fitz all you want, but this nonsense of pretending he’s worse than the likes of Mellie, Jake and Rowan is infantile and immoral.
            People need to realise how foolish it sounds.

  7. Amy says:

    I was giddy with excitement to see Carlos Solis (love Ricardo)

  8. Caroline says:

    Wow – so Fitz is the worst? Worse than Jake? Worse than Rowan? Give me a break. This show has gone from terrific to terrible. Just ridiculous to think that Olivia and Mellie would be just gal-paling it up. Only in Shondaland. And this new chick with Fitz has zero chemistry with him. Zero. Glad to know where the recapper – I mean op-ed writer – stands tho.

    • Miranda says:

      Jake and Rowan may have both killed be/ orchestrated the deaths of many, but Fitz is the one still allowing them power despite all the terrible things they’ve done – including murdering his son and Cyrus’ husband. He’s a puppet that doesn’t know how to stand on his own two feet and completely stole Liv’s power by forcing her to move in with him as punishment for her “betrayal”.

      • Lee says:

        Fitz never ALLOWED his son’s killer anything. He doesn’t even know where Rowan is. Liv and Mellie, however, FREED Little Jerry’s killer, apparently so Olivia could drink with the woman who called her a whore for years and take the blame for all Mellie’s bad choices.
        Also, isn’t Liv SLEEPING with Jake, the guy who murdered James? Didn’t Cyrus decide it was somehow Fitz’s fault and unrealistically forget Jake’s part? What’s Fitz supposed to do, lock up Liv’s lover?
        Funny how he ‘forced ‘ Liv to move in with him and yet he did nothing to stop her when she left, and if you don’t think orchestrating the freedom of the man who killed someone’s child is a betrayal, I don’t know what to tell you, except that not everyone can shrug off the murder of their child as easily as Mellie.
        Also, I wish people would make up their minds about Fitz. Is he a big bullying control freak or a weak puppet? Because he can’t be both.

    • Amy says:

      Fitz killed the Supreme Court Justice so she wouldn’t blab about Defiance. He took away her oxygen and she died.

  9. Juan says:

    Love the Mellie/Olivia partnership. That was like the best thing. Also Rosen is horrible.

    • Imzadi says:

      Up until last night I always thought of him as one of the good guys. I still think he’ll come through. Lizzie is not a nice person at all, and I hope he can lose his obsession with her. I have a great candidate for president–Senator Jake Morra!

  10. Jakay says:

    She’s with Jake and Papa Pope is pulling their strings, I’m out. Wake me up when my conditions are met.

  11. niloofar22 says:

    all the men in the show suck, show should end with Mellie & Olivia in power

  12. Cheyenne says:

    Oh my goodness. Really, this is too delicious for words. I checked out Scandal’s FB page and am cracking up at all these butthurt Olake fans who were drooling with joy that Olivia finally left Fitz and was hooking up with Jake. Now they see the relationship for what it really is and they hate it. There is absolutely nothing between Olivia and Jake. No chemistry, no respect, nothing but raw sex. Jake demands sex and Olivia puts out for him like a paid prostitute. This is what they were so eager for? Well, Shonda gave them exactly what they wanted, and now they wish she hadn’t. Hilarious.

    • Mak says:

      …the same can be said for Olitz, she gave them ‘paradise’ for a moment and then dropped a meteor on them…
      Anyone expecting Jake and Liv to have a fairytale has obviously not been paying attention to how Shonda operates. Shonda gives with one hand not two.
      I love Jake/Liv (actually I like Liv with pretty much anyone who is not Fitzgerald Grant) but I’m not delusional to ever think that they could ever have a ‘functional’ r/ship when that term clearly does not exist anywhere in Shonda’s vocabulary.

    • Lee says:

      One would think they would have seen it when he hospitalized her, made a sex tape of her and choked her. Jake has never treated Liv well.

  13. I very much had mixed emotions about this episode. On the good side was Olivia and Mellie. I would watch a show of just the two of them talking, drinking and scheming. I liked the mix of emotions that eventually lead to Mellie realizing the truth of why she stayed. Most longtime viewers probably already knew that (or at least guessed it), but it was still interesting to see her lay it all out there, realize she couldn’t be THAT honest with the American public, and Olivia helping her craft her message to something that is both relatively truthful and empowering. And in my opinion, Mellie is about the only one who can pull off a Shondalogue without it devolving into over the top emotionalism (though I like it when Olivia’s Shondalogues are restrained, but truthful).

    I had a very mixed reaction to David, Susan, and Lizzie. When David and Lizzie first hooked up, I was all for a one time dirty sex hookup. But apparently, six months later they are still together and I’m not feeling it. Lizzie just comes across as so sleazy and power hungry, and it reminds me of how David can be sleazy at times, and I prefer to think of him as more of a white hat. I could totally support a Susan and David pairing, but he doesn’t want her, the very nice woman he actually has a more equitable connection with, who really likes HIM. No, he wants to have dirty sex on his office floor with Lizzie, who basically seems to have nothing but contempt for him. And while I would like to think David’s speech to Susan was from the heart, I can’t get past the idea that he was only doing it so Lizzie would continue to give him what he wants sexually.

    And I just feel grossed out by Olivia and Jake. At one point, I was on board with their liaison, but that ended a couple years ago. Now it just feels dirty and degrading. No way can Olivia be that hard up for sex that she needs to hate screw Jake. She can do so much better for lovers, even casual lovers. Their sex just seems so transactional and makes Olivia seem like a prostitute (who isn’t even getting paid for her troubles), and that makes me want to take a Silkwood shower. It’s the same feeling of grossness I had a few seasons ago when Olivia and Fitz were having a screaming fight, briefly interrupted to screw against the wall, and once he came, Fitz tossed her aside and treated Olivia like some sort of cum dumpster, and that is a nasty way to showcase the show’s protagonist. It doesn’t seem like Olivia is getting much from this hookup, so what is the point of it continuing?

  14. niloofar22 says:

    i think this confirms Jake’s declaration about his superior sexual prowess last season.

  15. Annie says:

    I LIVE FOR MELLIE AND LIV DRINKING TOGETHER. I’ve been hoping since season 2 that they would join forces; they’d be unstoppable

  16. Yep! says:

    I want a rom-com spinoff with Quinn and Charlie, two crazy (black ops/mercinary/killer agent) kids in love, and their wacky neighbor Huck.

  17. Yep! says:

    Oh, and can we just acknowledge what Scandal does for the illegal hooch/moonshine market? Best 1-hour commercial for home-brewed mash the industry could ever desire!

  18. Darcel says:

    I did not look at last week’s or this week’s Scandal. I just cannot look at Olivia making out with Jake. Gosh she is so hard up. I feel as though when I read the comments on TV Line, I feel as though I watched it. I so want it to be like it was in Seasons 1 and 2. The storylines are just too silly now. They use to be believable, not anymore. I come to TVLINE now to see if anything seems good that I would want to look at it. So far, l do not want to watch this episode either. They introduced Jake’s character as a good friend of Fitz and Olivia knows that and she still has sex with him. I use to like Olivia because I felt that she got hooked up with a married man that just so happen to be the president and that she really loved him. Even though it was wrong to be with a married man, I still felt her situation. However, she has become so slutty and no class whatsoever. Lookout the next thing to be revealed is that Olivia realizes that she really was in love with Mellie.

  19. Jenny says:

    Jake needs to go. The dad too. Show would be better off.

  20. Matt C. says:

    I actually liked this better a lot more than last week’s, which I pretty much despised. I think the lack of Papa Pope/Jake helped immensely, but it’s hard to get excited about that knowing that soon we’ll be getting Papa Pope on a full-time basis. The Mellie/Olivia scenes were everything!

  21. Sheerah Hall says:

    Olivia is most annoying! I was almost cheering for her and Fitz but she keeps screwing it up. He deserves to move on and I’m happy for him. I say go for it Fitz. Olivia is going to end up alone.

  22. Lisa Echerd says:

    “Poor reporter” No, I don’t think so. She’s playing him and we know how easily Fitz can be played.

  23. 7joanna says:

    Why has the gorgeous and intense Jake fallen out of favor with so many of those commenting? Since that scene on the beach he has been the one to really understand Olivia -mentally and sexually. And, Scott Foley is so good to look at!

  24. robandco says:

    Some stuffs were nice, like Susan Ross’ storyline and love triangle. Abby’s work life is nice too.
    But the show is completely alienating its fan base IMO. Look at the ratings for this week’s episode. Something is wrong. The only solution to save the show is to pull a Dallas and have Olivia wake up in her bathtub after a long day somewhere during season 2 and try all over again.

  25. Tony says:

    They have got to get rid of both Fitz and Jake. Olivia character has been ruined by the constant back and forth with these two cave men. She’s at her best being a “fixer” and actually wheeling and dealing I’m D.C. Not being a ping pong ball for Frik and Frak.

  26. I hate that Olivia is still seeing Jake Ballard, even after he got married. Enough Jake and Liv, I hate it!

  27. Kasz1 says:

    This show use 2b really good season 1 & 2. The olivia pope of season 1 was sooo much better. It got ruined when the Eli Pope character appeared & the storylines been bad ever since. They need to go back 2 the weekly cases.