X-Files Revival Finale Photos: Reyes Returns... But Where's Mulder?

We know, we know, “Trust no one,” but you can believe us on this: Mulder will appear in the final episode of The X-Files revival.

However, there is noreal photographic evidence to back that up (not even fuzzy shots taken with a misfiring camera app) in this batch of new pics from Monday’s finale (Fox, 8/7c).

What we do see: Scully, Miller and Einstein racing the clock as people across the country become sick with a mysterious, dire illness. Agent Reyes making her first (and last) appearance in the revival. Scully looking simultaneously super pensive and smokin’ hot. (Yet not like this.)

Per the episode’s official synopsis, Mulder spends the hour confronting “the man whom he believes to be behind it all.” (Gotta be CSM, right?)

Click through the gallery below to get your first look at the final hour, then hit the comments: Would you watch if Fox re-upped The X-Files for another revival season?

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