The Flash's Candice Patton Cheers 'Badass' Iris of Earth-Two and the Progressive Support for 'WestAllen'

The Flash flipped its world upside-down with Barry’s arrival on Earth-Two, where both Caitlin and Cisco are evil and Iris is the “Detective West” tasked with wrangling metahumans.

As the CW hit’s well-watched walk on the wilder side continues this Tuesday at 8/7c, TVLine invited Candice Patton to share her reaction to Earth-Two’s Iris (“This is everything that I have wanted”), preview “nerdy” Barry’s rise to the occasion and reveal how a “seed” is planted for the future of Earth-One’s “WestAllen.”

TVLINE | When did the buzz first start hitting the set that this visit to Earth-Two was coming down the pike?
I think it might have been a few episodes before we started shooting, that we knew we were definitely going to Earth-Two. But I don’t think people knew which characters were going, which doppelgängers would show up… so we were all kind of speculating in our heads — “Am I going? Will there be a doppelgänger of me? Am I going to be a villain? Will I be the same kind of person?” The possibilities are really endless on this how, so you can imagine our minds were just making up all sorts of stuff!

TVLINE | Had there been any whispers about what the other Iris would be like?
No — and I’m an actress who doesn’t really dig for information. I don’t call up [showrunner] Andrew [Kreisberg] and ask what’s going on. I kind of just let it unfold as it unfolds, so by the time I finally got the first draft of the script, I texted Andrew like, “You’re kidding me. Earth-Two Iris is a badass cop??” He was like, “Pretty cool, huh!” I thought, this is awesome, this is everything that I have wanted for Iris. For me, it was one of the coolest episodes I’ve gotten to play with and shoot.

TVLINE | Did it raise your eyebrows more that she was a cop, than married to Barry?
I think both were a bit shocking. I mean, Barry and I, our thing has always kind of been there, we’re always alluding to the possibility of that — the newspaper says we’re married in the future. Them being married on Earth-Two kind of gives this idea that Barry and I are always connected, no matter where we find them.

TVLINE | When the Earth-Two TV reporter mentioned “Detective West,” I was like, “Hold on a minute, we could zag a bit” — and I was excited when they did.
Yeah, I never would have imagined they would go in that direction because our Detective West on Earth-One is so great. As a result, I felt a bit of responsibility [Laughs] in trying to recreate another kind of kick-ass Detective West.

TVLINE | Do I see you Flash Earth-Two Spoilerscarrying yourself differently as Earth-Two Iris because of that? I feel she has a bit more swagger.
Absolutely. I wanted her to be as strong as her father is on Earth-One. I wanted her to feel very tough and unapologetic and… not hardened. but she has an exoskeleton to do the kind of work that she does. There were days on set that were hard for me, shooting scenes with Floyd Lawton and having Barry in the room, and then there’s me as Detective West…. It was an unusual difference for me now being the “alpha” in the room. It was kind of uncomfortable to play at first — our [“Welcome to Earth-Two”] director, Millicent Shelton, had to come over to me a couple of times and say, “You’re on the right track. Be fierce. Be dominant.”

TVLINE | What can you tell us about Earth-Two’s Barry that we don’t know yet?
I don’t know that I can tell you anything that you don’t already know, but he’s absolutely adorable! [Laughs] He’s absolutely adorable. And it’s sweet because he and Iris are just complete opposites. He’s a bit more reserved and conservative and buttoned-up, and she’s quite aggressive and I’d say even very sexual and proactive….. It’s nice to see how these two opposites really attract on Earth-Two. [This week], you’ll see that Earth-Two Barry, while he is very nerdy and shy and a bit reserved, kind of rises to the challenge. He wants to work alongside his wife to go find Earth-One’s Barry, even though he’s terrified. He wants to do this for Iris and show her that he’s got her back.

TVLINE | What is Iris to make of the showdown she just witnessed, with Killer Frost, Deathstorm, Reverb and the assorted doppelgängers?
She’s a cop so she’s used to metahumans like Killer Frost and Deathstorm, but to have Cisco be there and then his doppelgänger show up, and then this Flash that she has never seen before…. It’s a lot for her to cop brain to process. But it’s just another day on Earth-Two!The Flash

TVLINE | Might the events on Earth-Two ultimately have an effect on Earth-One’s Barry and Iris?
Yes — in the sense that there’s almost a seed planted, at least for Iris. This idea that they are married on Earth-Two and supposedly married in the future makes Iris start to wonder if maybe they are truly destined to be together.

TVLINE | Meanwhile, back on Earth-One: What is Iris up to?
This is the introduction of Scott Evans (played by Tone Bell), her new editor at Picture News, and he’s very anti-Flash. He wants Iris to write a piece on how The Flash may not be the hero everyone thinks he is, which is quite the conflict for her, so she kind of negotiates with him: “Instead, what if I write a piece about this other Flash that’s out there fighting Geomancer?” So she heads over to S.T.A.R. Labs to talk to Jay and Caitlin to try to write a piece about him instead. All the while, they get into the thick of the terror that is Geomancer.

TVLINE | I loved that moment you had a couple weeks ago, strong-arming the guy who runs Wally’s street races. Iris really put her investigative skills to use. Will we get more of that moving forward?
I hope so. I can’t say that it’s heavy as of now, but we keep dabbling in it here and there. Every time we do, I relish those scenes, because that’s Iris West. She’s an iconic reporter and it’s [played] so heavy in the comic books. So I’m hoping for more of that, too. Hearing the fan response from Earth-Two, I think people love seeing Iris have agency and have the aggression to go after what she’s concerned about. They want to see more of that on Earth-One.

TVLINE | Are we done with Wally’s drama? Is that sorted out for the most part?
In terms of us being at odds with each other? I think so. I think we’ve dealt with that. Wally’s a kid, still, so he’s always going to be getting into trouble and doing things that Joe and Iris may not think are the best. I think as far as the family dynamic goes, we’ll finally start seeing a unit with those three — four with Barry. They finally embrace each other as a family and can move forward.

TVLINE | What has it meant to you, this past year-and-a-half, to have such strong, passionate support from the WestAllen fans?
Oh, man…. I don’t know if there are really words to describe it. I try not to read too many comments, but when I do it’s overwhelming support — even on days where sometimes you don’t feel it. The haters can be… they can really get on your nerves, I guess. I don’t mind people talking badly about me or whatever; it’s when I feel like it has to do with race that really kind of bothers me. So, having WestAllen supporters and people who are out in the world who are progressive and are willing to see storylines like that really makes me feel better about our society as a whole, that we can have that kind of relationship on television, that we can send positive ideas to young people watching our show. It’s important that we keep moving in that direction on our show.

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  1. I haven’t even watched this show (yet) but Tumblr has made me love and ship Westallen so hard. They seem absolutely adorable. And Iris is awesome!

    • Mik says:

      They are and she is! You should watch the show and flail with us as it all unfolds <3

    • Bailey says:

      She truly is awesome! And in every universe it seems lol. Well done Tumblr :)

    • Nilani says:

      This makes me so, incredibly happy! <3 Westallen is beautiful, their love is good and pure. Iris West is a beautiful, strong, good willed and kindhearted woman. It's all AWESOME!! I hope you start watching the show soon, and welcome aboard the Westallen train WHOOT WHOOT <3<3

    • Emme says:

      *regains consciousness* I just geeked out over this article. I can’t wait until Tuesday.

    • Hytecker says:

      Klutzy, start watching from season 1. Buy the DVD box set or catch it on Netflix or Hulu. The CW has a free app but are only showing some Ssn 2 episodes right now.

  2. Robinn says:

    I am a WestAllen fan and one of the biggest reasons is Candice. She is wonderful in the role. The Iris/Barry bond is lovely to watch.

    • Bailey says:

      It really is. I’m just re-reading the interview and gushing. Westallen is so powerful and it clearly transcends all these many universes.

    • Emily says:

      I started watching this show for Candice, and I don’t regret it at all!

      • Emme says:

        I definitely started watching for the story and great casting of The Flash, but FELL IN LOVE with Candice from the very first episode. THE REUNION SCENE IN THE SHOP WITH THE NAME IRIS IN THE BACKGROUND? GRANT’S CUTENESS! I miss those days, but now I’m freaking out over this new momentum in the show and the ZOOM REVEAL (not to mention Reverb… I mean, more please)!

  3. Cilla says:

    Lovely interview, thank you. I’m looking forward to her journalism and WestAllen on Earth-2 but especially Earth-1.

  4. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely interview! Candice always has so much insight into her character, and I love hearing that a little more journalism is in store for her in addition to the romance I am hoping unfolds on Earth-One.

  5. Lily says:

    I love Candice! And Iris on E2 is awesome! I’d like to see a spinoff or some webisodes starring the E2 WestAllens.

    • Emme says:

      I definitely want to see Barry E2s development with Iris E2. Why does he seem so uncertain of himself? His mother is still alive. I would’ve figured that she would’ve helped him find his voice and would, therefore, be more “solid” than even Barry E1?

      • Emily says:

        I want to see some of their backstory, too, but I think part of it is that E2 Barry hasn’t had the same struggles. Losing his mother and believing in his father when no one else did helped shape Barry into who he was even before he was struck by lightning and became the Flash. Whereas E2 Barry didn’t have to grow up too fast and was probably allowed to act exactly as he chose to, if that makes sense. He hasn’t had to toughen up.
        And it’s not like he isn’t solid – he obviously managed to snag Iris and still works with the cops during a very scary time, and apparently even has the balls to stand up to Joe. He’s just a lot nerdier and lets Iris wear the pants lmao.

        • katsina zaria says:

          You have the best headcanon about E2 Barry. It’s spot on and makes so much sense because that is what usually happens to children in real life. Also, i’m sure we’re going to see how E2 Barry and E1 Barry are very similar because i doubt the core of the character is that different. After all, the core of who Iris is didn’t change. It’s part of why our Barry found it so easy to fall in love with E2 Iris based on his love for E1 Iris. He was able to recognize her in detective West. And we should be able to recognize our Barry in E2 Barry even if their upbringing wasn’t the same.

        • Emme says:

          Love this answer! I was thinking along the same lines, but I’m still thinking he wouldn’t have been so Clark Kent-y with Iris/Joe and Henry around. I don’t know. I feel like their is something bigger going on with his characterization, OR I could just TOTALLY be WRONG. Lol!

  6. Ingrid says:

    Thank you for this wonderful ! Candice is a delight to watch every week, Iris West is my fave and I absolutely adore WestAllen ! Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode, I gotta say I’m going to miss E2 :'(

  7. Sof says:

    I love Iris and Candice so much. We’re never going to stop supporting her… & Westallen/more Iris storylines better happen soon lol

  8. Cyn says:

    Great interview! Looking forward to seeing more of her journalism arc and of course WestAllen. I loved the last question and her answer.

  9. piper says:

    It sounds like westallen is going to happen on earth 1 this season. I’m very excited about that.

    • Bailey says:

      Yeah it sounds like by the end of the season we’ll get them together. You know how shows love to leave it on a cliffhanger. After the big Zoom battle in the madness of it all there will be a big realization of feelings and they’ll both be ready to start a relationship. It will be glorious!

      • Emme says:

        Ha! At the most, I’m hoping for momentum. I don’t think the writers are ready to put E1 Westallen together yet (this season), but I’m happy with every little morsel of that goodness they give us.

  10. Mik says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely interview!!! I’m looking forward to the Scott stuff, and it looks like Iris may FINALLY stop fighting her feelings for Barry.

  11. Ymaz says:

    More Westallen, more Iris Badass and Beautiful West. More Flash Family canon´s!

  12. Courtney says:

    I wish westallen fans could show their support without being bullies. Many of them spend their time bashing everyone in the cast and their fans.

    • Bailey says:

      Fighting against racism means hurting a few people’s precious privileged feelings. Every black fandom gets accused of being bullies. We’re used to it. We have to be vocal and expressive to stop black actors and actresses being called the N word and all kinds of nasty vile hateful derogatory names. “Everyone in the cast” (cough cough All Lives Matter). Lol who? Jesse L Martin is black, Carlos Valdes is a POC, Grant Gustin is other side of the WestAllen OTP…wonder who that leaves….no guesses needed. Many of your side of the fence spends their time being racist but that doesn’t bother you. White privledge at its best. I’m sorry did my body hurt your bullet?

      • Kaz says:

        Preach @Bailey! Oh Courtney I bet you were horrified by negro nose and Jackson 5 nostrils. Clutching your pearls. The disgusting racism isn’t a factor not even in her whole comment from what Candice said. Nothing about representation, society, it’s impact and the horror of racism in fandom. Oh nooooooo it’s the big bad Westallen fans. LOL!

        • Bailey says:

          Also “hot sauce in my bag, swag” how shoocckkinnngggg :O

          “Bullies” vs racists?

          Racism is a deep hatred for an ethnicity, or hatred of a person because of their skin colour. And is in its right a form of bullying. However SO much more extreme.

          But “bullies” against the privleged I mean those are the true victims here. Her priorities are so on point. Standing ovation for Courtney.

          • Kaz says:

            @Bailey I just read that “did my body hurt your bullet” PREACH! Her main concern is her royal whiteness Danielle Panabaker. Anything against her and that’s completely out of line. But over a YEAR of racial hatred and discrimination against Candice Patton, no mention anywhere, just a side note, a throwaway “that’s terrible…but it’s no excuse to”. Priorites where they always are with that white priveledge.

        • Emme says:

          Lol! You all are hilarious. I’m a BIG Candice Patton fan and am not black, but I’ve totally seen the way she has been treated EVEN BEFORE the pilot AIRED!!! Suddenly, fans who couldn’t wait for Iris and Barry were pushing for Caitlin and Barry. Surprise.
          I was horrified at how obvious the Caitlin and Barry tide was. Embarrassing, really. Now to watch the same people who were on a MISSION to get Candice Patton off the show cry “victim” is the ultimate in irony. It’s gross, actually.

          They’re baiting everyone on this page with lies while rewriting history so they can get Westallen fans to go negative. They want to be able to say “See! Those Iris fans are such meanies!” and then take screenshots to send around. They’re so pathetic that I hope no one falls for their tricks.

          I don’t use Twitter much but I joined because of the Flash. There were many instances of their fans pretending to be Westallen fans sending Grant hate. (As I write this I am disgusted by them).

          I really like Caitlin Snow but hate that her fans make me not look forward to her scenes. Like, has ANYONE noticed how the Iris and Caitlin scenes, the few we’ve gotten, have been SO BEAUTIFUL. Candice and Danielle work SO WELL together. Maybe if they write more scenes between the two, the SB fans will stop trying to torpedo the character of Iris West and the actress who plays her (the lovely Candice Patton).

      • Courtney says:

        Are you new? Most westallen fans hate Grant and send him hate. You’re not fighting racism by being bullies. Some of the stuff they say about Danielle and actually send to her for her to see is downright disgusting and I’d hate to see that Candice supports that.

        • Heehoo says:

          Danielle was an active participant in Candice’s erasure from day one. I’m sorry but she deserves it.

          Ppl dislike Grant because he says really ignorant things out twitter.

          • Mo says:

            That’s what I don’t get. Iris fans & WA loathe Gustin & Barry, yet they continue to scream for WA. Me: ???

          • Hytecker says:

            That’s a bunch of hogwash. There are haters on both sides but don’t fall for the propaganda. Racists on both sides cause unnecessary drama. I love the Iris character but I Can also see Grants chemistry with Caitlin Snow. They have more in common than West/Allen but I also hear opposites attract and it has nothing to do with race. Grants nerdish and Iris is his rock. I haven’t heard of any attempts by Danielle Panabaker doing anything to sabotage West/Allen. My only complaint is that E1 Flash can’t seem to win a fight without his Scooby Crew. The Justice League aren’t going to let him bring them along every time the battle the bad guys.

          • Mo says:


            Maybe that’s why it’s another Barry who’ll be movieFlash. It’ll be hard to explain how he can be so capable in the movie but so inept on his own damn show.

          • Michelle says:

            It’s people like you that will never have Caitlin and Iris share much screentime.

            Heck, I hardly see them together off camera… wonder why…

        • Bailey says:

          Courtney: I wish Westallen fans could show their support without being…

          Bailey: I wish the Danielle, Caitlin fans weren’t FRICKIN racists but we can’t have what we want Courtney!

          • Bailey says:

            Lol Caitlin fans have sent Grant hate too! But it’s just the WestAllen fandom whose so called “hate” is under scrutiny. I wonder why. I do wonder. Hmmmm.

            Grant had to @ a few that it was just a FICTIONAL SHOW in all caps. He even retweeted Oralando Jones “say Snowboring again I dare you mother fricker” because he knows how nasty they are. But sure Courtney, just the big bad BLACK WestAllen fans.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            You’re bringing race up, if anything you’re own fandom are the ones being racist, both to yourselves and anyone who speaks up to your fandom. Your the ones bringing it to the conversation. It’s probably an extremely small minority who don’t like Candice becuz of race. Most of the people who don’t, just simply have a problem with how she’s been written, or maybe acting, but you’re basically considering everyone who says a word against Candice as instantly being racist, which pretty all the time that’s not the case.

        • Mal says:

          Candice is a really good person who is against bashing of her costars. She doesn’t support that despite what they might be doing. She just wants to make a change, be a role model and be the best at her career. WA fans are not all bullies. We r a passionate group and we respect all the actors in the flash.

        • Nilani says:

          Most Westallen fans DO NOT hate Grant, and most Westallen fans certainly DO NOT send him hate!! The Westallen fandom are NOT bullies! We call out racism, hatred and misogyny directed towards Candice Patton by YOUR Snowbarry fandom, who ALSO happens to be Danielle Panabaker’s most ardent fans!! The fact, that you take no issue with the hatred and racism directed towards Candice Patton, but instead direct an attack against her fans, who protect and defend her from online bullies (many of whom are probably your fellow Snowbarry besties) is absolutely DISGUSTING, Courtney! You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Cyn says:

            Exactly! Thank you.

          • David H says:

            Is it impossible to prefer the two characters not hook up romantically and not be considered a racist?

          • Nilani says:

            @David H
            Westallen fans don’t have a problem with people shipping Barry with other female characters, in fact we DON’T CARE at all, if other people aren’t feeling Westallen romantically. People are absolutely free to ship whatever they want, whenever they want. Now what we DO find insult in, is when the shipping for Barry to get with another woman is rooted in the blatant erasure and sidelining of Iris West! Example: The Flash fandom was ALL about Barry Allen and Iris West UNTIL it was announced, that the West family would be cast as African-American. Then SUDDENLY the shipping of Danielle Panabaker’s character Caitlin Snow with Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen erupted, and the Snowbarry fandom was born. -Have in mind, that Candice Patton hadn’t even been cast as Iris West yet! Then there is the fact, that a lot of the Snowbarry fan art, fan videos and gif-sets use scenes and moments of Barry Allen looking at/talking about/thinking about IRIS, but yet somehow they don’t buy the love story between Barry and Iris??? Somehow they don’t see that chemistry between Grant and Candice??? Another fine example is this very comment section itself! Candice Patton is talking about the bullying she receives from racist fans of the show and NOWHERE brings shippers into it, yet here we have Courtney, a Snowbarry and Danielle Panabaker fan, overlooking the REAL issue at hand, and instead turns the conversation around to accuse the Westallen fandom for being bullies and hating Grant Gustin! Courtney DOESN’T feel bad about the hatred and racist attacks, that Candice Patton has to endure, but she feels the need to call out Candice’s fans, who have their faves back and protect and defend her against her online bullies -many of whom have Caitlin Snow/Danielle Panabaker AVI’s on twitter, tumblr and instagram. Do you see how disgusting that is, David H??? Do you see how we, in this instance, correctly call out the blatant ignorance shown by Courtney???

          • Cyndi says:

            Nilani, that’s a bunch of hogwash. Your group absolutely hates anyone who doesn’t ship WA.

          • Emme says:

            Cyndi… no.

          • Nilani says:

            @CYNDI I see the truth got you feeling salty. As they say: Hit dogs will holler.

        • Emme says:

          It’s seems very important to you that you make these lies stick. Go ahead, but either you are delusional or a liar. Did Danielle receive an offensive apparatus at her family home? Are you really going to pretend that fandoms in general aren’t psychotic and that the Westallen fandom is the least offensive (as in goes out of their way to harass people) of them all and are not willing to believe that the 2% of disturbing statements (already much less than, oh, EVERY other show out there) made to or about DP is equal to the near systemic attempts by fanboys and fangirls/geeky media critics to REMOVE a canon character from a show simply because she was cast with an African American actress? I understand this logic may work in your universe, but in the world of reality and HONESTY… that logic will never fly unchallenged. Apparently, it is the challenging of the anti-Candice Patton/Westallen lies that makes your cabal feel so OPPRESSED and VICTIMIZED. You all are used to lying and manipulating, with impunity.

      • Courtney says:

        I can get many receipts of Candice Patton fans calling Danielle a whore who only got a job by sleeping with the show runner among many other terrible things like making fun of her body and calling her ugly. They send this to her directly to purposely hurt her. I’m not saying this is on the same level as racism, but it’s bullying, simple as that. Candice seems like a really nice woman, I don’t think she knows this side of her fandom or would support it.

        • Bailey says:

          We’ve all got receipts Courtney. I got receipts of Snowbarry fans calling Candice a “n*****” doesn’t get much worse than that. Telling Grant he must hate kissing a monkey. But your white privelege doesn’t see that. See comment above. We all knew you’d pull that “racism is bad but the bullying” your white privledge ass ain’t getting nowhere with me. You’re so damn transparent. All of you in the Caitlin/Snowbarry/KKK fandom. Your white “pain”, your white hurt feelings take priority over everything. TO YOU! Yeah! But to us? No. We say screw you and your butt hurt priveleged ass.

          • Kaz says:

            @Bailey don’t forget Courtney is white so whatever she says supercedes us. We gotta take her truth as absolute. She’s got receipts (a term created by black culture meaning to provide evidence but sure use it) and we’ve got receipts. But hers carry more weight! Us black folk need to fall in line with the Courtney’s of the world.

          • Bailey says:

            Silly me. I forgot my place. Here you go Courtney (and Mo) you have the last word. The last white privileged word. You do the honors. It’s your birth right isn’t it?

            *lays out the red carpet and readies the mike. Walks away*

          • Mo says:

            @Kaz & Bailey:
            Wow so much drama over who hates mooooaaaarrrrr? Also did Courtney say she’s white? Or is this a love Iris or get called a racist thing? Or are you psychic? If you’re psychic post the winning numbers for the next lottery drawing ‘cause I could use the $$$!

    • Squirrelly says:

      Very true. While I’m pretty shipping-neutral (I seriously have, like, only 5 OTPs in all of TV), and I’m sure it’s a VERY vocal minority, I do find myself getting a bit miffed seeing some ruder Westallen fans slather people who don’t care for that pairing as racist.

      It brings me back to one of my own OTPs, Kirk/Uhura. Nope, wasn’t called racist for liking them…Called “homophobic” because I preferred them over Kirk/Spock. I’m sure if it were the other way around, suddenly I’d be racist. I haven’t delved TOO deep, but I wonder if it’s like that between Westallen fans and say…fans of Green Arrow & Flash together?

      I worry that the hate I see may push some of the less-dedicated fans away, when people can show greater support for the couple by, say, drawing some amazing fanart or some tasteful fanfiction! I’d read/see the heck out of that, and I’m the kind of person that “meh”s nearly any romance!

      Alternative solution: Big bed, everybody in for a wild night together! Except you, Zoom.

  13. Kaz says:

    Matt always bringing us the goods! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this interview. I can’t say it enough. I am so excited about everything that is coming up. Earth-2 was so fantastic. I can hardly wait for Tuesday’s episode. I loved seeing Iris all badass and take no prisoners. She was so assertive and forceful but we also saw a soft fragility about her when Joe died and when she told Barry she loved him.

    I am so ready for more of The Flash. I have enjoyed these last two episodes more than the entire earlier episodes 1-11 put together. I’m looking forward to Scott, like Candice Patton, I crave to see Iris in her iconic role as a badass reporter, just like they showed her as a cop, they need to incorporate it more into the story. It really should be easy enough (just think Superman/Lois Lane there are enough adaptations of that for them to figure out how to do it).

    Happy to know the West family dynamic is running smoothly, I love Iris and Wally’s relationship. And of course saving the best till last I have been blown away by WESTALLEN. Their chemistry is off the charts. No wonder they’ve kept them apart all season. I was wide eyed and tag wagging during all their scenes. They belong together!

    Everything Candice Patton said about race. Round of applause. Representation matters, it’s important and those racist idiots who want to erase her and the interaccial relationship between the iconic Barry Allen and Iris West are transparent and shameful. Hiding their prejudice with ridiculous arguments “she’s black and he’s white, they share no DNA but it’s incest” “they are better off as friends” “he LOOKS better with Caitlin. They have more in COMMON” I see you. We all see you. As the show continues to move forward rightfully so towards WestAllen and the BLACK kid Flash I hope these racists keep crying their salty tears, they taste delicious! :P

  14. Melinda says:

    Candice is such a beautiful woman inside and out. I hate that she is so aware of the racists and bigoted comments directed at her because she black and playing this iconic character. I am extremely happy that she is aware of just how passionate her fans are of her and how will continue to support Iris West and Westallen.

    • Emme says:

      Wasn’t this a great interview! I hate that she sees the hatred towards her as well. Thanks TVLINE! Candice and the entire cast are great! Can’t for more!

  15. Valerie says:

    IT’S HAPPENING IT’S HAPPENING! #WestAllen So happy to hear these amazing news about WA and Iris. Candice is an amazing actress!

  16. Kate says:

    The WestAllen fans are only going to get worse.

    • Emily says:

      If by “worse,” you mean “more satisfied with the writing of the show when it gives Candice meaty material to work with” then YUP! :D

      • Nilani says:

        Yaaasssss I can’t WAIT to see Westallen lock lips on BOTH E1 and E2!!! And we all know Candice is gonna SLAY as badass reporter Iris West in action! I’m so happy, that we have Grant and Candice portraying such an iconic comic book couple! Westallen really is on a whole other level <3<3<3

    • Mo says:

      “get worse”?! I hope not! At the rate they’re going Flash is going to end up like Felicity the Show Formerly Known As Arrow. *blech*

      • Nilani says:

        Aww, you didn’t expect The Flash tv show to go with its canon comic book couple??? You didn’t expect Iris West to be the love of Barry Allen’s life, such as in comic book canon??? You didn’t expect Iris West to be Barry/The Flash’s lightning rod and anchor JUST like in the comic books??? You didn’t expect the Westallen romance to play such a HUGE role in The Flash tv show, even though their romance is a HUGE, IMPORTANT part in ALL of The Flash comic books dating all the way back to the 1950’s??? Pooooor youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mo says:

          Nope I absolutely didn’t expect The Iris Show or The West Allen Soap Opera. No interest in that at all. I did expect a show about Flash fighting regular and supervillains. If all what you’ve said is in the comics it’s no wonder they killed Barry and replaced him with someone else. *yesh*

          • Nilani says:

            HUH?! So THIS season 2, you haven’t seen The Flash fight against Atom Smasher??? You haven’t seen Flash having to face Sand Demon??? You haven’t seen Flash team up with Captain Cold and Golden Glider??? You haven’t seen Flash putting a fight against a Firestorm gone rouge??? You haven’t seen Flash face off against Dr. Light??? You never watched the episode, where Flash got his as* handed to him and literally got DRAGGED throughout Central City by one of his most fearsome enemies; Zoom??? You never saw the ACTION PACKED crossover with Arrow -where Iris was actually NOWHERE to be found??? You didn’t see The Trickster and Weather Wizard return to kill The flash for good??? Or the return of Barry Allen’s arch nemesis The Reverse Flash??? Sounds pretty action packed to me!!!! And not AT ALL strictly romantic!!!! So exactly what show HAVE you been watching every Tuesday night 8/7C on The CW??? Cause it sure as Hell doesn’t sound like The Flash!

          • Mo says:

            @ Nilani:

            Dude you asked what I was expecting not what happened this season. *rolls eyes* And I told you what I didn’t expect which is everything you said about the comics being all about Iris this and Iris that. You know The Iris Show you want. Obviously I’m fine with what’s been on this season but you don’t seem to be. That’s why you’re yammering for The Iris Show. Not here for that.

          • Ana says:

            Amazing that all those things happened when Patty was at the forefront and apparently you didn’t have an issue with it..but now that it seems that Patty is being replaced with Iris, it becomes ‘ the Iris show’…which no one wants or is advocating for.

          • Nilani says:

            Yeah Mo, pray tell!!! How is it, you had absolutely NO issue whatsoever, when Patty was the romantic love interest at the absolute FOREFRONT, but as soon as Iris re-takes her RIGHTFUL place on the show as the leading lady and romantic love interest to Barry Allen, you’re out here voicing your disapproval of the IW/WA fandom and disinterest in the whole romantic aspect of the show??? PRAY TELL.

          • Mo says:


            Patty was a huge figure to Iris’ fans but she was really just another love interest in the tradition of Love Interest. There & only of significance to inject a little romcom or melodrama. It was never The Patty Show no one demanded to see more of her, her background, her career, joining Team Flash etc. She was at the forefront to you but not to me. That’s your issue not mine.

            Btw Patty’s gone now you need to let her go.

          • Mo says:

            @ Nilani:

            Dude chillax. No need to pray & tell so much I’m not a dime-store fortune teller you know. I don’t watch the show for the romance aspects. I enjoyed Iris & Barry’s moments of hanging out & just being friends like Zombie movie night or her helping him with his Patty date. I also enjoyed his date with Patty & Cisco. And that’s about the extent of my enjoyment of the various romances on the show. I have no desire to see more of Barry’s love interest beyond a moment here & there & maybe an ep focused on her. Again not here for The Love Interest of Barry Allen Show or The West Allen Soap Opera. Patty was at the forefront to you not to me. No one ever agitated to see more of her and I call b.s. if you say there was. IW/WA can post what they want to see on the show I can do the same. Good luck trying to hog this aspect of the internet to yourself.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree. The loudmouth Stans will act like they won something. Here’s hoping they’re not doing westallen this season. Especially since the show is likely to last a few years anyway.

      • Emme says:

        It’s amazing how positive this page was until the negative nellies jumped on to tell the positive people how negative they are. Real Westallen fans aren’t expecting Westallen this season, or anytime soon, just continuing momentum of canon… something that proactive anti-Iris stans have decided is not worth continuing because of the casting of the actress.

    • coco says:

      the thing I don’t like about them is the fact that you have to ship westallen or else, you’re not allowed to like Barry with anyone else. I happened to like the Barry/Patty relationship. I know Barry is supposed to be in love with Iris and they will eventually happen but that fandom is annoying as hell it almost makes me want to root against them.

      • Kate says:

        Exactly. Many of them lie and twist things. Fans not liking a canon couple is standard on television. It’s not all about erasing Iris West but just you say that you don’t like Iris and prefer another woman with Barry and they’ll frame it as you promoting Iris’s erasure so that they can descend on you and attack you. And they do this all the time on twitter. They don’t hesitate to express their disdain for other female characters but let someone else do the same about Iris and minutes later, they get a bunch of notifications with Iris stans accusing them of a host of things.

        • Cyndi says:

          Patty was Barry’s love interest. In their warped minds, Shantel wanting Barry to end up with Patty isn’t simply supporting her own storyline but supporting Iris’s erasure. Listening to them, anyone who doesn’t get with the program that Iris and Barry end up together is against WestAllen and thus, racist and evil.

          • Ana says:

            Patty is a canon love interest for Barry Allen. I as a WA fan had no issue with that relationship. The issue I had was with the screen time that Patty was allotted while Iris was pushed to the side.. blame TPTB for that..both females could have coexisted on this show but we were made to chose one or the other, I choose Iris/Candice.

            As part of the WA fandom I can say that I’ve never seen anyone go after Shantel for promoting the erasure of Iris, Danielle yes and deservedly so, but never Shantel.

          • Mo says:

            @ Ana:
            WA did go after Shantel for promoting the erasure of Iris. You just did it yourself.

          • Ana says:

            and pray tell how did I do this? I don’t even think you know what is meant by the erasure of Iris (hint it’s more than just her not being physically present)…so I’m done with you. If you have an issue with Iris West Allen and her apparent importance to the Flash’s story take it up with TPTB

          • Mo says:

            @ Ana:
            A spade is a spade is a spade no matter what you call it. Your issue with Patty’s screen time is the same as saying she’s promoting Iris erasure. Iris is as important as any other love interest and so far she’s just a crush. Take it up with TPTB if you want Iris to be more than that.

  17. Elle says:

    I think one of the most electric things about E2 Iris is the fact that she jumps straight into the action instead of sitting on the sidelines. We’ve seen from season one that E1 Iris also shares that trait but we rarely see her get her hands dirty. Fast Lane and Welcome to E2 just showed how amazing Iris is and how well Candice can kill it when she gets stuff to do. I hope the series continues on like this because these past two episodes have been the best since season one!

  18. Trish says:

    Yesssss Matt keep bringing that good stuff you know I like. I feel blessed after reading this interview loved all the questions asked and candid responses Candice gave. As per the general consensus ep 13 was amazing in every way and I was one of those cheering at all the agency Iris received during the episode how beautiful and badass she was and how with everything else happening they still managed to showcase Westallen in a loving and stable relationship. Now I need all those seeds that have been planted to grow grow grow. Oh and we’ll ALWAYS have your back Candice since the haters are always gonna hate.

  19. Ariana says:

    So excited for Iris West and her journalism getting more attention in upcoming episodes. Earth 2 Barry and Iris in last weeks episode was definitely a highlight and I hope to see such a developement between them in the future on Earth 1. Also, Candice Patton is so amazingly gracious and down to earth! I always enjoy her interviews so thanks for this.

  20. Nilani says:

    After half a season’s terrible drought 2×12 finally delivered HUGE for Iris fans, and last week’s episode finally delivered BIG TIME for fans of Westallen. Watching our Barry navigate a relationship and romance it up with another Iris -yet still HIS Iris- was EVERYTHING and more, I could have ever hoped for!! <3 And now I absolutely cannot wait to see the REAL E2 Westallen love story unfold before our eyes tomorrow! I'm eager to see their dynamic, their relationship and hopefully the two of them kissing it up on screen as well! <3<3<3 I also can't wait to see the introduction of Scott Evans,which means more kickass reporter Iris being the investigative and iconic person, we know her to be from the comic books. More of this??? YES PLEASE!!!

  21. Bailey says:

    I’ve been waiting all season for this. Westallen is lit baby!! The Earth 2 interactions sealed the deal on everything I already knew. No matter what universe it is. Bartholomew Henry Allen loves Iris Ann West. I’m looking forward to watching E2 Barry protect and support his wife. The same way E1 Barry was doing and would do for any Iris. Because “she Iris! She is to me”.

    Iris was totally kicking butt all episode long and Candice Patton slayed the whole episode. She made the episode for me! Her and Grant Gustin. They have to keep delivering stellar episodes like this. When Barry and Iris are at the center of the show it really pays off. They have such a strong emotional connection.

  22. MJ says:

    Great interview! It feels like season two of ‘The Flash’ is finally starting! Can’t wait to see more of Iris West and WestAllen in every universe!

  23. Maya says:

    Thanks so much for this interview Matt; I adore Candice Patton and I ship Westallen because of her

  24. Jared says:

    I actually kind of love that Barry has this interracial family that is loving and supportive without ever mentioning color.

  25. I have to say, I really adore this woman. She’s such an amazing actress and I’m so happy she hears our love for her and WestAllen! Keep it that way, Candice, we have our back <33 amazing interview too! Loved it! The earth-2 stuff is really amazing

  26. Diana says:

    So much new information! Thanks! Looking forward to more Iris and Barry/Iris (and Wally). And I second the suggestion to have webisodes centered on Earth 2.

  27. Last weeks episode was amazing and #Westallen asf. I love that they are married on earth 2 and I can’t wait for them to get together on earth 1.

  28. Nerline says:

    Matt, thank you this great interview with Candice. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Iris.

  29. Aliah Berry says:

    Yes! Bring on all the Iris West and WestAllen! The season is finally starting to pick up and I am here for it! Also, Candice is amazingly resilient dealing with the obviously racially charged hate directed towards her character. I hope she keeps pushing through flawlessly while the haters continue to seethe at her and her characters future success! ;)

  30. Thank you so much for this interview. Barry and Grant are great and I love them, but it’s so important for brilliant leading woc and their characters to get equal interest from the media. Iris is truly co-lead of this show for me and Candice has a stellar career ahead of her now she’s shown what she can carry in a major network TV show.

  31. Alexis says:

    Such a great interview. Love Candice. Looking forward to ace reporter Iris, #WestAllen & more proactive Iris. Don’t worry about the racists and haters Candice because we got your back

  32. Maryann says:

    I could never see the chemistry between Earth 1 Barry and Iris, but the Earth 2 couple is totally the opposite! In fact, I love Earth 2 so much that I really, really hope that this two parter will not be the last time we see this place or these characters.

    • Nilani says:

      Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has already stated, that Barry Allen will return to Earth 2 (before season end I think even). So you can look forward to seeing your faves from Earth 2 again! :)

  33. nat says:

    CANDICE WE LOVE YOU!!! we are with you til the end <3
    Some people in this fandom don't deserve Candice Patton…queen!!!

  34. flashfan2 says:

    Great interview. Love Iris and Barry on the Flash!

  35. Danielle says:

    I’m just gonna go in a corner and cry. All this goodness in one interview…..*clutches heart and whispers breathlessly* Earth 1 westallen is happening reporter west in action is coming. I LIVE.

  36. Mangochic says:

    What a lovely interview! I really like Earth 2 and a more proactive Iris.

  37. donna says:

    Thanks for the interview. Candice Patton is so classy. She is the reason I watch this show. Well her and Cisco. I love love them. Please do an interview with him.

    I want to see more reporter Iris. We all lived cop Iris. She was fantastic. Keep it coming.

    P.S. I still think Zoom is Barry’S father

    • Emme says:

      I’m obsessed with Reverb/Vibe … more Reverb. YES TVLINE! Please do a Carlos interview! *feels greedy after this Iris West goodness*

  38. carni611 says:

    I just can’t stop loving this woman, Candice is the perfect Iris West. I’m so happy to see & read how excited Candice is which always give us the will to watch and support her. Grant & Candice have best chemistry ever, they make Westallen so believable. I will always be a Westallen fans and a Candicanes (Candice fans) and I can’t wait to see what ahead for Candice (Iris) & Westallen, Thanks Matt for always bringing us scoops.

  39. Shika says:

    This is such a fantastic interview!! Love Candice and Iris. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode to see actually married E2 Westallen interact. I’m also relieved that we will finally start to see Iris’ POV and feelings regarding Barry on E1. With the Iris/Wally episode 12 and the start of Earth 2 last week, it’s finally starting to feel like “The Flash” series I fell in love with season one!

  40. Prettycitie says:

    I would not be watching flash if it wasn’t for the lovely Candice. Flash is such a diverse show with it’s family feels. Candice always stays positive and she doesn’t let the haters get to her. I am a huge supporter of Iris west/westallen and will continue to do so.

  41. Lisa V says:

    Thank you Matt Webb Mitovich and Tv Line for this article. I adore Candice Patton and think she is the absolute best, Iris West. I can’t imagine anyone else in that role. It’s easy to understand why Barry Allen and her Dad, Joe West, love her so much. She is a well rounded and relatable character: supportive, brave, vulnerable, smart, caring, resourceful. Her chemistry with Grant Gustin is palpable and undeniable. I fell in love with West-Allen in the pilot; love them on Earth 2, and can’t wait until their a couple on Earths 1-52. I felt that Earth 2 story line gave us a different dynamic not only for West-Allen as a family, and a couple, but for Team Flash as well. It enabled viewers to see the main cast’s acting ranges and abilities. It is my humble opinion that West-Allen demonstrates that romance in a comic book show doesn’t have to diminishes it; it can enhance it. I am so excited for the rest of the season! Is it Tuesday yet?

  42. Mik says:

    I love that Scott wants her to write a hit piece on The Flash, and she decides to go and a story on Jay instead, LOL. Iris West, protecting Barry Allen to the end.

  43. Hytecker says:

    I love the West/Allen pairing but I can’t stand Wally. What an obnoxious A-hole.

  44. Hytecker says:

    I don’t have a problem with Caitlin but I couldn’t stand Patty. Just because somebody likes Barry’s dynamic with Caitlin doesn’t mean they’re racist! That word is thrown around way too often and it’s causing a backlash.

    • FashionMaven says:

      Hey – you may not know this – but CP actually got a lot of racist stuff thrown at her from some fans. They called her the n-word, a monkey, etc.. It was pretty bad… and constant. CP didn’t mention Caitlin at all – what made you go there? It’s pretty clear she was talking about her personal experience with some fans who literally post ugly racist stuff on her twitter timeline.

      • Hytecker says:

        I never mentioned any hate coming from Candice. I think the actresses on the show are acting a lot more mature than most of these “shippers”! I bet they get along fine. To be honest, I think they spend too much time on the relationships and not enough on the super heroics!

    • Mik says:

      Hit dogs will hollar, because Candice never said it was people who shipped other ships.

  45. Kim says:

    This is such a great interview! I cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode. I love Earth-2 Iris and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her badass self. I hope as this season goes on we get to see more of that for Iris on Earth-1. Not to say that she isn’t already a badass, of course! What I thought was cool about seeing Earth-2 Iris is that, as Barry points out, she’s still Iris. Like Candice says, she is definitely more aggressive and more proactive, but I think those are all traits that Earth-1 Iris has. Earth-2 Iris has just had more time to develop and grow into it because Earth-2 Joe wasn’t as overprotective as he is on Earth-1. We’ve already started to see some scenes this season of Iris being a kickass reporter. I’m also really excited to see how this storyline with Scott plays out. Thanks again for this interview!

  46. FashionMaven says:

    Oh my what a lovely interview! I just love CP! Such a great role model and a really, really classy actress. Honestly I think she’s the best actress on the show – glad they are finally seeming to give her the lines to match how good she is. Her Earth-2 Iris was inspired! I hope they bring some of that aggressiveness to Earth-1 Iris. That would be awesome.

    Excited to see where the show goes with Iris and Westallen! And I cannot wait to find out who Zoom is! This season has finally started to heat up!

  47. Bette says:

    What a great interview! I love to hear that Iris will be a part of the action in 2B and that her journalism arc will be explored. I adore Candice Patton and could not imagine anyone else playing that role. She is a fantastic actor and is literally the heart of the show. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Iris and the West family!!

  48. TheBaller2.0 says:

    Next time, reread you article before posting as foolish mistakes have been made.
    i.e. Them being married on Earth-Two kind of gives this idea that Barry and I are always connected, no matter where we find them. It show be Then. This is one of the very few

  49. Great interview! I really enjoy watching the entire cast. They all have amazing chemistry.

  50. Sarah D says:

    Great interview Matt! I am loving this season. Can’t wait for the Zoom reveal (I hope it’s not Barry’s dad!)