Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Midseason Premiere Recap: Cue the Violence

Remember when there was all that talk about how Grey’s Anatomy was going to have a “much lighter tone” this season? Yeah, apparently, the midseason premiere didn’t get the memo.

As the promos for this week’s Denzel Washington-directed episode forewarned us, “The Sound of Silence” focused on Meredith’s brutal attack by a patient. But that was hardly the only traumatic incident packed into the hour.

Read on, Valium at the ready, and we’ll go over not only the details of the assault but the heart-stopping moments that followed it as well.

‘THAT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA!’ | Early on, it almost seemed like it WAS going to be a light, quippy episode, as Grey Sloan-bound carpoolers Alex, Mer and Maggie were stuck in traffic that was so slow they were lapped by a bumblebee. The only dark clouds on the horizon seemed to be the facts that Alex was crashing in Amelia’s room, and — as Mer was quick to point out — “It’s not Amelia’s room anymore.” (Should we assume from this state of affairs that Jo turned down Alex’s proposal?) Deducing that the back-up was being caused by a whopper of a pile-up, Mer and Maggie leapt into action, with Alex reluctantly following their lead.

When the docs arrived at Grey Sloan with the accident victims, Mer’s very nice patient, Lou, required help from neuro, which Amelia — not just pissy but also off her game — refused to give unless he became critical. After Lou had a terrible seizure and lost consciousness, Mer wound up being left alone with him. When he suddenly awakened, he was at first disoriented, then disoriented AND violent. Tragically, though April and Nathan were mere feet away losing a patient of their own, they didn’t hear the altercation or see Mer being thrown against the wall.

THIS TIME, IT’S PERSONAL | After Penny discovered Mer bloody and bruised on the floor, Owen, Richard, Ben and April began furiously treating their friend. April asked if anyone had informed Bailey — as the chief, of course, she’d want to know what had happened. But Richard insisted that Miranda had enough on her plate at the moment; they could take care of Mer themselves. For his part, Ben couldn’t believe that Lou had beaten up Grey — he had been stable. “Hyperaggression can occur after a seizure,” Owen explained, with Richard adding that the attacker probably wouldn’t even remember what he had done. In no time, Alex — his face a portrait of sincere worry — had joined the team.

When Mer came to during the hubbub, she couldn’t seem to hear Maggie’s reassurances or anything at all. And she was in such excruciating pain that Amelia totally froze. Richard argued that Maggie shouldn’t treat a family member. But Alex pointed out that everyone in the room was Mer’s family. When Stephanie asked Mer to wiggle a finger, a toe, anything, the group at first feared that she was paralyzed. Thankfully, Alex deduced that she just couldn’t hear the request. Not ideal, obviously, but still better than paralysis.

‘YOU’VE GOT A LOT OF SNOT’ | After Mer’s treatment became as brutal as the attack had been — good God, the jaw pop was the stuff of nightmares! — we fast-forwarded to her in recovery, still deaf. As hours, then passed, Mer watched helplessly as friends like Alex and Callie spoke to her, and Richard physically ushered a drunk and belligerent Amelia out of the patient’s room. (Why did no one think to write the poor woman a damn note?) Finally, Mer got Penny to show her her injuries on an iPad, and Alex, finding his BFF sobbing, climbed into bed with her and made her laugh by telling her that she had a lot of snot — yeah, she heard him! Whew!

At halftime, Mer asked (via note, since she was on voice rest) what had become of Lou. Bailey informed her that he had recovered and had, as predicted, been unaware of what he had done. Upon learning that he had hurt Mer, he had asked repeatedly to see her, to apologize, but his victim was adamantly against it. In the evening, while Alex slept in Mer’s room, Jo snuck in to lay a blanket over him. (Sweet, but didn’t see that engagement ring on her finger, did you?)

In possibly the saddest moment of the hour, Alex brought Mer’s kids to see her, and Zola was too freaked out by her mom’s wired-shut jaw to go near her. Afterward, Mer freaked and urgently, wordlessly demanded that Penny cut her loose, which she did. Happening upon the scene, Jackson yelled at Blake that she “could jeopardize the entire healing process” by doing that. In response, Penny — seeming to find her voice at last — shouted that she knew what she was doing, and since Mer needed some air, “I got her some damn air!”

‘FORGIVENESS IS A POWERFUL THING’ | Later, seeing Amelia in the hall, Mer threw a drink out the door to get her in the room. Since Mer couldn’t speak, Amelia did. She explained that she had been trying to figure out how to make amends, that she talked too much and felt too much, because it was what kept her sober. Since the monologue didn’t heal the rift between the two, Richard wheeled Mer outside, told her how terrible Amelia felt about blowing off her consult request and encouraged her to “forgive [Amelia] for not being Derek,” because it would be good for her as well as her sister-in-law.

As the hour neared its end, we learned that Jackson had served April with divorce papers. (To put it mildly, she wasn’t taking it well.) Mer did eventually meet with Lou and his family, allowing him to tell her how truly sorry he was. In turn, she took his hand — a powerful sign of forgiveness. Later still, Amelia showed Mer the chip signifying the 30 days of sobriety. “I’m trying,” she said. “I know you are,” Mer replied — the wired off at last. “I’m just not ready to forgive you yet.” (“Yet” — that’s a hopeful word, at least, eh?) Finally at home after six weeks, Mer told Alex that she was okay, and that it was okay if he had more than one person. And since Jo Post-It-on-the-wall loved him, he should go be with her — which he then did. (But how did you read her expression when he showed up at the door? To be continued… )

OK, your turn! What did you think of the midseason premiere? Hit the comments!

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  1. Bryce says:

    If this doesn’t get Emmy nods, there is no creative justice in the world. That was breathtaking in ways that the typical Grey’s “disaster episode” usually isn’t. I can’t even belief we’re lucky enough to still be watching such a high-quality production for full seasons week-in and week-out, season-in and season-out. Bravo

    • Leah says:

      If this show ever wants to be taken seriously they have to stop with the violent glass shattering attack in the middle of a busy ER and nobody sees or hears anything idiocy. That was DUMB.

      • Antwon303 says:

        I respectfully disagree. It was a chaotic scene outside of that exam room. The hall will filled with people yelling and working. It’s not hard to believe no one heard glass breaking during the attack and even if they did…who’s to say that someone didn’t simply drop a glass or a beaker? At least they weren’t having a party complete with boombox like on ER when Carter and Lucy were attacked. Now that was dumb. How they hell could they hear a patient’s page when a boombox going?

    • tvjunkie says:

      Emmy nod for what? I wouldn’t call it the worst of Grey’s, but it was possibly the worst episode of the season. This was just another let’s make something bad happen to Meredith episode. They’ve done a lot of those. It’s like they’ve run out of ideas. And of course it had to be a black man who beat the snot out of her.

      • Velocisexual says:

        Remember guys: Don’t feed the troll!

      • Antwon303 says:

        I do feel that it should have been a different character….Mer has been through so much already. I don’t know if Shonda is going for “rise like a phoenix” story. But this plot could have been for Maggie, April or Steph. I have no issue with the fact Lou was Black. What difference does that make? I was made clear throughout the episode that he was not in control and didn’t even remember the attack. It’s not like he just jumped her and was portrayed as a thug. They also had a very touching scene at the end of the episode.

  2. j says:

    LOVED IT. I seriously cannot get enough of Grey’s. Ellen needs an emmy!

  3. I have always loved Ellen Pompeo, but I understood that they are a lot of amazing actresses out there that deserve awards. After tonight, she 100% deserves to be nominated for an Emmy Award — and possibly win. Cried multiple times watching her incredible performance. Also, Justin/Alex was amazing tonight as well. Their friendship is my favorite part of the show now.

    • sharon says:

      Lets keep Alex and Mer friends please. I love their friendship also.When she starts dating again I would prefer a new person.


    • Taylor says:

      I agree with what you have said. Ellen Pompeo truly has been exceptional through out the series and this episode is just another brilliant example! I was driven to tears!!
      Plus when Alex saw her friend in such state, the look had me balling! I think the ending of the episode sums it up nicely that Mer will always see Alex as a brotherly figure (hopefully!) as she send him off to Jo

  4. Lauren says:

    I almost didn’t watch this episode, I was dreading it. But I did and I’m glad. I still contend that Shondaland doesn’t need to go to such disturbing lengths to bring drama to Grey’s. BUT what I realized is that the reason I can’t give this show up is because the acting is SO GOOD. There are no last performances on this show. Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers have so much amazing chemistry. Watching Karev try (and fail) to keep it together when they first found Meredith was just beautiful. I know this show doesn’t get Emmy love anymore but will somebody somewhere recognize how good Justin Chambers is? Ellen too for that matter. But seriously Shonda, can we lighten up like you said you would now?

  5. Gul says:

    The episode was really intense.. Ellen was fabulous.. It does irk me that we got answers to exactly ZERO of November’s cliffhangers though.. I was expecting a Jo/Alex resolution at least.. But I am interested to see where this goes and Mer’s therapy sessions.
    Also super excited for the upcoming Jackson/April episode, as much as i wanted to punch him after that 3 second scene tonight, I’m desperately holding on to the hope that they’ll be fine.

  6. Jacelyn says:

    This episode was powerful & “Meredith’s” (Ellen Pompeo) performance was powerful as well. Well done Grey’s Anatomy cast & crew

  7. If she is not your performer of the week I will be shocked! She did more acting without saying a word than most can do with monologues. It was powerful and intense!! WOW!! Im sorry but more and more I am loving the idea of Alex and Mer together! The best relationships are built on friendships, and more and more I see their chemistry!!

  8. Jamie says:

    I might be in the minority here, but I would have liked this episode so much more if it hadn’t come after a two month break and a super cliffhanger heavy fall finale. I genuinely couldn’t enjoy it because I was sitting there wondering if they were going to address any of the bombs they dropped in November.
    But I love Alex to my core. He is such a wonderful friend, and I’m loving that his friendship with Meredith is taking more of a front seat on the show.

    • Terry says:

      I can’t even remember some of the bombs they dropped it was so long ago. I remember Mer kicked Amelia out of her house but I can’t remember why. Ellen and Justin were superb in that episode. It was hard to watch in a horrific kinda way but dang those two really brought out the feelings.

    • Bazinga says:

      Agree completely.

  9. Sara says:

    Such an amazing episode. Ellen Pompeo is just brilliant!! She was too good, and she didn’t say much words. Just wow. What a way for Grey’s to come back.

  10. Leah says:

    I am blown away by Ellen Pompeo’s incredible performance, she gave me chills and I cried so many times. The scene with the kids is so powerful and heartbreaking. TVline she deserves to be the performer of the week.

    Ellen and Justin have so much chemistry together, which is one of the reasons many people are shipping them together.

  11. Sandra says:

    Amazing and speechless. This episode was powerful. Ellen Pompeo & Justin Chambers performance = AMAZING and Ellen doesn’t get enough credit and if she doesn’t win performer of the week I will sue someone haha.

    • Antwon303 says:

      I am glad they added a few light moments…like Meredith reacting to Callie yelling by bucking her eyes and putting her hand up to say: “Lower the volume please.” That made me laugh.

  12. Beth says:

    I generally multitask during TV, but this is the first episode of anything in ages that I was riveted to.

    • Jo says:

      Me too! I always have my phone in my hand and play games during shows but I didn’t pick my phone up once during this whole episode! It was amazing!

  13. Antwon303 says:

    I don’t think it was the best episode of the season so far. I think “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” gets that honor from me. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVED this episode. I was also little nervous to watch this episode. The moment they showed the outside of the exam…I really thought we were going to see Mer’s head break that glass too. I’m so glad that didn’t happen. This season represents why I will NEVER give up on this show. They truly have one of the best casts on network TV. Shonda and company deserve props too for cranking out gems like this. The fact that the show can still be so fresh and compelling after 12 seasons is impressive. Ellen and Justin were phenomenal. To think Ellen spent 75% of the episode w/o dialogue…but having to use her facial expressions and emote….wow! The only thing weird for me was the comments Maggie, Jackson and especially Miranda made: “The last time this woman got hurt at work she bought the damn hospital.” That was sorta WTF for me. Kudos to Denzel for directing a powerful episode. Ellen definitely deserves an Emmy and Golden Globe nod for her acting. I’ve actually started to like Penny. I still don’t like Amelia. She is always hosting a pity-party.

    • Anna says:

      I died when Meredith rolled her eyes at Amelia when she was going on about how it was for her when Meredith was attacked. It genuinely doesn’t matter how much the people around her are suffering – Amelia always finds a way to make it about herself and her pain. She was exactly the same on PP.

      • Antwon303 says:

        I didn’t watch PP too much. But man…Amelia sucks the air out of the room. I really wanted Meredith to right on her board: Please, stop whining, shut up and be a freaking adult. I get it, she’s a recovering addict…but damn. I really hope she has hit rock bottom because she grates. I need to see her be a bit more light ala Morticia Adams at least LOL.

        • Anna says:

          I don’t have any problem with heavier characters, but they need to have an actual purpose. Or be multifaceted. Or at least show some kind of growth somewhere. She fits absolutely none of that criteria. She’s a complainer who happens to have real problems, which makes her exponentially worse to watch. I can’t stand to watch her whine anymore.

        • Tee says:

          The Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy is terrible. The Amelia on Private Practice was much more of a character you supported and felt for. The episodes from the time Amelia discovers her child has no brain, through the episode in which she gives birth should be required viewing for an Shondaland fans.

          • 3dhouseofmagic says:

            Agree but Amelia is still insufferable – everything revolves around her. Amelia also needs to forgive because the root of their rift is still how Mer handled Derek’s death.

          • Anna says:

            I was a big Private Practice fan, so I saw all of those episodes. And I stand by my assessment of Amelia. She had an awful awful thing happen to her – something that no one should ever have to go through. But throughout the rest of the show, she was still a whiny, self-centered mess. Before and after her baby died. Everything was always someone else’s fault (she really liked to blame Addison in particular for random problems) and never took responsibility for her actions. She was an entitled fall down mess then, and she is now.

      • Jenks says:

        I thought the exact same thing. Meredith is lying there, beat to hell, and all Amelia does is whine about how SHE feels. I guess she provides a foil for the “nice” characters, but man, she is obnoxious and I don’t see what she’s adding to the narrative.

    • Lauren says:

      I didn’t like that comment either. That brings up, I really don’t like Miranda in general these days. They have made her character really annoying. I don’t think I would miss her at this point if she left the show.

      • Tee says:

        I agree. I miss the tough as nails “Nazi.” Once they began giving Bailey backstory that involved a home life, a child, and then started revealing challenges in her marriages…I don’t really care. I liked it better when she was more of a mystery. Now that we know she’s some softy who has OCD and isn’t getting it on with her husband on the regular, I just don’t care.

      • Coconuts says:

        I was seriously just talking about this. If Miranda and her husband never came back on the show…. No one would notice… Like seriously… No one. Their time is done. I say hire new doctors! Now that’s drama. Not Miranda… And her dumb husband who is an anesthesiologist that wants to relive being a resident for 7 years of his life.

    • Antwon303 says:

      And I totally forgot to write: Go Stephanie for stepping up when Amelia was having her meltdown. I am so proud of Steph. She has really proven herself to be a rock star.

  14. Matt C. says:

    One of the most intense hours of television I’ve ever watched. Ellen Pompeo deserves all the awards…but at least TVLine’s Performer of the Week!

  15. Susan Eubanks says:

    My husband is hard of hearing and wears hearing aids. I have good hearing and do not wear hearing aids. Neither one of us can hear much of the dialogue because of the unusually high background music. It would be so nice to be able to actually hear what’s being said by the cast.

  16. Para says:

    I am a little underwhelmed because I thought it will be more intense especially Denzel Washington directed, So I thought i would be like the hospital gun man episode when Yang operated on mcdreamy type intense. But it is more like a lady’s recovery episode. So… I dont know. not enough action, not enough medical stuff for me.

  17. Gina says:

    am i the only one upset about jackson and april!? They are like pretty my only fave couple left on the show and I really wanted them to get back together? :( Darn this show and having to break everyone up.

    • NM says:

      I think the time spent with Meredith in recovery will back track to explaining their issues.

    • Tee says:

      I really couldn’t care less about Jackson and April. Aren’t they the only Mercy West doctors left? That whole merger thing was a pain in the butt, and brought in a bunch of new characters who weren’t green interns April has only three modes: super-whiny, self-righteous, and screwball. Jackson has no real purpose other than his mom gave him the hospital. I’m kind of ready for them to die together on some traumatic finale or ride of into the sunset together.

      • Coconuts says:

        I agree you 75%. Jackson has nice eyes and a hot body so he can live…. But sure kepner can die.

        • jhall1ny says:

          Jackson and April had really good screen time last year coming to terms with their unborn baby’s illness and immenint death. No greater heartache for a parent. I feel like they glossed over the issue by sending Kepner off to Jordan. They keep making excuses not resolve their issues and deal with the loss of their son. It’s just so frustrating! If they dealt with the loss head on, that would make for good drama. Possibly throw in a love triangle with Riggs for some added drama. The writers just need to care about their storyline a little.

        • Tennisnsun says:

          I’m on board with that!

    • Coconuts says:

      I really don’t care about japril. In fact, it would make for more drama of they do break up. I’m not a fan of kepner they make her character so annoying.

    • K says:

      I liked them up until April left for the third time (did the actress have a baby? Was maternity leave what prompted the storyline?). A marriage is not one person doing whatever he or she wants to do and too bad if the other person isn’t okay with it. Jackson told her he wasn’t okay with her leaving again. She went anyway. It’s not like she was gone for a few days, weeks or months. He just lost his baby too and his wife kept going to a war zone. And then her insistence that now that she was back on her terms, and was ready to pick up again? No. This marriage can’t end fast enough for me.

      • Jenks says:

        Ditto x 1000.

      • Exactly. April was beyond unreasonable and selfish. She thought she was the only pain that mattered and single-handedly destroyed their relationship. For all those clammering for their reunion, I don’t get it. In fact, Jackson holding off on issuing papers was delaying the obvious. Their marriage was over the second she left for the third time and Jackson said he needed her.

    • DMC says:

      I was upset but at this point…ehhh. I mean Jackson tries and April is just so whiny

  18. NM says:

    I understand there’s #TeamMer and #TeamAmelia due to their fued, but why Amelia is constantly blamed for being “whiny” I have no idea. How is talking about your feelings and being a very extrovert person such a bad thing? Her and Meredith are so similar, the only difference is that Amelia opens up, where as Meredith shuts downs. They both have their strengths and their flaws, but they both have so much damage that in reality they can be just as bad as one another.

    • NM says:

      And I’m sorry, why does Meredith have to forgive Amelia? Especially when she’s the one who has been treating Amelia like crap since Derek died?

      • Jenks says:

        Not in the show I’ve been watching. At the end of the first half of the season, Amelia said horrible things to Meredith. She has openly blamed Meredith for Derek’s death and hasn’t done a thing to work together to heal. It’s not that she’s whiny, she’s utterly self-centered and never thinks about anyone’s pain but her own. Sure, Meredith can be challenging, but Amelia’s behavior is by far the worse of the two.

      • DMC says:

        I don’t understand the pressure for this relationship. Amelia has three other sisters and could have friends…why do her and Meredith have to be close?

    • bigdede says:

      Amelia makes everything about herself. EVERYTHING. Meredith is lying in that hospital bed unable to talk in pain yet somehow Amelia makes it about her. Then she goes in there with that stupid chip saying it was her 30 days sober chip. Meredith should’ve told her to take that chip and go to Chuck E Cheese! Meredith was dealing with so much especially when her kids, Zoe, didn’t want to be around her in the hospital. That broke my heart. Yet Meredith has to deal with Amelia and her petty spoiled behavior, no. Meredith shouldn’t forgive her. And why in the world was that patient who attacked Meredith dressed in his Sunday best apologizing to Meredith in the hospital instead of in a jail cell? That made no sense.

      • Kelly says:

        I honestly don’t think Mer’s not forgiving her for not coming to consult. I think she’s still rightly pissed about Amelia saying all those horrible things to her about how Derek would be disgusted with her. I for 1 hate Amelia and wish they would get rid of her. Mer gets attacked and she STILL makes it about her! Give me a freakin break! I really hope Shonda doesn’t break up Japril. It would nice if Shonda could have 1 couple be happy and married like normal folks. And I’m glad she finally put the Mer/Alex pairing to bed. She tried that road with Izzie and George and it didn’t work. Alex belongs with Jo. If they would give Jo a chance to be her own strong person again, that would help people like her maybe, but they have ruined her character with petty jealousy over Mer and Steph. It was an excellent episode overall!
        Rant over!

      • PL says:

        Just one point of correction, Meredith’s oldest daughter’s name is Zola. She calls her “Zo” or “ZoZo” on occasion.

      • PL says:

        Re: Lou not being in a jail cell. There are a number of potential reasons. Meredith may not have been ready to forgive, but she may not have wanted to press charges (unclear since we never saw any sort of interaction with her or police afterwards). Odds are, realistically, that he wouldn’t be found legally culpable/guilty for the battery committed on Meredith because he was not of sound mind when it happened. Sort of like a plea of insanity, he was unaware of what he was doing and therefore was not acting with the type of “intent” required to convict someone of that kind of crime.

  19. N says:

    I loved this episode! Great Ellen & didn’t use the cc!

  20. Coconuts says:

    1. Ok am I the only who turned on the water works? You get an Emmy, you get an Emmy, you all get Emmys!

    2. I am SICK of japril, pick already! Either you are together or not. I cannot stand kepners annoying character. I would be fun to see Jackson with someone that isn’t so…. Kepner.

    3. Amelia makes wonder how many surgeons are drunk on the low when they operate.

    4. Alex and Mer were so cute! In a bro sis kind of way… Sorry no merlex for me. No jolex either… Jo is so annoying she should be best friends with kepner.

  21. Jesse says:

    I’m sick of this show promising lighter storylines but then putting you through traumatic events that are just brutal.

  22. Ingmar says:

    Look, I get that Meredith is upset with Amelia, but why is Amelia the only one apologizing? Have we ever heard her apologize for not giving Amelia a chance to say goodbye to Derek? Or at least understand Amelia’s feelings? She is completely ignoring Amelia and some of the things she said to Amelia in the mid season finale were really hurtful aswell. But yeah, Amelia is the one being selfish…right..

    Other than that it was a great episode. One of the most powerful hours that Grey’s has ever done. It still stuns me Ellen Pompeo has never won an emmy. She should really get nominated for this episode. It was excellent.

    • Erica says:

      I’m pretty sure Meredith did apologize for not giving Amelia a chance to say goodbye (or at least she let her listen to Derek’s last voicemail to her, which was supposed to amount to the same thing).

      • PL says:

        Yeah I think they’ve moved past the not-saying-goodbye thing. Their feud is really centered on Penny and the blowout in the mid-season finale.

        • T.w.123 says:

          But Penny and that Blowout are both COMPLETELY still tied to Derek. That’s the root here. Even Richard said so last night.

          • PL says:

            Of course they are, but his death moreso than the not-saying-goodbye. I honestly think THAT aspect of it has been resolved.

        • Ingmar says:

          Not really. It’s just extra proof Mer never thinks about Amelia’s feelings. First she doesn’t call her after Derek died….then she didn’t even mention to Amelia that she was hugging the woman who she considered to be Derek’s killer. Then, when Amelia tried to come up with a plan against Penny Mer just kicked her out and screamed that she was about to kill Amelia. What the hell? Then in 12×08 she was really harsh to Amelia…really cold. So yeah, Amelia has reasons to be upset. I just wish they would explore THAT side aswell. But no, Mer needs to forgive Amelia and that’s it. I love the show and I LOVE Mer, but she needs to suck it up and apologize aswell. She doesn’t have to like Amelia, but respect her? Hell, yes.

  23. sissy Elmore says:

    I loved it but I was so worried that Met was going to die she truly is an amazing actress I have watched Gray from day one and she has always been the one I like the most.

  24. EM says:

    Outstanding episode and outstanding performance by Ellen Pompeo. Up there in the top five episodes of the series. When the kids were scared of her, her reaction just broke my heart.

  25. flower1petals says:

    It was a good ep, the acting in it was phenomenal, but it was unnecessary. Why does Meridith have to go through this again. Now in the previews we see her having some sort of ptsd and who knows when that will end. I tune in from time to time, haven’t been a faithful watcher since Callie’s car accident ( many years) but its always the same. Yes I know its a drama, but can the drama not involve Mer for once.

  26. Hely says:

    Where was Cristina. …

  27. TVFAN says:

    Applause for Denzel for directing and the staff for writing. I will not jump on the bandwagon of people upset that bad things keep happening to Meredith because we need to remember….IT IS JUST A SHOW! Like any other drama, they try to squeeze millions of real life, could happen to anyone situations into this show. The thing that makes this show great is the actors perform it like things didn’t suck a couple of episodes or seasons ago. Always a sucker for an episode when Alex cries or when Webber gives that sound advice. Ellen Pompeo acted her butt off without even talking. Amelia is still a wreck and I’m still upset she got mad that Mer wouldn’t tell her what was confided to her from someone else. Great show!!

  28. robandco says:

    Extremely creative episode. Very intense. The scene with the kids broke my heart, poor Meredith. And Penny’s redemption arc is completely working for me, I am starting to like her, and I also found myself rooting for her. Good job writers. Thank god Jackson went through and filled for divorce, the situation had been going on for too long.

  29. Sheri says:

    Hit me right in the feely feels!!

  30. Jay says:

    AMAZING!!! Ellen did an amazing job. Alex will forever be my favorite, Justin did a great job with this episode, the crying while trying to treat her gave me chills and made me cry as well. With such an amazing group I have not missed Derek one bit this season.

  31. James says:

    Meh. Felt like it tried too hard to make itself mean something.

  32. Karen Joyce says:

    This was an incredibly powerful episode and Ellen Pompei’s performance was wrenching. So damn good.

  33. greysfan says:

    All I wanna say is BRAVO Ellen Pompeo! If she and even Justin Chambers don’t get Emmy nods well…the Emmy nomination people are idiots. We the people voted them People’s Choice so that is all that counts but an Emmy is deserving. I got a feeling it won’t happen and yet again the cable shows will dominate or because Good Wife is ending they’ll give it to Julianna instead. It was just one incredible episode. I LOVE Grey’s as much now as I did in the early seasons and it keeps going from strength to strength. People who said Derek will make it unwatchable, pft to those people.

  34. Anna says:

    Honestly, after all the build up, this wasn’t nearly as intense as I had imagined (and hoped) it would be. Definitely still an intense and emotional episode but not worthy of the build up.
    Justin is an incredible actor and this episode was a true example of that. Ellen too.
    My heart breaks for Amelia, the guilt she’s feeling from not going for the consult, thinking she could have prevented it.
    How much more can Meredith take though?!

  35. Bell says:

    Just on Ameli and Mer… I have been a huge Amelia fan since PP. they both have done wrong but yeah, why does Mer not have to apologise? She’s said and done some horrible things to Amelia and yet only Amelia should apologise ?? Going back to Derek’s death: not calling Amelia, not to say goodbye, try to help, or even to inform her after the care was withdrawn. Not calling his other family to say goodbye either ? Wtf Mer?
    Then the dinner party with Penny (THAT is the episode of the season), not telling her who Penny was and then getting angry at her because she was so hurt and shocked that Met didn’t inform her.
    Their fight about Owen and what his mum told Mer… Yes Mer definitely does not have to confide in Amelia – but everything Amelia said was spot on (let’s be honest, Derek would be disgusted).
    As well as Mer and Justin, Caterina deserves and Emmy for her acting this season.

  36. Misty says:

    I suppose you are treated much better when you are a doctor and get beat up in the ER on a TV show, then when you are just a regular person and get the life beaten out of you in real life.

    I was pulled from my car, beaten unconscious with a broken cheekbone, dislocated jaw, broken nose, sinus hemorrhage, broken ribs, eyes swollen shut, dragged across the road with road rash all over my body, and then thrown in a canal, and had my car/purse/wallet/everything stolen and had to crawl out of the canal to be found in the road.

    Yet when I came into the ER by ambulance and barely coherent, I sure did not get treated like Meredith did after that little bitty beating, no wait … lets call it what it was, that little bitty tapping.

    Whatta a stupid overdramatic crybaby episode. I’ll never watch this crap again. I honestly found it insulting, maybe because its ANYTHING close to realistic.


    I am NEVER disappointed with each new series of Grey’s Anatomy which presses SO MANY EMOTIONAL BUTTONS & find it overcoming with performances of both MAIN CHARACTERS & ancillary performances which are equal to that of the main performers, and leave their BRITISH COUNTERPART STANDING.