Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: No Eggs-it

Following up on last week’s big cliffhanger, Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars revealed Aria’s dad to be guilty… of being in love!

Proving that all my hand-written letters to Marlene King have been well-received, Byron shared the secret he’s been keeping from Aria: He and Ella (my OTP) are back together. And the only thing that made me happier than that news was Ella’s comment about how hard it is to get a hold of Mike, who’s “never in his dorm room anymore.” Maybe Ella should hop a plane over to Beacon Hills to see what her son’s really been up to.

(Speaking of couples going strong, I’m glad to see that “Spaleb” is still firing on all cylinders, despite everything that’s happening around them. Here’s hoping that whatever Caleb finds in Yvonne’s “Hastings opposition research” folder doesn’t change that.)

And then there are the duos I still can’t quite read, like Emily and Alison. I got a rush of those old-time “Emison” feelings when Ali offered to take Emily to her egg-donating procedure — and even more when they held hands in the hospital room — but following Emily’s allegation that Sara Harvey attacked her after surgery, I don’t know what to think. Was it all a hallucination, or is Alison, who claimed to have been in Emily’s room the whole time, secretly working with Sara? (Stranger things have happened on this show.)

Also suspicious of Sara, Aria and Spencer snuck into her room at the Radley in the hopes of tying her to Charlotte’s murder. And although they didn’t necessarily get their hands on the smoking gun, they did discover that Sara’s hotel room used to be Charlotte’s room when Radley was a sanitarium. And what’s with that secret exit? (There’s always a secret exit.)

Odds and Ends:

* Emily and Hanna’s conversation about whether or not Byron and Ella will remarry has me wondering: Whose wedding are we going to see this season?

* I feel like Hanna’s post-high school life would make the most compelling spinoff, though Spencer’s could give it a run for its money. (That said, “I’m very into Asians, they’re incredibly chic” might be the most ridiculous line ever spoken on this show.)

* This is, hands down, the most phenomenal “A” threat of all time:

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Any new theories? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. This episode wasn’t too exciting, though the hour did pass by rather quickly so it must have done something for me. I think Ella and Byron are the wedding we will see, and it’s nice to see Spencer and Caleb as hot as ever.

  2. lauri5567 says:

    Was it supposed to be the same doctor from earlier that Alison was talking to at the school? He looked younger to me.
    Anyone else wondering if Mike is just pretending to be at college like Emily was doing to her Mom?

  3. meeeeeeeeeam says:

    The thing with Aria’s parents is not a secret thanks to wikia and spoiler’s episode was so-so than the last few..Spaleb is hot!!Not hotter than Spoby,but a little hotter than Haleb..I like Hana’s hunky man.As for Emison,never liked it…

  4. NM says:

    Yeah, okay. This ‘A’ or devil emoji stalker “hides in plain sight”, but can someone explain to me how eggs – BIOLOGICAL EGGS – get stolen from a hospital when there are so many procedures to follow before they die off? Sorry. But Rosewood fertility is just as bad as their police department. Horribly shocking.

    As for Alison working with Sara, I can see that. She wants to find out who killed Charlotte and even thinks the her ‘friends’ did it. Wouldn’t surprise me if she was the new evil this season.

  5. Cas says:

    Love Spaleb.

  6. abz says:

    I cannot stand Sara Harvey. I hate her face. And the actress is TERRIBLE. Maybe I’d be interested if it was another actress.
    This episode made me miss Mona. I’d rather see more of her than Sara or Alison.
    The new on-screen text format is very annoying the way it’s slanted and often hard to read or goes by too fast. And I barely use emojis so it takes me a moment to read it sometimes
    I’m still loving Jordan. He’s gorgeous and I like him and Hanna together. I didn’t care for the look on Hanna’s face as Spencer walked in sat beside Caleb while he was on the computer. I hope she moves on. Caleb was your highschool bf. You’re engaged to a great guy who loves you and cares about and Caleb has moved on too. That’s kind of what’s annoying about these high school shows sometimes. It’s so predictable. They’re gonna move forward with the engagement and then at the wedding or something, Hanna’s gonna tell Jordan that she can’t be with him because she’s still in love with Caleb, Boring.