Castle Ratings Season 8

Ratings: Castle Returns Steady in Demo, But Smallest Audience Ever

The good-ish news: ABC’s Castle resumed Season 8 on Monday night with a 1.1 demo rating (per finals), matching its fall finale and up a tick from what The Bachelor‘s live after-show most recently pulled in the time slot.

Less good: Castle‘s total audience of 5.72 million viewers marks a drop-off of 15 percent (or a full million), easily hitting a series low. TVLine readers gave the midseason opener an average grade of “B.”

Opening ABC’s night, The Bachelor (8.6 mil/2.5) was up 13 percent and a tenth, hitting season highs.

Elsewhere in the ratings….

CBS | Supergirl (7.9 mil/1.8, average grade “A-“) surged 17 and 20 percent from last week’s lows. A bananapants! episode of Scorpion (11.4 mil/2.1) drew its third-largest audience of the season and rose two tenths in the demo. NCIS: LA (9.8 mil/1.6) ticked up to tie its season high in the demo.

FOX | The X-Files (8.3 mil/2.5) dipped but still led the night in the demo. Lucifer (5.5 mil/1.7) slipped 9 and 15 percent.

THE CW | Crazy Ex (1.01 mil/0.4) drew its largest audience of the season and was steady in the demo, while Jane the Virgin (940K/0.3) dipped on both counts.

NBC | Superstore (5.2 mil/1.4) was steady, while Telenovela (3.3 mil/0.9) and Biggest Loser (3.8 mil/1.1) ticked up.

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  1. Tica says:

    If this is Castle’s last season i hope Stana get another show she’s the reason why I watch Castle :)

    • Liz says:


    • Alisha says:

      That is my hope as well. Stana is a great actress and deserves a great show, co-star, and writers post Castle.

    • Audrey says:

      No offense, but, Stana doesn’t seem to want to be on any show anymore….thus all the negotiated time off and one of the reasons for very little Caskett time this season. Sad. She and Nathan are so great together.

      • Tica says:

        Yea I know I think she would like to do movies but I’ll keep my fingers cross

      • Susan Smith says:

        Do we Know she doesn’t want to be on the show? Or is she “getting the message ” by character assassination of her character,little screen time that she isn’t welcome anymore? Hard to work with what looks like from Becketts character assasination egotistical misogynists

        • LindaG413 says:

          I am a fan of Stana and I hope she would come back should there be something to come back to,I do not know what she could be thinking of the dumbing down of Beckett and the way they have her character acting so unprofessional,but everyone is in the same boat.
          The two of them together that is what I have always watched for.That and the crew working cases and being friends,I wish it were still so.

      • Just one thing says:

        It’s so interesting how different people interpret observations so very, very differently.

      • Grey says:

        Were you there when she signed her new contract? Stop saying that she doesn’t want to be on the show anymore, perhaps they’re not writing for her character anymore because everything is supposed to be about Castle.

        • Roxie says:

          Go one step further and please ask yourself why – why is everything all of a sudden supposed to be about Castle? You may come up with some astute insights about a certain leading man’s huge ego.

          • nos8fan says:

            RIGHT.ON.THE MONEY!!!!!!!

          • anonymous says:

            I am convinced this is where Marliwe and Miller left. They anticipated NF pulling out the “fix it” card to resign. They wouldn’t agree to the focus shift – not the show they created.
            We now know the results of focusing the show on its title character instead of the writer and his muse. Absolute, umitigated ratings disaster.
            There is no doubt in my mind this all rest in NF and his demands. The whole season reflects it. FOFs showing up as guests – and we are not done with that yet. He’s doing all the press – nothing from SK in months. More MQ screen time – so much so it’s no longer a question of why. More slapstick and buffoonery than anyone can stomach. Showrunners that share his crappy vision of “fun”.
            This ceased being fun eons ago. Now…its just sad. Pathetic really. A show I used to live reduced to this. Just criminal.

          • Dawn says:

            Pure speculation. Nathan Fallon is known to be a good man both to his fellow actors and to his fans. No one and I mean no one spends as much of his off time at Comic Con to mingle with fans.

          • Roxie says:

            All that you have described is psychologically that of a person with an enormous ego and one who needs everyone to adore him and one who is perfectly capable of bullying anyone he deems to get in his way of being top dog. This unknown actress came out of nowhere and initially was no threat to him but something happened- she showed her acting was superior to his limited acting range and arguably became so popular with fans that he felt threatened and had to eliminate the threat. No one would tattle on him bcoz every one wants to stay employed. Fight or flight sets in and most of them chose flight from the original creators to many of the writers and directors none of whom wanted to be a part of the ruination of one of the most adult and sophisticated shows on tv. Unless one’s IQ is in the double digits, one can see his frat boy “hand” all over the show now.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Sorry to say there appears to be a lot of truth in what Roxie and anonymous say.
            Dawn, spending time with fans that are fawning over him is hardly taxing to someone who’s ego needs to be constantly bolstered. NF may be a “good man,” liked by many fellow actors, and great to his fans, but none of that negates that he may also be throwing his weight around BTS on Castle where SK is concerned. Many a male star has felt threatened by a popular and talented female co-star (and vice versa, although much less frequently).

          • Whatajoke says:

            “Dawn says:

            February 9, 2016 at 6:16 PM

            Pure speculation. Nathan Fallon is known to be a good man both to his fellow actors and to his fans. No one and I mean no one spends as much of his off time at Comic Con to mingle with fans”‘

            To address your point; the Comic Cons are pure ‘cash cows’ for Fillion, since he gets paid about $200 for each picture he takes with a fan and each autograph he signs.
            It may be time off from filming “Castle”, but not done for being nice and mingling with fans.

          • Just one thing says:

            The picture charges are all in addition to a hefty appearance fee per con, plus hotel and other primo benefits.

          • Whatsadlittletoasters says:

            My, my–such advanced psychologists here, spreading great assumptions about a celebrity they do not even know–or ever will. What’s hysterical is, you anonymous talking heads know absolutely nothing about the actors, writers, contracts even the basic background on the show’s workings–but, it doesn’t stop you from hiding behind your computer screens making disparaging remarks in such a superior manner. Do you seriously believe ANYONE is buying into your comments? Your mean girl mentality has truly given you delusions of grandeur in the worst way. You want to talk ego? Look in the mirror–you all have big egos and very little brains. Idiots.

          • Just one thing says:


          • lame says:

            Did it occur to anyone, that if the studio didn’t want. To give her pau equql to Nathan , maybe she demanded less of a work load.

          • anon10 says:

            Roxie, nos8fan, anonymous, Dawn, Roxie, CastleBuzz, Whatajoke, Whatsadlittletoasters

            You have opinions and speculations. But so far no one knows very much. But this I do know.
            I will emphatically state that when Marlowe wrote Beckett(Stana) as the ‘Tip of the Arrow’ as he put it, the show was a very good show.
            He used Beckett to drive the stories and the characters forward and to flush out who these people were and what they had to tell us about themselves,
            When SK first said that AM had told her that and since I knew nothing about scriptwriting, I really dismissed it as conversation and information told to fans at the Paley Center. Even in the beginning, I now believe that Marlowe saw something in Stana and put the load on her shoulders. I previously thought why did he put all the load on her and now my question has been answered.
            Now that arrow is broken and in hindsight, I see exactly what he was saying because since experience is the best teacher and I am now experiencing a show that has no focus except its feeble attempts at comedy that is just embarrassing and insulting to Castle fans. Everything is presented in a juvenile manner that I continue to ask, ‘who told these people they could write’. Somebody lied to them. Ditto for the so-called show runners.
            After experiencing S7 and S8 it has been revealed to me that Marlowe knew what he was doing with his approach to telling the fans a story of a writer and his muse.
            Where are you Marlowe and Terri? Did you desert the fans or were you deserted?

            Who are you, Hawley? Are we having fun yet? If so, I guess I must have blinked and missed it.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Excellent post, anon10. The muse was the key.

          • WT...H says:

            Roxie, how much you love hating on Nathan Fillion? Everytime I read comment you are in there hating on him because is his fault if the show is bad now, because is him who wrote the episodes, is his fault if there are wars in the world, is his fault the people who die everyday, mh!? Yeah. Because you know everything and you have no other hobbies but hating on Nathan and put Stana in the throne.
            I don’t take side, because I think it’s fault of too much people if this show got bad, but please… share an opinion is one thing, hating on an actort you don’t actually know (me neither) just to put in a glowing light the other lead is pathetic. JS.

          • WT...H says:

            Oh, and also, about the Comic Con… Me, as a fan of them BOTH, know a lot about what Nathan does during Comic Con… First, all the money isn’t for the actor/actress who are at the CCon, second there are always lines with people standing for 2/3 hours if not more… One time, if I’m not wrong it was the last CCon he did, I read a post of a “witness” who was there, and she said that Nathan had a shoulder hurted and the people “behind” the CCon asked him if he wanted to stop and postpone the photoshoot with fans, but he resisted because he knew there were people who were in line for hours and hours.
            I don’t call it ego. If there are problems in Castle, and with Stana… are they problems. They all that show should react as adults, and ABC should doing something about that, but seeing the last things I heard, ABC doesn’t know how to do a show. That one at least.
            I think Marlowe and Terri left before the ship sank.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Unless the ComicCon is solely a fund-raising event, appearance fees go directly to the performer. Fillion, as do others, on occasion donate their fee to one of the causes they promote. For that they typically receive public pats on the back and a nice tax deduction. According to his agent or publicist, Fillion donated one of his half-dozen or so $200,000 fees last year to one of his charities.

  2. Come on people! Watch Lucifer!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      It really is a fun show. Tom Ellis is hilarious. It’s too bad people aren’t watching.

    • Roxie says:

      Saw first episode and was hooked. Fed up with the way showrunners have assassinated Beckett’s character and are now wasting such s talented actor’s talents Stana deserves more. Lucifer the character is marvelous and the actor who portrays him is spicy and fun. The female lead is no Stana Katic, but the show has some of the early Castle vibes and actually some of the same dialogue. It’s great fun especially if you’re looking for a Castle replacement. 9PM Monday on Fox

    • JImN says:

      Actually thought it was a poor quality rip-off of Castle. Only quality actor is the little kid.

    • KLS says:

      I like Tom Ellis, but I couldn’t get through the first episode. Tuned in again, but same thing. Not to my liking.

  3. Deborah harvey says:

    I think with the 7 day dvr we be ok

  4. Mike says:

    You go Supergirl!!

  5. ABG says:

    WTF Jane the Virgin. Hurts to see it so low.

  6. RedReddington says:

    Good to see the X-Files barely went down compared to last week (8.4/2.6). I just hope it doesn’t drop more than that. We need a season 11 renewel, even if it’s just 6 more episodes. Home Again was a heart wrenching, yet creepily classic episode.

    • Frances says:

      Considering it’s leading the night and gets better ratings than most network shows, the only thing keeping it from getting renewed is actor commitment. It’s on its own island and FOX doesn’t count live ratings anymore, but these numbers are superb for FOX.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        LOL, let’s be clear: Fox doesn’t report live ratings anymore. But believe me when I say Fox pays attention to live ratings, just like anyone else — including, most vitally, the advertisers.

      • jahoney1 says:

        As Matt said, Fox and all TV networks pay attention to live ratings. Some networks just do not report them. Fox is one of a handful of networks that I can think of that do not report live ratings right alway.

  7. Alex says:

    How surprising with 5 minutes of Castle and Beckett on screen together …

    • Boiler says:

      Really you actually time that crap? Why not enjoy the shows and the other characters

      • Alex says:

        No I didn’t time it, it might actually be lower, who knows. And I don’t care about the other characters to be honest, especially super P.I Alexis, who is unbelievably annoying. How did she became the best detective in the world all of a sudden by the way ? We left her in S7 she was a student (supposed to be at least), we start S8 BAM, she’s everywhere, knowing and capable of doing everything like everyone else of the precinct.

        • KCC says:

          Just like her dad!

          • CastleBuzz says:

            You do know that skills and knowledge are not inherited, right? Rick was introduced from the start as a mystery writer known for doing exceptionally detailed research and a man with a highly intuitive mind capable of both deductive reasoning and thinking outside the box to get the story straight. All of that made him an excellent consultant and partner to Beckett. But even after all these years, he’s not shown to have skills he’s never developed, like being street savvy (he still enters potentially dangerous places without taking precaution, only now he does it with daughter in tow) or a tech expert. Alexis was portrayed as a rather protected, serious student, a book learner, who preferred books and newspapers to online alternatives. At the end of season 7, she was sappily wondering how and whether she was going to be “amazing.” Poof. All of a sudden she is, with no transition no hint of how she became such a street savvy, expert techie, who recognizes an S&M den before the three grown men she’s with. Annoying, as Alex noted.

          • KCC says:

            They didn’t need to show Alexis gaining the knowledge or even hint at it. The fact she can hack an account shows she knows how to do it. How she gained that knowledge was not vital to the story. Although, It would have been funny if Castle made a comment to the effect of: “what did they teach you in those computer sciences classes you took last year?” but not required in my view. I’m willing to accept showing a character doing something as establishing the character can in fact do it. No backstory required, especially for a secondary character.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            KCC, it’s the sum total that Alexis can now do without any backstory that’s unbelievable and annoying. As someone else pointed out, there’s a difference between evolving and changing a character and his/her canon. Should we expect Alexis to have grown up in some ways and acquired new knowledge and skills? Absolutely. At her age that’s a given. But everything? All at once? Without a hint? No. She’s been changed. She hasn’t evolved. IMO it’s a disappointment as well as an annoyance.

    • John NYC says:

      Which would be impossible to know until they’d watched they’d watched the entire show.

  8. It is sad that Castle fans did not give it a chance. It was a really cute episode in many ways.

    • Betisa says:

      There are many shows that are worse written and acted than Castle and yet they have not had so much bad publicity from the audience. Some of those “fans” come here week after week to write the same negative comments about the show, it sounded suspicious. They made a cruel campaign against Castle and they finally achieved their goal.
      I agree, last night episode was cute and funny, one of the best of this season.

    • Roxie says:

      Read the review on if you would like an honest review and reasons why loyal fans for 7seasons have left. It’s on point without coming from a hater. Insightful character assessment both before and after.

    • Maria says:

      I technically “gave it a chance.”
      I watched up through their fake fight at the precinct. Then I was done.
      In other news…Scorpion was a lot of fun yesterday. I’ll stick with that on Mondays.

      • KLS says:

        Scorpion had so much promise in the beginning. Based on a real-life geek turned cyber sleuth who is a producer of the show. The acting was awful in the first few eps (Kathryn McFee especially), then they compromised the tech and turned it into another super-hero like show. Ugh! But I digress. This thread should be about Castle….

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    Supergirl had one of the best and most powerful episodes in its rookie season. Bummed that the series is off next week because of the Grammys but CBS better hope to renewed it soon. As for Castle which came back from a two month hiatus, no word yet if the mystery solving series will end after eight seasons.

  10. Phun says:

    Yeah for Supergirl! Glad it’s back up to a 1.8.

  11. Betisa says:

    When we talk about ratings “steady” is a nice word these days. #Castle.

  12. Boiler says:

    Scorpion was great. People should have watched Castle. And tell me again why HoD cancelled?? Shows CW has no clue at times

  13. Bwhit says:

    Superstore is the only show that I make sure to watch on Mondays. I loved last night’s episode…. Hope NBC keeps it!

  14. Phil says:

    Yay Crazy-Ex! Higher than Jane? Well, if that sticks, we know they can’t renew one over the other!
    Also, a win for entertaining TV.

  15. Me says:

    I just wish they would put Castle to rest once and for all. It’s been painful watching it die a slow and ugly death. Enough, please.

    • John NYC says:

      Change the channel, delete the season pass from your dvr: problem (for you) solved!

      You’re welcome.

      • Me says:

        @John NYC – I’m not killing the show, you know. The ratings and the new showrunners are…so no need to be bellicose… and I never said thanks either!

      • Just one thing says:

        Here’s a tip for you, John NYC:
        Scroll when you see something negative. Scroll when you see something you don’t like. Problem (for you) solved.

  16. The X-Files is still doing really well! I wonder what the DVR numbers are. Also, I’m happy for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but sad for Jane the Virgin. Jane deserves higher numbers, but I am guessing people stream these shows.

  17. Is it true that the lead actor demanded $1 million per episode?

  18. Tina says:

    They have ruined the formula for Castle, ever since the whole wedding nonsense, they should have let them get married and got back to the cool and funny writing, the whole cast is saucy and it has been such fun. Hope they can get it back.

    • Just one thing says:

      Back at the end of Season Five there was the beginning of a seismic shift, where it seems the network and then-showrunners were experimenting with storylines that would “separate, but not separate” Caskett.
      Experiment #1 was the DC arc. Experiment #2 was later that season during The Wedding That Wasn’t. Experiment #3 was Mr. & Miss PI w/Castle & Kid, a protracted exercise is lame storytelling that sidelined one half of the show’s true dynamic duo.
      And this is how we know that TV isn’t really run by scientists or analysts of any kind. Because, despite the data in ratings – and probably even in social media response, they continued on with this experiment for Season 8, and have no qualms admitting that they intend to continue it with a hypothetical Season 9.
      The most extended backdoor pilot in the history of television may just bear some legitimate fruit in the end. I mean, it’ll probably be embarrassingly bitter and rotten, but who cares?
      That’s showbiz.

  19. lame says:

    ABC should’ve stayed with the original idea and run the entire season without the winter break. Now let’s see they can regain some fans. I guess you can say the Caskett break up was bad idea.

    • KLS says:

      I heard from some people who asked, “why are they fighting?”. Even though they’ve seen 808 before the break, they didn’t remember what happened before Thanksgiving. Who does? Hiatus was too long.

  20. Jenny says:

    I missed most of Caste last night. I was flipping channels and accidently saw it was back on. Did I miss the promo’s for when he show was coming back ? I really like the show/characters.
    Hope the show will continue on.

  21. Sil says:

    It’s a shame that Castle has dwindling viewers. I love watching Nathan and Stana. But, Castle had gotten tired and mundane. I stopped watching 4 seasons ago. I watch it occasionally when there’s nothing else on. These 2 are great actors which I hope continue with other shows or big screen.

    • Disappointed says:

      There wasn’t too much evidence that the majority of the audience thought that the show had gotten tired and mundane by S5 which averaged 2.0/10.18M (in fact the last four episodes pulled in an average 11M), but, without any pressure from the ratings, significant changes started to be made starting with the DC arc, leading to where we are today where the original concept that brought success has been discarded. NCIS LA took a hit when it changed nights to go up against Castle but has since seen pretty steady ratings, I’m not aware of any dramatic changes to that show with the result that it got 4M more viewers than Castle on Monday. What’s that about don’t try and fix what ain’t broke. It would seem that what has happened to the show was driven by something within the show, maybe it was the writers and cast who had become tired with the same old routine. And for those who whine about the show being called Castle and it should be more about him I refer you to the comments from the creator over the years who always emphasised that his concept was a show about the the leading characters and their journey.

  22. ma stky says:

    too little to late.

  23. Diana says:

    I stopped watching Castle a few months ago, but I am sure the long break didn’t help. Watched lucifer got the first time and liked it. NCISLA and The X Files are still faves of mine and I am glad they are going well.

  24. kmw says:

    CBS had a pretty good night. Even though The X-Files dipped its doing remarkably well for a re boot and given how long it was off the air. Lucifer’s dropping doesn’t surprise me. Matt sure was right about goodish and bad news for Castle, at least they kept their demo number but ouch on their household numbers.

  25. Marsha says:

    The problem today is shows have split seasons and most people have no idea when their shows are restarting. Its a confusing schedule that needs to be elimanated.

  26. Castor Pollox says:

    CASTLE’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET – or the reason why this season sucks, from an ABC insider.

    Listen, it’s an open secret in town that nice-guy Nathan Fillion hates Stana Katic and has bullied her on set for years. But what many people don’t know is that Nathan refused to return for season eight unless his working time with her was limited to only 2 days an episode. Can you imagine? Main characters who are in love, but can only work together, like, one day a week! For some reason, ABC thought it would be a good idea to give in to this demand! That’s when the dominoes started to fall. Knowing they’d be unable to continue the show’s love story as planned with this absurd constraint, the show’s lead creative team and several writers reluctantly were forced to exit the show. Then ABC was had to throw money at Stana to make up for the humiliation in order to close her deal.

    As a result, ABC couldn’t attract a quality showrunner, because everyone in town knew the show would have to radically change. Who would want to be in charge of that? So ABC was forced to elevate someone with no experience and then brought on a mediocre hack who has killed every other show he’s been a part of. They were literally the only guys who would take the job. Their primary objective is to keep the main characters apart, which explains the bizarre storytelling this season and why you rarely see Nathan and Stana together on screen. As if that weren’t bad enough, now Nathan is demanding that if there’s a season nine, they get rid of Stana all together!!! I mean, what’s that show?!? I guess that’s what prompted Paul Lee’s vague comments about changes for next year at the TCAs.

    From what I hear in the hallways, it isn’t the first time Nathan has altered the creative trajectory of the show with his demands. I’m told he refused to film the Caskett wedding scene which was supposed to end season six, for fear it meant that he and Stana would be spending more time together in season seven, leaving producers scrambling. Instead of a wedding, fans got the unfortunate last minute “car crash” cliff-hanger. It was only when Nathan saw all the negative fan reaction that he allowed the producers to “right the ship” in season seven. Recently he even forced out the show’s longtime casting director because she wasn’t putting enough of his personal friends on the show.

    It’s such a shame to see a once great show ruined by ego and infighting.

    • Boiler says:

      Think I’d believe this more if coming from Matt or Michael.

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        I didn’t want to believe TV Line when they said S7 should have been the last season, wonder why they thought that?
        I did believe it when people said there were issues BTS on The Good Wife, but we were all called names for believing there could be issues. Guess that was proven true, when people went and asked the questions no one wanted to ask.
        The #1 on a show has so much power when it comes to contracts, just like in any business deal. I would just focus on Nathan’s words, and take him at it. He seems to have no clue what this show is about, and what made it what it is.
        Also, if anyone went out and spoke the truth, they would be fired, then sued by the studios. So don’t be so naive thinking there are no BTS issues. A creator of a show doesn’t just stop being show runner, then completely leave his show without another show on TV/MOVIE unless there’s also fire where there is smoke. (Go read up on NCIS & how the 1 got the show runner replaced.) People are human, with flaws, and insecurities, it doesn’t make them monsters, just human to want to be the center of attention and loved by all.
        Go look at other leads in other shows, and see how some basically couldn’t stand each other by the end of their shows. Spending 10-16 hour days with one person, every day for years takes it’s toll on any person. Believing that there aren’t any BTS issues is naive IMHO. One day years from now, maybe sooner than later, when the show is off the air we’ll hear whispers of what really caused the meltdown.

    • sabu1313 says:

      And what rag at the news stands did you get all this useless information ?
      By the way…the title of the program is CASTLE !

      • Roxie says:

        Two points: one is for sabu or Nathan Jr. Please go back and read Andrew Marlowe’s concept of the show’s premise: Beckett is the Alpha and Castle follows her Second, to the comment about only believing statements made by Michael or Matt- seriously! Their jobs would be gone in a heartbeat if they ever revealed one-tenth of what they really know. You have to understand the visual subtext as it were and you will come to the same conclusion that would be the best explanation for the train wreck that has become this show.

    • LindaG413 says:

      I thank you for saying this.I have been defending them saying that they were just rumors but to have a show so radically change like it has you just knew it was bad.
      What happened that he hates this great lady so much?He has this reputation for being so nice and all I see usan ego gone mad.I feel that this once great show needs to just end now and let him start up a new one that he can control.
      This is so sad,it was a show that had such a great love story and story telling.
      Lights out.

    • ApprecFiore says:

      It has become so apparent of this being the case fro a while. “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck” kind of thing.
      And I don’t see this as infighting, since no one seems to ‘fight’ Fillion in that the show is called “Castle’ and he calls the shots, since people need their jobs and go along with his ridiculous demands.
      I wish someone would ask him” ‘Why have all his previous shows tanked/canceled? What was different this time?’
      Anyone else felt good with Becket’s slap to Castle and her ‘jerk’ thrown at him last night?

      • Gaby says:

        The slap was legit the highlight of the episode. My headcanon is that they had to shoot that scene many, many time, and Stana actually hit him in the face every single one of those.

        • Just one thing says:


          • I'm going to let you finish but says:

            I couldn’t stand all the bloopers with slaps, I found it a waste of DVD space. While I hated the slap and how it made Beckett look crazy, I find myself wishing there are at least a handful of outtakes of the slap…

          • Just one thing says:

            I’ll never understand the fun or humor in slapping colleagues or friends in RL, or in a wife slapping her husband in a pretend fight. Clearly the slapping gag is lost on me.

    • lame says:

      The “mouth from the south” has spoken, so all his dribble must be fact. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

      • Just one thing says:

        Go read Kassie DePaiva’s interview with the famous soaps reporter whose name escapes me. She all but says that Fillion got her the job.
        Pretty sure the Castle casting director mentioned above bid farewell on Twitter before the holidays.

    • XYZ says:

      Why would they have let Nathan dictate the end of season 6 like that? It doesn’t make any sense. I’ve heard lots of this gossip thrown around before, but never that story. What could be so awful about Stana that he can’t handle being around her in exchange for millions of dollars? And why would ABC pay so much money to an actor like that when the show’s only mid-level in ratings. I can’t believe that an actor could make that many crazy demands and still be respected by others in the business.

      • Vanessa says:

        It’s quite simple, she’s popular, arguably more popular than he is on the show and he knows that for the show to be successful, they NEED her, and he can’t stand that. When fans clamor for one of them, it’s usually her. He can’t stand that he’s not the sole star of the show that has his name only. He does like to remind people that he is #1 on the callsheet. He’s jealous. And, he can call the shots (to a degree) because they can’t do a show called Castle without him. ABC couldn’t let him to this season w/o her because they knew it would fail, THAT is why they’re talking in vague words about the possibility of “more”, more = spinoff. A spinoff with no Stana/Kate Beckett.

        • Gaby says:

          All of this. Thank you. It must hurt really bad when the unknown actress gets more popular than the lead man with 3 million Twitter followers. Not even an exaggeration: when fans go on location, almost every single one of them are there for Stana. I’ve seen 25 people sitting under the July sun in LA, and only 2 of them were actually there for NF, all others only wanted to see SK. That must hurt that fragile actor ego of his…

    • Anonymous says:

      Explains a lot.
      Makes some sense.
      I believe it.
      Truth always hurts.

    • KLS says:

      A Mardi Gras joke, right? Ain’t speculation grand? Keeps the boards going.

    • Roxie says:

      I have been saying this for years about NF. It was never a secret that Marlowe and Miller absolutely adored SK and it was never a secret that NF totally disagreed with them and with SK that the leads should marry. Marlowe, Miller and Stana were all on the same page and she won that battle. I’m sure that a “star” in his own mind had trouble accepting that loss, especially from an unknown like Stana. Of course she was right and totally understood the characters and the path that the creators wanted the characters to take. Everyone but our frat boy. The rest is history as they say.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      I don’t know if I agree all the details here are true, but overall this BTS scenario certainly fits with my own suspicions based on what I’ve observed and deduced from events and interviews. And they call women divas….

    • jahoney1 says:

      I get why a hack like Alexi Hawley would take the show. My question would someone like Terrance Paul Winters who has won Emmy Awards for his work on the tv show The Soprano’s take on a mess like this if what you are saying is true? He is the proven talent in both writing and in executive producing a show.

    • Just one thing says:

      If everything you say is true (and I’m inclined to believe most of it is – shocker, I know), it takes serious stones to post it here.
      It would explain why there was no direction for the Castle abduction storyline and why they seemed to be, and continue to be, making it up as they go along.
      It would also explain why Marlowe and Miller stepped down in Season 7, and then completely separated themselves from the show in Season 8… Before many always assumed ABC was being proactive in taking care of showrunners with no more vision. The consolidation prize was that old “development deal” carrot that never really materialized.
      Hawley got the carrot promise too, but no pilot order it seems.
      Whatever the reason for the show’s three-season long demise, it’ll be interesting to see how many viewers stick it out over the next couple months. And whether Castle finally gets bumped to Sunday.

      • Just one thing says:

        Consolation prize. Autocorrect

      • CastleBuzz says:

        The bit about the non-wedding also explains why the producers, art department, props, and everyone else went to such elaborate lengths to create a fairy tale wedding. Both the show and the DVD special video with Stana indicated a lot of work and money went into staging that event for what amounted to a few seconds of screen time. Always thought that was odd.

        • Just one thing says:

          I forgot they had all those extras… That was totally weird.
          I always figured they filmed sad reaction shots from guests that ended on the cutting room floor. But if it wasn’t even filmed AND they still had to pay everyone for showing up, that’s a big ball of strange.

        • anon10 says:

          Odd, I thought so too.
          I could tell by Stana’s statements in that special video ‘A Day In The Life’, that she had been told there was to be a wedding. This video was to be the icing on the cake for the wedding of Castle and Beckett. Also, I began to suspect when that video was not highlight and got little attention and was relegated to BTS.
          Then, boom the next thing we know was The (awful) Season of Castle and Marlowe stepping down for S7.
          The beginning of ‘The End”.

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      There is a special place in hell for those who bully others in the workplace, especially when the bully outranks the victim. I have been the victim of wworkplace bullying (by a supervisor) and it affects your entire life, not just the hours at work and can affect you long after you leave the job.
      I do not know if Stana was or is bullied on set, but given the decline of her character this season, it is not hard to believe that she might be similarly disrespected by some bts.
      Stana seems to be happily married, have a close knit family and an adoring puppy dog. If things aren’t that great on set, then she is very lucky to have that support.
      I hope that Stana does not sign on for a season 9 if it is offered. This season has been awful for the Beckett character and she would be better off moving on…and I plan to follow her career wherever it leads.

    • Ellen says:

      Ever heard of LIBEL?? I honestly hope he sends his lawyers after you.

    • Not that it'll matter says:

      Yes, let’s lay blame on the actors, as if the scripts would be better if they were better people.

      Stana has been working on other movies and projects to expand her career and add variety to her portfolio. Not every actor is cut out for prolonged roles on tv, if they wish to pursue other roles and characters that’s free for them to decide when their contracts are up.

      Whatever the BTS situation is, the writing is still subpar this season.

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      If CP’s insider info is accurate, it is awful that one actor’s ego has done so much damage….. And some of the worst damage would be the hate directed at Andrew Marlowe for the failed wedding in 6×23. If he did indeed plan a dream Caskett wedding that Nathan refused to attend, then he does not deserve it…..and this huge amount of hate could be among the worst of the fallout from one person’s ego. Personally I would not be able to live with myself if I caused this amount of vitriol to be directed at another person……apparently some don’t have that problem and I can’t find words low enough for an organization such as ABC that knew the truth and still allowed it.

      • Lindag413 says:

        I feel incredibly sad at all of this.Sad that I believe it because it makes more sense than other scenarios out there.Sad that this is the first time in my life I have been this engulfed by a show and it’s goings on.Sad that a show hit home with me,I do not think I know them,etc.I have no idea what they are thinking or any such thing…..I only can say the truth hurts and why it was allowed if true to happen,can one man be that much in control?If you have a hit show do you really want to ruin it because you can?Some of this does not really make sense.Nathan has said in interviews that he knows what it is like to not have a job and live on credit cards,etc.So why would you risk all you have for ego?And risk your fellow actors and everyone else’s jobs for your ego?
        I would love to know why no one on the show has not come out and tried to set things straight.If it’s not Nathan’s fault than why let it get out of control?
        Before someone slams me again for not being” a true fan” please ask yourself some tough questions,read get some clarity and take off the rose colored glasses,I had to.
        Bring it on.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          If this stuff about Fillion is correct, I doubt his intent is to ruin the show and risk his career. As is typical in such cases, he would think ‘my way is better.’

          • Lindag413 says:

            I hope he realized if it is his doing that it was a disaster.As I said I do not presume I know what he is thinking or that I know him.All I want is for people to be objective and take off the rose colored glasses and keep an open mind.
            Bottom line it is a tv show,a once great now mediocre.These people will move on and that’s life.
            Maybe all of this mess is really somewhere in the middle,not all writers,not all Nathan,etc.
            What I do not like is being called a hater and all the other mud slings that some are doing,this is a forum and it is for opinions and if you are decent and know that we all do not see things exactly the same,respect people’s opinion.I may not like yours but I will read it and make me mind up one way or another.
            End of rant.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            It was a good rant. And you’re likely right that the demise is a combination of factors.

    • mine says:

      this looks like stuff straight from castle anon boards only actors dont have the power to direct casting directors this hatred is reaching new heights they were already all his friends on the show and they are still coming shsshhhhhh and the shows first casting director even posted a pic of her and nathan on twitter some time back

    • LGC says:

      Castle’s real dirty little secret, not so secret actually, are the haters who make up these completely BS hater fanfiction because they have nothing better to do than to hate on an actor who has never done anything to them. They are a cancer in the fandom. It’s easy for those in the fandom to figure out who this “insider” is lol. She’s made up the same hateful stories so many times. Common thread is that everything is always Nathan’s fault of course lol. Her stories are so ridiculous they really aren’t worth responding to. It’s really a joke how much fanfiction this “insider” makes up because Nathan is actually close to the show’s longtime casting director, Donna. I hope karma bites these haters in the behind for spreading vile rumors and outright lies.

    • Guest47 says:

      That’s actually weird because I know a different story about what happened and in my stories no one told me Nathan “bullied” Stana (seriously? Do you even know what Bullied means or what? .-.) and even Stana has some faults… So, which ones is the truth!?
      The truth is people can believe in whatever they want, the haters gonna hate as always or more, the truth is that you can say whatever you want, but you don’t have any actual proof about that, as I haven’t.
      So, before starting spread hate to Nathan, connect your brains for a moment and try to think about everything.
      Then… remember that:
      Actions = Reactions. Just saying.
      And if you believe that ALL THE PROBLEMS in that show are because of Nathan and “his ego” just because Stana is loved, think about it twice, because Nathan don’t need more fans, he got a lot of fans, twitter followers are more than Stana’s ones for example… So if there are problems it’s not because his ego, it’s because something happened.
      I personally think Stana and Nathan can’t stand each other anymore, and for the things I heard I can also understand why…
      And… when you have actually proof or when ABC told me something about that, then I can believe it…
      For all the matter now… what you said is only another rumors.
      Love and peace.

      • XYZ says:

        This makes sense, I tend to doubt any story that puts all the blame on one party in situations like this. Nathan and Stana both seem like decent people liked by the rest of the cast (although I’m sure neither is flawless), so whatever went down between them must be some kind of personal thing.

        But I’m still dying to know whatever it is that happened, lol.

        • Guest47 says:

          It’s easy for haters “insider” or not to blame just one part, but I always think that if something happened it’s because the both of them. As I said: to an action you get a reaction. So, if it’s true and Nathan wanted to make deal like that… I don’t think it’s because his ego. And I think that Stana is smart enough to react. But apparentely some of their fans (like the source of the “insider”) consider her brainless without the capacity to take decision or react. No word. I think Stana is smart than that.

    • Viv says:

      May 2016 – Well, apparently, 3 months later, facts have come to prove some of what you were saying was true… I suppose the rest is too…
      This is so sad;..

  27. sabu1313 says:

    Wait, what ? Castle was back on ? Huh, I was busy watching NCIS; L.A. because I am over Castle.
    Oh, but I will be back when they figure out a way to bring Capt. Montgomery back. Yes, it did appear he was finished, but lot of unfinished business with the whole mother thing. DO IT !

  28. Rebecca l Gaylor says:

    Please dont take off castle i love that show you peopke always put something that is terrible on to replace something that was good

  29. ann says:

    I don’t watch a lot of ABC (they cancel everything I like, and I’m still bitter over Better Off Ted), so I didn’t know Castle was premiering last night. I only knew once I saw the red light on my DVR and wondered what I was recording.

  30. Tinker says:

    Thanks for the info. In the past couple of seasons I have seen the distance between NF & SK. It was really apparent at the Palley Center a few years ago. Watch the telecast closely & look at body language & distance between them. It is very telling. Also look at the friendship pictures of the cast minus NF. Pictures tell a whole story if you only open your eyes. Poor NF he doesn’t get the show & why people liked it so much in the first 4 seasons. Castle without Beckett is something that will tank faster than a body thrown into the river with cement boots. Sorry NF but it isn’t alaways about you.

    • Roxie says:

      Right on. I have been asking the doubters to look at the three Paleyfest videos and you will see the degradation of their chemistry and fondness for each other fall apart right before your eyes.

      • Castlebuzz says:

        I don’t recall whether I saw this on a Paley Center video or one of the other panels they did, but Stana was replying to a serious question from a film student about switching to digital from film. Rob Bowman began the reply and then passed it off to Stana with the comment that she wasn’t a big fan of digital filming. She spent time explaining the difference in feel and subtlety that was captured by film but couldn’t be captured so easily by digital. She was just getting to explain how Bowman and others were trying different lighting techniques to make digital results more film-like when Nathan broke in with a completely irrelevant comment that made people laugh and conveniently — for him and others with short attention spans — ended the conversation. It’s wasn’t the first time I had seen clips like that from panels or interviews. It was after that she stopped attending the panels and doing dual interviews. Also why I think she stopped doing episode commentaries. Except for Bowman, few who do them ever say anything of any depth or interest.

        • Netscape says:

          And just last season, a French tv channel was interviewing actors on set, while they were waiting for a scene shooting. When the interview moved from Nathan to Stana, he kept talking out loud to someone off camera and Stana can be seen asking him almost timidly “Do you mind?”. He completely ignores her and continues to talk out loud. The video clips can be found online

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Yep, saw that one too.

          • Kris says:

            Where is this video that you speak of? I haven’t seen much videos of the cast…probably last one is from S6 Paleyfest but i would really like to see this and judge for myself. Heh.

        • Just one thing says:

          Totally remember that moment at the Most Awkward Paley Center Panel Ever. Again, I refuse to watch it more than once, but I definitely recall being confused by the deflection when she is was talking about something interesting. (Clearly she had the stage for too long.)
          If memory serves, she didn’t say much after that.
          I’m very glad I didn’t see the French interview described above…

          • anon10 says:

            I felt bad for Nathan when he tried to go for comedy. Even though I was enjoying the explanations by Bowman and Stana, I really felt bad for Nathan.
            It was painful to watch. It was painful because the conversation was putting the switch to digital into perspective for me because I had not been able to put my finger on what was happening.
            The conversation about digital was intelligent as well as enlightening and he seemed even more immature and too old for such behavior.
            I don’t know why he felt the need to do that but cut him a little slack because I am sure he did not realize it would misfire so badly.

          • Just one thing says:

            I don’t think it misfired at all. I don’t remember anyone really talking about it later. And it moved the conversation on to something else.
            Perhaps he thought he was doing everyone a favor, but I remember paying particular attention to the first couple episodes of S6 – when they switched to digital – and instantly understanding what SK was talking about with lighting and feel.
            It was a good topic for those interested in the craft, and I think it spoke volumes that Bowman lobbed it to her.
            Oh well.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Sorry, Kris, as I said I don’t recall. It was either one of the later Paley events or perhaps a San Diego conference. S and N were already sitting separated by others so it wasn’t one of the really early ones.

    • Just one thing says:

      Man, that Paley Center event was brutal. So awkward, I can’t ever watch it again. It was rough enough watching it live.
      Between that event and the 100th episode celebration, it became clear that live interactions would never bode well for the two leads again. Yeesh.

      • LindaG413 says:

        I just watched the videos at the Paley Center and the 100 th episode cake cutting.Awkward…..
        It was painful to watch and I had to stop.I am team Stana,she has pushed Castle and the bts people on every media that I follow her on.She never gets negative.I am disappointed in Nathan he will talk Firefly and Con Man but never Castle.Gee which show has been on longer and has made him a wealthy man?
        To be blunt here he does not even mention Krista anymore or what projects she has,that I find distressing because she is very supportive of him.Sad.

  31. Roxie says:

    One does not have to “know” a person to formulate an OPINION based upon behavior observations, the person’s own words taken from interviews and visual changes in their work product dynamic. Unlike you,however, I do not choose to attack you for your opinion, misguided as it is, because that would be a waste of air, as you are.

    • Roxie says:

      It seems that the post to which I just replied is no longer a part of this thread. Perhaps it will magically reappear. If it does, my comments hold firm.

  32. AoG says:

    oh man,not good for castle,why they keep fake joke separation,i dont understand why backett keep secret about locksat from the end of episode 8,backett said she couldnt do this without castle,which i interpreted she would tell him what going on and make him part of investigation.i’m confused.weak storyline..maybe next episode there will be explation about this point, or maybe @_@_@_@_@_@

  33. Mike Ratoza says:

    It would be one thing if Caste and Beckett were teenagers or 20-somethings running around and hiding their relationship from their friends, but they aren’t. Not even close. They are in their late 30’s, early 40’s, and this childish behavior of pretending to hide their real relationship is not believable, is not interesting, is childish, and is incredibly non-creative and uninspiring. Is this the best that the producers and writers can come up with? I feel as if I’m watching the Disney Channel but with 40 year old actors! Egad.

    • pinky says:

      I don’t know about Beckett, but Castle is about mid 40s. Don’t forget that he has a daughter in her 20s, and I’m assuming he didn’t have her as a teenager

  34. Joey says:

    For me the reasons for the lowest viewing ever are two problems. 1. The BS separation still continues. 2. The start up date for the beginning of the second half had more moves than the stars do on dancing with the stars. It had about four different start dates, December, January 4th,Feb 1st and settle on Feb 8th. After watching a lot of the local of the ABC channel, they never said a word about Castles start date. So if you have a life and do not follow Caste on Cartermatt, ABC Castle News or TV line you would never have known the real start up date. If you switch over to CBS they never stop informing you about the big bang theory. I think ABC needs a few more adds about Castle. But still the biggest reason is the BS reason for the separation. Maybe more folks will come home after episode 16.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Dude. Why always the Cartermatt mentions? Seems… conspicuous.

      • Joey says:

        I just try to gather all the info I can, I talked about you and also ABC Castle news. Just trying to put all my ducks in a row. It was part of my job for so many years. As far as Cartermatt they have a lot of info on Castle.

  35. sabu1313 says:

    I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, some people are spending way too much time in front of the television.
    You do know this is just a make believe program right ? With people who could care less about your deep thoughts and all ?
    Most of you seem to know these actors and actresses because it seems a lot of you are on a first name basis with them.
    Idea…turn on some good music and lighten up a bit. You are taking this whole “is this the end” thing way, way to seriously.
    That is all ….

    • Castlebuzz says:

      And you’re taking all of our presence here too seriously. It’s part of the fun.

      • Ellen says:

        So fun for you is defamation of character? Says a lot about you.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Ellen, you’re being so sensitive about a certain male actor that you missed the meaning of my reply to Sabu1313. I merely turned his/her telling the rest of us we’re taking the show too seriously by commenting in this thread — which he/she has done as well — back on him/her. My “part of the fun” refers to enjoying commenting on something that obviously is part of our lives, at least in a small way. So I’d say it says a lot about you for immediately taking me to task about having fun defaming someone’s character. BTW it’s not defamation if it’s true.

  36. Regina says:

    For all those quoting “inside sources” saying NF is a diva and power hungry, know that there are other “inside sources” that talk of an unknown actress who lets fame go to her head, throws diva tantrums on set & manipulates her fanbase to her benefit. No of us are there to witness any of this and therefore can’t verify anything. Please know “inside sources” have their own agendas as well.

    • Liz says:

      and this is about Castle how?

    • Castlebuzz says:

      The only time I’ve seen that kind of rumor that implied Katic was back in early Season 2. The stuff about Fillion has never been couched in anonymous implications but clearly name him. Moreover, it’s been ongoing throughout the series and getting more frequent mentions as time goes by. Plus it’s supported by what we all can see online and onscreen.

      • Regina says:

        Maybe those rumors have died down since S2 in your groups but I assure you they are alive and well in other circles.. In fact as each season has passed, they have gotten worse. As I said there are a lot of “insiders” who share info and most have there own agenda. We can all read into this situation with whatever “insider” info we have and make it fit “our scenario”. Where one sees one “hogging the pr spotlight” another sees as another person”not wanting to do their part on the pr circuit”. Where one sees “They paid her tons of money to come back” another sees “ABC was done with her antics and were ready to move on without her–so no big oayday.” It’s all in who your “insider” (if there even is one) is, what their agenda is & what YOU want to believe.

        • Sunshine says:

          You should expand your circle beyond The Nathan Fillion Haven

          • Regina says:

            That’s my point. Everyone needs to realize they are in their own little “haven” and you need to be able to realize there is ALWAYS another side. This goes both ways…The Nathan Haven or the Cloud Many Stana Fans seem to live in.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          I’m in no one’s group, circle, haven or cloud. I read and watch interviews, tweets, etc from both sides, actually from all the cast and crew. My opinions and conclusions are based solely on my own observations and reasoning.

        • Just one thing says:

          Thanks for showing us the other side of the coin.
          I guess my question is, what massive PR machine do you think has protected her from being exposed as the unmitigated fraud you think she is?
          Now, an actor who’s been in the industry for 20 years, has friends all over, effortlessly schmoozes, has had a top-notch agency for several years and the obvious backing of his studio/network? That’s someone who could easily fly under the radar in plain sight.
          Someone without that Teflon support isnt going to get away with much bad behavior – and they certainly won’t have fellow artists speak highly of them.
          At least not without buying them presents first.

        • Beckstle says:

          ” It’s all in who your “insider” (if there even is one) is, what their agenda is & what YOU want to believe.” THIS.

        • Guest47 says:

          Regina, I don’t know who you are but reading: “It’s all in who your “insider” (if there even is one) is, what their agenda is & what YOU want to believe” make me wanna hug you! Thank you for this!
          People believe in what they want to believe!

      • Just one thing says:

        When every major outlet covers one of these so-called verified rumors about an actor who’s been on a show for eight years, let’s talk.
        They had every opportunity to address her “diva behavior” last year during the contract negotiations buzz that had everyone from THR to Variety to Deadline talking about the fact that she hadn’t signed yet.
        Did any reporter talk about how her behavior complicated matters or how her “history” might have played a role in ABC’s decision to renew without her?
        And it certainly would have added color to the story. And context. It certainly wouldn’t have hurt ABC’s case, either.
        Yet that wasn’t even part of the discussion.
        I’m left to assume that an actor who’s low-key and well-behaved, yet not wholly a company woman, probably isn’t the big, bad diva some circles would like her to be.
        If that were the case, she would’ve been outed already.

        • Susan Smith says:

          Yes Just One Thing This

        • Guest47 says:

          Mmmm… Just one thing, you know that world is all around business, agency who make deal for you, etc. right? So if they want to hide something… it’s possible! ;) Just saying.
          I have a friend who work in that world, and told me something (about other shows or movies), and if person X want to hide something, he/she have people to do it! ;) Actually this friend have contact with some network and I tried to ask her about Castle, but she said only “They are hiding something, about their past especially, but they didn’t say anything, they gave me only some hints, I don’t know anything more sorry” … so, people can believe to whatever they want. You can believe to what I wrote or not. I don’ actually care, but I think Stana is more smart than that, and she can react, but I guess money is important in that world, so, who cares? ;)
          I’m just saying… you can believe it’s Nathan’s fault (especially if you are one of his haters) but you can also believe that is Stana’s fault.
          Personally, I think both’s fault and all the plot about this season it’s just a bad writing, not because someone’s ego.

          I repeat: believe in whatever you want, but don’t spread hate around! ;)

          • Just one thing says:

            Okey dokey.

          • Guest47 says:

            To Just one thing: I don’t find any of them mature, and I say it based on what some of my sources said to me. So, as I said before: people believe in what they want to believe.
            For me to an action there will be a reaction, and if Nathan did it I think there’s a real motive, and it’s not his ego. He doesn’t need more fans… He had an amount of fans even before Castle, thanks to Firefly and other things. So, I am no one to judge how they behave, but I’m not going around saying that all the bad things for the show are caused by NF or SK. Like, I don’t wake up one day doing interviews togheter, trow compliments and admiration for someone and the other day I’m like “I can’t stand you anymore because I decided I want more space than you and more fans than I already have”, hope you understand what I’m trying to saying here…

        • Guest47 says:

          To the “Okey dokey.” of Just one thing… if what I said don’t make sense to you, then you are like those people who think that only what they “know/think” is true but others opinions not matter because aren’t true. I repeat: believe what do you want to believe.
          But you are not on set or in Nathan and Stana’s lives. Just saying :) peace and love

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Well, I’ll say “Okey dokey” too and add that even if what happened to cause the rift was something personal that occurred some time ago, it would appear Stana’s mature enough to have moved on while whatever it was still festers in Fillion’s psyche. And that’s evidenced by both their onscreen acting over the past couple of years as well as Katic’s tweets like her b’day message to Fillion last year and his complete silence when it comes to her.
            Once again, and more importantly, it’s not “hate” to dislike one aspect of a person’s character and most of the comments here are about just that. Very few posters are claiming Nathan is hateful or is responsible for the entire show going down the tubes, which itself is just an opinion. For every Stana fanatic who “hates on” Nathan, there is a Nathan fanatic who “hates on” Stana. I think most of us here dismiss those people out of hand.

          • Just one thing says:

            If you say so, Guest47/TiredofBS.

    • Showtired says:

      If you alluding anything about Stana, then you could not be more wrong. In all her interactions with fans and coworkers you see her as nothing but humble, grounded, grateful and appreciative.

      • Ellen says:

        That’s funny, I see the exact same things said for Nathan from anyone and everyone who’s met him.

        Anyone who believes anonymous internet “insider” sources is looking to justify their own agenda.

        • Regina says:

          Exactly. THank you.

        • Francesca says:

          You’re too funny! There’s no way in hell anyone can describe Nathan as humble let alone grounded!!! And don’t get me started on him using all sorts of hashtags with ALL shows *except* “Castle!” while live tweeting. And intentionally mis-spelling “Beckette’s” name. No respect.

          • Regina says:

            It’s funny that those exact two words “humble” & “grounded” are in fact used to describe him by many people who actually know & work with him now and over the past 20 years. One has to work hard to build a solid, good reputation over many years. Life is more than the “hashtags” used or not on social media. Respect? He gives so much more respect to this show and its fans than some in this fandom seem to deserve. Many here don’t mind trashing him online yet they are the first to line up with photos with him on location. Double standards much?

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Thank you, Francesca.
            Regina, NF may have at one time been humble and grounded — certainly appeared to be in the early seasons — but that appears to have changed. And he certainly might be nice to most people, as long as they don’t threaten him in any way. Still, he’s gotten increasingly snarky about Castle and in particular Stana Katic over the years. Do you read his tweets? They can be downright dismissive and often make fun of others. I can’t recall him ever posting a photo of a crew member for any reason other than a joke at the guy’s expense. Did you read his recent interview in the Spanish magazine? Some respect that was, dismissing the premise of the previous seven seasons. Have you seen the blooper reel where he slaps other cast members when they goof and then reminds people he’s #1 on the cast list and can’t be slapped back? As for photos with him, have you ever noticed that when he takes the selfies, he’s always prominent. Most people can manage a selfie with one or two others in the same plane. All of these things are subconscious clues to an insecure ego.

      • TiredOfBS says:

        There’s always more side into one person. Just saying.
        This said… in that world people hiding anything they want! Stana know it well seeing how she kept private her life (before instagram, before marriage I mean) and a lot of people thought she was single. Then I read an article, when I entered the fandom and started the show, where some guest in an interview said Stana acted like a diva, especially with Nathan. And then, poof… that interview disappered from Stana’s sources, etc. So, where is the truth?
        In what do you want to believe or what? Because I don’t trust anyone and especially in that Hollywood world. They do whatever they want and can hide whatever they want, and the ones who know the truth are only Stana and Nathan and some people behind ABC, set, etc.
        So, before judging people… we need to think about the fact we don’t know anything about it.

        • Susan Smith says:

          And don’t forget the rumor NF got angry because Stana was getting more attention than he.This show is called Castle and I am the star or something close to that.Then he called Stana a C***t. So foe every ugly rumor about Stana is an ugly rumor about Nathan.

    • Susan Smith says:

      Never read that anywhere Ever. Let me guess you’re a Firefly too

      • Susan Smith says:

        Thats not for you Castlebuzz.. So in a,Comicon video Alan T,his Firefly co star is talking about Castle and calls Beckett Castle’s “assistant” Fillion does Not correct him he says ok ok as he walks on stage and never corrects the “assistant ” comment

  37. KLS says:

    I’ve only been a part of TVLine’s boards for a few months and have only heard about the hostiity between the Nathan camp and the Stana camp. Now that the show has stabilized a little (I know, one ep doesn’t make it stable), and some of the haters have gone quiet, why have we, the fans sticking with the show, turned on each other? Eating our young, so to speak? Are we just looking for something to complain about? Like we accused the Castle haters just a short time ago?

  38. Jim J. says:

    So the showrunners think “Castle” has a lot left in the tank and want to plan for a season 9, huh? If “Castle”‘s ratings and viewership remain poor and do not improve, I don’t see it getting a renewal for next season. I think the show’s writers will be scrambling to wrap up the series in Season 8’s last few episodes because of this.

  39. Sad castle lover says:

    As much as I would love to take Nathan’s side in this go and listen to the dvd commentaries when nathan speaks he talks about every cast member but Stana. Stana has said nice things about him on twitter and he never responds.

  40. Liz says:

    What makes you believe that she doesn’t like him?
    Sorry but the proofs are the other way.
    She seems polite while he is an immature jerk.

    • Guest47 says:

      Liz, I’m sorry but I have to disagree. No one is saint. So don’t make Stana always looking like a Saint because she isn’t. She is a human. Nathan is a human. They are human and they are differents! So? I met both years ago and they were both polite!
      So, if you hate NF your comment is pretty “normal” (yeah, no, it isn’t, but whatever…), but remember that we can only see some sides of people. We are not their friends.

    • Guest47 says:

      If one day he was spreding compliments and admiration for her and the other day he wans’t anymore… then something happened for sure! And it’s not ego. He has a big ego sometimes, yeah, but he would never try to “steal” work or space to anyone. He doesn’t need to, honestly.
      And remember… when you fight with someone (it’s an example, so don’t take it as an accusation for any of them) and you know you have more fault than the other one, you try in everyway to “handle” things better. But maybe the other one is tired of your bulls***s. If you know what I mean. No accusation. Just some thoughts.

  41. LGC says:

    Matt, I read and appreciate TV Line’s Castle coverage, but I have long avoided the comment section on Castle articles because the level of discourse, if it can even be termed such, is so very low. It’s become a cesspool for the dregs in fandom, sorry to say. But they earned the label with their relentless hate agenda and vitriol against mostly one lead actor. They troll on twitter, they troll here, they troll everywhere. At what point does it become hate speech and defamation of character? Do you as the moderator have a responsibility to regulate and improve standards? Rational, reasoned, FUN discussion left long ago. It’s a big turn off for sane, intelligent fans.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      Amazing that you have the gall to call others out on their level of discourse when you refer above to those of us who dare criticize Fillion as “haters who make up these completely BS hater fanfiction” and call us a “cancer upon the fandom.” Then to top it off, you call upon karma to “bites these haters in the behind for spreading vile rumors and outright lies.” Way to go to get the discourse out of the “cesspool.”

  42. LGC says:

    I can only add that before people give the least bit of credence to anything posted anon style in a comment section, I would hope that they are intelligent enough to consider the words and reactions of people who actually work with Nathan Fillion day in, day out, and know him personally. Susan Sullivan, wise old soul who has been in the business for years, has consistently spoken very highly of him. Molly Quinn and Toks Olagundoye, likewise. Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas hang out with him on weekends. On his birthday last year, Stana herself said that she enjoyed playing Beckett to his Castle, always. If only the words of Stana count for you. Guest stars, crew, people who have worked with him on other projects, random fans who come across him, consistently speak of his kindness and generosity. Shame on Castle fans, haters, rather, who say such hateful things about someone they don’t actually know without a shred of evidence. Unfair and untrue and ungrateful.

    • Liz says:

      His actíons speak louder.

      • LGC says:

        His actions are what have earned him the countless complimentary remarks from those who know him personally and worked with him over his long career.

        • Liz says:

          Ego grows with fame.

          • LGC says:

            And ignorance flourishes in those who are determined to find someone to hate.

            Ego is biggest in those who think they know everything about someone and something they don’t actually know in real life!

            Coworkers and random people have been complimentary of him this season as in years past.

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      Certain personality types can be very charming and likable, especially when things go their way. Those same charmers can turn on a person in a snap, if that is what it takes to get what they want. The charmer can be a bully if they think someone is in their way, overshadowing them, etc. They don’t care about the ramifications for others as long as things turn in their favor.
      I am not accusing anyone of anything. I just want to point out that being nice and charming is not mutually exclusive to being a bully.

      • LGC says:

        Last refuge of the hater is the pseudo psychological analysis of someone they don’t actually know! The bullying I see going on here is these haters intent on cyberbullying Nathan Fillion to death in every comment section.

        Will never understand why Stana fans can’t give her credit for being a strong woman.

        • Liz says:

          Now, you are accusing Stana fans of being bullies, what a great example you are giving…

        • FormerCastleFan says:

          First, I specifically said I was not accusing anyone of anything… I simply mentioned a type of personality that can be both charming and bullying as the need arises because saying someone is nice to some people IS NOT a legitimate argument that someone is not a bully.
          Second, I don’t recall reading any comments that indicate that Stana is not a strong woman and I KNOW that I have never said anything like that.
          Stana seems like a smart, talented lady lady with the determination and drive to achieve anything that she wants. She also strikes me as someone with a lot of emotional strength….even more so if she is being bullied or otherwise harassed at work. It takes a lot of inner strength to face that sort of work environment on an ongoing basis.

      • Castlebuzz says:

        Well said, FormerCF.
        What Former said was in no way a “pseudo psychological analysis” of any specific individual. Just common sense knowledge one learns as one experiences life. Perhaps you’re a youngster and so overreacting. From my vantage point of multiple decades, believe me, there are plenty of “charmers” like that out in the big bad world in every field.
        As for Stana, I think she knows and is working towards everything she wants in life, personally and professionally, and doing it her way, and THAT is the epitome of strength and character.

        • Well... says:

          If you say so. Good to you for know how is Stana or Nathan in their everyday’s lives to decide what is an epitome of strenght and character…

    • Castlebuzz says:

      LGC, all of what you say appears to be true, but none of it negates the possibility — I actually would say probability — that he behaves differently toward Stana Katic. She is the only one in a position to challenge his stature on the show. The only one to whom the show is equally identified. He has publicly stated several times he’s #1 on the cast list as well as the titular character. Lately he’s said things in attempts to change the premise of the show to focus more importance on his character. A self-confident person who has respect and admiration for his co-star doesn’t do that. Nor does he crow about re-signing weeks in advance of his co-star even starting negotiations and “assuring” his fans that the show will now go on. These kinds of actions, words, and behaviors ARE shreds of evidence. And I would bet that most of us are not Nathan haters … we just dislike this aspect of his character and what it’s potentially done to the show we love.

      • LGC says:

        Why can’t I reply?

        • LGC says:

          OK, no idea what was in my reply that was so offensive that it was censored. I’m done. Haters, enjoy your hate. My life’s too short to engage.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Stop being so paranoid, LGC. There are occasional glitches in this site that prevent postings to appear. Happened to me with an innocuous comment about an hour ago. Try again but reword your comment or the program will consider it a duplicate. And you may want to tone down the “hater” talk. I think many of us have indicated a reluctance and sadness about coming to the conclusions we have about Fillion.

    • Guest47 says:

      LGC thank you for saying this! Apperently “Hating on Nathan” is a new hobby these years. haters gonna hate.

      • Castlebuzz says:

        The only people I see calling other people haters, dismissing posters with the catchphrase haters gonna hate” and even using the word “hate” are those trying to defend Nathan in the face of some critical opinions of some of his perceived behavior. I also see no one on the so-called Stana side saying she’s perfect or saint. Accurate reading comprehension goes a long way, people.

        • Guest47 says:

          Dear Castlebuzz I never said Nathan is a saint or Stana is a saint. I’m fan of both and the only think I see it’s Nathan haters in the comments. I don’t take side, and I don’t HATE anyone. I just think if something happened it’s both’s fault and not only one! In that world it’s all around business, money, hidden things, etc. So I don’t take side, I just state what I think, others people I read are thinking that what that man/woman said it’s true!
          But we don’t work with them, we aren’t their friends, so only them know the REAL truth. Just that.
          The saints are on church! ;) I’m not like those fans who would love Stana/Nathan even if they kill someone (and believe me, I know people who said me that, I swear). Loving actor/actress in that way it’s not healthy, it’s insane.
          I admire S/N works and some of their behaviours… but never said they are saints!

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Guest47: “I never said Nathan is a saint or Stana is a saint.” — I never said you did. Again, read what’s written. I took issue with your saying “Apperently [sic] “Hating on Nathan” is a new hobby these years. haters gonna hate.” I simply do not see any posters here “hating on Nathan” in any sort of a frivolous way as your use of the word “hobby” would indicate. IMO most posters here and elsewhere who lament Fillion’s perceived negative behavior towards Katic and at times the show itself do so with sadness and reluctance. You say you just state what you think. That’s all we are doing as well.

  43. Castlebuzz says:

    Actually she has three Indie films in the can and one, The Rendezvous, which costars Raza Jaffrey now on Code Black, will be released in the fall.

  44. anon10 says:

    I suggest that everybody take a pause considering that the posts are getting a little mean.
    I will say that we know nothing, nothing. All rumors and speculations.
    Even ‘the insider, can not be verified.

  45. KLS says:

    Remember, Castle is on Sunday 2/14 & Monday 2/15 next week. (Hopefully, changing the subject).

  46. Jules says:

    This season is terrible. Every character has taken a hit and no longer acts anything like the characters we have grown to know and love for all these years.

    Personally I can’t wait for Castle to come to an end so I don’t have to hear from Stana’s small minded fans any more. After all these years Stana is still a very average actress. Her rabid fans amaze me.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      Castle can come to an end for you at any time. There’s a concept called Free Will you might want to get acquainted with. The way to exercise it with respect to a TV show is to not turn on said show, not to read about said show, and not to comment upon said show. I really doubt Stana’s “rabid” and “small-minded” fans are calling you on the phone or showing up on your doorstep.

  47. Lorna Davies says:

    I’m very happy that romance (sort of) is back in Castle. Ratings may not go as high as the first years when the show started, but I still love the show to this very day. I was ready to give up watching it when the writers decided to break Caskett up, but it’s great that they took heed of what the fans want. This weekend’s double date (Sunday and last night) episodes were interesting and last night’s episode had the usual humor typical of the show. I love that the whole team had a part, albeit small, in it. I hope the ratings will eventually, albeit gradually, improve.

    These said, enough of the Loksat mystery – please solve it, end it, and move Kate back in their apartment and on the marriage bed with Castle – each night going forward. I want to watch the show more as it used to be, even if the stories are more or less along the lines of episodes in other crime shows. As a fan, I don’t expect novelties anymore, given the show is on its 8th season. Castle, in essence, is a love story and it should continue to be so. As a hopeless romantic, it’s the main reason why I became a diehard fan. Hart To Hart ended after 5 seasons, but these were followed by 6 movies. Jonathan and Jennifer Hart are ever as lovable and solid as a couple back then. Richard and Kate should be the same so that in my books, they will be among the most unforgettable TV couple ever created!

  48. Knif says:

    Castle is one of my favorite shows. I luv the storyline and the just-right mix of humor & seriousness–also the delightful way the characters interact. Speaking of the cast, they’re perfect for their roles, and if they don’t care for one another in real life, it doesn’t seep into their performance at all. I’ll be very, very sorry if the show gets cancelled.