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Question: Will we see Arrow’s Felicity continue to struggle with being in a wheelchair, or has that all been resolved? —Jenny
Ausiello: Though Felicity seems to have navigated many of the early bumps — presentation to the Palmer Tech board included — “We will definitely feel the weight of it” in episodes to come, showrunner Wendy Mericle told Matt Mitovich. “There’s a big decision she and Oliver are going to make at the end of [Episode 413, airing Feb. 10], and it will inform a journey in 414 and 415 that she goes on with respect to how she’s going to handle being in a relationship, from the point of view of somebody who’s in a wheelchair. It’s a very small thing, but it is powerful and it is very emotional.”

Question: Your Gilmore Girls articles have been a-mah-zing! I’m loving it! Thanks for being you! —Kelly
Ausiello: No, thank you, Kelly, for being the kind of individual who appreciates good journalism when she sees it. We need more people like you in this world. Oh, hey, speaking of G’Girls, I asked Kelly Bishop if she thinks Emily will ever be able to make room in her life for another man, and I saved her answer for Ask Ausiello on the off chance one of my readers complimented me on my coverage. Bishop noted that the first of the four 90-minute episodes, titled “Winter,” suggests that “four months” have passed since Richard’s death, adding, “So by the time you get to [Episode 4 aka ‘Fall’] a whole year will have passed. And I know from my experience, that the first year [after losing a loved one] is awful. But when you hit that first year you start to emerge from it.” In other words, if a new gentleman were to enter Emily’s orbit, it would likely be in “Fall” — which, as bad luck would have it, happens to be the one script Bishop hadn’t gotten around to reading (yet).

Question: The Walking Dead returns in a week. A little tease or two, please? —Tonya
Ausiello: Not only does the midseason premiere boast what may be the series’ most intense montage ever, it also allows an extremely unlikely pair to step up and play hero.

AAQuestion: Anything on Grey’s Anatomy? Does Meredith survive the attack?! (Just kidding.) —Danielle

Ausiello: Ha. Funny. (Just kidding.) Martin Henderson tells me that there will be “a shift in the dynamic” between Nathan and Meredith during the second half of the season. “Meredith and Nathan’s working relationship is very compromised because of the aspersions on my character that Owen’s casting,” the Grey Sloan newbie tells me. “So I end up defending myself and start revealing a little bit more than I wish to to Meredith, and it reorients her opinion of me. She tries to reconcile that with what Owen is saying and realizes that there may be more to me than Owen would have her think.” Um, OK, they’re totally making out by the season finale. Right, Marty?! “People are going to naturally assume that, but whether that’s a foregone conclusion in Shonda [Rhimes’] mind I sincerely don’t know,” he maintains. “I know that she loves more than anything to fool you, so I think she’d be happy to have you believe that’s the case and then change it just to keep you wanting it or not wanting it.”

Question: How long will Castle and Beckett fake this separation? — Barry
Ausiello: It officially comes to an end in Episode 816 when Kate moves back into Rick’s loft. But as previously teased in Matt’s Inside Line, her happy homecoming hits a tiny snag when she encounters the new lady in her man’s life — Aubrey Plaza’s Lucy. Let’s just say the two of them don’t exactly hit it off. BONUS SPOILER: I’m hearing 818 is a big Hayley episode.

Question: Will this be the final season of The Good Wife? —Mo
Ausiello: I don’t know. What I do know is this is the final season Makenzie Vega will be playing a high schooler. As such, a March episode finds Grace and Alicia meeting with a counselor at a prospective college who is eager to discuss a problem with her admission. Hmm…. Grace did mention needing to bring up her grades a few weeks back…. BONUS SPOILER: I can confirm that Alicia will be back working at LL&L in the next new episode on Feb. 14. Exhibit A: The photo below. Exhibit B: This sentence from the episode description: “Alicia has trouble adjusting when she returns to work at Lockhart, Agos & Lee with Lucca.” Case closed.

The Good Wife

Question: Could you give us some information about The Blacklist? — Kiley
Ausiello: Episode 17 will introduce us to the recurring character of Harper, a smart, no-nonsense 30-something who works as a mercenary for an unknown employer — and she just might become a love interest for someone on the FBI task force. Per the official casting notice: “Military-trained with an unshakable moral code, she’s a natural leader who prides herself on her work. Attractive but guarded due to a troubled past, beneath her tough tomboy exterior is a huge heart — if she’d ever let anyone see it.”

Question: Oh, almighty Ausiello, hear my plea and alleviate my plight. Please tell me anything Grimmy so that I could rest in peace. —Farsia2010
I hear a new character named Bonaparte — a smart, driven 50-something woman who believes she’s the leader of a great cause and with whom you do not want to mess around — will show up pretty soon and stay for a while.

Question: Can we get any scoop on whether or not Grimm‘s baby Kelly is going to get any kick-ass power because, after all, his half-sister is kinda kick-ass? Thank you. —Koumamo
We asked executive producers David Greenwalt and James Kouf that exact question. “He’s too young,” Kouf said, laughing. “He’s not even eating solid food yet!” But Greenwalt hinted that Nick and Adalind’s offspring might start to show otherworldly tendencies “in the next handful” of episodes.

Suits-Bad-Faith-Stills-abigail-spencer-35492481-600-400Question: Gonna go out of left field here, but do you have any scoop on Suits? —Jenny
Ausiello: Abigail Spencer’s Scotty is back in next Wednesday’s episode as the firm looks to her to do “something to help them,” executive producer Aaron Korsh previews. “But she is a little resentful of [Mike’s] secret, so she’s not going to have the greatest response to that.” Harvey’s ex will also have what sounds like a tense exchange with Rachel. “Both of their two men are in the crosshairs here,” the EP explains. “They have an interesting, little interaction where they get to express different points of view on what the consequences of this whole thing might be.”

Question: Any scoop on Sleepy Hollow and what’s new in regards to Ichabod and Abbie, our two Witnesses? How long will they be separated? —Frederick
Allow me to act like Crane and piece the clues together. First, there’s this photo from the Feb. 12 episode, which may or may not be of Abbie. Then, there’s my strong sense that the show won’t keep its very charismatic leads away from each other for too long. Finally… there’s this line, direct from the Feb. 19 episode’s official synopsis: “As Abbie, Crane and Jenny struggle to find normalcy, The Kindred reemerges as a new threat.” Now, I’m no Ichabod, but I suspect the Witnesses will be reunited very soon.

Question: I’m still not over Cristela’s cancellation, so I’m looking forward to Carlos Ponce on Devious Maids. Anyone else we can expect? —Carla
I can’t promise that any other Cristela alumni will pop up in Beverly Hills, Carla, but I can share some intel about two new characters appearing in Season 4: First up in Genevieve’s hairdresser Fabian, a self-proclaimed “hair magician” who gives his best client a strange book he swears will change her life. (Do I smell a cult?) Also recurring in Season 4 is Josefina, the mother of newcomer Daniela. She arrives on the scene with the intention of bringing her star-crazed daughter back to Puerto Rico to become an accountant.

This AAnd That…
I’m hearing Griffin Grey will make his Flash debut this April. Casting is currently underway.
Unknown Scott Foley will make his Scandal directorial debut with this season’s 16th episode, which begins shooting on Feb. 12 and will presumably be Jake-lite. Hey, that reminds me of the time Scott directed me in an episode of Felicity and, despite the fact that I was literally seated next to Keri Russell at her character’s college graduation (see photo, right), he figured out a way to cut pretty much my entire body out of the scene. Hope that doesn’t happen to anyone on Scandal! (Yep, still not over it.)
Felicity is headed to Shondaland! No, not Emily Bett Rickards. Or  Keri Russell. This is a new Felicity. Allow me to explain: Rhimes’ midseason drama The Catch is adding a character named Felicity who is sophisticated, cruel, ruthless and British. Paging Charity Wakefield!
Silicon Valley‘s third season, bowing April 24, “picks up right where Season 2 ended,” co-star Kumail Nanjiani reveals. “There is not a time jump.” In the wake of Richard’s firing as CEO of Pied Piper, “Things really change for the crew,” Nanjiani adds, hinting that “big changes” are coming.

“The hospital is on a Hellmouth.” —Grey’s Anatomy‘s Caterina Scorsone discussing the endless tragedies that have rocked Grey Sloan over the past 12 years (including next week’s attack on Meredith).

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Kim Roots, Andy Swift, Vlada Gelman and Rebecca Iannucci)

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  1. hbeachman says:

    Michael, the fact that you were pretty much edited out of that episode of “Felicity” demonstrates that Scott Foley is a good director. After all, the series wasn’t called “Felicity and The Guy Sitting Next To Her At Graduation” was it?

    • Michael Ausiello says:

      Watch yourself, HBeachman. Ask Ausiello is a privilege, not a right. Remember that. –MA

      • EllenAce says:

        This site is AWESOME! Thank you Mr. Ausiello, mostly for creating a fabulous community comments site, of which I have visited many times, where anyone can sign in and not have to be bothered with being a Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. user, in order to have a say. It is truly a blessing/privilege to be a part of this experience, as I am a huge Good Wife fan, as well as all CBS shows. I appreciate a place to comment and share. You’re appreciated and you should know. Thanks again!

        • Jeri says:

          Totally agree with Ellen on her Aus remarks and this wonderful site he has created for us. Also appreciate that we don’t have to use any other blogs/sites to weigh in with our comments. Thank you Aus from a long time fan. You are the BEST!

      • Michael, when I look at that picture it looks like you’re sitting next to Jennifer Garner, not Keri Russell.

      • Tiffany says:

        I havent heard any mention of Spike picking up a series about AXL Pendergast from the series written by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston

    • Sheila says:

      It’s TV’s Scott Foley, if you don’t mind

  2. LOL, Caterina, you’re late – I’ve been saying for years that the hospital is on top of a Hellmouth (and was out for blood last season). Somebody needs to do something about that.

  3. Kelly says:

    Is Hayley getting killed off on Castle? That’s the only way that news is a BONUS.

    • I would`nt care cuz I have a problem to understand what she says with her big accent (I am french canadian)and she`s not so essential.

    • Disappointed says:

      After the dismal season we’ve had they decide to do a Hayley centric episode, unbelievable. I would have thought we’re already going to see too much of her in 8×14, when somehow they contrive to send her to LA with Castle and Alexis. ABC seem to determined to push the new show, Castle P.I. down our throats. No thanks. The first Beckettless episode, Cool Boys, is currently the lowest rated for the series, the Beckett light 8×14 could well match that, and now 8×18 could be vying for that honour.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      This is beyond ridiculous, why is a criminal who kicked out of the force, tells Castle to lie to the cops, and is teaching Alexis stupid things, going to have an episode while Lanie is barely in the season 5 minutes. It’s beyond insulting.
      I agree, if she gets killed off that’s the only BONUS, BUT seems she’s needed for the spinoff.

    • D says:

      Am I the only one who suspects that, after Hayley walked onto the show right at the start of LokSat, with a shady past, badass skills and a willingness to help Castle for no apparent reason, that she might actually be connected to LokSat and using Castle for information?

      Is 8×18 also a LokSat episode by chance? If so, it could be that’s when she gets found out.

      • Vanessa says:

        Since she’s a regular cast member, I doubt it. Vikram stands a better chance at being the person connected to LokSat. Unless TPTB took their collective heads out of their butts and realized Hayley was one big fat mistake and have now decided to cut their losses and remove her from the show – but I seriously doubt that. They want her for the spinoff or S9 when it’s all PI all the time.

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        I suspect since Beckett moves back to the Loft in ep 16 LokSat won’t be an issues anymore. Otherwise how is Castle being kept safe if LokSat is still out there gunning for them all?
        I’d love to see Hayley gone, but she’s part of the new comedy hour on Castle.

        • Beckstle says:

          Maybe they realized Castle was in danger whether she was there or not? Perhaps the light went on in Beckett’s head that someone who could send out multiple assignation teams, know Beckett visited Bracken and then had him killed in jail, and with this new canon story has has been active and completely undetectable since before Beckett’s mother was killed is not going to be fooled by her sneaking into the loft from another building. Right now, Castle is actually in more danger than if she were there.

    • Annie says:

      Fingers, toes, and anything else I can crossed that you are right!

    • Castlebuzz says:

      LOL Finally something that unites Castle fans — hating Hayley. WooHoo ;)
      Btw the extra, extra bonus is that it looks like this ep features Alexis as well. She tweeted her excitement about starting to film this ep today and hash-tagged Toks and Nathan but not Stana. Hmmmmmm

  4. BrianR says:

    Why doesn’t Felicity just use Ray Palmer’s nanites to heal herself? They worked on him as I recall.

  5. Coco says:

    A big Hayley episode ? Seriously ? And Beckett jealous of a computer. Riiight. This keeps getting better.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      I don’t understand why Beckett is so stupid she’s not seen or heard Lucy all the times she’s sneaking into the Loft??
      It’s always Beckett being jealous, and meanwhile Castle picks a video game over her, and now a computer makes him happy. I think a bunch of 12 year old boys are writing this show now.

      • Susan Smith says:

        Utterly ridiculous writing.I imagine it is Lucy who gets jealous because to have someone of Beckett’s caliber to be jealous of a computer sounds like the writers need to be fired. I like Hayley I just don’t understand how Lanie being on for 8 years without a show hIghlighting Her When Castle and Beckett aren’t solving cases together it isn’t Castle. It’s Castle PI and I’m not interested. I will watch again when Caskett goes back to work.

      • Liz says:

        I agree, the idea of being jealous of a computer is stupid, but how is it Beckett always jealous? I honestly can’t think of a time she’s been jealous since early S5 (but I could just be forgetting something), and Castle seems to be jealous at least once a season.
        That video game thing is my least favourite storyline the show’s ever done, tbh (well, up until some of the stuff this season).

        • KLS says:

          618 “The Way of the Ninja” was one later ep when Beckett was jealous, but I had to dig for that one.

          • Disappointed says:

            Not sure if Castle ogling strippers in front of his wife in Bad Santa counts. It was a “fun” scene though.

          • Liz says:

            Oh, yes, good one, I’d forgotten about that. Ultimately more freaked out about other things than actually jealous, which will hopefully be the case here?
            I don’t count Bad Santa, Disappointed, not because it wasn’t super weird, but because KB wasn’t even a little bit upset or jealous.

      • Vanessa says:

        I don’t know that it’s always Beckett’s been jealous, it’s more that this season seems to be all about trashing her. And this is just more of that – making her jealous of a stupid computerized voice. As if Beckett would be jealous of that! Combine that with her now yelling at Castle and slapping him in the middle of the precinct, being the sole reason she and Castle have been separated/will be separated for the majority of the season, this season has been one big effort to trash her character. All probably so we won’t like her and thus won’t want to see her in season 9 or not a factor at all in this stupid spinoff.

  6. Juliana says:

    Michael, when are we going to find out if Milo is going to be on the Gilmore Girls Revival?? I’m dying here!!!

  7. Ooh good Arrow scoop! I’ve been wondering about this myself for Felicity Smoak & Olicity. Should be interesting to see play out. Looking forward to it.

  8. Kate says:

    I appreciate your site so much especially Gilmore girls updates so much! We readers are so lucky to have you! Thank you for all you do!

  9. Maria says:

    Castle 8×18 is a big Hayley episode?
    Thanks for the warning.

  10. The one who used to complain says:

    Thank for all the variety in shows. the spoiler scoop articles on this site have really stepped up their game recently!

  11. herman1959 says:

    Thanks for the Griffin Grey link, I’d never heard of him (OK, no surprise there). Maybe this could be a chance for Jay to be more involved in the major storyline.

  12. Sarah says:

    I’m 100% sure that Martin Henderson’s character is for Meredith. He was immediately made a series regular in an already very crowded cast. His role will be important. So far we know that he was very likely to have been married to Owen’s sister who we assume died. That makes him a widower who has a bond with Owen. And who would understand widow Meredith’s pain better than a widower who has been through a very hard time roo? I can’t believe that someone like him would be for the overly bubbly Maggie, also they’re both Cardio surgeons and Shonda never pairs people with the same specialty up. People think he could end up sleeping with Amelia but Amelia is on/off with Owen. And I REALLY don’t think that Shonda would make her date Owen and then sleep with Owen’s brother-in-law. That would be about as gross as Alex first dating Lexie and now Meredith who is like his sister. Ew. April and Jackson will eventually get back together, which only leaves Stephanie as another love interest for Riggs. But Stephanie is not the type of character Shonda would pair up with Owen’s brother-in-law who was made a series regular immediately. So if you think about it rationally, there is nobody except Meredith who he would be paired with. Now he will talk to her about himself which will change her opinion of him. That is definitely the beginning of a love story.

  13. Gale Peacock says:

    It’s been unicorns and rainbows mostly on the home front for Oliver and Felicity with regards to her paralysis so I’m really interested in how this “powerful” and “emotional” story line plays out. While I enjoy this couple, so many questions need to be raised if they are indeed heading for the altar. Would be nice to actually show them still enjoying the physical side of their relationship.

  14. Spence says:

    I’m betting the unlikely pair on TWD that plays hero is Spencer and Aaron, since there was multiple photos of them released by AMC hiding out during the walker swarm, but they didn’t appear in the finale at all. It seems they team up, hopefully to help!

  15. Evla says:

    Hayley centric?? Tell me that she will be in the episode but that will not be centric like Beckett 8×15 or Ryan in the past.

  16. Trish says:

    I love Felicity but Arrow is ticking me off healing these masked suited characters overnight and pretending they can’t do the same for Felicity. And oh look, Thea is on the brink of death again and there’s magically another cure for her. I’m so shocked and amazed. I really hope Arrow is headed somewhere with this. Somewhere other than introducing another masked hero at the expense of fridging Felicity Smoak.

  17. I really want to see a Emily/Lorelai hug in either one of upcoming GG episodes…

  18. jj says:

    thanks for the gilmore scoop michael! Your coverage really has been fantastic :)

  19. Lizzie says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Felicity and Olicity. My heart will break for her when she finds out Oliver has a kid and has been lying to her for so long. I’m guessing that’s the emotional storyline she’ll go through.

  20. BM says:

    Can anyone explain why I’m supposed to care about Haley’s character enough to want a Haley-centric episode? Even the Ryan and Espo-centric episodes didn’t start up until much later in the show (the first one I recall is S4 when Ryan’s gun is used for murder). I’m okay with a centric episode of each per season, but we never even had an Alexis centric one, so why does Haley get one? (Okay, I know why, but this isn’t how you get the numbers back up…)

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Numbers back up? I think they stopped caring about numbers when they split Caskett up, and gave Castle two new partners.

    • Coco says:

      6×07 and 7×21 were Alexis (& Castle) centric, don’t give them the idea to make another one 😅 And well, she’s here everywhere, doing everything this season so …

    • Vanessa says:

      They’re desperate for fans to like her, so that if they get a S9 they can kick off Beckett, Espo, and Ryan and have it all be about Castle, Alexis, and Hayley, or if they get the spinoff instead, it’ll be Alexis and Hayley, or the PIs in LA – to do any of that, they need us the fans to like Hayley, to care about her, hence a Hayley centric episode. But I say good luck with that! Hayley is about as welcome as Alexis, and that does not bode well for their ideas. Or for the ratings for this episode.

  21. I'm going to let you finish but says:

    Michael, if Beckett moves back in with Castle in episode 16 does that mean LokSat is no longer an issue? Does she take them out in the Beckett heavy 15 episode? If not, how is Castle safe?

  22. I'm going to let you finish but says:

    Also thank you so very much for the Gilmore Girls scoops, and interviews!! I’m loving your enthusiasm & all the great interviews you’re getting. Looking forward to everything else you’ll be sharing with us!!

  23. annek says:

    So Castle S8 we get 6 episodes all season of them as a married couple. Glad i waited all these years for that

  24. lame says:

    Has it occured to anyone the reason ABC is pushing Haley because they know something the fans don’t about the possible 9th season.

    • lame says:

      I’m looking forward to the Lucy-Beckett confrontation. Lucy has been a smart ass, I hope she keeps dishing out sass.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      That occurred to me when Toks was doing interview after interview after interview when she was first hired. She is after all a regular character and not just a recurring, or guest. So she’s in it for S9, because comedy is what Castle has been the last 8 years…

  25. Larc says:

    I hope The Good Wife doesn’t end before that weasel Lee is permanently deleted from Lockhart, Agos & Lee.

  26. Angela says:

    Good to hear that about Abbie and Ichabod on “Sleepy Hollow”. I had a feeling they wouldn’t be separated for too long :).

  27. pem says:

    Well, I’m pretty curious as to what WM is talking about w/regard to Oliver and Felicity. Apparently, it’s not William–because his existence/the lie, is not really a “small” thing. Powerful and emotional—it would be nice if it was in a “good” way.

  28. ndixit says:

    I’m guessing that Ressler is the one getting the love interest in the Blacklist. Can’t think of anyone else it could be given Aram is massively hung up with Samar.

  29. Mo says:

    “But she is a little resentful of [Mike’s] secret, so she’s not going to have the greatest response to that.” Scotty was resentful of the fact that Harvey kept choosing Mike (and his secret) over her and their relationship. I’m just glad that however pissed she must have been about that, she kept the secret too.

  30. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I don’t know that I want to see Emily Gilmore date after just one year. It seems way too soon.

    • John NYC says:

      Were she 22 it would be too soon. As it is, time is precious so you don’t dismiss what life offers.

      • JosiahBartlet4President says:

        I think it’s the opposite. When you’ve been with someone a long time, it’s even harder to recover from.
        It’s also hard for me to imagine anyone being as wonderful as Richard Gilmore!

  31. kath says:

    Yay for Castle and Beckett finally ending this unnecessary and idiotic separation!
    Yay for Arrow treating Felicity’s paralysis in a mature way, and giving it the attention it deserves!
    Nice line from Caterina Scorsone. –
    But why does Meredith have to get a new love interest so soon? Can’t she just be a mother and a doctor for a while?
    You said that Scotty will return on Suits. Any info as to when she’ll go away? The actress is trying but the character is awful.

  32. teri says:

    Matt, think you should fib on the Hayley heavy 8X18 episode and just say it is heavy on Beckett. That would go over much better.(right??). Thanks for keeping us in the Castle loop and any other interviews would be nice. Stana/Nathan? One more try for that one. You would be a folk hero!!!

  33. Gaby says:

    Guess I can skip Castle 8.18, cause there’s no way in hell in sitting through a Hayley-heavy episode.

  34. NDFan says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop. I have no problems with Haley.

  35. James says:

    Abigail Spencer is absolutely gorgeous!!

    One of the hottest women on TV.

  36. maryd says:

    Don’t understand the dislike for Alexis. I’ve always enjoyed Castle & Alexis…sweet relationship & played well by Nathan & Molly.

    • Susan Smith says:

      It’s the replacement of Beckett with Alexis as Castle’s partner in solving crimes that is the issue.They use a couple of scenes of Caskett in bed together to lure people to watch and what they get is a large majority of the show is Castle PI.

  37. Jake says:

    Mr. Ausiello, thanks much for the double Grimm scoop. I suspect the mystery woman is the head of Black Claw.

  38. Rise says:

    I know PBS isn’t exactly on your radar, except for Downton Abbey of course, but I’m really enjoying Mercy Street. And news from that corner?

  39. Miss Rozie says:

    Kate moves back into “Rick’s loft?” Even Kate said the week after the Castle’s were married that it was “their place.” Maybe it should have been written that Kate moves back home. Looking forward to Castle returning to tv tonight. It’s been a LONG winter without it. :-)

  40. Joey says:

    Thank You for finally giving us a date when the BS separation of Rick and Kate will be over. I sure hope they go back to everyone they played the joke on ( all of there friends ) and say we are sorry about being dishonest to you. With so little time left in season 8 and maybe all of Castle, the last episodes should be all about Rick and Kate and the 12th and nothing else. And please no more BS.

    • annek says:

      They given a synopsis for eps almost to the end and it appears there arent many that will be about Caskett or the original 4. And i hope you are right about apologies. What a terrible way to treat friends who have been thru everything with you and have watched ur relationship and cheered you on

  41. Just Me says:

    Per Good a wife promo this week, this is the last season.

  42. leo says:

    Ha, I find it amusing that fans complain about the lack of screen time for Beckett in some episodes. It’s most likely that SK worked less hours into her contract just as she did about not wearing those super high heels as often as she used to, or hasn’t anyone noticed how much shorted she is this season next to RC.