Grimm Season 5 Mideason Premiere Recap

Grimm Midseason Premiere Recap: Adalind and Eve

Psychoanalysts, take note: I’ve got a new twist on an old diagnosis, thanks to Nick Burkhardt’s predicament in Grimm‘s midseason premiere.

I call it the Madonna-Hexenbiest complex.

It’s when you find yourself lusting after the newly human mother of your infant son, yet are simultaneously obsessed with finding out everything you can about your back-from-the-dead-and-still-a-literal-monster ex-girlfriend.

And if that weren’t enough for a Grimm to handle, the Wesen uprising hits its stride — and gets a name — and one source of guidance/help goes the way of the dinosaur.

How do Nick and the gang handle it all? Read on for the highlights of “Eve of Destruction.”

SHE’S BAAAACK | Moments after a platinum-haired Juliette saves Nick, Monroe, Wu and Hank from certain death by members of the Wesen revolution, she disappears. So Nick returns home and demands answers from Trubel, who swears she didn’t know the former-almost-Mrs.-Burkhardt was among the living. “All I know is she was alive when Chavez took her, but I didn’t know if she was going to survive what they were going to do to her,” the baby Grimm says apologetically, adding that Hadrian’s Wall wanted to “break” Juliette and turn her into a weapon.

Nick makes contact with Meisner, who informs him that “the woman you knew doesn’t exist anymore” but seems open to setting up a meeting between Nick and Juliette. While this is happening, the rest of the Scooby Gang slowly finds out that their old friend might not be as gone as they thought. “Is this another back-from-the-dead thing? Because I’m really not ready to host another Jack the Ripper party,” a shocked Rosalee says. “Let’s just hope it’s not something worse,” Monroe warns.

HELL TO THE CLAW | Meanwhile, Xavier confesses that the Wesen revolutionary group — which we learn calls itself Black Claw — has a “join or die” policy and is targeting Nick and his friends. Nick and Hank get the traitor put in one of the police department’s holding cells for his own safety… until a Black Claw operative infiltrates the jail and kills Xavier, then gets shot by an officer who’s freaked out that the Wesen woged right in front of him. (Another hallmark of Black Claw: They don’t give a Fuchsbau about who sees their true faces.)

Even worse: A Black Claw sympathizer guns down the entire Wesen Council, save one. The only council member to survive calls Rosalee to warn her, then narrowly escapes another hit on his life.

Grimm Nick Adalind Season 5 Recap

NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT | Needless to say, things at the Burkhardt-Schade Bunker are a little messed up, what with Nick obsessed with finding Juliette and Adalind worried that Ju might come looking for ‘Biestfight Round 2. “It’s kinda hard to sleep after finding out that the woman who tried to kill me and you and helped the royals steal my daughter is alive and well,” Ad tells Nick, cramming more exposition into one sentence than I will fit in this entire recap.

But he reassures her that “Juliette being back does not change the way I feel about Kelly or you,” and later doubles down on that sentiment when she apologizes for basically four seasons of doing terrible things to him. “I had a chance for a normal life with Juliette — you gave that to me when you stopped me from being a Grimm,” he says, which is kind of like thanking a city bus for giving you time to relax when it hits you and leaves you in traction for months, but whatever.

Adalind is thankful for the out, but still says she wishes she could take back everything she did to him — “except for Kelly,” a sentiment he echoes. Then they kiss, and thank GOD; given the incremental pace of that storyline, I thought Kelly was going to be in law school before his folks locked lips. Side note: What I like best about this development is how in-character it seems when Adalind immediately says, “That was so not a good thing to do,” and how they both tacitly acknowledge the hot weirdness of the moment. Nick looks ready to go in for another, but then Trubel shows up with the news that he’ll see Juliette later that day.

STRANGERS IN THE FIGHT | So Nick meets Juliette at a restaurant, where she’s keeping a close eye on a table near the front. She’s wearing that platinum wig again; I know Bitsie Tulloch has said that Eve needs to be protected from those who might recognize Juliette, but wouldn’t it make sense for her to have a less attention-grabbing hairstyle? “They call me Eve… because I’m starting over,” she says, emotionless, to Nick. “They saved me, and I saved you.”

Though Burkhardt has tons of questions, she ignores nearly all of them. And when the men at the table near the front get up, she pulls her hood up over her head, woges and uses her hands-free powers to squeeze the dude until blood gushes from his ears. He dies. As she flees, Nick takes out the guy’s Wesen henchmen, then fields a call from Meisner: The dead man was a Black Claw organizer, and the whole evening was a test for Nick. The frustrated Grimm wants more info, but Meisner just says he’ll be in touch.

At the end of the episode, we see Juliette return to her cell at Hadrian’s Wall’s bleak headquarters. The blonde ‘do is fake (thank goodness); her cold-hearted badassery, it appears, is the real deal.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Grade the premiere via the poll below, then hit the comments to elaborate!

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  1. Carla Krae says:

    How can anyone in all good conscience root for Nick to get with Adalind? She raped him and ruined his life. Nick is written SO out of character this season, it’s not funny.

    • Cait says:

      Because it’s HAWT, of course.

      This is why I stopped watching this show. I’ve never been more pleased with my decision.

      • lydia says:

        Same here. I stopped watching when I realized that Adalind wouldn’t get called out for being a serial rapist (she did this in S1 with Hank too) and that they were positioning her as a romantic interest for the man she raped.

        I randomly clicked to see if things had changed with Grimm and nope, it’s only gotten worse so yeah I’m pleased with my decision too.

      • John says:

        If you stopped watching… why comment as soon as the ep is over!?!? Calling you out for being a liar and hypocrite!!! Haha its funny how trolls are these days… lulz! #grimmfan

        • goodwolfe21 says:

          Exactly! Thank you for calling them out! How is it that people who stopped watching the show because they are so offended can’t wait to comment about it!?

          • There’s no hypocrisy here at all, nor anything to “call out” Disgruntled fans who have stopped watching a show in disgust, myself included on this one, habitually keep tabs in the hope that, somehow, the story will get back on track and redeem itself. Plenty of us watched the new ep because we were excited to learn that Juliette was back. It’s that simple. The episode, however, turned out to be less than encouraging for those of us hoping to see Nick actually give a damn about the woman he supposedly loved. He acted more like her being alive was an annoying inconvenience. I’ve lost so much respect for the character of the man.

          • wild_child says:

            @CthulhuSaves (@CthulhuSaves) I hope to God you’re joking. I’m sorry but this is the woman that burned down his trailer, tried to kill him and all his friends including the woman carrying his child and setup his mother to be murdered. What the hell kind of a reaction did you expect him to have towards Juliette who shows absolutely zero remorse for all that she has done? Whatever love he had for Juliette is overshadowed by the hurt and pain that she has caused him and frankly his reaction to knowing she was alive seems completely just to me. Anything else would have felt contrived.

        • Fran says:

          Usually when I stop watching, I move on, but for some reason, all these people who now hate Grimm, continue to post every single week about how much they hate Nick and Adalind. I don’t get it.

      • Tamim says:

        Considering that the source material is from Fairy Tales, Nick developing feelings for a remorseful and reformed Adalind is pretty tame — One version of Cinderella had her sisters chopping off their feet to fit the tiny slipper and her father wanted to Marry/Rape her to replace her dead mom. Doesn’t necessarily excuse anything, but still Grimm is a hella lot less grim than the originals (and even the Grimm Brothers stories were cleaned up from some of the original versions that were deemed to harsh for print)

    • piebokou says:

      I root for them and she did not rape him …. because them he would be guilty of the same because he forced a kiss on her when he took her power the first time. Let’s all agree that they both hurt each other a lot. But let’s move on this is a fairy tale after all lol from hate to love.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah people tend to forget he forced himself on her to remove her power. Not excusing Adalind; they just seem to keep hurting each other.

        • piebokou says:

          I was not trying to excuse Adalind either. I was just pointed out that we should all move on, they both each other now they have a kid that they need to raise and a bunch of bad wessen to stop.

      • Now that I know it’s not rape, I’ll be sure and drug women from now on and use their altered mental state to trick them into thinking I’m someone they’d actually choose to sleep with. Thanks for the tip/permission. I had no idea these women would find such a practice to be an unfortunate, but acceptable gateway to romantic bliss and motherhood. Ooh la la.

        • K1 says:

          So did u expect to see nick fall hopelessly in love again with “the woman she once loved” after she tried to kill him,his unborn child and monroe AND setting his mother up which caused her death?sorry the show didn’t fulfill your wish clearly this isn’t the show for you
          Also the word (rape) means: (to force someone to have sex with you by using violence or threat of violence) so no adalind did not rape nick
          And if you drug people you will probebly go to jail for several charges but if the woman u drug has kidnapped your child and u’ve been trying to kill each other for a long time and she decides to FORGIVE u because she now has your child enjoy your life with her

          • RemyLC says:

            Thank you! You’re absolutely right in regards to Juliette. I even said as much in my previous comment. Don’t call out Adalind’s sins without acknowledging Juliette’s. She got his mother killed! By the end of last season she was a one-woman wrecking machine, and it was all because she chose to be. You can’t put everything on what Adalind did. Juliette liked the power and was fine being a murderer. Why are people so eager to glaze over that? You get my mom killed, we are blood enemies for life.

          • JenJ says:

            i don’t know what all of the fuss is about, I think this is a great development, I kind of like the offbeat couple because as has been said, they spent the better part of 4 years trying to kill each other. I liked Juliette, but once she got Adalind’s powers, and set up the murder of Nick’s mother, that was it for me, couldn’t stand her. What I do see though,is it looks like the writers are setting up some sort of quadrangle with Nick, Adalind, and Meisner, and oh, yeah, “Eve” fitting in there somewhere.

          • NDFan says:

            Rape doesn’t have to be violent. It’s the lack of consent that is the issue. Nick didn’t consent to sleeping with Adalind. No matter how you look at it, its just icky for that to be totally glossed over. I agree Juliette is no better. Nick shouldn’t be with either of them.

          • Cindy says:

            Actually, no, that is not solely the definition of rape. Nick would not slept with Adalind if she wasn’t in an altered state. Therefore, by her pretending to be Nick, she forced him into a situation that he would not otherwise have agreed to. As a woman, this nonsense pisses me the f**k off.
            If a male character had done that to a female character on the show, panties would be all twisted up. If it’s not rape for him, than it’s not rape for a woman either meaning that all these “date rape” drug cases are not rape. And yes, it is the same thing.

            Nick kissing her isn’t even in the same league as her one successful rape and her previous attempt at raping Hank. Was he wrong for it? Absolutely. He forced himself on her. However, him kissing her is not in the same league as her raping him

        • piebokou says:

          that just tell me that the person with deep problem is you and not Nick nor Adalind.

        • VickiDM says:

          Yes, I find it weird how so many people, women especially, will go through mental gymnastics to condone or explain away what Adalind has done. As Cindy mentioned, if the genders of the characters had been reversed and a male character disguised as Nick had slept with Juliette and gotten her pregnant, I wonder what the reaction would be?! I found the whole storyline distasteful and putting them together as a couple is just wrong. By all means be civil for the baby but please nothing more.

        • Fran says:

          Supernatural creatures also have a tendency to get away with killing all the time because they have different rules. Are you going to go out and start killing people now that you know it’s somewhat excusable in the supernatural universe? I find it hard to think of what Adalind did as rape, because she wasn’t motivated by a sexual or romantic urge or some need to dominate which is what motivates most rapists in real life. It was something she had to do to complete a spell, so that she could get her baby back. But if you consider that rape, then you have to consider what Nick did to her in season 1 as sexual assault. He actually forced himself on her so that she could kiss her and in doing so removed the one thing that she had identified with her entire life.. We have no parallel like than in the real world, but to a Hexenbiest, what Nick did to Adalind was probably just as bad as being raped. Or are you going to argue that “she deserved it?”

          • VickiDM says:

            Personally I do consider what Nick did in season 1 assault and no she didn’t deserve that but two wrongs don’t make a right. Adalind had already magically ‘roofied’ Hank before sleeping with him. Rape is not all about force but about taking away someone’s agency to freely consent to sex, something Adalind did with both Hank and Nick. She is a serial offender and what bugs me is that this is being glossed over.

    • Jau says:

      Listen, this is a TV show. A fantasy show. If you want a real-life drama where you can bring real-life consequences into it….I suggest you watch something else. Or just don`t watch it.

    • RemyLC says:

      Here’s the thing: It’s not real. If it was, you’d be absolutely right. But I’m not gonna hate her but root for Juliette who got his mother killed either. Juliette did some pretty heinous acts last season and it was because she CHOSE to. Everyone wanted to help her but she chose to “go to the dark side” so to speak. She didn’t want to work through it. What Adalind did was gross, but she acknowledges that. She has said multiple times, and even in this episode that what she was WRONG and truly sorry. She can’t change anything. To be honest, neither women should be with him if we’re going off past acts. Also, I don’t watch this show just for couples.

      • Cookie says:

        So you guys have stopped watching this show just because Nick is with Adalind now? Is that why you watched this TV show in the first place? Was it Nick and Juliette you’ve always watched and not because of the other aspects and storyline of this series? Not because it’s interesting to see how they solve wesen cases? Not because of how each of them had grown, developed and changed in the past 4 seasons? You watched it before just because you guys were trying to know how Nick and Juliette’s relationship have grown? Is that it? If it is, then you shouldn’t have watched this series from the beginning because it actually offers lots of twists and different interesting “fairy tale characters” and different relationships like friendship among the gang and “family”. You’re saying that the series had gone the wrong way? I think you’re wrong, I think it’s YOUR THINKING that went wrong…. It’s your perception and close mind that had gone wrong! Anyway, nobody can force you to watch any series in that matter. Just don’t judge it just because of the “one” thing you don’t like about it. Thank you!

    • John says:

      Honestly though it is not PCWorld these days a hot woman having sex with a man is their fantasy. This was not rape no matter how you try to put it. Nick could have put his blood in Adalind in a different way than kissing her… stabbed, shot, etc. This is a Grimm fantasy tale. Hank was into Adalind before the cookies. It is a woman doing what she wants to get her own things in life accomplished. THIS MAY BE A FANTASY SHOW… BUT THAT IS THE REAL WORLD! If you don’t like it why keep watching. You were one of the 1st to comment and yet still hate. Let love go where it may and enjoy it in the process. Peace be with you!

    • Hawk says:

      Bassically,I’m rooting for the parents of the next generation Grimm because the next generation Royal might need the extra help, but I’m more of a Big picture kind of viewer.

    • DebG says:

      Agree and disagree (sort-of). Nick’s original reaction was cringingly out of character. He’s accepted those around them for who they are, why not his long suffering girlfriend. Now if she started doing too many nasty Hexenbeastie things, then I could accept a bad break-up. I put it down to lazy writing. As for Nick and Adalind, I don’t think they will stay together. I get it, the writers are going for a sin and redemption angle. Adalind has paid a high price for her actions, she’s lost her daughter, her career, her home and as I recall she spent a fair amount of time in a rat infested dungeon. Even after all that I don’t think the gang would accepted her into the fold as easily as they did. Lazy writing and poor character development, that’s the problem. I’m hoping it’ll get better as the season winds down. I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

      • wild_child says:

        so you would be hunky dory with the person responsible in part for killing your mother after she tried to kill you and your friends repeatedly including someone carrying your child? Of course not! Just because they are not writing it to your liking doesn’t make it lazy. That said the Juliette character should have stayed dead. The actress is dreadful.

        • FashionMaven says:

          I think the point is that the writers sacrificed the Juliette character in their effort to redeem Adalind. They destroyed that character to prop up another one. I’m not even a huge Juliette fan and agree the character was problematic, but I hate Adalind and don’t like how they are whitewashing her.

    • FashionMaven says:

      I completely agree with you. I know some fans hated Juliette – but Nick is being written WAY out of character and it’s just taking me right out of the story because it feels forced. Juliette being turned evil was forced to make this change and it feels like they swapped Adalind for Juliette – right down to making Adalind even more boring than Juliette was. I like the new Juliette, but it bothers me how ADALIND’s actions made Juliette into a hexenbeist (and apparently that’s why she turned evil – it wasn’t her choice), but Adalind is still okay by Nick.


      Worse – Juliette just got a raw deal. She did all of that to save Nick and make him a Grimm again to save his life, but no acknowledgement of that – just a total whitewashing of what Adalind did. If “Eve” wanted to come back and kill Adalind, I would cheer.

      Sure, Nick and Adalind have chemistry, but the writing feels forced and uncomfortable. I cringe during every Nick/Adalind scene because it’s so completely and utterly forced.

  2. Alison says:

    I love Nick with Adalind. I like the potential enough to put up with Eve. Had I been in Adalinds position and my child was kidnapped, I would have killed the person not just taken his powers. Nick got off easy. Both of them are flawed and I love it!

    • Ray says:

      I agree. Everything Adalind did was out of fear and survival . She even said if she had not feared Nick in the beginning she would be a lawyer minding her own business. Juliette on the other hand blamed Nick for everything and was vengeful.

  3. Lianne says:

    Please tell me there will be of Adalind than what we’ve been seeing of her. I miss the crazy hexenbiest.

    • Tamim says:

      Adalind does need to get some of her mojo back, doesn’t she? Not her power, if that is what corrupts, but something that makes her more of an asset and not just a little mom hidden in a building. Moms can kick ass too and she has a lot of knowledge. She can learn to fight, she knows the legal system. Heck, as bad as she once was, maybe she could be an undercover person. But she needs something. I don’t think the message that becoming a reformed person means you become weak is a good story line to follow.

      Maybe she just feels a little guilty right now and that’s why she’s being so humble and passive? Time to finish her self imposed punishment/isolation stage and woman up.

      • FashionMaven says:

        Wait – so Juliette should be skewered for what the Hexenbeist powers did to her, but Adalind is okay and redeemed? That feels like a double standard – especially since Juliette had no choice or agency in what happened to her. Adalind did that to her and somehow gets rewarded. I hate what they’ve done with this show in terms of Juliette. All of the other action is AWESOME – and I like “Eve”, but I hate the character assassination they did on Juliette to prop up Adalind.

  4. Susan says:

    Grimm was great. Loving Nick and Adalind. Great to have Grimm back!

  5. Mar says:

    Trubel shows up with the news he will meet Juliette/Eve later.

  6. James D says:

    Best season of Grimm so far IMO. really loved how everything is hitting the fan now the Council being wiped out (Um dudes and dudettes of the council y’all might want to look into better background checks or something next chance you get) Eve, loved Bitsie tonight she’s got that terminator look down pat. Not sure what I’m supposed to think about Adelind and Nick that is the point I think and I love that it’s really good writing IMO. they’re kind of like that last Super deluxe homemade chocolate brownie that you know is terrible for you but you just can’t resist stuffing it in your mouth both smiling and crying at the same time whilst you swallow it :) Great episode and Great Season.

  7. Matt says:

    The producers said Juliette was dead. That she had no memories of anything. Just as long as they limit her screen time, I’m fine with that. I just cringe every time I hear the name Juliette. At least her demeanor changed. She’s not this whiny self absorbed lunatic anymore. Next week looks good. I like the monster a week episodes the best.

    • Griffin says:

      This season has been lame. Feel like Nick has been a weaker version of himself for the last two seasons in fact.

      Juliette is still the worst. I think the writers make her so unlikable and in turn the show. I feel like a Heroes fan in season 2-3 hoping their show will return to its former glory while being disappointed more often than not.

      Does anyone else feel like Grimm writers are trying to follow a similar arc as Heroes? 1-2 really good seasons followed by seasons full of suckage.

  8. goodwolfe21 says:

    I’ve never understood the notion that Adalind “raped” Nick. Since the spell she used isn’t possible in real life, the closest we can get to resembling this action, would be like if your girlfriend had a twin sister, who pretended to be her sister and slept with you. Then you could said she deceived you, but she didn’t rape you. Besides, Adalind wasn’t really interested in sleeping with Nick at the time, it’s just that the only way the potion would work is through sexual contact. Anyway, I believe anyone truly being fair and unbiased about all of this, has to admit Nick has directly and indirectly caused as much hardship for Adalind as she did for him. For them to get to a place where they can start to put the past events behind them isn’t easy, but is feasible in the context of everything else going on here in this world. I really like them as a couple, but glad they were, and are, taking it slow. I also like Juliette back in the capacity of being a bad-assed ally & weapon, but no longer directly involved with Nick. I like the direction of the show so far this season.

    • Tamim says:

      Nick was involved in an active kidnapping, right? And stole something or caused great bodily harm (taking her powers). Its not like one bad action excuses the other, but I see it more as a situation where both people, having caused great harm, have decided to call a truce which leads to a full peace accord. And now each is having a chance to recognize the humanity in the other. After all, from what I have been able to gather, Hexinbiests and Grimms have been the mortalist of mortal enemies I believe – almost to a genetic level – or at least it seems that way. But these two are finally working past that. Of course I’m not sure if Nick and Adalind will be end game, the resistance leader also has strong feelings, but they have always had a bit of love/hate in their relationship and they need to deal with that since they are tethered together for life through Kelly

    • VickiDM says:

      No, in your example that would still be rape. Rape is not just about use of force, rape by deception is where “the perpetrator has the victim’s sexual consent and compliance, but gains it through DECEPTION or fraudulent statements or actions.” Therefore it can be argued that Adalind not only raped Nick in that way but also Hank by taking away their means to fully consent. By all means let Adalind and Nick be friends for the sake of co-parenting, but a couple? No way, too much has happened for that.

  9. Myrna says:

    I am really happy to see Nick kissing Adalind, they have both hurt each other quite a lot, but they are trying to make it right in their crazy fairy tale life. It is nice to see great chemistry, Nick never had it with cold Julliette. The series is really getting exciting!!!

    • Hawk says:

      Juliette hay more chemistry with Renard anyway, just because Nick and Julliete were functional didn’t mean they’re right for each other.

  10. Meisner’s scene…what??? Correct me if I’m wrong…he likes Adalind? Well, this is just my guess, ok?


  11. Shaun says:

    Nick needs to kick HW and Black Claw out of Portland.Everyone who causing trouble gets a bullet or a boot in the rear.

    • Griffin says:

      I prefer when Nick uses a weapon other than a gun. If he is just going to shoot vessen then he is not much better than Hank (any non Grimm/vessan) at that poi t.

  12. Rook says:

    Are we not going to talk about that wig?

  13. peter says:

    the only thing i have against what adalind did to nick in the past was when she almost killed hank
    but nick took her powers , for her the most important thing and she almost kill julliete
    them he took her kid and she took his powers !!
    yeah she tried to off his aunt but that is all the capitain’s fault
    is not normal but is a show where normal people can became monsters what were you expecting ?

  14. Sarah says:

    So it seemed to me the kiss between Adalind and Nick, and the brief conversation acknowledging it’s weirdness and timing, was a way for the writers to resolve some of the “romantic” part of Nick and Adalind (and buy the writers some time to either snuff out the romance or allow the relationship to actually build), and then reintroduce Meisner as an Adalind suitor (#datflashback). But in my honest opinion, having rewatched the pilot recently, the chemistry or electricity between Nick and Adalind has always been there.

    • Mari says:

      Uhm… where??,
      Come on, Nick and Adalind are happening because fans wanted it.
      Because it’s cool to have the baddie reformed and hooking up with the person they hurt.

      • RemyLC says:

        Because fans wanted it? Do you know how early they write these episodes? How is this a response to fans? I will fully admit that I always thought David and Claire had chemistry since Season 1, but I was content with her being his adversary. Romantic chemistry isn’t the only kind of chemistry. It wasn’t until this season that I even thought it possible to “go there.” If you want to complain about a show caving to shippers, perhaps you should watch Arrow (Olicity). That would be a valid critique, but Grimm? Nah, I don’t see it that way at all.

        • FashionMaven says:

          I do – that’s why they did that character assassination job on Juliette. They did it to prop up Adalind and make her more acceptable to the “gang” and Juliette the hated one.

          Well, at least “Eve” is kick ass now. Adalind is boring as hell. Karma.

  15. Marie says:

    Sorry not feeling the the Nick/Adalind romance, way too big a swing for Nick’s character. They can coparent without being a couple. Juliette/Eve? Anything is better than the old Juliette character. I hope we see Adalind’s daughter soon, that would be interesting.

  16. Nicole says:

    Sigh. This show has just become Velveeta. Alias wigs? Fem-bot? Why? It just seems like an over-the-top ploy to keep the actress employed. I’m just not that into Bitsie. I’m sure she is a wonderful person and all, but her acting just falls flat for me. Especially when the rest of the cast are great actors. Her acting just comes off as amateur, in my opinion.

    Underrated actor–Russell Hornsby. His snarky “He’s a grimm” to Billie Trump last episode was fantastic as were some of his reactions in this one. And Giuntoli is superb. I hope he has the opportunity to star in some less cheesy show so he gets the recognition he deserves.

  17. Sarah says:

    Ok what the heck is Meisner? Other than dreamy of course. Is he a Grimm, a Zauerbeist, a mix of the two, a robot? To have been able to train Eve like he did and swat Trubel away like she was an annoying little sister. What’s he got going on?

  18. Ricky says:

    I dont like Adalind for Nick. I wish Nick and Juliette will be together.

    • What? They’ve had their chance for seasons and Betsie’s acting was BORING. Whether with powers or without she’s just terrible.
      Adalind has always been interesting and has had a character evolution like no other. She is the 2nd focus of the show after Nick. And every drama has revolved around her. The both together make things even more interesting since they’ve been fighting against each other for so long but have found common ground and peace for their child.

      The new and STILL interesting Adalind is good for Nick, as she has always been resourceful, intelligent and devilish but in a cute way. I like her change of personality and I hope to see some of her old interesting traits coming back soon– not the meanness though.

    • Jorgon says:

      I tottaly Agree, I hate Adalind with Nick, dont make any sense

  19. The rape allegation about Adalind and Nick are just preposterous. It’s a fantasy show Gosh! They’ve done a lot of harm to each other but now have a son to raise. What is so wrong with them trying to find normalcy? I think that duo might have a LOT of potential if Adalind recovers her powers back. And the chemistry is on point. It might spice things up, whilst putting a little bit of action into the whole mix, if people try to come after Nick’s little family.

  20. I don’t watch the show anymore but I read the recaps because I am still interested in how the chapters are b e in developed. Obviously the writers feel anything goes with relationships (remember the spell between the Captain and Juliette?) And now Nick and the mother of his child. So yeah I occasionally read the recaps but do not watch the show. No harm no foul.

  21. Liz says:

    Love this show. It was worth waiting. I like how everything is turning out. Eve reminds me of Femme Nikita a bit. And thank you for Nadalind kiss. Awesome.

  22. Tina says:

    Nick obviously did not feel like he was raped or he wouldn’t have feelings for Adaline. Juliette had her chance not once but twice and she said no. Enough said. Love them (Nadaline) together!

  23. Charicy says:

    First of all I’m not rooting for them Adalind is a witch not made but born like her mother, and she has a little something for Meisner’s so I don’t trust her I don’t like her character and what she did before, I feel like she’s being shoved down my throat so if the show goes that way I’ll be saying goodbye I really liked the old Grimm and the different characters and the imagination that went into Adalind and Nick lovers I’m out of here.

    • Bluewillow says:

      I agree with you. Adelind is evil. She have tricked Nick before and tried to kill his aunt Marie. I don’t trust Adalind!! Loving the show so much. Great entertainment for the whole family. But age appropriate of course.

  24. Wesen Tabby says:

    OK. Enough Adalind being the wonderful mother. And, excuse me if I barf, but seeing her kiss Nick is disgusting. This witch has messed up his life many times and ruined Juliette’s!!! I am so glad Bitsie is back and I can see Nick and Eve falling in love while fighting this massive wesen horde. The Black Claw group reminds me of Isis in our real world. I admit, though, I do miss the old days when Nick and Juliette were living happily in their house and being very important to the gang. Eve, you go girl!!!

  25. carrionne says:

    Eve creeps me out. A lot. Did you see the way she stared at Nick from across the restaurant? I don’t think she blinked the whole time!

  26. George Yocom says:

    When are we gonna find out if Trouble is actually related to Nick???Maybe she is his sister??her origion story has be so you think that could be possible??

  27. I enjoyed the episode greatly. I have no problem seeing Nick with Adaline. As a mother, I know how motherhood changes ones perspective from themselves and to the child. Enemies alwats have passion between them and hate often turns into love. That being said, I have a feeling that even though Juliette appears cold and unfeeling, her love for Nick is suppressed within her heart and that, given the more time Nick and she spends together working with Meisner, it slowly resurfaces and a reunion possible. After all, they showed Meisner thinking about Adaline and how he helped birth Diana and the kiss she gave him as thanks . As a writer myself, I know nothing is impossible. Great job and can’t wait to see the rest of the season.

  28. prish says:

    Trubel was a good surprise…well done acting…fun to watch, so I just went along with everything else. The husband enjoyed the episode and just wishes for no more long episode breaks.

  29. Kim says:

    Can I say “At last they kissed!”. Thought I’ll wait until the season finale. And Adalind’s remarks are so cool.

  30. Darwin says:

    I like the Nick-Adalind thingy! It makes me want to watch more n more. Juliet was an obstacle for Nick and in fact Nick had a task to put her aside. I like it!

  31. Faith says:

    Juliet did terrible things in the last season and Adeline also did terrible things. Their no saints here people, so all I’m looking forward to is to see what’s next. Don’t comment if your don’t watch the show anymore and people please don’t act like this is real life after all its just make believe a FANTASY. I’m a fan of Grimm and will always be, if the show went the way we all wanted it would suck there would be no need to watching it. So stop complaining people and let’s see what’s next. After all this is why we watch, so that we can be entertain and kept on our toes. Your not a true Fan if you stop watching the show because it didn’t go the way you wanted. After don’t we all want mystery. Can’t wait to see what’s next. LOVE THE SHOW GUYS keep the episodes coming

  32. Kingmose1 says:

    Nick and Adalind. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  33. Fran says:

    Best Grimm season ever! Not crazy about Juliette’s return, but am still curious to see where it goes.

  34. emaureeng says:

    I’ve been with the show since the start. Unfortunately, with this episode, it felt like the plot was filler between fight scenes. This didn’t help with so much back story involved and so many characters.

  35. Kenneth Roy says:

    I would really like to see Adalind and Nick hook up. I think the two of them along with their offspring would be strong enough that they would not need a Wesson council and if they did there might well be a Grimm on the council

  36. Bluewillow says:

    I love this show. My husband and I watch it together. Great date night with the husband. We have different opinions on what we would like to see happen. However, we both agree about Adeline, she have been with all the male figures except beaver man and Wo. But there’should the baby, oh. We will keep watching because it’s a great show with great expectations. Give us some more shockers!!!! Love it.

  37. Gina M says:

    I agree with Carla Krae, I watched this show faithfully and now I can’t stand it right now! I mean Juliette being this ‘Eve’ cyborg? And Adalind acting like butter wouldn’t melt in her now and she & Nick are trying to be this cute little couple?! Ugh…fix this now!!

  38. Robigo says:

    I’ve watched from the beginning and I hate Nick and Adalind together. She forced him into impregnanating her and was once in Hank’s bed. And poor Juliette sacrificed herself with that crazy ritual so Nick could get his powers back. Now she’s not even a person and Nick is willingly sleeping with the enemy/Adalind.
    I won’t be back for season 6 if they really get together as a couple. And it’s yet to be renewed so the decision may be out of my hands anyway.

    • Bluewillow says:

      I totally agree!! However, don’t turn it off just yet. Something is about to change with Nick and Adiline. Nick is not sharing the information regarding what he and Monroe found in the black forest. Remember, Monroe asked Nick what he would do if Adiline turned back into an Heksinbeast? This was put on his mind, now I believe the writer will have to give the viewer’s something more. Let’s ride it out, and see what’s going to happen. We just don’t want to lose the trail!! Good comment!

  39. Bluewillow says:

    Hey guys, this is a great series about fiction, let’s not lose it now. There’s a little bit of everyone’s character in the writing of it. I know people like Adelind, Juliette, and our imagination just take who we are and completes what we would do if in that situation. I love it!! Strange kind of soap opera with wessen, witches, copes, and action with politics? Wow, this show is loaded with entertainment, and we curios creatures want to play it out the way we want it to be. Have fun, and the writer will appreciate all our responses and write more of what we want to see!! Great show!!