The 100 Season 3: Clarke's Rebirth, New Romances and More Scoop

We hope you’ve been practicing your Earth skills during The 100‘s hiatus, because The CW drama returns tonight (9/8c) with its darkest season yet, and you’ll need all the preparation you can get.

TVLine spoke with the sci-fi series’ cast and crew for a taste of what’s to come, and even though they remain (notoriously) tight-lipped about specific developments, we managed to squeeze some scoop out of them:

CLARKE 2.0 | Following the three-month time jump between Seasons 2 and 3, Clarke (now known as “Wanheda,” or “the Death Commander”) is “still out there, still broken and still running away from what she’s done — and who she’s become,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine. “Over the course of the season, she’ll need to put what she’s done into perspective.” And while we wait for that emotional closure to settle in… costume change! “She’s in a state where she kind of needs to blend in and be accepted by the Grounders, so she kind goes all out with the Grounders get-up, which is really cool,” Eliza Taylor adds.

NEW ROMANCE | Regardless of your personal ‘ship, you’re likely to have some pretty strong opinions about the new pairings introduced in Season 3. “New relationships begin, old relationships end, things change,” Rothenberg says. “Whether or not you’re happy about the new developments will depend on your perspective to begin with, but it was important to show that life has moved on.”

OLD FLAMES | Of course, not everything in Season 3 is brand-new. For example, Clarke’s eventual reunion with Lexa — aka she who betrayed us all — will stir up lots of old (and very mixed) emotions. “It’s not going to be fun for Clarke at all,” Taylor says of the long-awaited “Clexa” reunion. “I think she’s really torn up about it. … It’s going to be a pretty shaky reunion. … Her forgiveness would take a while, if it’s going to happen at all.”

CLARKE VS. OCTAVIA? | Taylor adds that she’s excited for fans to see Clarke’s first interaction with Octavia in Season 3. “Their relationship is going to be very strained because of [the events at Mount Weather], which we haven’t dealt with yet,” she says, though she believes that “Octavia is going to love seeing Clarke [as a Grounder, being like], ‘These are my people now.'” (Bonus Octavia scoop: Her relationship with Lincoln will be put to the test when he assumes a new role in the Arkers’ camp.)

HELL ON EARTH | And don’t think we forgot about ol’ Murphy! He’s still in his tricked-out bunker when Season 3 picks up, but like most things on The 100, appearances can be deceiving. Richard Harmon describes it as a “be careful what you wish for” situation, likening it to the episode of The Twilight Zone where the main character thinks he’s in heaven — only to discover he’s actually in hell. And although Murphy “never bought into the hype” of the City of Light, that doesn’t mean Jaha won’t find a way to rope him into his A.L.I.E.-related shenanigans.

We’ll have more Season 3 scoop following tonight’s premiere, so be sure to check back for more at 10/9c. In the meantime, drop a comment with your hopes for the new season below.

Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. Luli says:

    Yes, finally the wait is over!! I’m excited a out Clarke 2.0, interested in how the bellarks reunion goes, and also more scenes between Abby and Clarke.

    I want Octavia and Clarke in the same side, and if not I’ll settle for scenes between them. I think ghey could have a great friendship.

    Also will Clarke be on her own for most of the first episodes or will she reunite with familiar faces. ..?

  2. Jactaviafan says:

    Can jactavia happen this season? Like I’m tired of Lincoln being with Octavia. Let’s give jasper a shot at a little bit of happiness. He’s been through so much.

    • Weezy says:

      Um while I personally would like an Octavia/Jasper pairing, I think it’s just a little more complex than that. The relationship between Octavia and Lincoln is all about the impact a change in perspective can have on your life. Octavia started as an Arc’er but never felt like “one of them” due to growing up under the floor. She identifies with the Grounders and their culture. Likewise, Lincoln was a Grounder primarily because of where he was born and how he grew up. He was always portrayed as more caring, accepting, and trustworthy relative to the other Grounders. As such you could say he was a little more civilized when it came to diplomacy, etc. He identifies more with the Arc’ers and their “advanced society” more so than he does with the Grounders. Without the Octavia/Lincoln pairing, they would’ve had a hell of a time trying to develop these themes on the show. Because of this their pairing was inevitable. Now that things on the ground have evolved, Season 3 might be a good time to re-examine their relationship. But to have her get with Jasper doesn’t make alot of sense to me from a storytelling perspective as it doesn’t add any meat to the story and Jasper identifies more with the Arc’ers anyway.

      That’s why I don’t understand how/why people bother watching TV simply for some fictional love story completely devoid of much reality. Sure it’s a nice add-on to a story, but rarely is it central to the narrative (a notable exception being Outlander).

      • Jactaviafan says:

        That’s true, that there are people that watch certain tv shows just cause of a certain ship. Though that isn’t why I do of course. It would just be a nice add-on as you said. It’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen. I can sort of see how Lincoln/Grounders have effected Octavia since she didn’t ever get to have a life on the Arc, but now that she’s been with the Grounders and Lincoln, she feels see belongs. The kindness of Lincoln to Octavia lead to their relationship, which in turn helped bridge the gap between grounders and the arc for a bit before everything went to crap. So yeah I can see why the relationship happened. It’s a small thing, but I still wanna see it maybe blossom at the end of season 3, maybe earlier. Just my opinion of course.

  3. michael cavanaugh says:

    Ai scares me a little don’t want to go down Cylon routr. Love 100 best show on tv.loved bsg also want them to stay different. Got bad feeling war may have started from stations Ai related hope clip Mendes looks like in Mt weather right lunch hall opinions

  4. Dominique says:

    i’m just hoping murphy will get a little bit of happiness. when it comes to characters who’ve suffered the most, he’s easily in the top three.

  5. natalia h says:

    YES!!!! So excited for new episodes.

  6. Anthony says:

    I just love this movie so much,Clarke the actor ever!

  7. M says:

    This show is far too female and unrealistic. These big barbarian dudes would snap these little girls like twigs. Total crap show. Only the strong survive and they wouldn’t be strong in any way.

    • Weezy says:

      If you are watching any TV/movies these days hoping to see a realistic portrayal of the physical differences between men and women, then you are going to be quite disappointed. While I agree with you how ridiculous it has become (IE 5 foot 100 lb Emilia Clarke as an even more badass version of Sarah Connor which Linda Hamilton played beautifully and realistically OR Molly McCarthy as a super spy running circles around Jason Statham), you can blame social manipulation and the new incessant need to pick apart entertainment based on surface nonsense such as race or gender.

      It’s really starting to take its toll on me too. I wouldn’t care if I could avoid it as entertainment is ART, but it’s like every director got a memo threatening them if they didn’t adopt this approach. Then again who blames them. Look how anyone who doesn’t mindlessly support whatever the “popular” narrative is and thinks for themselves is chastised incessantly and hatefully attacked constantly. It’s so hypocritical I don’t even know where to begin. Once logic and common sense were removed from people’s decision making, all of the manipulative and subjective nonsense became inevitable.

    • Miranda says:

      It’s one thing to call this show unrealistic, from one perspective I can certainly see this, but to call it far too female is just plain ridiculous. Like there aren’t plenty of male-dominated series out there to pick from. Don’t like seeing strong females, which females can be, then go watch one of the litany of shows that are male-dominated.

      And while it wouldn’t work in every instance, there is such a thing as using a person’s strength against them – besides, strength isn’t all that’s needed to lead.

      Women can be powerful. Deal with it.

    • FtheFreys says:

      Your comment is too idiot and obtuse .

  8. Kevin W. says:

    If this is The 100’s darkest season yet, is someone gonna straight up eat a baby? Cause I dunno how you can get more dark than the end of season two.

  9. Zackarun says:

    When is Season 3 coming out its the 22nd and its really bugging me and my family lol

  10. Tami says:

    I wish there would have been a whole hour for a review of what’s happened in the past. I watched all the episodes as they aired, but felt a bit confused with all the changes. And how did Link’s English become so perfect? He did seem like he had a little bit of an accent if I remember correctly. Now it’s completely gone.

    • Miranda says:

      While it doesn’t explain how he speaks so efficiently so soon, he has been with the Ark-people for three months, that’d explain him being able to speak it at least partially better.

  11. Tianna says:

    It would be awesome to bring Finn back! He was an amazing character and it’s definitely not the same without him!

  12. Sophie says:


  13. demetry says:

    How do they light there candles?? They have no lighters or matches

  14. Jess says:

    I want lexa and Clark to get together!! If it doesn’t happen I think I might cry..

  15. Kentuck says:

    o.k, first of all Clexa is and will happen lets face it and love it, they belong together, Bellamy is NOT Clarke’s soul mate, he is to weak and a p***sy, Clarke is strong and independent just like lexa, kind of like Xena and Gabrielle, light and darkness. Now face it guys Jasper is a wimp he needs to be with Raven not Octavia she is a freakin warrior badass and belongs with Lincoln, give them a happy ending.