Supernatural Season 11 Spoilers

Supernatural Boss Tackles Burning Qs About Amara, God, Adam and More

Dean wasn’t the only one left confused by Amara’s behavior in the Supernatural fall finale. But luckily, TVLine has answers from executive producer Jeremy Carver about The Darkness — and even her sibling, God himself.

Before planting a smooch on the elder Winchester, Amara appeared to have aborted her plan to suck out his soul, leaving us — and many of our readers — wondering why she would suddenly have a change of heart.

Ahead of the show’s return this Wednesday (The CW, 9/8c), Carver addressed that mystery, as well as four others involving Adam, God, Death and Lucifer.

TVLINE | It seemed like Amara was about to consume Dean’s soul, but then she Supernatural Season 11 Spoilerseither changed her mind or couldn’t physically do it. What happened?
That is one left up to the viewer to decide. We’re happy to let that one sit right where it is, and it’s all part of the complexities of the relationship between these two.

TVLINE | How much should we trust Lucifer when he says he was the one sending the visions to Sam?
I would trust him on that fact, yes.

Supernatural Season 11 AdamTVLINE | Now that Sam is in Hell, will this storyline touch on Adam/Michael and what happened in the cage?
The show will touch on it lightly, at this point. That’s for a couple different reasons, which I could probably [address] better at the end of the season than right now. But there’ll be some discussion of that coming up right after the break.

TVLINE | Amara gave Dean a lot of information about her brother, God.  What role, if any, will He have?
The idea of God and, “Where is God? And will God show himself?” is a question that will hang over and which will be heavily debated in the second half of the season. We’ll see each and every one of our players driven to new places in the absence of God’s presence. The longer it feels like God is not going to show, the further our main characters are going to reach for ways to solve this problem themselves. The idea of God, this sort of lurking presence, is very much part of the conversation.

TVLINE | Will there be consequences to Death’s death?
Yes. But not right off the bat. That starts to come into play more into the back half of the season.

Supernatural fans, which lingering mystery do you want answered most? Sound off below!

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  1. Luke says:

    At this point I feel like they can never introduce God on this show. They’ve been talking about him and his absence for like 7 seasons now. It would be weird if he just shows up now when the world has been in danger of destruction like a thousand times already on this show.

    • Audrey E. says:

      Yea, except before God’s excuse was “I’ve bailed you out and brought you back from death soo many times but it’s your mess, you deal with.” Now- though it’s kinda their fault, The Darkness is out- it’s like “look, God, this is Your sister and Your mess. You’re the reason Amara’s all angry and sucking souls, so You deal with it now.”

      • Rebecca says:

        Do you honestly believe that God has to give an excuse for anything? We make our own messes and He forgives us. Why ruin what was a good show by throwing in totally implausible characters? I only continue to watch to see how ridiculous it will get before the network says “ENOUGH!”

        • Carlos says:

          Rebecca, millions of people still love this show. I personally think Season 11 is the best season we’ve had in a while. The SPN fanbase does not need your negativity and derogatory comments about the show. If you don’t care about the show anymore, then don’t watch it. The show’s been on Netflix for years now; people still watch it and new fans come in through Netflix. TNT orders more SPN episodes every year, to play reruns on the channel. The show is not perfect (no show is), but it’s far from bad. Besides, it’s better than all the reality TV bullsh*t and some other shows out there.

    • Harvey says:

      Naah this one’s Personal!!!!

    • jay says:

      its been confirmed that chuck is god. so he has been around since season 4. last apeard in season 10.

  2. God has had multiple appearances on the show over multiple seasons, because God is Chuck the Prophet.

  3. Drew says:

    I’ve always liked the way the show has handled God. The characters insist that He has never been a part of the picture and He abandoned everyone. Yet the viewers know better. We’ve seen God bring Castiel back from the dead. We’ve seen Him step in when He absolutely has to. Yet, there is always the case of free will. If God steps in and undoes all the wrong in the world, free will would cease to exist.
    I am a fan of handling it this way. God doesn’t do what they want Him to do, but He is always present.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I can’t believe how off the rails this show has become. God cannot possibly have a sister. He has no parents. Come on, people, He’s GOD

    • wgsecretary says:

      You do realize that this is a fictional show…right? They can actually do whatever they want. It is not required to be biblically accurate.

    • Amy Oski says:

      Actually, if there is such a thing as “God”, and if you believe in The Bible, then God was not alone when he created the universe. Unless Genesis 1 verse 26 has God talking out loud to himself using the PLURAL form of himself – like a crazy person. I, for one, prefer he were talking to someone – like his sister. Read it for yourself.

      • James says:

        He was talking to Jesus his son where did Jesus come from to begin with and will they put him on supernatural BTW Jesus did not have long straight hair the bible says Jesus had hair like wool it was curly and men cut your hair if it is long and past your face god wants our hair short i know you woman want Jesus to be a dreamboat but see the real picture and if you guys bring Jesus on I’m requesting u do not give him long straight hair

  5. tnpir4002 says:

    The biggest thing for me is that they still haven’t addressed the effects of Metatron’s spell and given the angels back their wings. It seems like if we’re going to need an army of angels to defeat Amara, they’re going to need to be at their full power–long as they can’t teleport, they’re still somewhat vulnerable.

  6. Chris says:

    Eh.. still don’t like Amara. I wanted so much more than what we got for the Darkness. Can’t wait to see the guys send her back where she came from.

  7. SnazzyO says:

    My priorities (before I saw the latest promo and started rocking quietly in a corner):
    1) Get Sam out of the cage. STAT.
    2) Figure out how Dean and Amara are connected.
    3) Cas Cas Cas

  8. Cade Logan says:

    I would really like to see what Lucifer has more in his bag. I wish Sam accepts the devil’s offer in the mid season premier. Thankfully I use PureVPn to access The CW TV from outside the US. So, there’s no chance in hell I’m not watching this one tonight :)

  9. nir3197 says:

    How is it that Lucifer was presented in episode 9 as his former human vessel Nick? He abandoned him so he could possess Sam and Nick likely died based on how he was looking when Lucifer left his vessel.

    • Lucifer isnt inhabiting any vessels at the moment he just took on nicks shape and likeness because its what sam is most familiar with which.Is why he appearing as nicks form.However nick died back in season 5 he is a withered corpse now.

  10. James says:

    God is lazy even in real life I think with how horrible the world is right now is proof of just how lazy he is

  11. James says:

    I really hope that if Jesus does come into the picture that he is not portrayed as a woman with a beard

  12. Danielle says:

    What is Chuck? He is supposed to be a prophet and he poofed at the end of season 5. (Even tho many people I talk to including my self that he is God) Beginning of season 6 the conclusion came that he must be dead because his name was not on the list of potenetial prophets that cass listed off and there is supposed to be only one prophet at a time. Then at the end of 200th episode he is there and very much alive. Why didn’t he say hi to sam and Dean since he clearly saw that they were there? So who is he? What is he? I would appreciate a clear answer.Please and thank-you!

  13. Tracy says:

    More about absence of death and what consequence it might bring to dean for killing him. I can see God lurking but doesn’t hurt to give glimpses of amara remembring back before she was put in a cage.

    • Brendan McD says:

      The persona that we call death through the past couple of series might be gone but just remember the reaper that came to Sam in the hospital when he was infected with the darkness ( sickness) said my new boss. So I believe the role of death has been passed on by handing deaths ring to somebody else

  14. Mike says:

    Isn’t Adam supposed to be in the cage with Michael and Lucifer?

  15. witchysway says:

    I think chuck is God and they should bring god ion to the show so that they can see that in fact he has been around closer then they thought . And get those stupid people off here when don’t need preached to we know this is a show and obviously they don’t love it as much as we do. So boot their arses

  16. Matt says:

    Kripe had him as god not carver

  17. Entertaining thoughts…… that Cass might be God…??? But where is Chuck…he was a Prophet – I don’t think Chuck is God ….and what about that little anti-christ kid that disappeared ?? And daddy John did escape from Hell when the door was open ….where’s he ???,,,,,,and Lisa and Ben (would just like to know what happened to them )….Adam is he Adam or Micheal ?? Love this show ….but questions questions questions…….And Metatron is lurking about …doing what exactly ??? Light-God Darkness -Amara….so Amara would have existed before God ..???? out of the darkness came light…..( I;m no bible person – atheist actually )….but it is TV !! i love figuring out who is what and what is who…I recently went back and watched a lot of the early shows – Crowley was pretty evil and did some really bad stuff….and killed a lot of the boys’ besties !..Shoulda kept Bobby and Kevin……Well anyways I look forward to some excellent episodes !!!

  18. Kimi says:

    At the end of Season 4 Carver the prophet disappears.
    Is there a reason for it because he later makes appearances in later seasons.
    And at the same time only one prophet can be alive at any point no more.
    So Kevin being a prophet?
    And Carver makes an appearence in the 200th episode?

    See how this can get confusing.
    Maybe I’ve just watched this series one too many times…

  19. margery says:

    Does Crowley go into the cage? And give himself to Lucifer? Does Crowley end up dying?

  20. margery says:

    I think Cas is Jesus

  21. Bill George says:

    I don’t like death dying. We need more of his influence and knowledge.

  22. Barbara supernaturalfreak moore says:

    There is one character that they left out. God had a son. This will be the new face on the screen.

  23. marie says:

    God’s been hanging out with Columbo’s wife for the whole series, why would he show himself now?

  24. Deenita says:

    I think God is not one person. I seem to remember the phrase about God’s spirit being in everyone. Possible spoiler, maybe when Amara consumes everyone she inadvertently puts God back together again. Amara causes her own demise. Checkmate. God.

  25. Lisa antunez says:

    I want to see adam again.

  26. Erik says:

    Renew show for another season please!

  27. I think they should make Chuck be Jesus and get William Shatner to appear as God.

  28. pryam says:

    Will michael return and can he defeat Amara?

  29. Chloe weeks says:

    Is god actually dead?

  30. Why don’t they ever talk about jesus? I mean he’s God’s son. I think it’s weird.

  31. Why don’t they talk about Jesus? And I never knew God had a sister. I love Supernatural. And always will.