NCIS Tony Ziva Reunion

Michael Weatherly's NCIS Exit: Currently No Plans for Ziva to Return

It’s early goings yet, but there are “not currently” plans for Cote de Pablo to return to NCIS to help exit Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo off the canvas at season’s end, CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller said Tuesday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena.

As first reported by TVLine, Weatherly will make his final appearance as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo in the Season 13 finale, one of four remaining original cast members. “DiNozzo is a wonderful, quixotic character and I couldn’t have had more fun playing him over the past 13 seasons,” the actor tweeted out to fans.

“They are working on how Michael’s character is going to be written out. [Showrunner] Gary [Glasberg] and the producers are working on that right now,” Geller told TVLine. “I will definitely miss — as I’m sure the fans will, as well as my mother — Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. [Weatherly’s] decision was his. It was a creative one. He had been in the role for 13 years, and I completely understand it, and I wish him well.”

In a recent TVLine poll, 32 percent of respondents expressed their wish that Tony reunite with former agent Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo) before riding off into the sunset, while 22 percent preferred to see him leave D.C. to head up his own NCIS team elsewhere.

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    If only Tony and Ziva should reunited one last time and head off into the sunset. That would be great for Michael Weatherly’s final appearance on NCIS.

    • Mike says:

      NCIS does not want Tony’s final appearance on the last episode. NCIS is an aging show, it has years left but they need to be able to keep the idea of Tony alive, as a connection to the past a a possible return here or there to help ratings. They could talk about his character off screen more then likely having him running his own team. Exiting with Ziva would be great more then likely Jeanne Benoit would be a better fit long term as she has a good standing with the show and possible guest appearances even with out Tony could aid in future ratings. Bottom the worst thing NCIS could do is kill Tony, it would taint all the years of syndication as it would be a reminder of tragedy, an nobody wants to rematch reruns to get bummed out.

      • DeeDee Loge says:

        I agree, even with MW leaving, Tony can be heard thru the voices of his friends still in DC. I hate that he is leaving but I understand creatively. His role has not been given the strength it deserved for several seasons. I just hope there is always hope he could come back and I will be happy with that idea and send off!

        • Patrick says:

          I think they are setting up Tony for a spin-off. I think Weatherly takes next year “off” as they create the vehicle, and then bring Tony back, next Feb, for a few eps that establish the spinoff. If they’ve got two brain cells to rub together, they’ll have a cliffhanger impacting NCIS-the-mothership, and one that features Tony’s new crew. This set up Tony’s spinoff as part of a two episode NCIS the next fall. If this is the way they go, they won’t bring back Ziva. Frankly, I think we’ve reached the point where its more likely they kill her off screen.
          Unless Weatherly is just tired of doing the show/character, and wants to count his money.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            They obviously would have announced that straight away. Why leave room for negative spin?

          • Kathy says:

            I agree with Matt. An immediate announcement of a spin-off would have created buzz for the new show — instead we’re all worrying that Tony will be killed off. And NCIS -does- have a habit of killing both regulars (Kate Todd, Jenny Shepherd) and recurring characters (way too many to mention — and I don’t just mean the bad guys).

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        This is why the cast of NCIS paid a lot of money per episode because of their contract. Why you guys complain and complain all of the negative things people said?

      • Nancy Williams says:

        Please whatever you do don’t kill off his character Thank you

    • Pete says:

      I have trouble with a crime drama, even a character driven one such as this, being all about two characters heading off into the sunset. You want soap, there are plenty of other shows to watch.

      • Mike says:

        NCIS is character driven show, that solves crimes or prevents them so what happens to those characters shapes the show Tony is a huge part of the show, they best ride him off into the sunset or the show is over, if they mess with his character well…..Can can call it NCIS:Castle.

    • Nancy Williams says:

      I would really like this

  2. aph1976 says:

    I’m not surprised that right now there’s no plans for Ziva to return but they may not want to spoil her possible return to soon either because this season of NCIS still has 4 months to go,So what people are saying now about Ziva not returning may not be true in a few months. Plus i think the door will be left open for Michael Weatherly to come back as Tony one day even if it’s just for NCIS’s last episode because i don’t think any bridges have been burned.

    • Dean says:

      Even if she did come back it probably would only be for a 60 second cameo. Like CSI did with Grissom and Sara.

    • justafan says:

      If they were going to bring her back, doubt it could or would be kept a secret.
      This is the same little tease they’ve been doing for the past three years. You know, the whole “she’s not dead” thing.

    • Patrick says:

      Ziva may not want to return. Or, rather, Cote may be unwilling to do the episode a la Charlie Sheen on 2.5 Men. It seems like some of the cast/crew were perturbed at the way she ended her run, and Cote hasn’t seemed to miss her old stomping grounds. They may have asked her back, and she may have said no. Or she may have made it abundantly clear that she wouldn’t come back, no matter what, at some time prior to this. Or the PTB may be unwilling to have her back. I don’t know, but I’m surprised she hasn’t been back before now. If she (or the show) were willing there would have been multiple return guest spots, for which she’d have made several hundred thousand dollars, before now. Since she hasn’t been back by now, I sort of assume that means she won’t ever be back.

      • justafan says:

        I really don’t think it’s Cote’s decision. She’s not a part of the show anymore.
        It’s pretty much up to the powers that be who write and run the show.

        • PC says:

          I’m at the point of thinking killing off Ziva (like Criminal Minds did Gideon) is not a bad idea to end the Tiva craziness once and for all. This way MW gets an exit worthy of his character and not overshadowed by anything or anyone else. The Tiva fandom hijacks just about every social media post related to NCIS and it is so disrespectful; especially to the actors. NCIS is a crime drama-are the fans begging for Côte to return going to keep begging in season 14 with Michael gone? She was a good agent too!

          • Anonymous says:

            @PC couldn’t agree more.

          • flootzavut says:

            What I find saddest about the Tiva craziness is how many professing Cote fans are unwilling to respect her decision, and how many professing Ziva fans only really give a crap about Ziva in relation to Tony.

            When I first heard they weren’t going to kill her, I was relieved. These days? Kinda wish they would :-/ Love Ziva, but some of her fans…

            (I should add that I know a lot of Ziva fans who aren’t awful, but it’s a great shame a vocal minority has made the Ziva fandom, and indeed the NCIS fandom, look like a bunch of crazy people who are so disrespectful to the remaining characters/actors/crew etc.

  3. Adrianna says:

    Matt, there were also 24 % wanting to see Ziva with his child and more then 5% who wants just hear he went after her, right?

  4. John NYC says:

    Let the ending be HIS story, not some retread dug up from the dust of years past. Leave the past in the past.

    Michael (Tony) put in thirteen years on this show: to honor that he shouldn’t have to share the spotlight with anyone let alone someone long gone.

    • Aly says:

      Couldn’t agree more, this is about him, not her.

    • Annie says:

      Great point!
      Maybe Weatherly has an idea of how Tony should exit the show and hopefully the writers can work with his ideas. I’ve enjoyed him from the beginning and I hope the writers will give him a great storyline.

    • Mags says:

      She is a big part of his story.

      • justafan says:

        She “was”, but then she quit. Tony and the show had to move forward without her. Post ziva Tony is not the same character. He’s grown up and evolved and doesn’t fit into the little box ziva put him in anymore.

      • Dmac says:

        No she wasn’t, Tony had a story before and after she left. She had a part but so did everyone else on the team. The only one that was a constant was Magee and “boss”

      • She was a big part of his story, past tense. She hasn’t been for the last two-plus years. By all means include her – in flashbacks, along with other characters who were important to his story, like Kate, Paula Cassidy, Jenny Shepherd, Ned Dorneget, Chris Pacci.

      • Pete says:

        But Gibbs and Abby and Ducky are an even bigger part of Tony’s story.

        • Nancy Williams says:

          I’m very sorry to see him go but I guess that’s how it goes Can you tell me what day is his last day on the show I know you said at the end of this season but I don’t know what day that is Please let me know thank you

      • Melodia Mata says:


        • Nadine Hayes says:

          I couldn’t agree more with Melodia. I was obsessed with NCIIS and when Ziva left-I just couldn’t get into it like before. I know that isn’t fair to the new actress because she does a good job in her role. But Ziva, Tony and McGee just fit PERFECTLY! If Tony leaves, I think I’ll be through. Except of course for the reruns!
          If Tony does have to go, it should to be with Ziva.

    • DeeLoge says:

      I agree

    • Teresa says:

      Agree 110% – this is about Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) only – he’s had to share the limelight for 13 years withh either Ziva or Gibbs. Just once, let it be about Tony for all 43 minutes of one episode!!

    • maregolden says:

      It worked with Julianna Margulies and George Clooney on ER. It was the perfect end to their story.

    • Vickie says:

      AGREE! This is bad enough, I don’t want it tainted with her.

      • lanora says:

        she didn’t reject tony,she rejected being an ncis agent any longer.did you pay attention on the end of ziva & tonys good bye. leave cote alone already will. Michael weatherly has not been the same after she left,i mean work wise. people want to move on its his business as to why. ……………….lan

    • Song4Ten says:

      Very well said! Michael is an original cast member and deserves a send off that honors that ~ rather than have his farewell lessened by someone who didn’t even have the courtesy to give two weeks’ notice to the rest of her teammates… I will miss him and his portrayal of Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, but I wish him every success.

    • This is about Tony, not Michael. 13 years is irrelevant, and Ziva is important to Tony’s story.

      • justafan says:

        Ziva was a part of Tony’s story, that part ended when the actress who played ziva quit almost three years ago.
        Gibbs has always been a huge part of Tony’s story. By your reasoning, they should ride off into the sunset together.

      • John NYC says:

        “Tony” in parentheses was confusing to you?

        iIndeed Tony’s leaving after that character was so ably portrayed for thirteen years by Michael the actor should be about that character without resort to characters years years and years gone from the show and no longer relevant to the character Tony. The character should be honored as he’s written moving into his future, not blowing the dust off a by then four years old storyline ended even then if not before.

        Other actors received their characters singular send offs, surely for all these years of work Michael deserves the same in his persona of “Tony”.

        At least I think so.

    • Anonymous says:

      @John NYC – well said

    • flootzavut says:

      Yes, absolutely. This should be Tony’s story and should honour the character and the actor.

    • Millie Simmons says:

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Millie Simmons says:

      Really think Jeanne Benoit would be a better match for Tony there was definitely chemistry flying on recent episodes

      • Joanna F Bishop says:

        Except that on the last episode where he showed up to tell her that the original search was not based on her dad and that he was sorry her dad ended up being involved. She definitely told him good-buy. Period.

  5. ninamags says:

    Before the inevitable craziness starts: Tony should go off and do his own thing. Not necessarily keep working. Isn’t he a trust fund baby? He can do whatever he wants.

    And yes, his finale should be all about him and the great work he has done throughout the years with his work family: Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, Palmer, McGee.

    • He was disinherited by Senior when he was a child according to several episodes, and Senior has no (or little) money. Doubt he can retire unless something changes (which is entirely possible).

      • Suellen says:

        In real life, Michael is a trust fund kid. Real life grandpa was Swiss Army Knives sole proprietor.

        • But the OP wasn’t talking about Michael, she was talking about Tony. As far as that’s concerned, with the salary he’s been pulling down for NCIS, I doubt Michael has to worry about money in the future, trust fund or no.

  6. Here’s a novel idea – how about focusing Tony’s final episode on Tony, and not on a character that left almost three years ago?

    My hope is that Tony gets his own team, perhaps somewhere foreign (or in Hawaii, so he can make a few Magnum PI references?) and any romantic stuff they want to put in is left purposefully ambiguous – a phone call, perhaps, where we don’t know who is on the other end and he says “It’s over. Can’t wait to see you.” That way fans who want Tiva can imagine/infer it’s her on the other end of the phone, those who want Tony back with Jeanne can imagine/infer it’s her, and those don’t want either can imagine/infer it’s whomever they want.

    • Jimmy says:

      Why not do both, similar to what ER did when Julianna Margulies left. Everyone wanted to see her end up with Clooney’s character. He was only there for the final seconds

      • Except everyone doesn’t want to see Tony end up with Ziva, despite what some people might think or say. So why not leave it open to interpretation?

        • Daniel says:

          Everyone wants Tony to be happy… And Tony being with Ziva would make him happy. So an action filled finale where Ziva showed up… Maybe even helped out… And helped Tony off into the sunset. Itd be perfect. They need closure… Or continuation.

          • justafan says:

            They got their closure in Israel almost 3 years ago. Ziva told Tony she wouldn’t go back with him because she wants to be a better person for Gibbs.
            She rejected him!! End of their story.

          • Dmac says:

            I don’t know Tony seemed pretty happy before Ziva and he is happy after Ziva. They had closure, she left and he moved on. That is what closure is. Maybe MW doesn’t want HIS exit to be about Ziva.

          • No, Tony being with Ziva would make you happy. There’s just as much (and some might say more) evidence that Tony being with Jeanne Benoit would make him happy. Hence my comment about leaving it ambiguous, that way everyone can imagine their own happily every after for Tony.

          • Diana says:

            Could not agree motr

          • Carol Pellegrino says:

            I agree!

      • Marsha Holland says:

        I agree Jimmy!! And contrary to what some people say the majority do want to see Tony and Ziva end up together.

    • Mags says:

      Zivs was a big part of his life. It would be disrespectful to Tony to leave her out.

      • justafan says:

        It would be even more disrespectful to the character to make it all about ‘her’.
        He has been a part of the show before ziva and after ziva.
        She had her swan song. Now it’s his turn and that’s where the focus should be. It should be all about Tony and only Tony!

        • Karyn Hilton says:

          I agree his decision leave, put in 3 good years, and we all enjoyed him. Let this be his ending. I for one did not care that Ziva left, however still do miss Kate! Let the show continue its success!!!!

      • Dmac says:

        She decided to leave, it seems she was the disrespectful one so why should Tony’s story be about her again???

      • And there’s the crux of the problem. For some fans, not leaving her out seems to mean she and Tony must be together and there is no other way of including her. The key word in your statement is WAS. So include her – show flashbacks of her and Tony in the bullpen and on cases, along with flashbacks of other former teammates that were a big part of his life, like Kate, Jenny, Dorneget, Paula Cassidy. They were an important part of his life, in their own way, too.

    • Pete says:

      Excellent idea. Leaving it to the imaginations of the individual viewers will give the greatest number of viewers what they want from his departure.
      And I like the idea of him getting posted to Hawaii with his own team at last.

    • duke says:

      Very good idea, love 5hat idea

  7. John NYC says:

    Of course maybe they wrote in Bishop’s divorce for a very specific reason?

    The rumored casting is for TWO new members right?

  8. Mags says:

    Then they better update their plans and include her. No ending for Tony can be satisfying without Ziva.

    • Speak for yourself, please. A satisfying ending for me would be one that is about Tony, where his accomplishments and his support of the team are finally recognised, he’s finally given his own team, and he “rides off into the sunset” as his own person.

      • Elaine A. says:

        You are so right, His leaving is and should be about Tony and only Tony. This is HIS Swan song and no one else’s. If the writers have a brain he should get his own gig, didn’t Didn’t Jenny offer his own team at one time, YES. He wasn’t ready to leave his team, maybe he is now. We can hope he goes off the show with something positive a position that is worthy of his job.

        • Yup, Jenny offered him Rota in the Season 5 episode ‘Singled Out’. And, when he turned it down, EJ Barrett got it instead. I’d love to see Vance offer it to him again, and have him take it this time – it would be a nice symmetry.

  9. Showing up with a kid that she withheld from him for 2 years would make her a really awful person.

  10. Arun says:

    I agree that it’s quite early to spoil something that big. I wonder when the public would’ve been made privy to Michael Weatherly’s plans to exit had Mr. McCallum not accidentally spilled? Of course Tony’s exit should be about him but his character was so deeply intertwined with Ziva for 8 years, I think would be a great disservice to fans to deny them a happy ending between those two. It wouldn’t surprise me if her return were kept under wraps until viewers actually see her on screen a la Doug/Carol on ER.

    • Dmac says:

      You do realize there is just as many fans out there who do not care about Tony/Ziva? I like her character but she moved on and so should her fans. This is Tony’s ending not Ziva/Tony but Tony and that is how it should be.

    • A disservice to which fans? The ones who claim they stopped watching when Ziva/Cote left? Not every fan wants Tiva as endgame. Frankly, I’d like to see them leave it ambiguous – a phone call at the end with Tony saying “I’m done. See you soon.” That way Tiva fans can imagine he’s talking to Ziva, Jeanne Benoit fans can imagine he’s talking to her, fans who want another pairing (or don’t want any pairing at all) can imagine he’s talking to whomever they want and everyone can be happy, not just one segment of fans.

      • Anonymous says:

        @TechnoMistress, that’s a great idea. I would love it if something like that was his last lines. I hope they do something like that.

  11. Dmac says:

    Thank you! Someone on that show needed to step up and let people know that Ziva isn’t coming back.

    • Amber says:

      They have in fact Gary Glassberg made it clear ziva David will not return this season. But the tiva fanatics will rewrite what he said to fit their fantasy that he only meant episode 1 of the season. T

  12. Dmac says:

    Why do people want to tie Tony’s leaving with someone else? This is his swan song and his story and that is how it should stay. Ziva returning would make it about something else completely

    • John NYC says:

      Agreed: honer HIS thirteen years not dilute it with someone else.

      Michael put a lot into this show over a very long time: it’s his swan song alone.

    • I don’t think it’s so much about the person than it is about the love. He has had a very difficult time in the love area. It would be easy for fans to see him with a job where he is leader but people s ant him happy in his love life.

  13. justafan says:

    The central relationship on the show has always been Tony and Gibbs. Since day one, they’re partnership has been the core of the entire show.
    I really hope before Tony leaves that they fix whatever it is they’ve been trying to this year.
    It’s time for them to be equals and friends and to get back to one of the main foundations of the show.

  14. I’ll say it again: I hope the show’s producers are smart enough to bring Ziva back for Tony’s farewell. LOTS of fans (minus the USUAL antis) would be extremely happy to see Cote & Michael together again.

    • John NYC says:

      But this will be about Michael Weatherly and HIS thirteen years on the show. Honoring him, not reaching into the past for a particular fan segment.

    • ninamags says:

      Don’t you mean Tony and Ziva? They are actors and their characters are not real. You know this, right?

      There’s a hell of a lot of fans that don’t want to see them back together. A few comments here and there online does not mean the millions of fans who watch the show and don’t have an online presence, want the same thing.

      • A few comments here and there? come on… we obviously can’t ask every single NCIS fan what they want, that’s why you make polls and follow the tendencies on social media. The result? most of the fans want to see Ziva back on the show. Simple.

        • ninamags says:

          ‘most of the fans” again, those with an online presence. And I doubt “most of the fans” part, as evidenced by the comments here thus far. I reiterate, millions of fans don’t have anything to do with social media in ANY capacity.

          • Again, that’s why you use polls and web sites, to see the tendencies. Just take a look at the poll above. What does it say?

          • Really? says:

            And all of these “polls” and “web sites” are 100% accurate and clean with no certain few voting over and over again to win–right? Yeah, right….

          • So Really?, you are saying the Ziva fans vote over and over, and have multiple accounts to comment? Lol, I’m sure the anti-Ziva brigade only vote one time and have only one account for comments, I mean they are the most honest people around, right? #Sarcasm

          • Really? says:

            So, Nadluxa, are you saying they don’t? Because I’ve seen too many “similar” comments out there to be anything but, the same fans. Do the anti’s do the same? Probably, but your comments seem to infer–every fan wants the same–Tony ending up with Ziva–they do not. A character like Tony, that has been with the show since day one, deserves his own ending and it should be awesome, not involving a character who left the show three years ago. So, if you are basing all of your remarks on sites that cater to only select “fans”, you are not being “honest” with yourself–or others. #SarcasmRightBack

        • Pete says:

          With the 2015 general election in the UK, ALL of the polling agencies came up with results that broadly agreed with each other: that there was no overall consensus among the electorate and that the UK was headed for a hung parliament, a continuation of the situation for the previous 5 years.
          The entire polling industry and many who had believed the polls were shocked and astounded when the Conservative party won a solid majority, not the hung parliament expected.

        • justafan says:

          ‘Most of the fans’ on the sites you frequent maybe.
          ‘Most of the fans’ on the sites I frequent want Tony’s swan song to be about Tony. They don’t want ziva back.

    • justafan says:

      Most of the ziva/tiva fans have stated, quite loudly and often, that they don’t watch the show anymore.
      Why give people, who don’t even watch what they want? They’re just going to watch the one episode, then walk away again.
      While the show is busy catering to a group who doesn’t watch, they end up alienating fans who do watch and they walk away too.
      Why should they risk the show’s future on people who are only interested in the show’s past?

    • mary says:

      The majority of fans don’t come on boards & forums. So one really does not know what the majority would want. Let the his final episode be about Tony, not anyone else.

      • That’s why polls and social media are important. Like I said above, you obviously can’t ask every single fan what they want. And what do you mean with “not anyone else”? no Gibbs, Abby, or Ducky? JUST Tony? Lol, just say it, you don’t want Ziva there ;)

        • Maryann says:

          You are not getting the fact that sometimes what online fans want and what the majority of the viewing public wants are two very different things. I’ll give you an example. Several different online polls showed that Rosewood had lower fan interest than any other new fall drama, lower than The Player, lower than Minority Report. Yet the Nielsens showed that Rosewood was a hit — right on the heels of Empire. (To what extent the Nielsens reflect viewer opinion is an entirely different discussion; my point is that multiple online polls agreed with each other but differed greatly from a non-online source, the Nielsens.)

          • Darlene says:

            And those Nielsens numbers are the only things you can monetize with any degree of certainty. It’s all about the money! As for online polls…if we put our faith in them, NCIS would be off the air by now, soundly trounced by Agents of SHIELD because it soundly trounced NCIS on a TVLine poll. I think we all know how that story really ended.
            Polls like these are fun, but don’t really represent the true picture as you say Maryann. Thank you for your examples.

          • “To what extent the Nielsens reflect viewer opinion is an entirely different discussion…” you said it yourself, viewer opinion. THAT is what is in discussion here, opinions. Still, nice try ;)

    • And lots wouldn’t be. So leave it open – flashbacks with Ziva and other characters who were important to Tony as a farewell montage, and a phone call with Tony saying “Yeah, I’m done. Can’t wait to see you.” That way Tiva fans can imagine he’s talking to Ziva, Jeanne fans can imagine he’s talking to her, and fans who want another pairing (or none at all) can imagine he’s talking to anyone they want. That way everyone can be happy.

    • Those who haven’t watched NCIS since CdP left?
      Those who wouldn’t watch Episode 14.01 + …. ?
      Those who harassed the Cast & Crew since she left ?

    • Melody says:

      You seem to have forgotten the title of this show. ITS CALLED NCIS. Its not the Tony and Ziva hour

    • Katya says:

      Back when the tivas were especially heinous, one of the writers tweeted that they can’t write a character if there is too much negativity surrounding them. They literally couldn’t bring Ziva back because her fans were so negative it would kill their creative juices. Suck on that for a sec and decide for yourself if she will be back or not…

      • kath says:

        It wasn’t the tiva fans who were negative, it was those who blamed Ziva for everything they didn’t like about the writing for Tomy.

  15. CC says:

    Good – that would make the episode be about Ziva’s return and not Tony’s departure. They don’t belong together anyway. Have him go lead a team somewhere else in the world, with Jeanne Benoit as a doctor by his side. Much more interesting than the drawn out drama with Ziva. There was a time that would have been fine, but that time passed years ago.

    • ninamags says:

      I always thought this is what he would end up doing, CC. He goes off to help Dr. Jeanne with her humanitarian efforts. He could protect the group and he has contacts that would help him keep them safe.

      • Elaine A. says:

        You are so right, His leaving is and should be about Tony and only Tony. This is HIS Swan song and no one else’s. If the writers have a brain he should get his own gig, didn’t Didn’t Jenny offer his own team at one time, YES. He wasn’t ready to leave his team, maybe he is now. We can hope he goes off the show with something positive a position that is worthy of his job. Don’t you remember regarding Jeanne Benoit is ALREADY married.

        • Anonymous says:

          Jeanne is married but she could get divorced. Her and Tony still had a lot of chemistry in the recent episode she was in.

  16. ndixit says:

    Let’s keep it that way. MW himself has gone on record several times where he’s made it clear that he’s not a fan of Tiva. Tony is more than just his relationship with Ziva. His relationship with Gibbs has been the core of the show. If anything, it is this relationship that should be addressed. Not to mention his friendships with Abby, McGee, Palmer, and Ducky, all of whom he has known longer than Ziva.

  17. estefania says:

    for all ppl who said if ziva back the last episode of tony will be abt her , it is so wrong, bc her and tony storilines are tied, but I could say the same, bc ziva last episode was more abt SAINT GIBBS and our dear tony more than abt her and please dont come with excuse abt they had to hurry up wit new scripts bc she left in the last minutes … the greatest producers always has plan b , if his stars let the show…but i hope the last episode of tony will be better develop and good storyline, bc michael deserves it

    • Darlene says:

      I think their story lines got untied after she rejected him.
      I’m quite certain Tony’s exit will be better developed. Michael gave them, at the very least, a whole season’s notice.
      And the easiest Plan B the producer could’ve done was kill Ziva off or have her marry Adam, but out of respect for those who love the character, they didn’t do that…and from what I’ve seen, have gotten little appreciation for their efforts.

    • justafan says:

      Not excuses! It’s the truth. I know some ziva/tiva fans don’t like the truth, but at some point you have to accept it.
      Fact: The actress quit days before filming. After several scripts had already been written.
      Fact: She only made herself available for filming for one day. It takes eight days to film one episode.
      It is all on her!!

      • estefania says:

        if you read all her interview , it is clear she wanted to be more time for giving good closure to her storylineshe wanted to kept her more time fore it , but they didnt let , but you and i dont know the real truth behind the scene how she was treated , but someone point some ppl wanted the things keeping the same way, for me in ome point the misogeny in hollywood industry and specially to seudo conservative network like cbs keeping it… i respect you opnion

  18. D. Nolan says:

    No, no, no Ziva. Either have him quit NCIS or move to Europe to lead a team.

  19. Larc says:

    They could truthfully say there are not currently plans for Ziva to return if Cote hasn’t signed the contract yet. Notice they did NOT say they don’t want her to return or they haven’t made her any offers. It’s often more meaningful what people fail to say than what they actually do say.

    • justafan says:

      It’s the same thing as Glasberg saying “she’s not dead”.
      It’s a polite way of saying ‘she’s not coming back’.

  20. Teresa says:

    Oh thank heavens! No more tiva, please! Michael Weatherly deserves to have his exit focused on him and only him after 8 seasons focused on either tiva or on the David character alone.

  21. darkangel200 says:

    Yes! Happy that it looks like Tony’s goodbye might actually be about Tony now. And I love what Mr Gellar said about Michael, and that he made it clear it was his decision to leave, and that CBS respects this and seems to be supportive. Thank you for the update.

  22. ScottJ says:

    People leave jobs all the time. Why does there need to be any sort of big drama about it? Or does television only try to be “real” when it wants to be?

  23. fransar94 says:

    First of all after Ziva’s departure made this show all about Gibbs.. Especially Tony had less storylines, or at least the worst ones..
    If they want to make this about Tony they should built the whole thing about him… I don’t think that if Ziva comes will make it less about Tony.. His character deserves more than just the last 2 episodes…

    BTW Cote said that her intension was to stay for a few episodes in season 11.. But they decided to rewrite the episodes and kick her out of the show sooner.. I mean that they could end the storyline of season 10 and then write her out…

    • justafan says:

      Could you provide a link as proof of that statement. According to Gary Glasberg and even Michael Weatherly, she was only available for one day.

    • Pete says:

      de Pablo’s contract had finished, and she chose not to sign a new one. It might have been her intention to stay longer, but most employers don’t let you decide to stay employed for a couple of months when you have just turned down a contract for 2 years.

  24. Vickie says:

    THANK GOD! Let’s just focus on Michael and leave the past IN THE PAST.

  25. Maryann says:

    My biggest thought is if he leaves to head up his own team, then the door is open for him to return in a guest star/recurring capacity in a year or two if he wants to do that. In any case, he remains part of the NCIS universe in good standing.

  26. David4 says:

    I think they will kill him off and i will be PISSED.

  27. The Carpooler says:

    I enjoyed Ziva’s character during her run. C’mon, people, let it go. Ms. De Pablo has moved on.

    Even more fun to read is all the fan theories. To this date I have yet to see one of those theories pan out even remotely close. Yeah, I’m being snarky today.

  28. Znachki says:

    Thank goodness! I really don’t want the TIVA. Just get him his own team.

  29. Melody says:

    People need to face the reality. Cote left the show when they already had episodes written for the comining season. She did NOT give advance warning. She will not be returning. Heres hoping the writers do not pander to the Tiva and give Tony his own ending thats for HIM alone

  30. Elaine A. says:

    OH my gosh, Tony is really leaving??? So very sad he was really fun and funny to watch. But when Ziva David left, he seemed to be floundering except when his dad would come to visit those were always funny. Not loving the new girl, she seems too much like a dork and doesn’t fit with the other agents. Always causing problems, she should go back from wince she came. Love Mark Harmon’s Gibbs, Abby, Husband and I would watch every Tuesday and the re-runs when he was dying. Told him I was going to put the DC poster like NCIS has at the end of the introduction. We laughed over it, I am still one of your biggest fans. They should get Roger Howarth to be the next NCIS Special Agent. He is serious, funny and so many other emotions this man can play, he just draws you in. He would definitely bring in more people to watch, he has a huge fan base. Try him, you’ll like him. ;-)

  31. Eleanor Shea says:

    I would so love it for Ziva to come back and be with Tony.

  32. Marie Hixon says:

    I would definitely tune in LIVE to watch Tony and Ziva reunite and leave to start a life together.

  33. Eleanor Shea says:

    Tony and Ziva together for Tony’s departure is my cup of tea. I will be there to watch with bells on.

  34. Cheryl Gress says:

    CBS please reunite Tony and Ziva. It would be a crowd pleaser in my family Will plan on tuning in LIVE to watch.

  35. I really do hope that Tony and Ziva are reunited and start a life together…They have chemistry!

  36. Tony and Ziva together were phenomenal. I was a weekly LIVE viewer and used to rave about the show. Hope they do reunite Tony and Ziva so they can have the proper exit we were denied in October of 2013. Then I would have something to rave about again.

  37. As long as they don’t kill him I am okay with whatever they decide

  38. Kat says:

    Nooooooooo! Tony can’t leave the show. I’m so sad. Why, why, why?? Not sure I’ll watch the show without him. It was bad enough to lose Ziva, now we’re losing Tony too :(

  39. Robert Bruyette says:

    I honestly hate seeing Michael leave but I think it would be awesome to see him be written off by leading his own team and being reunited with Zeva.

  40. Mila says:

    Whatever as long as it means promotion, either with his own NCIS team or other job. It’s a bonus if Ziva reunites with him with Cote de Pablo appearance

  41. JC1 says:

    Good. I hope it stays that way. I do NOT want Tony and Ziva ending up together. I can handle any other ending for him but that. :(

  42. Shannon says:

    Tony’s character has developed over 13 years by his interactions with all the other characters: Gibbs, Ziva, Jeanne, Abby, Kate, Tim, Ducky, his dad, even Palmer (hope I’m not forgetting anyone). His exit should be about how all those people influenced his life, how he touched theirs, and how it made him the brilliant agent he is today. Who would Tony be if not for those characters? It should also remind us of his most important and life-changing cases.

    I do ship Tiva and ideally I would like to see them together; however, I know not everyone feels that way. The only way to satisfy pretty much every viewer is to leave the possibility of a reunion with Ziva up to the imagination. I do think that if TPTB came up with a good enough exit story, Cote would come back for a cameo, but it’s her and their decision. Them saying they have no plans for that doesn’t mean much yet, as there is still plenty of time to write. A month ago I was hoping for Tony and Jeanne to reunite, though, and that could still happen, and I would be ok with that.

  43. arial2 says:

    Was watching a recent episode on USA and Gibbs brought up Tony’s refusal to take his own team when Jenny offered it to him (Rota, Spain), then asked him why he seemed to not want to move upward. Tony didn’t give a real answer. I wonder, now, if that was a hint about what’s coming for Tony.

  44. arial2 says:

    Just watched a fan question-and-answer session with Bailey Chase, formerly Branch Connally on the Netflix (formerly on A&E) show Longmire (also recently on Chicago PD and in the recent past on the tv show Saving Grace). When asked about things he’d like to do in the future, he mentioned NCIS and Michael Weatherly’s upcoming exit. He’d be a good choice to be a new NCIS agent.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I liked Ziva and I did want Tiva to happen when Cote was still on the show, but I’m so sick of people bringing that relationship up when they talk about Tony’s character and also Tony/Michael leaving… there’s more to his character than his relationship with Ziva.

    • fransar94 says:

      You have a point here… But that is not just happening with Ziva.. Every since GG is in charge of the show, it was always all about Gibbs and occasionally Ziva… And especially since Ziva left, Tony is pretty much out… I miss those episodes where it was about the team.. The remaining episodes should all be about Tony, and HIS feelings and point of view that will lead to his departure (if they won’t kill him).. I just believe that like Jeanne, Ziva has to be a part of it in a way that, it will still be about Tony and only Tony…

  46. Darlene says:

    As a fan of the show I think we deserve to see Tony and Ziva reunite. Their chemistry over the years what made us watch and look forward to ever season of the show. Tony by no means should be killed off the show we as fans could loose interest. I of course want NCIS to continue but would be comfortable knowing that Tony could make an appearance from time to time but most of knowing he finally got with the love of his life.

  47. lena wiebe says:

    DiNozzo (aka Weatherly) will be missed. It would be great if Dinozzo became a PD. Been a long time since we’ve had Private Detective series.

  48. Tony e Ziva devem terminar juntos. A série ficou moribunda com a saída da Ziva. Com o fim do personagem Tony é melhor.enterrar de vez o NCIS

  49. Deborah says:

    Love NCIS will miss Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo!