Grey's Anatomy Meredith Death

Grey's Anatomy: Meredith's Next 'Truly Harrowing' Ordeal Is Revealed

Just days after ABC’s provocative new “TGIT” promo got us wondering about what dire fate is to next befall Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo), TVLine now has some of the grim details.

In the midseason premiere, airing Feb. 11 and directed by two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, “Meredith is attacked, and it is as terrifying and as shocking as you would expect for it to be,” Kelly McCreary, who plays Mer’s half-sister Maggie shared on Saturday night at a Television Critics Association press tour soiree. “Get ready to have your guts feel like they’re coming out of you, because it is truly harrowing.”

Of course, over the ABC serial’s 11-1/2 seasons, Meredith has “had a lot of brushes with death,” McCreary acknowledges. “But this time is different because, as Sarah Drew has actually pointed out, in other instances where Meredith came close to death, she has had a little bit of control over the situation. She could save herself in some way, or make a choice that might help herself. But in this case she’s physically impaired in a way that she has not been before.”

All told, McCreary previews, “As bad as things have gotten for Meredith, this is bad in a whole different way.”

Grey’s fans, are you sufficiently braced for Meredith Grey’s latest, dire ordeal?

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  1. Kem says:

    How much torture can Meredith go through? I mean there’s “dark and twisty” and then there’s over the top. It reached that level after the pain crash and it keeps on pushing.

    • Zara says:

      This might just be the end of the Grey’s Anatomy for what it seems, almost every season something happens to her, and this is supposed to be enlightening… Really Shonda???!

    • Lauren says:

      Also, I’m sick of Shonda Rhimes lying every year and saying this season will be lighter. Particularly for Meredith, she said this would be a calmer year. Remember those posters? “Let the sun shine!” But yeah, then let her get assaulted.

  2. Laura says:

    Enough already of putting mer in danger it’s bonkers. Please could we not just have her grapple with how dating works as a successful single woman bringing up her kids while recently widowed isn’t that not enough? For some that would be a more interesting story something many people could relate to.

  3. Heliys says:

    It continues to fascinate me how much pain she’s been through

  4. Priyam says:

    Her bigger ordeal is that hairdo in the picture. Can’t the woman have nice hair like the older seasons??

  5. Luli says:

    Seriously is there any other character in tv that has suffered as much tragedy as Meredith?

    What else can they put her through? Let her be happy, at least for a while… (that means more than 5 eps)

  6. SilvertongueDevil says:

    Bbbooooooorrrrriiiinnnnnggggggg!!! This need for catastrophe every season is becoming increasingly stale. There are enough characters, new and old, where story arcs can occur without someone going through the most ridiculous events. I get it that bad things happen to people every day but the amount of things/events Meredith has been through on her own isn’t even believable anymore! Shonda should have started wrapping the show up the minute Patrick decided to leave. Unless she can get Sandra and Katherine back for some serious mental mind f&*%kery, this show is about done for.

  7. Pamela says:

    If we get to see the ghost of Derek talking to Meredith in this episode then fine, otherwise enough is enough.

  8. Let’ see Meredith was drowned, vivisected, and almost blown to smithereens by a mortar shell; but, this is supposed to be worse. Not seeing it being worse than that unless they set her on fire. Seriously, this has to be the worst hospital ever. as they destroyed surgery, destroyed the ER, hurt people having sex in an ambulance, blew up a bus in the driveway and let a homicidal mad man run around the hospital shooting people. they even electrocuted poor Richard. As it is Maggie talking I would stick with my first idea on the subject, she’ll be shot through the heart and Nathan will have to operate as Maggie will not be allowed.That is not that dramatic unless they shoot Nathan too.

    • cuius says:

      Next an ex-Presidential candidate brain surgeon is recruited as Derek’s replacement

    • Mb says:

      I’m pretty sure the implication is that the assault is sexual hence repeated uses of the word harrowing. Which is not only boring but clichéd and lazy.

      • Luckeemisspiggy says:

        I don’t think harrowing means sexual at all. I think it’s meant to inidicate the level of brutality; we know she ends up with a broken arm and leg. Shonda’s done a successfully moving sexual assault storyline on Private Practice. I don’t think she’s retread that particular storyline just for the heck of it or for ratings

        • April says:

          There was a major character raped on Scandal too. SR’s not above doing the same on Greys or to Meredith. Not saying it happens and I hope it doesn’t, but she has done a rape storyline on two different shows already. PP’s might have been moving, but the Scandal rape was IMHO purely for shock value.

          • Luckeemisspiggy says:

            The rape storylines on Scandal and Private Practice were totally different and served the character arcs dos each of those characters. Meredith being sexually assaulted by a patient would too closely follow the Private Practice storyline not to mention it serves no purpose as far as the storyline goes. Meredith has gone through just about every disaster one can imagine: I would think that for Shonda and the writers to inflict more pain on her, it’d have to be for good reason and to explore themes that haven’t yet been touched upon. They explored a sexual assault survivors arc already on PP; on Scandal, it was to make Mellie more empathetic and to also point out how much she sacrificed for her husband’s success…what would Shonda want to show us by having Meredith be sexually assaulted?

  9. SIg says:

    Oh My… maybe they’re trying to kill Merideth Grey already…. It’s just awful that whenever there would be a tragedy happening it does happen to the main cast and it’s truly awful.

  10. Rick Katze says:

    What do you expect. Why do you think they call them “Soap Operas?” It keeps the people coming back.

  11. Sme says:

    So guess we aren’t going to cut back to Jo and Jackson’s answers, in favour of yet another Meredith disaster. God sakes, she used to be my favourite character, however now that people like Jo/Alex are FINALLY getting the focus they deserve- it’s yet again tossed to the side. Come on, they were in the middle of cliffhangers, they deserve to be given screen time for the fall out of it!! I will be SO disappointed if we don’t see Jo’s answer from her, but Alex telling Meredith.

  12. Amber says:

    Girl…how many things have to happen to you or the people you love before you “maybe I should find a new place to work.” Shonda, IT IS TIME TO END THIS SHOW!

  13. Yep says:

    I say it’s a rape situation. after what happened on scandal,you never know…

  14. Eh says:

    I just can’t stand the thought of Mer being physically attacked. I’ve been watching Grey’s from the buffering beginning (even hung on after Izzy and ghost sex) and the thought of it hurts my heart.

  15. NM says:

    Entertainment Weekly covered this storyline more thoroughly and it’s been stated by cast members she gets violently attacked by a patient. This points to a physical assault – not a sexual one. Y’all need to not be so dark and expect rape. It was covered on Private Practice once before and I can never see Greys ever going that far. If they did, Shonda would NEVER do that to Meredith. Ever.

  16. Passerby says:

    Ummm. Attacked? She’ll have a bruised face maybe or something (she got ‘fitted’ for a mask/prosthetics remember?) and then maybe broken leg or something? She’ll be in a wheelchair as seen on a spoiler video shared on twitter. But she’ll be okay in the end. I mean there are pics of her in the next episodes after that. Maybe she will be traumatized and wasn’t there an actor hired as a therapist? Maybe that’s for her?
    Honestly, Meredith Grey in harms way has been Grey’s MO from the start. Grey’s is already running out of ideas. Let Grey’s rest in peace already.

  17. So, where’s the revelation? All you reveal is that she’s attacked. Attacked how? Is a toddler running at her with a kitten?

  18. EM says:

    In the TGIT promo there is another doctor on the floor next to her that is unconscious. My guess is crazy patient in the ER.

    • anon says:

      Maybe it’s me, but wouldn’t a crazy patient in the ER be more likely to attack one of the ER surgeons instead? But then we wouldn’t get another hour of Meredith drama so I guess not.

      • EM says:

        The surgeons are always in the ER or trauma rooms giving consults to decide if to move to surgical floor or OR. Very plausible IMO. Inner city ER”s are a very dangerous place and security can only do so much. As mentioned above, Callie was attacked in an ER trauma room.

    • A.B. says:

      I don’t watch the show or have I seen that trailer but what you describe sounds exactly like the episode on ER when Dr. Carter was stabbed by a patient and when he was on the floor he saw His intern Lucy also laying on the floor bleeding out.

    • Marissa says:

      I really think it’s Owen who attacks mer . During his PTSD swings . It’s a mental illness that can causes angry and violence. Look at Owen history . Twice outburst with Cristina , then what if then episode he punches the glass and then he almost attacked dr. Cross in the on call room . The clues are adding up . Mer tries to play hero and stop owen from attacking the person next mer. Owen not thinking really hurts mer . This is why Amelia will take it hard . Cross told Amelia Owen was acting strange. Go back to episode 12- 7

  19. Lee says:

    This plot line might very well be the “jump the shark” moment for GA. After the fiasco regarding Patrick Dempsey’s demise, I now watch with half interest. In other words, I’m doing something else while watching. From the sound of this article, I think I’m closing the door on Grey’s Anatomy.

  20. Babygate says:

    That face shot of Mer on the gurney is identical to Callie’s after her accident in Season 7. For an episode that’s supposed to be so impacting, I’m surprised they chose such a derivative angle. I would challenge writers to find more stories to tell that don’t require inflicting physical harm on Mer in some way or another. There are other characters to torture. Like Private Practice used to do with their characters. They were all equally traumatized. Like Charlotte’s rape or Violet’s pregnancy drama.

    • Marissa says:

      This is good mer can’t repress physical pain like she does with her emotional pain . Mer is going to have go talk about this . Mer can’t hide her pain or run from it and say she is fine . Mer is going to have a rebirth . I see exactly what the writers are doing . They are opening up Owens PTSD also for his rebirth because Owen is going to be the attacker .

  21. eleonora says:

    Hope there will be some tortures.

  22. Not trying to be mean but this is another reason why I stopped watching this show many years ago.

  23. Court says:

    Meredith just lost her husband and now she has yet again another brush with death. The poor woman. Meredith has gone through hell. Enough is enough

  24. Toby says:

    Why do people not love the soap aspect of Greys? It keeps it exciting and you always guessing.

    • anon says:

      For me, it’s not the soap aspect I dislike, it’s the fact that every single little thing happens to Meredith and after 12 years it’s a bit annoying. Yes she’s the main character but there are other regulars on this show who are incredibly underrated because they don’t constantly get these stories.

  25. tahina says:

    I’m going to call it, but my bet is Owen. He attacked Mer like he did with Cristina in one of his PTSDS fits!

  26. Trogdor7 says:

    I really do hope the writers, and Denzel directing have the impact this storyline is capable of. ER did this type of storyline very well in 2000 when they wrote off Kellie Martin (rip Lucy Knight). Still one of the most harrowing, brutal things I’ve watched on network television. (Just an odd aside fact *6 degrees of Shonda* – the wife of the disturbed patient in that ER ep was Liza Weil (Bonnie Winterbottom -htgwm)

    • Rebecca says:

      That was the first thing I thought of too! I remember that ER being terrifying! (Pretty sure the actress who played Lucy popped up as the sister of a patient on Greys- the girl who didn’t want to get down out of a tree.) in any case, I think this could be vaguely believable- doctors work in high risk professions. A patient going crazy and attacking her is actually a little more believable than the bomb in the hospital, the shooter in the hospital, or the ferry boat accidental/on purpose drowning. Oh, or the plane crash. Yeah, she’s been through a lot- but it’s season 12. If you want the actors to have good material to work with after all these years, you have to keep throwing crazy plots at them.

  27. Miss M says:

    It’s makes me sad seeing what this show has become! It really is time to call it a day, it’s just drama for dramas sake and it’s lost what made it once special. Yes I love that Ellen Pompeo will get acting recognition, but this storyline is just too much! I can’t wait for her to leave Greys Anatomy and put her talent to something else. If it’s not a cheating storyline, it’s a near death experience, we have seen it all before Shonda in past seasons when it was well written!

    • Lisa says:

      Nailed it. Drama for dramas sake. I stopped watching a couple of years ago. I understand it’s fictional but for the love – seriously how much can one “person” go through? Come on! This show is so over the top. It’s actually annoyning. It’s shock factor & nothing more.

  28. Amy says:

    I hope that Owen in a ptsd moment isn’t the one who attacks her.

  29. Zahara Martin says:

    I have a feeling its Finn who attacked Meredith..

  30. David says:

    Enough already Shonda Rimes … you already killed Derek. Let Meredith be happy, just once please.

  31. aph1976 says:

    I’m going to wait to see this before judging it.Plus i’m wondering who attacks Meredith.Is it going to be a patient in the hospital or someone else?Plus i think we all knew that Denzel Washington was going to direct a big episode and not just a regular kind of one.

  32. gw says:

    Can they just cancel this show already? I don’t get why people even still watch to be honest. And I don’t see how putting mer through even more hell is going to help the ratings but whatever. I think the show was done even before they killed Derek off. And now its gotten even more awful.

  33. Kristina says:

    This character should be insane after everything she’s been through. Jeez.

  34. why is things going wrong with meredith

  35. Me says:

    Sounds exactly like ER, when John & Lucy were attacked by a patient. Same story, different network.

  36. Monica says:

    Will derick come back? We never seen a funeral?

  37. Edie-Anne Thiemann says:

    Lauren’s character was terrific and so fit her until the writers/directors tried turning her into a fighter tough girl. Not everyone fits that role, for example Nyssa is perfect for the sword wheeling persona but the same persona doesn’t fit every woman on the show and it actually takes away the nuance!

  38. MA says:

    Hypothesis: Owen attacks her in a PTSD episode.

  39. Lori says:

    I remember that horrid attack and rape on Private Practice – I hope this is not what is going to happen to Mare, why not just burn her house down Shondra that she shared with Derek? At least while sad that will give her closure on her life with him. This is just awful.

  40. Mary S says:

    I clicked throught he Gallery; of the shows I do watch, I thought your comments were spot-on. And the most astute, heartbreaking comment of all, because so many of us feel the same way: “CANCELLATION THAT HURT THE MOST – Forever”
    There were thousands of us who commented, wrote, posted and even made phone calls to try to get another source to pick it up and continue that story. I have missed other shows before and have posted on the network’s website, but never have I spent so much time on a project as I did on this one.
    So, I’ll repeat your statement: CANCELLATION THAT HURT THE MOST – Forever

  41. quina says:

    1) Meredith has more lives then a cat
    2) I think its Owen who attacks her

  42. Isa says:

    I’m so done with Grey’s Anatomy.

  43. EM says:

    My vote is for Owen too. The signs are there.

  44. koy says:

    Who was it then who attacks her??? Everywhere says spoiler …but I’ve not seen 1 spoiler lol

  45. Paige says:

    My insides are already about to come out I am so scared to watch this